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Just a little something you can beat off to, if you happen to have a foot fetish.
This isn't exactly a story. It's something i wrote for my boyfriend who happens to have a foot fetish and he came quite a lot to it. So if you happen to have a foot fetish, enjoy!

Imagine this.
We're hanging out in your room, sitting on your bed, you offer to give me a foot massage and i accept it, i take off my socks, now both my feet are out, they have a really nice tan, and my shiney hot bright pink nail polish looks really well with them and matches the tan perfectly.

You start massaging my right foot, my left one is slightly bent with my knee up as my foot is relaxed on the bed before your thighs. I move my leg and set it on yours as i start to slowly move them up to your lower thigh above your knee. I start massaging it with my foot. You're still massaging the other one. I move my foot higher up your thigh and now my foot is set right on your inner thigh less than an inch away from your crotch.

I start moving my foot up and down and go in little circles teasing you as i massage your inner thigh. Then i move my foot to your crotch. Slowly and gently barely pressed against it. I start pressing against it with my toes and teasing is. Then now my whole foot is pressed right on your crotch. Im moving it up and down massaging your crotch. Im going side ways. Im going in circles. You're still massaging my other foot with both hands, as im massaging your crotch with my foot. Im pressing against it hard as im exploring it with my foot.

Im slowly feeling around your dick. Its starting to get hard. Im tracing it with my toes. Tracing the shape of it, the size of it, and im focused on it. Then i try to squeeze a little with my foot on it. I get up from my position, remove your hands from my foot as i hold them each with one hand and set them on the bed as i slowly kiss you on the lips. Then i move back and i start feeling up and down your crotch with my hand. Im squeezing it now. Squeezing it right on your big hard dick. You're starting to breath heavily. I slowly unzip your jeans pants as i let your dick go free in the air. Damn you're hard as fuck. Boner much. I grab it and start to slowly stroke it up and down. Then i set it free. I go and lay back down in the same position i was in before. And with one foot, i start moving up your other thigh slowly untill im back to your crotch but this time im touching your bare naked dick with my foot. Im pressing against it hard now as i continue to massage it.

Then with my other foot i grab it from the other side. Now its in between both my feet as i start to slowly stroke up and down as if i was using my hand. i start going faster and harder as i have a pretty good grip on it. Im jerking you off now. Jerking you off with both my feet. Going hard and fast. I stay towards the top focusing on the head. I can feel your pre cum. Its so warm. But i dont want you to cum yet. So i stop. I remove my feet from your dick and get up and start jerking it off with my hand spreading your pre cum all over. Then i lean over.

I give the head of your dick a little peck as i slowly let it enter my mouth. I start teasing it with my toung. I can feel you getting so horny wanting to cum but trying to stop yourself. So i put more of your dick inside my mouth and start sucking on it and teasing i with my toung ring.

You're pumping your hips up. You're mouth fucking me. I can feel the muscles of your dick beating. You're so close to cumming. So i suck harder and faster trying to fit as much of it as i could in my mouth. But here is the thing. I dont want you cumming yet. Not in my mouth. So i get up and start slowly undressing then i take off your shirt as you take your pants and boxer briefs of completely and now we're both naked. I get close to your body as we're both sitting on our knees at the end of your bed. I grab both your hands and put them on my ass as i kiss you. You're squeezing my ass super hard so Then i whisper in your ear "do you wanna fuck that?" And you nod. So i slowly turn around as i brush my hand against your cheek after giving you another peck and i slowly bend over then look back at you and wink, then i look back ahead of me.

You stare at my ass for a minute and grab your dick and start touching yourself and jerking off to the view. Then you slowly rub it up and down my ass inside my cheeks to the ending of my pussy. Trying to decide weather it should go in my ass or my pussy. Where do you want it to go?

You keep rubbing up and down then you focus on the area where my ass hole is . You're pressing against it and rubbing around it as im moaning and breathing really heavily. You finally go straight for the hole and start pushing your dick in. Im so tight and i want you to loosen up my ass hole. Im so wet too and so are you from all the pre cum.

You slowly enter me as i moan even louder and in the process of going fully in a loudly moan the words "oh my god!" At first you go really slow. In. Out. In. Out. Im so hot and wet and i wanna be fucked hard. I want you to fuck me like a slut. Fuck me hard, fuck me like you hate me.

I say those words out loud too. As you start pumping harder. And faster. So hard and so fast as im moaning and screaming your name. "Oh my god. Oh my god. Keep going." Im so out of breath. Youre so sweaty and hot. You feel like your about to cum. But you dont stop. You keep going. Hard and fast. Then you pull out, me still in the same position, face down ass up. And you look at my ass as you jerk yourself off so hard focusing on the head as you start feeling your loads shooting out of you and landing straight on my ass. You keep going and youre still cumming. All over my ass. And wow im loving it. The feels of your juicy warm cum on my ass.

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Very nice. Write more!

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Very nice. Write more!

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