"Perfect in Pampers" - (A Simon Camdon Story)

I've lived across the street from the Camdons since before Simon was born. He was 10 years old now and his 11th birthday was about a month away. Last time I talked to him was last week. I had just turned 17 and I had a mad crush on him. He was always wearing tight jeans or a tight, little speedo swimsuit. Sometimes I'd get to see him in his snug, Little League uniform when he came home from a game. Every time I saw him around the neighborhood, I always stopped what I was doing to have a look.
I was visiting his Mom, Annie the other day and she completely caught me off guard when she asked me to baby sit Simon for an afternoon while she visited her Dad in the hospital. Her husband, Eric was in New England taking care of some church business. All the other kids found friends to stay with and Ruthy was going with Annie. I was also a little taken back when she took me aside and told me that Simon had some bed wetting issues and to make sure he wore his Goodnites under his pajamas tonight. She knew that I worked in Health Care and this type of thing shouldn't be an issue with me. Well, it wasn't an issue. Finding out that the cutest boy in the 5th grade was wearing cute, little Pull-Ups at night got me pretty excited though. I got a bit of an erection and had to wait until she turned away to adjust myself. It didn't take long before Annie had all her things packed up and was on her way to the hospital. Now, I have to admit that I have two fetishes. 1. I really like cute, little boys who aren't afraid to wear tight, little jeans and 2. I love little bed wetters because it's just so easy to get them back in baby diapers and I love little diaper boys. I immediately got in my car and ran down to local pharmacy. I entered the store and headed strait to the diaper isle. It didn't take long to find exactly what I was looking for. One package of size 7 Pampers. The perfect little diaper for a little bed wetter like Simon. Then I hunted down a bottle of lube and some brand new scissors. I brought them to front of the store and checked out. I drove back to the Camdon's house and brought the stuff up to Simon's room. I opened the package of Pampers and pulled one out. I cut a little slit in the butt of the diaper and carefully laid it across the package sitting on his little Transformers printed comforter. I put the lube on his dresser beside his little twin size bed. The little bed had a great headboard too. I stood there a moment and fantasized about the position I was going to have Simon in. The headboard looked real sturdy and Simon could get a real good grip while I really gave it to him good. The package of Pampers on the 10 year old boy's bed also had me pretty hard now. I saw the school bus pull up out front and looked out the 2nd story window. Simon hopped off the bus. He was alone and heading up the driveway to come in through the back door. He was wearing very tight Levi's and a tight, blue tee shirt and it was tucked in good. He had spent another day at the local middle school showing everyone just how cute his little caboose was in tight denim. Simon was setting the example for every cute boy at his school.

He came through the kitchen door and tossed his G.I. Joe backpack up on the table. I came down the stairs and said hello and began to explain why I was there. Simon didn't seem too excited and turned to go up the kitchen stairs up to his bedroom. "Hold on little fella" I said. "Let's go in the living room. I've been waiting for you to get home from school so I could have a little talk with you." I gently took his little hand in mine and led him to the living room. I sat down on the plush couch and led Simon so he was standing directly in front of me. I looked him in the eye and gently pushed a few strands of his beautiful, blond hair away from his face. I slowly slid my index finger into the front of his tight, little jeans and pulled him in real close and began my seduction of my first 5th grade boy. "Your Mom tells me your a little bed wetter. Is this true Simon?" I asked.

There was a moment of silence as his beautiful, green eyes opened wide with the look of: "I can't believe my Mom told this guy that I wet my bed." He finally looked down at the floor and answered, "No...Not all the time."

I lifted his face up with my finger and looked him in the eye again and said, "Don't be embarrassed Simon. I'm sure you're not the only 10 year old boy at your school that has this little issue. I can bet you're the cutest though. Has a man ever told you that you were a cute, little boy?" I asked.

"No." Simon replied.

"Well you are." I stated. "I love seeing you play around the neighborhood in your tight, little speedo. You know the little, baby blue one you wear all the time when you're playing in the pool?... and I really like seeing you in tight, little jeans like these." I continued as I gave him a little tug in closer. There was a little more silence between us as I brushed some more of his hair aside. "Tell me Simon..." I asked, "What's your favorite brand of Pull-Ups, Goodnites or Underjams?"

Simon hesitated and then answered, "Goodnites I guess. They sort of fit me better."

"Really?" I smugly asked as I lent over to whisper in his ear, "What do you think about little baby diapers Simon?...You know, cute stuff like little Luvs or Huggies?" I pulled my face back around so I could see the expression on his beautiful face. He was so embarrassed having a man like me ask such questions and he started to blush. I guess Simon was having issues with being 10 years old and having to wear Pull Ups, never mind baby diapers. I gently slid my index finger down the bridge of his soft nose to the tip and asked, "How do you feel about size 7 Pampers little boy?"

Simon's face blushed even brighter. The hue of red he turned was so cute. I was hard as a rock now. He looked away and lightly mumbled, "I don't know." He hesitated and asked, "Aren't those for babies?"

"You bet they are." I answered then asked, "And what's wrong with being a little baby? I think you would be very cute in little, baby diapers. Tell me Simon..." I continued, "You wouldn't be upset if I bought you some Pampers would you?"

Simon looked down again and slowly answered, "I guess not. You wouldn't tell anyone would you Michael?"

"Of course not." I quickly replied. "I'm going to be honest with you Simon. I've been looking for a little diaper boy for some time now and I'm so glad that it could be you. There's something very special waiting for you up on your bed. Let's go upstairs. I'm absolutely dying to see what kind of big boy underpants you wear underneath your tight, little jeans. I'll bet you that your Mom buys you some real cute stuff, huh? Maybe some super hero printed underpants or maybe just some well fitting tightie whities?" I took one more run through his blond hair with my fingers and gently slid my hand down his cheek. This is when I slowly moved in for our first kiss. I gently touched my lips to his and kissed him very softly. His little pre teen lips were so soft and perfectly damp. Simon was hesitant, but slowly kissed me back. We slowly separated and I continued, "One more thing Simon. I'd like you to start calling me Daddy...okay?"

"Why Michael? I have a Father..."

"I know." I quickly interrupted, "I saw this sort of stuff on the internet and I think I liked it. I think it's time I teach you the difference between a Father and a Daddy young man. Let's get you upstairs so I can show you the cute, little surprise I got for you."

I turned him around so he was facing the stairs up to his bedroom. I gave him a soft, little pat on his behind and motioned him up the stairs. I admired his tight, little, 10 year old butt in his tight, little Levi's the whole way up the stairs. My stars were they snug. Simon's Mom really knew how to buy little jeans for her little boy and he knew how to wear them. Shirt tucked in and jeans pulled up right. A perfect fit. I knew I was about to have the time of my life and couldn't wait to teach little Simon his place with his new Daddy.

As we entered Simon's bedroom you could plainly see the package of Pampers on his bed. "Oh my god. You really bought me Pampers?" He timidly asked.

"You bet I did little boy. They're the perfect thing for a little bed wetter like you. I can't wait to see how well they fit you're cute, little butt. We can start by getting you out of your tight, little jeans." I said with a big smile on my face. "Get your cute, little butt over here right now you little piece of candy." I said as I pulled him in close again and got a good grip on his little belt buckle. "Let's get your little sneakers off first." I said. Simon sat down next to me and quickly slipped out of his loosely tied Nike's. I then stood him back up in front of me. I looked down at his tiny, little waist and continued to unbuckle his little belt buckle.

Simon was so embarrassed he could hardly talk. He was absolutely stunned that I bought him Pampers and was now putting him in one. "Are you sure you won't tell anyone Michael?" He nervously asked.

"What did I ask you to call me little boy?" I asked sharply.

Simon hesitated for a moment. Then quietly asked, "Daddy?"

"That's right little diaper boy. Try again." I commanded.

"You won't tell anyone will you...Daddy?"

"Of course not Simon, but you can tell all of your cute, little friends how I handle little, bed wetting boys like you if you like. Okay?"

Simon was so stunned he couldn't close his mouth. He couldn't believe how I was talking to him and was beginning to figure out how much trouble he was in. I looked back down at his snug, little jeans and slowly unbuttoned them. I continued by slowly unzipping his little brass fly.

Again, Simon couldn't close his mouth. He just couldn't believe this was happening.

I slowly reached around the hips of his undone jeans and slipped my hands in, to gently tug them down. "Grab onto the waist of your underpants Simon." I said. "I want you to keep them pulled up nice and high while I slide your tight, little jeans off. Okay?"

"Okay Daddy." Simon replied.

I had to tug pretty hard to get his snug, little jeans down. Once they were down around his little butt, they slid the right off to the floor. I made the boy lift one leg and then the other as his tight, little jeans were removed and were now in my hands. I tossed the jeans to the floor and gently grabbed my little boy by the waist. I ran my index finger gently along the inside elastic band of his perfectly fitting, Avengers printed, bright white underwear. I then slid both my hands from his tiny, little waist up the sides of his ribs to remove his tee shirt. Simon didn't resist at all. He lifted his arms high in the air as his tee shirt easily slipped up and off. His little chest was so soft and smooth. I slowly pulled him in close by his hips with both hands and gave him a sweet little kiss on his little boy nipple. I was beginning to lose control of my lust. There was no way I could stop my urges now.

I picked up Simon under his arms and tossed him into his bed. He landed right were I wanted him. Right in the middle, on his back with his arms holding him up. He was in nothing but his underpants. His legs were spread a bit apart and he was still wearing little white socks. The look on his face was priceless. There's really nothing cuter than the look on a pre teen boys face when he knows he's being put back in diapers. Nothing gets this top harder!

I kicked off my sneakers and took my shirt off. I tossed it to the floor with Simon's clothes and unbuttoned my denim shorts. I quickly slipped them off and was standing in front of Simon in nothing but shiny, black, Under Armour underwear. I was 6 feet tall and weighed in at 180lbs. I also had an erection the boy couldn't miss and he took a quick glance. He quickly looked away as I jumped on the bed with him and slowly ran my hands up his smooth, young legs to the waistband of his underwear. I gently pulled them down and slid them off. I tossed them to the floor with my shorts. I took a moment as I hoovered above the boy to admire his perfect, naked body. He was even hotter than I imagined. So smooth. I grabbed the Pamper I had left on top of the package and fanned out the end with the tapes. I told Simon to lift his little butt. Again, Simon showed no resistance as he lifted his little butt and I slid the diaper underneath him. I stopped again to admire the boy in his open Pampers. I looked him strait in the eye and said, "Time for Daddy to finally see how yummy your sweet, ass is little boy."

I grabbed his thighs, with what seemed like giant hands because he was such a petite, little boy and folded them so the inside of his knees almost touched his ears. I paused to admire the position and enjoy the control I had over him. This is when I saw a little fear in Simon's eyes. I gave him a little wink and dove right into his sweet, little ass. I plunged my tongue in as deep as I could. His little boy hole was like candy. I rimmed him forcefully and with serious lust. "I can't believe how yummy your little boy pussy is little boy." I said, lustfully as I grabbed a little harder onto the inside of his legs and fucked him with my tongue even harder. I never really got into rim jobs, but this was some virgin, 10 year old, boy pussy and I was going to have all of it. His little ass was perfect and I thought I might bury my face in it forever. I think I worked his virgin ass for over 10 minutes and Simon had the sexiest little whimper I had ever heard. You haven't lived until you've heard the sounds a little boy can make when you've got your tongue up his sweet little ass. If we were being filmed, this would have been the best rim job ever. Holy hell was his tight, little hole yummy!

I finally pulled my tongue out of his sweet, little ass and reached over to his dresser for the bottle of lube. I held his legs up high with one hand as a generously lubed his virgin ass up with the other. I started with one finger, then I slipped him two. Simon started to whimper louder as I began railing his little ass with an awesome double finger fuck, lube job. After a few minutes of this action I came to a stop and pulled my two fingers out. "Now you're ready for Pampers little boy." I said, as I gently placed his little bum back down on the diaper. I pulled up the front of the diaper so it almost reached his belly button and fastened one side. I then stretched the other side around and fastened it nice and snug too. I rubbed the little tapes real good to make sure they were secure and admired my handy work. "Stand up Simon." I said. "Let's get a real good look at you in your little Pampers."

I got off the bed and helped Simon up. I sat back down and positioned Simon so he was standing right in front of me. I had never seen anything so damn cute in my life. He was so embarrassed. His face was bright red and he was trying to do something with his hands. You see...there's no pockets in Pampers and he didn't seem to know what to do with them. I grabbed on to his little, diapered hips and pulled him in close again. "I've never seen a boy so cute in little diapers Simon. What an absolutely perfect fit on you. High on your little butt and almost to your belly button in the front. Absolutely perfect little boy." I said as I turned him around so he could see himself in a full length mirror he had on the back of his door. This way, I also got my first look at his perfectly, diapered butt. I gave him a little pat and said, "See Simon?... See what a cute little diaper boy you are? As soon as your Mom told me you were a little bed wetter, I knew I had a little diaper boy on my hands and here you finally are. Look how awesome these little diapers fit you. You're perfect in Pampers Simon. They really know how to make a little diaper for a cute, little, 10 year old boy like you. From tight, little Jeans right into tight, little Pampers. Just perfect Simon. Now...You know what you and Daddy are going to do now?" I asked him.

"No." Simon replied very ashamed.

"I'm gonna toss you back in your bed and I'm gonna introduce your cute, little ass to my big, hard cock. Have you ever had a man take you out of your jeans and just hall off and fuck your little ass? Huh Simon? Have you ever had a man rape you little boy?" I asked boldly.

Simon looked real scared now, but managed to quietly say "No...Daddy. I've never done that. Are you gonna hurt me? I promise I'll be a good boy and won't pee my bed anymore. I promise Daddy...Please!"

I slid my Under Armour underwear to the floor and continued, "Get your little, Pampered ass back up on that bed." I said as I jumped back in with him. I positioned Simon on his hands and knees. He looked just awesome in his little Pampers and in a classic "doggy style" position. "Get yourself a real good grip on that headboard. We're gonna have some fun!" I said. I grabbed the bottle of lube and put a generous amount all up and down my hard cock. I grabbed little Simon by his little hip with one hand and pushed the mushroom head of my dick with the other hand right through the little slit I had cut in his little Pamper and into Simon's little virgin, boy pussy. He was clenched up tight and groaned real loud when I pushed the first inch in. "Every inch little boy, every inch." I whispered as I pushed in another inch. Simon let out another loud groan as I began to really push hard. He let out a real yell as I continued to fill his little ass with my 7 inches of manhood. After the first 3 inches, the rest of my big cock just slid right into his tight, little ass. I never seen a boy so cute in Pampers. I started a nice, slow pump. In and out...nice and slow at first. Simon was whimpering pretty good now with 7 hard inches of man working his tight, little ass. The little Pamper was real snug and both my hands felt so good on his little diapered hips and butt. "I've been waiting to get you out of your tight, little jeans and bang your little ass little boy. This is what a real man really wants to do with a little bed wetter like you. Pamper ya...and fuck your little Pampered ass!" I yelled as I really started to pound his little ass. I began fucking little Simon real good now. Real solid thrusts in and out of his perfect, little ass as he continued to moan and whimper. I wish you could hear the sounds a 10 year old boy makes when you fuck his ass for the first time. Every time I filled his little rump roast with my big meat, he'd let out another "little boy" yelp. This boy was an awesome little fuck in his little diapers and I really took the kid to school. I thought out loud to myself, "Teach him." as I started hitting his little ass harder! This was now a real serious ass hammering I was putting on this little boy. I was pounding the hell out of his tight, little ass! "Holy shit are you awesome!" I yelled. "Give me that tight, little ass!" I continued as I pounded him harder and harder. "You're exactly the boy they made these little diapers for. Holy fuck they fit you nice!" I said as I fucked his little ass as hard as a man can fuck a little boy. I got a good grip of his blond bangs and pulled them back a little and started to give him little kisses on his inner neck and cheeks. All the while, I kept up the thumping pace on his little butt. I completely had my way with my little boy and as I hammered his little ass as hard as I could...I fucked him and fucked him for what seemed liked forever and then I exploded in his little ass! I injected my venom deep. I squirted a nice big load in his tight, Pampered ass as deep as I could. I continued to pump and squirt a manly load of cumshot right up his tight, little boyhole. My fucking stars, was Simon great. An absolute "10" in diapers if you ask this young Daddy and the best little fuck ever!

I pulled out of his little ass and rolled my little diaper boy Simon onto his back. I looked him strait in the eye and said, "We've only gotten started little Pamper boy. Let's get those gorgeous legs in the air!...Fuck yeah! It's time for Round 2!"

I grabbed him by his little, Pampered hips and pulled him in real tight. I folded his knees to his ears like I had him before and slammed my cock right back into his tight little ass. This position was awesome too. I had him right were I wanted him and told him, "Now I'm really gonna fuck your little ass!" I pounded on him good again. In and out thrusts of masculinity that any bottom boy would just love. The sweat began to run down my hairy chest and drip onto my little diaper boy. I was fucking Simon so hard now that his whimpering cries softened as I think he was beginning to enjoy the way I was hammering his little ass. I was giving it to him as hard and fast as I could. I liked having him in this position too. I could look in his eyes as I fucked his little pre teen ass. He looked back at me with a "wanting" look. It made me pound him harder as laid in on him with my hard cock. He lifted his little head ever so slightly, so I planted a nice forceful kiss on him. I slipped him my tongue as I continued my deep, hard thrusts into his sweet, Pampered ass. "You like Daddy's big, hard cock don't you little boy?" I asked.

Simon didn't say anything. He just slowly nodded his head up and down.

When I saw this, the kid's gloves came off! Now I was going to pound the virginity right out of this little boy! I grabbed his little hips and adjusted our position just slightly and laid in to him with everything I had. I was fucking the hell out of this gorgeous little boy now and wasn't going to stop for nothing! What a dream come true to have little Simon like this. To have him exactly the way I wanted him. I was showing this little piece of eye candy exactly what masculinity and dominance was. I was pounding the hell out of him and he was taking it all! We fucked and fucked! I just couldn't stop. I readjusted my hands to get a stronger grip under his tiny knees and fucked my little diaper boy relentlessly until I finally exploded again in his sweet little boy hole. Another squirt of my manhood filled his tight, little boy pussy again as I pumped it in hard! His little ass was so tight it actually gave me an issue pulling out this time. I pulled out ever so slowly and brought us both into the shower. I removed Simon's little diaper and we hopped into the warm water. "I guess we showed that little Pamper a good time didn't we Simon? I asked and continued, "That's why they really make size 7 Pampers little boy. They make them so little boys like you can lose their virginity at a nice young age and guys like me can really have some real fun. You were perfect in Pampers Simon and you can count on me putting you in another one very, very soon. Let's get cleaned up. Your Mom will be home soon." I said as we enjoyed getting all soapy in the shower.

Simon looked up at me and reached up to rub a soapy scrubbie on my chest. He looked me right in eye with his beautiful green eyes and said, "I can't wait Daddy."

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