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Confusion regins
Who Me … A Wizard

I was walking down the sidewalk on my way to a Halloween party. I had been torn between going as a Cowboy with the two gun rig or as Harry potter... I compromised I was wearing Harry' s Black robe including the wand up the sleeve. To compliment this outfit I had my two gun rig around my waist and wearing my Cowboy Hat and boots with pointy toes.

I know I looked silly but maybe I would win the prize as the most absurd. If they asked what I was I could tell them I was the Western Wizard.

Oh! let me introduce my self I am James Albert Thanes known around the neighborhood as Little Al. I am 16 years old, 5'2'' tall and weigh 103 pounds and pack a 6'' pecker. Everybody thinks I am a stud. But the truth... I am still a randy virgin. I did get to touch a titty once... by accident.

I suddenly had to pee, it was still three more blocks to the party. The house I was passing had large shrubbery I quickly ducked around behind it. I raised my robe... GOOD GRIEF!!!... My crotch was glowing like I had a light bulb in my pants.

I was only wearing a pair of gym shorts under my robe, it was a hot night. I lifted my pants leg and my pecker leaped out and it was hard and... it was glowing. It seemed to me like there were fireflies all around my dick. Where did they come from.

I noticed the Shrub was growing... no... no... I am shrinking. I panicked but in my panic I froze. As I shrunk the fireflies began to get larger... they were all girls.

There was a slight noise and a disturbance in the air... you know like 'Poof'

When the air cleared I was no longer standing on a grass lawn but was in the middle of a dirt road with 6 ladies wearing nothing but a pair of wings. All of them had a hand on my dick and were stroking me.

If it weren't for shock I probably would have drowned them by now. As an after thought I noticed I was a good 6'' taller than the ladies and each one of them were the source of the light I had noticed earlier.

The sensations they were sending through my body had chill bumps radiating over my entire body. And all I could do was stand there and watch. One by one the ladies bent down and kissed the end of my dick their tiny tongues trying to french my pee hole.

Finally I could hold it no longer and I exploded all over them, they made twittering noises and rubbed my cum all over themselves and licked me clean each one taking me as deep as I could go.

Next they bundled together and licked each other clean. All the time the twittering was surrounding them.

I glanced away then back and to my amazement they were gone... They had just disappeared.

I looked around and recognized...nothing... Where the hell was I

I began walking, I had no idea where to go so I just went forward. After awhile I over heard rustling in the brush. I walked forward slowly keeping and eye on the brush. A very large wolf leaped on to the road and rushed toward me.

Without thinking I whipped out one of my trusty cap guns and shot it dead... “What the hell?” I spun the cylinder … It was fully loaded with real bullets. “What is going on...”

I checked the wolf and it was dead. I kept walking. I was getting hungry... Damn no Mc Donald's or Burger King when you need one.

I noticed a tree near the woods that looked like it had some kind of fruit hanging on it. I took one it looked like the skin of an orange on the outside so I tried pealing it. It worked, the inside was pinkish colored. I took a bite and it tasted like a peach the second bite tasted different more like a melon. It only took one and I was full.

I had been walking for a little over an hour when I spotted a tent. It looked like a Fortune Tellers at a carnival. The tent looked like it was about 8' square.

I spoke before deciding on entering. No Answer. Oh what the heck... I went ahead and entered... Wow ! Was I shocked from the outside it looked like 64 sq ft. Inside it was more like 6400 sq ft.

Deeper into the tent there was a table filled with a variety of food and drink. At the far end of the table was what looked to be a Jewel encrusted Throne . Upon the throne was... well I think it is a man.

The figure was cloaked from head to foot but was leaning forward so I could not see its face. Then I heard a snore and realized it was asleep.

I spoke up in a loud voice, “Excuse me, I don't mean to disturb you but...”
The creature/man leaped up garbled its words and finally said, “Oh You are here... are you?”

It was a man although almost looked like a monkey... and he too was shorter than me. I Couldn't help myself I laughed while thinking What is this am I a giant among midgets?
I said, “Yes I am here... now would you kindly tell me where 'HERE' happens to be.”

“Why you are in the land of Goshen of course. Didn't the Forest Sprites bring you?”

“Yes but they didn't say anything.”

“ Of course they didn't say anything silly... Forest Sprites can't talk. Oh, Oh I see you really don't know why you were summoned. They were sent to bring an all powerful magician to aid our cause... and...and here you are.”

“ But I am not a magician at all.”
“ The Sprites are never wrong.”
“They are this time.”
“You wear a Robe. “
Yes”... my wand picked that time to drop out of my sleeve.
“Aha and you have a wand... A wizard. I will bet the Sprites bred with you”
“ Well they got me off then drank my semen after they rubbed it all over their bodies then disappeared.”

The Monkey man laughed, “There will be a lot more Sprites tomorrow. They only breed with wizards.”

I knew I was no wizard but I had better be ready for anything, “ Why was I brought here.”

“The Green Wizard has Kidnapped the Queen and no one is strong enough to face him. He has imprisoned the Red, Yellow and Blue Wizard. The only one left is the White Wizard and she is only 9 years old so has not been trained . From the Color of your Robe I assume you are the Black Wizard”

“ And just how am I to find this Wizards lair. I Know nothing about Goshen.”
“ The Lady Maxine has been gathering a mixed group to join you.”
“Just who is Lady Maxine?”
“I forget you are not from Goshen, Lady Maxine is the Queen Mother. With Queen Anne missing, Lady Maxine is the ruler of our country.”
“You will join me for supper then rest and I will Sent my attendants Cher and Puss to guide you to the Palace.”

We had a pleasant meal I had determined that my host was the Brown wizard and was to old to go up against the Green his apprentice was killed when the Queen was taken. All during the meal there were two cats rubbing against my legs. Sometime they would rub their heads under my robe on my bare skin and the vibration of the cats purring sent tingles up my body.

I was shown to sleeping mats, the cats seem to be taken with me. As I undressed they seemed to purr louder. I slept in my gym shorts. During the night I dreamed I was being loved on by two women. It felt like a silken glove sliding up and down on my dick. I awoke with the feeling of having cum. I reached down and felt the fur of one of the cats curled up on my crotch area. I went back to sleep only to have it happen again. I lay there pretending to go back to sleep. Shortly I felt two tongues licking my dick it did not take long till I was ready to explode . I felt a mouth slide down on my dick and I exploded but the mouth didn't lose a drop.

The next morning I awoke alone. Was it only a dream … I don;t know. After breakfast the brown Wizard called for his attendants

The two cats came running and leaping as they arrived they both morphed into nude human girls with green eyes and long brown hair they too shorter than I. There bodies were very sleek and their breast were small but well formed their asses were so well formed it made my mouth water. Every thing did not change their ears and their tails remained the same. Made no difference to me I just wanted to get a hold of them. I decided this would be a pleasant journey.

The Girls rubbed their bare bodies all over me and asked if I was ready to leave. My mind was telling me where you lead I will follow. One thing I was sure of is that if I am still a virgin I won't be for long..

We walked along that same dirt road for hours. Ever so often one of them would morph back into a cat. I was still trying to figure which was Cher and which was Puss. Later Puss told me the difference Cher has a white tip to her tail.

I asked what are we going to do for lunch they told me to use my wand. I pulled it out and thought lunch and waved it the way Harry did in the movies. To my surprise there appeared a table of food. Wow I think I am going to like it here. We ate and rested then with a wave of the wand the table was gone.

We came to a raging river the bridge across it was nearly washed away. Cher and Puss morphed back to being cats they clawed up on to my back. I edged across. The bridge became narrower and narrower until the middle was as thin as a broom straw. Broom straw I thought I waved the wand, millions of broom straws weave together make this bridge strong no matter what the weather.

Broom straws flew from all around and rebuilt the bridge under my feet and we walked across. I was getting more comfortable using the wand, but still shocked that I could use it at all.

The rest of the days walk went off with no problems. I conjured us a Tent out of tall grass. The cats were back to being girls. We, or rather I stripped and lay back the pallets that made up the bed.

As I lay on my back the girls cuddled under my arms. My arms draped around their necks placed my hands in a perfect position. Upon their breasts I caressed them and pinched their nipples.

They began to ooze over atop of me I felt an amazing sensation on my dick top and bottom. At first I was confused … Their hands were caressing my chest, they both could not slide their pussy on me at the same time.

Ah ha! I've got it … their tails... Their tails were caressing my pecker wow what an amazing sensation, Sorry to repeat myself ...BUT...

They were wrapping their tails around about 3 wraps each one to the right the other left. Then they would pull them back causing the tails to spiral off in different directions. You would have to feel it to understand it. But it felt good. Even in their human state they still purred and it vibrated.

They licked down me from my neck to my groin and on down the inside of my thighs to my calves and to my feet. Then they traded sides and licked back up.

They licked up to my balls and each sucked in a ball. OOH it felt good but one thing worried me. One thing other than their tails that did not change was their teeth... Ever look at a cat's teeth.

Thankfully they didn't bite down, They licked on up to my dick then licked up it on either side. Then they circled the head . They came together with a deep kiss. Still holding the kiss they shifted their bodies around until they both sat down.

One pussy came down on my mouth the other slid on to my dick... pure perfection.. I began to lick and suck on the first Pussy I had ever tasted. The ecstasy of the first pussy on my dick was such a thrill.

I really was torn I was trying to give pleasure while getting pleasure and didn't know which end was having the most fun.

One thing was obvious my trigger was going to be pretty quick. My hips were trying to move up and down and back and forth at the same time. The pussy on my mouth was matching my movement.

I was trying to hold back but my head was tingling, my butt was tingling even my feet were tingling. I began huffing and puffing into the pussy on my mouth, the pussy on my dick began pulsating.

I could wait no more I let loose with a flood of cum into the womb. As I received a gushing release in to my mouth.

I was drained I looked up and I could see that Puss and Cher was still holding the kiss. Then their bodies begin to shift to the side and they reversed their movements until again they were cuddled under my arms with my hands on their tits. In Moments they were asleep.

Each night it was a repeat I never knew which was which. I think they switched each night. I learned later that this type of cat when they were joined. Lips to Lips, pussy to mouth and pussy to penis formed the triangle of life all movement was felt by all.

We had been traveling for 5 days when the Castle appeared from behind the clouds it was huge and sat up on a mountain top. Before we started up to the Castle the Cats stopped me and each kissed me then turned and walked away I looked back and they waved.

I walked up to the front gate, a guard dropped a spear point to touch my chest. This angered me and I am easy going. I let my wand drop into my hand. I looked at the spear and waved my wand.

The Guard screamed and dropped the snake his spear had turned into. I looked at him and said now where do I find the Lady Maxine. He pointed across the courtyard to another guard at a door into the Castle.
I approached this guard and introduced my self as the Western Wizard, or Al the Black Wizard. Here to see the Lady Maxine.

He opened the door saying nothing and motioned me inside. As I entered he closed the door I was looking at a large room filled with the most unusual group of critters I had ever seen. Or should I say Weird .

The entire weird group looked at me and said in unison, “Who are you?”

“I am the Western Wizard better known as the Black Wizard.”

The oldest person in the room Identified her self as Lady Maxine. She had each Identify themselves.
A White Owl shimmered and changed to a young girl “Princess Aden”
A Dog holding a clipboard Changes to a freckled face 18 y.o. boy “ Rowrf, Court Recorder“
A Wolfman Changes to A handsome body builder, Aden' s Body guard “Barf “
A 9 y.o. Girl in a white robe, The white Wizard Change not established “Linda”
A Goblin Maiden Linda' s Familiar becomes full human “ Roli “
A beautiful Elfin maiden an armsmaster changes to a ferret “Ciel”
A harpy Lower part Eagle upper part hag Change to lovely lady “ Harper”
A mini dragon with iridescent scales change to a Beautiful woman “Slinky”

Slinky leaped into the air and settled on my shoulder and said I am yours, and that is how I got my familiar. When these people change to human all the clothes they have on is a monokini just a crotch cover. I'm going to like it here.

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