Now we've both had her...
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“OK,” I agreed automatically, heading for the door with Simone; there was no time to discuss it. How long had we been up here? An hour? What was Lisa thinking? It had been maybe fifty-five minutes innocently configuring a web server, but the last five minutes made me feel she’d have been suspecting the whole thing. I ushered Lisa’s new young girlfriend down the stairs in front of me.

Lisa was in the kitchen, reading her tablet. She looked up at us and her gaze settled on Simone. A sinking feeling came over me.

Shit. For a guy who’s supposed to be intelligent I couldn’t believe how brain-dead I’d been. At her age Simone obviously had ‘freshly fucked’ all over her face; excited and flushed after her first time. A bit guilty. Standing a bit too close to me.

“You bastard,” it was me Lisa opened fire on of course. She stood up. “HOW COULD YOU? RIGHT HERE IN OUR HOUSE?” she was shouting.

“Well, look…” I had no clue what to say, but it wouldn’t have made any difference.

“You bring a girl here and FUCK her while I’m RIGHT HERE IN THE HOUSE!” she screamed at me. “YOU BASTARD!” She came round the island, picking up a pan as she passed the cooker. She’d lost it, completely. Jesus Christ, she could brain me with that. Lisa has shoulders, timing…

While she was in her backswing I rushed forwards and grabbed her round the chest. I got the empty arm but had to put up with the heavy pan landing on my ass. That was better than my head though.

Although Lisa is a bit taller than me, and pretty strong for a woman, I am stronger, otherwise I might not have lived to tell this story. I wrestled with her and finally managed to grab the hand with the pan and then take it off her.

I held her at arm’s length, both of us breathing heavily. To my astonishment her eyes were moist.

“How could you?” her voice was breaking.

I had never seen Lisa cry. I’d never imagined I would; she’s so strong, happy, in control…

Instantly my eyes went moist too. I’m like that. I suppose I love girls, and Lisa, so much.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I love you. I just…”

“What? You thought it was OK? WHAT?”

I realised the only way was to tell her.

“I know about you and Simone,” I said. Lisa looked at me in shock, her mind changing gear.

“Yes I came home and saw you,” I admitted, “and I watched too long and I felt a bit cheated on and I waited to see if you’d tell me so I didn’t say anything. I was jealous. Then it was too late to and I decided alright I’d see about finding my own schoolgirl so I asked the school about projects and Simone applied to us as well, and so I brought her home to teach you both a lesson, that’s all, just make you pretend you didn’t know each other and just give you an awkward time. I was jealous. I felt a bit ripped off. It was revenge. Then Simone was giving me signals for some reason…” I turned round to include Simone in it.

But she wasn’t there.

“You didn’t have to fuck her,” Lisa was still focussed.

“Nor did you,” I reckoned Lisa had to give it up now.

“Well it’s different, a girl and me: I was never going to run off with her.”

I tried to get my mind straight. “Well nor am I, am I? What’s the difference? You seduced her and didn’t tell me; kept it a secret. Why did you get involved with her?”

“I just wanted to try something new,” Lisa’s belligerence was fading, “and she came along. You can see what she’s like, QUITE obviously. There’s something about her isn’t there, apart from the looks. You’ve been losing interest in me anyway, recently…”

“No I haven’t,” I protested, “it’s just natural that two people lose the intensity after a while. I still love you. I thought it was you losing interest in me.”

“Well I still love you, you bastard,” she shot back, “and I can’t believe you just fucked her. She was supposed to be mine, anyway. I was going to tell you, it just seemed a bit freaky, and then it got more difficult the longer I left it.”

One of Lisa’s many qualities is that she doesn’t bear grudges. She lets it all out then there’s nothing bottled up. She can be insanely mad, and then be over it, just like that. It’s all good, as long as you survive the initial eruption.

“Alright well you can have her,” I offered a smile, feeling her coming to terms with it all. “We need to go and find her though…”

“She’ll be upset,” Lisa pointed out.

“Exactly,” I said.

Lisa stuck her tongue out at me. As quickly as it had started the confrontation was over and she was looking for her car keys. My car is an impractical two-seater, in the garage.

Lisa knew where Simone lives so she knew which route to drive, and when we saw her walking along, head down, Lisa pulled up just past her and I got out. Simone stopped. I could see she was close to tears, her young face full of guilt and anxiety.

“I’m sorry,” she said before I even got to her.

“No no it’s our fault,” I felt terrible. I was trying to decide if I should put an arm round her. I did, and she let me. “We’re the ones who should have got it sorted out, it’s not you at all. We’re sorry. But it’s alright, Lisa and I are alright, we haven’t broken up or anything. We shouldn’t have put you in that situation. Come back and we’ll sort it out. It’s fine.”

I opened the front passenger door, so she’d be next to Lisa, and she got in while I got in the back.

“It’s alright,” Lisa smiled and stroked a slender teen thigh; wasting no time, I thought. “It was my fault,” she continued, “keeping you secret from Paul, then my double standards, but it’s alright now. Don’t worry about the pan, I’m like that, he’s used to it.”

Simone raised a smile. “I’m sorry. I knew it was wrong, really.”

“No don’t feel it’s you,” I said, “It wasn’t wrong except for Lisa and me keeping you a secret, and that was down to us, not you. How could you know what we were up to? We set the example. Anyway, it was just me and Lisa, our fault, and we’ve decided Lisa found you first so I’m just going to leave you to it.”

“Alright,” she said, “sorry. Thank you.” looking at both of us. She was still upset I could see, but up for carrying on with Lisa - judging by the position of her thigh which was open and as close to Lisa as it could be.

Lisa set off and started taking us back home. After a minute I saw Simone take a breath to speak.

“Can you just decide who I’m doing stuff with?” she asked. “Don’t I get a say?” There was a bit of attitude now, her courage returning. “I mean, does it have to be one or the other? Why?” She looked at us, across at Lisa and round at me, half curious and half challenging.

It was a fair point, I reflected.

“Well…no you’re right,” said Lisa with a laugh, quick and decisive as ever, “that’s so obvious. Paul and I were just being very stupid and possessive and jealous and, I don’t know, competitive even. Taking it all too seriously. And you’re right it’s not for us to decide for you. Sorry Simone. Help yourself to some cock, we can share.” Her face cleared and she took a sudden right turn onto the ring road.

“OK are we up for a bit of fun?” she asked, grinning now as we accelerated up the dual carriageway, “have a laugh and make sure we set off the right way now? A laugh? You are a schoolgirl aren’t you?” she glanced at Simone.

“Well yes,” said Simone, smiling again, “I suppose so.”

“And do you do games?” asked Lisa.

“Yeees…. it depends what though.”

“Alright well let’s see what you’re up for, sexy girl.”

I head Simone gasp as Lisa’s hand slid up to the top of her thigh.

I sat back and waited to see what Lisa was planning. Whatever it was, it was going to involve Lisa and Simone, and that was enough for me.

Lisa drove us up the motorway for half an hour, which at the speed she drives was nearly fifty miles. Then she turned off into the large town where, I realised, no-one would know us. I started a bit of a tingle.

She pulled in outside a party shop, just before closing time.

“Give me five minutes,” she said, leaving me and Simone in the car while she rushed in.

“What’s she doing?” asked the schoolgirl. She knew it had something to do with her.

“I don’t know,” I replied disingenuously, “are you shy?”


“I mean, does it bother you if people look at you? ‘Scope you out’ as you put it in my office?” I grinned at the memory.

“Well…it depends,” she was sounding slightly suspicious.

“OK well let’s see what Lisa comes back with,” I said, “then we can decide if we want to play. Don’t worry if you don’t feel like it.”

I let her mull it over in the back of her mind while I asked her about her computing classes, which kept us chatting until Lisa emerged with three thin boxes. She opened the tailgate and then was passing me clothes through the back.

I unfolded them as Lisa got back behind the wheel and drove off, while Simone turned to see. They were a priest’s outfit, a nun’s, and – inevitably - a schoolgirl’s.

“Looks like this is yours,” I grinned at Simone, handing her a very short grey tunic, white thigh-highs, a short, thin, short-sleeved shirt, a red patterned tie and flat black shoes. I checked out Lisa’s naughty nun outfit, which had the black headdress with white trim, the white bib, a black minidress and fishnets. My priest’s cassock was black, topped with the white dog collar, full-length but rather translucent.

Simone smiled, getting the game, but trying to hold up the tunic to see how short it was.

“You’ll look delicious in it,” Lisa encouraged her, “while we go for a walk…there’s a big park somewhere…ah there it is.”

“We’re going for a walk?” asked Simone.

“Just a stroll round,” Lisa smirked, “a sweet schoolgirl as safe as she could possibly be, between a nun and a priest...” She was turning into the park. She parked at the far end of the car park, where there were no people near.

Lisa and I started changing into our costumes so confidently that young Simone was carried along with us, even to the point of being talked out of her bra. In a couple of minutes we were all changed and ready, standing by the car.

“It’s too short,” Simone was tugging at the hem of her tunic, which fell barely a couple of inches below the crotch of her white bikini-style panties, “and this shirt is see-through! It’s supposed to have a bra with it.”

“It’s perfect,” pronounced Lisa, “just how it’s supposed to be. You’ve got your tunic over your tits, at the front, and your panties don’t show anything do they? They’re just like bikini bottoms. Come on, it’ll be fun. Watch everybody’s faces and see what we get.”

We’d get plenty of attention, I could see. Simone could only be described as sensational – the ultimate fantasy schoolgirl. My cassock was distinctly see-through, against the light, and of course I was naked underneath it. Lisa looked a complete knockout in her nun’s headdress, white bib and black, skin-tight minidress with long angel sleeves. That’s before one’s eyes even reached her gorgeous legs in their fishnet stayups and her black heels, with a bit of naked thigh at the top. Her body, in that getup with the naïve purity of the nun making the rest of it a bit shocking, was electrifying.

“We’ve done this before,” I told Simone, who was looking nervous, “it’s a test of nerve, and fun. OK? People react all different ways, but they’re all OK, as long as we keep our nerve. OK? That’s the point of the game – apart from being around you dressed like that.” I smiled and ogled her shamelessly. “We don’t look embarrassed or afraid, and we don’t avoid looking at people; we smile back, just behave normally. Nobody will get on our case if we don’t act like victims. Alright? But if it’s too much we’ll understand. You are only young so if you can’t pull it off don’t worry, we’ll take the outfits home and have some fun there.”

It was a bit pushy of me to put it that way I suppose, but she was just on the cusp of doing it. Lisa sealed it by putting her arm through Simone’s, and the schoolgirl, fabulously both fantasy and real, automatically started walking alongside her. I took up station on Simone’s left side, and we walked together out of the car park into the park itself, and strolled towards the lake in the middle.

As we’d told our novice, people reacted all different ways. A lot of people looked away, embarrassed. Others stared. Some scowled, some smiled, some were puzzled. Some started off shocked and then smiled at us. Some looked away until we’d passed, then I could sense them starting to look. Nobody said anything though.

I put my arm through Simone’s, but discovered it was a mistake. I’d been tingling already and the contact made me desperate to fuck her. Her or Lisa, I didn’t care. Or both. For some reason I can fuck twice in succession, hardly losing my erection, if things are sexy enough. At college word had got round and I’d had a number of threesomes of the strength of it. And things were certainly sexy enough now; I had an erection.

There’s a limit to what people will put up with in a park, and I knew that anyone with a child could well call the police if they saw me tenting out my translucent cassock with a boner. It wasn’t easy to deal with either, because putting my hand over it hardly looked any better.

Lisa looked across. “We’d better do something about that,” she snorted, laughing. She didn’t mean giving up and going back to the car either.

Simone grinned down at it; she was getting into the game. “I can’t believe you,” she said, “we’re going to get arrested.”

“We need somewhere…” I replied, “Ah, there…” there was a stone toilet block, with a big old oak tree behind it which no doubt has a preservation order on it. We hurried over, and as I’d hoped the tree prevents them mowing between the building and the big hedge beyond that lines the park. It was all bushy and overgrown. We pushed our way in. There was a clear area up against the back wall of the building, where no-one would see us unless they came right round, and there was no reason why anybody would.

Lisa leaned over forwards against Simone, gripping her elbows, and I moved behind Lisa. I pulled her panties down a couple of inches, rolled up my cassock, moved Lisa’s panty gusset aside and slid into her. Lisa, predictably, had been all ready.

I felt for her clit with my fingers and started fucking hard and fast. Simone was rocked backwards for a moment then moved a foot back to steady herself while Lisa and I homed in on one of our quickies. It was probably only half a minute before we were cumming, and my brain soared on that delicious, familiar bliss of orgasm, amplified by Lisa’s outrageous nun outfit and her special, potent pussy, as well as by our schoolgirl in her little tunic and exposed slender thighs, with her stunning face and its amazed expression.

“Oooh,” I sighed with relief as the pressure in my balls and cock subsided. I slid out and Lisa stood up. We were all grinning.

Simone was looking at my cock, which was still pretty hard.

“It’ll go down in a minute,” I told her.

“Oh,” she said. Her tone was a bit disappointed.

“Would you like to…?” I asked. She nodded enthusiastically.

Lisa was already moving to swap places with Simone. The fantasy schoolgirl apparition bent over into Lisa and I eased her panties down a little. She wasn’t quite ready but Lisa was unbuttoning her shirt and I was feeling for her clit. In twenty seconds she was gasping deliciously while her pert tits were being fondled and her wet pussy was being entered. I eased into her a little at a time, then started to fuck our eager young playmate.

A few minutes later we were just homing in on our cum when there was a rustle of bushes.

I froze. The rustling got louder and closer, then two people appeared: a tall young man with longish blond hair and a girl; both perhaps seventeen or so.

I felt Simone starting to stand up and grabbed her hips, unwilling to abandon the wonderful fuck, while Lisa held onto her shoulders. She took the hint and stayed bent over.

The newcomers and Lisa and I stared at each other for a few seconds. They weren’t officials clearly and I thought they ought to do the decent thing and beat a retreat. “Yes?” I asked pointedly, still embedded in gorgeous young pussy.

“Oh, sorry,” said the tall, skinny lad, “are you…?” He was looking at Simone - a slender young girl who was bent over between two adults of course.

“Yes I’m fine, thanks,” Simone looked up, understanding what he was asking, “thanks for checking…”

The young couple still didn’t go.

“Sorry are we in your place?” asked Lisa.

“No, not really…” answered the girl, unconvincingly. She was very sexy. About five feet four perhaps, with a strong-looking little body, hazel eyes and wavy brown hair a few inches down her back. She looked turned on.

Oh what the hell.

“Look, you carry on,” I said, desperate to resume fucking Simone whatever it took, “we don’t mind. You do your thing, there’s space isn’t there, and we’ll just finish…”

The new girl grinned and pulled her boyfriend towards the wall, in what looked like rather a practiced way; in a moment his jeans were round his knees and her skirt was round her waist. I tried not to look but I couldn’t help noticing she wasn’t wearing panties. There was just an inviting, neat but lush bush pointing like an arrowhead to her pleasure pot. She saw me looking, but just smiled at me.

So there we were all fucking together. I slowed down, finding it was quite sexy having another couple fucking right there with us. The lad was groaning quietly with the pleasure of his girl’s pussy, and the girl was gasping in sync with him. Her gasps were enticingly different from Simone’s, and I found I was automatically timing my thrusts so that the two sets of sexy audio were interleaved, one after the other so I could hear them both. Then after a while I started to sense how the young couple were getting on, and without consciously thinking about it I found I was winding up so that Simone and I would finish with them.

Lisa winked at me, understanding, and made eyes at me about the couple, who were sexy. The boy was good-looking and so was the girl. For their part they were both stealing looks at Lisa in her nun’s outfit and Simone in her schoolgirl outfit, and me so much older in my dog collar fucking her. We were all grinning at each other by now, though four faces were starting to go a bit intense.

We wound up and up together, all starting to look at each other more and more openly. I couldn’t help grinning inanely – Lisa’s naughty little excursion had been way more of a success than any of us had thought!

I could see and hear the lad getting close, grunting, as he thrust into his girl, holding her off the wall with his arms while she dangled by her knees from his elbows and her hands from his neck. She sounded close too. I speeded up into my slender young fantasy, feeling her just on the edge of her cliff, and finished her.

As soon as Simone started I did too, both of us jerking and groaning, and I could see we’d tripped the young couple off - they thrust manically together and then held themselves pressed deep, deep while their orgasms gripped them, just as I was spurting deeply into Simone’s gorgeous, spasming young body.

We all stayed like that for a minute or two, Lisa grinning away at all of us while we puffed and panted.

The young man set his girl down and they stood with an arm round each other looking at us.

I eased out of Simone and she stood up, looking incredible. The couple seemed to think so as well. I let my see-through cassock drop and Simone pulled up her panties up.

“Nice spot you have here,” I ventured to the strangers.

“We like it being a bit risky, to be honest,” the girl replied with a grin, “looks like you’re a bit the same…”

“I suppose we are,” Lisa seemed to like them too, “and we got caught!”

“We’ve never been caught,” said the tall lad, “apart from by you I suppose, well…finding the place, and that’s cool obviously”.

“It was sexy,” Simone seemed thrilled by the whole thing.

“It was, wasn’t it?” agreed the girl. “We’ve never done it with someone else before. I’m Patsy by the way, and this is Derek.”

“I’m Paul, this is my wife Lisa and this is Simone.” I couldn’t describe our schoolgirl’s relationship with us, so I didn’t try. Patsy was seriously sexy, in a miniskirt and short tee that showed a lovely flat tummy below her good-sized tits. Good face. Though the really sexy thing about her was her attitude.

I took in everyone: “I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t mind an ice cream?” Everybody nodded. There was fellow-feeling among us after the group fuck.

So we all walked together back to the ice cream van by the lake, where the groups of people round the van made way for us, most of them goggling. Simone seemed to have settled into her exhibitionist game and stood confidently next to Lisa while Lisa ordered, all eyes on them and their legs. It was hard not to feel a bit proud.

Derek seemed a nice chap I thought, as I swapped a few words with him and Patsy. I was impressed that he’d been ready to intervene for Simone if she’d needed it, when a lot of people would have told themselves it couldn’t be anything and backed off. I liked his attitude to Patsy as well. He was a bit awkward with his height, that he hadn’t really grown into yet, and curiously that seemed to give me some common ground with him.

We all took our ice creams and started ambling along the lake. I found myself looking at Patsy, then realised it was because she was looking at me while she licked very slowly and deliberately up her ice cream. When she reached the top she opened her mouth, inserted the ice cream into it top first and sucked it, still looking at me. Even I knew what she meant. I looked at Lisa, and at Simone, who were looking too, as was Derek.

Lisa the naughty nun put her arm round Derek, answering everyone’s question. As I said she has the confidence of a girl whom every sane man desires. Derek put a long arm round Lisa.

I put an arm round our fantasy schoolgirl, and the other one round Patsy. Simone seemed happy to go along with it; I supposed inside she must just be in a haze of amazement at everything. They both snuggled up to me and I started to regret it.

“Sorry,” I said, letting go, “this outfit doesn’t hide a thing…”

“God Paul,” Simone giggled, “you’ve just done it twice…”

“Twice? God you addict!” Patsy giggled with her.

“Addict is not far off, ” smirked Lisa, “the two of you might be too much for him, but my money says not.”

“That’s a bet I’d love to lose,” grinned Patsy. “I think you’ll be okay with Derek too,” she added loyally.

“I think so,” answered Lisa, giving him a squeeze.

Christ, it was going to be a swap.

Though when we got back to the toilet block there was a group of kids playing outside. They stared at us. It was obvious that if we went round the back they’d just follow.

“My mum will have gone to work now,” said Patsy, “she’s on nights at the moment.” I didn’t like to ask but it seemed to mean her house would be empty.

So we walked to her house, which was only five minutes away, and indeed there was no-one in.

She took us all up to her room, where we all spontaneously started stripping; it didn’t take very long.

The room was full of naked bodies; three of them female and fabulous, plus my little five foot six and Derek’s gangling six foot three or so. Being a man I’d checked out his cock of course, and was happy to see that at least in that department I wasn’t at a disadvantage!

Lisa pulled Derek onto the single bed so I lay down on the floor, on my back with Simone and Patsy half crouching on either side. Patsy has real hips and tits, waist, ass – it’s a voluptuous young woman’s body, wrapped in an olive skin that was a deliciously just slightly different from Simone’s. Simone had a distinct tan now, that was only slightly paler where her bikini went, whereas Patsy didn’t have a tan it was just a gorgeous natural colour.

I played with their tits while they fondled my cock to its full size and very nearly its full hardness. Patsy’s tits are a good C-cup, and rounded. They moved sexily in my hand, without being floppy, whereas Simone’s B-cups are more rubbery and volcanic in every sense – both their shape and the effect it has on her when you play with them. Patsy liked having hers touched, but I could feel her interest was more in her pussy. She has quite big thighs, lean and strong, and quite a good-sized pelvis too that somehow looks like it needs a good fucking on a regular basis. With her waist she is, as I said, voluptuous. I couldn’t wait to feel my cock in her, and I didn’t have to.

She straddled me, lifted my cock, and sank straight onto it, swamping my bloodstream with sex. It’s wonderful how every girl’s pussy feels different, and Patsy’s felt gorgeous, really active and greedy for fucking; it was especially to savour since this was so soon after feeling both Lisa’s and Simone’s of course!

I let Patsy make the running for a while, touching Simone to keep her feeling involved, while Patsy thrust her agile little body up and down on me. I could hear Lisa’s familiar gasping as Derek fucked her rapidly, and his hoarse breathing. It was all incredibly sexy.

Soon Patsy was there, and her potent teen pussy meant I was there too. I was cumming hard into her as she spasmed joyfully on top of me, slamming down to get the absolute most out of my pulsing cock.

We wound down and she subsided onto me, a smile plastered over her sexy young face.

Then after a couple of minutes I saw Simone’s slender hand stroke over Patsy’s big thigh.

“Yes OK your turn,” Patsy grinned, and eased herself off.

I nudged Simone to lay on me and she did. After three fucks my cock had shrunk, so I needed a few minutes of pure sensual pleasure, which having Simone’s slender teenage body on me gave me aplenty. I stroked over her, enjoying her differences from the perhaps seventeen-year-old Patsy. I didn’t rank them, I just loved the differences. And I loved Simone’s sexiness which seemed to be growing all the time from when she’d been a virgin only five days before. Now I could feel that one fuck hadn’t been enough at all.

Patsy gave Simone a tentative stroke on her arm, testing the bi waters. Simone smiled encouragingly at her, and Patsy started stroking my schoolgirl all over, through her long, glossy hair and all down her back, over her pert little ass and down the back of her thighs. Simone was purring, and the feast of sexy teen girl was enough to get my cock going again in only a few minutes.

Simone felt my inflating shaft and moved to help it on its way by rubbing her mons on it and brushing it with her bush, which is not dense but nice and fluffy. My blood was humming again and as my cock swelled she sat up and slid it into her, easily this time.

She fucked me beautifully, her long hair swaying about and her stunning dark green eyes flitting from me to Patsy to Lisa and Derek. The feel of her lightly grippy, oily pussy was fantastic, and I knew I could stay hard now for a while, even through her cum.

It took ten minutes before she came, and as I’d predicted I didn’t cum with her this time and so Patsy got on for another go.

Patsy fucked me enthusiastically for a few minutes, then we turned over so I could do the fucking missionary. I felt she wanted a long one so I made it last, and it was a good twenty minutes before we ramped it up and shared a delicious big cum together.

After that it was time for a rest, with the girls doing some kissing and caressing to help things along, before Simone was ready for some more and finally Patsy again.


Lisa drove more slowly on the way home. Derek had fucked her three or four times in the hour and a half we’d been at Patsy’s, and even she was feeling a bit tired.

I was sitting in the front, still in my fancy dress; Lisa and Simone were too. We’d post the outfits back in a day or two. Or buy them, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I was wondering if it made any sense that I was glad Simone hadn’t fucked Derek - in fact if she’d asked me I’d have said better not. Was I being possessive? More loyal to her than to Lisa? Or was it just that I felt she was too young and inexperienced and might have regretted it - felt skanky or something? Or perhaps I just realised I couldn’t stop Lisa wanting some variety with her men but for now at least I could stop Simone putting it about? Her slim young body so delicate, easily aroused…suppose she got hurt…or found a guy she preferred?

God, sometimes I was insecure about being insecure.

Oh. Lisa was pulling into a service station.

“Get in the back,” she told me with a grin as she pulled up, “I can tell you’re thinking about her and Simone’s fidgeting as well. You only had two didn’t you Simone?”

Our amazing real fantasy schoolgirl grinned and nodded. “OK well... two at Patsy’s, that’s all,” she smirked.

I got into the back, seeing Simone slide her panties off; she looked incredible in her thigh-highs and short tunic. As we pulled back out onto the motorway I saw Lisa adjust the rear view mirror down so she could watch.

------------ The End (or perhaps in some ways, the beginning) -------------

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