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Again, I warn readers that this particular story contains violent sex, forced upon very young girls. If this is not to your liking, leave now. Please remember, it’s only story. The only truth in the whole series is my name, Don. In part one, I coerced Kathy, a 16 year-old with unusually big tits into my truck, took her to my home and raped her asshole. In Part 2, I kidnapped Kathy’s friend, Shelly, and raped her, too. I repeat, if stories like this are not to your liking, leave now.

Part Three

I sat at my computer doing more research on the families of Kathy and Sherry. I had peeked into the bedroom I had assigned them and found both of them asleep. The shit I put them through earlier had taken a toll on their little bodies… and traumatized their young minds.
I believe they expected me to take them home, once I got enough pleasure out of fucking their sixeen year old bodies. They didn’t know it was just the beginning… Leaving them in a locked bedroom, I got some much need rest, myself.

The noise woke me up. When I looked at the clock, it read 4:27am. Kathy and Sherry were pounding on the door of their bedroom, screaming for me to let them out. I opened the drawer on my nightstand and grabbed the little black instrument. Naked, I walked to their door and slipped the bolt back.
“Step back away from the door! I’m coming in and I want it quiet when I do!”

The door jerked out of my hand and Sherry tried to run past me. The stun gun knocked her pretty little ass to the carpet, her body wracking with spasms. Kathy stopped in her tracks, staring at her friend, “What’s wrong with her? What did you do?”

I touched the spark to her shoulder and she dropped like a turd from a tall moose.

Tying both of the helpless girls face down on the bed, I got the big tube of lube and started with Kathy. First one thumb, then two, shoving gel up her ass. She couldn’t speak up to protest, so I climbed aboard. As my cock rammed her shit hole, Sherry started regaining her senses. I reached over and began administering the lube to her ass, too.

“Oh, please, no!” she pleaded, “not my butt, please. You can have my coochie again, but not my butt, please.”

My hand came down and smacked her ass hard. Again, again, again… she was screaming for me to stop when I pulled out of Kathy and positioned Fat Boy against her pucker. On the third push, my cock head popped inside her sphincter. She screamed again. Two more hard shoves and I was embedded. Blood was mixing with the ‘slick’m’ as I pumped her relentlessly.
“You like getting your little ass fucked, girl? You like being treated like a fucking slave? You like what happens when you try to escape?” I slapped her ass cheeks with both hands, probably thirty, or more, times. Every time I hit her, her screams died down a little. Finally, she was just lying there, sobbing.

I shot my load into her bowels and untied her, “You get your ass in the bathroom and get that rubber water bag. Fill it nearly full with water and add a half bottle of peroxide. Give yourself an enema with it, several times if necessary. Get all that cum, blood and shit out of there… NOW!”

One thing was for sure, I wanted these girls for pleasure, but I didn’t want to deal with sickness or infections. When Sherry waddled her sore ass back into the room, I had her sit beside me on the bed while Kathy went to clean up. I put my arm around her and kissed her on the forehead and played with her mind a little, “Listen to me, sweetheart, there’s no way to escape from here. If you were to kill me, you would never get out of this house alive. Between the dogs and the booby traps, you would die in minutes.”
I squeezed her with both arms and told her, “You see… you and Kathy live here with me now. You belong to me. Your little bodies are here for one reason, only… for me to use anytime I want, anyway I want. I really hate hurting you, but if you don’t do what I want, you’ll know more pain than you ever thought possible.”

With that, I kissed her tears and pulled her lips to mine. On the third kiss, she got the idea and started to cooperate by kissing me back, swapping tongues and nipping at lips, “Now you have the right attitude, darlin’. You’ll learn to take my cock in all three of your holes. There will be some pain as you learn, but eventually, you’ll enjoy every minute. Now, I want you to surprise Kathy when she comes back. You lay on your back and I’ll have her straddle your head and lower her crotch to your mouth. I want you to eat her pussy until she cums. I’ll be eating your cunt at the same time… you do exactly what I say and you’ll love the orgasm you’re going to have.”

Everything went precisely as planned. At about 5:30am, Kathy’s young body began shuddering and her juices, literally, flowed into Sherry’s mouth. Sherry had some trouble dealing with the onslaught of liquid because of the ragged breathing, brought on by her own orgasm.

I pulled Kathy down onto the bed and placed her legs on my shoulders, slipped my cock into her tight wetness and popped her hymen. When I was buried to the hilt, I kissed the top of her head and told her she was going to become a woman. I instructed Sherry to lick my balls as while I was planting my seed into her friend. Kathy never whimpered once, as I pumped and filled her snatch with rope, after rope of cum.
Sherry kept her mouth and tongue working, lapping up thick liquid from my dick, nuts, and Kathy’s pussy.

I was pleased… That was the first time I actually realized what a sick bastard I could be.
“It’s still early, you two go back to bed and get a little more sleep. I’ll wake you when breakfast is ready.”

With no televisions or radios in the house, the girls had no idea that there was an intensive search going on for them. Between fucking, sucking, eating and sleeping, I continued to hold, cradle, kiss and love on them as much as possible.
Fortunately, both girls got their periods a week apart. I made them understand that, even while they were on the rag, their mouths, asses and tits were still available to my desires… and they fulfilled my desires completely.
After three weeks, they were becoming more comfortable with me; asking less about going home, and hugging me each morning at breakfast.

Although the girls were naked all the time, anyway, Sherry had begun doing a little extra teasing, smiling, pinching her nipples to make them hard, bending over in front of me and wiggling her ass. I even thought about pimping her out, but she was so young I was afraid somebody’s loose mouth would get my ass thrown in jail.

After four or five months, our home had settled into a routine. I would let the girls plan our sex schedule, as long as I reserved the right to approve or change the times or manner. Not a day went by without having my cock in both teenagers, somewhere. Kathy thought it was strange the first time I fucked her titties, but soon began looking forward to it.

The intensity of the search had died down after the first six weeks, or so, and I started taking one of them shopping with me… leaving the other one at home in order to have leverage, “If you even attempt to get away, I’ll kill her as soon as we get home, you understand?”
Kathy always seemed a little nervous, but Sherry held my hand most of the time and called me ‘Dad’.

Three years later, my job was transferred to another town about fifty miles away. I managed to take enough time to buy another home there, a few miles outside of town. Under the ruse of needing a storm shelter, I had a large underground bunker built, then added two more rooms on top of it. The hatch was hidden under a padded recliner.

My ‘daughters’ had learned how to get to my current home, so when it was time to move, I blindfolded them and slipped the padded cuffs on their wrists. I drove around for more than three hours before pulling into my drive, which was only forty-five minutes away from the previous address.

Black market birth control pills had kept them from pregnancy, but now, I began substituting aspirin. I wanted to impregnate them, both.
They couldn’t understand why I only wanted their pussies, lately. Both had cum many times during anal sex, and they wanted variety. Sure enough, my little swimmers had done their job. Kathy was the first to miss her period; Sherry missed hers two weeks later.

Both girls were ecstatic to begin blow jobs and butt fucking, again. To make it even better, Sherry’s jugs had finally grown big enough for me to slide my cock between them and push them over it. Her skinny little neck was flexible enough for her to lick the purple head with each thrust. ‘She has become my favorite,’ I thought, as my load blew… up and across her neck and chin.

“I have a big surprise for my baby girls,” I told them one morning at breakfast, “We’re all three going to the mall today. Wear the matching denim outfits I bought you, and your white boots and hats. Daddy’s girls are going to be the hottest pieces of ass in town today.”

The girls dressed as instructed. When I inspected them, I found panties. “Did I tell you to wear panties? Take ‘em off.”

Kathy quickly stepped out of hers, but my little exhibitionist, Sherry, had to wiggle and tease as she was taking hers off.

“Okay, you two, bend over that table. You’re going to town with cum dripping down your legs.”

Side by side they stood, two luscious young asses with beautiful, clam shaped cunts winking at me from their crotches. My cock eased into Kathy’s snatch first. After sliding back and forth for a few minutes, I switched to Sherry’s. I kept alternating until Sherry had a large orgasm. Then I stayed after Kathy’s pussy until she came, too.
My first three shots of cum blasted in Kathy’s canal, making their way toward her cervix.
I quickly withdrew and spent the last four spurts into Sherry’s hot little pussy.

Every male over the age of six noticed my girls as we strutted through the mall. Several necks craned downward, trying to catch a glimpse of bare ass or better. The girls would occasionally drop something and bend over to pick it up. More than once, I could spot a boy grab his crotch at the sight. Simultaneously, two men ran their hands down the front of their pants to adjust their cocks to a more comfortable position.

I had given Kathy plenty of money to cover their purchases, in order for myself not to be seen with them. I had told them to pick up some shoes at JC Penney last, and to be sure the old man measured their feet and brought the proper size.
I watched from behind a clearance rack as the poor bastard found himself dealing with two lovely exhibitionists and the hardest dick he’d had in the last twenty-five years.
Every time he’d go to the back to get another shoe box, my wards would go crazy snickering.
As he brought some matching boots and seated himself on the low stool, Sherry spoke up, “Sir, I mean no disrespect but, if your penis is uncomfortable, I’d be so happy to go with you to the back. My daddy says I’m the best cock sucker east of the Mississippi and I’d love to give you a blow job.

The old turd’s mouth dropped open and he grabbed his chest. It was more than his heart could take. Kathy screamed as he fell to the floor…

I watched the television report as two seventeen year old girls were being interviewed. The shoe clerk had died in front of them, and they stammered as they tried to explain who they were, what they were doing there, and why they were claiming to have kidnapped by a man named… daddy.

I had no choice at the time. I had to leave them to protect my own ass…

Did I mention they’re about to finish a new middle school down the road in Middleton?.....

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Nice story lol I liked the ending, it was funny lol I can't wait to read more by you :) and people don't complain about the rape and shit, don't like it, don't read it :) they have tags for a reason lol

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Q: How do you get a pedophile out of a tree?

A: Cut the rope.

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Are you serious man? Do everyone a favor, and rename the first chapter and make it a completely different story. Apparently you either had your nuts cut off or became a faggot between ch. 1 and 2. Everything after the first chapter is worthless horse shit. Maybe when you finish menstrating you will act like a man again and write a decent chapter.

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this has got to be illegal to write and read I feel terrible having stumble across it

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Nice story,I hope you get sicker with the girls from Middleton High.
Your last two escaped,remember?

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