Izzy and Mitch arrive at the party in full swing
Izzy and I joined the party walking in hand in hand. Diane, the one Izzy talked the most about during our dinner talks, came running up to her. saying in a frantic voice, "Izzy, I was wondering when you'd get here. This must be Mitch. Izzy told me so much about you.", extending her hand in greeting.

"Hi, Diane. Mitch and I just got done with dinner.", Izzy said, as I took Diane's hand.

"Diane, it's nice to finally meet you, 'chatty Kathy' here told me a lot about you, too!", and Izzy gives me an icy look.

"Yeah, know what you mean, Izzy does like to talk, but at least it's worth while talk, no bullshit.", Izzy smiles at Diane and nods her head in thanks. "Well, hey, Izzy, why don't you put those beers in the fridge, and I will introduce Mitch to the important people first."

"OK, but hold off on Tony until I get back. We ran into his dad on the way over, and I bet they both are sharing the same foul mood.", Izzy's distaste for them both coming through in waves.

"Will do, Izzy.", Izzy handing me a couple beers, and Diane pulls me away towards the pool, holding my hand with both of hers. To me she says, "Tony's over there," tilting her head to the right side of the pool, "so we'll start over here.", and she guides me to the left.

As I look around, I'm quite in shock at the Jones' home. It is built in the middle of the woods, and fit into the landscape. In four different levels, the house was in sections, surrounding the pool in a partial circle. The single level on the same plane as the pool deck appeared to be a game room, with two pool tables, and both in use. Along one wall there were a bunch of video games and pinball machines, with people gathered around playing. The other side of the room had two dartboards, each of them hosting several people engaged in a game.

Diane leads me over to a small group of six girls in bathing suits, each leaving little room for the imagination of the guys ogling them, all sitting in lounge chairs. Seeing them like this was just going to be another distraction to remembering their names. There was, I think, maybe a Tiffany, Britney, Sam, two Karen's, and a Jenny. Turns out that these girls, including Diane, were seven of the twelve girls on the cheerleading squad. That leaves five more to meet, already feeling my brain going into meltdown.

I'm guessing there were at least a hundred people here, maybe more. And it looks like Izzy knows them all, as she stops and chats with everyone on her way inside. I'm officially overwhelmed, and I know that everyone I meet tonight, I will most likely not remember their names, but at least I do remember faces.

Just as Diane tells the girls that we were moving on, I saw Izzy coming out of the game room with Elaine, and a very large bear of a man that I can only assume is the Coach. I catch Izzy's eye, and she waves at me, crooking her fingers at me, her hand next to her head. Elaine seems to smile at me when she sees me.

Diane leads me around to three more groups of people, and frankly I couldn't tell you any of their names. In one ear...

It was just after the third group, that Izzy, Elaine, and the bear caught up with us. "Hey, Mitch, can I introduce you to someone?" Then whispering loudly, hand cupped to her face, "Someone kind of important?", her sarcasm on full display.

"Well, Izzy, if you're gonna be that way about it.", giving back what she gave. "Hi, Mitch, I'm Coach Jones. You might have heard of me.", extending his hand.

"Hum, the name doesn't quite ring a bell. I don't think anyone has mentioned you.", offering both my sarcasm and my hand. "It's nice to finally meet you, Coach.", with an honest voice, as we shake hands firmly.

"Yup, he'll fit right in. You know, Mitch, everyone here thinks they're some fucking comedian. Glad to see that you aren't under the same delusions. Wouldn't want to have to clean your clock just after having met you."

"Thanks, I kind of like having my clock just the way it is.", I shot back.

"And of course, you remember Elaine.", Izzy said.

"Who could forget such a work of art?", leaning in to hug her.

"Well, I ain't no Moaning Lisa or anything like that, but thanks for the compliment, Mitch. It's good to see you again.", holding me firmly in her hug. "I hope you brought your swim trunks, we will be starting the swim suit competition portion of our party, soon. And from what Izzy says, Mitch just might win without much competition.", I feel my face go red, as I glance at a smiling Izzy.

"I think I could give him a run for his money.", says some random guy in a speedo.

"Now Elaine, how is it you keep forgetting Tony? We all know that no one can hold a candle to our own Italian Stallion.", Izzy chimes in. "Tony, Mitch. Mitch...", intentionally leaving a pregnant pause, throwing her hands in his direction, "...Tony!"

"Hey, Tony, where's the Brothers Goomba?", says the coach. "Ain't they here to get your back?"

"They're in playin' pool. Speakin' a which, Mitch, you's a pool player? You's up for a few games?", Tony says smugly.

"Sure, maybe later. I've been known to win a few games now and then. So, yeah, Tony, hope you can bring your 'A' game.", I stand my ground.

"OK, den, say 30 minutes?", he doesn't really wait for an answer, and walks away.

"Oh gawd.", Izzy groaned, with many others following suit. "Did you have to say that 'A' game thing? Now Tony won't let you live it down, unless of course you actually know how to play. Then it will be worse. Tony doesn't lose well.", kissing my cheek. I squeeze her hand.

Off over by the game room, in the next section of the house to the right, there is a stage that is raised from the level of the deck. There are several people with instruments tuning up. Looking over, it appears that it's a bluegrass band. Fiddle, Guitar, Dobro, Banjo, Mandolin, and Upright Bass. The musicians all seem to be about my age or younger.

"So, can I introduce you to my best friends?", Izzy asks while holding close to my arm.

"Sure, that would be great.", and on utter impulse I kissed her full on. Our lips sending sparks flying. This is our first public kiss, especially being in front of all of Izzy's friends, these people who were still strangers to me. She wraps her hand around my head.

Our kiss ends very organically, our eyes open to the first sight of each others eyes. We both share a smile. "Right this way, chevalier de mon coeur.", taking my hand, and leads me over to the edge of the deck where three girls are sitting.

"Mitch, this is Jenny, Lynn, and Ella." Izzy pulls over a couple of lawn chairs, and we sit.

"Hi, ladies, Izzy has told me about you all. But please forgive me, there's just so many people here to meet. It's gonna take some time for me to learn which names go with which faces.", thinking that it wasn't going to be hard to remember Jenny and Lynn, the story of them getting caught by Elaine has stuck with me. And now that I have faces to attach to the names, I won't forget. Ella also wouldn't be hard to remember, as she seemed to embody the whole sexy libraian look, only she doesn't quite seem to know it yet. Izzy says she is just exceptionally awkward, but once you get to know her, she's a great friend. "Give her time to come into her own.", is what Izzy later said.

The band finished tuning and started a cover of a Beatles tune, only with a bluegrass flavor.

"I've just seen a face, I can't forget the time or place that we just met.", the singer intones.

Izzy looks at me and smiles, "These guys are really good, and Jason on the dobro is absolutely amazing."

"Yeah, their OK, if you like this shit. Give me punk anytime.", Jenny offers. "Hey, Izzy, you still thinking about your birthday present? All three of us are gonna chip in, as part of your gift.", the other two looking at Izzy and nodding. It was only earlier that I found out her birthday was a couple weeks away. "Did Izzy tell you about what we are getting for her?", Jenny says as she looks at Izzy.

"No, I haven't told Mitch about the tat, yet."

"Really, a tattoo? What is it, and where you gonna put it?", looking at her as I say this.

"It's gonna be a rose, and it will be on my left shoulder.", as her right hand indicates the spot.

Jenny, I found, has a pretty dark sense of humor, something that Lynn seems to relish. Lynn is visibly smitten with Jen. I noticed they like to hold hands, and openly kiss each other. Jen has a number of tattoos on her body, in contrast to Lynn, who doesn't seem to have any. Another contrast, while they are both about the same height, Jen is a little thicker around the middle, with small breasts, and dyed pitch black hair. Lynn, on the other hand is thin, with large breasts, and dark reddish brown hair.

Ella, over the course of our talk, seemed to steal some glances at me, only to look away when our eyes connected. She is quite tall, she might even be taller than I am, but I can't tell with her sitting down. While she is wearing a bathing suit she is also wearing a long black camisole that extends to mid-thigh. While she is quite beautiful, her black framed glasses are what gives her that slutty librarian look. Her breasts, while not large, they are quite prominent.

It would appear that a volleyball game has broke out in the pool, and in looking around, everyone seems to be having a wonderful time. There's a bunch of people dancing over by the stage. I found both Elaine and the Coach standing and talking in their own separate groups. Izzy asks me if I was ready for another beer, and I told her I would go with her, as I needed to pee, too. We tell the girls that we would see them later, Jenny telling Izzy she'd save some "kush" for us, if we wanted any. It sort of gave me a thrill to hear Izzy say she looked forward to a little smoke. It sounds like Izzy is really a "bad" girl at heart.

As we walked away, Izzy told me that she was really trying to help Ella find a boyfriend, as she thinks it would really help her to open up, and be less of a wallflower. "I'm sure that the guy who can see through her shy, awkward nature, will find a beautiful jewel waiting to be admired." Izzy also told me that Ella is the best student with a 4.85 gpa, getting the .85 over the top because of her AP classes.

Izzy shows me the bathroom, and points to the cooler, "Meet you over there.", and kisses me fully. The bathroom here looks more like one you might see in a club more than a home. Guess they have a lot of parties.

As I leave, Tony passes me, "Choo still lookin' for dat pool game? I think we have an open slot, and can fit choo's in real quick. Or's you chicken out?", as Tony was breathing on me, I could smell the beer on him.

"Nope, no chickens in my roost, just let me get a beer, and I will meet you by the table." I meet Izzy and get a beer. She warns me not to lose, or to win.

"He's a sore loser, and an even worse winner. But by all means, have fun."

We flip for the break at his insistance. I lose the toss, and rack the balls. "So, what's the game?", I ask.

"Straight in, no slop, call's da pocket.", Tony says as he gives the balls a mighty thwap, scattering them pretty evenly over the table. Just as they all come to a rest, the thirteen ball falls. "Heh, looks like I'm da stripes.", and he goes on to run three more balls, the fifteen, twelve, and nine.

He leaves very little to shoot at, but the shot I see, if all goes well, might help break everything up. "Two ball, cross side.", and I slice the two into the rail, rebounding to it's destination on the opposite side of the table.

"Great shot, Mitch.", Izzy says while clapping. While I was happy about making the shot, I was even more happy that I broke up my cluster of balls surrounding the eight ball. This left me with more options than I started with. Six ball in the side, seven in the corner, five in the corner, one in the side.

Leaving me with the three and the four balls both in spots with no straight in shots. "Three ball back here." Tapping my intended pocket, and I lean over the table to make my shot. The green ball bounces off the rail, and finds it's way home to that pocket. I look at Tony, and he is visibly pissed.

I wasn't pleased where I left the cue ball, because it meant that my next shot might be a scratch, but if I do this right, I will have a straight in shot on the eight. I figure that a little downward strike on the cue would do the trick.

The Pool Gods must have been on my side, because I made the shot, and the cue stopped just an inch or so from the side pocket. There are several people who are cheering and clapping. I look at Izzy, she's clapping. Tony, and the 'Brother's Goomba' (as the Coach called them) just stood in a pack, Tony out in front, very little expression on their faces.

After sinking the eight, I walk over to Tony and say "Good game.", extending my hand. He ignores me.

"So, what choo say we make dis more... innerestin'.", Tony says.

"Sorry, Tony, I don't play for money."

"Who's talkin' about money? I'm willing to put up Diane. Choo win, you's can fuck her all night, but if I win, I get to fuck Izzy all night. I've heard she's pretty good in dat depahtment.", he says much to my amazement.

"Did you really fucking say what... Of course you did. You're Tony!", mocking him in how I say his name. "First off, Dude, I'm not sure where you get your information from, but I'll just assume you're full of it. And second, Tony, you're nuts. And third, you're fucking nuts." Putting my stick on the table, and walk over to Izzy. "Table's your's, Tony. I'm done for the night." I take Izzy's hand and start to walk away.

"What's da matter, sissy Mitchy, you's chickenin' out?", cackling like a chicken.

"No Tony, I'm not chicken. I just have a higher opinion of both Izzy and Diane than you do, something you can't seem to do despite having known them longer than I have. They're more than a bet, or a fuck-toy as you seem to think. Come on Izzy, let's go back out to the pool."

"Actually, Mitch, I think you should take that bet, Diane could use a boyfriend upgrade.", Izzy says much to my astonishment.

Angrily I say, "I agree that Diane could use an upgrade. But, if I lose?", calming my self, "Look, I just don't want his hands anywhere near you." Looking at Tony, "No, I'm not 'takin' dat' bet.", trying my best to mock how Tony might say it, and I grab Izzy's hand and lead her outside, Tony and the Goomba's all cackling like chickens. "Hey, is it just me? Or does anyone else hear the chicken choir singing?", said loudly as I leave the room.

Once we get outside, Izzy stops me, and kisses me. "Thank you, you handled Tony very well, and I'm sorry that I put you on the spot over taking the bet, I only meant to insult Tony. Do you forgive me?"

"You didn't do anything wrong. I'm just lousy at playing under the pressure of a bet, but more the thought of that slimey grease ball touching you...", and she stops me mid-sentence with her lips.

We stopped by the band and listened to the last songs of this set. Izzy even tried to dance a jig to one of the songs, but they were playing a bit too fast for her to keep up, I caught her before she hit the deck.

Before the night was over, I think I had met close to 60 people, knowing that I won't remember even a fraction of their names.

One guy that I will remember though is Rick. Someone else in my boat, he's new to this school, too. He's a senior and trying out for a line position on either or both offense and defense. From the size of him alone, he's almost as big as the Coach, I think this guy could stare down an entire line and not blink. One difference, though is his parents just got a divorce. His mom caught his dad messing with a secretary. She moved Rick and his three siblings here with the divorce settlement money. He doesn't know how big it was, but he knows it was a lot, his mom paid cash for their house. We talked for about 10 minutes, before I had to use the can again.

After the band finished their second set, just after midnight, the party started to thin out, maybe more than half the people had left. Most of those remaining were out around the pool, with some inside the game room, Tony and the Goomba's among them. Izzy told me that the band was planning on one more set, and asked me if I wanted to go for a swim. She took me in the house to get some swim trunks for me. Up the stairs into the section just left of the game room.

"This part of the house has all the kids bedrooms. Plus the entertainment room is downstairs. They have three kids, but they've moved away to college, their youngest, Chad, is a sophomore at State.", said Izzy. We walk to the end of the hall, and she opens the door, "This became my room when Sally, their oldest, moved off to college then got married last spring." She closed the door. Wrapping her arms around me, "And you know something else?", looking at me with doey eyes and an upturned corner of her mouth.

"No, what else could there be?", I asked in a playful tone.

"This is the first time I've had a boy in my room.", and she kisses me softly. Breaking the kiss, she leads me across the room, "And you know, this is my bed. It's where we're going to fuck later.", the way she elongated and softened the word 'fuck' almost caused my erect hidden cock to burst. She then kissed me once more.

The bedroom door swings open, "Well, looky what's goin' on here! It's our two lover-birds makin' kissy faces." I turn to see Tony and two of the five Goomba's standing just outside, and Tony steps just inside Izzy's room.

"Tony, you know you guys are not supposed to be in the house. So just leave, now.", Izzy says sternly.

"And what if I's don't wanna leave?"

I walk over to the door, "Look, Tony, you're drunk and Izzy asked you to leave. So, please, leave.", Izzy is now standing at my side.

"But choo are back here? Why can't we join your little party? It looked like you's were havin' some fun here. Why not invite us to have fun, too?"

"Good god, Tony, you're an idiot.", Izzy says. Tony then raises his hand to hit Izzy, but I'm able to grab him before he strikes, then spin him around and pushed him against the door jamb and into a corner in the wall. I then close the door making sure the knob hits him squarely in the back.

"Izzy asked you nicely to leave.", as I leaned hard into the door. "I would suggest that you not only leave the house, but also the party. You're too wasted to handle yourself. So, what's it gonna be?"

"Alright, already, I'll leave." I opened the door to release Tony.

He turns to face me, sticking his finger in my face, "Not by a long shot, dis ain't over. Sometime, someplace, I'm gonna finish dis."

"Yeah, whatever.", and I slam the door in his face. Tony slapped the door as the latch closed.

"Something tells me that Tony will still be here when we get back out to the pool.", I said while taking her hand.

"I'll say something to John when we get back out. I'm sure he won't put up with him. Tony is pretty drunk, and I'm sure the Goomba's are, as well. One of 'em seemed that the wall was holding him up.", Izzy said. She then turns to her dresser and grabs the trunks, her bathing suit, and some towels.

We get back outside, and yes Tony is still here, but it would appear that only the two Goomba's that were at the room remained. Izzy stops over for a word with the Coach. When Izzy finishes, the Coach leaves for the game room.

Taking me by the hand, she leads me to the small changing room just under the main section of the house. She opens the door for me. "I insist, ladies first."

"Don't be a fool, we're going in together.", Izzy says as she steps in, again holding the door for me. I self-consciencely follow her in, wondering who might see us go in together.

Izzy latches the door and the lights come on. I immediately try to kiss her, thinking that is part of the thrill. But, she instantly points to the sign on the wall. It reads: "Première règle: Pas de sexage dans cette salle. C'est trop salissant, et il prend trop de temps. Deuxième règle: Ne parlez pas de la première règle à l'extérieur de cette salle. Si vous ne lisez pas français, lire les petits caractères ci-dessous, il est en anglais."

"OK," I said slowly, "I don't read what appears to be French. What's it say?", and Izzy just points to the bottom.

It reads: "First rule: No sexing in this room. It's too messy, and it takes too long. Second rule: Do not talk about the first rule outside this room. If you do not read French, read the fine print below, it is in English."

"Ha, ha, it is to laugh.", as I turn to notice a nude Izzy standing just inches away.

Whispering, "You better hurry, once I'm done, I'm walking out the door whether you're done or not." I quicky kick off my shoes, drop my pants and drawers in one motion, then step into my trunks. Izzy seems to have finished changing, gathered all her things, and was waiting for me. "Take off the rest of your things, I don't want people to think I've a moron for a boyfriend.", smirking from ear to ear.

"Just so you know, it's doofus. I'm not a moron, I'm a doofus.", I said.

"I'll try to remember that.", as the light goes out and the door swings open. Entering back into the outside world, it feels kind of good that a few people looked as we came out together. "Over here, there's a couple of free chairs.", and Izzy drops her things on one, and I on the other.

"So, hey...", tapping me on the shoulder. As I turn and face her, she wraps her long arms around my neck. "You know, I'm really happy that you came here."

"Yeah, I'm having fun tonight.", I said looking back into her eyes.

"I don't mean just tonight, I mean you being here in Janaeville. You wouldn't believe it, but so many people tonight have told me how happy I seem to be with you.", she's making me blush and choke up a little. "There are a lot of people here in this town that are too quick to judge, and with how I was raised, it was probably just fate that destined me to fall for someone so new to this place. Someone willing to at least get to know me for who I am and who I want to be, before they expect something from me."

I take Izzy in my arms, kiss her while lifting her off the ground, her feet wrapping my hips just moments after them leaving the ground. I slowly walk to the pool, and with our lips still engaged, jump into the water. As we surface for air, we wipe the water from our faces, and laugh at each other. She gives me a quick peck before diving off in the other direction. I swim after her to the other side of the pool.

I come up out of the water just behind Izzy, wrap my arms around her waist. She seems a little distracted. "What you looking at?"

"Over there.", pointing a hesitant finger over in the direction of her friends. It looks like Rick is talking with Ella. He's sitting on the deck next to her, looking up at her. "She looks a little infatuated. This is good, really good."

"Yeah, I talked with Rick for a little bit. Seems like a good guy.", I whisper in her ear from behind her.

"I talked to Rick, too. He asked me if I knew Ella. He told me he thought she was an angel, he does seem to be a romantic. I did warn him about her intense shyness, and told him to go slower than he would with other girls." It was just then that Ella playfully slapped Rick, a smile on her face, her hand lingering a little on his face. "Well, that's a good sign, I think she's smitten."

Izzy turned around, put her arms over my shoulders, and just stares at me. A smile grows on her face, which causes me to smile. It was then she took a deep breath, and dropped into the water. I felt her tug at my trunks, pulling them down, then I felt my cock enveloped by her warm mouth. At one and the same moment, it felt wonderful doing this with so many others around, and I felt embarrassed to think we might get caught.

Izzy was down there for quite some time. When she finally did come up, she was gasping for air. I wrapped my arms around her to hold her above water, and when she finished gasping, she kissed me. % pulled my trunks up and we swam and played for the rest of the bands set, about 30 minutes.

"You getting sleepy?", I asked, twitching my eyebrows. And with that, she raises her arms and yawns. Her arms came back down over my shoulders.

"Now that you mention it, yes, I could use some shut eye.", and kisses me on the nose. She instantly drops into the water, then pushes off the wall. When she surfaces, "Last one out is the last to cum." Naw, I don't think anyone who heard that would understand.

"Hey, no fair.", swimming as fast as I could. I catch up to her, but she still beats me out. We grab our towels and dry ourselves off.

We walked over to her friends to say goodnight. They were planning on staying the night here by the pool. Izzy leaned down to talk to Jen, then Jen handed something to Izzy.

As we walked over to get our clothes, I inquired, "What'd she give you?"

"I'll show you upstairs.", grabbing our clothes, and my hand to pull me with her. I gladly follow. We said goodnight to a few other people, making sure to talk with Elaine and the Coach.

She closed the door just behind us, and flipped the latch. Dumped her clothes in the corner. The look on her face was intensely happy, as she forcefully grabbed and tossed my clothes on the floor in the pile with hers. "So, does prince charming like mary jane?"

"I don't know her.", with snide overtones.

"Well then let me introduce you.", as she bends behind her desk. My eyes and my hand are drawn to her ass. I walk up behind her and glide my hand smoothly in her valley. She jumps a bit, but then braces herself against her desk and holds firm to my hands, eliciting a sigh.

With a slow hand, I rub my fingers further down, and pushing deeper into her. The dark sighs convincing me that she's enjoying my contact. She spreads her cheeks, reaching back with her free hand.

Pulling her bottoms a little to the side, I come in contact with her back door. I never even thought about touching anyone's asshole like this, but considering that Izzy seems to be enjoying this, I pressed with my finger more firmly. Izzy's body shivers as her moans are more insistent.

She suddenly lays on the desk, her arm fumbling for the drawer across the desk, next to the bed. Fishing around for something, then hands me a tube. "Here, use some of this." In looking at the label, the only things left of it reads "Gel", and in the lower corner "edibl" with the final "e" ripped away. The tube seems about half full. I hold it to my nose, and inhale.

"I love your choice of flavor. Strawberry is my favorite.", and I applied some to my finger. Starting where her legs meet, I run my finger upward into her valley. She jumps a bit.

"Oh that's cold." I didn't realize that it was, but hey it's her ass she's letting me play with, and I was liking the fact that she liked me doing this.

"Sorry, it'll warm up." I stopped long enough to remove her bottoms. The sight of her top covering more than just her breasts was a nice contrast to her naked ass and pussy. With her head on the desk, turned to the right, I admire her beauty.

Returning my hands to her ass, she's spread her legs further apart and I can see her parted pussy lips. My finger takes it's place at her back door, pressing firmly, but not forcefully. In making circles around her rosebud, I can feel her hips begin to swivel. I don't know why I did this, but I was pushing her button as if it were a doorbell. "Oh, I like that, keep doing that.", releasing her breadth as if she were a deflating balloon expelling it's air.

The more I ring her bell, the more her ass gyrates. After several minutes with my finger pressed flatly against her, I point my finger into her button. I guess it was well lubed because her sphincter spread allowing the tip of my finger to slide in up to the first knuckle.

"Oh my gawd.", she bellows. Her ass swaying as my finger dangled from her ass. I push in just a bit further, more of my finger disappearing into her. She's now pushing her ass into my hand, and I'm now inside up to the second knuckle.

"Fuck this feels great. Push in as far as you can. Ah, fuck, I like your finger up my butt.", in addition to swiveling her ass, she is rocking her body on the desk, causing my finger to fuck her ass.

Moving my hand in slow motion, removing my finger, only to reinsert it before it falls out completely. Pointing the palm of my hand to the floor, I wiggle my finger deep in her bowels, and her hips sway even more. After several minutes, her arm reaches into her drawer again, this time she produces a white dildo.

Panting, "Bob, this is Mitch. Mitch, this is Bob. I like it when Bob plays hide and seek in my cunt, would you do the honors, I can't seem to reach at this particular moment." Hearing her say 'cunt' throws another log onto my bonfire, and I gladly guide Bob to her desires.

Once Bob is hiding, she takes him from me with her other hand, and strokes him in and out of her pussy. "Fuck my ass with your finger, Mitch, gawd this is too much."

After several minutes of my poking and prodding her ass, I look at a picture on the shelf. It's Izzy with another older woman, I assume it is her mother. Such a strange thought to have with my finger embedded in her daughters ass. But it startles me even more when I see someone reflected in the mirrored picture frame.

It was Elaine, and it appears she is standing just outside the door watching us. Izzy is completely oblivious to our guest, continuing to fuck herself with Bob. I didn't really notice that I had stopped my hand until, "Mitch, please don't stop, I'm so fucking close." It dawned on me that Elaine was enjoying watching us, so I figured that I should at least give her something to watch.

My focus returns to Izzy, and in watching my finger impale her ass, I drop my mouth down and my tongue flicks at her filled hole. She suddenly clamps her asshole around my finger.

"Jesus, fuck, Mitch, are you licking my ass?", her hand stopping Bob in his tracks.

"Uh-ha.", pulling back a moment, "did you eat some strawberries today.", she laughs and sighs all at once.

"Please keep doing that." We both return to her pleasures, my tongue dancing over her ass, my finger thrusting in and out.

Her body begins to shake and rattle. Bob is thrusting faster and deeper, and she rises onto her toes. "Ah, shit...", and she releases her orgasm, her sphincter contracting around my finger with each subsequent release. I hear Izzy breathing, almost panting, seeming to try and catch her breath. Over my shoulder I hear a quiet quick click of a locking door. It makes me smile to think Elaine just watched Izzy cum, masturbating, with my finger in her ass. I don't think I will tell Izzy, but I will mention it to Elaine in the morning.

"You can take your finger out of my ass?", looking at me over her shoulder.

"I kind of like it there.", I tease, giving it a few twists inside her.

"Well then, it won't bother you that I stand and break it off.", and she slowly gets up, my finger naturally gliding out as she ascends. "Gawd, even this feels wonderful." As my finger exits her completely, she shivers once more.

"Thank you, lover.", she says while her lips are pressed to mine. Her arms have completely surrounded my head, while she sucked the life from my lips and tongue. Breaking away, "Follow me!" Taking my hand, walking to the door, unlocking it, she looks out and hesitates for a moment. "Come on.", pulling me in tow.

She closes the door and locks it once we were in the bathroom. Taking me in her arms, she kisses me once more. "You wanna clean up the mess you made?"

I hold my finger in front of my lips. Taking her hands, I place them on the sink. I unfasten the clip holding her top, and let it fall to the floor. I step out of my trunks, my cock not fully erect, but stands at the ready. Starting at the bottom, I glide my cockhead into her valley, the remaining lube doing its job. She inhales abruptly. "Mitch, please no, I'm not ready for your cock in my ass."

"I won't, but is my doing this uncomfortable? I can stop if you want. I just love how my cock sliding between your cheeks feels.", I whispered.

"This does feel nice.", the look on her reflected face smiling at me fills me with a warm feeling. I stroke the head between her cheeks several more times. I close the gap between the two of us, then proceed to thrust my cock in her valley. I continue for several minutes, all the while our eyes locked in each others gaze in the mirror.

I get down behind her, her beautiful butt in my face. I spread her cheeks, and lick between her cheeks, the first contact with her rosebud causing her to whince. "God, Mitch, can I keep your tongue?" Reaching behind her, she pulls my head into her, my tongue poking at her asshole.

After a few minutes, she pulls me away, "For as good as this feels, I want you in my bed, fucking me," her hands find the sides of my head, "fucking me good." And presses her lips again to mine.

She pulls me into the shower, and turns on the water, "Come help me rinse off." She grabs some soap, squeezing some into my hands, and lathers up her ass. The sight of her hand between her checks, with her turning to watch herself is quite erotic. I wash my hands, face, and my cock to get rid of the remnents of the lube.

"I'd love to watch you masturbate sometime. I bet you'd put on a good show. How did Mick say it...", quietly singing in mock Mick, "'You'd make a dead man cum'?", and she laughs.

"You weren't even alive when that song was written. How do you know it?", she asks.

In dead-pan, "Parents. Mega Stones fans. Seen them twelve times, three times before I was born, nine times since. Have all their records on both LP and CD."

"Oh, OK. They should meet Elaine and the Coach." Izzy rinses herself off, and I grab her once more and bury my face between her cheeks. "God, have I created an ass monster, or what?"

Looking up at her, "I've never even thought of doing something like this before 30 minutes ago. I'm absolutely hooked.", and give her asshole one last penetrating lingering lick almost trying to push inside her.

We return to her room naked. She reaches behind her desk again, and my hand falls on her ass. "Oh, no you don't.", swatting at me with her hand, and swinging her ass away from me. "I want to smoke some pot."

Standing, she holds up a small bong and a small bag. She spreads a blanket on the floor and we sit down. We talked a bit about our experiences with pot. I've only smoked maybe five times, and one brownie. I told her that I liked the brownie the best. She said last summer, a guy friend of hers got her stoned every day for the two and a half months of summer break, several times doing a wake-&-bake, which she said ruined the whole day. But she does like smoking before bed.

She fired up the first bowl, took a hit, and handed it to me. As I never smoked from a bong before, when I didn't cover the carburator, she snickers and asks, "You've never used a bong before have you? Here, cover this hole, breath in on the mouth piece, release the hole, and clear the chamber." I try my best, but when I breath in the smoke, I think I turned fifteen shades of red. Only able to hold it in for about ten seconds before coughing my lungs out. She laughs and warns me not to fill the chamber so full next time. When we finish, I'm pretty happy, and the sight of her leaning back against the bed, her pussy exposed between her spread legs has my cock hard.

I kneel in front of her, lifting each knee so her feet are flat on the floor. Upon getting her second leg in place, she laughed as she let the first leg fall, so I pick it up again. She smiles at me.

With both legs arched, I lay in front of her, wrap my arms around her ass, then begin to tease her with kisses on the insides of her thighs, occasionally biting her muscle. Moving slowly towards my target, I pull her pussy closer to my mouth, but it is still out of reach. Again, I return to kissing, licking, and sucking on the intimate interior portions of her long legs. I feel her hands stroking and caressing, her fingers gently tugging on my hair. Once more, I pull her to me, only this time our lips meet.

Her fragrance is fascinating, her taste tantillizing on my tongue. Lightly, I pass the tip between her labia. Her breath comes in sudden starts and stops. As I reach her apex, I spin my tongue round her clit. I kiss the tip of her clit, then suck her gently into my mouth.

Having her like this, I flick the tip with my tongue, and suck more firmly. Her other hand has joined it's partner holding my head to her. I release her from my mouth, and again descend to her depths.

I force my tongue inside her, and use my head to slide my tongue up and down the inside walls of her vagina. Randomly, I would take her clit between my lips, sucking gently while running my tongue around it. It seemed it was during those moment of her clit being in my mouth, that she would hold my head tighter to herself.

I was preoccupied with my tongue licking between her folds, when I hear "Mitch, lay on your back, I want to stroke you."

I rolled over, as Izzy got to her knees. Our eyes meet, savoring each others lustful gaze. She walked on her knees, to position her pussy over my mouth. While my mouth was possessed by her cunt, I also felt her take both of my hands and turned them palms to her breasts, pressing them with her own.

Without the use of my hands, she had full control over how she possessed my mouth. While it was mostly her hips that moved, occasionally she would sit down more and prevent me from breathing. Those moments didn't last long, though, and I was breathing in oxygen along with her sweet musk.

I drove my tongue as deep inside her as I could, which seemed to elicit a twitch throughout her body, and she once again smothers me. This time she lingered longer than before, "Oh... Gawd...", I could feel my mouth fill with her juices, accompanied by trembling shakes in her body. "Mitch... I'm... cumming!"

She finally allowed air back into my lungs, but that only came after I swallowed what she drained into my mouth. She rolled off of me, and I needed my moment in the sun.

I got up from floor and picked her up. "Mitch, what are you doing?"

"Just get up on your bed.", she obeyed quite readily. I had her lay her torso over the bed, leaving her knees on the floor. "You're going to have to help guide me in for this landing.", she laughed at my silly metaphor, but pushed up on one arm, put her other hand between her legs, as I got in behind her.

The feel of her warmth wrapping me as I slowly pushed deeper was something to savor. As I reach my maximum depth, I held still for a moment. Every few moments, her pussy would contract around my penis, giving me added pleasures. Lifting her head and turning back at me, "Can you feel that, Mitch?"

"Are you doing that? Or is that involuntary?", hoping we were talking about the same thing. She contracted again, only this time she wasn't letting go. "I'm guessing that you're doing that then."

Her head laying back in the sheets, she nodded while saying in a muffled voice, "Do you like it?"

Who the fuck in their right mind would say no. "Uh-huh!", and I slowly started to pull out of her, and she released her grip, causing a sensation that resulted in my whole body to shake.

As my hips motions became more confident, I could hear her moans become louder. "Gawd, Mitch, where did you learn to fuck."

"Just like your dancing...", and in my cocky reply, my cock falls from her pussy.

"What's this about my dancing?", she teases.

"Here,", and I get up, "get on your side on the bed.", helping her up. She lays diagonally on her bed. I take hold of her top leg, "Bend your leg up." I straddle her bottom leg, and walk on my knees to position my cock to her pussy. Once I touch my head to her lips, I finish walking on my knees to penetrate her.

"And just where does a seventeen year old boy learn to fuck like this?", she asks with her head propped up on her hand.

"Parents. They're sex freaks. They have books that I would borrow. This position always looked like fun. Just never found the right girl to try it with.", I said.

"And then you met Isadore Johansson.", she smiles at me. "You know there, for a second there I thought you were going to say you watched your parents fuck."

I lifted her top leg and cradled it over my arm, and moved my knees up one last time. She gasped as my thrust pushed deeper into her. "Nope, never saw my parents fuck, but I have heard them on several occasions. Let's just say they like each other a lot."

I start fucking Izzy by moving my hips sideways. "Oh, jeez, this feels great." I feel her contract around me again.

"Did you do that?"

"No, that one was not me.", and it happens again, "but that one was." her head still propped on her hand, she smiles.

I start thrusting in and out of her about once a second. Her head falls off her hand with her arm pointing in a straight line with her body. "Gawd, Mitch, this is just amazing." I'm now hugging her leg to me for some stability.

The sight of Izzy pinned below me, clutching at her breast, pinching her nipple. With each inward thrust of my hips, her body shakes with the force of my impact.

I wasn't sure just how long I might hold out, when I felt Izzy's hand touch my leg. Her hand moved down, and the only thought that came to my mind was she was now playing with her clit. Her breasts were rising and falling with her breath, only to then shake as our bodies came in contact.

Her fingers were now hitting my leg at a furious pace as she frigged herself. I was feeling as if I were close to my own orgasm, when she suddenly began convulsing under me. Her cunt had contracted around my cock, causing it to burst forth, filling her with my seed.

Our two bodies shook in unison for what seemed like an eternity, but was only a minute or so. Upon opening our eyes, we caught each others glance, and smiled. Upon extracting myself from our position, Izzy elicited a few sighs. She lifted her leg for me as I laid to the front of her.

She looked at me, my head on the pillow next to her. She touched my cheek, and tentatively kissed my lips. "Thank you for an amazing night. I think you made me cum three times... no, four times tonight." And her lips pressed mine more fully this time.

"Four times? I can only remember three.", I said quizically.

"The car! Mr. Diamonte!", she remind me.

"Oh... yeah.", upon realizing the missing orgasm.

We sat up, "Oh my god, it's 3:35, we should get to sleep." Izzy said, looking at the clock. She got up to straighten a few things, pick the blanket up, then she turned out the lights.

She laid next to me, with her back to me. My arms wrapped her, both our heads sharing the same pillow. I whispered into her ear, "Do you think maybe the next time... you sit on my face... could you not cut off my air for too long?"

She laughed, "Sorry." This was the best sleep I have ever had.

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