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Ally gets filled again.
Adam and Ally had been driving all day after having taken the ferry the night before and were exhausted. They had taken turns driving and when Adam was in the passenger's seat he would slide his hands up Ally's legs and slip them under her skirt and pull her panties to the side. He would slowly circle his fingers over her clit, which was already soaked at the painful amount of time it took for his hands to travel up her thighs. He would tease her again and again, rubbing her wet pussy until she was at the brink of climax and then he would plunge his fingers inside her, finger fucking her fast before returning to her clit. This turned her on so much throughout the duration of the trip that she'd been close to going off the road a few times.
When Adam would drive, Ally would take her time rubbing her fingers over his cock through his pants until she could feel it getting rock hard. She would undo the button and slowly unzip his fly until his huge cock sprung out and she would spit in her hands and jerk him off, getting faster and faster until it was time she put her mouth on it. She didn't mind if they were driving close to other cars, because she would purposefully lean forward out of her seat so her ass stuck in the air and take Adam's cock in her mouth, certain that the family driving next to them could see- certain that Mr. So and So in the next car was getting a hard on, much to the dismay of his wife. Ally would pick up the rhythm and wiggle her ass as she gagged on Adam's hard cock, bobbing her head up and down, hungry for his cum. A couple of times, she would reach down between her legs so that with one hand she could run her fingers along his long shaft while she sucked on the head of his cock, and with the other she would rub her clit. She liked it best when she felt his cock get even harder, the blood rushing to tell her that she was about to get a mouthful of hot cum, and she would make herself cum at the same time so that they shook together.
This back and forth went on for hours on their trip, making driving a lot more exciting. But they were relieved to finally find the tiny bed and breakfast they'd booked, and it was late and dark when they pulled into the parking lot. Ally went in to get the key to their room while Adam got the bags, and she hurried up the stairs to get a head start at undressing. She laid down in the king sized bed and started to unbutton her top so she would be only in her skirt and panties for when Adam arrived. Because she was an impatient little slut, she started fingering herself while she waited. As Adam walked in and saw her lying on her back with her legs spread, he could feel his cock harden and he threw the bags down in a hurry to get his shirt off. He crawled on top of her and pulled her panties off, ripping them on the way down, and plunged his fingers deep into her cunt and started finger fucking her relentlessly, making her moan and scream with pleasure.
They quickly pulled what was left of their clothes off and soon Ally was on her back, rubbing her soaking wet pussy while Adam held her face and fucked her throat violently. They realized that they were being loud but they didn't care, they wanted everyone to hear.
Adam kept facefucking Ally, moaning every time she took too much and it made her gag, when they heard a hard knock at the door. It startled her, but she went to answer it anyway without putting her clothes back on. When she opened the door to look out, a tall man with broad shoulders was standing there, staring at her naked tits and her wet cunt that was dripping cum down between her legs.
"I'm John and I'm staying across the hall, and I've been listening to you getting fucked and I was really hoping I could give you and your boyfriend a hand with that. Otherwise, I'll go back to my room and keep listening while I jack myself off." When he spoke, his deep voice went right through her in a way that scared her and turned her on at the same time, and she couldn't help but step to the side to let him in.
Ally crawled back onto the bed towards Adam, showing John her naked ass as he sat down in a chair behind her. She kissed Adam hard on the mouth and started to jerk him off, then moved her mouth to his cock and took his big, hard dick into her throat, spreading her legs but keeping her ass high in the air so John could get a good look. Adam's hands moved through her hair and gripped the back of her head, shoving as much of his cock into her mouth as she could take, while John took his own cock out of his pants and started to touch himself to what he was watching. He pulled his shirt and pants off and moved toward the bed, taking Ally's arms in his hands and forcing her to take even more of Adam's huge cock, more than she could handle, and began rubbing his dick on her ass.
Ally was fucking scared. She'd never done this before and having this man's hands on her ass, grabbing her tits, restraining her arms, was turning her on more than she expected it to.
John's hands yanked her legs apart further and quickly put two fingers inside of her, filling her cunt and violating her, picking up the speed and making her moan and hum on Adam's cock.
"You're such a little fucking whore, aren't you Ally?" She heard Adam say, and she felt John's fingers withdraw from her pussy and a massive cock hammer into her cunt from behind, ripping her apart and almost knocking the wind out of her. She wanted to cry it was stretching her cunt so badly, but she was still soaking wet and it felt good to be filled from both sides. Adam picked up the pace, bucking his hips and shoving his cock deeper and deeper, faster and faster down her throat, and she could feel the cum building in his shaft. He held the back of her head and pushed her down the complete length of his giant cock, choking her as he shot a huge load of cum deep into her throat as she was being ripped apart from behind.
Ally licked up every drop of cum and swallowed it down before finally coming up for air, gasping and panting as Adam repositioned himself so he was grabbing her tits and twisting her nipples in a way that made her moan from pain and pleasure and John took his cock out and threw her onto her back so her head hung off the side, eager to force his cock into her mouth so Adam could have a turn filling up her tight cunt. She quickly took John into her mouth, stretching to take only a couple of inches, while Adam watched and rubbed his cock so it was nice and hard again. He moved onto the bed and lifted Ally's ass and legs up as he slid the head of his big dick over her clit, teasing her just before he hammered into her while he used her hips for support.
With her mouth and her cunt filled with two big cocks, Ally could feel that her tight little pussy was just about to cum, and Adam reached down to rub her clit just as she exploded around his cock, spitting John out for a moment to scream out in pleasure. The two big men got even harder at the site of Ally's body shaking and John leaned forward to grab her tits and jack hammer into her mouth, shooting rope after rope of hot cum down her throat.
Watching Ally take another big load of cum in her mouth was too much for Adam, and he picked up the pace, shoving his cock as far as her little pussy could take it, making her yell out as he came for the second time, even harder than the first, loving that he was ripping her apart and filling her with hot cum again.
When John had steadied himself, he walked over to his clothes and put on his pants, leaned down to kiss Ally's overly fucked cunt, and walked out.
"Can we do that again soon?" Ally asked Adam and kissed him hard, as they tangled into each other and fell asleep.

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2013-07-19 14:07:29
The story would've been more fun if it'd been a little more detailed. Otherwise it was great.

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