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Last we spoke, Todd had just fucked his step-daughter Nicole

Todd looked over his shoulder to see Michelle slumbering peacefully next to him.
What the hell? Did I drink too much yesterday and black out? Was that just an incredibly vivid dream?
Michelle stirred and opened her eyes, smiling up at him.
“Good morning. How did you sleep?”
“Umm, fine.” Todd wasn’t sure what else to say.
“You haven’t had such a peaceful night’s sleep in I don’t know how long. Having sex with Nicole certainly agrees with you.”
Todd stared at her dumbly.
So that was real?
“I don’t know what to say…..” he muttered.
She smiled at him and leaned forward to grab his hand reassuringly.
“Todd, it’s okay. I set it up. I’m not angry or upset. In fact, I’m relieved.”
Todd still couldn’t quite grasp the situation.
“You set me up with your daughter….”
Michelle smiled at him.
“Todd, I’ve never been a very sexual person. When Gene and I divorced, I was trying so hard to prove that it wasn’t my fault that I slept with anyone who showed an interest, and even seduced several men who weren’t interested in me, ruining two of my best friends’ marriages in the process.”
Michelle sat up and continued her story.
“After we got married, I realized that I didn’t have to keep impressing you with my sexuality, and I guess I just got comfortable. I know that isn’t fair to you, and I’m sorry.”
“So you try to make up for it by letting me sleep with Nicole?”
“Not quite make up for it, more like, trying to provide an outlet for your needs.”
Todd couldn’t quite see the connection she was making.
“So you don’t find me attractive anymore …..” He trailed off.
“Todd, I love you. And the thing that I treasure most about our marriage is the companionship. Having you to share my life with makes me feel complete. The thing is, sex isn’t very much of a need for me. But it is for you. So think of Nicole as a sex surrogate.”
Todd was still unsure. “Michelle, we don’t have to do this, we can go to counseling.”
“This is a lot cheaper, and gets the same result.”
“And how will all this affect Nicole? I’ll be using her for sex.”
Michelle smiled.
“She knows that, and is okay with it. I’m afraid that the divorce left her with some daddy issues, and I’m hoping that this will resolve them.”
Todd was incredulous.
“You think that having sex with me will resolve her daddy issues? Are you nuts?!?!?”
“Not at all. Nicole has sex with men because she’s seeking their approval, and then she gets clingy, which drives them away. Having sex just for the fun of it will be a healthy alternative, and help her have more normal relationships.”
Todd shook his head. “You’re grasping at straws here, Michelle. When did you become a licensed therapist?”
Michelle glared at him. “I got my psychology degree!” She snapped.
“Over twenty years ago ….” Todd muttered, but decided to let it slide.
“So how would this work?”
Michelle was still miffed, but slightly mollified, now that Todd seemed to be on board.
“Whenever you’re horny, you fuck Nicole, then you come to bed when you’re done.”
“So what if I’m horny and she isn’t around?”
“You’ll have to wait, unless someone else is available whom I approve of.”
“I’m still trying to picture this. So we go out for a nice romantic evening, we get home, you go to bed, and I go to Nicole’s room?”
“That’s about it. But I still wouldn’t mind a little kissing and cuddling before you go fuck her.”
Todd shook his head in disbelief, but knew that arguing with Michelle over this was a losing battle; she had already made up her mind.
“Where is she now?”
“She went home last night.”
“And you came back to come to bed with me?”
“Yes. Like I said, I enjoy the companionship. I don’t feel right sleeping without you.”
They continued discussing it, and while Todd wasn’t exactly sure about how it would all work out, he had at least agreed to give it a try.
When they arrived home, he immediately went looking for Nicole, and found her by the pool.
“How do you feel today?” She asked him.
“A little unsure about this whole arrangement.” He confessed. “Nicole, why did you agree to this?”
“Because I want to help you guys out. And because I’ve had a crush on you for ages. And because last night was incredible, and no one has ever made me feel that way.”
“Nicole, I’m really concerned about how this is going to affect you. How it affects your relationship with me, and how it affects your relationship with your mom, and how it affects your mom’s and my relationship.”
“I don’t see any reason to worry,” she replied. “We’re all adults, and we all know exactly what we’re getting into.”
Todd seriously doubted that Nicole had any idea what she was getting into.
“Nicole, I would just be using you for sex. I would be out with your mom, come have sex with you, and then leave you and go back to her. How is that going to make you feel, me treating you like that?”
“Mom thinks that it will be good for me. Just fucking, rather then using sex to keep guys from leaving me will help me develop a healthier outlook towards my relationships.”
Todd snorted. “That’s your mother talking. I would be treating you like a prostitute, except I wouldn’t be paying you.”
“No you wouldn’t.” Michelle had walked out and found them. “Because you love her. That’s the difference. You wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.”
Todd turned to face her. “Michelle, I’m afraid that this little experiment will wind up hurting her.”
“And that’s why it will work. Because you are aware of that possibility and will prevent it from happening.”
Todd knew that there was no winning this argument with Michelle.
Michelle sat down next to Nicole and addressed her directly.
“Todd and I have already discussed the rules for this, and I want you to hear them as well. First of all, no kissing.”
“It’s a little late for that, mom.”
Michelle arched an eyebrow. “Really? Well no kissing from now on.”
“Second, Todd has to initiate the sex, you can’t come onto him when you’re feeling horny. And when he’s done, he’s coming to bed with me.”
Nicole nodded, and Todd figured that he’d better make a few more things clear.
“Michelle, why don’t you explain what Nicole is supposed to be getting out of this, just so there’s no misunderstandings.”
Michelle nodded. “Sweetie, you’re going to enjoy sex, purely for the physical pleasure. It’s not something that you use to hold onto a guy. There’s no emotional attachment in this case.”
Todd raised an eyebrow at that, and Michelle wavered a bit.
“Alright, I suppose there is an emotional attachment already, but not a relationship. But you understand that Todd loves me, and is mine. Sex is fun, and it should be enjoyed strictly for what it is.”
Nicole nodded.
“And you two must always use a condom.”
“What about other guys? Can I still have sex with other guys?”
“I’d really prefer that you not, sweetie, at least not until you get the hang of sex for pleasure.”
“What about other girls?”
Both Todd and Michelle were surprised at that.
“Honey, I had no idea that you were …… interested in that.”
Nicole waved a hand dismissively.
“I’m not bi or anything, I just find myself wanting girls every now and then. Especially over the summer, when they’re wearing those skimpy little outfits and look so cute.”
“I think it would be wise if you only had sex with Todd for a while.”
Nicole looked at Todd and smiled. “So I guess we’re going steady.”
Michelle responded sternly to that. “No, Nicole, there is none of that, this is going to be strictly sex for the sake of sex.”
Todd finally spoke up. “Nicole, I think that you ought to know, the entire time I’m with you, I’m going to be thinking of your mother.”
Nicole nodded. “That’s fine.”
“I also have to warn you that I don’t get horny all that often.”
Michelle chuckled at that. “Don’t take that too seriously, he’s generally wanting some about twice a week.”
“So basically, I’m going to be coming into your room with no warning, ready to have sex, whether or not you’re in the mood. Will you be able to deal with that and not find it a chore?”
“I think I can manage.”
Todd left their meeting more convinced than ever that this plan was going to be a disaster.
How would he be able to fuck Nicole without making Michelle jealous?
How was he going to be able to maintain his love for Michelle while fucking Nicole?
How was he going to keep from falling for Nicole while he was fucking her?
And how would he keep Nicole from falling for him while he was fucking her?

The next morning, Todd awoke with a hard on. As he stumbled to the bathroom, he glanced over at Michelle’s slumbering form. Her back was to him, her blonde hair was tousled, and her nightgown covered her body. As he finished in the bathroom, it occurred to him that just down the hallway was the cure for his morning wood.
As he washed his hands, he saw that a box of condoms had been placed next to his sink.
He grabbed one and headed out.
He bent over and kissed Michelle on the cheek and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to go take care of business with Nicole, okay?”
Michelle stirred and nodded.
Todd headed down the hallway, entering Nicole’s room.
Nicole was still asleep, in almost the exact same pose as her mother.
It was startling just how much the two of them looked alike.
Nicole was clad in a tank top and sleep pants, which accentuated her sexy figure.
Todd absent-mindedly rubbed his hard on. He had seen Nicole dressed in such a fashion before, and had gotten to the point that it didn’t elicit much of a reaction from him, but knowing that he was going to be having sex with her made this a little bit different.
He was surprised by Michelle walking in behind him and wrapping her arms around him.
“Well are you just going to stare at her, or fuck her?”
“I’m not sure.” Todd confessed. The other night had been a little different, Nicole had been upset, and he had been comforting her when things just happened, but now, with Nicole just sleeping there, it seemed … wrong.
Michelle reached around from behind him and began stroking his cock through his underwear. “You feel pretty sure. Go on.”
And with that, she turned and left.
“I’ll make coffee.”
Todd laughed to himself over how surreal this was.
“Sure. Go fuck my daughter while I make coffee.”
He climbed into bed behind Nicole and pulled her pants down before maneuvering her legs open to expose her pussy.
He pulled off his underwear and tore open the condom wrapper before unrolling it on his cock.
He lay down behind Nicole, and tried to push his cock into her, but she was dry, and too tight for him to slide in.
Shit. What was I thinking?
Todd briefly wondered if this was too much trouble when Nicole stirred and looked over her shoulder at him.
“Morning wood?” She yawned.
Todd grinned sheepishly. “Yeah. Sorry.”
“Don’t be. That’s why I’m here.” She pulled her pants all the way off and threw her legs wide open and rolled on her stomach before closing her eyes again.
“I’m just going to lie here and take it, if that’s okay with you. I’m still sleepy.”
“That’s fine, honey.” Todd replied as he crawled up behind her.
He repositioned himself again and tried pushing into her a few times, but it was still no use.
Nicole began grunting in an annoyed manner, and Todd started to feel a little ridiculous.
He pulled back and whispered, “I’m sorry sweetie, this just isn’t working for me. Go back to sleep.”
Todd pulled the condom off and threw it in the trash before pulling his underwear back on and heading into the kitchen.
“That was quick.” Michelle remarked as she was busying herself at the stove.
“Yeah.” Todd replied as he sat down.
“Did you enjoy yourself?”
“Actually, nothing happened.”
Michelle turned to face him. “What? Why not?”
Todd looked down sheepishly.
“It just …. Didn’t feel right. And I couldn’t get it in, she was too tight, and I didn’t want to wake her. I told you that this was a bad idea.”
Michelle patted him on the shoulder.
“It will take some time, but it will all work out.”
As they sat there eating breakfast, Nicole came out of her bedroom, yawning and stretching.
“Hey, where did you go? I thought we were going to have sex.”
Todd dismissed that with a wave of his hand.
“Don’t worry about it Nicole, it wasn’t a very good idea to begin with.”
Michelle arched an eyebrow at him.
“Do you still have an erection?”
Todd blushed a little, and Michelle reached under the table and grabbed his aching hard on.
She turned to face Nicole. “I think that you have a job here, young lady.”
Nicole clapped her hands together. “Yay! I love morning sex!!”
Todd removed Michelle’s hand from his cock and held both hands up, trying to stop this train wreck before it got too far along.
“Ladies, please. I’m not in the mood. Now if you’ll excuse me…”
He walked down the hall to his bathroom, and busied himself until his erection went away. He returned to the kitchen and looked at the both of them.
“See? Nothing happening down here.”
They both looked down at his crotch. Michelle merely shrugged and returned to her paper, and Nicole returned to her breakfast.

The next couple of days passed uneventfully, Todd awoke each morning with an erection, which he allowed to go away before he arose.
Neither Nicole or Michelle said anything at all, and Todd was convinced that their crazy idea was forgotten.
A week went by, and Michelle was at a meeting of her tennis league when she called Todd, slurring and giggling.
“We met at the bar. I need you to come pick me up.”
Todd chuckled and headed out to get her. Every now and again, Michelle would get together with her friends and tie one on before calling for Todd to come pick her up.
As Todd entered the bar, he was greeted with shouts and wolf whistles from Michelle’s friends.
He was much younger than any of their husbands, and Michelle was quite the envy of her friends for having married him.
“Here’s the young stud now! Take this girl home and make her feel like a woman!!”
“My girl is going to be gettin’ some tonight!!!”
If you only knew, Todd thought to himself.

As he drove Michelle home, she was in a relaxed mood, giddy and giggling. She started reaching over and running her hand up and down his arm and purring.
Maybe we don’t need Nicole after all, Todd thought to himself.
This was the most physical that Michelle had been with him in a while.
During sex, she had just been lying there motionless, not even caressing him, but now …. Todd began to think that maybe their rough patch was over.
As they got home, Michelle pulled him towards their bedroom, still giggling and kissing him.
As they fell backward onto their bed, she wrapped her arms around his neck and rubbed her nose against his.
“Hmmmmm, I haven’t felt this good in a while.” She purred.
Todd remembered the old joke about marriage, “If you’re horny, I’m happy”, and smiled.
He and Michelle resumed kissing, passionately devouring one another, until Michelle started to tire.
As she wore down, the kissing slowed until it was just gentle pecks.
Eventually, Todd and Michelle just lay there in one another’s arms.
“That was great.” Michelle murmured, and she rolled away from Todd and began undressing as she headed to the bathroom.
Todd lay on the bed, a little unsure of what had just happened.
Are we done? He thought to himself.
Eventually, Michelle exited the bathroom in her nightgown, and rubbing her beauty mask onto her face.
“Oh, you’re still here.” She said with surprise.
“Ummm, yeah. Where else would I be?” Todd answered.
“With Nicole.” Michelle replied, matter-of-factly.
Todd sighed. “Michelle, I really don’t think …”
Michelle raised a hand and cut him off.
“Todd, we’ve been over this. You have two options: Stay here with me and go to sleep horny and unfulfilled, or go down the hall and fuck Nicole, then come back here and go to sleep satisfied.”
And with that, Micelle climbed under the covers.
Todd sat there for a few moments, stunned.
He then rose from the bed and walked down the hall to Nicole’s room and softly tapped on the door.
“Nicole? Are you awake, honey?”
“Come on in.” She answered from inside.
Todd opened the door and was frozen in place, shocked by the sight that greeted him.
Nicole was laying back on her bed, naked as a jaybird, with her legs opened wide, and lazily pushing a finger in and out of her glistening pussy.
She smiled up at him.
“I heard you two come in, and could tell that mom was blitzed. I hoped you’d be coming to see me tonight. Look, I’m all prepared this time. Lubed up and ready to go. There’s a condom on my nightstand.”
Todd turned to look, and sure enough, there it was. With a little bow taped to the corner. He couldn’t help but laugh.
Nicole grinned at him. “I wanted you to feel good about this. After the other morning, I made sure not to be unprepared again.”
Sure enough, there was a bottle of lubricant on the nightstand next to the condom.
“Now I’ll always be ready for you. And you can put it anywhere you want.” She said with a twinkle in her eye. “There’s more in the drawer.”
Just out of curiosity, Todd looked inside, and sure enough, Nicole had enough condoms to outfit a college football team.
“Nicole, I think you may have gone a little bit overboard.”
“Be prepared”, she replied. “That’s my motto. Now are you going to come fuck this hot young pussy, or not?”
Todd grinned and reached for the condom. He still felt a little odd about fucking Nicole, but Michelle was practically forcing him to do it, and Nicole was eager.
He dropped his pants, unrolled the condom, and stepped to the edge of the bed, bringing his groin level with Nicole’s. He placed his hand on her leg, pushing it wider, and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy.
As he began to press into her, he glanced up at her face and faltered.
While she did indeed look like a younger version of her mother, Todd couldn’t get the image of her as a young freshman sitting in his classroom out of his head.
Nicole smiled at him. “Go ahead, push it in, I can take it.”
Todd forced himself to look straight down to where his cock was pushing into her, and imagined that he was with Michelle.
Nicole moaned as Todd kept pushing forward, and sighed contentedly when his balls finally came to rest on her asshole.
Todd leaned back, placed his hands on Nicole’s ankles, and spread her as wide as he could before starting to pump in and out of her.
“Play with your pussy.” He whispered to her.
Nicole began rubbing her clit in a circular motion and moaned.
Todd began rotating his hips, stirring her insides with his cock.
Nicole kept moaning, and Todd kept his eyes screwed shut the entire time, concentrating on the sensations on his cock.
Even though the condom made him less sensitive, he could still feel how hot and tight she was.
The squishing sound told him how wet she was, as well as the mix of lube and pussy juices that were running down his balls.
Michelle had gotten him pretty revved up, so it wasn’t long before he could feel his balls start to tighten in his sac.
Todd felt his cum shoot into the tip of the condom while he kept Nicole’s legs forced open, gasping the whole time.
When he finally opened his eyes, he looked down at Nicole to see her smiling up at him.
“That was fun. Will you come back tomorrow night?”
“I doubt it sweetie, like I said, I’m not horny that often.”
Nicole smirked at him, reminding him once again of the 14 year old he had taught.
Shit, this was not going to work if he couldn’t get that image out of his head.
“I bet I get you horny enough that you’ll start coming to see me every night.”
Todd looked down at Nicole, and sternly admonished her. “You know the rules, your mom was very clear.”
Nicole stuck her tongue out at him and made a face.
“Nicole, I’m serious, this is no laughing matter.”
Although Todd had to admit that it was hard to keep a straight face while he still had her legs sticking up in the air, and his softening cock being squeezed by her pussy.
When his dick finally dropped free, he bent over and kissed her on the forehead.
“Thanks honey.”
She giggled and reached up, grabbing his neck and trying to kiss him, but Todd pulled away.
“Nicole, if we’re going to keep doing this, then you need to follow the rules. Otherwise, this little arrangement is over. Understood?”
Nicole pouted a bit, and in a little girl voice chirped, “Yes Mr. Chandler.”
Todd almost said something, but figured that it would just make it worse.
He turned and headed back to his own room, showering before he climbed into bed next to Michelle.
As soon as she felt him in bed next to her, Michelle snuggled up to him, and Todd drifted off to sleep.
When he awoke the next morning, Todd was surprised to see that he had another erection.
As he lay there, he contemplated what to do.
Fucking Nicole seemed inviting, but he knew that he was going to have to do things a little differently.
As bad as it sounded, looking at her during sex was going to eventually become too much for him to deal with.
And based on her behavior last night, he didn’t think that Nicole was going to keep from forming an attachment with him.
He went to their closet, and started poking around. A few years back, Michelle had surprised him on his birthday with some Liberator sex furniture. Nothing too elaborate, it was simply a couple of cushions that stacked together, allowed the female to lay on them and be penetrated at different angles.
While they had once adorned their bed, Michelle had put them away about a year ago, complaining that they took up too much space.
Todd grabbed the larger of the two cushions, and carried it to Nicole’s room.
When he entered, he pulled the sheet back and placed the cushion down next to her on the bed, then grabbed her hips and rolled her up on top of it.
In this position, her hips were pushed up in the air, with her upper body sloping down away from him.
Perfect. From back here, she would look almost exactly like her mother, and he wouldn’t feel like a pedophile.
Nicole stirred and tried to turn over, but he pressed his hand into her back, stopping her.
“Todd?” She asked sleepily.
“Shhh. Just lie there, honey.”
He pulled her panties down to her knees, and knelt behind her. She was dry, but he could soon remedy that.
He lay down on the bed and began gently kneading her buttocks and the back of her thighs while placing kisses on her ass.
After a few minutes of that, he knelt directly behind her and began licking and kissing her pussy, spreading her ass cheeks wide, and pushing his tongue against her asshole.
After several minutes of his oral attention to her pussy, Nicole was noticeably wet, and Todd pulled his face away from her hindquarters, and began pushing two fingers into her pussy, hooking them and pressing into her G-spot.
As Nicole moaned with pleasure, Todd withdrew his fingers and began smacking her ass, making her buttocks shake and jiggle.
Nicole giggled at that, and began mewling for him to fuck her.
Todd walked to her nightstand and retrieved a condom, grabbing the bottle of lube as well.
He didn’t think that penetrating her would be a problem this morning, but he wanted to be sure.
With Nicole’s ass tilted up at a delightful angle, Todd climbed onto the bed behind her and lined his cock up behind her pussy. He grabbed it in one hand, and spread Nicole’s outer labia with the other before pushing into her.
Nicole gasped at the penetration and purred with satisfaction.
Todd placed his hands on her hips, and began a steady rhythm, pushing in and out of her.
From this position, she looked almost exactly like Michelle, and Todd was able to fuck her without any feelings of guilt.
Nicole pushed herself up on her hands, and began bouncing her ass up and down, as Todd enjoyed the view. He began thrusting again, and the sound of their skin slapping together was of a frantic pace. They were both trying to outdo the other when Todd gave her a particularly hard thrust, making her yelp, and causing her to fall forward, planting her face in her pillow.
“I surrender! You win, you win!!” she squealed.
Todd laughed and slowed down a bit, rolling his hips up and down, before starting to thrust again.
Todd began picking up his pace, pushing Nicole to the edge of her orgasm, before slowing down and backing her off.
He repeated this a few more times before Nicole decided enough was enough.
“Don’t you dare stop this time.” She warned him.
Todd smacked her ass, eliciting a yelp from her.
“Excuse me young lady, I’m calling the shots here.”
“Yes Mr. Chandler.” She replied, using that same little girl voice that both excited him and made him feel like a pervert.
That was a horrendous mood killer for Todd, and he decided to finish up.
He began thrusting into her hard, trying to get off, and pushed her to her own orgasm in the process.
While Nicole thrashed and wailed. Her tight little pussy clamped down on his dick, and Todd briefly wondered if it would ever be able to be resuscitated.
Then he felt his own orgasm erupt.
He couldn’t remember the last time he had cum so hard, he was convinced that he had burst the condom and Nicole would have his sperm pushing her eyeballs out.
Gasping for breath, Todd sat back on his heels while Nicole lay lifeless on the sex cushion.
They both moaned at the same time, bring a weak laugh from each of them.
Todd leaned down and kissed Nicole on the cheek.
“Thanks, honey.”
Nicole nodded weakly.
“Anytime, Todd.”
As Todd returned to his own bedroom, he realized that he felt a spring in his step.
As he showered, he felt like he had more energy than normal.
When he came out of the shower, Michelle was fixing her make up in the mirror.
“You certainly took your time with her this morning.”
“What do you mean?” Todd wasn’t quite sure where this was going, but he could sense the danger.
“You were in there for over an hour.”
Todd was surprised. The time and flown by.
“Really? I didn’t realize it had been that long.”
Michelle turned to face him.
“Todd, I know that I said that I want her to learn to enjoy sex for sex sake, but you need to tread very carefully here. Nicole could easily wind up getting confused about her feelings for you.”
Todd was a bit exasperated at this.
“Michelle, that’s exactly why I didn’t want to do this in the first place.”
“Well that certainly hasn’t stopped you from enjoying it, has it?”
And she turned around to continue applying her make up.
Todd silently groused a bit, but remembered the old adage, “Happy wife, happy life”, and bit his tongue.
He walked behind Michelle and briefly rubbed her shoulders.
“You’re right, I’m sorry, I’ll be sure not to take so much time with her from now on.”
And Todd headed to the kitchen to get some breakfast, feeling better than he had in a long time.

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