True Sex Story of my hardcore faggot sex life!!!
I had no clue as to what time it was as I staggered down the street, walking very girly and gay with just my super short, tight hip hugger shorts on. I pulled at my nipple piercings oblivious to my surroundings, I was so fucking stoned still after my gang rape session with my bruthas as a taxi cab pulled up beside me. I asked him how much to take me back to the Dewey House and I could tell from his eager, horny stare that I wouldn't be paying with cash!!

"Get in!" the cabbie instructed me. He was Indian or mid-east looking with a bit of an accent. I started to reach for the rear door and he stopped me, "No, no no!! You come sit up front!!" he said as he moved some papers from the front passenger seat. I obeyed his command and slipped into the passenger side and closed the door. He put up my window and pulled away from the curb.

I turned to him, sensing his desire within and asked, "So babe, what's it gonna cost me for you to take me back to the Dewey House??" As if I didn't already know! I caught him ever so slyly rubbing his crotch as he looked over at me. "You like to suck dick, yes?" he asked me. Without replying I leaned over and began to rub his crotch and his half hard cock sprang to life. He moaned a bit and drove down some side streets and started to unbutton his shorts. He lifted his ass up and I slid his shorts and underwear down to his knees and leaned over and buried my face in his crotch, slurping his cock into my mouth. He moaned more and put a hand on my head forcing my face down further onto his cock. "Suck it, yes, yes, good!!" he exclaimed as I sucked and pumped his shaft with my fist. His cock was much smaller, probably 6 inches or so at it's most erect, and I doubted I'd even feel it in my worn out asshole so that thought never even entered my mind, but apparently it did enter into his.

"Oh you hot little faggot!!" he said grinding his hips as I kept on slurping precum off the head of his cock. His right hand worked its way down to my ass and he slipped his hand inside and found my messy asshole. He shoved a finger in as I lifted my ass up a bit to make it easier for him to invade me. "Oh you have been very busy tonight it seems!" he stated feeling the cum still inside me. "Busy as I can be" I replied, "but there's always room for more!!"

The taxi came to a stop - I didn't recognize where we were, it was very dark out and no lights where we were parked. He slid over to the middle of the seat and pushed his shorts down to his ankles. I slipped out of my shorts and thong and straddled him as he stroked his cock. "You wanna fuck me baby??" I asked. "Yes, yes I would." he answered. I hovered over his lap and guided his cock to my still throbbing asshole and nuzzled the head up to my loose sphincter hole and slammed down onto his cock. He moaned loudly and seemed surprised by my easy insertion and grabbed my hips as I rode him fast, up and down. I held the back of the seat and bounced eagerly up and down onto his pole and within 6 or 7 minutes he blew a pretty good sized load of cum into my fag pussy. I slowly rode him until he went limp and pulled off him and sat back onto the seat and pulled up my thong and shorts. He was about to pull up his own shorts and underwear when I stopped him and told him to wait, and I sucked his cock clean. I didn't want to send him home with dirty underwear!!

After he dressed and pulled back onto the street I was hoping in my mind that he'd take me to my resort, and not dump me off somewhere like some guys had done to me over the years. They'd get what they wanted and bam! Off they'd go and I'd be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Fortunately he did as I asked and in a few minutes I was back to the Dewey House and thanking him for the "ride" and walked towards our suite. I had no idea what time it was or what kind of a hornet's nest I'd be walking into when my wife confronted me. I was still buzzing pretty hard and smelled obviously of sex.

I entered our suite and heard my wife in the bedroom. I heard sobbing and called out, "Honey.." waiting for a reply. Nothing. I entered the bedroom to find her sitting on the edge of the bed crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "I was so mad at you!!!" Oh great, I thought, here it comes!! "I thought it was wrong what we were talking about at the cafe, about going back to our old lifestyle. I thought of how bad I felt since that is what we'd done since we'd met, and was part of our attraction. I got scared that we'd be boring in bed by ourselves now if we stopped." I sat next to her, not too close though. I could smell cum in my crotch. "I thought of how much I missed us fucking other people really, but thought by being married, only fucking each other was the "right" thing to do." I chimed in, "Honey, plenty of married people swing and fuck other people." She nodded her head. "I know, I know." she was still sobbing and I couldn't quite understand why. "I'm sorry baby... I'm sorry." she said. What the fuck was she apologizing for??

"It's alright honey," I said putting an arm around her. She put her head on my shoulder. "No, I mean I did something that might make you mad." My heart jumped for a second, not sure what that might be. "When I was out tonight on the beach, I was mad at you." She wiped her nose with a tissue and looked at me. "I thought after an hour or so that if you wanted that lifestyle back, then fine! I'd show you! I met a guy on the beach and I fucked him!!" I was a bit startled at first but then I felt my cock start to harden at the thought. This is the woman I wanted back!!! I didn't say anything at first. She looked down and sobbed. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done it." I began to rub my crotch without really noticing and said, "Tell me about it." She noticed me touching myself and said, "You aren't mad?" "Hell no baby!! This is exactly what I wanted us to do again!!" I yelled out with glee.

She smiled a little and we sat back on the bed as she told me how she met this guy walking along the beach and they went back to his room at another hotel within our resort and had a couple of drinks and fucked. I was getting so turned on!! I knew I had to tell her about my adventure. After she was done with her story, I cleared my throat. "Well, seems like we both did the same thing tonight!!" I said with a tense grin. "What do you mean?" she asked. "I had sex tonight too." I said. She cocked her head and frowned, "You did? With who? Who is she?" "Uh, well it wasn't quite like that honey." "Tell me, I want to know." She said. "Actually.... it wasn't with a woman." She raised an eyebrow, "Really?!" a slight smile came to her lips. "That's great!!" She exclaimed, the smile now disappeared. Oh fuck! I thought, this is it!! "I'm here for over an hour crying my eyes out that I've cheated on you on our honeymoon while you're out riding some guys cock?!!!" I just smiled at her, "Yeah, pretty cool how we BOTH were out fucking huh??" I said, emphasizing that it wasn't just me. She hesitated, then said, "Wow, I guess we both were feeling the same about this after all, huh??" Then she asked me to tell her all about my gay sex. I warned her that it wasn't just a quick story. I told her about meeting my brutha friend at the convenience store, leaving out the fact that we'd met the night before, and how we went back to his place and to my surprise there was a room full of black men. After the initial surprise, she began to get into it and even asked questions about the size of their cocks. *** Ok to all my readers out there, perhaps the 12 and 13 inch estimates are a little liberal, but they were huge cocks none the less!!! I'm 7 inches and they were way bigger than me!!! *** So I told her all about it and how I got stoned and got lost on the streets and couldn't find my way back and how the only cab that would stop forced me to fuck him to take me back to our resort. By the time I was done, she almost felt sorry for me!!!

She got up and made us drinks and we lay on the bed and after a bit started to make out and before long we were both naked and I was going down on her. "Wait baby." She said, "I'd better shower first." Mmm, she must have her lovers cum still inside. "No way honey, I'll clean you up!" and I fingered her pussy and licked up a few trickles of cum some guy had just blown into my wife's pussy!! I was hard as a rock and she asked to 69 and I turned around and got on top and she sucked my cock and fingered my asshole. She remarked at my gaping hole and the cum still lingering and she licked her fingers after every few pumps into my fag hole. I turned to enter her and she had some cum from my ass on her fingers and lubed up my cock and guided it straight to her puffy cunt and I pounded her hard as I imagined this guy she'd been with fucked her.

I came inside her with total extasy -- we were back on our kinky path and I couldn't wait to see what kinky sex stuff we'd get into down here in Key West for the rest of our honeymoon!!!

To Be Continued....

Stay Tuned....

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2014-06-19 16:37:25
I could handle a wife like her. I'd eat black man cum and clean her up too.


2007-08-20 23:22:42
who the fuck is rudy? He don't know shit about black men or being fucked by them let alone writing about it! He's just a jealous faggot!! Wishing he was gettin all the cock in him!! Hey wake up fuck head rudy, this is a porn site, it ain't bein written for no fuckin Nobel prize you fucko!! get a life you pimp ass mutha fucka!!! You must be white you piece of shit!!


2007-01-17 01:35:07
fuck you rudystahrman and Good God! who the fuck are you to tell him how he should write, i dont see you writing anything that anyone would give a shit about. drop dead and burn in hell mother fuckers, i checked rudystahrman out and he's just a fucken 60 yr old racist pervert, and Good God sounds like your just pissed you havent gotten a little action for a while

p.s. nice story jeff, im a girl and even i enjoyed it


2005-08-19 18:52:13
i luved it! i wear thongs just like fag should.


2005-08-14 00:09:25
well, for one thing, i'm a lover of black cock, so your story so far has been fun for me, but the others are right, need more description, it would be better that way, and this wasn't my favorite part, i like the other two better, so i hope part 4 is better

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