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My name is Michelle and I'm your typical 13 year old schoolgirl, I do all the normal things a girl my age would do like hanging out at the mall with my friends, buying new clothes and talking about boys and such.
I am about 5 foot 1 inch tall, lightly tanned and weigh 100 lbs, I have long dark brown hair with blonde highlights which falls down to the middle of my back, I have piercing blue eyes and small but perky a-cup breasts.

Sitting in history class not far from home time my friend Ashley sat in the chair beside me, "PST, Michelle! wanna come to the mall after school? were going to check out that new shoe store." she whispered to me.
"I cant today, I'm behind on my paper for tomorrow!" I whispered back.

"Something you would like to share with the class Michelle?" Mrs Miles shouted across the class room which caused giggles and laughter from the other students.
"Enough, settle down class, Michelle I would like to see you after class." she announced.
"Now if you can all turn to page 56." she asked us in a stern manner.

BUUUZZZZZZ BUUUZZZZZZZ the school bell rang creating cheers of joy around the class as students jumped out of there seats and began running for the door.

"Remember your papers are due in tomorrow, I expect everyone to have completed them." she shouted as students piled out the door.
I grabbed my bag and walked over to Mrs Miles, "you asked to see me miss?" I said.
"Ah yes Michelle, I'm greatly disappointed in your lack of attention in my class, your a bright girl with a bright future and I hate to see you lose concentration, don't let it happen again."
"Sorry Mrs miles, I didn't mean to...." I muttered out.
"That will be all, you may leave." she said before turning and sitting at her desk.

I swung around and walked out the door, after collecting my things from my locker I walked out the front doors of the school and made my way down the street towards the bus stop.
My house is about 45 minutes away via the bus but I didn't mind as I often went to the mall which was only 10 minutes away from school, as I made my way down the street I noticed there was no one at the bus stop.

I swung my bag from around my shoulder and laid in on the ground before sitting on the steel chairs, it was a hot day today and I could feel sweat dripping down my face, I let my mind wander as I wiped the sweat away, I began to think about what Mrs miles had said.
I will have to be more careful in the future when whispering with my friends...

A couple of minutes later I saw the bus down the street so I grabbed my bag and got to my feet just as the bus pulled up, I walked inside and made my way towards the back of the crowded bus.
As the bus pulled away I lost my footing and fell against a man who seemed to be in his 50's, "Sorry Mr." I said as I grabbed the post next to him keeping myself on my feet, "No worries." the man said.

He seemed like a nice guy, quite handsome with grey streaks running through his dark hair, average build with dark green eyes.

After a moment I was fine and held myself upright easily, I slipped my bag off my shoulder and placed it in the rack next to the post, it was then I noticed the stares from the old man, his eyes were wide as he glared down at my small tight butt.
I didn't mind though, I may be young but I enjoy the attention my firm young body brings me, I even gave him a little smirk before turning away.

As the bus went over a bump in the road the old man bumped against me slightly running his large hand across my butt and gently squeezing, I said nothing and brushed it off as a mistake because of the bump.
But when I felt his hand a second time sliding down my butt and under my skirt rubbing against the fabric covering my tight little ass I turned back to him, "Dirty old pervert." I scolded him before grabbing my bag and moving away from him towards the very back of the crowded bus.

I wrapped my hands around a post at the back holding myself steady, I felt a hand once again brush against my butt and turned to see the old pervert had followed me, I panicked for a moment but kept myself calm.
His hand slipped down my ass and under my skirt again but this time I felt his large fingers sliding between my fabric covered slit, he held himself against me tightly as his strong hand went to work.

His fingers pushed harder against my little slit causing me to form a slight damp spot in my panties, I felt myself trembling from his touch and my knees began to shake from the agonising teasing he caused to my young cunt.
His strong fingers slipped inside my damp panties rubbing my tiny clit between 2 fingers, "Please stop.... no... please don't." I pleaded.

The old pervert paid no attention to my plea's and kept rubbing my little clit which started to throb from his constant teasing, my vision blurred and I began to breath heavily as I felt myself nearing a climax.

A moment later my climax started to surge through my tight body causing me to start moaning as the old pervert covered my mouth with his large hand muffling the orgasmic noises .

As my climax subsided and I regained my senses I could feel the old perverts hard dick digging into my back, he rocked slightly against me sliding his tented trousers up my wet pantie covered crack.

He stopped and looked around checking for unwanted attention before unzipping himself releasing his fat shaft, he grabbed my hand pulling it back placing it around his hot cock forcing me to jerk him off.

His hand under my shirt once again started groping my small tits as he forced my hand up and down his stiff cock, the heat radiating from his penis excited me as I stretched my fingers around his shaft and began to jerk him harder.

He released my hand allowing me to explore his dick on my own as I reached back with my free hand cupping his balls and light squeezing and caressing, thick pre cum dribbled from his piss slit as my fingers massaged into his throbbing shaft.

I reached back with my free hand cupping his large ball sack squeezing gently and rolling them around in my soft grip.

He began to thrust hips while moaning into my ear before I felt his ball sack tighten and his shaft pulsate, suddenly 4 long hot stings of jizz flew out the tip of his dick splashing the backs of my legs.

He stood still gripping me before leaning in and kissing my neck softly, "thank you baby." he said before he gazed around the bus again checking for unwanted attention.

After he was satisfied he pulled me to a seat making me sit by the window as it offered more privacy.

His large strong hand once again began to slip down my leg and under my skirt, he was softer this time, more gentle as I allowed him to explore my young body, his hand pushed against my wet panties and his fingers flicked my little clit hard.

He pressed his fingers into the fabric covering my tight cunt causing me to tingle from his touch, he rubbed and teased me for a further 10 minutes, "this is my stop now Mr...." I said to him.

He looked at me smirking before pushing a piece of paper into my hand, he stood and let me stand up from the seats.

I walked out the bus and immediately unfolded the piece of paper finding a cell number.

I nearly screwed the paper up and threw it away but something inside told me not to and I folded it back up and pushed it inside my pocket before starting my short walk home.

My walk home was short and boring as always before turning into my street and heading to my house.
I walked up and opened the door making my way into the kitchen where my mom was washing up.

"Hello sweetie, how was school today." she asked.

"Fine mom." I answered as I opened the fridge grabbing the carton of fresh orange juice and pouring myself a glass.

"Don't forget to finish your paper Michelle, its due in tomorrow remember. she told me.

"Yes mom, I'm going to do it right away." I answered.

I drank my orange juice and left the room heading upstairs to finish writing my paper, I walked into my room and shut the door behind me planning to change into something more comfortable, I took the folded paper from my pocket and placed it on my desk before stripping off and changing my clothes.

I sat at my desk and switched my computer on before grabbing my paper work ready to complete, I clicked onto google and began to search for information I needed to finish my paper.
About 2 hours later I finished my paper and slumped back in my chair bored staring at the folded paper the old pervert gave me, I reached over and unfolded it again reading the message trying to decide what to do.

Although I enjoyed the experiences forced upon me today I still knew it was wrong as I wrestled the thoughts in my mind before giving up and grabbing my cell.
I typed in his number and sent one very short text "Hi."

A few minutes later my cell began to vibrate as I received a text back saying "Hello, I didn't think you were going to text me, my name is Jeff."
I typed in a new message and sent it which said "Hi Jeff, nice to meet you, I'm Michelle."

A minute later my cell vibrated again and I opened the message which read "Tomorrow same time."

I didn't reply straight away as I thought about what to say, in the end I just typed "Ok." and sent it.

My heart was racing just thinking about tomorrow but I decided it was time for bed since I had school tomorrow so I took a quick shower and went to sleep.

I woke up early the next morning around 7am before my alarm went off, I lay there for a while thinking about yesterdays events and what might happen today as I agreed to meet the old pervert Jeff.
While thinking about his hands groping my young body I pushed my hand down into my panties rubbing myself slowly, I have been masturbating for about a year now ever since I turned 12 years old and noticed my body was changing.
But I had never cum as hard as yesterday with the old pervert, his probing fingers pushed me much further than I have ever gone before and I wanted it again.

I felt my young cunt tingling with excitement as I slid a finger into my wet hole slowly up to the knuckle, I built my speed up as I rapidly fingered my dripping pussy before letting a long low moan of relief out as my climax began rushing through me.
I lay there regaining my senses before climbing out of bed and heading to the bathroom for a shower, afterwards I got changed into my school uniform before heading downstairs for breakfast.

"Morning mom." I said while yawning.

"Morning sweetheart, there's cereal ready for you." she said.

"Thanks mom, where's dad? I didn't see him yesterday." I asked.

"He left out of town yesterday, don't you remember him saying he's going to meet up with some old friends?" she told me.

"Oh right, I totally forgot." I replied.

I sat down to eat my breakfast before putting my shoes on and heading to school.

When I got to school I handed my paper to Mrs miles before taking my seat for another long and boring day, "Pssst Michelle, coming to the mall today?" Ashley whispered.

"No I cant, my mom needs me at home since my dad is gone for a few days." I whispered back carefully as I didn't want Mrs miles to get on at me again.

After the day finally past by the bell rang signalling home time as all the students rushed for the door as normal, outside I walked down the street once again heading to the bus stop.
There was 2 other people there today, both men, one was short ugly fat man and the other was a tall black guy who looked kind of smart dressed in a suit.

I sat down on the steel chairs as normal waiting for the bus to arrive, after a few minutes sitting in the hot sun feeling the sweat running down my face again the bus finally appeared down the street.
I stood up swinging my bag over my shoulder waiting behind the two men as the bus pulled up letting us in.

The bus was extremely crowded today but I noticed Jeff the old pervert standing at the back of bus staring at me, I walked to the back of the bus where he took my bag from me and placed it on the seat behind him.

"Hello Jeff...." I said nervously.

He reached out grasping my shaking hand before pulling me to him, his hands slipped down my back grabbing my firm young butt, he squeezed and groped me softly before leaning into me flicking his tongue over my lips.

He did this repeatedly until I parted my lips allowing him inside to explore my young warm mouth, our tongues danced around each others mouth for a moment before he ran his hands up my body stopping at my shirt as he began to pop each button open.

"Jeff, noooo.... people will see.." I protested.

He stopped before spinning me around and pointing out a wall of strangers blocking the view of other passengers that rode the buss.

He once again began to pop each button open until my bare chest was revealed to his lustful eyes, he slid his hand overs my small breasts flicking his fingertips over my little hard nipples making me squirm from his touch.

He leaned towards me taking my right nipple in his mouth and sucking hard while rolling my left nipple around between two fingers causing low moans to slip from my mouth, his tongue licked and lashed around my nipple stopping only to bite softly sending tingling pleasure through my body.

As he pulled away again I noticed he had unzipped his trousers allowing his long hot cock free which twitched in the air, he pushed me to my knees while wrapping his hand around my hair guiding my mouth towards his throbbing prick.

I opened my mouth eagerly as the tip of his dick slipped inside my warm wet mouth, I immediately tasted his salty pre cum that oozed out as his cock pushed deeper inside, I began to bob back and fourth while sliding my tongue around his hard shaft.
His moans of lustful desire sighed from his mouth as his head fell back enjoying the sensation of my mouth on his cock.

I let his dick free from mouth as I slid down and began to lick his large ball sack for a moment before sliding back up letting myself drool over his shaft as I wrapped my mouth around his cock again.
His hand that wrapped around my hair let go as he allowed me to fully explore his cock, I took my time sliding my tongue around his head tasting his pre cum slide down my throat before bobbing my head up and down faster.

Jeff was now moaning louder as I continued to suck his dick hard and fast when I suddenly felt a hand rubbing and caressing my tight butt from behind, I jolted forward from the sensation of someone else groping me which caused me to take the entire length of Jeff's cock down my throat for a moment before I pulled back gagging.

My gagging vibrated along Jeff's shaft causing him to throb and pulsate in my mouth as I felt a warm string of jizz hit the back of my throat, his hands returned to my head holding me still as he humped his hips into air filling my mouth with his salty cream.

5 long strings of jizz filled my mouth which leaked out the sides as I tried to swallow his huge load.

Meanwhile the groping hands behind me had pulled my panties down to my knees as I felt fingers sliding through my wet slit, I turned my head noticing it was the ugly fat man that was at the bus stop, but for some reason I didn't care as he poked and probed my juicy pussy.

I continued sucking on Jeff's cock trying to get the last drops of jizz as the fat man behind me pushed 2 fingers into my cunt causing me to yelp in pleasure, his fingers were fat and filled my tiny hole which began to leak juices steadily.

Jeff stared down at me smiling as the remnants of his jizz dripped down my chin, his eyes glowed with fire as the man behind me pulled out his fat cock and began to stab against my tight opening.

His hands grabbed my tight butt holding me steady as his fat cock pushed past the wet lips of my labia, "Urrrrgh" I started to moan before Jeff covered my mouth stopping my moans from filling the buss.

The fat mans cock felt extremely hot as he slammed into me rapidly causing my body to tremble as the nearing climax inside me sent shockwave's of ecstasy to my cunt, I felt the man behind me drooling over my back as his hand gathered his saliva and rubbed it into my tiny tight butt hole.

His thumb slowly pushed inside my tiny butt hole making me tremble further as he continued to thrust his fat dick in my wet little cunt.

Suddenly the fat man pulled his cock from my dripping pussy and leaned down sliding his tongue up my dribbling crack before pushing inside my hole, he explored my cunt for a moment sending new waves of pleasure up my body, I pushed back against the mans tongue forcing him deeper.

My hips were smashing against his face now as my cunt burst into a waterfall of juices that coated his face, he pulled his face away smiling as my hot cum dribbled down his cheeks.

He gripped his fat prick again and guided it towards my now sloppy hole and pushed inside easily , his ball sack slapped my throbbing clit as he hammered away my young pussy.

He returned his thumb to my ass hole pushing inside just a little before I felt his cock throb and pulsate inside me, he began to make small thrusts as hot string of spunk splashed the walls of my contracting cunt, my pussy muscles tightened around his thick shaft milking every last drop of his salty load before he pulled free from my hole which drooled down my trembling thighs.

Jeff smiled as he reached down pulling me to his side where he wrapped his arm around me.

"There's someone I want you to meet." he said.

I nodded in agreement before pulling my panties back up and buttoning my shirt.

I sat by his side silently as I began to wonder where we were going......

A short while later Jeff stood up before helping me to my feet, the wall of people scattered allowing us to pass by the other passengers, we walked off the bus and he held my hand as we walked down the road.

It was only a short walk, maybe 5 minutes before we came to a cheap motel, we walked over to one of the room he had obviously pre-booked.

He unlocked the door and we walked inside, it was a small room really, a double bed, small sofa and room to back that must have been the bathroom.

"He will be here shortly." Jeff said.

I nodded again in my shyness, "why don't you go and take a shower?" Jeff suggested.

"Ok." I said and walked up and twisted the doorknob opening the bathroom door, I stripped my clothes off and jumped in the shower cleaning myself off.

I took my time in the shower cleaning my little pussy of the jizz that the fat man shot inside me, my mind wandered a little thinking of who might me coming here and what will I have to do.

I was still nervous but I was kind of excited too, I had never been fucked before until today on the bus but I liked it, I liked it allot.

I had experimented allot in my youth with brush handles and such but nothing felt like that mans fat prick sliding inside me.

"Hurry up in there, he will be here soon." Jeff called out.

I turned the taps off and stepped out of the shower dripping wet, I reached for the towel rack but it was empty....

I walked out the room shyly covering my small tits and pussy, "There's no towel Jeff." I announced.

He turned and looked at me as water dripped down my clean smooth naked skin, he walked over not saying a word before wrapping his arms around me and pushing his mouth into mine.

We kissed as his hands once again groped my body, his hand slipped between my legs pushing my hand away before pinching my clit between his thumb and middle finger.

I moaned into his mouth as he tweaked my clit slowly causing me to tingle, he pulled away and knelt down while sliding his long fat finger up my wet slit, up and down his finger teased before pushing into my little hole.

I began to howl and squirm around his probing fingers as he slowly fingered my aching hole, I could clearly see his fat prick was getting hard again as it strained against his trousers, he pushed me back onto the bed before mashing his face into my cunt, his tongue took long slow stokes up my crack before I felt him pushing against my tight little hole.

He licked and nibbled at my cunt for a few moments before sliding his tongue down over my little butt hole which had never been used before until the fat man played with it slightly.

I had never felt something so wrong and exciting at the same time as his warm saliva coated my ass, he pushed his tongue inside causing my body to thrash around on the bed as my cunt released a river of juices that dripped down onto his face.

He pulled his tongue away and looked up at me, "I cant wait for him..." he said as he stood up snapping his trouser button open and letting them fall down his legs revealing his large fat cock that drooled with pre cum as he gazed upon my trembling body.

He wrapped him arms around me picking me up and walking over to the sofa where he lay me down face first with my ass sticking out in the air.

He grabbed his dribbling cock and pushed himself softly against my small hole, I felt myself stretching a little as the tip of his fat cock pushed inside.

"Knock, knock."

Jeff pulled out and pulled his trousers up and walked to the door.

Before he open the door he turned back to me, stay just like that now ok Michelle." he said.

"Uh huh." I mumbled as the door opened and someone walked inside.

"Long time no see Jeff!!" the man said.

"Hey bill, how's it going." Jeff replied.

"Not bad at all mate, I finally managed to get away from the family, oh I see you started without me eh." he said as he looked over at my naked wet body.

"She's a good one, gives a great blow job." Jeff said.

Bill walked over behind me bending down and staring at my wet cunt, he placed 2 fingers on my pussy spreading my glistening labia as his tongue flicked over my little clit making me shudder with excitement.

"Mm, tastes good, looks good, great find Jeff." bill said.

I giggled for a second before I felt bills fingers enter my tight little hole, he pushed deeply up to his knuckles forcing low moans to fill the room.

He leaned down again and flicked his tongue over my little ass hole as he began to twist and rotate his fingers inside me, within moments I was rocking back against him as the pleasure he caused me was sending me over the edge.

My pussy started to contract around his fingers and that tingling sensation filled my stomach before bill pulled his fingers out of my cunt.

"Not yet little girl, not yet." he said.

I was kind of annoyed how he stopped and left me on the edge and dying for more as I heard him unzipping his trousers, after a moment he began to lightly slap my ass cheeks making me squeal as he tortured my young ass.

I squirmed under his slapping hands feeling my cunt leak down my thighs, his slaps turned to caressing as he knelt between my legs licking up my leaking slit, he mashed himself against me forcing his tongue deep inside me.

I wiggled around feeling his tongue sliding deeper as he probed me, the vibrated from his slurping mouth drove me crazy as I felt that tingling return but this time he didn't pull out.

I ground my hips back against his face feeling the tremendous force of the climax bursting within, I rode the waves of ecstasy that coursed through my body causing my knees to shake.

He pulled his tongue free before standing up and pushing the hot head of his oozing prick into my tight leaking hole, he pushed hard sinking half of his fat dick inside me and began to thrust his hips back and forward sliding his hot cock deeper with every thrust.

Soon enough I was taking his entire dick all the way as I felt his balls smack against my hard throbbing clit, he gripped my ass cheeks as he continued to pummel my young little pussy.

"Oh fuck. oh fuck, oh fuck.... " I cried out feeling his pulsating cock reach new depths of my cunt.

He began to take slower thrusts into me now as he tried to hold off a little longer before blowing his load deep inside my wet cunt, but when I began to thrust back feeling the new orgasm inside ready to explode he couldn't hold back any longer as his thrusts quickened.

He pulled his cock out screaming, "get on your knees!"

I span myself around and fell to the floor looking up at my very own father who's cock twitched and pulsated inches from my face before 6 massive loads of cum shot from his cock.

Once his cock stopped cumming over my face, he opened his eyes and looked down at me.

"Oh fuck.... Oh shit.... WHAT THE FUCK HAVE I DONE..." he shouted as he realised he had just fucked his own daughter.

"JEFF YOU FUCKING BASTARD, THATS MY DAUGHTER." he shouted out as he flew towards him grabbing him around his shirt.

"Hey bill, I'm sorry man, I really am but come on how could I have known?" he tried to reason.

I saw my dad making a fist with his hand as he pulled his arm back ready to punch Jeff.

"NO, dad don't!!!." I screamed as he turned towards me.

The look on his face sent chills down my spine, "I cant handle this." he said before pulling his trousers up and running out of the door.

"I think I should go now Jeff...." I said before rushing to the bathroom cleaning myself up and changing back into my school uniform.

I walked out the bath in silence and walked past Jeff and out the door.

I was shaking all over thinking about what had happened as I walked to the bus stop so I could get back home......

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2014-01-03 03:23:03
What a pile of crap.
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Nice of the author to keep commenting this is the best story i have ever read.
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Enough characters introduced into the story to keep the ending shrouded in doubt... But not so many as to make it impossible to catch.

Well done.

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