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Harry and I work together, he’s in his late 40’s which is nearly twice my age (23) but he keeps himself in pretty good trim and is not bad looking for his age. He has a lovely pert arse that I’m often tempted to grab but daren’t as I don’t know how he’ll react.
We both have to attend meetings every couple of months which mean an overnight stay.

He’s a real gent when we’re away but at work he is often taking the piss out of me. Calling fat lump & stuff like that even though I’m pretty thin. People think I’m anorexic. I know I’m thin and I guess I’m a bit fanatical about my weight but then again what girl isn’t.

I’m often a bit cheeky with him and sometime purposefully flirtatious. But he has never reacted so I assumed he didn’t fancy me. I often ask him about his sex life. I know he’s not married (divorced) and I suspect he’s had a fling with at least one woman at work but he gives nothing away. I quite admire his discretion, all the blokes I know would be bragging about any woman they had.

On more than on occasion when we’ve been away I’ve got a bit tipsy and been tempted to kiss him, just to see what it’s like (he has a moustache) but never had the courage.

This last time, I had quite a bit too much to drink and by the time I got back to the hotel I was feeling decidedly queasy and unsteady on my feet. I knew I needed to throw up. I have an amazing ability to sober up almost instantly when I’ve chucked up.
Harry was a real gent, he helped me back to my room. As I couldn’t get the key in the lock, Harry took it and opened the door. I had no chance to say thanks as I dashed for the bathroom and got rid of the booze and sadly the remnants of what had been a lovely meal.. Oh god I hate being sick but felt much better after

I washed out my mouth and rinsed with mouthwash then went back into my bedroom. What a shock. Harry was still there. He was offering some sensible suggestions about drink water when I noticed my trousers I was wearing were wet and stained. I guess I marked them while kneeling over the bowl.
I was planning to wear them at the meeting next day and didn’t know what to do. Harry was his usual helpful self. He offered to try to clean them.
I when back into the bathroom to take them off. I was tipsy but no way out of control. I thought I’d have some fun. So I took off my trousers then walked back into the bedroom, in just in my panties (thank goodness I’d put clean one on before we went out)

Harry face was a picture. I could see he noticed, but said nothing. He took my trousers off me and went into the bathroom to try to clean them.
While he was doing my trousers, my phone rang. It was my boyfriend ringing to say goodnight. I had a difficult call, working hard to make sure I didn’t sound drunk. I think I got away with it. I was also nervous that Harry would come out while I was on the phone. As it happened he walked out of the bathroom just as I said my last goodnight and turned off the phone.

Harry put my trousers in the trouser press and assured me they would be dry by morning. I explained about the difficult call and he made some comment about if Craig could see me that he might be shocked.

Oh hell, I was tipsy away from home, and wanted to have some fun. I wasn’t sure how far I (or he) would go, but it would be exciting to see.
“Why would he be shocked” I asked “what’s wrong with me?” I got of the bed and did my best pose in front of the mirror making sure he could see my panties. Which is what he told me he meant. (Oh goody he noticed) I told him “it will have to be our secret”

I asked him what he thought and he made it clear he liked what he saw. That made be feel even more determined to see how far I could push him.

I asked why he was always mocking me at work then, calling me fat and stuff. He told me it was because he wasn’t sure how I would take it and that it might cause problems if he said nice things. Then he said one of the nicest things. “I’ve often want to hug you when your feeling down” he said. I was really taken with that.

I asked him to give me a hug and as usual he acted like the thoughtful person he is. Saying” I don’t want to take advantage of you in your condition” I assured him I was tipsy but in full control.

I stood in front of him, shaking in excitement as he put his arms round me and gave me a gentle but firm hug. Stroking my shoulders, I rested my head on his chest. Boy it felt good. I told him how it made me feel much better after being sick and that, helping me out. And I now knew I wanted more, but not sure how much or how he would respond. I had often wondered what he would be like to kiss being older and that as well as having a moustache. I’d kissed rough shaven boys before but not one with a lip of hair. So I thought why not?

I thanked him for helping me out and if he was a friend would he do something else for me.
He hesitated but agreed and I told him I wanted a kiss! He was clearly unsure so I just grabbed him.
First we just touched lips, and then I couldn’t help it. I pushed my tongue out, making it clear I wanted a proper snog.

After about a minute we broke for breath. I told him “you’re a dammed good kisser” and he complimented me.

I grabbed him again and we snogged more. This was much sexier his hands were all over my body as well as my arse. I was now feeling very horny and knew I would go all the way if he wanted to ,but how to make it clear what I wanted?
I decided just to go for it. I slipped a hand between us and rubbed the front of his trousers. Oh goody, I could feel he was semi hard. Blooming cheek, he blamed me for giving him a stiffie!
He was clearly not sure if I was teasing him, so I decided to make my intent clear.
I unzipped his trousers and pushed them down with his pants. His cock stood out like a flag pole. I was please to see it was just a nice size for me. I went out with a boy once who was enormous, it sounds like heaven, but he was so big, we never had proper sex, he was just too big.

I made it clear I knew what I was doing, I sat on the bed looking up at him. Aw bless he was trembling. I told him “I know what this needs” I gave his cock a kiss, and opening my mouth sucked him in.

Men are all the same, they think a woman is giving them pleasure, but they have it all wrong. I think it gives us such power. What a position to have a man in, his most precious organ in your mouth. Knowing he can do nothing otherwise you’ll damage him for life. I find it a real turn on, knowing I have him fully under my control and at the same time making him so excited.

I looked up at him as I sucked gently on his dick. He was rocking on his toes, almost fucking my mouth. After a couple of minutes I let go.
“You like” I asked? He made it plain he enjoyed it.
Shit I was horny now, I needed him inside me. I slipped under the covers and invited him in.

He still seemed a bit unsure, and I almost demanded he got into bed. Harry stripped off as I removed the rest of my clothes under the covers. I’ve always felt a bit self conscious about my body and wasn’t ready to fully expose myself so turned out the light as I watched him undress. I was pleasantly surprised with his body. Even at his age, He had a good shape, It was clear he looked after himself.

I’m only a size 6 and have really small boobs that I feel self-conscious about so I asked Harry not to laugh at them, assured me he wouldn’t.

We snuggled up together and snogged in almost complete darkness, just a glow from the street lights showing in the room, enough to see each others outline but not any great detail, thank goodness. His hands were all over me playing particular attention to my boobs. Whilst I’m very self-conscious about them, I love them being played with. He soon had my nipples feeling hard, then he threw back the covers and began kissing and sucking them tenderly. Oh it felt so good

I rubbed his cock and was desperate for him to use it. Oh my I needed him inside me. I was so turned on.

He told me he want to get me ready, I made it clear I was certainly that, but I was interested to see what he meant so just lay back and let him continue.
He was still sucking and licking my tits and I felt his hand slide gently down my stomach and slip between my legs which I willing opened slightly as I guessed where he was heading. (Phew I was glad I’d trimmed down there recently)

Shit, I was so worked up, my stomach was churning with anticipation. While I was eager for a fuck I wanted to let his experienced hands to what ever they wanted. After all, that was one of my intentions to see what experience has over youthful enthusiasm.

I felt a finger rub the entrance to my pussy then slip easily inside. I knew my pussy was soaking so he slipped it in effortlessly. I began moving my hips in time with his probing, almost fucking his finger but I needed more. I then felt what I could tell was a second finger probing my insides. Oh it felt good. His fingers were touching parts of me that only I knew were there. All the time he kept up the sucking of my nipples. Shit I must have been dripping with fanny juice.

I was really getting desperate for a fuck now. I really needed to feel his cock forcing its self inside me but he hadn’t finished.
With his fingers inside I could feel him rubbing my clitoris. My boy friend is not so good at this, but Harry seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He seemed to have magic fingers. In only a couple of minutes I could feel the warm tingle I have experience on those rare occasions I’ve masturbated. Oh fuck I was going to orgasm.
I grabbed his hand forcing it against me. Oh god I thought, whatever you doing don’t stop.
“Oh yes “I shouted rub faster oh yes just there ….” I fucked his hand as I cried out “oh yes oh yes…….. I’m coming.
I felt the tremor of pleasure pulse through my body, I felt dizzy with the feeling of a powerful orgasm

His hand moved from my now sensitive fanny and he stroked my thigh as I got my breath back
I told him “That was yummy. I admitted, it was the quickest and one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve had.

I was now even more desperate for a fuck. I reached out for Harry’s cock and was a bit disappointed to find it soft. “I think this needs attention” I told him. As it was dark, I threw off the covers and wriggled down the bed until I was over his groin. I teased him for a bit letting my long hair brush his thighs and thighs, then bending lower until my lips touched his cock. I knew what would make it into a real fucking tool. I opened my mouth and literally hoovered him in, Harry’s cock stiffened almost immediately.
I could feel Harry’s hand move my hair aside and guessed (correctly) that he was getting turned on by watching me so I gave him a show. Sliding my wet mouth up and down his shaft, flicking my tongue around the nob. Oh it felt good, I could see by the way he moved his hips he was enjoying every minute. He was laying back now as I worked on him. I moved my hair aside so he could see me and sort of winked at him.

After a while I felt him pulling me away so thought it was time. “We gonna fuck now”? I asked hopefully .
“In a bit” he told me and he said he wanted to repay me. I didn’t have clue what he meant. He slid off the bed and I was curious as to what he meant. He pulled me round so my legs were over the edge of the bed “what are you doing” I asked
As he spread my legs and knelt between them I guessed. I wasn’t particularly keen on oral sex (on me that is) I’ve had a few fumbled attempts, with rough chins pressed against my fanny for a few seconds so wasn’t to sure if I wanted Harry to do it now “Are going to….” Before I could finish he lifted and bent my legs and I could feel his warm breath on my thighs.

Knowing what he could do with his fingers I decided I would give him a chance. The first flick of his tongue told me this was going to be different.
I remember shouting “Go for it” then submitted to his expert tongue and mouth.
Fuck, I’d never experienced anything like it before. His tongue darting in and out, and then pressing against my clit. It was fan-bloody-tastic. I felt so weak he could do anything to me now. Somehow he had lifted my legs even higher and he was playing with my boobs and nipples as he worked on my pussy.
Oh it was good, sooooo good. I was moaning and groaning with delight, I was sure anyone in the next room could hear me but I just didn’t care. This was so good. It wasn’t long before I felt a familiar burning building up throughout my body, Harry seemed to sense it and worked even harder
Then I know I cried out………… “Oh fuck fuck fuck……” my body trembled as I came. Harry helped me back on the bed and lay with me as I recovered.

“That was fantastic “ I told him honestly. “ It was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. I told him “it was clear he was not a selfish lover”. I’d made the right decision when I resolved to have sex with him.

He hinted we were going to get to it now but that his cock needed a bit of attention.
With mock innocence I asked what I could do. He hinted that I’d done a good job before. I got into position and soon sucked him to a perfect erection.
After about a minute he pulled me off.
“I was enjoying that” I told him
“So was I” he replied.
He told me I’d nearly made him come. (Such power I have). As much as I like sucking cock, I’m not keen on having a boy come in my mouth. It’s happened with my boyfriend a couple of times when I've been too drunk or just got carried away and as much as I know he liked it, it’s not something I’d do willingly but at the moment it was so worked up, I think I could have willingly let Harry do it, but he had other ideas.

“Time to put it to its proper use” he told me.
I lay on my back and Harry positioned himself between my open legs. I felt the tip of his cock against my cunt then Oh bliss, he forced my pussy open and I welcomed him in. I could feel my cunt stretch to accommodate his hard cock, pushing deeper and deeper inside. I could feel the heat of his balls against the cheeks of my arse.
“I can feel you twitching inside me I told him
Then he said the nicest thing
“Do you know, I’ve dreamed of this moment” he said
“So, what do you think now it’s happened” I asked him
“Far better than any dream” he assured me

Now we began fucking for real, every time he pushed his cock inside, I could feel it all the way in, his balls slapping against my bum. We changed positions several times over the next 20 minutes or so, I loved it when he took me from behind. At one point he had me on my back with my knees almost touching my ears, it wasn’t particularly comfortable but by shit, his cock was so deep. I thought he was going to come out of my throat.

Another position I enjoyed was laying on our sides, he was sort of half under me, he sucked my nipples as he fucked then played with my clit at the same time. I was going crazy. I couldn’t believe it, I was ready to cum again. I’ve been lucky if I cum once with my boyfriend and this was going to be my 3rd!

He then suggested I ride for a bit so we changed positions again. I held his cock pointing the tip to my pussy then lowered myself slowly down his shaft. I can feel every inch of a cock in this position, it seems like its pushing up into my stomach.
It took me a minute or so to get a rhythm. Lifting gently then dropping quickly forcing his cock home then grinding my clit against his pubic bone. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the action. After a while I stopped taking pleasure from his throbbing cock deep within me.
I told him in all honesty that I had actually thought what it would be like fucking him being that much older and that this was the best sex I had had, without a doubt!

Oh bliss, he managed to suck my nipples which I told him really turned me on. He made it clear he didn’t mind they were on the small side.
He asked me what else turned me on, and I was a bit embarrassed to say but told him I really liked him sucking on my pussy.
He pulled me up the bed so I was kneeling over his head. Holding the bed head for support I lowered myself to his expert mouth. Shit, I ground against him as he sucked and licked me to yet another orgasm. I was sure I was just about done in but Harry wasn’t finished
He asked me to suck him hard again as he still wanted to fuck me. I really couldn’t refuse him anything in the state I was in.
I had him hard in seconds, I really put some effort into it. Just as I was getting into my stride he pulled me off. I thought I had hurt him or something but he informed me I was doing too good a job!

For all my reservations about having a boy come in my mouth, this was one time I didn’t care. I wanted to feel him and taste his cum as he had tasted mine. Shit I was so worked up he could have done anything to me, I smiled to myself as I remembered earlier how I thought I was in control.

He suggested a 69, I readily agreed and we got into position. He made it clear he would be able to hold out for long, I couldn’t wait!

I sucked and nibbled on his cock as he pushed his tongue deep into my fanny. Harry was trusting into my mouth and in probably only a minute or so I could feel his cock throbbing then it seemed to grow and jerk like crazy at which point I felt the first of several blasts as he came.

I tried to suck and swallow but knew I had dribbled a bit, but continued to suck as much cum as I could from his cock, swallowing all that I could.
Finally I let go and we disengaged and I moved back up the bed to snuggle. I was totally spent
“I really enjoyed that” I told him I must say you were yummy” Harry complimented my on my expertise. I told him it only seemed fair after all he had done for me, but now I was all done in.
We snuggled up and I was asleep in minutes dreaming of the most heavenly experience.

It was morning when I awoke. At first I wasn’t sure where I was. But could feel a pleasant sensation which I quickly realised was my nipples being sucked.
Harry was climbing over me, edging my legs apart clearly he was feeling horny.
“I thought last night would have been enough” I mumbled, still half asleep.

I then felt his cock pushing against my labia then he pressed against me. I was awake now as I allowed him to push his cock into my body. This was just lust he told me I made it clear I was willing. “Fuck me” I told him as I bent my knees to get him in deeper.

He was rubbing my nipples which was really turning me on and I could feel his hand on my bum and a finger probing my ring just teasing round the edges. Harry began thrusting harder and faster then grunted as he shot his load
I could feel every blast as he fired his sperm into my womb, my pussy throbbed and twitched in time with his own ejections my vaginal muscles contracting squeezing his cock as he lay there.
We finally disengaged and he told me how jealous of my boy friend. I assured him that whilst I loved Craig, he wasn't a match in the sex stakes.
We had to rush to get ready for the morning meeting which seemed to drag

On the train home Harry mentioned last night, I didn’t respond straight away and I thing he mistook this for me being uncomfortable. In really I was almost having another orgasm reminding myself of just how fantastic it had been and the new experiences I had gained.
I did say I felt a bit guilty. Harry made a point of stating the obvious as to how it would be our secret but my only thoughts were just how soon we could get together so I could feel his tongue probing my aching fanny………… oh yum yum yum

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