For those of you who are interested, here are some statistics:

According to that font of all knowledge, the internet, the average sized cock measures 147.6mm in length (5.81 inches) and 121.67mm in girth (i.e. circumference) (4.79 inches). The relevant standard deviations in mm are 19.78mm and 13.34mm respectively.

Using the relevant standard deviations and assuming a normal distribution:

A cock which is 9.75in (248mm) in length would put the man who owned it in the final of the champions league of cocks. Less than 1 in a million have a longer cock.

A cock which is 7 ¼ inches in girth would put the man who owned it at the very top of the premiership of cocks. Less than 14 people in a million have a thicker cock.

As is evident from my story below, I won the cock lottery.

Don't stop reading yet, that is pretty much all the maths I have for this story.

The summer of 2005. Part 1 -Nicole

I arrived in the London, aged 27, in the Autumn of 2003 from Oxford, where I had been teaching since leaving University. I had just separated from my wife , who just happened to be the first and only woman I had slept with. It was acrimonious, she had gone back to college and was sleeping round big time while I put a roof over our heads. I get it now, of course, we had married young and before either of us had played the field. I guess if it had been me at college, it might have been me who played away.

Coming to London was a big step. I'd decided to throw almost everything and everyone who I associated with that period into the curtain of history. I didn't know anyone who lived in London well enough to stay with them except for someone who I used to play football with. He'd been in London for about 5 years and things were just beginning to take off for him. I called him and he managed to persuade his landlord to allow me to sleep on the sofa until I got sorted. I was working hard studying law as well as teaching maths part time to pay for my new career.

In order to make friends out of work and study I used to go to Regents Park on a Sunday for a kickabout. It was there that I met Chris who introduced me to the guys he played football with. By the time the next season started I was in the team and playing regularly.

I socialized with some of the boys on Friday and Saturday nights and played football with them on Sunday morning. Over the season I got to know them well. There were a few of the guys that I didn't mix with initially as we seemed to figure we didn't have much in common but two of them Colin and Mark were to become my partners in crime for pretty much the whole summer of 2005.

By the summer of 2005 I had fallen on my feet. The studying had led to a job. I had taken up photography and vidoegraphy eveining courses at St Martin's College and my tutor there had a photographer friend who was renting me his fabulous studio flat for next to nothing on one of the best streets in Chelsea, just so there was someone there to look after it. He had moved to LA and wasn't going to be using it for two years.

I had new friends from Law College, Art College, football and part time teaching and was making enough money to live easily. And to top it all I had a fantastic flat in a prime location next to some of London's trendiest night clubs, bars and pubs.

Before I started playing football for the Sunday side, Colin and Mark were the longest in the shower, if you know what I mean. I actually hated communal showers because one of my balls had not descended fully as a teenager. I got teased once and that made me so self conscious that I never wanted anyone to see me naked. God, however, had been fair. What I lacked in symmetry down below was made up for in the length and girth of my shaft. I had been so self conscious though that whilst I knew it wasn't small, I had no idea how big it was, until I started dating again in London and girls would tell me how huge I was.

It was therefore only in 2004 that I started taking communal showers after football that I got a reputation for what I had in my pants.

I started drinking regularly at a club which was just 50 yards from my front door. I used to stop there most nights for a nightcap and got to know the staff quite well. The club had three dance floors and two huge bar areas with open fires and leather sofas and armchairs. In the week it was pretty quiet but on Fridays and Saturdays the place was heaving with people from all over London and further afield looking for a big, and slightly sophisticated, night out.

One Friday I had been out at a dinner with the football boys (prize giving etc and monkey suits) and was walking home and decided to drop into the club for a drink and a chat. It was packed and so I went to one of the quieter bar areas for a drink. I bumped into Colin and Mark who had skipped the dinner as soon as the prize giving was over.

They were on the pull but as yet had had no luck. This was the first time I'd chatted to them and found out that Colin worked in the City and made quite decent money and Mark was a builder, or rather, ran his own construction business. We'd been talking for an hour when I saw them exchange looks.

"Shall we ask him then?" Mark asked Colin.

"Ask me what?" I said.

"Ok, we wondered whether you'd care to join us in our quest?"

I looked puzzled and Colin took over.

"We like to share the spoils of a Friday night."

It just wasn't getting any clearer to me and my puzzled look continued.

"Look. It's simple. Our simple mission is to make the Eiffel Tower with a girl."

Now I knew that expression and began to get it. I figured they were trying to get a girl to go to bed with both of them.

I tried to act as if it were quite normal, but I hadn't thought there would be many girls that would be up for that.

"Have you ever had any success?" I asked.

Colin smiled. "Er... you'd be amazed" he said, his smile cracking into a grin.

"I'll take that as a ‘yes' then." I smiled back

"Well" said Mark, "you can't just walk up to a girl and ask her if she wants to be spit roasted. She'll either slap you ... and if she doesn't ...then she's not the right girl for us. She's probably a right slapper and we'd need two condoms each to make sure we didn't catch anything!"

"So how do you do it?" I inquired.

Colin answered for Mark, "Simple, if one of us pulls then they're the one who gets the girl back to our place and then we simply try to get the young lady so turned on she'll take us both on. And that's the thing that would surprise you."

"By our reckoning nearly every girl has a threesome fantasy but wouldn't and doesn't ever do it for fear of getting a reputation. And those that would do it openly already have a reputation and so would do it at the drop of a hat."

"The fun is getting one of those girls who would otherwise go their whole lives one on one and getting them to the point where they are so turned on they'll do anything to get sexual satisfaction. There is nothing like knowing you've taken a girl further than she's ever been before or will ever go again. And she'll be so ashamed of how she acted afterwards that she'll never mention it to anyone."

"Better still we like to keep a video memento of the occasion" chipped in Mark.

"How do you get them to agree to that?" I asked.

"They don't," Mark said with a smirk.

"Sorry to tell you guys" I said "but that's illegal and you'd end up in big trouble if you got caught. I can't have anything to do with that. But I'll do it ...if you agree to only take video if they agree."

"Done!" They said in unison.

Colin and Mark left me at the table whilst they did a tour of the club looking for likely candidates. I sat back in the armchair and thought about what they'd said. I doubted it could work, but I was interested.

I had been on my own for less than 10 minutes when I first saw Nicole, she looked stunning in a simple red party dress and high heels. She had a really pretty face, straight blonde hair and a baywatch figure. The next thing I noticed was that she was crying and in the middle of a full blown argument with a man. He was saying he was going to leave and she was trying to persuade him not to. And then he left with her crying and shouting at him. She turned 360° and looked for someone to empathise with her but found no-one. I jumped out of my chair and told her to sit down. I gave her my phone and asked her to look after it and returned 90 seconds later with three drinks.

Giving a girl your phone was a trick I had learned over the past couple of years. It ensures that the girl waits for you to get back and it shows that you instantly put your trust in them. I find that often you get the same level of trust in return, which, by a simple equation, meant more sex and better sex.


"Thanks." she said as she slid my phone back towards me.

"No problem."

We sat in silence for a few moments as she took two sips of her drink.

"I guess you've had better nights out...I can't imagine how anyone would ever leave you alone in club. I mean I don't know anything but I reckon his tattooist is already being lined up to put IDIOT on his forehead!"

She managed a half smile.

"I'm Rob" I said extending my hand.

"Nicole" she said "thanks for the drink."

"I got you two drinks" I said, "a coke to replace the fluid you just lost and a bacardi and coke to take the edge off." I slid the second drink across.

"How on earth did you get served so quickly?"

"The benefits of being a member and a regular" I replied.

"I like it here," I continued. "It's pretty relaxed in the week and the weekends are buzzing and friendly. That is when the prettiest girl here is not being abused by her boyfriend... I thought you were going to slap him!"

"I nearly did. He's so fucking mysterious and always finding something else to do."

"Like I say, the guys an idiot. How long have you been together?"

"Almost 2 years."

"What's his name?"


"Well Harvey doesn't know what he's got. but enough of him. He's not here."

It took a while to get going but pretty soon Nicole opened up a bit. She lived out of town and came up to see her boyfriend on the weekends and either stayed with him or her friend who lived in Clapham. She was supposed to be staying with Harvey tonight but would have to go to her friends house now. She worked on a make up counter. She didn't have much money. Harvey was very rich. Harvey was her first serious boyfriend. She wanted to be a model but felt the was too short at 5 foot 6 inches. She wanted to get a job in London.

I let Nicole do most of the talking and pretty soon it was time to go to the bar for another round.

"Same again?" I asked.

"It's my round I guess" Nicole replied.

"Don't be daft. I've suddenly become the most desirable man here just because you're talking to me" I said. "I really should pay for the privilege. Anyway I'll be served super fast." With that I leapt up and headed for the bar.

Mark was standing at the bar but didn't see me at first.

I looked at Nicole who was looking at her phone and nudged Mark as I was leaving with the drinks.

"Toilets in 2 minutes", I whispered.

"That was quick" said Nicole as I returned, still slightly distracted by her phone.

"Told you. I am just going to the loo. Back in a two minutes."

And I was literally back in a minute, but not before I'd told Mark of the plan. I hoped he could deliver.

"No word from Harvey?" I asked.

"None and no response to my text either."

"Well here's what I think. You are the most attractive woman in here. You're chasing him and are always available to him. It's too easy for him. He thinks he's your only option so he doesn't have to make an effort. If he thought you had other options he'd be right next to you now. I know you don't know me, but trust me, I've been a man all my life.

How old are you?"


"How old is he?"


"Exactly. He thinks he can push you around. Look, I'm not saying this is all a conscious plan, its much more complicated and subtle."

"How many men have you slept with before him? Is he your first or second? I'm guessing but it's important. Tell me."

"Alright, he's my second, but the first doesn't really count."

"Exactly", I said.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Well. I reckon you need to relax a little. You're stunning, easy to talk to, and quite lovely, but you are a little uptight."

"Do you think so? I don't think I am."

"Well I'm just trying to think why he's gone running off. I mean if you've only had 2 boyfriends I'm guessing your not quite yet the sex goddess he wants."

Nicole looked a little thoughtful and perhaps thought I was making a good point so I backed off a little.

"Nah! What do I know? You're probably dynamite in bed. You probably talk dirty and ride him like a bucking bronco shouting yeah-hah!"

I laughed at the image and so did Nicole.

Just at that moment Mark appeared with Colin.

"Hey Mark, Hi Colin. What you two doing in my neck of the woods?"

"We're just loafing around. Our girlfriends were supposed to be coming in to town but they got stuck in some family do. We were all dressed up with nowhere to go."

"What ... "said Nicole "... both of them got stuck in a family do?"

"They're sisters", said Colin.

"Sorry. Let me introduce you." I interrupted.

"Mark, Colin, this is Nicole. As you can see she is gorgeous and making me look good. Mark and Colin are old school friends I lied. We go way back. Mark and I work together sometimes and Colin... Well, as you heard, is Mark's girlfriend's sister's boyfriend!,"

"Hmmm", said Colin. "Why is it that the world famous photographer is sitting with the prettiest woman in the club... and why were you laughing at his jokes Nicole? Last time I checked he was just not funny!.."

"To be fair, Nicole wasn't laughing at my jokes, just the mental image of her riding her boyfriend like a rodeo stallion."

"Wow! I don't think that image would make me laugh. It might have a much more stimulating effect however!" said Colin.

"Steady on Colin - when is it you're getting married again?" Mark asked playfully.

"6 weeks", said Colin with a beaming smile. "And I am sorry you got the ugly sister!"

Mark grabbed Colin around the neck and rubbed his hair all messy. "Ha-ha!"

"Don't believe a word of it", I said to Nicole, "I have photographed them both and they're both stunning."

"You didn't tell me you were a photographer?"

"You didn't ask."

"What sort of pictures do you take!?"

"Fashion mainly but that's to pay the bills, otherwise street photography... You know catching a moment of other peoples lives. That's my passion.

"He's being modest Nicole. He's had his pictures published all over the world ... although I will remind him how rubbish he was at art at school"

I laughed, "fair point!"

At that point Nicole turned to talk to Colin and I began to be confident that we would get her back to my flat. Mark and Colin had played it perfectly. We appeared to Nicole to offer no threat. Mark and Colin were with girlfriends and I was surrounded by models all day.

The question was whether we could fuck her hard. Double team her and even triple team her. Could we get her to willingly fuck and suck us all and to let us video the whole thing?

It was getting towards closing time so I decided to act.

"Chaps, Nicole. I think they're shutting up now. My place is literally next door. I can call you a cab from there which will be cheaper and it'll be better than standing in the queue for a taxi outside for half an hour."

"Sure," said Mark "good idea."

"You coming Nicole?"

"Do you need to call your friend in Clapham?" I asked.

We made out as if none of us was interested in getting her to stay for a bit and so it was no surprise that Nicole readily agreed.

"Magic. let's roll" I said, getting to my feet.

Within 2 minutes I was unlocking the front door to the 2 million pound studio apartment with Nicole behind me and Mark and Colin behind her.

"Come on in" I said as I held the door for Nicole. Nicole passed me, and, as she did, her ample tits brushed my arm and sent a shiver down me. She climbed the steps to the apartment and we all watched her gorgeous arse jiggle its way up the stairs

Damn it was a fine pert firm arse indeed. Nicole was certainly going to look good from every angle.

As Nicole reached the top I called up to her "Light switch is on the right" and she flicked it on.

I remember when I first saw the flat and Nicole's exclamation was no different to how mine was.

"Wow, Wow and triple wow! This place is incredible." she cooed.

On the walls were framed magazine covers and other photographs taken by the owner of the property.

" Did you take all these" she asked.

"It would be a bit sad if the photographer had someone else's pictures on the wall." I said truthfully but avoiding the question.

Mark and Colin pretended they had been there before, but I could tell that they too were impressed.

"Yes indeed Rob. This place is fantastic."

I walked over to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of Bollinger. I had also learned the benefits of champagne over the last couple of years. I kept four bottles permanently on ice there for the occasion of inviting someone in. This was not the first time I had pretended to be the owner of the flat.

I popped the cork and poured 4 glasses as Nicole stood and looked at the pictures on the wall. I walked across and handed them out. Nicole took hers and said thank you.

And the taxi she had planned to get was put off at least for the moment. I opened up my camera cupboard and took out two video cameras and two digital SLRs and 4 memory cards two of which I inserted in the camera..

"Much to Mark and Colin's annoyance I am afraid I have a psychological need to take everyone's picture. So as ever, step into the studio." I announced. I winked at Mark and Colin out of Nicoles eyeline.

The studio was a white backdrop against the wall and a white painted floor.

Colin shuffled over and started making poses.

"Alight Colin, move into the middle and look straight at me - think ..I am gorgeous, but mean."

He actually.did a good job and he looked sharp and cool in his tuxedo.

"Alight Mark, you next." I said.

He too looked good. Both Mark and Colin had the James Bond look to a tee. Tuxedos, top shirt button undoneundone

"Alright Nicole, you next." I said when I had taken 20 or so shots of Mark.

"What's this for?", Nicole asked.

"Just nothing really - a record of my life I guess and a habit. Everyone gets the same treatment."

Nicole walked into the spotlight and stood and looked at me.

"That's good" I encouraged. "Now push your chest out. Now push your butt out. Excellent! Ok turn this way, look over your shoulder at the camera." She followed my direction patently exited to being photographed by the 'world famous' photographer.

When I had blasted off about 40 shots I showed Nicole the best one or two. "Hmmm - what do you think?" I asked her.

"They're good pictures", she said.

Not half they were. I'd made the already beautiful Nicole look devastatingly sexual.

Brilliantly I spotted something in one of the better shots and called Nicole over to the camera again. I blew up the offending part of the photo and showed Nicole what I had seen.

"Seriously Nicole, I doubt you could be a super model but I would definitely imagine you getting work. I could use these pictures but there is a slight VPL issue. I mean there is a slight lump just here." Neither Mark nor Colin were in earshot but I lowered my voice anyway. "Can I take a few more and you pop to the bathroom and remove your knickers."

The pictures were obviously good enough as Nicole dutifully went to the bathroom and returned two minutes later.

Before Nicole returned however, Colin reached into his back pocket and pulled out 3 blue pills. I instantly recognised the diamond shape although I'd never taken one. "Down the hatch," said Colin. "If we're all going to fuck her we're going to fuck her good."

After Nicole returned, I fired off a few more shots, occasionally going low enough to point the camera almost right up Nicole's tight dress.

"Hey Mark, Colin ... come into these shots. Nicole put your arms around them - lean against Colin. Stand with your legs apart." I gave orders as I clicked away with the camera.

"Bend forward."

"Mark, Colin, put your hands on Nicole's butt. Nicole... look as if you like it. Now squeeze so I can see the indents of your fingers pressing into Nicole's firm ass. Ok. That looks good and playful. Nicole stand between the guys and put your hands on their chests. Ok ...looks too tame. Try hooking your thumb into their belts. Yes better. Ok grab a handful of crotch in each hand.

"No not that gently. Grip a bit so I can see their trousers rouche up." It was amazing to see how easily Nicole responded to my orders, but that was often the effect when I had a camera in hand.

"Brilliant. That's enough for now. I'll just check through them."

"Not bad." I reported.

Now I ought to say that this part of the evening was not over in seconds as it may appear in this account. We had to work really hard to get Nicole to relax. Colin, Mark and I turned on a serious charm offensive and kept it going for nearly two hours. Of course, we kept Nicole's champagne glass topped up. Ever so slowly and almost imperceptibly at first, Nicole began to relax and get a little flirty. We kept the conversation flowing at all times; we didn't push our plan; we just kept the atmosphere light. After all, Nicole was in a strange flat with 3 men she'd never met beforehand.

Some way into proceedings we turned the video cameras on. Another thing I have learned if you want to make a porno is to do this early when things are not such as to give cause to complain. However, a video camera can actually get the party started sooner. You’d be right in thinking that no girl sets out to make a porno, but on the way there she’ll flash a bit for fun and act a bit more outrageous than she otherwise would and then the thing is on and recording when the action starts. At that stage it is so much harder for the girl to think to tell you to stop.

And a digital camera in skilled hands is quite a turn on for a slightly vain woman. If you can make them look good, they will want you to take more pictures. And if you tell them they look good and how to look better, they will do exatly what they are told.

I explained to Nicole the effect of baby oil on flash photography and skin. I took a large bottle of baby oil from the bathroom and took it to the group and gave it to Colin. I took a close up-photo of Nicole’s bare leg and then asked her if she minded me taking another this time with baby oil smeared into it. I took a small amount of oil and rubbed it in, without a hint of sexuality. Flash – I took another close up. I showed Nicole the effect by flicking from one photo back to the other in the camera’s screen. Try it, it really works.

“Wow!” said Nicole it looks completely different.

“I know,” I said, “the oil picks up the flash and reflects some of it towards the camera giving smoothness, highlighting, and definition” I explained.

“Colin can you smooth some oil into Nicoles legs for me” I asked him.

“Sure” said Colin, matter of factly.

“Make sure you get an even coating and take it all the way up under the hem of the dress. Oh, and do her arms too”

“No problem” said Col as het set carefully to work.

Colin acted like a true assistant and did as he was told. But he also made sure he did it as sensually as he could. He poured a spoonful of oil into his hands and then starting with Nicole’s ankles, he smoothed his hands slowly upwards towards the top of Nicole’s legs. I tossed Mark the bottle and told him to do the other leg.

They moved to Nicoles arms and rubbed oil into them and into her exposed shoulders.

“Col?” I asked “could you just put a little onto Nicole’s chest, just where the skin is exposed – don’t be a pervert, but just smear it under so there’s no dry areas on show.”

Colin did what he was told, being careful not to do any more than was necessary.

“Thanks guys,” I said, “now stand back”. I looked through the viewfinder and tutted to myself. “Ok it looks great but there is a little area at the top of Nicole’s thigh on both legs that doesn’t look as even as the rest.”

“Can you do her legs again. Nic, can you lift your dress a little so the boys can rub the oil in without getting any on it...”

Nicky looked a bit shocked at what I was asking, she knew she had already removed her knickers but it only flicked briefly across her face. I saw it though and quickly reassured her.

“I am not asking you to lift it over yor head, just right to the top of your thigh.”

This time the boys boved in unison up both legs, gripping firmly and forcing the oil into Nicole’s soft skin. They took their hands right to the top and stopped just short of her sex. I could see Nicky swaying slightly wth the sensation. I knew her pussy had just sent a pretty loud signal to her brain. We all went quiet for a moment befor ethe boys moved back and I reeled off another 30 or 40 pictures.

God she looked hot. I showed Nicole the photographs and she couldn’t help smiling at each of them. She could see she looked incredibly sexy and we all told her so. For a moment it was quiet.

Colin was first to break the short silence.

"Nicole who do you think has the best body? me or Mark?"

"Obviously me," said Mark

"You're both equally good looking" said Nicole diplomatically.

"No seriously" said Mark opening his shirt. "Look at these pecs."
Colin quickly unbuttoned his shirt. "Not as impressive as this surely?"

To be fair to both of them, both had fabulous chests and six packs. Not surprising since both spent an hour every day in the gym.

"Ok guys, I'm sure Nicole is impressed. I know I am, but the two of you are ridiculous. Next thing you'll both get your cocks out and be asking Nicole which one she'd prefer to suck."

"I'm ready," said Colin making a dummy movement to remove his trousers.

"God! are you two always this competitive?" asked Nicole with a grin.

"Always." I responded for them.

"Anyway" I continued "Nicole is far too uptight to judge a cock competition."

"I'm not uptight" Nicole shot back at me.

"Come on Nicole, being a judge in a cock contest would be well outside of your comfort zone?"

"No - I could do it if I wanted to."

"Really!? I would think you couldn't and wouldn't dare." Colin argued.

"I said I would if I wanted to."

"Right and now you're going to say you don't want to." said Mark.

"Exactly." Nicole said after a slight pause.

"Thought as much. You wouldn't dare. "

"I would."

"Prove it!" challenged Colin

"Alright boys... enough!" I cut in. "you're making Nic feel uncomfortable. So lay off it... okay?"

"Okay" they both said pushing up their faces amusingly.

"Seriously though Nicole, you need to lighten up. These two numbskulls are just horsing around. It's not surprising they're dating sisters, they've been competing with each other since they were six years old. I tell you what though, I wouldn't mind them settling their differences once and for all. And a cock competition would be very apt. I think it would be perfect to see which one of them is the biggest cock!"

"Ha ha," said Colin sarcastically.

"I'll settle for a 'who looks best in boxers' competition" said Mark. "We have a completely independent judge and the loser has to pay for the winner to take their girlfriend to dinner".

"Come on Nicole, don't deny me a free night out with my fabulous girlfriend."

"Alright." said Nicole, "I'll do it."

Mark and Colin stood up right in front of Nicole and removed their trousers
Both had impressive bulges showing in their Calvin Klein pants which, amusingly, were matching.

"Ok Nicole" I said." I think they're calling your bluff."

"You better get them out so you can check them for shape, size and, of course, suckability!"

"Oh shut up Rob I'm doing no such thing" gulped Nicole as she nervously took a swig of her champagne. "I said I'd judge them in their boxers."

"SIGH!"said Colin loudly. "I knew you wouldn't have the bottle"

"Don't worry Nicole they're just messing about. You've got to admit though they're both quite good looking boys. If I wasn't so very heterosexual I probably would have a go myself."

"Yuk!" said Colin.

"Anyway"I continued "I imagine Harvey would not appreciate it!"

"Who's Harvey?", asked Mark.

"The boyfriend!" I answered.

"The Harvey who was leaving the club when we arrived?"

"Yes... I guess" I said for Nicole

"You're his girlfriend...!?" said Colin hesitantly his voice trailing off as if he wished he hadn't asked the question.

"Why did you ask me like that? "

"It's ok, we can't be talking about the same Harvey."

"Why do you say that?"

"The one I am talking about is super rich and goes to the same places I do in the week. I guess we have three or four mutual friends."

"So why can't it be my Harvey!?"

"Because the one I'm talking about is a player."

"What do you mean 'player'?"

"A player is someone who chases pretty women" I added albeit not that helpfully.

"It doesn't surprise me that he's chasing you too."

"Two weeks ago I saw him with the stunning Asian girl, last week he was with a blonde... and it wasn't you."

"I just figured he was either loaded or brilliant in bed with a massive dick."

"I know he's loaded but don't tell me he's got a massive cock too. That would be depressing."

Nicole just sat there in stunned silence.

We continued to pile on the pressure.

"Fuck. Some guys get all the luck."

"Still I'm getting married in 6 weeks so I'll be sorted. My girl is fit and an absolute goddess in the sack. Seriously I'd never let anyone near her nor would I ever want anyone else. She is dynamite. Ultimately that's what we all want. A woman who can fulfil every desire."

"It doesn't matter how rich you are, if you've got that girl you aren't ever going anywhere else."

"I totally agree" said Mark.

"That's what I'm looking for" I added.

"He must be an arse Nicole. I bet you're dynamite in bed."

"Well Harvey obviously doesn't think so." said Nicole with a depressed sounding voice.

"I can't even believe that could be true" said Colin as he sat down next to Nicole in his briefs and put his arm around her.

Mark sat next to her on the other side and put his arm around Nicole's waist.

"Look. Harvey's not here because he's off with one of his floosies. How about you show him you can have a good time without him and Judge our cock competition!" Nicole started half smiling through her sobs. Mark's voice was soft and unthreatening and was said in a way to elicit a smile rather than anything else.

"Rob. Go get Nicole a top up for her glass and we'll see if we can put a smile back on her face." said Colin softly.

I got up and came back a minute later with the bottle and a video camera.

"Right. time to have a laugh" I said. "Right Nicky, you're going to film the competition. Don't worry about those two either. They are both head over heels in love so they're no threat to your virtue."

"Ok boys. lets see what you've got." I said as I handed Nicole the video camera and Colin stood up.

"I'm first then. Focus your camera on this." Colin said.

Colin was hilariously dancing about pumping his washboard stomach up and down so his muscles rippled. He motioned to take his briefs off but didn't and then did it again until finally Nicole broke the silence

"Stop playing Colin." said Nicole who had the video camera pointed at him. "Get that big boy out."

"Are you sure? said Colin "Once you see it, you'll want to touch it"

"No I won't!" said Nicole firmly.

Colin teased some more like an experienced stripper and slowly began to reveal his semi erect dick.

Even half flaccid it was impressive and Nicole simply said

"Wow! that looks big."

"It's just a camera trick." said Mark.

Colin moved his hips from side to side so his appendage swung and slapped on his thigh as he did. His briefs were at the top of his thighs.

Nicole pretended to be getting impatient, and told Colin to " get em off."

Colin stepped out of his CK's and stepped towards the camera so his cock was filling the screen.

It was within Nicole's reach and he reached down and took Nicole's free hand and guided it to his washboard stomach.

It was a clever move because Nicole felt as if she was filming someone else and not as if it were she who was touching another man's naked flesh.

“And suddenly a strange hand appeared on camera" said Colin beginning to give a commentary. "This is not Nicole's hand as she is filming, but another hand."

"The hand is slowly making its way to my cock and is going to grip it." said Colin in commentary but also an order to Nicole.

Nicole paused momentarily, but took hold of the semi-hard cock and held it lightly.

"That's it Nicole, film that hand getting hold of it. Film it gripping it tightly and pumping it up and down."

Nicole gripped it tightly and it began to grow in her hand. Within a few seconds Colin's dick was engorged and throbbing.

"Fucking hell Colin it's huge!" said Nicole as she continued to stroke it whilst filming.

Nicole was looking at Colin's shaft intently on the camera's monitor. "Jesus, it's big" she kept repeating.

She was struggling to keep the camera steady with her right hand as she stroked Colin's dick with her left.

I reached across. Can I help you with that. I took the camera from her, making sure she could still see the screen and that I was still filming Colin's cock and her hand.

Now - I was sitting to Nicole's right filming with the camcorder, Nicole was stroking Colin's cock and to her left was Mark who was sitting in just his briefs against Nicole with his arm around her.

Nicole's left hand was beginning to tire and she swapped hands... all the time she was looking at the built in video display watching ‘another’ woman stroke Colin’s hardening dick..

When her left hand had rested for a few seconds Mark made his move. "I suppose you're sure I won't tell my girlfriend’s sister about this?" he said to Colin.

"Er... I'm sure you would unless you had a reason not to." Colin responded. "Of course, you couldn't if you were also having your cock stroked."

"Nicole," began Colin, "Would you mind helping me out of this difficult situation?" he leaned forward and took Nicole's free hand and placed it on Mark's bulging trunks..

Nicole let her open hand rest there and looked again at the display. I was still filming an anonymous hand stroking an anonymous dick and I saw her lightly squeeze Mark's package.

Mark quickly flipped the waistband of his CK's up and over Nicole's hand so she was resting it against his hardening dick. No one said a word as we all looked out of the corner of our eyes to see if Nicole would take the bait. And then slowly at first she started to stroke it. And sure enough she was soon shuffling her hand up and down inside Mark's briefs.

Mark flipped the waistband again, this time he flipped it downwards to release his dick and pushed his hips upwards causing his knob to jut out at right angles to his body.

He let out a deep sigh of pleasure as Nicole continued to manipulate him.

"God, you're both huge", she gasped as she took her eyes from the screen for a brief second to see what felt so big in her left hand.

And indeed they both were quite massive. Nicole was beginning to get turned on, and we all knew it. What had started 3 hours ago in the club was starting to get very interesting.

"Well Nicole, are you ready to give judgement?" I asked.

"Hang on a minute" said Colin, "I thought one of the criteria was suckability!"

"Fair point," I said. "Nicole? Would you care to suck on one of those?"

Colin moved forward enough to put the tip of his cock within reach and held it there as Nicole continued to stroke him.

She was looking at the dick in her right hand intently now and watching how small her hand looked against it. She turned to me, "I will if you turn that thing off," she said, nodding her head towards the camera.

I tell you what, I said, Colin can film it from the back of your head. That way we can continue the anonymity if that's what you're worried about."

Ok, but if i see you filming my face I'm stopping"

"No problem," I said and closed the screen and handed the camera to Mark. It continued to record, and as I handed it to Mark I made sure my finger trailed onto the zoom button causing the lens to adjust to its widest angle.

Satisfied with our deal,, Nicole returned her attention to Colin. She released Mark from her grip and took hold of Colin with both hands to start kissing his dick from base to tip. She continued this unsatisfying approach to a blow job for almost two minutes before Colin broke the silence.

"Nicole, I want you to suck it ... Put it in your mouth and suck it."

Nicole did as she was asked and her cheeks began to hollow with the effort.

"That's good Nicole. Now hold your head still while I fuck your mouth."

Colin began to slowly thrust in and out.

"Now take your mouth off and lick the underside of the tip."

"God that's good. Look at me whilst you lick it. Wank me while you suck it."

Mark moved towards Nicole. Colin took Nicole's left hand and moved it across towards Mark. Mark was standing side to side with Colin. Colin's dick was now huge with all the attention it had been getting. From where I was sitting Mark's cock was equally impressive.

"Jesus! You are both massive." Nicole repeated as she briefly disengaged her mouth from Colin's dick.

"Now you'll find it easier to judge." said Mark explaining the presence of his cock by Nicole's face. "Suck on my dick now otherwise Colin has an advantage." Nicole had stopped sucking for a second as she was transfixed by the two big dicks but she continued to dutifully wank them simultaneously.

Colin gripped the hair at the back of Nicole's head lightly and pulled her towards Mark.

"Open your mouth and stick your tongue out." coaxed Mark, "and I'm filming so make it look good.

Hey", said Nicole, "I thought we had a deal."

"Well the thing is", said Mark, "I know you're massively turned on and so you're going to suck our dicks whether I'm filming you or not. In fact, if you know I'm filming you'll try even harder to make it good."

"Come on Nicole. let's see you suck on that big cock." I added.

I have no idea what was going on in her head at that moment but she opened her mouth and took the head of his cock into her mouth.

"That's better, now suck it!" Colin egged Nicole on for his friend.

Nicole's cheeks began to hollow and Mark started to move his dick slowly in and out.

Mark's cock looked huge against Nicole's pretty face. It was rock hard and the veins on it stood proud from the otherwise perfectly cylindrical shape.

"Fuck, that looks good" said Mark as he looked at the small screen. "Look at the camera while you suck it" he continued.

At that moment the stirring in my pants began to intensify.

I had never had a problem getting an erection and this was the first time I had ever taken Viagra. ‘Fucking hell’ I thought as my cock tried to burst through my trousers. Every single blood vessel, every vein, every cavity was suddenly under immense pressure. It felt good and I knew I had to fuck Nicole and fuck her hard. Shag her 19 year old brains out. Hard and fast and deep and unload my spunk either deep within her or all over her pretty face.

"Who's the winner Nicole?" I asked her.

Nicole couldn't speak, her mouth was crammed full of Mark's cock.

"Good job Rob wasn't playing..." said Colin. "He'd have beaten both of us"

I took my cue on the mentioning of my name and reached down to the hem of Nicole's short dress.

There was no resistance from Nicole so i moved the middle digit of my right hand slowly towards her slit. Her pubic region was hairless except for a tiny strip of fine hair which stopped an inch short of heaven.

I was gutted to find that Nicole felt as dry as a bone but i pressed on regardless and started to part the soft folds of her pussy. And then suddenly my whole hand was soaked. She was sopping with juice and that became evident as soon as I had broken the seal. I curled my finger up and inside and started to slowly finger fuck Nicole's pussy.

Mark grabbed hold of a clump of hair and turned Nicole's head to face Colin's dick.

"OMIGOD That was fucking great! exclaimed Mark. Now suck that suck mine... and Mark turned Nicole's head back towards him and then back again after she'd gobbled him a couple of times. He did this until he felt able to trust Nicole to alternate on her own. He needn't have worried as Nicole was well into the swing of things now.

She moved her mouth from one to the other as I frigged her pussy.

"Fucking hell Nicole, you are soaking wet" I announced. "You are so turned on I think you're going to want to fuck us."

Nicole moaned a muffled moan of pleasure as her mouth was full of cock.

Any moment now and she would be beyond the point of no return and we could take turns on her. Her will was fading fast as I worked her into a frenzy. I got on my knees and pressed her legs apart and without even pausing I pushed my tongue to her clit. She tried to close her legs at the last minute but it was too late and i locked my mouth around her clit and drove my tongue up and down against it. Nicole tensed but then relaxed as she gave in to it.

I got a rhythm going that had her bucking her hips into my face and she had to pause her attack on the two cocks in her face to gasp in air every few moments. She was at the edge now and only interested in her own orgasm.

Mark saw it too, "Let's film her cumming as Rob licks her clit."

Nicole didn't bat an eyelid. "Fuck her mouth Colin", Mark said as he started to film the scene.

Nicole was close and I took the opportunity to press my finger against her rosebud. I continued to lash her clit over and over and Nicole's body squirmed in pleasure. I had two fingers in her pussy and the forefinger of my other hand was now dipping into her arse. She ground down onto both and I started to push my finger up her tight butt. As soon as it was driven home, I started sawing my fingers alternately in and out simulating a double penetration act. Without withdrawing my index finger i started to work a second finger into Nicole's ass and stretching her arsehole.

Nicole was bucking uncontrollably now. I had no idea what was happening above me because my face was buried in pussy but I watched the video later and now know that Colin was not going easy on Nicole's mouth.

Her orgasm was about to take hold and I increased the pace and severity of my assault on her pussy and ass to send her over the edge. She convulsed and shook with her whole body and screamed out at the moment of release. At precisely that moment Colin unleashed spurt after thick spurt of cum in Nicole's gasping mouth. It smashed against her cheek and dripped down onto her heaving tits.
I'd stopped using my fingers as I sensed her sensitivity but my mouth remained locked to her swollen clit as her orgasm subsided.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and I drew fresh breath as I turned to see Mark standing ready. It was only then that I first saw Nicole's face plastered with cum.

I moved to one side and Mark knelt down and placed his cock at Nicole's sopping entrance.

Nicole was now lying back with her eyes closed.

She didn't protest at all as Mark started to push his thick dick into Nicole's hot pussy.

Nicole looked up as she felt the head of Mark's erection pressing against her lips.

"It's too big." Nicole said, matter of factly.

"Don't worry Nicole, I'm going to get this into your tight pussy."

Mark took hold of his shaft and began to rub the swollen head up and down Nicole's slit, separating Nicole's labia and exposing the entrance. Then he leaned his weight against Nicole and the head of his shaft disappeared.

Nicole grunted in pain and pleasure. "Fuck, that's big!". She blew out air as she got used to the size of Mark's dick.

Mark started to rock in and out and gradually worked his shaft in to the hilt.

"How does that feel" Colin asked as he stroked his own cock back to life. He was pointing the camera at Nicole's face as he asked the question.

"It feels fucking great." came Nicole's response.

"It fucking does." said Mark. "Hurry up and get your dick hard again. You're gonna love how fucking tight this is."

Nicole looked up half shocked at the fact that Mark and Colin were discussing her pussy.

But Mark knocked the breath out of her before Nicole could say anything as he started to build up a rhythm. He slammed into her repeatedly.

"Turn over." He suddenly ordered I want to fuck you from behind.

Once again Nicole did as she was told and Mark immediately grabbed her hips and started slamming into her from behind.

"That's it Mark, fuck her hard." said Colin. "It looks good."

Nicole was now building up her own head of steam again and it was noticeable that as Mark rammed into her she was ramming her pussy back to meet his thrusts.

Colin's dick was rock hard again and he handed me the camera.

"Move over Mark, I want some of that pussy."

Mark had a final couple of thrusts before pulling out all together and Colin seamlessly filled the gaping pussy before him.

Nicole was so turned on she carried on bucking into Colin, seemingly without a thought to the fact that she had allowed two big dicks to invade her pussy within seconds of each other.

My cock was screaming at me by this stage for some stimulation and I handed the camera to Mark.

Mark himself wanted some more, so immediately he had the camera he presented his thick cock to Nicole's mouth. Nicole looked up when she felt the shaft brush her face.

"Put it in your mouth Nicole, Col and I are going to spit roast you like a filthy whore."

"In fact, if you suck my cock, we're all going to understand that you are declaring yourself open for business and the three of us are going to fuck the shit out of you."

Nicole looked up at Mark who was holding the camera now. "Well Nicole, you're decision."

While Nicole was making her decision Colin decided a bit of persuasion was in order so he took his cock out and replaced it with his tongue. He went to work quickly and confidently, alternating between jacking his tongue in and out of Nicole's cunt and lapping her clit. He soon had Nicole writhing in pleasure.

Nicole didn't say anything so Mark held his cock to Nicole's mouth. "Suck it Nicole, suck it good while I film it."
This time Nicole took it in her mouth and began to suck.

"Fucking horny slut!" Mark said out loud. "Colin, let's give her what she wants."

"Sure thing Mark." said Colin as he disengaged his face from Nicole's pussy.

Nicole moaned in disappointment. "Last chance Nicky, if you don't say stop now, we're fucking you until we're done."

In the absence of a response Colin planted his cock back into Nicole's wet snatch and began to fuck her again.

After a few seconds I saw Mark and Colin exchange looks and stop moving. Sure enough, Nicole was rocking her body back and forth."

"Fucking hell" I said, "She's so turned on she's spit roasting herself. Go on Nicole slam your pussy down on that big dick."

Nicole didn't need to be told what to do. She was loving it. And my cock was throbbing at the thought I was about to fuck her.

"How about you see what Rob has for you?" Mark asked Nicole as she looked up still ramming her pussy down onto Colin. "I think you're going to like it."

Nicole turned her head towards me and I stripped off to my boxers.

Nicole slowed down to look closer and beckoned me over. She sat back on Colin's dick so that she no longer had to support herself by her arms. She began to rub my cock through the thin material. She started to laugh as she did.

"Jesus Rob. You really are huge!"

With that she lifted the waistband and delved inside my boxers to release my throbbing shaft. She struggled with it as the tip got hooked under the waistband and she had to manoeuvre it to release it.

As she did it sprang free from her hand and pointed straight up.

I knew my cock was as hard as it had ever been - At 9¾ inches long and 7¼ inches in circumference it was, without doubt, a big cock.

Nicole looked a little scared but also excited and she almost giggled at its size.

Nicole gripped it then looked at me as she tried to reach around it with her fingers.

"Fucking hell!" she mouthed as she did without letting any sound escape. She just kept looking at it. "That is ridiculous" she eventually said.

She bowed her head to take it into her mouth but her lips could barely stretch around it.

For my own part I could not remember ever having been so swollen and the feeling was intense.

I gripped her head and forced her to take my cockhead into her mouth. Her lips were stretched and there was no way she could do anything other than breathe through her nose.

It then dawned on me that I was suddenly involved for the first time in double teaming someone. Colin was in her pussy and i was in her mouth. We adjusted our position until Nicole was on all fours and then Colin began to slam into her as she worked on my cock.

This was my first time being involved in a spit roasting and I was loving the reaction we were getting from Nicole. Her enthusiasm was incredible. She didn't say much but she was not holding back at all.

As if if was reading my thoughts Mark spoke. "She's good now Rob. She'll do anything we want. She actually wants us to fuck the shit out of her. She wants us to shoot spunk into her pussy and mouth and use her like a slut."

"She's loving every fucking thrust. Look at her." Mark continued.

And he was right too. Nicole hadn't broken rhythm as Mark spoke.

Colin was building up to another orgasm and so was Nicole.

"That's it Colin - shoot your load in there and then its my turn before Rob stretches it beyond recognition!"

And with that Colin grabbed Nicole's hips and started power fucking. Nicole's cunt was so wet you could hear it squelch as Colin drove his dick into her over and over again. And then he bent over her and letnout a loud grunt as he spunked inside her.

"Ok mate, move over" said Mark. and handed the camera to Colin.

A loud squelch emanated from Nicole's cunt as Mark slammed his dick in as Colin's cum came bubbling to the surface.

"Fuck that's getting quite sloppy now" said Mark. "I think i need to find something a bit tighter."

Mark let a long thread of dribble escape from his mouth and as gravity took hold it stretched downward towards its intended target. It landed with pinpoint accuracy and Mark rubbed it onto Nicole's puckered hole.

"I'm going to fuck your arse", he announced to Nicole "and I'm going to shoot my spunk deep into your bowels." And as he spoke he slipped his middle finger into Nicole's arse.

A second finger followed and Nicole began to squirm with pleasure from the combined sensation of having her pussy fucked and her arse fingered.

Within seconds Nicole was orgasmic again and her body shook from tip to toe.

Mark pulled out as Nicole's orgasm subsided and started rimming her and driving his tongue into Nicole's stretched arse. Nicole stopped sucking my dick whilst she revelled in having her arsehole licked.

Colin was filming the action close up and stroking himself to his third erection of the evening.

Mark lifted his head to face the camera. "Hi Harvey, This is what happens when you leave your girlfriend alone in a club. See this ass. Do you recognise it? Well I'm just about to fuck it anyway. I'm just going to lube it up with a mixture of juice and cum. Oh, yes. That's not your cum... or mine"

Mark then stuffed two fingers into Nicole's pussy and scooped out what if could and rubbed it into the open hole he intended to fuck. He wiped some onto the tip of his dick and placed it against her asshole. And then he leaned some of his weight onto his massive spear. Nicole's arse did not give way immediately and I figured that she was not used to being fucked like that or with a cock that big. I reached my arm under her belly and started gently frigging her sensitive clit. Now Mark leant harder, until, with a sudden release, Nicole's sphincter gave way.

Mark was in and it hurt her a little.

"That feels weird" said Nicole.

"Does it hurt?" said Mark

"No, it's ok, but go slowly."

Mark did as he was told and started to rock gently back and forth. All the while I was frigging her clit.

She was in a zone again as Mark began to pick up the pace.

Colin now brought the camera round to aim it at Nicole's face. Nicole had started slurping on my cock again as Mark pumped her arse. He turned the in-built screen around so Nicole could watch as she sucked.

"What's your verdict on this cock then Nicole?"

"It's fucking huge" said Nicole between mouthfuls.

"Bigger than Mark's?"


"Bigger than mine?"


"Bigger than Harvey's?"

Nicole looked up but did not respond.

"Well is it bigger than your boyfriend Harvey whose probably now shagging one of his floosies?"

This time Nicole responded. "Yes it's at least twice as long and twice as thick as Harvey's"

"Imagine how full you're gonna feel when your pussy is stuffed full of that then."

"But it's not all about this big dick my friend Harvey - let's go and see what's happening down below...

With that Colin took the camera and followed the curves of Nicole's body until he had a close up of Mark's dick pounding in and out of Nicole's arse.

"Well... will you look at that Harvey - There's a big dick in your girlfriend's arse. Oh, and judging by how she's panting I think she's loving it. Hang on I'll zoom out and give you a better view. Colin moved backwards to get the three of us in shot. Mark was on his knees pummeling Nicole's arse and I was on my knees probing her mouth. "Wow what an Eye Full". Mark and I both knew what he meant and we leaned forward to silently high 5 each other, creating the perfect Eiffel Tower.

I was so hard now I needed some pussy and since Nicole was the only one available I told Nicole that she needed to get Mark to finish off in her arse and make way for me.

Mark took his cue and started to buck furiously into Nicole. He gripped her hips and ploughed into her. I returned to frigging Nicole's clit.

"I'm going to spunk in your ass baby." said Mark as he slammed into Nicole even harder.

"Fuuuck!, I'm coming." exclaimed Nicole as the sensation of having her arse fucked and her clit frigged overcame her.

"Oh yes I'm coming in your arse." And suddenly Mark was clinging on to Nicole's hips for dear life as his balls contracted and pumped spunk as deep as it would go.

As he finished he withdrew and Colin filmed the gaping messy hole that was left.

Finally, I thought , she's all mine.

I grabbed Nicole's hand and stood her up. Her legs were a little wobbly so I put arm around her to steady her. I wasn't sure if she was drunk or just weak from all the exertion, but perhaps it was a bit of both. I wanted to know whether she still had the energy or the inclination to take another good fucking so I guided her hand to my rock hard dick which was pointing straight upwards. She immediately gripped it firmly and started to stroke it up and down.

I looked her up and down as she concentrated on my member. She looked so fit, her big young breasts were firm and not yet affected by gravity, her stomach was tight and firm and her arse was perfectly round. Her legs were perfectly proportioned and her figure was hourglass ideal. I fancied her a lot and in different circumstances I might have wanted her as my girlfriend. However, tonight I wanted to debase her. I wanted to fuck her in every conceivable way and to use her as my toy. I wanted her to give her such a good shagging that she would never be able to forget it. I wanted her to know that I owned a video of her acting like a total slut.

I made her lie down on my bed and began to mount her chest so my cock was between her tits. I wedged my cock in between them and told Nicole to spit on my cock. Her first attempt was quite lame so I ordered her to spit again. This time she scored a direct hit and the saliva coated my dick and spilled to Nicole's bosom.

I pressed my cock down into the crevice and pulled Nicole's hands to her chest. She knew what to do and clamped her hands against the sides and top of her breasts as I began to fuck her tits. Nicole pushed her tongue out to meet the tip of my cock as I pushed forward.

Colin was filming so tits, cock and mouth filled the screen.

Mark was looking over Colin's shoulder at the image that was being recorded.

"Go on Rob, fuck those tits and when your cock is at bursting point... slam your massive dick into her cunt. Fuck, I'm getting hard again - I think I'll just have a bit more of that pussy". With that he moved to position himself between Nicole's legs and plunged his hardening dick into Nicole's pussy. Nicole gasped as he entered.

"Oh yes," said Colin, panning out to get us all in shot, "Look at your whore now Harvey."

It seemed as if Nicole was happy being called a whore as she moaned loudly as Colin said it.
I could cum again said Mark.

"Save it a minute Mark I need to fuck her." I said as I saw Mark's excitement building.

Sure said Mark withdrawing his cock. Let's flip her over.

I got off Nicole's chest and she tried to stop me by sucking hard on my dick but it just caused her mouth to make a popping sound as my dick disengaged from her lips. Mark flipped her over and pulled up her hips until she was on all fours again.

I stood up, walked around to Nicole's arse and cupped her mound firmly. I took a dollop of juice from her pussy and smeared it on my dick.I placed the tip against her wet hole and slowly started pushing.

"It's not going to fit" said Nicole.

"Don't you worry" I said "It'll fit alright". I could feel her lips spreading slowly and soon the tip of my dick was enveloped.

"Fucking hell that's fucking massive". said Nicole as I entered her.

"Fucking hell that's tight and wet." I responded. I was now fucking her with the tip of my dick. I was pushing in about 3 inches and the backing off until I was outside her lips but still touching them then I pushed until her pussy buckled and the head was in again.

Her pussy squelched as I slowly worked my dick into her.

"Fuck you're big."

"Good. I'm half way in and I'm going balls deep." with that statement of intent I started to push hard undertaking big long strokes. Every time I went a little deeper and with every thrust Nicole let out an expletive ... "Fuck", "oh fuck!", "Fucking hell" "Jesus", "Omigod", "OMIGOD", "Oh fuck!". I worked the full length of my dick into her until I was banging against her mound. This seemed to turn Nicole on and she began writhing around under me.

As I pounded her harder and harder I noticed that Mark's sticky cum was escaping from her arse.

"Mark you've got to film this! Hey Harvey, Look at your fucking slut girlfriend now. See this," I said as I pointed to the escaping spunk." That's spunk in her tight arse." I pushed a finger into her arse as I fucked her. "ooh! it's tight. - let's splay it open a little. I took my index and middle fingers and clamped them together and drove them both into Nicole's spunk filled cavity and worked them in and out as I used all my strength to separate my fingers while they were in her.

Within minutes a third finger was able to join the other two. and i was able to make quite a satisfying gape. I conjured up a large glob of saliva and let it trickle from my mouth into the hole i had made. "Hey Harvey, you're probably wondering whether that tight ass can swallow my big dick... my thoughts exactly."

"What do you think Nicole? do you think you could manage this massive cock in your arse?

"No fucking way, no way, I can barely get it in my pussy."

"Sure Nicole," I said. And with that I called Mark and Colin into action. "I need the two of you to open up that arse."

Colin, who was hard yet again, handed Mark the camera and jumped up to position himself - within seconds his massive dick was poised at her arsehole and was beginning to probe. Then the tip entered and then he slowly started fucking.

Nicole was in pain at first but Colin repeatedly lubricated his dick by spitting on it until the pain subsided and pleasure began to take hold. Colin was not aiming for a conclusion just yet and after two minutes of hard pounding simply pulled his cock out to show us the gaping hole he had created.

Mark took over where Colin had left off and within seconds he was in Nicole's arse again and was pounding it furiously. He attacked it from all angles. He was really trying to stretch it open. He sensed he was going to cum so passed the baton back to Colin who immediately stuffed his cock in the gaping hole.

Then, between them, they simply abused Nicole's arse, swapping between each other almost every stroke.

Nicole's hole was stretched right open and the two of them looked at me."I think that you can try to get that monster in that fucking arsehole now Rob." said Colin.

"Don't be fooled though mate, it's a fucking tight arse."

I took hold of my dick and stroked it a couple of times, smearing saliva along it's length as I did. I was completely rigid and I was therefore sure I would have a good chance of penetrating her arse. Still while I had fingered arses a number of times I had never before had my dick in anyone's arse and was a little unsure how to proceed. I'd asked a couple of girls if I could fuck their arse, but on those occasions they had said 'no way' as I was 'far too big'.

I gripped my shaft and positioned it at the gaping hole. Due to the fact that Nicole's ass had been fucked wide open the tip of my cock located the entrance easily but it soon became apparent that it was going to need to stretch a whole heap more to accommodate my girth. I leant my weight against her and held it there and slowly but surely it began to stretch.

I knew i was making slow progress, but I was making progress. Suddenly Nicole's sphincter gave way and the tip of my cock disappeared.

Nicole gasped in pain. "Omigod that's big, Omigod! Omigod! OMIGOD! OH-MI-GOD!"

I held my ground even though Nicole was trying to back away. I chased her arse when she moved forward so that we didn’t disengage and then gripped her hips and pulled her back towards me.

I was so fucking big compared to Nicole's tiny frame that not only was her arsehole clinging to my thick dick, but also, so were her ass cheeks. As I began to push into her ass, her cheeks caved in as they clung on to the oversized dick. It was an awesome sight, and I took my time marvelling at the picture before spreading her cheeks wide so i could watch my dick slowly disappearing down her bung hole.

Nicole was still getting used to the size and was continually repeating "Omigod!".

"I thought you said no fucking way!" I said as I held 3 inches in her arse. Shall I pull out?"

"No, NO! Leave it in." Nicole responded almost before I finished my question. "I want to take it all in there."

I hadn't expected that, and that Nicole wanted me to bury my cock in her arse almost made me cum there and then.

I pulled out slightly to coat my shaft in juice and saliva and then decided to give Nicole what she wanted. I pushed it in slowly this time I pushed it ever so slightly further than before. Nicole was concentrating hard and asked me "Are you all the way in?"

I looked down at my engorged dick and could see 4 inches of shaft which still needed to be enveloped. "Almost" I lied.

"Do it!" Nicole ordered "Push it in"

I slowly pushed as another two inches disappeared. "Oh Fuuuuck" Nicole screamed.

I reached around her waist and between her legs and began to massage her clit, all the while I was pushing. I wasn't moving in and out but just kept pressing on.

"Fuck, that's deep." said Nicole "Tell me that's all of it."

"That's all of it" I lied as another 2 inches was needed.

"Thank god. It feels good but I couldn't take any more"

I slowly began to fuck her arse. I didn't go deeper as it felt like I was hitting a tight spot so I kept my thrusts quite short and fucked her gently. I frigged her clit as I did and, sure enough, Nicole orgasmed again. The shudder was now familiar and her mouth hung open as the orgasm coursed through her body.

The bizarre thing was that each orgasm, rather than sating her appetite for sex, seemed to increase it.

I decided to let Nicole take control and so I withdrew completely and lay back on the bed. My cock lay on my belly except for the tip which due to the fact that my cock was so full of blood, was up two inches from my stomach. Nicole was on all fours and straddled me so that our faces were inches apart and her sopping pussy grazed my erect shaft.

"Colin, bring that camera up here, I have a message for Harvey..."

Colin brought the camera so that Nicole's face filled three quarters of the screen.

"Hey there Harvey" I spoke "You'll recognise your girlfriend. This is what you could be doing tonight, but you ran off to fuck someone else. Now that made Nicole upset because she thinks you think she's not sexy enough or dirty enough for you. Well she's got something to show you haven't you Nick?"

"Kiss me Nicky you fucking horny slut!" I ordered her.

Nicole moved her lips to mine and rammed her tongue into my mouth and began to suck my face.

Colin took over the commentary.

"So look at her now Harvey mate. Look how fucking turned on she is."

"Hey Nicole show Harvey what's pressed against your pussy."

Nicole shifted onto her knees and moved her hand between her legs to grasp my cock. She adjusted her position so that my cock was resting between her ass cheeks.

"Look at the size of that Harvey. It extends so far it's three inches taller than her ass. How thick would you say it was? Yes I agree, it is about as thick as a coke bottle!"

"Where are you going to put that dick Nicole. Pussy or ass? What do you want Harvey to see? Are you Rob's whore. Come on ... Show us."

Nicole raised her slim frame until the tip of my dick was level with her pussy and then reached through her legs to grasp my thick dick. She aimed it at her ass and started to lower herself onto it.

"Oh fuck that's tight" I gasped.

"OH-MI-GOD that feels so fucking BIG" Nicole countered.

Nicole began to raise herself and lower herself in a steady rhythm.

Suddenly, Nicole looked puzzled, as she lowered herself she looked down to see that I wasn't all the way in. And I could see her thinking that it felt as deep as when I was fucking her from behind.

"Rob, did you go all the way in my ass?"

"All the fucking way" I lied.

" Go on take it all again" I continued.

Go on baby fuck it. Mark urged

"Yessss, fuck it deep Nicole" echoed Colin.

Colin moved the camera to a position below the action answer filmed upwards along the length of my cock as Nicole pound her body up and down.

Each time she tried to impaled herself yet further. Each time she succeeded only in taking a few millimeters more. I gripped her hips to force her down onto me and then suddenly she slid her arse down the rest of my shaft until she'd hit rock bottom.

“OH-MI-GOD Ooohseeuugh! Fuck!”

Nicole didn't move from the outside, but her ass tensed and relaxed, contracted and pulsed and almost sent me over the edge. Slowly, she started to move. At first all she did was lift herself an inch before settling back down on my cock, but soon she was rocking back and forth driving my senses into overdrive.

She swivelled her hips by tilting them backwards as she raised herself and forwards as she lowered herself. They were long long strokes of pleasure for me and I felt the pressure building in my balls. I thought of anything and everything I could to prevent an explosion and managed to avoid spunking long enough to regain control. I had a few more things I wanted on video before I filled her with spunk.

Firstly, I had Nicole stand up and I shifted myself to the edge of the bed and sat there.

"Come here Nicole, turn around and plant my dick in your ass again"

Nicole didn't hesitate as she swiftly sat down with her knees together, my cock almost instantly filled her bowels.

"Now put your feet either side of me and spread your legs... I want Harvey to see how fucking stretched your ass is by my dick."

Again, as if in a trance, Nicole did as she was told. She was squatting on my dick, legs splayed open and the biggest dick she'd ever imagined filling her arse.

"Right then Nicole. I want you to tell Harvey how it feels to have my massive dick in your arse."

Colin pointed the camera straight at Nicole. "Come on Nicole, let's hear you."

"It feels fucking great. It's fucking massive. I love having my arse filled with Rob's massive dick."

"That's it you fucking slut. You fucking love cock now, you whore. We've all fucked your mouth and pussy and arse and now we're going to fucking D.P. you until you beg us to stop. But now I want you to beg Mark to slam his dick in your pussy. Go on you filthy slut. BEG for it." Colin rapped out

With that I hooked my arms around Nicole's legs and lay back, exposing her pussy.

Mark stepped up massaging his hard cock.

"Come on! ask me to fuck you!"

"Fuck me Mark."

"Where?" said Mark. "Where should I fuck you?"

"In my pussy... Fuck my pussy Mark."

"Louder slut!"


"Beg for it!"


"That's better whore."

"Now then Harvey, Watch us fuck the shit out of your girlfriend."

With that Mark slammed his dick in Nicole's pussy up to the hilt.

"Let's see how quickly she cums with two dicks in her."

I tried to match Mark's pace but could not keep up. Sometimes we were both thrusting at the same time and other times we seemed to be alternating. Nicole was screaming in pleasure.

Colin just filmed away and shouted encouragement to us...

"Oh yes. Fuck the slut. Look at her, she's loving every second. Fuck her harder. Stretch her holes."

"Hey Colin" said Mark, "Do you want some of this?"

"Sure. Move aside." said Colin and gave the camera to Mark as he seamlessly transferred his dick into Nicole's pussy and began to fuck it.

Colin and I alternated and built up a good rhythm - Colin saw Nicole was going to cum again and stopped moving to press his pubic bone against Nicole's clit. I thrust up repeatedly into her arse and it was all she needed to send her into that now familiar shudder.

"Hey Rob, let's fuck her standing up." She's light enough to throw around. With that, and with his cock still buried in her pussy, he wrapped his arms around Nicole's waist and lifted her up off my dick and stood with up with her legs wrapped around him. Before I could move, Mark had buried his cock in her arse and the two of them threw her up and down on their spears.

I had the camera and filmed the two dicks slamming into her simultaneously.

Nicole was about to cum yet again and Mark and Colin sensed it and increased the intensity of the fucking they were meting out."

"Come on you dirty slut. You're nearly there. Cum with our cocks in your pussy and ass.

Nicole was mumbling as she reached her peak. Her body shook for 30 seconds as Mark and Colin continued to pile in to her. and then they too began to convulsed as they pumped hot jizz into her from both directions. Mark slipped out of her arse and Colin lay her back on the bed as his erection finally subsided.

"Go on Rob, finish her off."

I could see spunk dripping from Nicole's pussy and ass, both her holes gaped open. I worked my cock into her arse again and began to fuck it with long firm strokes. And then I knew exactly how I was going to finish her off. She was on her back and I pulled her to the edge of the bed. At the end of an outward stoke I I just swapped holes and drove my dick into her pussy. On the next sroke I swapped back to her arse. Pussy, arse, pussy, arse, pussy... arse... Nicole's holes were gaping wide open now. I stopped to push back her arse cheeks and beckoned Mark in close to get some great footage and then returned to my task. Pussy, arse, pussy, arse, pussy, arse ... Slam, slam, slam, slam... I could feel the pressure building in my balls. I was going to cum and I had to decide quickly where i wanted it. Shit I'd made a mess of her pussy and arse and wanted to defile Nicole's face - I knew I had a pint of spunk welling up inside and thought that it would look good dripping from her face.

" OK slut! Here's how it's going to end. I'm going to fuck your pussy your arse And then your mouth.

I concentrated hard as I ploughed her pussy one last time. I switched to her arse And managed to fuck it hard for 20 or so strokes and then pulled out.

"Sit up whore and suck it!"

Nicole must have smelled her arse on my dick as I thrust it in her mouth but she took it anyway.

I was on the edge now. There was no turning back.

“Open your pretty mouth bitch! Watch your cock whore girlfriend now Harvey. I'm coming. Oh Shit!”

The spurts were long and thick and pure white. The first shot across her face and landed metres across the bed. I adjusted my aim instantly and the second smashed into her nostrils and dripped into her open mouth. the third shot straight into her mouth and the fourth slammed against her cheek as she half choked on the previous load. The fifth slammed her nose again and the last substantive jet I sprayed across her face. Then I milked the last drippings on to her forehead and stood back momentarily to admire the spunk covered slut before me.

Mark filmed close up and the cum almost flowed across Nicole's face there was so much of it.

I ran two fingers from her forehead down her cheek and scooped a good dose into her mouth and then jammed my fingers into her mouth. " Suck them clean cum slut!" I ordered.

"Harvey can have you back now!" Colin laughed. "I think we're done with you."

"You look as if you've been fucked by a football team."

Nicole looked a little embarrassed to be kneeling in front of us with cum dripping from every orifice.

"Don't look so horrified Nicole. The reason you feel a bit bad is because you didn't think you should have enjoyed it so much. But whatever you think, your body loved it and you came at least 5 times."

"Don't be ashamed about that, you were just doing what comes naturally."

And your secret's safe with us" said Colin. "We're not going to tell anyone, we've got too much to lose."

"What about the video?" said Nicole looking decidedly sheepish.

"Well." I said " Neither Mark nor Colin can keep it. And I'm not giving it to you for their safety. And I'm not destroying it either. No offence meant, but I wouldn't want someone claiming that we forced ourselves on you. So I'm keeping it for safety."

"Don't worry, I'm not about to post it on the internet."

"Ok. But how do I know you won't show it to someone."

"You don't Nicole, but I like you and there's no reason for me to show it to anyone. And anyway, If I read you right you'd like me to see if I can get you work. Is that right?"

"Would you?"

"Of course, if you would be up for a repeat performance?"

Nicole looked decidedly unsure.

"I'm not sure I could handle that again." she said smiling and nodding her head towards my dick.

"How about next time we'll get Harvey to watch for real!"

Nicole laughed. "I have to admit I would like to see the cheating bastards face."

We all laughed, although, as you can guess, none of us knew Harvey or whether he was a cheating bastard (although, as it turned out, he was).

"Well," said Colin, "we better make a move. We'll call you tomorrow Rob."

We all said our goodbyes, Nicole went to the bathroom while Mark and Colin dressed. When Mark and Colin had left, Nicole emerged from the bathroom, wearing just her knickers.

"Why don't you stay over?" I asked her.

"I'd like to. It's a bit late to go to my friend's house".

"Sofa or bed?"

"Can I sleep with you?" Nicole asked, suddenly looking quite vulnerable.

"Sure you can, let's crash, I don't know about you, but I'm shattered."

The Viagra was still in my bloodstream so I admit I fucked her once more in the missionary position, this time with our mouths locked together as we kissed passionately throughout. I think it's fair to say that Nicole, at least for the time being, was mine.

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