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First story in a while. If it gets positive feedback, I'll post the second half :) Enjoy and please tell me what you liked/didn't like as well as what I should work on! Thanks!
How do you know when a marriage is over? It's not as simple as breaking up with someone because your feelings are no longer as strong. No. It's way bigger than that. You have to make sure the spark is no longer there, that the person you have been holding on to for years doesn't love you anymore. Wants to split up. And your sex life isn't as exciting.
Anastasia rummaged about this as she got ready to go to bed. She and her husband, Gideon, had been very distant lately. She figured it was because of work, that he was stressed out and worried about his latest project. He had been working late for the last week or so. Or perhaps it was that their sex life was too mild.
Anna knew very well it was the latter. In the past couple of months, she hadn't been very attentive with Gideon. Every time he tried to make a move on her, she would deflect him by making up excuses. He was insatiable and Anna could not handle it. Sure, they haven't had sex for over a month now. But she knew that he understood. She figured that was the problem, though. However, she didn't want to bring up the subject. Couldn't bear to, afraid that he would leave her. But her sex drive wasn't working very well and so she felt like having sex was the last thing she'd ever want to do. It wasn't that her husband wasn't attractive, because she'll be dammed if he wasn't the most attractive man she'd ever laid her eyes on. But she just hadn't felt like doing it with him. For her, it felt like something was missing. What it was, she did not know.
Slipping out of her shorts, she settled into the bed and turned on her side, hugging the pillow to her head. Anna heard the door to their house open and close. She quickly closed her eyes and pretended to be falling into deep sleep. The door to their room opened and closed.
Behind her, Gideon was slowly undoing his tie. His hands quickly undid his cuff links and then slowly moved down to his belt. Tonight he felt like making love to his wife. And there she was, all long legs bare and ass sticking out of the sheets. He figured it would be the best source to relieve all stress he had been put through lately. He dropped his black work pants to the floor and began to slowly undo each of the buttons on his blue work shirt. Sitting down on the bed, he looked around, tired. He could feel the tiring nights he'd spent away from home begin to clamp down on him. As well as the many nights he had been denied sex from his wife. Sighing, tired, he undid his tie and took it off, letting it fall to the floor along with his shirt. He was left on his white boxer briefs, which clung tightly to his muscular thighs. His dark grey eyes skimmed over the room once before he decided to lie down. He stared at the ceiling for a couple of minutes, thinking.
Gideon could smell Anastasia besides him. Her scent brought back memories. Good memories. Sensual memories. He could feel himself hardening as he thought of the wild times they used to have. And she smelled so sweet. "Honey?" He asks, his voice quiet, low, masculine. A voice that sounded hungry. When she didn't reply, his long, thin fingers drifted over to her arms and squeezed. That little touch seemed to ignite him all the more. He rolled over to spoon her and slowly his hand ran over her curve.
"Gideon," whispered Anna, a bit annoyed. His lips moved up her arm, over her shoulders, and to her neck. He sucked there. His hips rubbed against her ass, giving some kind of comfort to his raging hard on. It had been a long while since she ever laid her hands upon him. It was driving him wild. "I'm not in the mood." It was that which stopped him in his tracks.
How could she not be in the mood? Ever since they met, they've had a strong sexual attraction. It was one of the only ways that he could show how much he loved her. He kept on going, ignoring her for once, and bit her earlobe lightly. His passion for her was still there. And he was showing it right then and there.
Anastasia pushed off his hands from her and turned around all the way, making him fall back. He was flabbergasted for a couple of seconds before he continued his pursue. "No, Gideon. I'm not in the mood," her voice sounded strained, worried. She pulled the sheets closer to her and turned on her stomach.
He kept kissing her, his lips insistent on her neck. "No. Gideon! Get off of me!" Her voice was harsh, almost hurtful. He winced slightly before something just SNAPPED inside of him. Slowly, he reached down in between them to pull out his raging hard on. "Gideon, no," she was alarmed. Her voice but a scared whisper. His kisses then moved on to her cheek, her upturned face.
"No, Gideon," she repeated. She suddenly tried to push him off. Not in the mood. Her eyes were wide open and her whole facial features were alarmed as he kept on insisting. "Gideon!" Anna snapped, her facial features now showing her disapproval. He ripped her panties off and then began rubbing against her.
She gasped, feeling the head of his cock rubbing against her pussy. For some odd reason, she was getting wet quickly. This was not how she usually liked it. Anna hated it when a guy was rough on her yet here was her husband, being rough. His lips were all over her. On her back, on her shoulders, on her neck, jaw, cheek. Again he tried to shake him off to no avail.
"What are you doing?" She exclaimed, her mouth ajar in pure astonishment. All of a sudden, she felt a piercing around her entrance and she was suddenly being filled all the way. She gasped loudly, suddenly in pain. Her lips formed a thin line. "Gideon," she whimpered. His lips pressed against her neck as he inhaled her sweet scent.
As he thrust himself all the way into her, he could feel himself stiffen even more. He had gone too long without being inside of her. He missed it. He missed the warmth of her tight cunt. Just how wet it was and how well it enveloped his thick, long cock. It was the sweetest, tightest feeling in the world and he missed it. So he let himself go with abandon. He didn't care for her pleasure but his. It was his way of punishing her for doing this to him. His thrusts were harsh against her as he kept going. His cock kept going all the way in. Involuntarily, she would moan every now and then. Not because she wanted, but because Gideon was making her body feel all these emotions she hadn't had for a while now.
Gideon's breathing became erratic as he kept plunging into her, destroying her. "Oh, Anna," he hissed with pleasure. His eyes were on her curved back. He noticed how sexy the position was as he snapped her head back by the hair. He now had a better grip. He got on one knee and pushed, hard. This made her gasp with pleasure. She had never seen such a forceful side of him. Such a controlling side (on bed). Anna hated to admit it but she kind of. . . Liked it.
Even though he was only searching for his release, Anna felt the pleasure he was feeling. She felt the blissful ardor inside of her and what he was doing to her body. Her breathing became heavier and heavier as his cock filled her repeatedly, touching that point inside of her that made her body writhe and squirm with pleasure. They both suddenly broke sweat. She bit her red plush bottom lip to keep from moaning.
"You. Are. MINE. Don't. Ever. Forget. That," with each thrust he spoke a word. And that was her undoing. Her body could no longer take the hard thrusts of his hard cock. The hot, hot build up unfurled inside of her and a wave of pleasured calmness spread over her like a blanket. Her eyes closed and all she could see were clouds, as though she were floating in the air. She exploded around him and with each spasm of her cunt, Gideon spilled himself inside of her. He hissed loudly, announcing his sweet, sweet release. All the stress from the past week was suddenly gone as his seed spilled into her.
He laid on her back for a while, breathing hard and heavy to catch his breath. She could only stare at the wooden headboard in front of her, calmly trying to catch her breath. With a kiss on her shoulder, he pulled out and off of her to roll to his side of the bed and went to sleep, finally relaxed after being kept from her glory hole for so long.
Anastasia rolled back on her side, her back to him. Still in shock, she reached down and touched herself. Wet. All she could feel was wetness. Probably from the way he had taken her, which had turned her on to no extent. "Goodnight," he whispered, fulfilled—at least for the night—and closed his eyes.

The next morning, Anastasia was preparing breakfast for the both of them. Last night had definitely left her emotions in an ambiguous state. "Morning," he said, all cheerful and happy as though last night never happened.
She placed his plate full of bacon, eggs, and toast in front of him and sat down next to him with her own plateful of food. "Morning," she said, detached. Ana wanted last night to happen again but at the same time, she didn't. Mostly, she didn't want it to happen again.
"You okay?" He asked, not looking up as he read the newspaper in front of him.
"Huh? Oh, yeah, whatever," she kept toying with her food. At least he wasn't bringing it up. It annoyed her in a way but it helped her keep her emotions in check. "Working late again tonight? My sister might be co—"
"No. Tell her no," he was firm, serious. His tone had a sense of finality to it.
"No. She can't come. Not this week," he didn't look at her. He wasn't usually like this, she noticed. But when Gideon was serious, there was no arguing about it.
"Why not?" She whispered, trying to make him look at her.
"Because I said no. End of discussion," the way he now stared at her, all heated frustration, made her wince. She pursed her lips and looked down at her plate.

That night, Anastasia sat on the living room couch, flipping through a magazine. She had told her sister Lauren not to come. But she didn't really think her sister would understand. Gideon was very. . . special when it came to giving orders. If they were disobeyed. . . Anna shuddered at the thought. She knew how frisky her husband would get. Being the CEO of a company, he was usually in control and giving the orders. And when he was serious, he expected people to be serious, too.
Her head wondered off to last night. He hadn't been this hot for a while. After 6 years of marriage, she figured she would know why, but she didn't. She would ask her why soon. As soon as he got home. She frowned at that. Anastasia fell asleep soon afterwards.

She woke up with a start. Someone was on the speaker. "Mrs. Maxwell, your sister's here to see you," came the voice of Carl, one of the security guards at the front gate. She quickly went up to the feed by the main door and pressed a button, telling him to let her through.
Her frown and contempt were very evident when she opened the door for her sister. "Lauren, you can't be here," Anna's tone was freaked. If Gideon found out—oh, if Gideon found out he'd be mad as hell. Eyes wide in shock, her sister waltz right through the door and into Anna's living room. She sat on the sofa overlooking the TV and made herself at home.
"I need your help, Anna," she whispered. Anna frowned. Her sister never needed her help. Ever. Unless it was important, of course.
Sighing, Anna sat down next to her. "What is it?" She asked, concerned etched in her voice.
And so Lauren set off into a long story about her marriage, how it wasn't working out. How her husband, Christian, was no longer paying attention to her and how he had been distant. Almost like Gideon, but not. "I'm afraid he's cheating," she whispered, tears brimming her eyes.
"Anna, Christian's a great guy. He would never do that to a beautiful woman such as you. Ask him what's wrong and then talk about it. Sometimes men can be total dicks without realizing it," and just like that, Anastasia remembered last night. It made her blush with wanton but she didn't let her sister know what had happened.
"You sure?" Lauren asks, insecure. Anna nodded. "Alright," she sniffled. "How are things with that hot husband of yours, anyway? Last time I came, things were pretty intense between you two." She dabbed her eyes with a handkerchief and made her I'm-Your-Sister-and-I-Will-Listen-to-You face.
"Oh, they're. . ." Anna paused. How were things? She truly didn't know. Last night, Gideon hadn't made small talk or anything before the harsh sex took place so she didn't really know. "They're okay," Anna finally said, frowning slightly before smiling with insecurity. "Gideon's just being Gideon." And as though on cue, Gideon's car pulled over in the front porch. The lights flashed through the floor to ceiling glass wall before they went off.
SHIT. Anna's eyes widened. He was not supposed to be home for another two and a half hours. She gulped. "You should really go. NOW," her voice was alarmed and her sister noticed that but didn't argue about it. Slowly, unsure, she got up. "I'll call you tomorrow. It's just that Gideon and I have this date night," she lied through her teeth. Her sister frowned as she was shown out the front door. Anastasia quickly opened the door to find Gideon getting out of the car with bags in his hands. Chinese take out, it seemed. His eyes met Anastasia's with a brief emotion of anger before falling on Lauren. He smiled at her. And somehow that made her feel terrible.
"Lauren," he says. His big grey eyes widened a little. "What a surprise," he turned his head towards Anastasia and the anger was back there. Anna gulped.
"Yeah, nice to see you, too," Lauren smiled at him. "How are you?"
"I'm fine, really. But I don't wanna keep you. Seems like you're in a hurry," his low, sexy, masculine voice was rather soft as he spoke. Showing the charming patience Anastasia knows very well that he doesn't have right now.
"Riiiight," Lauren says, suddenly worried. Anastasia gave her a reassuring look as she got into her car after saying goodbye. She and Gideon waved her off before she rushed quickly inside, knowing the storm that was to come. Or not. Gideon could be bipolar sometimes.
"I thought I made myself pretty clear when I said I didn't want her here tonight," he dropped the bags of food on the coffee table before turning to look at her. "Oh, Anna, what am I going to do with you?" Then his dark grey eyes sparked with sudden promises. Sexual promises. Her nether regions throbbed at this. "Maybe I should punish you for that," his voice was hot, playful. This is what he had been expecting all day. A reason to punish her. He smirked.
"I don't think I want that," her voice is weak, betraying her real emotions. And as she stares at him, her breathing becomes a bit uneven. It was like he was undressing her with his eyes. Even after 6 years, she still wasn't used to it. She still felt like that girl fresh out of college working as an intern at his office. The thought turned her on. "Besides, I'm tired. I need to get some sleep," a long silence. He just stared. slowly, carefully, she makes her way around Gideon. Anna tried to make it seem like a casual thing but he could tell that she was nervous. His presence was too strong for her.
She could feel the tension and the throbbing of muscles beneath her naval region. She cursed in her head. Gideon followed Anastasia up the stairs. He was slowly undoing his tie. Undoing his belt. Taking off his top coat. Undoing the buttons on his shirt. He watched as her tight ass sashayed up the stairs, already hardening at the very sight and idea of her.
Anna could feel him behind her. Her insides already crunching up with anticipation. In spite of her current mad state at him, she turned around only to gasp. She was met with a stubbled squared jaw. "You shouldn't be treating me this way," she whispered. His lips twisted into a sadistic smile. He stepped towards her, grabbing her hips and forcing her against his hard body. He made her feel his hard on. Pressing himself against her stomach, rubbing himself to make his point.
"You disobeyed me today," his voice lowered to a sexually threatened tone. "Besides," he came slightly closer to press his mouth against her neck, slightly kissing her. This sent chills down her spine. It made her feel like she was a coworker sneaking around with her boss. AGAIN. And god, did it turn her on. His breathing was hot against her skin. And so was his cock. "You're kinda my wife so it's your obligation to please me." His voice is heated, almost with lust. But it was a tease.
"My obligation?" She whispered, matching his tone for once. "My obligation." She repeated, smiling slightly.
"Yes," he replied. And just like that, his lips were on hers. Needy, hungry, soft and passionate.
"Gideon," she moaned, kissing him back with as much passions as he was kissing her. This is what she needed, she realized. It was all about excitement. She needed the excitement. Gideon picked her up. In the process, she wrapped her legs around his strong, lean hips and moaned. The feel of his hard on pressing against her crotch made her body ignite with hunger. Hunger for him. She needed him inside of her. And quick.
"Gideon," she moaned again, this time more persistent. More wanton. He threw her on the bed and immediately took off his clothes. Anastasia watched as he stripped down to his black boxer briefs. His favorites. Her favorites. Her body throbbed with arousal. She could barely contain it anymore. In a fairly quick movement, she reached out towards him and grasped his ass, feeling rather naughty for doing so. But if there was something she admired physically more than any other thing about her husband, it was his firm, muscular ass. She squeezed.
"Mrs. Maxwell, are you touching my ass?" There was an amused tone to his voice and to his face as she looked up with shy eyes. "I can't say I don't like it," his hands splayed over her cheeks as he reached down to kiss her again. Their tongues snaked around each other for a while before he pulled down her shorts along with her panties. His fingers quickly caressed the bare skin. She shivered.
"Ah, wet already—just how I like it," he pulled her shirt off and then gasped slightly at the sight of her. It had been so very long since he had laid eyes on her naked skin. It made him grow bigger. His boxer briefs suddenly felt too tight for his liking.
Anastasia noticed this. She did the next best thing and hooked her fingers over the elastic of his boxers. Their eyes met briefly before she pulled them down to let her favorite guy breathe. She only left his boxers go down halfway through his thighs but it was enough to get a good long look at his raging hard on. She throbbed with arousal yet again. "It has been a while," she whispers.
"Too long," he agrees. And before he knows it, Anastasia's mouth is wrapping around his cock. Gideon gasped with shock. Warmth spread through his body as her mouth moved skillfully up and down his length. He groaned. Her whole misdemeanor changed. Her mouth was constant on his cock. Sucking him in, licking the head, running her tongue along his pendulum. He sighed and held her hair as she kept pleasing him with her warm mouth. Her mouth moved down to his balls and slowly, gently, took each one into her mouth and sucked gently. Anna looked up into his eyes as she did so. She felt him stiffen even more inside her mouth. She liked the feeling. It made her nipples harden.
Rolling her tongue around the corona, she gave it a wet kiss and then reached up to kiss him again, still stroking his cock with her hands. He held her neck and pushed her back against the bed as he laid on top of her. He spread her legs open and instantly penetrated her, making her gasp in shock. It all happened so quickly then. His grunts became erratic breathing and his movements were fast as he grounded against her hips repeatedly.
"Gideon!" Gasped Anastasia, his movements suddenly tempting to drive her over the edge. He hissed her name and began gyrating his hips, moving inside of her in ways only he knew could please her. "Oh, right there!" Her hands grasped his shoulders and her nails dug into his skin there. He grasped her hips and move harder, quicker, feeling the pleasure that her tight cunt brought to him. His hands moved down lower to her ass and squeezed.
She giggled, wrapped her legs around his torso, and pushed him to roll over on to him. She began to move on top of him, wiggling her hips as he held her ass. His head raised up off the bed to watch her bounce on top of him better. His cock could feel the way her body moved. All the little curves she made and all the movements she did. She held her breast together as she kept doing so, her insides already burning with ecstasy. "Oh, yes! Right there, don't stop! Don't stop! Ohh!!" And just like that her back bent forward. She exploded all around him with shrill cry. Her body spasmed with pleasurable waves of pure bliss. Her orgasm crushed down on her and she fell on her husband, his arms instantly wrapping around her body as he came, loud and hard, inside of her.
Their bodies hot and sticky, they stayed close, in the same position. Kissing every now and then for a few minutes. She smiled at him and then sat up, her tall, curvy frame resting on top of him, her crotch aligned with his. She could feel him harden and giggled. "You've been very tough on me lately, Mr. Maxwell."
"Because you've been misbehaving," his tone was suddenly icy, serious. His grip on her hips tightened and his jaw hardened. She winced from the sudden grip and pursed her lips. "But you've been good the past two nights," his expression visibly relaxed and was replaced by a naughty one. And she felt for once that she could, maybe, keep up with his sex drive.

"I'm curious, though. What made you suddenly change your approach?" Anastasia's tone was serious as she laid on top of Gideon. Gideon's arms strained around her as those words left her mouth.
"Nothing," he retorted. Anna knew he was lying and was afraid to confront him about it. She did it anyway.
"What?" She asked, smiling slightly. "What is it? Tell me." She looked up at him. He was flushed, Anna noticed. She instantly went cold. "Gideon?" She was scared. She suddenly jumped to the very worst conclusion. This was unlikely for her. Her confidence was very high and she didn't let anything usually get to her. "Gideon, what is it?" Her voice was almost hurt. She sat up on top of him and laid her hands on his chest, trying to make it seem reassuring, like she was there for support.
"Nothing," he sighed, running a hand through his copper-colored locks. Anna frowned.
"Tell me," she said more urgently. But when she saw that he was making no attempt to do so, she sighed and began to get off of him.
"Anna, stop," his hands suddenly grasped her around her back. His voice suddenly changing tones. "Just stay. I've missed you," his lips fall on hers. They're sweet, seductive, soft. . . Her eyes close as she falls into his will. "That-a girl," he smiles and it reminds her of what's going on. He's seducing her, she realized. She rolled her eyes. This was always his approach when she wanted to talk about something that was bothering him. He might keep secrets from her pertaining to her job, but she wouldn't let it happen when it included their life.
"No," she snapped, suddenly wiggling out of his hands. "What's going on?"
Gideon held a poker face. His jaw tightened and he slipped out of bed completely naked. She watched as he paced back and forth. All naked. All muscles. All frustration. All QUIET frustration. All. . . virile. "Is it another woman, Gideon?" Her voice was quiet, almost too quiet.
He ran a hand over his tussled hair and sighed. "No." Anna visibly relaxed. "Not exactly, anyway." It was a whisper. But Anna heard it. Her heart skipped a beat.
Her confidence suddenly took a sharp turn down. "What's her name?" She asked.
"Anna, it's n—"
"What's her name, Gideon?" Her voice was more persistent, more serious. But calm. Oh, too calm for Gideon's taste.
He could taste vile in his throat all of a sudden. Her green eyes were wide, patient. And it was that which was his undoing. "Lauren."
Anna gulped. "My sister Lauren?"
Gideon just stayed quiet, confirming her suspicions. "Okay," she whispered. Lauren had been having troubles with her marriage lately so she understood her. She couldn't help but feel a pang of emotions riling up at her. Almost instantly, she made up her mind about the situation.
Anna got up and stood in front of him. At 6 feet 4 inches, Gideon towered over her. And at 5 feet 6 inches, Anastasia almost had to get up on her tiptoes to wrap her arms around his neck. He tensed.
"'Okay?'" It sounded off coming from his mouth. As though it did not belong. His grey eyes remained on hers. She looked confused, almost lost—beautiful before his eyes. She managed to get her words out.
"It's okay," she repeated. "It's my sister. Besides, she is your type." Gideon couldn't help but feel guilty then. Anastasia was the person he cherished the most and she wouldn't be saying this if her ego or her confidence or any part of her were hurt. He could see the tears brimming her eyes and instantly hugged her to him.
"I love you," he whispered into her ear.
"I know you do, you bastard. Otherwise you wouldn't be here after my abstinence from you," she sniffled and looked up at him.
"You weren't well. I didn't wanna push you," Gideon planted a tender kiss on the top of her head.
"Does she like you back?" Gideon nodded, owing the answer to her. "Have you guys. . . ?" Anna trailed off, trying hard not to think about it.
"What? No! I would never do that to you. You're beautiful. You're my world. I don't wanna hurt you any more than I already have," he kissed her on the mouth. He could feel himself stirring inside with renowned passion for her. He pulls away. "And just because she looked like the girls I used to fuck, doesn't mean that I don't enjoy your company. I mean, what guy wouldn't wanna get together with this," he grabbed her hips and nudged her close to him to make a point.
She smiled, feeling him stirring in between them. But then she got serious. "Gideon, if you have the chance to do it and make her happy—or even satisfy your needs because I don't give you enough—just do it. Don't think about it. Just do it. I won't be angry. I'll understand. I promise," her eyes were bright green over his.
"Annie," his nickname for her, "I would nev—" she placed a finger over his full lips.
"You have my permission, Gideon," she sounded sincere about it. Too sincere. Gideon frowned. Anastasia figured that if it came down to me, she would rather him do it with her sister than with someone else
"Are you—Anna, this is mad—you can't be se—Anastasia," the way he said her first name made her shiver. It was heated with frustration and denial. "I won't do that! Not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, EVER. You're the only one for me!" He suddenly felt like showing it to her.
And show her that, he did, for the third time that night.

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2015-02-25 09:12:41
Wow. Uh, am I the only one who got the names? Gideon & Lauren (Eva Lauren Tramell): Crossfire novel. Anastasia and Christian are from 50 shades of grey

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2014-11-15 01:07:29
Your stories are superb I just love them, and the twists and turns keep me reading again and again. I don't think he cheated but that's the way I read it , maybe I'm just naive, I could never share, though I'm not the jealous type.The hubby sounds yummy I wouldnt shsre him either. Your stories fire up a mix of emotions just what they're meant to do, when are you going to return to the site, please don't leave it too long you're a big miss!
Thanks for the great work. Luvsalik xx

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2014-11-14 00:52:53
Your stories are superb I just love them, and the twists and turns keep me reading again and again. I don't think he cheated but that's the way I read it , maybe I'm just naive, I could never share, though I'm not the jealous type.The hubby sounds yummy I wouldnt shsre him either. Your stories fire up a mix of emotions just what they're meant to do, when are you going to return to the site, please don't leave it too long you're a big miss!
Thanks for the great work. Luvsalik xx

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2013-08-25 09:28:36
I liked the story but the end ruined it for me. I hated how that whore sister of Anna just barged in the house like she owned the fucking place and how she was worried that her husband was unfaithful when she's the one whoring around with her own sister's husband. If that was my sister, I'd knock her teeths out.

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