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Slowly changing the mores
Phase III of the autobiography, life changes.

Please read Phase II.

My wife, Lynn, had gone out for her “girls night out” the night before and early this morning I had unabashedly took advantage of her semi-comatose state. Had an unquenchable need to eat her pussy, finding out she had changed the playing field…completely shaving the entire area. Never seeing her with a clean-shaven pubic area, even though I noticed the area around her cunt to be a bit puffy, it extremely raised my desire.

Within minutes her body was bucking against my face as I matched her thrusting by alternating between sucking her clit and driving my tongue deep into her folds.

Another few minutes and Lynn clamped my head against her with her hands as her body rose, arching her back.

She came with such intensity that she ran out of air, sucking it in as if she just finished a 200-meter sprint.

I raised my head just as she raised her head, a dreamy smile on her face.

Then her eyes became as large as saucers, an “O” forming by her mouth. It was a look of both shock and confusion.

The immediate thought was that she must have believed this occurred while she dreamt.

She quickly rolled away from me, pulling the covers over her.

Shit, I thought, did I do something that might have tipped her off about my infidelities last week?

Lynn stayed in bed at least half the day, while I took care of Joey and worked at completing the deck outside where our new hot tub was being installed.

Both Lynn and I pretty much kept a distance the rest of the day, except I did catch her staring at me through the patio window once. Noticing a look of consternation on her face.

I tipped toed around her for a couple of weeks, both of us seemingly tentative in our interactions. But it also seemed that we were warming up to each other again.

By the end of the next week, we even started to tease each other by making suggestive touches. A grab of her ass here, then a grab of a tit there…and her grabbing my dick through my pants once while we were in a store. But, we both respected a little distance when going to bed.

The following week started with me being elated that our deck/hot tub was completed, and Lynn being a bit distanced.

That evening at dinner I suggested that we have party the next weekend to break in the hot tub.

Lynn, appeared nervous, but mentioned that it did sound good provided it would be Sunday.

“Uhhm, we can not do it Friday or Saturday” she said without raising her head and then almost blurted out, “I have my club thing to do…and I might be gone from Friday to Sunday morning”.

That was a little strange, but did not think anything else from it, “Oh…ok, lets plan on Sunday,” I replied.

Lynn perked up, “Great, I will invite Sandy and Carol, if that all right with you?”

“No problem…tell them to bring their husbands…or their boy friends,” I jokingly said.

Lynn looked up suddenly. She said, “You are kidding, are you not?”

Keeping with the gist of what I thought was innocent innuendo, “no, they can bring their boyfriends provided they do not bring their husbands”.

“Really?” Lynn questioned.

“Yeah, really”, I panned.

“Ok, but you might be surprised…they might just bring boyfriends.” Lynn said with a serious undertone.

The next morning before we left for work, Lynn again let me know that she was going to be busy at the end of the week. I told her that it would not be a problem. Her entire attitude was lifted sky high and she gave me a hard passionate kiss when she left for work.

The next couple of days were chaotic due to work, but then on Thursday Lynn and I finally had some time together.

One thing led to another and for the first time in quite awhile, we got naked in bed. It was not our normal sex either. I could not get enough of my wife’s shaved pussy. I ate it before, during, and after we fucked in our normal missionary fashion.

Then Lynn did something she had never done before, she rolled me on my back, kissed my body right down to my just drained dick, and sucked it right into her mouth.
She not only sucked it in, but squeezed my testicles just so, all the while starring directly into my eyes.

My cock stretched to its maximum length causing Lynn to break eye contact while she DEEP THROATED the entire length, her lips against my pubic bone.

She only gagged once, and then became impassioned with driving her mouth and throat down its entire length.

Holy Shit! Not giving much thought as to where she might have developed this hidden talent.

It did not take long. My testicles filled with a load for now impending climatic orgasm.

Just as my orgasm began, Lynn clamped the base of my cock so hard that the load had nowhere to go but back.

Lynn looked up and smiled from her accomplishment. Using her right hand on the base of my dick, she slid her body up straddling me as she aimed my cock towards her clean-shaven pussy.

With a seamless movement, I was balls deep in Lynn’s cunt.

She was on top! This was another first for our over seven years of marriage.

Lynn moved up and down, impaling herself, a look of determination on her face.

My hips automatically matched the rhythm of her movements, my hands grasping her small but pleasant tits.

How could I have thought of having an affair when I had this at home? But how was I to know that this sex drive was so well hidden in my wife.

I thrust with the same determination I recognized on her face and this time there was no stopping. My orgasm exploded with such force, I thought it would throw Lynn right off of me.

But it did not; pulse upon pulse emptied itself into her waiting cunt.

Even as I finished, the determined look only changed to a slight smile as she raised her pussy off of my cock with a rope of my jism stretching from the head of my dick to the entrance of her vagina.

The look of determination came back to her face just before she slid her body forward.
She planted her wet, fucked pussy right on my face.

Lynn ground her crotch into my face, and then slowly wiped her wet cunt across my mouth.

My immediate reaction was to open my mouth and try to gulp in air; instead my mouth was filled with our combined juice streaming from her vagina.

I had to swallow.

Instinctively my tongue found its way into the depths of Lynn’s cunt.

Lynn began to hump my face, harder and harder, allowing her entire weight to be carried by my face on each downward movement. The lips of her cunt spread on each side of my mouth, allowing the deepest cavities of her vagina to yield the nectar of our lovemaking.

When she lifted her hips on each hump, I could hear her talking.

“Eat that cunt…muffle, muffle…cum…eat it all, muffle…tell me you love eating…muffle, cum filled…cunt!” was all that I could make out; she HAD NEVER talked like that before.

If I was not at my mental sexual peak before, I was now. I sucked, tongue-fucked Lynn’s cunt with wonton abandon while she fucked my face as hard as she could.

Then she came, clamping hard onto my face. The force of her locked thighs while she pushed down with her hands against the headboard sealed all air from reaching my nose or mouth.

When she finally lifted and broke the seal, there was a noticeable sound of vacuum.

Lynn swung her legs off the bed, looking down at me as she uncovered my face.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” she queried with a somewhat mischievous smile.

I could just nod; it had taken a lot out of me.

Lynn’s eyes traversed my body, her eyebrow rising when she located a string of my cum leading from the middle of my chest to the tip of my cock.

“Guess you really, really do like it. You came without touching”. she admonished while two of her fingers scooped the string from my body.

I had not even realized that I had cum while she was face fucking me.

With the entire string of cum on her fingers, she turned her attention back to me. Leaning towards me, she started to open her mouth as if to give me a passionate kiss.

Just when her mouth was maybe an inch from mine, she wiped her two cum covered fingers across my open mouth scraping the contents right into my throat.

Expecting a kiss, my throat automatically reacted to the jism, swallowing it.

Lynn leaned farther forward, kissing my forehead, and then getting up.

“Excellent, you definitely like cum…this is good for our future”. She said over her shoulder as she disappeared into the bathroom.

I mentally grappled with what all transpired…where did this all come from.

The next morning I woke up smelling sex, then realizing it was being emitted from my mouth.

Lynn was already up and getting ready for work. She was just dressed in her underwear. Stuff I had never seen before. I very revealing push up bra and thong bottoms that were no more than a couple of strings.

Her pussy lips were spread by the string and were completely exposed.

Noticing I was awake, she flatly stated, “dam your breath smells like day old cum, go brush your teeth”.

“Rob, I enjoyed last night, hope we can continue to repeat it, don’t you?” she kind of directed the question.

Looking at her body in the sexy lingerie, I blurted, “Hell yes!”

She wiggled into a short leather skirt, pulled a tight v-neck blouse over her head, stepped into four inch pumps, and then patted me on the cheek as she walked by.

“See you Sunday”, was all I heard her say as she walked out of the room.

All day Friday I could not get the vision of my wife out of my head. By the time I got home from work, I almost had to run to my bedroom to jerk off thinking about her.

An hour later I was as hard as a rock again, thinking that Lynn would be home shortly. She didn’t come home though. I had forgotten about her “club” thing.

Surely after last night, she would forgo the girl thing and want to pick up where we left off. So I called her. Lynn’s phone was ringing on the nightstand…she had left it here.

I walked around with a proverbial hard on all day Saturday, hoping Lynn would be coming home. To no avail, I spent Saturday night with Rosy Palmer and her five sisters.

The next morning I woke up with her still not being there, started to get nervous, but then Sandy showed up early. Almost forgot about the hot tub party.

She not only showed up, but she showed up with strapping college age black kid she introduced as Sam. Saying he was one of her “best” students as she winked.

An hour later, Carol arrived, not with her husband, but with a James Dean look alike. Introduced him as Jake. He might have been twenty…if you stretched it.

Being the congenial host, I got everyone situated, uncovered the hot tub. Asked if everyone had suits and received an “of course not” response from Jake and Sam.

So I went back into the house and retrieved a couple pair of shorts from my dresser. Lynn still was not home.

By the time I was back on the deck, Carol and Sandy were already in the tub. Both Jake and Sam were down to their pants.

Handing Jake a pair of shorts, he just pulled his pants off revealing that he was going commando. He made no attempt to hide his swinging cock, actually thrusting it in the direction of Carol and Sandy in the tub. They whistled and clapped. But he did put the shorts on before climbing into the tub.

Sam on the other hand, he looked at the shorts and just dropped the drawers. This kid’s cock was at least 8 inches long…hanging soft!

“Holy shit!” Carol exclaimed, “good going Sandy!”

Sandy just had a shit-eating grin on her face.

Sam, without the benefit of the shorts, climbed into the tub. Both women never took their eyes off of his dick.

After getting over my shock, I climbed in to the tub too.

Even though we were just making small talk, it was very obvious that Carol was slowly filling the gab between her and Sam. A half hour later, Carol was right up against him when she all of a sudden shuddered.

Carol had the head of Sam’s massive cock poking out of the water.

We all stared at it.

Sandy broke the silence, “Rob, lets go into the house and get lunch ready” as she rose out of the pool.

The cooler air made her nipples stick straight out of her heavy tits, that were fighting to get out of her small yellow bikini top, the water cascaded down her front, leaving a glistening bead on the ornament in her pierced belly button.

Somehow the string closest to me on her bikini bottoms had become undone and I got a flash of shiny object slightly protruding at the top off her cunt lips.

Sandy followed my eyes and gave a little laugh as she tied the string.

I stood up, not realizing that my cock was now as hard as wood sticking almost straight out in my wet shorts.

Sandy looked directly at it, “ wow, impressive, bigger than most, but not as big as some”. She said as she gave a glance towards Sam.

Leaving Carol, Sam, and Jake in the pool, Sandy and I went into the kitchen. Thought I heard something in the back of the house, but was distracted by Sandy.

“Bet you did not expect these guys, did you?” she queried.

“No, not really, what is the deal?” I asked.

“Sam is definitely a student of mine and to be blunt, he is a great fuck. My husband does not have a problem with it.”

“What about Carol?” I quietly asked.

“ Can not really say, Jake is a new one. Albeit, he is a very new one”. Sandy said with a chuckle.

“Carol made the arrangements last week and Friday was their first engagement. Believe it or not he is her nephew…by marriage,” she explained.

“You have got to be kidding”, I said under my breath. “They are not actually doing it, are they?”

“Well of course they are. What the hell do you think she wants with him? As a psychiatrist it is good for a woman’s soul to not only think the same as men, but to act on it. This is part of the support group we women share”. Sandy instructed.

At this point I got a little distracted, looking out the window, there was Carol spread-eagled on top of the ledge of the hot tub.

Sam was driving that massive cock into Carol’s blonde pussy and Jake was fucking Carol’s mouth as she hung her head backwards off the edge.

I was mesmerized, could not take my eyes off of what was happening. Even though Carol was a relatively large woman, she still had a figure. Her tits were firm and I could make out her rib cage. She was not too large to hide Sam’s cock spreading the lips of her cunt as he fucked her, his balls slapping against her ass.

Sandy had moved right next to me and without looking at me slipped her hand down the front of my shorts.

Do not know why, but I let her. It felt good, her hand sliding up and down my shaft, giving my balls a squeeze. My cock was ready to burst.

Then I heard a cough.

Turning slightly, Sandy’s hand pulling my cock out as my shorts pushed down slightly, there was Lynn.

Oh shit, I froze.

Lynn’s arms were crossed and she was staring at Sandy’s hand on my cock.

I deflated almost immediately as Sandy withdrew her hand.

“Are you done?” Lynn said, as she looked straight at me.

Could not tell how angry she was, but her eyes were puffy and her lips looked like they were swollen. Almost as if she was crying…but she had not been there long enough for that.

“I…I,” I stammered.

“Never mind,” as she held up her hand, almost dismissing me. “Sandy, I need to talk to you…alone. Rob, go away for now.”

I turned to go outside, but there was Carol getting pummeled, so I headed for my office.

As soon as I got into my office I knew that it was a mistake. I was remodeling the office and the cold air return vent was temporarily routed directly to the one above my wife’s head in the kitchen.

Lynn and Sandy had already started the conversation so I missed the beginning, but I could tell that Lynn was not angry. In fact the first words I heard were, “…thanks for having a hold of Rob’s cock, it makes this easier.”

What the fuck? I thought…she wanted Sandy to fondle her husband’s dick?

“Listen, I can guarantee that Rob has cheated on you, whether in the mind or in the person, but it definitely is as sure as the sun comes up every morning”, Sandy consoled.

What the hell, how does she know?

“I’m sure that is true, and to be honest, that does make it easier. But I want the best of both worlds”. Lynn expressed.

“ What would be the best for you, Lynn?” Sandy questioned.

“I want Rob to be more open, more of what he gave me a few days ago”. Lynn stated flatly.

“What about the other world?” Sandy asked.

“ I am working on that, it is 180 degrees removed from how I want Rob to view me, but not totally ready to commit”.

“How can I help?” Sandy again asked.

“See if Rob really could separate sex from love, that would help a lot”. Lynn responded.

The patio door opened and I quickly backed away, did not hear Sandy’s answer.

By the time I got back to the deck, all appeared to have calmed down. Jake, Sam, Sandy, and Carol…sans her swimsuit were back in the tub, along with Lynn who was sitting between Jake and Sam.

The only place open was to sit between Carol and Sandy, directly across from my wife.

Of all the people in the tub, Lynn appeared to be the most prudent as from what I could tell, she was wearing one of my T-shirts. And from my vantage point, every time she reached for something, I got a full view of her nipples and tits through the soaked T-shirt.

Lynn had placed her hair up in a bun at the back of her head, which allowed me to notice what looked like bruise on her neck. Initial thought reaction was that it was a hickey, and then I rationalized that it might have been caused by a seat belt.

It appeared that Lynn was a little uncomfortable sitting between two strangers; as she was just introduced to Jake and Sam. As the conversation flowed though, she became part of it and relaxed considerably.

With the laughter and levity yielding to more consumption of alcoholic beverages, we soon needed to replenish our supply.

I mentioned that I would go get some more and started to get up, but Jake offered, standing up immediately.

At exactly the same time, Lynn had leaned forward as Jake turned to get out of the tub.

His cock smacked her right in the face.

Lynn had a momentarily surprised look, but then broke out in a huge smile, grabbing Jake’s cock with her open hand.

“Damn, isn’t this a great surprise”. She said with amusement.

There was a hesitation and I swear that Lynn’s mouth started to open and move towards his cock, but she released it and Jake got out of the tub.

The girls all laughed hysterically with Carol stating that if Lynn thought Jake had a nice dick, check out Sam’s.

Lynn looked down to her left, in the direction of Sam’s crotch and without even acknowledging me; her hand plunged under the surface.

“Holy Shit!” Lynn exclaimed, “this is huge…I have to see it.” Then pulled Sam up by his cock.

Lynn had Sam’s cock by the base, her hand not big enough to get more than half way around it. Her other hand came forward and lifted the bulbous head of that leviathan.

There was my wife, her chest now starting to heave from deepening breaths, her eyes transfixed on Sam’s cock.

Completely ignoring anything around her, she leaned forward and put the end of Sam’s dick into her mouth.

I did not know what to think, this was my wife who just a few days ago had my cock in her mouth for the first time ever, she had a complete stranger’s cock in her mouth.

She made an “Argh” sound and the backed off, “damn, if I was not so sore…” she said quietly as her hands stroked the massive ebony member.

“Oh well, maybe another time” Lynn said as she almost bounced back into her seat.

Sam sat back down next her, and it was obvious that her hand was back on his member.

Thank god that she gave me that blowjob Thursday, otherwise I would have just seen my wife go down on a young black stud right in front of me, I thought.

Lynn looked right at me, almost a stare.

I could see her arm moving. She was definitely stroking Sam’s member.

I was in awe, froze but wanting to be upset. Then Lynn’s eyes moved to Sandy, then back to me.

Ah, huh…she was getting back at me…at least that is what I thought.

Jake came back and sat down next to Lynn, her right hand immediately going for Jack’s crotch.

He jumped a little, looked at my wife and the smiled as she smiled back.

A moment later the conversations started up again, but Lynn was still not releasing Jake and Sam’s cocks even though she bantered in the subjects being talked about.

As the day progressed and the drinks flowed, the subject again became more sexual in orientation but on a light note.

Somewhere along the line, Sandy had discarded her suit and made me get rid of mine on a dare. Sandy even took my hand and had me feel one of her tits to guess its weight.

But it was all in fun. My wife laughed at the antics, but always went back to fondling Sam and Jake.

Awhile later, I inadvertently placed my right hand on Sandy’s thigh when attempting to shift my weight.

Instead of Sandy pulling back, her leg opened wider against me, my hand slipping down the inside of her thigh. Part of my hand slipped between the folds of her vagina. Again I froze.

Then I felt Sandy’s hand on mine, guiding my whole hand across her cunt.

My fingers naturally found their way into her inner folds, then one penetrating her, then two, then three.

I looked at my wife and instead of anger; she was smiling at me and nodding her head.

A hand slid up my inner thigh, it was Carol’s. She grabbed my dick.

“Lynn, this is a really nice cock, you have been holding out on us.” Carol said as if I was not there.

“Yeah, bigger than most, but not all.” Lynn matter of fact stated as she stared towards Sam’s crotch.

By now I had a raging hard on and instinctively knew that this was going down the wrong road.

Fortunately, my wife made a comment that it had been a long weekend and she was getting a bit tired, said she wanted to wrap things up in an hour or so.

Sandy took the hint and said to me, “come on, I will help you clean the mess up a bit”.

Sandy climbed out of the tub, her heavy large breasts bouncing as she went down the steps, her bare pussy testifying that the body can tan everywhere.

“For Christ sakes Rob, lets go”, she demanded.

Carol released my cock and I got out and followed Sandy inside.

As soon as I closed the patio door behind me, Sandy spun around and grabbed my dick.

Almost pushing my ass against the glass of the sliding door, she then sunk to her knees.

Her mouth went straight to my cock, taking as much as she could.

She sucked on it, and then licked it from base to stem. At the same time she twisted and stroked with her hands.

It felt exquisite, but my butt was against the door for all to see. I started to push Sandy’s head away.

“What, you do not like it?” She asked between slurps.

“no…I mean, yes, I do like it…but, I mean, right here?” I stammered out.

“Oh, I do not think they mind,” she offered as her mouth slid down my shaft.

I capitulated, the sensation too strong. My hips were now thrusting as her mouth accepted all but the last inch or so of my cock. She had a neat technique when my cock would come back towards her lips, her tongue would press against the very tip of my head. It almost felt as if her tongue was being inserted slightly into my penis. The feeling was unique.

Barely five minutes passed, then I could not hold back. As the first volley came, Sandy squeezed my balls in perfect sequence.

The shot hit the back of her throat.

Three, four more times, then my convulsions subsided.

Sandy rose, my hands almost instinctively cupping her copious breasts.

She leaned into me, her lips against mine, her tongue splitting my lips.

I received her, my embrace not tempered by any rationalization, accepting her probing tongue and sharing what she held for me.

We broke apart, a string stretching from our lips as we separated.

Guilt flashed over me, I spun around.

Instead of being in the tub, the whole group was four feet from the door. My wife with both her hands over her mouth, but a look of amazement on her eyes, a grin too big to contain behind her hands.

The others were clapping.

Sandy stood next to me, and bowed to the group. They all clapped again.

My emotions ran all over the place, but I did not have time to contemplate.

Looking back out side, the group had moved under the shade of a tree.

By the time Sandy and I had finished cleaning up, we had gotten back into a teasing mood. She would rub her naked ass against me, and I would grab a tit once in awhile.

But then an opening came, her legs just splayed just right. So I quickly reached my hand to her crotch, imbedding a couple of fingers deep into her snatch.

Instead of jumping back, she let her weight fall against my hand.

I took my hand away and placed the two fingers in my mouth, tasting Sandy’s juices.

My cock immediately came to attention while lust came over me. I moved against her.

Seconds later we had made it to the couch, her legs spreading around my hips.

The head of my cock touched the lips of her cunt and began to separate them.

I tried to go slowly, but Sandy thrust her hips towards me, driving my entire cock deep into her.

Our fucking was so violent that the motions caused the couch to move across the floor and by the time the back started to hit the wall, Sandy was screaming.

“ Yes, yes…I AM CUMMING, keep going,” she shouted.

She let out a deep breath, then her hard nipples dilated, her fingers digging into my back. Just as my own orgasm bolted from my groin, each thrust jetting a stream of my jism deep into Sandy’s womb.

I semi collapsed, but our mouths met in a passionate embrace acknowledging our mutual lust. Something clicked inside of me, telling me that I had to give this woman more than what she gave me.

I kissed her neck, nibbled down to her nipples, taking each rolling them, sucking them, kissing them. Her nipples responded, gaining hardness and length in seconds. I moved across her belly, kissing her belly button, toying with her pierced adornment with my tongue. Slowly moving down, I could feel her body rise as if in anticipation.

My mouth found her clit, sucking in the entire clit including the ring she had through it. Her hips rose higher, forcing the folds of her wet, warm, splayed vagina apart against my chin.

As my mouth moved down, Sandy placed her hands against my head, pushing my face into her pubic bone.

My tongue probed her opening and was met by a rush of liquid. I sucked mightily, scooping the depths of her cunt, swallowing all that I could.

Sandy was now alternately thrusting and oscillating her hips as her breathing became more erratic.

Then it happened, not necessarily without warning, but more sudden than either of us expected.

She exploded into my face, her juices almost spraying out of her cunt. Sandy’s body curled into a ball, as she clamped her legs against the side of my head while forcing my head as if she was trying to shove it into her womb.

“Damn…damn,” she exclaimed, as she flattened out, her waves slowly subsiding into little after shocks.

Her legs were still draped over my shoulders, her now relaxed cunt inches from my face.

I gave her cunt a light kiss, then a couple more.

Sandy sighed, “Oh, that feels so good, but I do not think I can handle anymore pleasure. You do have way, Lynn is pretty lucky”.

Shit, Lynn, it came back in a rush. I just cheated on Lynn, in our house, with her best friend. Shit…what did I just do.

I scampered to my feet; Sandy just lying there all sprawled out.

Looking around, the sun was starting to set. Shit, we had been fucking for an hour.

Running around the house I put some sweat pants on, could not find anyone. All the cars were gone in the driveway, except Sandy’s.

Finally looked in Lynn’s and my bedroom, there she was rolled up under the covers.

I climbed into bed; thinking how to apologize, ask for forgiveness, maybe explain.

Touching her shoulder, Lynn rolled over and I started to apologize. Lynn put her finger to my lips.

“No need to apologize”, she said without any anger in her eyes, “you can make it up to me. Heck, if I would not be so sore, I would probably be feeling guilty too, as I could not have stopped myself.”

Then she hesitated, shocking me with the comment, “Did you see the size of Sam’s cock?” As her hand moved down between her legs.

Really did not know what to feel, my emotions ranged from a sense of guilt at fucking her best friend and jealousy at Lynn’s statement about someone else’s cock.

Lynn’s eyes were closed and she was lying on her back, her hand moving between her legs.

Even though I had imagined that Lynn might masturbate, this was the first time that I actually saw her touch herself in a sexual way.

Of course it turned me on.

She worked her hands, making a cooing sound that started to change to a “howa” sound.

“Damn…I am just too, too sore”, Lynn said with a frustrated sound.

She sat up in bed and pulled her nightgown off, throwing it off to the side.

“I need you to finish me off…with your mouth”, she almost demanded as she lay back down.

Did not really need much prompting, my eyes scanned my wife’s body right down to her naked perfectly clean, spotless pussy.

That was definitely a hickey on her neck as it matched the multiple ones on her tits; she had bruised hand impressions on her hips. The rise of her pubic mound was extremely puffy with a purple bruise forming across and down to her inner thighs.

Did not have time to contemplate the what or why’s.

Lynn must not have been in the mood for foreplay because as I tried to kiss my way down from her neck, she just shoved my head down to her crotch.

Even though she had just fingered herself and there was some cunt juice seeping out of her slit. The whole area seemed very swollen, like a freshly swollen closed black eye.

The area must have been very sore, because as I pushed my face against her cunt lips, she lurched back and said, “gently, be gentle,”

I tentatively probed with my tongue, sliding gingerly into the slit of her pussy. The folds started to separate.

My tongue found its way further into her depths and her vagina responded with expelling more pussy juice. The lubrication allowing me to work up to her clit and to slowly extend it between my lips.

Lynn started to slowly move her hips up and down.

She started moaning, grasping the sheets next to her.

Even though it was hard to get my face any closer due to what seemed to be excessively swollen cunt lips, my tongue was finding the mark.

“Yes, YES,” Lynn yelled, “make that cunt feel good after getting fucked by a big black cock”.

She grabbed the sides of my head and held on, while she came.

What the fuck, I thought as she pushed me away.

“What was that?” I asked, “What is with the big black cock?”

She did not answer right away, then “wasn’t that what we were talking about? Or was it something you did with Sandy?”

I got the message…and left it alone.

The next few weeks almost mirrored the last few weeks, except by the end of second week Lynn and I were having sex almost every other day. And she was getting a bit more demanding, almost directing me at times.


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Anonymous readerReport

2015-09-14 15:05:35
Stupid fuckwit.
She fucks the ex-boyfriend the week before getting married. Turns down (nearly off) the copulating after the baby and taking up "gym" with her loose Psych friend. Fucks off when he's away - obviously pre-planned. Not even there when he returns.
Yep, he fell for a one-nighter - in another city, with a chick he'll never see again, and who she has never met and will never know. Big deal, NO ONE WAS HURT!
She's got him eating cum out of her severely over-used cunt, after staying out all night and/or weekends. Turns up full of cum (unstated but obvious), late for their party, then prompyly starts racing off the other 2 guys.
Spells S.L.U.T. to me. I pity the poor kid.

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2013-09-25 02:07:08
Damm what can i say? This fucking knobber was a thick and stupid as pig shit....jesus....his wife had to spell it out to him that she had been screwing every time she went on a girls date.....can any one man be si fucking dense....she was a screw around whore before they got married and she became a bbc whore afterwards...not that he was a vestal virgin himself....

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2013-07-21 00:19:19
I gotta agree with redeemed. Also I have a feeling that she was screwing some other guy during those girls weekends before you ended up cheating on her.



2013-07-19 01:57:42
Okay, I'm calling bullshit.
You claim this is a true story, you just turned sixty, and when you were in your twenties your wife had a cell phone that she left in the bedroom on the nightstand.
Portable phones of 30+ years ago were extremely rare, and briefcase-sized.

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