- - - “Well, what did you think of it”, I asked her once we were seated in the truck.

“It was great, I really liked it”. She went on to explain her thoughts on the show. I find her interesting to listen too.

She’s so proud to be out late. Others in her family are too busy two take the time for her needs, simple as they are. These needs it seems are always in conflict with making money. Not uncommon in our society.

Usually I will pick her up and take her home, but the family was off doing other things this week and she has a soccer tournament so she was staying with me. We could just as easily have stayed at her home but I preferred mine, and to be honest she likes it there; ‘it’s different’ she would say.

It amazes me her maturity given her age; just fucking boggles my mind. I had always heard about girls being more mature that boys but it never sank in.

So home we go and up to the umpteenth floor where I live. My wife is off visiting with her sister’ for a few days so the door of opportunity is open. I have a reputation for doing the unthinkable. It leaked out some years back when a family member got into trouble with the law for being with an underage person. The big surprise to me is that it was as male on male thing... Teenagers will experiment.

It had been decades since my misdemeanor(s) but it’s fresh in the minds of many family members. So I was tarred with that brush. I molested my young sister-in-law, aka I felt up her pussy for a few seconds one night... Well more than one night and for more than a few seconds.
- - - Oooooh, bad me! At least that is all they know of... chuckle!

In any case I’ve been very careful to maintain an upfront demeanor showing the world what a good boy am I. AND I fully intended on keeping it that way; but...

Opening move:
She was watching her program on TV and I stopped by thanking her for the evening at the movie. I do enjoy her company. She responded in kind and off I went after kissing her on the top of her sweet head. I left her alone for about fifteen minutes...

I came back into the living room and stood a few feet back of her looking at the show on TV. Glancing down at her I looked at her great looking legs. I remember years back teenage boys looking at her legs and she was much younger then...athletics, I think to myself. She’ a runner.

I leaned over and said; “You’ve got beautiful legs honey”, and turned and walked away.

I went on my computer and lost track of time. Soon she was at my side telling me she was going to get ready for bed. I slipped my left arm about her placing my hand on waist. Sliding my hand down her leg to just about her knee then back up under her dress to her hip, just to the edge of her panties... Pulling her to me I rubbed her left leg moving my hand up and down going from upper-calf to mid-thigh under her dress. “I love you”. I said.

“I know I love you too”. She replied.

She went to the bathroom and changed, after locking the door. This concerned me some but I was determined to harvest her hymen. I had already boughten pain reliever and a desensitizing cream. [Both popular brand names]

I was waiting to catch her on her way past the door of the computer room but missed out because she blazed by it on her way back to the TV. So I got up and went into the living room where she was watching TV.
“Would you like some Ice Cream”, I asked.


“Would that be with soda pop or straight,” I asked her. She loved Peppermint flavoured ice cream, although I had Vanilla in case she had a different taste this night.

As luck would have it she wanted Vanilla with soda pop making a float. So along with half an adult crushed tablet of pain reliever I made her a float, a small one just in case she got full. I wanted her to finish the tainted float.

“It’s small”, she said as I gave it to her.

“I can easily make you another”, I said...and I did. She loved those floats, all three of them.
“When is your show over”, I asked.

“At eleven”, she said.

“Ok... before eleven I’ll get ready for bed. When I am done I’ll come for you and take you to bed”.

“Were sleeping together tonight”, she asked.


“Oh.”...was all she said. I knew she would like that because she is nervous about sleeping alone. All the shit people tell children scares them ruining their childhood. Pisses me off!

When I came out of the bathroom the lights were off and she was in bed watching the bedroom TV; like a little wife she is.

I dropped my robe and slipped under the sheet myself and laid there watching her. Fuck she turned me on like no one in years.

Both of her arms were above the covers. I reach out and touched her on the upper arm. She patted my hand and continued watching TV. I watched a minute or two of her show, some silly teenage girl shit.

I was completely under the covers as it’s cool in the bedroom; window open at night.

I had rolled onto my side; moving my left hand as far down as I could I found her left foot. I often touch her feet and compliment her, so no surprise there. To her lower left calf my hand moved...rubbing it gently...sliding up her leg past her knee, then back down to her calf again...further up her leg past her knee touching the edge of her mid-thigh length pajama shorts...and down...back up on the inside of her thigh to her pj’s and down, being careful not to go to high for this is a new move by me...slow and easy does it.

My inside move got her attention and she looked at me briefly, going back to the TV when my fingers moved away from her pj’s.

I moved my hand away from her for a few seconds; it reappeared at her left shoulder. I caressed her shoulder; moving my face to her shoulder I gave it a light kiss bury-ing my face in the covers near her.

“I love you; I love you very-very much ...” [She kept watching her show]
My left hand slipped back under the covers and moved along her side down to her waist and back to her shoulder staying under the covers.

I slowly slid my hand along her body with my fingers spread some; feeling her beautiful young little finger grazed her left breast on its way down to her waist. Her small tits had grown some; the nipples now had a little mound to accompany them on their journey to womanhood.

She looked at me as I felt her but she said nothing.

When I reached her waist my hand stopped there, she had a beautiful feel her. It came as a bit of a surprise to me she had the curves of a woman; those delicious feelings one gets were a woman's waist and hips meet. I moved my hand across her to the opposite hip-waist curve. Leaving my hand there gently caressing her, enjoying her body. [She watched her show]

I lay there watching her watch TV for a short while before I rolled onto my back removing my left hand from her. A couple of minutes later I moved my right hand to her waist keeping it outside her pj’s. I splayed my fingers across her lower tummy, likely no more than a few inches from her mound. I made a small circle with my middle finger on her lower tummy. She did not react at all...I was a little surprised.

I was hoping to graze her pubic hair but that never happened, even when the circle I was tracing on her tummy grew by an inch or so... She did not react...

Her program ended.
“Turn the light off”, I said.

She moved the covers back so she could get to the light. I took hold of her right calf as she reached for the lamp switch; “I’ll hold you while you stretch to reach for the light, I want to look at your beautiful legs”, I said to her.

She looked back at me and then reached for the light switch... Those fucking gorgeous legs of hers with strong thighs and a delicious bum; the fabric of her pj’s’ pulling taunt against her ass. Her shirt had risen so the small of her back was showing and the taper of her hips at her waist was exposed to my eyes. I lost it.

My best laid plans went out the window. Moving to her and pulling her back to me all in one motion I slipped one hand up under her shirt cupping one small beast; I loved the feel of small and firm...and new to this; the other arm went beneath her until my hand was on her throat. I crushed her with an enormous hug...
“My god I want you, oh...I love you so much ... please, please let me fuck you. I need to so badly... I can’t help it...I want to...I need you like I’ve never needed another’re so fucking beautiful”
I paused for a second, then I crushed her with another enormous hug, bury-ing my face in her back between her shoulder blades...growling loud and clear. I was fucking out of control for more than ten seconds.

When my outburst subsided I realised what I had done, I apologize profusely;
“I am so sorry ..., so-so sorry... I should never have said what I said to you...oh my God I am sorry”. I continued to apologize.
“I love you so much I lost control ..., I apologize again for what I said”. I continued with my excuses not giving her any chance at all to speak.

I kept my left hand on her right breast throughout this scene; it felt good to hold that little tit. I never squeezed it or moved my fingers about it. I just held onto it cherishing the feeling...the little nipple was so hard... Just as it had been every other time I’d made accidental contact with it over the past couple of years.

Her mother had given her shit multiple times when I was around for not dressing properly. I’ve seen her little nipples at least a-half-dozen alluring.

She liked showing her-self off; girls like to tease... She seemed to have a very sensitive clit; she’s a very sexy girl.

I wasn’t sure how to get to my goal until I remembered her sexual nature. After pulling away from her I reached under the covers and removed my underwear; “Honey, I’ve been after you to show me your body...maybe it’s time for you to have some fun”.

I pulled back the covers so she could see my manhood. Tired as she seemed to be she bolted upward, her eyes wide as saucers. I was amused by her reaction. It was funny to watch her move about uncertain as to what to do...yet excited about what was open for her to see.

“Go ahead; play with it if you want”.

It took her a minute or so but soon she was face to face with himself...I could feel her breath on my cock. Like a cat she carefully approached her quarry. She looked at me...I nodded yes...she touched it with her my surprise she touched the tip getting some cum on her finger. She tasted the cum-...what a little...I thought.

Glancing at the digital I noticed it was approaching 12:06AM. Jeeze I thought, how time flies...

I noted her position; namely her on her tummy...fidgeting, that sensitive clit of hers causing her problems. Her face and upper body were raised so she could lie across my stomach and hip...the covers were mostly under her and across my legs.

I could see her face was red...she was turned on... How sexually aroused she is-was an unanswered question?

From my position I could reach her back with my left hand...I ran it up under her shirt pushing the shirt up as I went...feeling her skin...sliding my hand down her body to her ass and past it touching her as I moved that hand to her lovely legs. She has a great ass, such young meat...

I began and continued caressing her body, staying away from her crotch. From her shoulders to her toes I felt her up. I began slipping a finger or two under her waist band or inside a leg hole of her pj’s on each pass. She in turn was mesmerized by my cock...I assumed her first time with a man’s equipment.

After dancing around my objective for so long I said;
“I’m going to take your pants off honey. I want to see how beautiful you are”.

She turned her head looking at me, her face red. Our eyes met and we looked, staring into each other’s eyes.

I slipped my left hand into her bottoms and pushed them off her bum and down her thighs. She blinked as her bum became exposed but nothing else. In less than two seconds her bottoms were gone. I wanted to put them to my face and smell them but thought better of it.

WE lay like this for awhile in a messy bed. Her looking at and sometimes touching my cock; me ogling her ass and the pinkest bum-hole I’d ever seen. She did not have a deep crack to her ass so her bum-hole was open to my gaze. Pink or what I thought!

I got up to pee and left her cuddling some covers. After my bathroom break I went on the balcony to look about at the city lights from my place. Always a treat the view from my balcony!

Returning to the bedroom I found she’d moved herself about and was under the covers...head on a pillow and sleeping. So being me and a bit miffed at her I went to the side of the bed and carefully moved the covers off her ass. I looked at her ass for a bit then put the covers back on her and left the room.

I spend most to the night on my computer looking at porn and reading sex-stories. Eventually I fell asleep on the chesterfield. I awoke near seven in the morn proceeding to make a coffee for myself. After my first coffee I went out to get a paper from which I removed the puzzles and proceeded to work on them.

Near nine she appeared and gave me a hug. I hugged her back without feeling her up.

She sat watching TV for a bit before she asked for some breakfast; I made breakfast. She asked if we could go shopping, I said yes.

Later I noticed she had fallen asleep on the love seat. I went over to her and put a throw over her; but not before I paced a loving kiss on her bare ass. It sees we had crossed a threshold...I was wearing only my underwear. In only one day nudity had become our norm.

WE idled away the morning and went shopping just before noon. We did some shopping for her before she wanted lunch...

“OK!” I said.

After we ate we shopped some more getting back to my apartment near three PM. I was exhausted. Chic’s, no matter what age they are; this shopping thing they do?

When we got home she had to talk about and try on everything again. I lasted as long as I could before I crashed. The last thing I remember was her on the phone telling her friend all about what she had boughten.

I do not know what time it was when I awoke. The bedroom TV was on throwing light about the room and to my surprise and delight I saw the angel sleeping beside me, her little hand next to my face. Sweet or what?

I lay there looking at her face for quite awhile. So lovely, so round with her brown hair of to one side exposing that face to my view. ‘Damn she is beautiful’, I said to myself.

I moved the covers so I could peek under them and look at her. She was naked, completely. I was surprised and elated. I new that tonight was the night I would get from her what I wanted, perhaps without the use of ‘desensitizing cream with benzocaine’.

'Himself' sprung into action pointing directly at her. God I wanted to fuck her but I know it will hurt her so I’ll stick to my plan...maybe; I smiled...knowing me anything is possible when it comes to pussy. God help me but I love it so.

Then the sobering thought of her with a swollen stomach came to mind.
- - - Damn really!

There is always that pink asshole of hers I thought, wouldn’t that be a prize and a half. Or maybe fill her tummy with my white cream through that sexy mouth of hers...

Two minutes later I am on my balcony getting myself under control... Again!
If I was King in days gone by I would be raping her right now, taking everything she has for myself. Lucky bastards I thought.

Innocence, what a narcotic!

I stayed away from her for nearly half an hour I think. Fuck I was getting cold before I went back to her. Himself was soft and my mind was back in charge, but for how long I did not know.

When I came back to be she was awake; “Where where you”?

“I went onto the balcony honey. I’m so in love with you I was losing control... I want to do things to you...naughty things”.

“Will it hurt”? She asked.

“Yes”! I answered curtly.

She started to cry.

Well fuck! I had to think for a minute.
“Ok..., ok. Let’s just do what we did before...”

“Ok”. She replied after thinking on it; with a much happier looking face.

I took a minute to ponder my situation. I said, “Do you remember the story I told you about that eleven year old girl who took and interest in me regarding sex when I was a teenage boy”?


“Can I do that to you honey”?

She thought for a moment: “Ok”.

We repositioned ourselves, on our sides facing one another...her face to face with himself. Me; well, the only way to describe it is looking straight at a ‘gate to heaven’. The last time I’d seen her was several years back and it was a vulva complete with a thin line were a future gate to heaven would be. She had a hint of dark brown hair at that time.

Now she has lips, puffy little lips with a hint of fine brown hair right up to her bum-hole, but not around that pink thing. It’s so pink it is almost glaring.

I positioned my left hand so the heel was covering her bum-hole with my fingers at her pussy. I spread those lovely lips exposing a pink inner her...with a little more effort I exposed her vagina and the object of my lust. I wavy little pink hymen. The finger from my right hand touch it. She flinched or jumped a bit...then relaxed.

I paused for a moment to experience her playfulness. Himself was being treated to the gentle caresses of her hands and fingers and the sweet kisses from her sexy mouth. She was so gentle I stopped my quest to enjoy her love making. Never in my experience had I been treated this tenderly.

It seemed like every half minute or so she was licking the tip of my cock getting the cum- off it... I know she likes the taste of it.

I looked at my finger positioned at the entrance to her vagina...I pushed it in...She flinched. I could feel the tightness...I stopped. Once again I was in awe of a beautiful feeling. Very slowly I finger fucked her sweet pussy. So tight, so be the first...I loved it...slowly I introduce my finger into her vagina until the entire finger was moving in and out of her...

“AH”, the smallest trickle of blood. I squeezed her very tightly to me.

Pulling my finger from her vagina I stare at her for a moment, she has such a sexy ass. Wrapping my right arm about her lovely legs and pressing her upper body against me with my left hand. I move my cock gently in her sweet mouth.

“Honey I’m gonna...”

I started to cum... The first shot of creamy white liquid went into her mouth. I heard a muffed, ‘uh’.
- - - The second shot went into her mouth, at least partially; I could feel her trying to back away so I arched my back to help her.
- - - The third plus shots hit her chest, covering her little tits I was to discover. Damn fine marksmanship even if I say so myself.

She sat there looking down at her chest all covered in cum; there was also some on her chin but she did not know that... I didn’t understand the expression on her face so I ventured a guess.

“To ugly for you?” I said.

“There’s some much... I didn’t think there would be so much”.

“I couldn’t stop, I hope you don’t mind”. I said answering her.

She didn’t answer and this worried me some. I watched her take a bit of cum off her tit putting it into her mouth.

“You don’t mind the taste of it”, I asked her.

She looked at me with a beautiful smile on her lips;
“Not I like the taste very much...I wondered what it would taste like.”

I smiled back at her as my heart sang.

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