Master takes his slave to Las Vegas for new experiences
Monday, 12 days later

It was almost two weeks later and Brenda kept daydreaming about Mistress J. She wondered if she would ever get a chance to see slavesuzi’s video. She really wanted to. Brenda was distracted from any thought of Mistress J when she received a text.

“Slave, we’re going to Las Vegas on Friday, returning on the Sunday afternoon. Meet me at the American Airlines ticket counter at 1000 AM sharp. I’ll tell you what you may bring on Thursday.”

The text made Brenda’s heart race. She had never gone away with Master before. All of their meetings had been nearby. Most were at the farmhouse, some were at hotels and other places where no one could see them. None of the meetings had lasted more than a few hours.

Three days and two nights with Master, what would that be like? Their meetings could be very intense. She flashed back to their meeting at the farm house, by far the most intense yet. Could she handle that for days at a time? She didn’t know the answer, but she wanted find out.

Friday was only 4 days away. Brenda called her sister, Wendy, to see if she could take care of the kids for the weekend. She tried to think up a story for Wendy when it dawned on her that keeping it simple was best.

“Bill and I are going to Las Vegas for the weekend. Can you take the kids?”

Wendy agreed immediately. Since the kids were out of school for the summer it really wasn't much of a problem for her to take care of them for a few days.

Brenda was excited about the trip. She and Bill had been to Vegas a few times but not since the kids were born, a long time. She started thinking about what she should wear when it occurred to her that she may not have a choice. Master wouldn't tell her until Thursday. Brenda made some mental notes of what she could wear on the trip to please Master.

Thursday Morning

“Slave, you may bring along whatever cosmetics, bath and personal items you wish. Dress comfortably in your normal clothes for the plane ride. You may bring nothing else.”

Brenda stared at the screen and read the text over and over. Was she going to have to wear the same outfit all weekend? She realized the message said her normal clothes were for the plane ride. Was she going to be nude the rest of the time? She knew better than to question Master. In the end she resigned herself, she was going to do whatever Master told her to do anyway. This would be the easiest trip to pack for she had ever been on.

Friday Morning

Everybody in the house was up early. Bill was up first, showering and getting breakfast for the kids. Brenda showered and made it downstairs about the same time the kids were done eating. Bill sent them back to their rooms to get dressed. Brenda was able to eat undisturbed while Bill finished getting the kids ready to go.

When Brenda finished eating Bill came back downstairs. He unexpectedly kissed her on the cheek and said, “I have to go. See you later,” and walked out.

Brenda was surprised but recovered quickly. She had to get dressed if she was going to get the kids to Wendy’s place and then make it to the airport on time.

Brenda decided ‘dress normally’ meant just that, so she started with her bra and panties. She flashed back to her meeting with Master at the farm house. She bought the bra and thong for that meeting on sale at Walmart. Knowing she was wearing them without permission she assumed they probably would not survive the day. Master had torn her panties off her before her but never cut them off with a knife.

Disobedient slaves really do have more fun, she thought whimsically. Brenda had to snap herself back from those thoughts. “Focus,” she said to herself.

She dressed in a skirt and tank-top. Finishing off the outfit with a loose, long-sleeved blouse she wore like a jacket. It was going to be hot in Vegas and this would be perfectly appropriate. She put on her favorite wedge high heel sandals. It occurred to her she wore the same shoes to the farm house.

I wonder if that's just a coincidence, she thought.

Brenda drove to Wendy’s house to drop off the kids. Wendy asked where Bill was. She told her something came up about a case and he had to stop by work this morning. They were short on time so he would meet her at the airport. After a quick goodbye, Brenda drove to off to meet her Master.

As usual at this time of day, traffic was a mess. Brenda kept checking her watch and fretting that she would be late. Finding a spot in long term parking was not difficult but it was a long walk to the terminal. She planned being 10 minutes early. Good thing because she arrived exactly at 10:00 to see her Master waiting.

“Hello Master,” Brenda said excitedly.

“Hello Slave.”

He smiled as he took her hand guiding her towards the check in counter. Brenda was elated, she had so been looking forward to taking this trip with her Master. She didn’t know what to expect. Her luggage consisted of a small bag that she planned to check because it contained her cosmetics and bath items. Since airport security was still obsessed with liquids she didn’t want the hassle of having it screened.

She was going away for the weekend without a change of clothing. Not knowing if she would be naked for two days weighed heavily on her mind. It led to some wild fantasies as well. Now they were finally on their way.

The one hour flight went smoothly. They looked like any other casually dressed couple on a weekend getaway. Brenda addressed him as Master, he addressed her as slave, but neither did it overtly. As far as Brenda could tell no one overheard. When the plane arrived in Las Vegas they walked into the terminal and Master pulled Brenda aside.

Reaching into his hand carry bag he took out a white plastic shopping bag and handed it to Brenda.

“This is your outfit for this afternoon, slave. Go in the ladies room and put it on. I’ll meet you at baggage claim.”

Brenda replied appropriately, “Yes Master”.

He turned and walked away without looking back. Brenda found a rest room. Going into an empty stall she closed and locked the door behind her.

Brenda opened the bag and looked inside. She took out a pale green sleeveless dress made of light synthetic material. Holding it up the first thing she thought was, What a pretty color. The second thing she thought was, There’s not much to it.

The bag was empty. Brenda knew right away that the straps on the bra she was wearing would not work with the dress.

Doesn’t matter, she thought. Any underwear she would be allowed to wear would be in the bag.

Brenda took off all her clothes, stepped into the dress and pulled it up over her hips. The sleeveless dress was snug around her waist and bust with a loose flowing skirt that was very short. The neckline was low, about one inch above her nipples. The dress had two spaghetti straps that went over each shoulder and crossed in the back. She put her other clothes into the plastic bag, stepped out of the stall and went to look at herself in the mirror.

Her first impression was the dress looked good on her but it was very reveling. She was showing a great deal of cleavage. The thin, fabric was skit tight. Brenda's tits and nipples were clearly outlined under the stretchy material. She smoothed down the sides of the loose skirt and turned around.

The dress covered about half of her back. The hem line was above mid thigh. She was more than a little apprehensive about wearing the dress in public but felt a little thrill as well. When she turned around and faced the mirror it looked like her nipples were a little more visible.

Brenda picked up her purse and the plastic bag that contained her clothing. When Brenda turned toward the door, she saw woman about her age dressed in slacks and a baggy blouse. The woman was looking at Brenda’s body. The woman suddenly looked up and made they made eye contact. The woman seemed to be embarrassed and quickly looked away.

Brenda had no way of knowing what the woman was thinking. She decided the woman wanted to look like her but didn’t have the nerve. This gave Brenda a big boost of confidence as she walked out of the rest room.

Brenda felt like she was walking above the clouds. She was going to meet her Master in one of the most exciting cities in the world. She walked with a purposeful gate, her head up, ignoring everyone around her. The brisk pace in her high heeled sandals made her tits bounce with each step. She knew the dress just barely covered her naked ass and cunt. The feeling thrilled her. She couldn’t wait for her Master to see her in the dress he selected for her.

The baggage claim area was mobbed. People were crowded everywhere. She looked for Master but couldn’t find him. Brenda started to get anxious, it felt like the crowd was closing in on her. Finally she saw him. He had picked up their luggage and was looking around, searching the crowd.

Brenda waved and started walking toward him but was held up by people who seemed moving in every direction. She watched as Master turned and started walking away from her.

Brenda felt a little panic and yelled, “Wait...”

She hesitated because she almost called out Master in the crowded airport.

Finally she yelled, “Bill!”

She felt better when she saw him stop and turn around. Brenda ran to him but stopped short when she saw the stern look on his face.

He stepped toward Brenda closing the distance between them.

“What did you say slave?”

Brenda stood frozen, her eyes wide, mouth open in a small O. For a moment she couldn’t speak.

“Mm…Master..I’m sorry…you were walking away, and…I was just trying to get your attention”

“You have my attention now slave,” he said slowly. “There are two ways for you to address me slave. Have you forgotten?”

Brenda held his gaze for a moment, then looked down. “No sir.”

“We’ll discuss this later.”

Brenda felt a little shiver run through her body. She knew what that meant.

He took the shopping bag from her hand and put it on his roller bag. Holding her by the elbow, he guided her toward the door and said, “Come slave.”

Brenda followed in silence. They walked out the door toward the taxi. Once outside, Brenda immediately felt the desert heat, and then the desert wind. A gust came through that blew her skirt up. She immediately used the palms of both hands to press it down against her thighs. Brenda felt Master’s grip on her elbow pull her up short.

“Let go of the skirt slave.”

In shocked disbelief Brenda said, “But Master…”

His grip tightened on her arm. Looking straight into her eyes he said, “Must I repeat myself slave?”

Brenda was shaken. She released the dress and held her hands a few inches away from her thighs. She could feel the skirt start to blow about in the wind but she didn’t touch it again.

“For the rest of this weekend you are forbidden from touching the hem of your skirt in public without permission. Is that understood slave?”

Brenda’s heart raced thinking of the implications. Finally in a small voice she replied, “Yes Sir.”

“Am I going to have to repeat myself on this point slave?” he asked in a threatening tone.

“No Sir,” Brenda replied quickly.

Master guided Brenda toward a cab waiting at the curb. The driver standing by the open rear door stared wide eyed at the approaching couple. Brenda felt her dress whipping about and the hot air flowing around her ass and cunt. By the look on the driver’s face she could tell she was completely exposed. Brenda’s humiliation couldn’t have been any worse.

The cab was an older model Lincoln Town Car which was typical for Las Vegas. The cab drivers wanted everyone to feel like a High Roller. High Rollers tip better. Master guided Brenda to the open door and she slid onto the seat as quickly as she could. Brenda’s dress rode up and over the top of her thighs. She could feel the worn leather seat on her bare ass. The driver watched her every move and continued to stare after she was seated.

Master distracted the driver by saying, “Hey.” Then gesturing toward the suitcases he added, “The luggage?”

The driver blinked and actually shook his head saying loudly, “Oh…yes sir. Right away.”

The driver promptly picked up the bags and placed them in the trunk. Master smiled to himself while he walked around the car getting in on the left side.

The driver got behind the wheel and looked in the mirror. “Where to sir?”

“Caesars Palace.”

“Oh, good choice sir, my favorite on the strip.” The driver tried to make some small talk which didn’t get a response from his passengers.

As they drove away from the airport, Brenda leaned over and said quietly,

“Master I’m so sorry. Back there at the airport, I’m trying to be good. Really”

He looked into her eyes and replied quietly, “Slave, stop trying so hard.”

He gently rested his hand on her bare thigh. Her legs were held tightly together and he could feel the tension in her muscles.

“Relax slave, we’re here to have a good time.”

Master gently stroked her inner thighs. Brenda started to relax her leg muscles. Then Master gently nudged her right thigh away from her left.

Brenda’s relaxed her body a little more when she felt her Master’s hand move up her inner thigh and gently touch the skin next to her cunt. He ran his fingers above her cunt and then down the other side. Brenda’s sighed and spread her legs a little more. He gently stroked his index and middle fingers up and down on either side of her slit.

Brenda looked up and saw the cab driver adjusting the rear view mirror trying to get a better look into the rear seat.

She heard her Master’s authoritative voice, “Why don’t you watch the road and maybe we’ll make to the hotel alive!”

“Oh…yes sir,” the driver said sheepishly and looked forward.

Brenda giggled, squeezed her Master’s arm and spread her legs a little more.

Friday Afternoon

They arrived at Caesars at 3:15. As soon as the cab stopped, a young doorman opened the rear door and was rewarded with a view of Brenda with the hem of her dress riding up above her thighs. Brenda knew there would be no graceful way to get out of the car so she just slid out as quickly as possible.

She could tell by the look on the doorman's face that he had a clear view of her cunt as she stepped out of the cab. Once she stood up the hem of the dress fell down into place and covered her. The arrival area was protected from most of the afternoon wind. Brenda sensed the light breeze and gave a sigh of relief.

In an enthusiast voice the doorman said, “Welcome to Caesars Palace ma’am!”

Master paid the cab driver while a bellman retrieved the luggage from the trunk. Master took Brenda’s hand and they walked into reception. It was crowded and they had to wait in line to check in.

Brenda spent some time looking around at the other guests. There were many people who looked like the quintessential tourists, middle age, dressed in clothes that had been on lots of vacations. But Brenda noticed there were a lot of attractive people dressed nicely in resort style outfits.

Brenda couldn’t help but notice many of the women were dressed in a way to attract attention. There were a fair number of short-shorts, mini skirts and lots of cleavage. Brenda started to feel a little more comfortable wearing the dress Master had chosen. She liked how she felt and couldn’t help giving Master’s hand a squeeze.

As Master was checking in, Brenda thought about how she had exposed herself in front of the cab driver and doorman. She had lots of photos on her internet blog spot that were much more revealing but there was a big difference in person.

Brenda liked the comments she received from people who saw her blog photos. She was embarrassed about the men seeing her today, but when she remembered the looks on their faces she felt less embarrassed and a little excited. She was so deep in thought that she didn't notice Master standing next to her until he touched her arm.


Brenda snapped out of her thoughts. “Oh, yes Sir.”

A Bellman escorted Master and Brenda to their room. The Bellman performed his duties, carrying their bags, unlocking the door, opening the drapes, showing Master the AC controls and pointing out the mini bar. After receiving his tip, the Bellman handed Master the room key and closed the door behind him.

Brenda stood on the balcony looking at the view. The balcony was on the shady side of the building so even thought it was hot it was not oppressive. A light breeze was blowing her skirt slightly. Brenda liked the feeling of the skirt moving over her ass and the warm air circulating between her legs.

Master embraced her from behind. Brenda responded by wiggling back toward him then stood still enjoying the moment.

Brenda sighed. “Master, I know at some point we have to discuss my behavior at the airport. Can we do it now so that I can put it behind me?”

Still facing her back, he smiled and said, “Yes slave, now is a good time to take care of that. Go inside and prepare.”
Releasing his embrace, Brenda turned and walked inside without looking at her Master. He waited a few minutes looking at the city skyline then followed her into the room.

Brenda was nude, kneeling on the floor in the middle of the room facing the patio door. Her knees were parted, hands behind her back, eyes cast down to the floor. Master knew each hand would be grasping to opposite wrist behind her back, just as she had been trained.

He walked to the couch and sat down. Brenda was now facing away from him at a 90 degree angle. Master snapped his fingers and pointed at the floor in front of him. Brenda broke her position and crawled to her Master on hands and knees. When she was directly in front of him she resumed her kneeling position.

He paused a moment then said, “Is there something you wish to say to me slave?”

“Yes Master. I’m so sorry about my behavior at the airport this afternoon. I have no excuse but may I please try to explain what happened?”

“Go ahead slave.”

“Master I couldn’t find you at the airport, I looked everywhere but there were so many people. I was afraid something had happened and I felt lost in the crowd. When I finally saw you I was so relieved, but you were walking away. I tried to get your attention, but I was afraid… to yell, Master…with all the people around. And then…please forgive me Master”

He could see her eyes were tearing up. “Do you really think I would abandon you slave?”

“Oh, no Master, but I was just...I didn't know what to do.”

“You also questioned my instructions. Should I have to repeat myself?”

“No Sir. It's just that, this is all so different than anything we've done before. We were in public, and...I'm not used to showing...myself.”

After a minute he broke the silence by saying, “I understand slave, but surely you understand these kind of transgressions cannot go unpunished”

“Yes sir, I understand.”

“Stand up slave”

When Brenda was standing he said, “Come here”, and patted his knee.

Brenda’s breathed in sharply at the thought of an over the knee spanking. She positioned herself on his lap in the traditional way. Her head was to his left, her legs stretched out on one end of the couch. She laid her head on her forearms.

This position was very familiar to Brenda. Her mind flashed back to the first time she received discipline from her Master. That was when it was all new to both of them. Neither really knew what to do but he had put her over his knees and spanked her.

She loved the feeling of being controlled by him and their journey began. Since then Master had become an expert at disciplining her. She knew that an over the knee spanking would be mild compared to what he was capable of. She trembled in anticipation.

Master gently stroked Brenda's hair away from the side of her face. Resting his left palm on the middle of her back, he gently stroked his right hand down her back to her ass. He stroked her ass and upper thighs, first with his palm, then with the backs of his fingers.

“I’m going spank you twenty times slave,” He said. “You will count each one. When I spank you the first time you will say, one and Master. On the second you will you will say, two and Sir. You will continue to count alternating between Master and Sir until you reach twenty. Do you understand slave?”

Brenda nodded her head in reply.


The first spank took Brenda by surprise. Her head jerked up from her forearms. “OOHH!...One Master” He ran his fingertips down her thigh gently and paused.

SMAAACK! This time on the other ass cheek.

“AH..Two Sir!” Brenda called out and put her face down between her forearms.

He continued this way, pausing between spanks to gently stroke her ass and thighs. Brenda loved it when Master paused like this. It gave her time to for the burning sting to fade to the warm tingling feeling that she truly enjoyed.


“Seven Master!”

It occurred to Brenda she had no idea how many times she had been in this position. Most of the time it was a prelude to a harsher punishment and she relished it as a warm up. Master had a way of cupping his hand slightly with his fingers and thumb held tightly together. Holding his hand this way seemed to focus the energy on her skin and made the sound louder.


“Fourteen Sir!” Brenda's voice was becoming strained, she was short of breath.

She briefly thought of intentionally miscounting, knowing that Master would make her start over again. It wouldn’t be the first time she did that but decided against it today. The pause between strikes was getting shorter now. Brenda felt no relief from the burning sting.


“Nineteen Master!”

Brenda was gripping the edge of the couch with her fingers. Her ankles were crossed and she bent her lower legs up at the knees. Her head was up, face toward the ceiling. She squirmed her ass up to meet the last spank


“Twenty Sir!”

Brenda let out a long breathe and began to relax. Master gently stroked her ass and thighs. He gazed at the glowing pink skin, enjoying the feeling of warmth under his hand.

Brenda lay her head on her arms and felt the tension leaving her body. She didn’t realize how much stress she had been under. She thought of the anticipation building up to the trip. Not knowing what to bring, then being told she could bring no clothing. She thought of the hectic morning taking the kids to her sister’s house, then rushing to the airport. She thought about the flight and everything that had happened once they arrived in Las Vegas.

She felt like all that stress had been relieved under her Master’s firm hand. Neither of them spoke for several minutes, then Brenda said,

“Thank you, Master. I’m so glad this is behind us. I feel so much better now. I really want us to enjoy our weekend together.”

“You can get up now slave.”

Brenda got up and stood in front of her master. She brushed her fingers over her ass, feeling the tenderness and warmth.

“Slave, it’s getting late and we still have some things to do this afternoon. I want you to get ready to go out. We’re going shopping. We’re going to dinner and show tonight and you’ll need a new dress.”

Brenda’s face lit up with excitement, “Really Sir?”

Master smiled, “Yes, really slave.”

Brenda turned and started for the bathroom. After two steps she stopped and turned around.

“Because of …what I did at the airport…I never had a chance to tell you. I really like the dress you bought for me, it’s such a pretty green. Thank you so much Master”

“Your welcome slave. Now go get ready, we really have to go.” He watched her turn toward the bathroom. Her pink ass swayed delightfully as she walked.

Brenda applied moisturizer to the tender skin on her ass. She could tell right away the punishment had been symbolic. Brenda was up for a little spanking just about any time and she had enjoyed this one. After touching up her makeup she put on her dress and shoes. Coming out of the bathroom she met her master in the middle of the room with a hug.

“I’m ready Sir.” Brenda surprised herself at how much she sounded like a little girl.

They rode the elevator downstairs and emerged into the noise and bustle of the casino. Even in the afternoon it was alive with lights, sound and people. Brenda held her Master’s arm as they walked through the crowd. Brenda could feel the afterglow of her spanking as her skirt flowed back and forth lightly caressing her bare ass. She never felt so sexy and alive.

They wandered through the casino eventually finding the Will Call desk. Master picked up their tickets for the Celine Dion show that evening. Brenda was excited about seeing the singer in person.

After leaving the Will Call, they followed the signs to the ‘Forum’ shopping area. They stopped to look at the directory to locate the women's apparel shops.

Just for fun, Brenda bent over at the waist a little while looking at the directory. She imagined her skirt riding up the backs of her thighs and men looking. She suddenly felt ashamed and stood up abruptly.

Why did I do that, she wondered. She glanced at Master but he didn't seem to notice.

They located a dress shop, looked at some of the dresses on display in the window and went inside. This was the first time Brenda had been taken shopping as a slave and was surprised at how Master took charge. He told the clerk they were looking for a black cocktail dress and instructed her not to show them anything with a hem below the knee or with a high neckline.

The clerk showed them several dresses. Brenda remained silent while Master picked out two for Brenda to try on. The first had puffy sleeves, a shallow V neckline, the hemline was about three inches above the knee.

Brenda tried on the dress and walked out of the dressing room.

Master took one look and said, “No, I don’t think so.”

Without saying a word, Brenda went back into the dressing room to try the other dress.

The second dress looked great on Brenda. The dress was made of a synthetic material. It was form fitting on her body and showed off her figure well. The neckline was straight from side to side and very low showing a lot of cleavage. A sheer black nylon material went from the neckline to the base of her neck, over the shoulders and covered both arms to her wrists. The effect was an elegant long sleeve dress that concealed very little.

The hemline was about mid thigh or slightly shorter. When Brenda turned around, Master could see the sheer material closed with a single button at the back of the neck, leaving a teardrop hole down between Brenda’s shoulder blades to the a zipper that closed the back of the dress.

“Perfect, we’ll take it,” Master said.
The clerk didn’t know what to think, she had never sold a dress to a woman who didn’t voice an opinion about whether or not she liked it. The confused clerk rang up the sale and watched the couple leave the store.

They walked and window shopped until they came to another women's store that advertised, ‘Club Wear’.

“In here slave, we need to find another outfit for you,” Master said as he guided her into the store.

Once inside Brenda could see the merchandise this store was very different. All the clothes were very skimpy and revealing. Brenda followed Master as he walked through the displays. When he found a display of white mini-dresses he began to look more closely.

Brenda saw the dresses he was looking at and couldn’t believe her eyes. The dresses looked like something that she might wear as a cover up for her swim suit at the beach. A young clerk came over and asked if they needed help.

Master took charge again saying, “We’re looking for a white mini-dress that probably will only be worn in Vegas. Do you know what I mean?”

The clerk smiled and said, “Oh for sure, I know exactly what you mean.”

“We were thinking of a white halter dress, low V neckline and short. Can you show us something like that?”

“Oh yea,” the clerk said, “We have just the thing right here.”

The clerk looked through the display of dresses that Master had been looking at, pulled out one and held it up. The dress looked very small on the hanger. It had draped material that formed a deep V neckline. The back was very low. The material in the front of the skirt was flat. The back of the skirt was bunched up in horizontal folds with a vertical seam running up the center. Master felt the material.

“What kind of material is that?”

It’s called scrunched,” she replied. “It holds the skirt tight on the hips and looks really sexy.”

Taking the dress from the clerk, Master turned to Brenda, “I think you should try this one on.”

Brenda said nothing, took the dress from her Master and let the clerk escort her to the dressing room. Once inside she tried on the dress and looked in the mirror.

She couldn’t believe how little there was to the dress. The open V in front was very wide exposing both sides of her tits almost to the nipples. The bottom of the V closed two inches below her navel. The hemline was right at the top of her thighs.

She turned around and could see there was nothing covering her back. The waist line in the back was about two inches above her ass. The ‘scrunched’ material gathered the skirt around her ass snugly with a seam going up the middle, directly over her ass crack.

No one could wear this in public, she thought. Not even in Vegas.

Brenda walked out of the dressing room where Master waited with the clerk.

The clerks face lit up as she said, “Awesome!”

Master said, “You look fantastic, we’ll take it.”

Brenda went back into the dressing room, taking off the white dress she put on her green dress and looked in the mirror. The green dress was almost modest in comparison.

After they left the store they walked until they found a shoe store. Master guided Brenda inside and looked at the display of high heels. He held up a pair of black stiletto pumps with thin ankle straps.

“These will look perfect with your black dress.”

A clerk appeared and after trying on two pair Brenda found the right size. When the clerk went to ring up the shoes Brenda noticed a display of handbags.

“Master, may I pick out a handbag to go with the black dress?”

“Of course you may slave.”

They walked to the handbag display and Brenda started to look. Then she said, “Master, what about shoes and a handbag for the white dress?”

“I’ve taken care of the shoes, slave. You won’t need a handbag slave when your wearing the white dress,” was all he said.

Brenda picked out a small black handbag. Master paid and they left the store.

“Just one more stop, slave,” Master said as he guided her to another shop. “You’re going to need stockings to go with your black dress.”

They went into a lingerie shop and were greeted by a smartly dressed woman who looked to be in her mid 50’s.

“Good afternoon,” she said in a heavy French accent. “I am Madam Claudette (pronouncing “madam’ with a long A, in the European fashion). “How may I help you?”

Once again, Master took control. “We have a special evening planned. The lady requires stockings to go with a black cocktail dress. I think black full fashioned stockings would be best, also a garter belt, preferably a six strap.”

Madam Claudette looked over Brenda and said, “Oh yes, we have just what you are looking for. I see you have been shopping. Do you have the dress with you?”

“Yes we do.” Master held the shopping bag open for Brenda. She took the black dress out of the bag and held it in front of her for Madam Claudette to see.

“Oh my, what a beautiful dress. I know just what you need.” She turning toward Master. “If the gentleman will excuse us, I must take the lady to the fitting room.” Turning back to Brenda, “Come along my dear.”

Brenda turned to her Master, he smiled and nodded his head. “I spotted a mens shop, I’ll meet you back her shortly.” He handed the shopping bag to Brenda, turned and walked away.

Brenda followed Madam Claudette into a small private room decorated with beautiful antique furniture. After taking her measurements, they went into the shop to the stocking display.

All the while Madam Claudette talked to Brenda in her heavy French accent. “My dear, it is going to be my pleasure to help you. You have such a lovely figure. Classic lingerie is made for a woman with a figure like yours.”
She began picking out several sets of stockings in different styles and colors. They went to the garter belt display and again Madam Claudette picked out several garter belts that were similar in style and all black. She picked out a few matching strapless bras in different styles and sizes.

The entire time Madam Claudette never stopped talking. She described the selections, the advantages and disadvantages of each. Several times she told Brenda how wonderful she would look.

Brenda asked questions about some of the garments. Madam Claudette was very responsive and personable. Brenda couldn’t help but like her. By the time they returned to the fitting room Brenda felt very comfortable with her.

Madam Claudette laid out each of the items on a display table in sets, bra, garter belt and stockings. She described in great detail how a garter belt should be worn about her natural waist and not down low like hip hiphuggers.

Brenda picked up a garter belt and held it up to her waist. It was black lace and very pretty. While she looked at herself in the mirror Madam Claudette stood behind her.

“Yes lovely, and of course we have the matching panty in thong or full cut, whichever you prefer.”

“Oh, Master doesn’t allow me to wear pan…”

Brenda couldn’t believe what she had blurted out. She shifted her gaze in the mirror to Madam Claudette’s reflection looking straight into her eyes. Brenda looked down. Not knowing what else to do, she said, “Um, panties.”

“Ah, so you’re a submissive then?”

“Yes madam,” Brenda replied.
Then without knowing why she added, “I’m, a slave.”

Brenda was shaken, this was the first time she had admitted to anyone in person that she was a submissive, a slave. She made the admission to a woman she barely knew.

Madam Claudette saw Brenda’s down cast eyes. She could tell from Brenda's voice that she had not intended to make the admission. She put her hands on Brenda’s shoulders and gently turned her away from the mirror until they were face to face.

“My dear, you’ll find no one making judgments here. Surely you know that most women want to be submissive at least some of the time. What do you think keeps me in business here? Many women will deny it, but at some point we all want to be taken by men. Very few women explore their submissive side thoroughly. I pity them, they don’t know what they are missing”

Brenda looked into Madam Claudette eyes. “You mean, you?”

Madam Claudette smiled, “Oh yes, I have had submissive relationships with men. I found it very fulfilling.”

Brenda smiled and said, “Oh yes Madam, I’ve been fulfilled too.”

They both laughed, Brenda felt like she was talking to an old friend.

Madam Claudette said, “Now let’s try on some lingerie, shall we? Take off your dress.”

Brenda hesitated, “Madam, I’m not wearing anything under my dress.”

“Of course you’re not. Now take off the dress.”

Brenda took off her dress and stood naked in front of Madam Claudette. She immediately started talking non-stop while helping Brenda try on the lingerie. Madam Claudette noticed Brenda's rosy ass cheeks and smiled to herself.

They settled on an eight strap garter belt and matching strapless bra. The bra was very low cut, barely covering her nipples. It lifted Brenda’s tits and displayed them proudly. Brenda could tell it would have a great effect under the sheer material on her new dress.

Brenda voiced her concern that the dress would be too short to wear with stockings. Madam Claudette told her she had many different stocking sizes to choose from and it would not be a problem. At last Brenda was looking at herself in the mirror wearing beautiful black lingerie with tan, back-seamed stockings.

The stockings were very long, coming right to the top of her thighs. The top of garter belt fit around Brenda's waist over her navel. The front of the belt was about seven inches long and covered Brenda's abdomen to an inch above her cunt.

The straps on the garter belt were too long to hold up the stockings. Madam Claudette told her she would have the straps shortened and the belt would be ready in 30 minutes.

“My dear, I know your Master doesn’t like you to wear panties but I have something I think you should try.”

Madam Claudette produced a pair of black full cut panties that were completely sheer front and back. She had Brenda try them on. The waist line of the panties matched the waist line of the garter belt. The full cut style covered Brenda from the waist line to the leg openings just above the stocking tops.
Although the panties were black, they were as sheer as nylon stockings. The garter belt, as well as all of Brenda’s anatomy, were clearly visible through the transparent material.

“Oh my dear, you look stunning.”

“Madam, I’m not sure how Master will react to the panties or the bra for that matter. He can be very strict.”

In the mirror, Brenda saw Madam Claudette glance at Brenda's pink ass cheeks.

”Oh, I can imagine your Master must be very strict with you,” she said.

Brenda blushed and giggled.

“I’ll speak to your Master. Leave it to me.”

“Yes Madam.” Brenda realized she was becoming submissive to the older woman.

As Brenda started to get undressed Madam Claudette asked “Do you have something else in your shopping bag my dear?”

“Yes Madam, it’s another dress.”

“Try it on, let me see what I can do with it.”

Brenda took off all of the lingerie, handing it to Madam Claudette. As Madam was folding and wrapping the lingerie Brenda took out the white dress out of the shopping bag and put it on. Looking at herself in the mirror her heart sank as she thought about going out in pubic.

Madam Claudette turned and looked at Brenda. “Oh my dear, I don’t think you’ll be wearing stockings with that dress.”

Brenda looked at Madam Claudette in the mirror and said, “Oh Madam, I’ve never worn anything like this before. The green dress is so revealing, but this one…how can I wear it in public. What will I do?”

“Your Master bought this dress, Yes?”

“Yes Madam.”

“Well then, you will wear it when and where you are told to do so.”

“Yes Madam,” Brenda said as she looked down.

“My dear you look stunning in all three of these dresses. My god, in this dress you will make men faint and women will be green with envy. Don’t you understand? Your Master wants to show off his beautiful slave. There are much worse things you know. Would you prefer to be ignored? And remember, you’re in Las Vegas, it is impossible to be inappropriately dressed here.”

“You really think so?”

“But of course I do. Now as for this dress, I have some very special panties you must try.”

She walked into the other room and returned a moment later holding a pair of white lace panties. They were like nothing Brenda had ever seen. The waist band was about two inches wide and had a slight V pointing down in the middle. There was no fabric in the crotch, only two strands of pearls.

Brenda stared at the panties and stammered, “Madam…what…how…?”

“They are called Pearl Panties, my dear. Genuine cultured pearls go between your legs, one strand on each side of your clitoris. They will look fabulous with your white dress. And when you walk, believe me it feels divine. Now change back into your green dress, your Master is waiting and I must have a talk with him.”

“Yes Madam.”

As she walked out of the fitting room with Brenda’s lingerie, Madam Claudette saw Master waiting and walked directly up to him.

“Ah the gentleman returns. Sorry to keep you waiting, but these things take time. Now there is something we must talk about. I know you object to your slave wearing certain under things but you simply must make an exception to the bra we have selected. It is perfect for the black dress you chose and will give your slave a decollete that will leave you breathless. I must insist that she be allowed to wear the bra with the dress.

“In addition I have selected tan stockings to be worn with the black dress. I know you suggested black stockings but the tan will be much more sophisticated and highlight her lovely legs. Also I have chosen an eight strap garter belt rather than a six strap. She will need the eight straps to hold the stocking seams straight and this is very important.

“Lastly I have selected panties that you must allow her to model. I’m certain you will be pleased. If you decide that your slave is not allowed to wear the panties then you are not the gentleman of good taste that I thought you were.”

Master stood in silence staring at Madam Claudette. Not only because of the long speech about the lingerie but also because she had used ‘slave’ when referring to Brenda.

Just then Brenda came out of the private fitting room and cheerfully said, “Hello Master.”

He looked to Brenda, then back at Madam Claudette. Finally he said, “Very well Madam.”

Madam Claudette promised to deliver the altered garter belt and the rest of the lingerie to their room. As they were leaving, Madam Claudette shook hands and thanked Master addressing him as, Maitre. She then kissed Brenda on both cheeks.

“Goodbye my dear, I hope you have a fulfilling evening.”

They both giggled like teenagers.

As they walked away, Master was about to ask if Brenda what Madam Claudette meant by ‘fulfilling’. Then Brenda took his arm and rubbed against him. He looked down the front of her dress at her nearly exposed tits. He saw her nipples standing out through the thin material of her dress. She was swinging her hips as she walked and seemed to be intentionally trying to flip the bottom of her skirt around. He lost his train of thought and didn’t ask.

Master leaned against the back of the car as they rode the elevator upstairs. Brenda wrapped her arms around his neck and they shared a kiss. Master lifted the back of Brenda’s dress to her waist and stroked her ass.

“So, you told Madam Claudette you were my slave?”

“Oh, yes Master I did. I didn’t plan to, it just came out. Then we had a nice talk. I’m really glad I did, she’s so nice, I really like her.” Then she added apprehensively, “Is it all right Master?”

“Yes slave, its fine.” They kissed again.

They held their embrace as the car came to a stop on their floor and the doors opened. A young couple stood in front of the open door looking at Brenda’s bare ass. The young woman cleared her throat in an impatient tone.

Brenda released her Master’s neck, turned around and said, “Oh…hello.”

They walked out of the car passed the speechless pair. While the young couple were stepping into the elevator they could hear Brenda and Master sharing a laugh as they disappeared around the corner.

They arrived back in their room at 5:30.

Master said, “We have dinner reservations at 7:00. I’m going to take a shower now, then you can have the bathroom, slave.”

“Yes sir”

Master undressed and stepped into the bathroom. Brenda took off her dress and hung up all three dresses in the closet. She sat on the couch and turned on the TV. She flipped channels for a while, then heard a knock at the door.

Assuming it was Madam Claudette delivering the lingerie, Brenda picked up Master’s polo shirt and slipped it on. She opened the door and saw a bellman standing in the hall holding a shopping bag.

The bellman stared at Brenda dressed only in the polo shirt a moment too long, swallowed and said, “I have a delivery from the lingerie shop downstairs.”

“Oh sure, just a minute.” Brenda turned around and looked for her Master’s wallet. Seeing his pants on the floor she took the four steps needed to reach them and then hesitated for an instant.

On an impulse she bent over at the waist with her knees straight. Instead of picking the pants up off the floor, she stayed in that position while she fished the billfold out of the rear pocket of the pants.

Knowing the shirt was riding up exposing her ass and cunt to the Bellman gave Brenda a huge thrill. Taking $10 out of the billfold she stood up and walking back to the Bellman stepping a little firmer than she needed to so her tits would bounce.

Brenda smiled and handed him the bill.

The Bellman seemed out of breathe as he said, “Oh thank you ma’am.”

Brenda took the shopping bag and said, “Your very welcome.” Then she closed the door.

Brenda turned and leaned against the door feeling embarresed.

“What were you thinking?” she said out loud.

The feeling quickly faded and the thrill returned. I hope I’m not going nuts, she thought.

Brenda took off Master’s shirt and hung up his clothes. She noticed his suitcase was still closed and wondered what was inside. She dared not look. Brenda waited on the couch until Master finished his shower. When he was done she took her cosmetics and the shopping bag of lingerie into the bathroom.

Brenda ran a bath and enjoyed a long soak. She spent an extra long time washing her tits and cunt but rationalized that she was just washing and not masturbating. When she shaved she also took an extra long time around her cunt rationalizing that she was making sure she was smooth for Master and not enjoying the sensation of the razor slipping over her most sensitive area.
When she was done shaving she continued to rub herself first with a wash cloth and then with her hands. Before she knew it she had slipped a finger between her cunt lips and touched her clit. Caressing the hard little bud, she felt a wave of pleasure.

Taking her finger out of her cunt felt like the hardest thing she had ever done. Brenda knew she was treading on thin ice masturbating without permission.

Brenda drained the tub, and then turned on the shower to wash her hair and rinse her body. She spent 45 minutes drying and curling her hair, putting on lotion, then makeup. Finally she took the lingerie out of the shopping bag and began to dress.

Master was sitting on the balcony enjoying the view with a glass of Jameson Irish Whiskey from the mini-bar.

Brenda quietly said, “Master?”

Master turned and watched Brenda walk onto the balcony. She stood next to the rail dressed only the lingerie and heels. Brenda posed with her hands on her hips, one knee slightly bent in front of her other knee.

The strapless bra barley covered her nipples and lifted her tits up provocatively. The garter belt was clearly visible through the sheer black panties. The garter straps held up the sheer tan stockings that came all the way to the top of her thighs. The black ankle straps on her high heels contrasted starkly against her stocking clad ankles. She stood there, hands on hips rotating her upper body back and forth slowly.

“Would you like to see the back, Sir?”

Brenda turned around. She smiled as she looked back over her shoulder at Master with her hands on her hips. She was the image of a pin up girl.
He said nothing as he looked up and down her body. The stockings had pointed heels that tapered into the back-seams running up Brenda’s legs. The tops of the stockings were so high they went up slightly around the curve of her ass. The stockings where held in place buy the firm grip of the four garter clasps on each leg.

He could see every detail of her ass through the sheer panties. Brenda turned around and faced her Master. His eyes were drawn to the front of the garter belt and tops of her stockings that framed her cunt. The transparent material of the panties fit snugly between her legs pressing her shaved cunt lips together. A thin dark line was all that could be seen.

“Master, are the bra and panties alright? I think they look nice.”

“Yes slave. The bra and panties will be fine. You look lovely. Now put on your dress, it’s almost time to go”.

Brenda took her dress into the bathroom while her master finished getting dressed in his suit. After putting on her dress with the lingerie for the first time, she looked in the mirror.

“Madam Claudette you were right about bra.” Brenda said quietly.

The front of the dress just covered the bra, her tits were pressed up against the sheer material showing lots of cleavage. When she ran her hands over her hips she could feel the garter belt and clasps. She looked in the mirror and saw that the garter straps and clasps made visible bumps through the tight fabric. She ran her hand around her thighs touching each of the bumps. The thought of Master felling the lingerie through her dress excited her.

The hem of the dress was short. It covered the tops of her stockings by a few inches. She realized she would have to be careful when she sat down but she was sure Master would be pleased.
When she came out of the bathroom she saw her Master adjusting his tie in the mirror.

As he turned to face her, Brenda said coyly, “Do I look aright Sir?”

She turned around slowly smoothing the dress over her ass for her Master’s benefit. When she was facing him again, she bent at the waist slightly and picked at an imaginary bit of lint from the hem line. Still bending over she looked up and saw her Master looking down the front of her dress, just what she was hoping for. She stood up straight and said nothing.

“Slave, you have never looked more beautiful.”

As they were leaving the room Brenda saw Master put his miniature video camera in his jacket pocket. The thought of being photographed made her feel apprehensive and thrilled at the same time.

While they waited for the elevator, Brenda looked at their reflection in the full length mirrors that framed the doors. Master looked so strong and hansom in his gray suit, burgundy shirt and cream tie. She noticed the outline of her garter straps and clasps. The outline seemed to be more noticeable under the hallway florescent lights than they were in softer light of the hotel room.

Apparently her Master noticed too. He ran his hand over her hip, across her ass and thigh. He paused on each strap, touching them with her fingertips. Brenda felt wonderful knowing her Master liked the way she looked.

Thinking of what he had in store for his slave brought a smile to Master's face.

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