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Landon is the rightful king, but what may come along with that title? Read on and find out!

It was during Christmas Eve, of 2012. My girlfriend of a year and a half and I were visiting my parents for Christmas. I was in love with this girl, she was my everything. I was going to propose to her on Christmas morning in front of everyone. My whole family, and friends.

This dream I was having was so weird, there was a storm, lighting blasting and destroying everything in its path, thunder causing earthquake-like vibrations.

Crows and Raven roared thru the skies, winds and trees thrashed about, threatening to fall over.

That's when a girl, a young girl, with white hair, ran towards me with the speed of a cheetah. She looked up, and then tilted her head to the right.

Her eyes were deep, as if they went on forever. Suddenly, they flashed to a orange-red color, almost like a flame. They felt evil, the darkness, the evil, exuded all through her eyes.

"The Paw" she said impishly.

"What are you talking about?" My dream-self said.

"GIVE ME THE FUCKING PAW" the small girl roared, in a loud girl, and male demon voice.

"I-I d-don't have i-it" I replied.

"LIES!!!!!!" the demon screamed and then slit my throat with her talon like nails.

I awoke with sweat practically bleeding off of me. Carefully, I sat up and went around my girlfriend, freaked out to my wits end.

As I walked out of my old room, I headed towards the kitchen to get a glass of water. I stepped into the dimly lit kitchen, I felt a freezing breeze blow past me; it sent a chill up my half-awake spine.

I leaned against the counter as I drank my water. I looked at the window that projected our whole backyard, a speedy black movement ran across the clear glass.

'I must be tripping' I thought to myself.
I saw the black movement, move across the wind in the opposite direction.

"What the fuck was that? I said aloud.

I stood in front of the sliding glass door. I swear I thought I was imagining shit. It wouldn't appear to stay like that; as at that moment, a blonde woman wearing a black cloak suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

This young blonde, motioned for me to come outside, this seemed a little sketchy; but I still followed her orders. Something attracted me to her. I quietly slid open the door, moved outside and closed the door again.

"Come my King" this unknown woman said so quietly that I was almost to the point of straining my ears.

The feeling of attraction came over me again, she took my right hand in her left, and then snapped her fingers.

There we were, in a grassy, mountain-like field. The place was deserted, no other animal or human being in near sight.

"Who are you? What do you want? and where are we?" I asked, with my words almost colliding.

"My name is Maria, I'm from the future, Year 3523, to be exact. I'm the queen of "The Paw", and your in extreme danger. Us Paw, have been searching for our rightful king for a very long time; and we have finally found him." Maria said, lying the palm of her land on my thigh.

I looked over her face, she had a trusting appearance, or maybe it a spell or something she had on me, I really don't know. I looked at her youthful, long smile; her teeth were in the shape of V's. Her teeth looked extremely sharp.

"Why are your teeth like that?" I asked.
"It's how we turn someone into a Paw." Maria replied.

"No time for questions my King, I'll explain everything you need to know, in good time, my sir. Now give me your wrist" Maria added.

Something made me do whatever she asked, it was creepy, wait, this whole thing is fucking creepy. Anyways, I'm going to have to ask about that.

I quickly extended my right arm out to Maria, her sharp nails dug into my forearm, and then her teeth penetrated my skin.

There was a mix of sucking and injecting, it was honestly the weirdest feeling. I looked down at Maria, her mouth and eyes were a bright, glowing blue; that blue glow could visually be seen traveling the right half of my body.

"Now your left" Maria said.

She soon repeated the procedure on my left wrist. Maria looked up at me, her eyes still had a smokey-blue color to them, her teeth had returned to a regular persons teeth.

Maria straddled me, we looked into each others eyes, our heads moved slowly towards each other. Moving like glaciers on water. Our lips touched, she shoved her tongue into my mouth, I then followed her lead.

We swapped our spit, sharing our DNA. Our tongues fought for dominance, my hands found themselves on the underside of Maria's breasts; she pulled herself off of me.

"Danger is near my King, until next time Landon, you will see me again soon."

I blinked, and now I was in my kitchen again. I didn't feel any different. Maybe I just fell asleep while standing up, that whole thing was just a dream. I need some sleep though, so I'll think more about it tomorrow.

I didn't want to wake Kathryn by getting back into bed, so I just fell asleep on the couch. I awoke the next morning to someone saying my name.

"Landon" Kathryn said

"What babe?" I replied, now fully awake.

"Why did sleep in the couch?" she asked

"I got up to get something to drink, and I didn't want to wake you" I replied.

"I missed you" Kathryn said.

"Well I'm right here with you now, aren't I?" I replied

I pulled Kathryn onto me, our lips pursing each others tongues, entangled in a hurricane of passion. My hands roamed her lithe frame, before resting on the pert cheeks of her rear.

By now we were dry humping, caught in a fury of passion, I didn't notice my parents standing there looking upon this sexual escapade.

"Get a room you two" My mom said.

Kathryn and I looked up at my parents, who had sly, knowing smiles on their faces. Kathryn got up, a serious blush on her face, failing to hide her arousal.
"Sorry" Kathryn said quietly.

She then walked into the bathroom, to take a shower, I soon followed her. We fucked in the shower like wild animals, the slapping and moaning could probably be heard by everyone in the house.

After getting dressed, I went into the living room, where my whole family sat looking at me laughing so hard they were crying.

"All of you did the same thing when you were younger; don't even try to lie about it" I said walking into the kitchen and grabbing a beer.

I came back into the living room, everyone was doing their thing and talking freely about random things.

'I wish it would snow for once' I thought to myself, after taking a swig of my beer.

I blinked and once I opened my eyes, falling glints of white were falling from the sky.

"Oh my god, it's snowing!" My mom said.

"What?! It's been like 30 years!" My dad said in a surprised and bewildered tone.

That was true, it has never snowed here, since I've been alive. It's weird, I thought about it, and happened. Was that not a dream? Shit is getting fucking weird!

We played in the snow (even though we had no snow gear to use, we still had fun) as well as doing other fun things throughout the day, we finished the great day with dinner at a fancy, but crowded restaurant. This night was going to get even better.

I stood and tapped my spoon against my wine glass; everything got quiet and people looked towards me.

I looked at my (hopefully, soon to be fiance) girlfriend and stepped towards her.

"Kathryn, you are my everything, you are the love of my life, you are my queen. I want to be with you forever." I paused and got down on one knee.

"Kathryn, babe..." I pulled out the ring.
"Will you marry me?" I asked.

I heard gasps, random and various comments of whether she should say yes or no, and stuff of the likes.

"Yes, Yes I will!" Kathryn replied, a tear falling from her right eye.

I stood and we kissed, people clapped and cheered, our kiss was broken and I pulled violently into a nearby wall. I felt as if I was tied down to the wall.

A siren went off somewhere in the distance, people started freaking, running around, and for some reason, fights broke out variously throughout the restaurant. Everything faded to black, after hearing a massively loud explosion, or something similar.

I awoke, and stood, what lied around me, almost killed me on the spot. People were dead, fires spotted randomly, and worst of all, the Statue Of Liberties head sat there in the restaurant.

"Kathryn!!!" I screamed.

I took a breath of air into my nose. Weird, I could smell her. I followed the powerful scent, it led me to her nearly-cut-in-half body, caused by the the crown of the Statue Of Liberty.

She was already dead, with my family nearby her body. I was pissed, I was going to find out who, or what did this. I was out for blood.

I exited the obliterated restaurant, to my car, and pulled my '45 out from under the seat, and cocked it.

I looked around me, hundreds, if not thousands, lay dead. Cars destroyed, buildings torn down.

I walked down the deserted, and death filled road. Nothing seemed to be alive, not even the electricity.
- - - - - -

I'd probably been walking miles, before a white cloud of smoke appeared before me; who stood there? Maria.

"My king, let me explain this tragedy." Maria said, wrapping my hand in hers.

*End of Part 1*

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