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Sent to an alien world to restore the natural order
The Mission

Beneath the I-12 underpass, the huddled form was barely visible in the twilight as I headed home from stocking up on a few essentials before the predicted storm front arrived. Wrapped in a black garbage bag clutching a small second generation handbag, the hapless figure beneath the overpass was well suited for a homeless poster but ill equipped for the torrential rain predicted. Pulling my aging Merc as close as possible, I literally drug the lifeless form into the back seat before easing back into traffic as a strong wind gust heralded the storms arrival. My intention of dropping the ragged bundle at a nearby homeless shelter, was irretrievably altered by a lightning strike close enough to make the fine hairs on my neck stand on end followed by a peal of thunder that evoked my survival instincts. Cranking up the heater, I guided my aging friend to the secure carport several minutes away while dodging the newly forming puddles.

Once parked, I sat for a brief eternity to calm my shattered nerves until the memory of the homeless figure in the back seat spurred me back to reality. Grabbing the bag of groceries, I pulled my lifeless passenger across the concrete floor and struggled to drag us into my warm apartment where I collapsed into my favorite chair amidst the thundering rain. After a brief respite, I studied the bedraggled guest on the floor of the entryway and wondered briefly if a quick call to local law enforcement might have been more appropriate. A muffled groan spiked my adrenaline, and I rushed over to assist. Gently removing the flimsy plastic raincoat, I instantly became aware my guest was female, maybe in her early thirties (hard to tell through all the caked grunge), and in critical need of a complete wardrobe makeover. Gently removing her outer garb, I removed her holey soled shoes; her feet were a painful testimonial to too many hard tread miles.

Wrapping her arm around my shoulder, I gently brought her to her feet for the short jaunt to the bathroom. Completely compliant, she wordlessly stumbled beside me clad in only the bare essentials necessary to maintain her modesty; a moth eaten t-shirt and holey panties that barely clung to her anemic hips. I started the bath water and went into the master bedroom to retrieve some of the clothing I had sentimentally retained of my deceased wife. Returning to the steamy bathroom with an armload of threads, I found my guest exactly as I left her staring at the gradually increasing pool of bath water. I gestured for her to remove her remaining clothing and get into the water as I gathered her rags and left her to her own devices. Throwing some hot water on the stove for soup, I considered my options before flipping on the tube to get acquainted with the storm's progress. A funnel had been sited nearby.

Several minutes passed, and I could still hear the water running, so I eased out of my chair and slowly opened the bathroom door to check on my guest. She was sitting in the tub with the remnants of attire clinging provocatively to her tiny frame. “Great, a brain fried junkie,” I mumbled under my breath. The water was already murky and I opened the drain and motioned for her to stand. She studied my every move, and offered no resistance as I pulled the last vestiges of modesty from her frame and dropped them in the garbage container. As the tub began to refill, I pulled some liquid soap and a nylon scrubber from the cabinet and motioned for her to sit as I casually glanced at her nakedness.

Hairless from the neck down, her youthful skin and pert breasts forced me to reassess my earlier age estimate. Her muck caked body was virtually flawless, without blemish or indications of abuse. I motioned for her to sit in the rising water, and gently lathered her chest and torso, savoring the texture of her youthful skin as she closed her eyes and leaned back in submission. Her small breasts with erect coffee colored nipples were extremely sensitive, and she audibly gasped as I gently bathed the aroused flesh. Beginning with her tiny feet, I slowly lathered her long sensual legs and thighs, becoming aroused with her quickening sighs of arousal. When I brushed over the hairless swell of her reddening vulva, she emitted a high pitched squeak and grabbed my arm, forcing it against her puffy lips. Several forceful pelvic thrusts later, she threw her head back and grimaced as she clamped her legs around my invading hand. Lost in orgasmic throes, she thrashed in the water shamelessly, contracting her thighs to maintain pressure. Caught off guard, I savored the moment, and continued to tease her erogenous zones until she collapsed into a ball of orgasmic jelly.

Gently continuing to bathe her spent body, I lathered her little bubble butt and the smooth curves of her back and neck before carefully bathing her face. Her eyes fluttered open, the pupils a kaleidoscope of colors. I gazed into their depths with fascination as I motioned for her to stand for the rinse cycle. The warm water flowed through her silky dark hair, dislodging clumps of road grime and revealing a naturally beautiful shine that could stop traffic. A thorough rinse and gentle towel massage later, her transformation into a goddess was complete. I stepped back in awe, filling my senses with the most beautiful creature with dripping hair that I'd ever seen. A slight smile crossed her exquisite face and her mesmerizing eyes held me transfixed as the wind outside began to howl. The southeast walls of the apartment were pelted with debris as the lights flickered and died.

I awoke sometime later; time seemed somehow irrelevant in this dull white room that surrounded me where a figure was sitting at a small round table a short distance away. As I rose to my feet feeling self conscious at my nakedness, I surmised I had passed into the realm where I would soon be reunited with my wife.

“Won't you join me,” the seated figure implored with a slight gesture.

Humbly I crossed the distance as a spoon shaped chair materialized next to the seated woman. She studied me intently as I approached focusing primarily on my genitalia. Her hypnotizing eyes stirred a brief, indefinable memory. As I sat, two small wine glasses partially filled with a ruby colored liquid appeared; she took one and lifted it to her seductive red lips for a sip. I tried a taste of the sweet liquid, and immediate felt my face flush and my body undeniably overwhelmed with the need to inseminate every available orifice within 100-miles. Knotty fence posts even held appeal.

My host smiled knowingly as she slid the robe off her shoulders. “Your hospitality was well received Terran,” she murmured seductively. “We are en route to a developing planet to repopulate the resident species whose males were decimated by a virile cosmic toxin. An abundant incipient red fruit whose extract you just sampled will insure you and your host's virility. Our voyage is brief – grant me this opportunity to copulate with you and verify your ability to procreate.” She slowly rose from the chair, her beautiful curves revealed in all their glory. There was not a hair to be seen on her rich olive skin beneath the full dark mane of silky dark hair. A thin trail of essence trickled down the inside of her left thigh, and her face reflected long neglected desire.

I was somewhat stunned; too much information, too many questions, and overactive hormones all contributed to the dizziness I experienced as I slowly rose to my feet. Downing the rest of the red liquid in a gulp, the once forgotten passion of my youth returned with years of interest and I dove into the two firm globes crowning her heaving chest. Tongue lashing the erect nipples alternately, she briefly squealed and wrapped her legs around me as her respiration cranked up several notches. With a quick shift of her torso, her vulva slammed into my thigh, and she rode me for a series of orgasms, bathing my leg with a river of her essence. As her breathing slowed with a final violent pelvic thrust, I eased her onto the floor and after savoring the tender underside of her breasts, wandered down to her expectant vulva.

The tight hairless lips oozed her essence shamelessly as I forced my tongue into the tight slit. I thirstily savored her delicious bouquet, my tongue eagerly probing until it found the tiny engorged hub of nerve endings. She grabbed my hair and her hips lurched into the air as a fountain of her essence spurted into my mouth. Slowing my assault temporarily until her spasms calmed, I grabbed a lungful of fresh air and continued. She shrieked and came again almost immediately. Her body trembled and her face contorted with orgasmic ecstasy. Quickly positioning my rigid organ at her wet pink opening, I waited for her spasms to subside somewhat before attempting penetration.

Although she was incredibly tight, she was experienced and thrust her hips rhythmically with my own, cumming several more times before I was fully engulfed – my glans buried in her soft throbbing womb. Her vaginal muscles hungrily tightened rhythmically from the base of my organ to the tip of my glans restricting my own thrusts to short jabs. I gave her a tender kiss on the side of her long delicate neck, and her eyes flew opened in surprise. Her hands desperately clutched my butt as another orgasm overwhelmed her. The vaginal muscles were cinched so tightly they forced the blood out of my cock and I thought it would implode. She gasped and relaxed briefly before another wave hit and she clung to me like a woman possessed. The stimulation was so intense I was barely able to stem the flow before releasing several years of seed explosively into her receptive womb. She squealed and arched her hips despite the impact of my full weight, shaking uncontrollably with an explosive orgasm as I continued to pump my burning semen into her. As we slowly descending from the most erotic encounter of my life, her vagina continued to milk my essence into her center.

I held her gently as we slowly relaxed, feeling her throbbing heartbeat radiating through her extremities. A smile slowly appeared as I kissed the other side of her neck and her hands wandered through my thinning hair and down my back sensually. Suddenly, the soft white light we were bathed in changed to a soft blue and a feminine voice blurted a message in an unknown tongue. She slowly rolled away from our embrace and rose to her knees. Placing her hand gently over my left ear, I felt a momentary pin prick within the canal. I rose shakily and helped her to her feet as I gazed into her beautiful eyes.

“Our arrival is imminent. You have been selected to father a new generation of offspring based on your experience, compassion and skill. A translator was implanted in your ear to facilitate communication with the native species. Any resistance to adapting to cultural mores of this world will restrict its evolution. Be safe, be happy, and be fruitful.”

Part I

There was a brief flash of bright light and I was flat on my back staring at a clear blue sky in the middle of a tropical forest. The air was warm and sweet; my senses heightened beyond my earlier recollections. With no clothes, no weapons, and no identity, I realized my skills would be my only asset. A few strides away, a magnificent fir tree rose at a convenient angle to facilitate a quick ascent, and I scaled up to the highest point almost effortlessly. There was something in the clean crisp air that invigorated me. The forest was dotted with strange leaved trees bearing red fruit – my natural Viagra! There was smoke rising from several hundred meters away and behind was a large lake or open sea. I could hear soft feminine voices on the wind; melodious and enticing.

Suddenly the voices abruptly ceased and the air became still. A single voice broke the oppressive silence and stated it sensed a male presence nearby. Several other distinct voices skeptically questioned her observations but she insisted. I panicked not wanting to be cornered, and shinnied down the tree, bolting for thick underbrush as soon as my feet touched solid ground. I ran like the wind with the feminine voices in pursuit until I recalled my mission and slowed to a stop. A stampede of animal skinned clad women emerged from the underbrush and tumbled over one another when they slid to a stop. Their collective mouths dropped open and I suppressed the urge to laugh at the pile of jumbled bodies. From what I could discern, they were physically identical to the women of my world with keener instincts. I held my hands out, palms up, in a gesture of greeting.

A stately blond goddess made her way to the forefront and paused reflecting my gesture. Despite the fur covering her breasts and genitals, I could tell she was beautifully proportioned. I felt blood starting to fill my cock with anticipation as my mouth lost the last drop of moisture. She timidly walked towards me as her gaze shifted between my eyes and my engorged genitals. No words were spoken as she reached out to touch my cock with long trembling fingers. I touched her face lightly and she smiled firmly squeezing my penis. The other girls gathered around in a tight circle and stroked my chest and bum gently as their leader dropped to her knees and gently explored my package. I could see where this was headed and eased her hands away.

“Does it squirt the sacred cream of life,” she queried.”

“When stimulated it will,” I replied and began an impromptu lesson in basic human intercourse with simple explanations and gestures. Once finished, I entertained their questions honestly without judgment and was rewarded by their nods of understanding and occasional breaks as one of the girls manually frigged herself to orgasm. When I queried about the absence of male counterparts they fell silent until the leader explained that during the 'time of the fallen star' all men were taken away because the females had become selfish and neglected to care for them as the creator intended – a error that would cost them a generation of loneliness. I briefly considered rewriting their conceived notions but decided against it. Twilight began to settle on the forest with long shadows as we made our way back to their camp amidst occasional touches and giggles. I grabbed several red 'passion fruit' (a name I termed for their Viagra like effects) that grew everywhere and enjoyed one unaware that the non-refined fruit had a slight psychoactive effect in addition to its erection enhancement properties.

By the time we reached the small enclave of mud huts, I was euphoric and hard. Emboldened by the fruits effects, I wordlessly strolled behind the leader into her hut and tugged at the small leather strap supporting the animal skin covering her vulva. She gasped in surprise as she turned towards me and I dropped to my knees burying my face into the naturally blond, musky muff atop her long lavish legs. Stumbling over backwards onto a reed carpet, I savored her virginal labia eagerly. By the third swipe of my tongue, she became a demon, tearing at my hair and thrashing around on the carpet frantically. Convinced I would be bucked off her on first contact, I rolled onto my back and pulled her on board.

“What are you called,” I asked as she instinctively positioned herself over my package.

“Eba, my lord,” she responded breathlessly as she positioned my throbbing glans on her clit, and rubbed the two nerve filled extremities together gently. In less than a minute, she collapsed on my chest with orgasmic spasms. Perfectly positioned, my penis slid into the tight opening and with a mighty thrust of my hips, I pushed in as far as I could. She groaned as another round of orgasmic spasms sent her body into seizures. I thrust deeper again and again as she trembled uncontrollably upon me until a soft fleshy obstruction halted any further penetration. Her pussy was inhumanly tight as it milked my cock mercilessly. Still wracked with orgasmic spasms, Eba tore the fur covering from her bosoms and exposed the two most perfect globes ever created. Locking my mouth around the closest coffee colored nipple, I drew the hard teat past my teeth and tongue lashed the sensitive flesh to the sounds of her ever intensifying moans. Again she trembled with yet another orgasm clamping my cock unmercifully tight as I bit into the succulent aureola. Despite my best efforts at containment, my over stimulated cock spewed into her depths as my hips arched to enhance the life giving vaginal deposit.

With a high pitched squeal and several unintelligible words, she collapsed on me, bathing my torso in a warm stream of her pee as she lost control of her muscles. Her deep respiration’s confirmed she was still in our plane of existence, but her rapidly cooling pee spurred me to gently roll from beneath her exhausted frame to clean myself in a stream that flowed through the center of the encampment. Unsteadily I rose and stumbled over to a small stuffed bed cushion. Pulling back the thick hand sewn comforter, I arranged the pillow before returning to Aba's still trembling form. After a long pause to admire the perfection of her sweat sheened skin and the gentle curves of her femininity. I rolled her into my arms and carried her over to the cot. When I tucked her in, she sighed contently and curled into a fetal ball.

As I pulled back the skin door covering, I saw the women of the encampment on their knees with their heads bowed in awe. Slowly making my way through the small group towards the creek, I patted their heads or shoulders in acceptance, while trying to hide my embarrassment. None of them appeared over their mid twenties which seemed strange in itself, and the lingering effects of the passion fruit only made me wonder if I was hallucinating. The crystal cool water was no hallucination however, and I welcomed the refreshing relief as I eased into a depression dug into the riverbed. A young hand touched my shoulder and I turned to a barely pubescent waif staring at my eyes with a demure smile. Her skin, eyes, and coarse curly hair were a deep chocolate brown and her youthful figure oozed virginal innocence. Hesitantly, she bean to pour water on my neck and shoulders with her hands, smoothing and soothing new life into me. She wordlessly bathed my extremities and legs, and massaged the muscles gently, inadvertently stirring life back into my genitals. When her gentle caresses reached my throbbing periscope; her hands began to tremble as she timidly explored the ridges and recesses. I was becoming fully aroused.

“What is your name, princess?”

“Zuri,” she responded in a childish whisper stroking my cock with her soft hand.

“Would you like a baby?”

She nodded and I gently pulled her tiny frame on to my lap and held her tightly savoring the furry bumps of her developing breasts. Zuri grabbed my engorged penis wedged between us, and continued her tactile exploration as I gently planted kisses on her face. The other girls settled down around us; some already twiddling their twats with anticipation. I was somewhat unnerved by the audience until Zuri repositioned herself with my cock at her hairless vaginal entrance and my focus shifted to entering her tight opening. Tucked into her tight shallow slit, the sensation alone brought me perilously close to the edge. Instinctively, Zuri began rocking her hips triggering a similar yet forcibly restrained response on my behalf; my glans nudging her tiny clitoris with each stroke. After a continuing her stimulation until I was fully aroused, the experience proved too much for my Zuri and with a grimace, her worn nails tore into my back and her legs violently trembled with her first male induced orgasm. It was a beautiful display of orgasmic euphoria.

There were gasps from members of the audience, as they experienced their own voyeuristic self-induced releases simultaneously. Zuri crumbled, gasping for breath while still clinging to me desperately. Any attempt to extract myself was met with groans of disapproval as her legs locked around my thighs. Finally, two of the onlookers eased into the water beside us and gently dislodged my partner. One was a stunning redhead with long hair that easily reached the small of her back and crystal clear large green eyes. Voluptuously endowed, she eased one of her pale long legs over my torso and fumbled with my already primed probe, placing it at her warm opening hidden in a tuft of brilliant red hair. Ever so slowly she descended down the length of my tool, throwing her head back with this new erotic experience of male penetration. Slowly, she slid down the shaft until my glans was fully embedded in her quivering womb.

Although she was not as tight as my two previous lovers, her enthusiastic pelvic thrusts were more than sufficient to trigger a long series of orgasmic episodes that kept me on the edge of my own release. When her long slender fingers massaged my hyper sensitive scrotum, my attempts at restraint finally crumbled and with a groan I filled her with my burning seed. Her almost inhuman growl and a long stream of orgasmic essence that sprayed from her quim signaled her final epic orgasm as I continued to fill her until my balls ached. She fell onto me quivering as the last of our collective energies drained into orgasmic oblivion. Somewhere in the afterglow, I heard several nearby voices announce their own orgasmic releases.

When I awoke sometime later, I had been moved beneath the shade of a large fir type tree with my head resting in Zuri's lap while several other girls gently rubbed some type of soothing lotion into my skin. A plate of exotic fruits including the afore mentioned passion fruit were resting net to Zuri's knee, and upon my awakening, she fed me slices of the delightful indigenous offerings. Now fully clothed, Aba suddenly appeared and gently kissed my forehead.

“Let's talk,” was all she said as she slowly reached out with an upturned hand while rising to her feet.

During the next few hours she entertained my questions and shared her hopes for the future. Without the protein of male sperm, the women were inexplicably dying prematurely, confirming my mission's urgency. This world circled two suns and had a rapid orbit that virtually eliminated seasonal transitions. Much of the planet was unknown to them; apparently occupied by small nomadic hunter gatherer groups with abundant resources that minimized territorial conflicts. Certain social characteristics of spoken language and familial coherence were quite well developed, without the necessity of advanced technology. It was a utopia of sorts where ignorance was bliss. My attempts at explaining my origins were met with such awe and skepticism that early on I abandoned my attempts. Kissing her gently in gratitude for her honesty, I advised her that dissemination of my seed must be global, not restricted to one small group. She nodded solemnly in agreement and motioned for the other members of the clan to join us.

Several ebony women made their way over and seated themselves close to us. One was strikingly beautiful, with large doe eyes, kissable full lips, small round breasts, and full hips. I made eye contact and nodded and she scurried over. I traced the smooth features of her face; her lower lip trembling with anticipation, and small beads of sweat forming on her shoulders. Her full tender breasts accepted my touch eagerly - sensuously yet hungrily; as her hands cupped my face lovingly. I broke the kiss and and let my tongue explore the gentle curves of her long cinnamon colored neck and shoulders She pulled my head towards her and rolled her head back to look towards the heavens amidst ecstatic moans.

Gently, I explored the rich musky taste of her skin, removing her fur clothing and tongue bathing her trembling feminine curves until I eased open the dark brown valley covered with a light coating of thick black curls. Her pink vagina, a colorful contrast to her otherwise chocolate skin, was slick with desire. Spreading her puffy lips open with one hand, I slipped my forefinger into the tight pink flesh until it stopped at her hymen and slowly withdrew discovering the natives had a g-spot! Messaging the tender flesh of her g-spot gently provided the catalyst to drive her over the edge explosively. My audience gasped at her orgasmic reaction; moving even closer as I eased my cock into her trembling orifice. With one gentle thrust, the shroud of her virginity was irreversibly torn; her eyes shot open with surprise, and her vaginal walls tightened painfully around the intruder. A second, more explosive orgasm shattered her countenance as she trembled violently amidst several undecipherable exclamations.

Fighting the urge to ruthlessly plunder her pussy, I held myself firmly inside her moist pink convulsing cavern until she relaxed before gently resuming my slow deep thrusts. Her body relaxed and her abdomen rose corresponding to my penetration. The warm silkiness enveloping my tool was emphasized exponentially by tight rhythmic contractions of her vaginal muscles. Each breast bobbling thrust became a test of my ability to contain my impending orgasm. Her rapid arousal matched my own to where the first explosive stream of cervix bathing sperm sent her into unrestrained convulsions that almost threw me clear of her arcing torso.

The remainder of the clan formed a tight circle around us, and one of her companions gently tapped me on the shoulder and rolled me onto my back where she immediately dove face first onto my expended organ and eagerly cleaned the few remaining remnants of our orgasm away with her tongue. Satiated in orgasmic euphoria, I stared at the clear blue green sky, as several beautiful maidens scurried over with a plate of passion fruit and a wood hewn bowl of stream water. As they gently fed and bathed me, I reached over to quivering form of my latest conquered virgin, and squeezed her hand gently. Amidst her bodies' desperate attempts to regain stasis, she reciprocated and smiled weakly.

From a particularly dense batch of underbrush, there came a shrill scream, soon followed by a chorus of ear splitting shrieks not unlike a band of blood thirsty Seminoles. In a compromised position I feebly attempted to assume a defensive stance as my gracious hosts splintered into the woods with shrieks of terror. Only briefly did I catch a glimpse of a lizard skin wrapped warrior before a vicious kick to my gonads sent my partially digested passion fruit onto the jungle floor and the lights of awareness into blissful darkness. Sometime later, I awoke tied face down on the back of an overgrown raptor type lizard, my groin screaming in agony with every creature footfall. Gratefully, consciousness escaped me again.

Part II

When I awoke, I was secured on a sandy mound on my back with my extremities securely tied with thick vines in a spread eagle position. I groaned at the throbbing pain radiating through my torso and could vaguely hear the voices of my captors somewhere beyond my field of vision. A large shadow blocked my field of vision and I was suddenly staring at the gaping maw of a miniature Godzilla. Panic stricken, I struggled needlessly to free myself only to have my chest covered with a gallon of Dino drool. Scared shitless and certain my fate rested on the long rows of sharp tarter stained teeth, I lost control and released a long stream of pee that my antagonist noted immediately and lapped up greedily. I now understood why it's breath was disgusting! The rough tongue was coming perilously close to ripping my already batter genitals from my torso when a shrill squeal erupted nearby and the creature wandered off sulking.

A lizard skin clad captor suddenly appeared and upon seeing I had returned to some semblance of reality, abruptly squatted over my torso and rubbed her knarly pubic patch fervently on my tortuously mangled package. Fortunately, the genital assault was short lived; she bucked several times with an apparent orgasm and stood up gesturing to others outside of my field of view. Suddenly a group of similarly clad women of all sizes and colors appeared and one by one subjected me to the worst sexual experience of my life. Unable to free myself without tearing more skin from my wrists and ankles, I was destined to spend the next several hours experiencing the total dehumanization of multiple rapes. When attempting to voice my discomfort, I was brutally slapped until disconnected numbness set in. I was viewing the entire spectacle from somewhere outside my physical self.

How long the assault lasted, I can scarcely say as at some point I had drifted into a a world of fantasy where love and beauty thrived. When my senses finally returned at the setting of the first (and brightest) sun, I was dehydrated, exhausted and aching like the onset of a summer flu. Still bound, the jungle was strangely silent. Suddenly a face appeared directly over mine, and without moving her lips she demanded to know why I had not fertilized her companions. I pretended not to hear, while being stunned at her apparent communicative abilities. She kicked me in the side and disappeared from my field of view. Somewhat convinced my fate was at hand, I closed my eyes and let the sound of the sweet cooling breezes make music to my troubled spirit.

It was dark when I felt my extremities being released and several sets of hands drag me over to a crackling fire pit. My assailants were silently gathered in a semi circle staring unmercifully at me and my nakedness. A shadowy figure in lizard skin with a tirade of feathers regally walked over to me and with an authoritative voice asked if I was sent by the god of life bearers. After staring at her unwavering gaze, I shook my head no and turned away awaiting another swift kick that never came. It was so quiet that a pin drop could have telegraphed throughout the jungle.

“Our petitions remain unanswered – throw this creature into the valley of night.”

With hardly the strength to speak, I extended my arms upward to assist my captors in expediting my demise.

“Great Queen,” a timid voice erupted from one of the warriors, “With my own eyes I saw this creature fertilize a dark skinned female. It may not know of she whom sent it nor of it's purpose.”

“This creature chose not to fertilize any among us,” the queen retorted.

Another spoke up timidly; “Perhaps our way of mating is not the way of the creature.”

I feebly grunted my agreement.

“The way of all males are equal, young warrior; it is for that very reason they were banished. It is only by the grace of our sacred mother that we will become fertile once more; not by our hand or the hands of this creature.” I groaned loudly as silence enveloped the camp.

Finally the Queen spread out her arms in an unmistakable gesture of her authority; “We are the Sisters of the sharp toothed creatures, destined to lord over this world and live endlessly with the mother of life bearers. Bind this creature beyond our camp and feed it. At the dawn of the second sun, I shall reveal the fate of this creature as decreed by our sacred mother.” I sighed with relief and was drug over to a large tree just beyond the visual range of the camp where they secured me by my ankle. Several plates of food with a large urn of water were placed just within my reach and I was left to the peaceful obscurity of the night. Downing most of the water I dove into a plate of singed meat that was hard to chew but palatable, and several passion fruits.

My energy gradually returned and I was able to free my bound leg quite easily with unbound hands. Apparently my captors had a no idea of my recuperative capabilities. Curiosity compelled me to crawl back to the encampment as quietly as I could to get some insight on my potential fate. Within a few moments I located the largest rock dwelling in the encampment and quietly made my way to a small dimly lit opening to peer inside. The Queen was listening to a figure shrouded in thin translucent mesh quietly. I could barely make out portions of the highly intelligent conversation between the two and got the distinct impression that the veiled god mother reviled all males who she felt should be treated as monsters on a irresponsible mission of sexual conquest. When the Queen left the structure to get some water and fruit, I squeezed through a small window to confront the shrouded feminist.

As I threw back the shroud, I encountered an elderly women, definitely beyond child bearing years that was ugly – butt farting ugly. Torn between preserving the mores of this little subculture or ending the life of this lizard lipped feminist, I stared into her trembling face and decided reasoning would be the best approach. At first terrified, she fumbled for words; but once assured that my intent was non-threatening, she spilled her guts about the previous world she lived in, and why she had taken such a hard line against the aggressive males of her species. In turn, I explained that I had been sent here to help repopulate her world and hoped to reintegrate sexuality as a positive mutual act. As the queen re-entered the dwelling, she dropped the serving tray and went for a weapon hidden somewhere within the lizard gown before a simple gesture from the 'god mother' calmed her enough to listen to reason.

A few tense moments filled with intense conversation between the two women followed until finally, with a personal sigh of relief, the Queen seated herself and offered me some fruit. I mentioned how I enjoyed the grilled meat, and how fascinating her control over mini Godzilla was. She warmed considerably and for the first time I was able to see the woman behind her authoritarian charade as she explained how to amplify thought projections to control the creatures and communicate non-verbally; a simple mental process few of her subordinates could duplicate. When the elder woman commented on the sad shape of my 'package,” I brushed it off as an “occupational hazard” and offered her the chance for a closer inspection.

The 'god mother' was both eager and experienced, and with gentle caresses soon had my battered organ throbbing with anticipation. She then turned to the Queen and explained the actual physical process involved in human copulation with a few suggestions I randomly offered for clarification. I could see the Queen becoming aroused, shifting almost continually until the heel of her right foot was firmly pressed against her hairy bush. The environment had suddenly changed and I felt a kinship with the god mother that words fail to describe.

Gently I removed the loose garment from her aging flour-sack shaped body and caressed her lovingly, amazed how quickly her large nipples on her floppy baby feeders became aroused. With my left arm wrapped around her back fondling the sensitive nipple, my right hand delved into the furry gray haired snatch and found her clitoris, massaging it briefly before delving into the damp warmth between the extended flaps of her labia. Her g-spot was extremely sensitive to my touch, and her breathy low growls encouraged me to progress to the next level. Cradling her head with one hand while supporting myself with the other, I slowly laid her back onto the dirt covered floor as she positioned my organ between her nether lips. With one quick thrust, I was enveloped in her warmth and she was writhing like a virgin schoolgirl. Unfortunately, my normally responsive 'package' did not take well to the interaction of the god mother's salty lubricant, burning painfully with each thrust. The Queen moved closer with passion filled eyes, and stroked the other elder woman's hair as she glanced between her legs from time to time.

A generation void of male companionship was quickly resolved when the god mother feebly arched her hips and groaned awash with her long overdue orgasm. Breathlessly she whispered to save my seed for her daughter as she squeezed my organ forcefully before letting go. The Queen eagerly rolled onto her back, and devoid of undergarments, opened her legs completely revealing her moist, fur covered slit. With a groan, I rolled off the still quivering form and positioned my battered erect cock at the Queen's intimate entrance. Unlike her Mother, the Queen was extremely tight with far more energy, forcing my battered organ slowly into her depths with forceful thrusts of her hips. It took the sum of my mental effort to keep my erection hard, ever fearful it would rupture or break. Gratefully, she never heard of an all-niter and climaxed even before I was fully engulfed. I quickly pulled out to squelch the burning discomfort and sat on my heels.

For a few brief moments , a look of stunned surprise crossed the face of the Queen, until she realized the reason I had withdrawn. Quickly rising to her feet, she stepped outside as her Mother reached over and gently examined the offending flesh. She clucked her tongue at a deep purple clot near the base and several bleeding lacerations along the shaft. Her daughter returned with several thick leaves which she squeezed to extract a white viscous liquid she gently massaged into the traumatized organ. Almost immediately, a cool soothing relief overwhelmed my genitals and spread throughout my lower torso. My erection faded quickly along with the burning pain. I reached over and gently kissed the Queen in gratitude.

After a few stunned moments, the Queen reciprocated, locking lips with unbridled passion. Sensually, we remained locked together until the need for air finally tore us apart. My hands slid from her face down her shoulders and I embraced her lovingly as she melted in my arms. Somehow, this extra curricular activity was sufficient to allow the blood to ease back into my groin, and without further foreplay, I fell backward and pulled her on top. She quickly positioned my fully engorged organ at her entrance and spread her legs as wide as she could slowly lowering herself on my torso. With the skill of an experienced whore, she slowly forced herself down on my slick rod until her clitoris was embedded on my pubic bone. Slowly she rose and sank back down amidst throaty moans of contentment; her leg and vaginal muscles working together in an erotic symphony of sexual desire.

Despite the discomfort, the stimulation was overwhelming and I soon filled her with blood tainted semen. She cried out while trembling violently and slid down hard on my torso as her own orgasm jolted her muscular frame. Rocking her hips as her muscles milked me, she fell forward catching herself just as her lizard skin covered breasts touched my chest. Despite her orgasm, she kissed me tenderly and dismounted; grabbing another leaf to milk the cool extract onto my rapidly deflating genitals. She continued to tremble as she lay beside me and her Mother rolled to my vacant side in a fulfilling euphoric sandwich. The cool healing balm soothed my battered genitals and I drifted into a blissful fulfilling sleep.

It was still dark when I was awakened by one of my companions shifting in her sleep. It took a few moments to gain my bearings before I awoke my hosts with gentle kisses and advised them that my presence might not be well accepted by their subjects. The Queen gently caressed my cock and nodded and we hurriedly arose and crept back to the tree outside the camp where I was previously bound. I held her tightly as she sighed and handed me the rope that would eliminate my freedom. Breaking our embrace, I leaned over and secured the rope before taking a seat next to the empty plates to await my soon to be disclosed fate. The Queen leaned over and kissed me tenderly, before turning back down the trail from whence we came. Despite her unflattering attire, the full round curves of her hips left a most delightful vision to fall asleep to.

The sound of approaching footfalls and the bright glare of a full sun woke me to find the son of Godzilla hovering over me. Anxious to try my newly acquired knowledge of mental manipulation, I focused on the creatures giant cranium and commanded it to lay down. With a look of surprise, it slowly lowered it's huge hulking frame down and rolled next to me with an earth shaking thud. Not quite sure of how to express my gratitude, I patted it's jowl gently and it nudged me with it's snout. By then, the lizard women had arrived and stared at the scene in total disbelief until the Queen moved through the group and smiled at me knowingly. She turned to the remainder of group and spread her arms wide as she spoke.

“Sisters,” she began, “The blessed Mother chastised me for abusing he of whom she delivered to fulfill our prayers. Our ignorance almost destroyed that which would fill our lifeless wombs with seed.” She slowly strolled over to me and winked before freeing my ankle and gently touching my leg. Rising to her feet she stretched her arms out again before speaking; “Take heed of his given blessing and share your feminine gifts freely for surely he will provide the seed we desperately seek and give offspring to those he favors,” she murmured reverently. She stretched out her hand and helped me to my feet. I embraced her gently and kissed her forehead. “My Queen,” I began, “My essence will be willingly shared with all who desire for a time. I only require your trust and understanding.”

“Make ready a dwelling for our seed giver Sisters, and prepare a feast! Let us welcome the father of our future;” the Queen proclaimed gleefully. The tribe broke forth in excited babble and scurried back towards the camp while I turned to the patient creature and patted his jowls again. Despite his unusual dietary requirements, his docile servitude was most welcomed. Carefully mounting his scaly back, I asked him to rise. Surprisingly, he stumbled to his feet and slowly rose to his full three story height, adjusting to my alien presence in the process. In surprisingly little time, I had my monstrous companion trained to simple hand gestures for direction and velocity, and soon we were thundering through the forest, bonding like a master and his new puppy.

Unlike the Godzilla that terrified me in my youth, he dined on leaves as well as little scurrying mole type critters that wandered across our path while exhibiting a unbelievable gentleness around humans. We took a trip through the forests and up the side of an ancient volcano while I grabbed an occasional passion fruit and gained a good impression of the lay of the land. The geology, botany, and biology were all unfamiliar; the rocks and flora, although similar to the wilds of my home world, displayed unique evolutionary characteristics. The creatures were somewhat similar also, although my mount was by far the largest of the animals we encountered. Once Godzilla (as I called him) had skillfully navigated a glacial field, we arrived at the volcanic cone and viewed a vast jungle extending to an ocean filled horizon. Beyond the mountains in the opposing direction was a semi arid plain with entirely unique flora and herds of bovines with long antelope curved horns. Birds of brilliant plumage were abundant. Dismounting on an ancient lava flow, I found scores of malleable stones that could easily be fashioned into sharp edges for carving and cutting.

Returning back to the jungle, we steered clear of a small native settlement as we followed a winding glacial river. Trusting Godzilla's instincts, I let him proceed at will and we soon returned to the lizard girl's camp where the girls were scurrying about in anticipation of our return. The fire in the center of the camp was roaring in intensity and poles with some type of skinned fowl where stuck in the ground around the perimeter. The Sister's skin glowed in the firelight and small little flowers were sprinkled in there hair and in bands around their ankles. Their lizard skins were replaced by thin green translucent wraps that barely concealed their feminine assets and blended sensually with their tanned skin. It was a refreshing sight to my wandering eyes and my rapidly healing package. As I dismounted, they coaxed Godzilla over to a pile of discarded skin and entrails where he feasted fitfully, They guided me over to a log stump next to the Queen where the hewn table before me was filled with native delicacies. It was and overwhelming display of hospitality.

As a stranger in a strange land with sperm my only bargaining chip, I was compelled to share some of my otherworldly experiences. I turned to the Queen and really noticed her beauty for the first time. Her breasts were full with small pebbled nipples, her long neck and toned legs oozed sensuality, her long brunette hair and delicate facial features bestowed with rich full lips beckoned my arousal, and the air of royalty she projected compelled me to move as close to her as possible. She smelled of sweet carnations that required every ounce of restraint I could muster to prevent a full frontal passion attack. I took her hand and rose to my feet and she quickly rose to follow my lead. We wandered into the nearby woods amidst the wanton glares of the Sisterhood.

I quickly located a grove of stout bushes cover with notched branches. Quickly snatching them from the soft earth, I procured the Queen's stone knife and quickly fashioned forked supports. Gently kissing her delicious lips passionately, we quickly returned to camp and I set up the crude spit over the fire, placing three of the roasting fowl on one cross-member. With a quick tutorial, my hosts soon had all the meat on similar, quickly fabricated spits they were slowly turning the simmering fowl. The Queen and I returned to our preselected seats and held hands as we watched the festivities. Savory highly intoxicating drinks were liberally served. Several girls sang a strange harmonious ballad while the others danced around the campfire gleefully. Downing several passion fruits, I leaned back to savor the gentle high and the happiness surrounding me. Soon the meat was served and we feasted. It's good to be the king!

Fully satiated from the delightful feast, I unsteadily rose and bowed to my gracious hosts gathered around the campfire. Still comfortably numb; after clearing my throat I began to sing the only song the came to mind: “Kumbaya.” My rendition did not give the tune justice, but my captive audience was entranced by the strange other worldly sounds, swaying hand in hand from side to side with closed eyes. Several cried. I then encourage them to join me, and soon the evening air was filled with our collective voice. I wondered briefly if the inhabitants of Earth could hear us and I imagined those I had left behind joining us in universal song. As the melodious sound began to die down and the jungle returned to stillness, the Queen arose and motioned for me to stand along side.

“It is time to commence the extraction of our precious seed, sisters!” She turned to me with a strange look on her face and I felt me knees begin to tremble. “We can not allow you the freedom to mate on your own accord. Your are the slave of the Sisters of the Knife Toothed creatures and we take that which we desire. While you dined on your final meal, the extract of the Vermilanda seed was added to your drink. This extract enhances your fertility while depleting your physical strength.” She turned to her subjects with a devious smile and ordered; “Bind him firmly by arm and leg within the shelter of joining, and use him fully beginning with the eldest sisters first. By this time on the morrow you shall all have the seed of life growing within you and the life giver will join his banished brothers!” A shrill, ear piercing cheer rose from the crowd as two set of hands firmly pulled me beneath a hastily constructed lean to and I was firmly tied spread eagle on my back.

Perhaps it was the unexpected hospitality or the bogus bonding the festive environment created that had so effectively clouded both my reasoning and suspicions. These ruthless bitches were brutal! As the first lizard skinned recipient mounted my painfully throbbing organ, I realized I now had the opportunity to truly experience the sensations of being fucked to death. Fate can be a cruel mistress, yet succumbing to a barrage of pussy pounding seemed a most fitting demise. After spewing my first hot load into the tight orgasmic pussy riding me, I felt my feverish gonads throbbing with hyperactivity; producing life giving semen at a never before experienced rate. Soon the nameless pussies lost their uniqueness and my sensations, save the hyperactive nerve endings in my genitals, dulled into senselessness. Throughout the night, I was ridden by a seemingly never ending barrage of wanton pussies accompanied with sighs of passion and orgasmic expletives.

By the early morning, I was fading in and out of reality when a thunderous crash stimulated the last ounce of my adrenaline into my limbs. Still bound, the vines were loose enough for me to pull my wrists into view and undo the knots. I sat up to find Godzilla staring at me with a curious gaze. I gave him the most cheerful greeting I could muster as I fumbled with the vines around my ankles. Unable to rise to my feet, the Jurassic giant gently nuzzled my side and I rolled onto it's back. It rose slowly and with one swipe of it's tail leveled the lean to and several nearby dwellings amidst the terrified screams of the occupants. My awareness faded as we thundered into the jungle.

Part III

I awoke sometime later under a large palm type tree with a soft sea breeze massaging my fatigued limbs. Two brown skinned girls with brilliant white teeth hovered above me; one was giving me sips of sweet tasting water from a shallow bowl while the other fumbled with the discolored remnants of my discolored genitals. I rose briefly to my elbows and my two little angels bolted as I felt the familiar gust of disgusting breath on my back. Turning, I wrapped my arms as far as I could around the scaly neck of Godzilla and projected my gratitude for its' bold rescue. It nudged me repeatedly, welcoming me back to the land of the living. Commanding him to feed, it turned and took a few steps before returning to my side. I patted it's huge left leg as I surveyed my surroundings.

I was on an long beach with sparkling white sand framed by the towering trees of a jungle. A short distance from where we stood was was a small gathering of open air huts covered with interwoven palm type leaves and a group of humans crouched in a group with hand hewn wooden spears at the ready. Along the shore was a jagged line of small hand hewn vessels with outriggers. Turning towards them with my hands extended, I fell face first into the soft sand. It was too early and I was far to weak to trust my own facilities. The two young maidens hurriedly ran over to me and eased me on my back before forcing several more sips of water down my parched throat.

Despite their fears, the leaf clad group slowly approached with their weapons poised. Ever mindful of my trusted companion, they eased ever closer until one of the older women extended a small portion of fried fish. Weakly I reached up and let her place it upon my palm before tasting it; savoring the delicate white flesh slowly. I smiled and nodded as I was eased into a sitting position. Feebly, I pointed to my companion and repeated his name slowly several times before collapsing with exhaustion. The crowd mumbled amongst themselves and lowered their spears. One of the young girls slowly approached Godzilla, and he lowered his massive head and gently nudged her as she giggled nervously. Soon the entire group gathered around and climbed on Godzilla chatting excitedly while my companion basked in their open attention; nudging them playfully as they climbed over his massive bulk.

Several of the elder women broke from the group and crouched next to me. One took my hand and studied it carefully while the other two focused on the lifeless flesh between my legs. Their hands had evolved with short translucent webs between their fingers which explained their curiosity in my mine. Gently wrapping my arms over their shoulders, they eased me back to one of the huts, and made me comfortable on a sand stuffed cushion of leaves. Several plates of fish meats and fruits were placed beside me as I drifted back into dreamland. Every time I stirred, one of the small girls immediately tried to stuff something in my mouth, while the other gently smoothed a clear refreshing liniment over my tired corpse. Several days passed before I was able to take brief walks along the beach with the support of one of my hosts and the devoted escort of my two legged companion.

One morning I awoke to the warmth of the suns rays streaming across the floor to watch the fleet of a dozen or so dugout canoes heading out into the open sea. Those remaining behind were busy with various tasks; cooking, cleaning, sewing, and gathering shells that had washed onshore during the night. I felt renewed, almost back to my old self. The two young girls that had originally tended to me when I arrived scurried over with a plate of food and a small vessel of cream they began rubbing on my body. Under the watchful eyes of several women sitting at a hewn table sewing leaves together, they fed and massaged me, carefully rubbing the soothing cream into my reviving genitals. The normal color of my shaft had almost completely returned and my gonads no longer ached. There was hope my mission could resume, thanks to the skillful care of my new found companions.

One of the women set down her work and came over, studying me thoroughly before squatting down and carefully examining my genitals and shaking her head sadly. Giving the shaft a gentle squeeze she quietly queried;

“Your peen. . .how?”

I explained how I had been taken from a domicile tribe by lizard clothed warriors who fed me with an extract from a seed before I was forcibly gang raped until my two legged companion rescued me and brought me to this place. After a few seconds to analyze my explanation, she nodded and confirmed my induced infertility. She rose and grasped a vile from a long row of similarly shaped vessels perched atop a long shelf. Returning, she squatted and gently opened my pee hole; pouring a few drops of burning liquid into the enlarged opening. It burned briefly as it traveled down the length of my shaft into my prostrate. She then explained slowly in very basic terms that the serum only neutralized the poison in my system, and the only likely cure was found in the venom of the ebony sea snake that was otherwise fatal unless administered directly to the base of my penis (peen). After the genital abuse I'd already experienced, I wasn't too eager to have a serpent gnaw on my cock, yet the alternative of a lifetime of sterility was even less appealing.

As she spoke, she stroked my genitals lovingly and shared her knowledge of this tribe of sea people, how they traded with other tribes than lived deeper in the jungle and how their world had been affected by the 'great dying' when the males strangely succumbed overnight and the women were left to fend for themselves. The lizard skinned tribe were known throughout the land as merciless warriors with an unwritten agenda of conquest. If my fertility returned, it must be carefully guarded to insure the survival of her clan and her world. It was apparent her wisdom would be a great asset to my adjustment and I gently pulled her towards me and felt the empty loneliness she harbored as I embraced her. She trembled in my grasp as I caressed her exposed weather worn skin. I asked where we could find this cock biting snake and she withdrew slightly with a concern etched on her face.

“We shall find one in the pools of low water when my companions return - be aware few have survived their bite.”

“I intend to be one of the few,” I responded stroking her silky hair; “How much time will pass until I am once again fertile?”

“Not long,” she responded in a hushed voice, “you are not of this world are you?”

I shook my head no and smiled, hoping to avoid any further disclosure, and held her tightly once again until the fatigue caused by our awkward position drew us apart. The two young girls sat next to me, and I showed them how to play tic-tic-toe in the sand. The large head of Godzilla appeared suddenly appeared above the tree line and I rushed out to greet my old friend. I sensed he had found a mate, and he leaned down to for me to mount him. Once securely on board, we were thundering off into the jungle amidst a flock of brightly colored birds with razor sharp teeth that circled us squawking gleefully. Several hour later, we were close to foothills when my mount slowed his pace close to a large opening in the rock face. Strolling casually towards the obscure opening, he bellowed a jungle jarring growl and a somewhat smaller version of Godzilla with a row of six teats down her chest appeared and chirped a high pitch twitter in response. Dino love! Hesitantly, she sniffed me before nudging her mate playfully.

My trusted stead slowly lowered his head and I slid to the ground immediately patting her scaly skin with acceptance. The she beast seemed both intelligent and accepting dispelling any fear I harbored. I gently patted their jowls simultaneously while they returned gentle nudges,and we almost immediately formed a most unusual bond. Projecting a vision of the first meeting and subsequent rescue, Godzilla became visibly agitated and restless, and nudged me to mount him. Soon we were thundering through the jungle on long strides that nearly threw me with every footfall. I caught just a brief glimpse of the lizard bitches encampment before the team of dinosaurs set about stomping the site into oblivion amid a barrage of wooden spears that fell harmlessly to the ground. I briefly spotted the Queen escorting the shrouded figure of the god mother into the dense underbrush just as my mount flattened them into a puddle of goo.

Once the dust had settled, I slid from Godzilla's back as he wheezed with exertion. Grabbing a spear, I quickly circled the remains of the camp on foot, and goaded the handful of remaining warriors into a tight circle. With the towering countenance of two beasts behind me, I commanded the trembling survivors to live in peace with everything and everyone or their fate would would lie in the jaws of my towering “peacemakers.” With a threatening shake of my spear, they scattered into the jungle and I turned to my two companions to rub their jowls in gratitude.

Part IV

It was then I noticed the spear shaft extending from the soft lower torso of the female dinosaur. I gently patted her, and grabbing the shaft, pulling it from her with all my strength. She bellowed pitifully as the spear came free and I was drenched with a shower of fouls smelling fluid. Quickly grabbing the largest leaf of a nearby tree, I crammed it against the open wound and used my back to form a pressure bandage as Godzilla paced back and forth like an expectant father on delivery day. A short time later, as my strength waned, I slowly eased away from the makeshift dressing and grabbed several gourds that appeared intact. Racing to the river, I found a growth of plants bearing the same leaves the Queen had used on my battered genitals. Quickly filling the gourds, I ripped off several leaves on my way back to the site hoping they worked as well on dino skin as they worked on my private parts. Gently bathing the wound and applying the leaf extract onto a fresh leaf, I pressed the dressing to her abdomen and the look of ecstasy that spread across her features was beyond priceless.

For the next several hours, I changed her dressing periodically while she quietly rested on her side. The bond of trust we formed that afternoon was stronger than I had ever known. As the first sun waned and the lesser sun reached apogee, Ms Godzilla suddenly rose and, after a brief exchange of grunts, Godzilla bowed it's head and I climbed aboard. Slowly we headed back towards the village by the sea pausing occasionally to rest along the way. The entire group of women quickly assembled when we arrived, and although briefly intimidated by the appearance of a second dinosaur, she was warmly received and lie down amidst the gentle attention the women gave. The woman who had been with me earlier in the day, gently tended to the the reclining creature with several different vials of elixir, before gently applying fern leaves. When she finished her administration, she rose and turned to me.

“A suitable serpent has been captured, come with me,”

The two young girls eagerly grabbed my hands and led me past a tidal pool with a large black eel thrashing the water into foam and the first tendrils of fear gripped my gut. I was eased onto my back and my two little guides immediately began to fondle my genitals, while others straightened out my limbs and sat on them with their full weight. I took deep breaths and watched four of the fishermen, now fully wrapped in leaves like zombies, pull a six foot slimy mass of struggling flesh into the open air. It was whipping them to and fro savagely, and soon several others joined in to help them. Losing my nerve I struggled to free myself. Despite my struggles, the two young girls continued their gentle and effective stimulation as it gradually subdued my panic response with unmistakable arousal. A bit was forced between my teeth just as the soft supple hands were withdrawn and my penis was engulfed by a cold slimy sheath.

Suddenly, several pin pricks around the base of my cock sent jolts of lightning up my spine followed by a fiery inferno that rapidly spread through my torso like a wildfire. The inferno increased in intensity exponentially, whisking past my pain threshold like a runaway train. I screamed and struggled, my body breaking out into cold chills accompanied by an escalating fever. Through a fog of blinding pain, I saw my cock had doubled in size and had taken on a purplish hue, while my balls had swollen into hard softball sized glands stretching my scrotal sack so tightly in was almost transparent. The excruciating pain spread upwards and I voided the contents of my stomach, almost choking in the process. As my tortured awareness began to fade, an explosive eruption of bloody yogurt textured excretion spewed high into the air from the head of my cock. Blissful darkness overwhelmed me.

Sometime during the night, my awareness briefly returned and someone was spoon feeding me while another held a cold compress to my forehead; then darkness. As the first streams of morning light glittered across the open sea, I opened my eyes and realized my fever had broken. My groin felt like it was the welcome mat for the 3rd Reich entering Poland yet any feeling was far preferred over the alternative. Surrounding me was the entire village in various positions of repose while the tired eyes of the healing women studied my every inflection intently. Outside, my two dino friends peered through the gaps in the leaves apparently recovered from their romp through the lizard bitch lair. I mustered a brief smile and stretched my limbs as my sleeping companions began to stir.

With a breath a fresh sea air I hugged the woman who had remained by my side throughout the entire ordeal and whispered I would now call her my Doctor. She smiled wistfully as the two young girls stumbled to my side, and I hugged them and placed a gentle kiss on each of their foreheads. A brawny, partially dressed woman stepped forward with the head of the revolting creature. Two opposing inch long incisors jutted from its toothy lined jaws. I nodded and turning to my two young friends gestured towards the sparkling sea. With childlike enthusiasm, they helped me to my feet and we slowly made our way into the cool refreshing environment. The sea, cradle of life and greatest healing elixir of all drew me into its bosom like a loving mother. An errant splash and soon the three of us were playing in the bubbly surf. Soon we were joined by the entire disrobed tribe in gleeful uninhibited play until I was finally drug back up to the doctors hut exhausted.

The doctor immediately forced my legs apart and applied a soothing cream to my genitals, gently coating the entire length and recesses until I began to harden. Discolored and somewhat misshapen, my cock was alive with sensations. Pulling the doctor roughly onto my lap facing me, I informed her she would be my first, and started to rub my shaft up and down her furry slit. She murmured a short lived protest as her natural copulation instincts occluded logical thought. Grinding her hips against my genitals, her head tilted back and her breathing grew fragmented. As one of my hands encased the full mound of her breast, my other hand slid between us and positioned my glans at her entrance. Her eyes shot open and she gasped as I forced myself into the warm tight opening slowly, savoring the delicious contractions within.

The remainder of the tribe gathered closely to view her deflowering as our hips worked in unison and my hands explored the seasoned softness of her breasts. She gasped for breath and grimaced when her pubic muscles squeezed shut and her hips dropped forcefully into my lap with a long overdue orgasm. The surrounding crowd cheered coaxing and unexpected laugh from both of us. Automatically, I began to thrust my hips again and she whimpered another brief protest as she gently returned my thrusts. She climaxed several more times forcefully until, somewhat painfully, I released my seed into the mouth of her womb. We held our position for several blissful minutes until she awkwardly rolled off my hips and trembled with orgasmic euphoria. Bloody ejaculate dribbled between her thighs as she lay on her back staring at the ceiling. I collapsed under the strain of exertion and drifted back to the land of dreams.

Awaking somewhat later, I was greeted by my two little companions with a heaping plate of exotic food and the doctor with a broad smile on her face. As I slept, she had taken a sample of my ejaculate and found it contained a minute amount of semen but more time was required for my full virility to return. One of the girls named Sandy fed me while the other stroked my genitals; making my cock hard only to watch it shrivel. The Doctor produced a large modesty leaf and showed me how to fasten it securely around my waist. I could feel my strength returning with every bite and waved to some of the girls to join me as I drew out a sketchy model of two of the outriggers lashed together around a simple mast. Collectively sharing ideas, we soon designed a workable model that I would spend much of my waking hours the next few days constructing and instructing on the use of the large leaf sail. Caring for me unselfishly, I promised to inseminate my two companions when I was sufficiently healed.

On the day we launched the “Sea Breeze,” there was much excitement in the camp. The sturdy little craft took to the water like a seasoned pro, responding to helm and sail gracefully. After several trial runs, she sailed out of sight on the outgoing tide only to return several hours later with a score of baskets filled with fish. There was much celebration that night, and some of the most palatable seafood dishes I've ever tasted. Sandy and her companion Nell coaxed me away from the festivities, and showed me their private playground hidden from the camp in the nearby jungle. It would be the long anticipated end of their innocence.

I lay Sandy an her back gently, slowly removing her leaf shrouded body and covering the newly exposed flesh with a multitude of kisses. Her youthful sensitivity brought her to the verge of orgasm almost immediately. She pulled me atop her sensuously writing body, clawing at my genitals wildly. Quickly positioning myself at her tender puffy opening, I thrust into her depths. She squealed at the invasion, her nails tearing at my back as I continued my assault on her tight pussy, gaining a few centimeters with each thrust. My glans kissed her cervix even though my cock was barely halfway within. Thrusting against her tight vaginal muscles was virtually impossible yet the pressure was more than sufficient to bring her over the edge with a continuing series of orgasms. Pressing my hips against her firmly to prevent muscular expulsion, she bucked her hips with youthful zeal. After several minutes she wailed a final testimonial of pleasure and collapsed. As she completely relaxed, I was able to withdraw amidst the distinctive fluttering sound of a pussy fart.

Nell was sitting with her knees to her chin and her back against a tall tree with eyes as big as silver dollars. I smiled at her as my breath returned. After a time, her instincts overwhelmed her fears and she slowly crawled over to me while staring at my flaccid organ. I ran my hand gently up her arm reassuringly as she timidly squeezed the lifeless flesh. Slowly I released one of the firm globes crowning her chest to find a beautifully puffy mouth watering coffee brown nipple. My cock immediately stirred as I engulfed the sensitive flesh with my mouth. She subtly leaned forward and I took the opportunity to expose the remainder of her nubile body.

Sensing her anxiety, I moved slowly to explore the magical unexplored territory of her body with gentle kisses. When I arrived at her puffy down covered vulva, she momentarily tensed and I slowed my progress to allow her time to adapt to the new sensations. By the time I had exposed her bright pink clit, her body was writhing. A few swipes through the moist peach fuzz and her first orgasm erupted violently. I gave her several minutes to regain stasis, and put back to stimulating her intimate places. She grabbed my hair forcing me deeper into the brown puffy folds as she rapidly ascended to her second orgasm. Her hips arched with youthful athleticism as she released a long stream of orgasmic ejaculate.

Quickly moving up her trembling frame, I positioned myself and quickly thrust into her tight quim at the moment she began to relax. Gently thrusting, I slowly gained precious millimeters within the moist tight opening until my glans nudged her throbbing cervix. Ever so slowly, I partially withdrew as her pussy accommodated my girth and eased back in; not fully engulfed, but pleasantly surrounded with the the upward thrusting muscles of of slick tunnel. She quickly rose to another orgasm, only this time, I continued my assault to keep her over threshold. When the two gentle hands of Sandy began caressing my butt and lower extremities, I lost the few fibers of restraint holding me back and thrust one final time as we simultaneously lost ourselves in the sea of orgasms.

Barely recovering from the epic download, Sandy pulled me from Nell's jolting body and quickly positioned my still rigid tool at her vaginal opening. Slowly engulfing as much of the length as her little body could tolerate, she eagerly moved up and down it's length with more than enough stimulation to keep me rigid. Her ride was somewhat longer this time, nonetheless it provided an even greater number of orgasmic releases than during our first encounter. How beautiful her bare bouncing tiny nipple breasts appeared now covered with a fine sheen of sweat. One of her free hands reached behind to squeeze my depleted gonads as she approached orgasm, and I painfully released the remnants of my prostate a second time within just a few minutes of the first. Exhausted, I reached over to Nell as she snuggled on one side and Sandy slid beside me on the other, a silent tear trickling down her cheek.

Part V

After we partially recovered, we wandered back to the party hand in hand amidst knowing looks. Giving my two nubile companions a parting kiss, I strolled into the calm sea and bathed myself before taking a seat next to the Doctor. She smiled and her free hand found the seam in my modesty leaf, gently cupping my package and leaning against me while the two young women were excitedly babbling to the other women which had gathered around them. I quietly explained that time and my limited resource should be exploited appropriately. She nodded with her head still tucked to my chest; and I asked her to describe her youth. She was the only child of the only Doctor of the tribe. They grew up together happily, and she was taught the ways of known medicine as her Father eventually became the leader of the tribe. When the “great dying” passed over their world, her Mother resumed the leadership role amongst much turmoil and focused the group on survival techniques and hope.

The Doctor rose to her feet and called the clan together asking them to form a line from the youngest first to the oldest. Numbering them in order from the youngest to the oldest, she explained her methodology of fertilizing the most virile first while monitoring my progress through the numerical progression while assuring I would not be “overextended.” The first girl was a pudgy little morsel, that trembled eagerly when she learned she would be the first. The Doctor explained my body required time to regenerate more semen between encounters, and my mission was to repopulate the entire planet, not just their tribe. A collective groan rose from the crowd and subdued conversation followed while I marveled at her approach.

Taking center stage, I grabbed a slender gourd and explained the genital mechanisms, methods of physical arousal, and the mental connection. I then asked my first partner to step forward and explained the female reproductive system as she nervously wrung her hands. Gently guiding her to the sand I encouraged the others to join us, as I massaged her mound and slowly entered her moist vagina and curled up my fingertip against her g-spot. Her eyes shot open in surprise as my one hand gently circled her clitoris and the other applied gently stroked the anterior wall of her vagina. With a grunt she succumbed to a flesh rippling orgasm ejecting a small pool of creamy white essence. Gently removing my finger, I licked the delightful cream from my finger as several of the participating audience breathed their own self induced releases. Kissing the girl gently on the cheek as she continued to twitch with sensual release, I wandered through the supine crowd, encouraging and assisting where necessary to ensure they all would experience the joys of orgasm.

Shortly before dawn, I filled the cute beauty at my side with a load of my seed and held her close as she drifted off to sleep before rising quietly and taking a brief dip in the rising tide. The cool refreshing water invigorated my spirit, and I strolled down the beach happily; soon joined by my two towering companions I had ruefully ignored over the past several days. Rubbing and tickling their rough skin, we were soon frolicking in the gray morning light invigorated with our renewed friendship. Nearly exhausted, I fell back against a growth of towering swamp grass. I noticed the broken stems were hollow and remembered the tribe collecting water from a nearby stream. Stumbling to my feet, I tried to uproot one of the larger trees to no avail until Godzilla bit off the top and easily yanked it free. Soon he was dragging a dozen of the poles back to camp I had hurriedly tied to his tail with some nearby vines.

The concerned Doctor greeted us as we neared and received gentle nudges from my two unlikely escorts. I described my idea of a community center with running water for the rustic kitchen and bathroom with a rock lined tub. She enthusiastically scribbled several designs and as the small fleet left on the early morning tide, we assembled work crews and began construction. The two giant lizards were irreplaceable, digging trenches with their tails and dragging the fallen logs to their required destination. By nightfall, leaves were being intertwined on the rafters of the solid structure and water trickled along the pipes on the wall to drain into a rock lined cistern close to the low tide levels. I had taken two new mates during the day, introducing them to the joys of copulation and filling them with my regenerated seed.

By nightfall, we were exhausted. A gentle breeze whispered through the leaves and my new, strawberry blond companion was eagerly demonstrating her arousal techniques, sucking my shaft deep into her throat as I fought to deter the overwhelming urge to fill her entrails. Finally pulling her free, I rolled her onto her back and plunged into her depths like a virgin schoolboy; ravaging her tender vulva until we both explosively released the essence of our arousal. I awoke to the early sun's rays pinned beneath her, as she rubbed her auburn bush against my cock in wild abandon. I slipped in easily to her over abundantly creamed depths, and let her have her way with me, more as a spectator than a player. Our mutual orgasms awoke half the camp and pulled out every ounce of semen my body had stored within. The beaming sun was at full force by the time I rolled away from her and stumbled over to the newly made bathroom to wash the blood and orgasmic essence from my deflated genitals. Sex with this group was far from routine and beyond my wildest dreams.

Several more glorious days of lovemaking passed, but I longed to get out on the open water and regain the connection I had made years earlier as a young sailor in the Navy. One bright morning, I disentangled myself from the loving arms of a passionate brunette and strolled down to the shoreline where the girls were stowing their nets on board. Wordlessly, I assisted them with the launch and stepped aboard amidships of the newest catamaran, the Sea Sprite. As the shoreline faded into a thin line on the horizon, the women evolved into a brash, uninhibited band of longshoremen. We worked hard to pull the nets filled with multicolored carp like critters aboard. We then sorted out the undesirables and released them back to the sea. Primitive flint knives flashed as the fish were cleaned and gutted, their entrails saved for the Godzilla's awaiting ashore. We all worked together professionally amidst crude humor and a list of never before heard profanities that left my sides aching from laughter.

Once the fish were cleaned and stowed in the loosely weaved baskets, they were thrown overboard to be preserved in the rushing water as we turned about to return to their home beyond the horizon. First, however, it was essential to clean the scales and entrails from our skin and we quickly shed our leaves as we dove into the crisp cool water with careless abandon. We were engaged in an impromptu version of water tag, when two strong hands tugged me underwater and pulled me downward at an incredible velocity; my ears popping and lungs painfully burning from the rapid descent. My final cognitive thoughts were the darkness that now enveloped us, as we continued to descend further into the depths.

Part VI

I awoke in a warmly lit room with a breathing apparatus covering my nose and mouth and a humming mechanical device poised over my genitals. Adorned with a white surgical cap, mask, and full length surgical scrubs, a figure appeared beside me and asked how I felt with an angelic voice. I responded “OK,” and asked where I was. She removed the mask and turned to a bank of instruments punctuated with flashing multicolored lights and a bank of IBM data tapes spinning at random speeds. It looked like a prop for a 50's era science fiction B movie. She finally turned to face me again while gingerly holding a strip of wide white tape punctuated by an undecipherable series of holes.

“You are a most welcomed guest of the kingdom of REA. Your timely arrival was foreseen by our Goddess Reanna who is on her way.”

A door silently slid open and a beautiful brunette dressed in a pearl littered gown entered oozing of nobility. With a nod, she dismissed the medical assistant and stared at my nakedness passively. “We regret your abduction, and ask for your cooperation,” she finally spoke unemotionally.

“OK,” I responded trying to mimic her lack of emotion.

“You are fertile, and despite the scarring on your testes, capable of producing the semen required to repopulate this world. With your consent, we shall extract the fruit of your testes and distribute it throughout our sterile world.”

“OK,” I mumbled indifferently, studying the pattern of pearls on her gown.

“In return, your will be given the keys to our kingdom.”

Indifferently, I nodded and closed my eyes, numb to any further conversation. Although this submarine world housed the most evolved culture I'd encountered, the inevitable sacrifice of my solitary exploration and insemination exploits were unwelcome. Further, the humanitarian process of repopulating an unsuspecting world by any one subculture would certainly evoke certain conditions not unlike the governments of my native world. Reanna studied my face intently and nodded;

“Your concerns are noted; and there will be no conditions to our fertility dissemination other than your sworn promise to retain the secrecy of my domain. You shall be safely returned to the surface upon the successful collection of your life giving semen, to pursue your life of nondiscriminatory copulation for pleasure without the pressures of repopulating the planet. This I vow. It would be nice to learn of your world and technologies developed there.”

“OK, but I hesitate to share the secrets of my native world for fear it may alter your evolution,” I replied. “Further, the indiscriminate distribution of my essence may expose a host of interbreeding variables that will invariable alter the evolution of your inherent species.”

“We must entrust our destinies to our creator for the future is beyond our conception; and have faith in our given ability to resolve whatever incongruities that may arise,” she replied solemnly. “Your intelligence is most refreshing, possibly surpassing my own,” she confessed, “It is truly an honor to know the future of our world comes from the loins of such a noble creature.”

“Let the milking commence,” I conceded, “And upon its' successful termination, permit me to view the wonders of your kingdom.”

Reanna nodded, as several attendants scurried over to the bank of dials and buttons, while another gently lowered a large mechanical device over my loins, fumbling to guide my shrunken organ into a warm synthetic opening. She then slid a small probe into my butt, and placed a smooth bag like structure gently around my scrotum securely encasing the two life generating orbs within. After a few tenuous moments, the machine hummed to life; gentle electrical charges bathed my balls and prostrate, while gentle suction pulled my cock fully into the a sleeve with a small inflatable ring that secured the device to the base of my cock. Varying electrical shocks surged through cascading rings that sequentially tightened around my shaft. Although the sensations were quite pleasant, they were nowhere near the erotic stimulation encountered in recent days and orgasms eluded me. I relaxed and drifted into a peaceful slumber.

I was awakened by a gentle tug on my groin and open my eyes to see the cock sucking apparatus being pulled away gently.

“Were you able to extract sufficient semen,” I asked somewhat incredulously.

“Oh yes, with a surplus,” the nurse replied reassuringly, “Your reproductive system exceeded our expectations and even now continues to produce at a highly accelerated rate. By tomorrow, you will have generated more than sufficient semen to impregnate any potential partner.” She examined my genitals momentarily before cleaning them thoroughly with a soft cloth. “The slight discoloration and discomfort will disappear shortly,” she murmured as she gathered her equipment on a tray and secured several switches on the control panel. With a smile, she disappeared out of view, and with a bone realigning stretch, I sat up and studied my surroundings.

The door slid opened and Reanna appeared adorned in a white flowing gown. I smiled at her and she took my hand and patted the back gently.

“I'm ready for the tour,” I announced as I slid to me feet.

“Come,” she commanded a she grasped my hand gently and pulled me from the extraction room. “This habitat and the one under construction in the North Sea are powered by a self regenerating, environmentally enhancing ion station that will provide for our expanding needs far into the foreseeable future. In this facility your semen was processed, diluted and enhanced with proteins to enhance its pro-creativity despite whatever harmful environments it encounters – super semen if you will.” We left the laboratory and entered a large hangar with a group of sleek dull black craft resembling the manta rays of my home world. “The super-semen is already being distributed on the known fresh water reservoirs that supply over 98% of the native population under cover of darkness with these craft. Within a few cycles, those compatible with you semen will conceive.”

We then entered a huge room with one wall viewing the sea and the remaining walls lined with rows upon rows of texts. “Our repository of collective knowledge,” she waved her arms gracefully and led me through a set of double doors; “Our nutritional center,” a long walk through another set of doors; “Our sterilization and recyclable facility,” and finally through a last set of doors “Our berthing facility.” Above us are more laboratories and data collecting facilities, and below our fish women reside. Well organized, the structure reeked of sterility and military discipline; I was a guest in a sterile utopia. Although I was tempted to share my observations, the apparent age and continuing success of this subculture restrained my judgment and I complemented the goddess who anxiously awaited my approval. She extended an invitation to join their community but after several feigned moments of intense introspection, I declined on the basis of harmfully altering the predetermined course of this worlds' evolution.

I was offered a meal of my choice before departure, but upon finding the menu was strictly vegetarian, I declined and was soon bobbing gratefully a few meters from the fleet of small fishing vessels with a lung full of fresh air. Once spotted, I was treated like royalty, enthusiastically welcomed and playfully stroked by by the unpretentious naive women, who's simplicity and warmth provided a welcome relief from the kingdom below. Immediately, I assisted with the catch and played with my companions, taking one particularly nubile virgin within my embrace and under the longing gazes of the others, made soft passionate love as the waves caressed us gently. Unknown to any of us, a solitary half- woman, half-fish creature gazed longingly from just below our intertwined legs.

My reunion with the village was joyous. The Doctor fell at my feet and cried. Sandy and Nell shamelessly gang tackled me, taking turns riding my genitals until some of the others finally pulled them free. Godzilla and the misses literally danced and thumped their tails forcibly enough to dislodge everything stowed on the shelves in the lodge. In this clothing optional celebration, I was the centerpiece, sharing embraces from everyone and nipple pinches with those whom I'd shared my bed. A feast was prepared to everyone's delight and I learned I had disappeared for two cycles and was feared forever lost. Despite the Doctors call for restraint, I soon found myself buried face first in the furry muff of a dark skinned virgin, tugging on the unusually large clitoris as she danced beneath me with a series of orgasms. Once the young girl was inseminated and resting, the Doctor motioned me over to her bed, and we spent the remainder of the night in a loving embrace.

Part VII

The excited babble of the fishermen awakened us as they hovered over several figures lying in lifeless repose just above the water line. As we closed in at a full sprint, I immediately recognized them as residents of the submarine kingdom of REA; one of them with the unmistakeable features of the nurse that had removed the hardware from my package. Further out to sea, I caught a glimpse of several heads bobbing on the waves and immediately identified them as the fish women and waved to encourage them closer. In the confusion, I calmed everyone as best as possible and helped get the three lifeless refugees back to the Doctor's quarters.

It wasn't until I waded into the surf, that the fish women drew near, and I knelt into the water to greet them with a gentle touches. Their eyes were abnormally large, small fins sprouted from the sides of the necks, and their hands were fully webbed. Just below their navels, at the flair of their full feminine hips, the soft scales of pastel tones began; descending down their thighs to the beautifully formed tail. With long flowing hair, and perfectly developed breasts, these mermaids soon warmed and swam around me in a close knit circle, pinching and probing my body curiously. My verbal communication was failing miserably until I heard their voices in my head, much like the mental imagery of Godzilla!

It was then I learned the goddess Reanna was not of this world. An alien that had landed in the sea centuries earlier, she had enslaved the mermaids and their mates with some sort of ultrasonic beam. They built the underwater kingdom for her and hasten to do her bidding for fear of their lives. The extracted semen I'd supplied was to be genetically altered to turn the multitude of future offspring into mindless morons. Unfortunately, these three women had neutralized the semen but were discovered and ejected by the goddess. They warned she would destroy our world and must be stopped, but the minute they returned below, they were unable to do anything except fulfill Reanna's commands. The Doctor embraced them and those watching on the beach joined her, as I stumbled back to the three victims. One had succumbed but the other two showed positive signs of recovery.

Taking a long soul quenching drink of fresh water, I pondered the human condition; the unending quest for power by a select few corrupting and destroying the lives of everyone else with brutal insensitivity. Yet somehow, love persists – even thrives in this adversity while those in bondage learn to accept their position in life somewhat indifferently. Looking around at the inhabitants of the small village living peacefully and innocently then remembering the queen of the lizard skins with her insensitive dreams of conquest; a burning desire to defend the simple way of life became overbearing. Somehow, this otherworldly threat must be removed with minimal impact on the village.

Clenching my fists, I stormed over to the mermaids and mentally urged them to find a the source of the HF transmissions and if possible, to locate the ion power source. They responded they had tried, utilizing a myriad of techniques but all had failed. Remembering how Godzilla had decimated the lizard skin encampment, I inquired if they knew of any undersea leviathans that could assist. Immediately they responded simultaneously with the “sea dragon;” a large beast low in IQ but off the charts in devotion. As they called to him with shrill inhuman chirps, I called my two dino companions over. With forceful swipes of their tales, they soon had excavated a deep pool for the mermaids to swim up to the village structures.

After a brief trial and error period, we found the mermaids had an appetite for the leaves of a small nut bearing shrub scattered among the underbrush. The nutmeats were often chewed like candy by the natives and I found them to be both sweet and energizing. We gathered with the mermaids, and one of the nurses who had enough energy to speak briefly between gasps of air. Collectively we explored the underwater city with a series of impromptu drawings, finally settling on two probable locations for the RF generator and the location of the ion generator.

Suddenly, two small eyes approximately ten meters apart popped out of the water on stalks, and surveyed the layout independently – much like the eyes of a mantis. Soon, other eyes popped up randomly followed by a large snout with a huge set of incisors on either side. No introduction was needed – the sea dragon had arrived! With a series of chirps only the mermaids and the leviathan could understand the plan was revealed. With a few words of caution and cheers of support, the mermaids grabbed onto the scaly back, and sped off into the open water leaving behind a virtual tidal wave from the leviathans wake. I immediately chose two of the heartiest women, and we hurriedly launched the Sea Sprite.

A sense of silent urgency settled over the craft once the sail billowed. The wind was favorable, giving us time to unfurl the nets and put them at the ready for survivors if any escaped. Time passed slowly until, in the distance there was a huge fountain and the sea appeared to boil. A small glowing egg shaped craft burst through the surface and accelerated as it climbed straight up into the cloudless sky. Suddenly a myriad of debris and lifeless bodies surfaced around us followed by a gleeful group of mermaids. We secured and lowered the net before diving into the sea to recover and handful of survivors; the ascent had been grotesquely fatal for most. Filled beyond capacity, we slipped away from the ecstatic celebration, setting sail for home while bailing water to keep afloat. At first there was a gentle nudge amidships, then the entire craft rose several meters above the water as the monstrous leviathan ferried us rapidly through the waves to gently deposit us just offshore of the village.

Once the survivors were transported to where the Doctor had established a small triage; everyone tried to help her however possible. Once things quieted down, I asked the mermaids to assess the damage and recover any articles they couldn't use before returning to the former residents for thorough cross-examination. Still suffering from the negative effects of their rapid assent, they revealed this world was somewhat younger than my home planet and currently supported approximately 50,000 human life forms. Several large waterfront cities were sprinkled across the only land mass while the sea covered the greatest majority of the planet. The equatorial region was geologically unstable with a large volcanic rift dividing the land mass in two. The sea women had a lifespan twice that of the “land dwellers” and were the only other intelligent life forms found on this planet.

Amidst the lingering celebrations, I wandered further up the beach and sat in the cool tidal eddies. I had been on this world for nearly two months now by my best reckoning, and had inseminated perhaps fifty of the local inhabitants. Not knowing my longevity much less the tenure of my virility, I concluded it would take at least two lifetimes to impregnate all known candidates. Factoring in attrition and environmental hazards, the native population would fade into oblivion within a few generations. Although life by the sea was a blessing; it would soon need to draw to a close. I returned to the village unaware of the partial solution the Doctor had already gleaned from her patients.


The mermaids were returning with an assortment paraphernalia from the underground city, and the Doctor rushed to embrace me before excitedly babbling about the solution she and the nurse had discovered. By utilizing the venom of the ebony sea snake, my semen could be diluted exponentially without losing it's potency. Although not 100% effective most any women who bathed in the treated water would be impregnated if they were fertile. News from the mermaids that two of the manta craft were salvageable sealed the deal. The next several cycles were so filled with activity that my sex life skid to a halt yet my knowledge base expanded exponentially as I became a coordinator between the three unique cultures. After several dives in wet suits that had floated to the surface, we recovered a multitude of equipment, two fully functioning mantis craft, and a multitude of publications – of particular interest was a thorough surface map revealing the known locations of the planet's inhabitants and their water supply. By night, I along with several of the recovered survivors with flight aptitude learned the characteristics of the flying machines over the open water. Easy to navigate with a battery of flight controls, we soon could pinpoint drop locations and soar away noiselessly on the wind.

It wasn't until the third day, as I watched a group of women discussing long term issues with child development, that I realized the miracle of intercultural blending I had unwittingly given birth to. Calling the survivors of the underwater city together, I vented my concerns about the impact of blending two intrinsically different cultures with generations of differences together. Amidst the solemn group that had already established deep friendships with the land dwellers, one of the older survivors named Tash rose to her feet and announced her intention to rear her offspring here and considered the blending of the two cultures a mutually beneficial, irreversible stroke of destiny. She then walked over to me, and loud enough for everyone to hear said;

“I need to feel a man inside me.”

“OK. . .Any others?” I stood before them fidgeting at a loss for words.

One by one the women rose until they were all standing silently, the breeze gently tousling their hair. I ran my fingers through my long hair; aware it was physically impossible to fulfill their request and impregnate everyone unaffected by our super sperm spray. I nodded and recommended we proceed with my seminal extraction and dissemination before exploring the options for individual needs. I was led to towards the back of a shelter and laid down on a specially prepared cot. Several large ebony snakes were being milked of their venom into a large bowl by a crowd of villagers struggling to control the creatures. A probe was inserted adjacent to my prostate; a small bag was eased over my gonads, and a scaled down version of the “cock pump” was eased into place on my groin. It was connected to an auxiliary power supply on of the mantis craft and within a few moments, I was asleep with the machine gently coaxing my essence into beakers placed neatly in a row on a nearby table.

When I awoke, my genitals felt overworked, and my head was spinning. The Doctor was fidgeting over my deflated peen, while the constant drone of a centrifuge whirred just above my field of view. The nurse suddenly appeared and confirmed the extraction had been successful and the diluted semen was being prepared for distribution the very same night. Told to rest, I pulled the Doctor weakly to my side and we spooned together until dawn of the next morning. Before I rose to test my facilities, I shared the timely revelations of the survivors sadly, knowing our time together was limited. She wept and revealed she was with child. I seriously debated scrubbing the mission to live out my life in this ocean side paradise, yet the thought of untold lives never being realized – any one that may change the course of this world's evolution, was more than adequate impetus to pursue my quest for unseeded candidates.

As the two full laden mantis shaped craft rose into the evening mist on the predetermined routes, I stole from the camp, pausing to say a tearful farewell to Godzilla and his mate while planting the image that they would be needed to care for the Doctor and her newborn. Skirting through the underbrush a short distance from the sea, I moved away from the camp into the unknown assured my experience and open curiosity would prevail against any threat I may encounter. To insure my escape route was undetected, I threaded my way through trails virtually obscured from overhead by the thick trees. Tired and still sore from the extraction, I curled up beneath a small rock overhang and covered myself with leaves.

It was bright daylight when I finally awoke and shook off my leafy camouflage. Now miles from the village, I felt safe to return to the water’s edge for a much easier transit to the large community on the north sea. Suddenly a subtle splash behind me stirred my senses into overdrive as I dove for cover. Scanning the surface of the water without moving my extremities for several minutes, I saw a blond haired head poke out of the water followed shortly by several brunette heads. Not seeing any movement, they slowly proceeded up the shoreline until I broke cover and waved. They immediately disappeared before resurfacing a short time later. I waved again. Timidly they approached until their full breasts were exposed. I walked towards them slowly and waved again.

Slowly entering the sparkling clear surf, I could see their vague outlines; sweet round faces with pastel gills on their necks, full perky breasts, slim muscular extremities, and scaly green tails. From waist up, definitely delicious, but once below the waterline, a scaly no man's land. I projected my warmest greeting and asked if they were from the underwater city. They replied they were not, but had learned of a male presence and wished to confirm the rumor. As I slowly removed my modesty leaf, their steadfast gaze locked onto my genitals and their eyes doubled in size. Spellbound, I encouraged them to explore my appendage as long as they kept it intact. The three giggled, and after a few tentative touches, my genitals became lost in six pair of webbed hands. Thrusting my hips forward to enhance their access, I allowed their soothing sensations to caress my overworked package while submerged, stirring it to life amidst their stunned gazes.

The blond asked to mate and I consented wondering how it could ever possibly be accomplished. Rolling onto her back, she tucked her tail behind her and there, at the crux of her legs a small opening surrounded by tiny tendrils revealed itself. Gently, I guided myself into the opening, amazed at it's ability to fully expand and engulf my organ. The tiny tendrils danced over my scrotum sensuously as the warmth of her vagina contrasting with the cool ocean brought me precipitously close to premature release. Slowly moving into deeper waters as our bodies sensuously intertwined, we rolled in the spray gleefully, my hands clutching her two glorious globes as her strong muscular body humped me effortlessly. Her explosive release forced my invader from her depths with one powerful thrust, and we tumbled away from each other momentarily.

Seizing the opportunity, a brunette mermaid with small pointed breasts rolled astride me and positioned my glans at her tiny orifice. Immediately, we were climbing ever higher in each others embrace; her hips tugging at my cock with wild abandon while I struggled to keep my head above water. With several force full thrusts, she exploded and rolled free in exhaustion as the third mermaid eagerly took her place. Instinctively, she rode me with high pitched “chirps” accompanying each downward thrust. My mouth latched onto her firm nipple and she immediately increased her rhythm as the delightful tendrils caressed my gonads into hyper production. Several more thrusts, and I released into her hot womb providing the stimulation for her to quickly follow with her own powerful release.

I rose to the surface and floated on my back amidst the gentle breezes; exhausted and spent. The gentle hands of the blond mermaid towed me to the safety of the shore as our collective libidos slowly returned to stasis. As my three finny friends casually took turns playing with my deflated package bobbing lazily in the water, they asked questions about my origins and sexual history. Later, I strolled ashore and procured some leaves from the nut plants and several passion fruits and we dined in the surf amidst relaxed conversation and gentle fondling. They asked me to remain with them and promised a universe of diverse fulfillment with their kin. Gracefully declining, I mentioned my immediate objective was a large city on the north sea. After a long silence, the large breasted brunette offered to take me there. The normal overland journey of three cycles would be reduced to less than one. I graciously accepted their offer unaware of the ball draining experience it would become.

The blond summoned some of the other mermaids as we finished our lunch. Suddenly, a multitude of heads popped up above the bubbling surf and a dominant redhead swam towards me, tucking her tail behind her back when she was a few feet from me. Knowing there was no contingency plan for mermaids centering on compatibility issues, I projected the probability of virility issues with their species to her; but she laughed and returned their species did not suffer from longevity restrictions of the land dwellers, although their need to experience the fulfillment of a male was long overdue. I lunged for her and plunged into the tendril surrounded warmth with one fluid movement. Rolling onto her back giving me full exposure to her large rose nippled breasts, she began to move her tail with gentle strokes while almost completely submerged. We headed into the open sea, the gentle motions of her tail and vaginal tendrils providing a most sensual and arousing experience. All to soon she writhed in orgasmic release, tumbling through the water joyfully as the waves of sensual fulfillment coursed through her being.

As she slid off, another swam up from beneath and took her place. The small chested nymph eagerly positioned herself and slid down my length effortlessly with nary an effort on my part. What she lacked in superstructure was sufficiently compensated with her enthusiasm. Once satiated, she rolled from beneath me and was immediately replaced with another eager mermaid. The entire day would be spent in uninhibited copulation; pumping barely fertile seed into my willing partner on several occasions when the unique stimulation overloaded my senses. By nightfall, the following crowd of mermaids had thinned considerably, and I felt like a marathon runner crossing the finish line. Flickering free floating lights appeared on the shoreline, and I knew my destination was within reach. As I pumped one final load of seed into the depths of my enthusiastic partner, I felt the last of my energy dissipate, and almost slid into the watery darkness when two pairs of webbed hands pulled me quickly to the surface and gently pulled me within several meters of the shore. My feet touched the rocky bottom and I turned to wave my appreciation to the few souls that remained.

Part IX

Exhausted and drained, I stumbled into a group of dense bushes and collapsed. With sweet orgasmic dreams, I slept soundly until the mid morning hours of the following day. Several distant voices spurred me deeper into the thick growth and I watched breathlessly as a small group of finely clad ladies picked fruits and flowers growing abundantly along their trail. Although I had a strong desire to approach them, I held back determined to learn more of the customs and mores before exposing myself to a potentially dangerous environment. Stealthily moving through the thick underbrush, I made my way to an overlook position on a sharp hill just north of the city. With rock pavement on the roads bordered by dwellings of rock and mud it gave the immediate impression of a well organized town brimming with activity. Small two legged creature drawn carts carried loads of textiles, agricultural products and even people to and fro; the creatures were similar to wingless ostriches with less plumage and a sharper beak. I

Pressed up against the mountain was a much larger, ornately decorated structure surrounded by a colorful garden of fruits and vegetables. Along the shoreline were two large log floating piers that extended past the deep water cove into the open ocean. As dusk settled over the city, small dragonflies with luminescent wings emerged in such great numbers the city appeared to have an unearthly glow. A large fire crackled in a fire pit in front of the temple and many of the women covered with flowing white garments had gathered in a semi circle around it. A figure adorned in a robe of many colors with a long gold staff emerged from the structure and offered several incantations and blessings with outstretched arms. Two attractive females stepped forward as they shed their white robes and covered their breasts and vulva’s modestly. An incantation was spoken and the entire group sang a beautiful melody of rebirth before wandering back to their homes as the three girls entered the structure.

Tomorrow I would reveal my presence, but for now, a few passion fruits and a quick cleansing splash in one of several streams that fed the now quiet city would be a suitable precursor to a full night's rest. Sometime later, a young girl's shriek that most assuredly would have shattered glass erupted from the largest structure chasing sleep away instantly. With a racing pulse, I quickly descended from my observation post and circled the largest structure quickly. The only entrance, was in front, but there were large openings with wooden bars every two or three meters. Finding a window to an unoccupied room, I quickly dispatched of the wooden security, and crawled in scratching myself on the stones. Assuming a posture of extreme caution, I eluded the few guards with leather uniforms and ended up at a large room concealed by double doors. Summoning all my strength, I rushed past the two guards and splintered the door as I crashed into the candlelit bedroom.

One of the two girls was laying over a large bed with the woman in the multicolored robe reaming the the living daylights out of the young girls vagina with an oversized strap on dildo. “What the F. . .” was all the only words that came to mind when a sharp jab behind my knees sent me to the rock floor. The woman stopped her assault and whirled to take in my prone form;

“How dare you defile the sacred fertilization rite,” she screamed angrily.

I slowly rose to my knees and brushed the hair from my face, “How dare you brutally defile this young wench,” I spat giving her the evil eye.

Her gaze dropped to my groin; “How can this be,” she responded with amazement to the shriveled appendage sprouting from my groin. It was a golden opportunity to voice my anger, but rather, I yanked the dildo from her pelvis viciously only to find it had been fashioned to pleasure the wearer with a much smaller and softer appendage. I sat on the bed and extended my hand for hers. She timidly grasped it and seated herself beside me.

“I was sent to help repopulate your world; some of my seed was already placed in your water supply. I have come to insure all who desire have an opportunity to conceive.”

“Some of my children have spoken of fulfillment; those I have not prepared were sent to the burning lake as delusional.”

I picked up the brutal dildo, easily twice my girth, and compared it to my flaccid member momentarily before pitching it over in the corner. “It would be most wise to recover them and treat them with the dignity young mother's deserve. If you desire, I will remain for a time to fertilize the barren who desire offspring before I continue into the mountains and the great plain beyond.”

“How can we know it is the truth you speak?”

Gently easing her onto her back, I opened the robe completely and suckled the two round globes neatly tipped with light brown nipples until they were aroused and my faithful cock were engorged. Trailing down her torso as it rapidly rose and descended with arousal, I found the slick engorged valley and gently licked away the abundant essence that was forming there. With a momentary pause to position myself, I eased past the thick folds into the warmth of her core, giving a momentary pause as she adjusted to my length before pressing on with eager strokes. Soon she ascended to a toe curling release and I let my essence erupt into her quivering quim. I rode her until she finally collapsed with fulfilled exhaustion, hoping enough semen had developed since my ball draining encounters with the mermaids to be fertile.

“I should prefer to have you spend what time you have within my chambers,” she finally whispered sensuously as her breathing calmed, “But our survival rests on your virility.”

“And ability ma'am; It is unlikely any more than three or four partners can be fertilized within a cycle. I propose those remaining barren who desire my seed to share their desires with you, and you decide who my mates shall be. I ask only for a private chamber and the freedom to move freely through the city – and please get rid of that pussy plunderer!”

“You will remain within my dwelling in a room reserved for only the most honored guests. I shall call my children together and select the most likely candidates, and will honor your request for freedom along with all your needs,” she stated emphatically.

“Very well,” I conceded, “For now, I desire a constant supply of passion fruit and a soothing bath.” I kissed her gingerly on the cheek and rose. The two guards stared at my groin spellbound when suddenly a young blond waif burst through the entry and blurted out that she was most assuredly with child. She stopped suddenly when she saw my nudity and fell to her knees, bowing to the dripping organ hanging down from my torso.

“Come on man,” I blurted, “It's an erectile organ filled with a mass of nerves, not a demigod!”

She slowly lifted her gaze to study the flaccid appendage and murmured “It's so beautiful.”

I turned to the leader who remained partially spread eagle on the bed; “Is there one among you who would provide me with a crotch cover?” I gently cradled my genitals with mock modesty and turned to the young victim laying half senseless face down on the bed and advised her to be wary of those pretending to be what they aren't.

Slowly rising from the bed and adjusting her multicolored robe calmly, she replied “I will dispatch the regal seamstress immediately.” She turned to the still awestruck girl and congratulated her, giving her instructions for protecting herself and the unborn child while mentioning that I was responsible for the life within. Motioning to the guards, she whispered a brief set of instructions and motioned for me to follow one of them into the adjoining chamber while the other made haste to release the sizzling young mothers. The quarters were well maintained with a stone tub and a commanding view of the city and waterfront. I slowly lowered myself into the cool water in the tub and let soothing liquid ease the fatigue from my spirit. A small bird flew in the open window and began to sing a melodious tune as I dozed. A short time later, a young girl came to the chamber door and knocked quietly.

The young girl had frail features with pale white skin and almond eyes with just the tiniest beginnings of breasts. She introduced herself nervously as Lina, and nearly stumbled twice as I motioned her over to the water filled cistern. Her eyes became large as silver dollars when she first spied my genitals and although she tried to steal her gaze on several occasions, it was apparent her curiosity had other ideas. Finally, I gently pulled her hand down to my shrunken genitals, and encouraged her to explore my package. As it grew under her gentle exploratory touches, Lina became visibly aroused; a fine blush creeping down her neck and shoulders, and her tight nipples poking through the material of her dress. Damn the torpedoes I mused, as I forcefully tugged her into the pool and awkwardly removed her attire to expose the pristine alabaster skin and her tiny dark brown nipples.

My hands gently explored her tender flesh as she clung firmly to my cock. Her tender body trembled beneath my touches as I asked if she was with child. She shook her head no and I replied she soon would be. I pushed her hands away from my engorged organ and positioned myself at the down covered lips of her entrance. Pulling her close, gently I thrust my hips upwards, pushing past her labia into her warm inviting depths. Although nowhere nearly as tight as some I'd penetrated before, Lina was quite accommodating and more than pleasantly surprised by the invasion. I moved her body up and down until she grasped the rhythm and gradually seceded my control, savoring the delicious sensations as she rode me; her tight fanny a joy to hold. A low pitched grunt escaped her lips as she crested, trembling like a leaf in a gale as her muscles squeezed the life from my organ. Satiated but unfulfilled, I assumed the driving force until my searing semen burned through my resistance and erupted into her depths. Lina trembled violently and collapsed in my arms.

When she stirred back to life, Lina quickly scrambled from the tight confines and struggled into her saturated gown. From a hidden pocket, she produced a fine green thread, and took a few measurements when I stood for her. She muttered a quick thank you as hurriedly left, passing the women with multicolored robe as she entered. Taking a seat on the edge of the tub, I gently grasped her hand and asked what her title was. She asked me to call her Mary; the name her mother had given. I squeezed her hand and advised her to remove Lina from the list. Mary smiled broadly and confessed it was her first choice. The word was being spread throughout the city, and by nightfall my first partner would join me. I patted her hand and reminded her she was my first drawing a warm smile from her. For the next several minutes, I taught Mary how to kiss until we were interrupted by an excited Lina with a finely crafted loincloth.

Part X

Thanking them both with a warm kiss, I slipped the soft cloth over my groin and wandered out into the daylight to explore the city. Despite many curious looks from the local residents, I found the residents warm and eager to share their knowledge and experiences. The natural seaport was alive with activity, the surrounding fields were carefully maintained, and many of the homes were alive with various obscure activities. Nowhere did I see idle hands or panhandlers; everyone set about their tasks eagerly, and I couldn't help but lend a hand from time to time. As the day waned, a women of particularly muscular stature, an amazon if you will, approached astride a Drac and requested I accompany her. The Drac was the term given to the two legged critters I described earlier, and were, by most standards a domesticated beast of burden. She pulled me onto it's back and we quickly trotted off to the temple, my bones shaken to their core by the beasts gait. When we arrived at the temple, I slid to the ground and staggered unsteadily through the double doors as the amazonian escort stifled a knowing smirk.

A large banquet table with a variety of the local fare was lavishly laid out including a large bowl with a locally distilled wine. Behind, the table a line of beautiful ladies, adorned in sensual gowns stood nervously. Despite the appetite the buffet before me awakened, I took the time to kiss each girls hand gently and offer compliments on their unique features before requesting benches where we could all share the meal together. The wine was little more than juice, but a refreshing change from the water which I was accustomed. Moreover, the company was delightful. Once the original discomfort passed, I learned much of the traditional customs and how Mary had instilled interdependence on her subordinates.

As the evening wore on and understanding bonded us together, the aphrodisiac of the passion fruit and new wine had the desired effect and soon we were all in various stages of nudity, as the conversations became more intimate. One of the girls began to dance to unheard music, her limbs swaying gracefully as her hips undulated sensuously. Soon others joined her until the chamber was filled with seductive intoxicated beauties gracefully gliding and spinning in the silence. I rose and wandered through the erotic fairyland, caressing the captivating ballerinas and planting random kisses on their graceful flowing hands. My arousal was now painfully apparent, and I shucked my loincloth as I moved amongst them.

Within seconds, I was flat on my back and swarmed with sex crazed virgins eager for their first male penetration. Every single pussy that plunged on my cock was dripping with arousal as I became the entertainment centerpiece. I don't know how many pussies I had filled to orgasmic completion when a shrill shriek stilled the mayhem. In a condescending tone, Mary chastened the crowd and sent them scurrying into the evening mist as my battered torso relaxed and a sense of control returned. Slowly rising to my feet, my drug-induced cock still rising unhindered, I strolled to the doorway and fired off a loud wolf whistle while gesturing to my guests to return. Fighting conflicts of authority and desire, the slowly filled the chamber as I advised Mary all was well, and her presence was welcomed. A short, somewhat chunky girl entered and began to sing a delightful recourse and soon I was flat on my back again, savoring a multitude of pussies with my mouth as my cock continued its destined service.

Several hours later, the room was filled with exhausted maidens in various positions of repose as Mary stumbled over to me with a cup of wine. Despite the temptation and several near misses, I had somehow retained my seed knowing once spent, the wild evening would immediately conclude. One of the girls stumbled over to me, and caressed my face gently, and I eased her over my rigid member and slid into her depths effortlessly. Mary toyed with her nipples and my hands went to her hips to regulate the thrusting speed as she rode me with wild abandon until she clenched tightly, and I felt my seed burst inside her. Her deep blue eyes shot open with my ejaculation as she collapsed on my chest. Gently easing her off me, I picked up her lifeless frame and carried her into my chambers with a warm smile to Mary as she followed us with her eyes.

The next morning, we awoke in each others arms, and I gave her another round of pussy pounding insuring her sweet release before rising to take in the view and cleansing bath. A short time later, she reluctantly rose, and with a quick kiss, disappeared into the sweet morning air. I downed a passion fruit, savoring the rich sweet nectar as it slid down my throat and pondered a stroll down to the bustling waterfront. The door opened, and a tall slender brunette entered, slowly disrobing before kneeling in front of me and massaging a white lilac odored cream into my depleted genitals. I pulled her next to me, and ran my fingers through her long silky hair and down her long shapely neck. Gently tracing slow erotic patterns to her full breasts, I uncovered her large firm nipples and eased the rigid textured areolas into my mouth as her grip on my penis tightened and she grimaced with arousal. Knowing my payload would be slight at best, I covered her bosoms, and pulled my loincloth on before grabbing her hand to head out in the city.

Our conversations were light and easy, introducing ourselves to those we met along the way to the sea. Most of the inhabitants were open and eager to discuss their lives but a few were reserved and kept to themselves. Once on the pier, we helped to off load the days catch and repair a few nets before strolling over to one of the many agricultural plots and talking with the the growers. Feigning tiredness, we returned to my room and spent much of the afternoon and evening exploring each others assets and sensitivities, avoiding penetration until our mutual lust could no longer be contained. Her hairy vulva trembled visibly as I guided myself in, and rode her gently to a series of orgasms before I finally let go.

The next few cycles were marked with a swinging door of nubile partners, all unique yet gratifyingly similar in their eagerness and orgasmic potential. Experience had taught me the trigger points of feminine arousal to a level of proficiency to where my insemination solely depended on my regenerative abilities. It would soon be time to move on. After I had filled a particularly eager blond nymph with dark tanned skin one afternoon, I went to Mary's chamber and, after thanking her for the hospitality, announced my imminent departure. She was saddened. We spent the night in her chambers and I filled her pussy on several occasions. In the predawn hours, I filled her one final time with fresh seed before I disentangled myself from her embrace and silently slid into my loincloth. With a twinge of sadness, I looked back on the waking community before beginning the steady climb up the foothills towards the lands beyond the snow covered mountains.

Part XI

The long climb was filled with anticipation as visions of antelope horned bovines and the cactus like flora . Assuming water would be scarce, I cut a couple of the tubular limbs similar to those I used to reroute the water into the village by the sea, and filled them with cool glacial runoff before capping them tightly. Dragging them behind me, I finally crested one of the smaller peaks and gazed over the high plains as I took to myself a passion fruit. In the distance was a dust cloud I assumed was formed by the bovines. Above them a flock of colorful razor toothed birds lazily circled. The sun was hot, and shade was at a premium, so I zigzagged down the sparsely vegetated hill and watched for any form of reptiles that may not take a liking to my uninvited intrusion. Once on the valley floor, I strolled from one shade haven to another, sucking in the dry thin air alive with a multitude of faint dusty odors.

By late afternoon as I had stumbled into a small group of trees surrounding a pool of warm water that oozed from the depths, the mountains had become a faint outline and I congratulated myself for my timely progress. Perhaps I could make it across the the entire continent if given sufficient time! The warm breezes and a few sips of the crystal clear water had a tranquilizing affect, and I drifted into a dream of a beautifully stoic Indian woman on a throne of carved obsidian surrounded by loyal, scantily clad subjects within an underground chamber gesturing at me with a lustful look of passion and mystery. Behind her throne was a mountain of what I suspect was rare gems in various sizes, glittering in a kaleidoscope of colors. I awoke with a start; face to face with a large iguana type lizard. It stared at me as I collected the few remaining fibers of my wits and said;

“She awaits you,” My ears rang with the soft, feminine sound it projected.

“OK,” I stammered somewhat taken aback by a talking lizard.

“The journey is long, and safe passage only I can assure.”

“I have little water and will gladly share it with you,” I offered knowing this baby dinosaur wanted compensation as a tour guide.

“Water I have, but it is the cream of your loins I desire.”

My mind conjured an image of me humping a lizard and I swallowed hard, repulsed by the concept. “I don't think I can go there,” I muttered as I began to fill the water tubes.

The lizard studied me and snapped a fly from the air with its uncharacteristic long tongue; choking it down noisily. “A small taste, perhaps,” it conceded.

I set the tube down and slowly capped it while attempting to digest the lizard's last request. A lip less blow job held a certain perverse appeal, but the thought of a lizard with my most prized possession probing its guts took a giant leap of imagination. “No teeth,” I queried skeptically.

“What do you take me for, a carnivore?”

I chuckled and confessed I'd never been intimate with a four legged critter before. It responded it wasn't prejudice and promised to be gentle. The entire scene was too surreal, but I eased my loin cloth aside exposing my wilted cock, and it quickly slithered between my legs and sniffed my glans. It's tongue gently probed my urethra before encircling the head and pulling it into it's mouth past the two rows of small sharp teeth into its gullet. The sensations were wonderful and I felt my cock filling with blood as the lizard inhaled and wheezed through its restricted windpipe. Two prickly claws began kneading my gonads gently as my hips rocked with short copulatory jabs. Undaunted, the stimulation continued with a slowly increasing pace until my gonads tightened against my torso and the familiar burning that precedes an upcoming release arose. I announced my release and arched my back as the lizard hung on and ingested every drop I could spew.

I collapsed as the lizard slowly pulled itself free from its impalement and licked its lizard lips several times. Its form then slowly morphed into a beautiful Indian warrior on all fours; her long black hair touching the ground and her deep black eyes piercing my soul. I sat there stunned, hoodwinked by a shape shifting warrior with an oral fetish. She rose to her feet stealthily and stretched her hand for me to take. I grasped it and slowly rose unsteadily to embrace her gently.

“We must hurry, the Princess awaits.” I grabbed the tubes of water and turned to find her already several strides distant. Her gait was smooth and effortless and I struggled to keep up with her. I learned they had gleaned my arrival by my scent, and followed me to the water pool through the eyes of the Tyto bird. She explained the mystical fowl was an extension of the Princess; bound to subservience throughout eternity. We continued wordlessly until early evening when the sand beneath where we stood suddenly gave way and I landed in a heap atop a pile of downy feathers. As my dream had clearly foretold, a noble Princess, surrounded by a entourage of beautiful women, sat in stately grace eying my every move unemotionally. Two girls rose and quickly glided over to me, removing my loincloth and rubbing a clear soothing ointment all over my body gently. They restored my loincloth with a bow before returning to the company of the Princess. I took to my knees and bowed in a universal gesture of respect.

“Rise and stand before me, Prince,” she commanded. She gazed upward and closed her eyes, placing her hands face up on her knees. “You have been unwittingly sent to our world from your own to repopulate the childless multitudes. Your sacrifices are great and unending; your future uncertain. This day was foretold by the ancients and we shall bond to create my predecessor. Then, you shall have unrestricted access to those with whom you choose to mate before you are compelled to leave this lifeless plateau on your ongoing quest.” Her face slowly lowered as her eyes opened, staring at me with an unemotionally intimidating gaze. She had summed up my mission perfectly – appear, impregnate, then disappear; neat, clean and simple; although the ethereal tone was somewhat disconcerting.

My head was spinning with too much information. Suddenly, my loincloth fell to my knees and my package became completely exposed. After a brief visual inspection, the Princess decried my reproductive system as awkward and ill conceived. I would be purified and my virility augmented to fulfill my mission. She produced a glowing multicolored gem that floated just above her palm and closed her eyes as the room began to swim with vibrant hues that slowly gathered around her form and mine. I became weightless, floating towards her as she floated towards me until we met in the air, our genitals glowing with multicolored sparklers and our bodies twirling like two well versed ballet dancers. Despite the surreal scenario, I became inexplicably aroused and invigorated as the drab cave surrounding was replaced by soft earth tones, sweet mouth watering fragrance, and angelic sounds.

We slid together magnificently in midair, her moist hairless pussy sliding over my cock like a glove as my gonads tingled delightfully. Her sweet sighs and the milking contractions of her vagina quickly brought me to the edge, as my hands grasped onto her hard sparkling nipples and she gasped with her approval. Joined only by our genitals and caressing fingertips, we rose to the peak of our orgasmic ecstasy swirling in a cosmic wonderland of sensory overload. Joyously we embraced as we endured the longest, most explosive orgasm we would ever experience. I could feel my semen thundering through my cock, coating her womb with waves of sperm filled cream as her cervix throbbed with pulsating ecstasy and hungrily drew my life giving essence into her depths. Slowly, the experience faded, our bodies slowly pulled apart as the psychedelic sensory display diminished into the dull surroundings of the underground cavern.

Somewhere between the world I had known, and a plane of endless ecstasy, we floated in orgasmic resolution, holding hands gently as my mind struggled to analyze our transcendental journey beyond the threshold of perception. Slowly awareness returned; I was laying on a bed of soft feathers where I had originally entered this kingdom with my loincloth intact. On the throne, the slightly disheveled fully clothed Princess sat nobly, a large white Tyto bird perched behind her. Humbled beyond words, I bowed to the throne, and the Princess smiled a Mona Lisa smile.

“My, Prince,” she began, “You have demonstrated the qualities of nobility; true to my word, my kingdom is yours. Take whomever you desire and bestow life to their barren wombs.”

“I desire she who brought me here, Princess; to complete the cycle she already began.” A blushing, lanky, girl stepped forward and identified herself as my guide. I slowly rose and walked over to her kissing her forehead gently and squeezing her with a heartfelt hug. Her hands quickly freed with my loincloth, and I quickly dispatched of her outward attire amidst her trembling eagerness. Dropping to my knees, I buried my face in her bush. Tasty and virginal, I eagerly lapped up her essence as she writhed and trembled, finally releasing a long woeful expletive as her body succumbed to to my oral administration. I eased her down on her back before I dove in again. She was extremely responsive, writhing and tweaking her small chocolate nipples as her torso jerked with every tongue swipe across her clit. She suddenly squealed and thrust upward forcefully as a long stream of clear liquid ejaculate bathed my face and left me gasping for breath.

Her trembling body had barely recovered when I found the handle and guided my cock into her saturated lips, thrusting gently until my glans slipped into her warm slippery hole. Despite her lack of hymen, she was delightfully tight and enthusiastically driven, meeting my thrusts eagerly and grabbing my gonads with an almost painful grip. Arching her back like an athletic contortionist, she succumbed to the building pressure and groaned her release triggering my own ball draining eruption. Her eyes shot open as she exclaimed she could feel my seed squirt into her womb. I kept pumping until she collapsed beneath me, and I fell on her delicious body. Within a few brief moments she exclaimed “Again,” and commenced rubbing her engorged pussy forcefully against my pubic bone; writing and grunting as she pleasured herself to yet another orgasm. I rolled off her and squeezed her hand.

A voluptuous woman with fire in her eyes stepped forward and shed her gown with one swift motion. Her large bosoms begged for my touch, and her neatly trimmed bush already shimmered with arousal. I buried my face between her milk bags, savoring the musky scent and tangy taste of her youthful skin. She fumbled with my still erect organ, pulling it into her intimate entrance. Foregoing foreplay, I slid into her depths with one swift thrust and we collapsed on the floor as one mass of copulating flesh. Slowly and steadily I thrust into her, ignoring her orgasmic releases and focusing on my constant stimulation. She was a fulfilling companion, yet mundane when compared to my experience with the Princess. My release required a lifetime of effort; more of a relief than an orgasm. I kissed her gently and rolled off her quivering corpse exhausted.

Part XII

The Princess rose from her throne incidentally baring one of her long sensuous legs and a small delicate foot. She strolled over to me and pressed a small multicolored gem in the palm of my hand before closing my fingers around it. My hand began to glow and sparkle. The sensation moved up my arm, across my chest, and down into my torso and soon my body was fully engulfed, tingling with arousal and sensitivity. The Princess returned to her voyeuristic throne and a sultry blond appeared over me, her long fine hair whispering across her bare shoulders as she squatted over my genitals. As she positioned herself and slid down my length, I could feel her painfully aroused nipples and enveloping vagina as if her sensations became part of my own. Her arousal, orgasms, and resolutions were intimately shared; our bodies united sensually to become one. I could feel my essence fill her wanton womb, and the joy of resolution in her arms. It was the beginning of a new epoch that would endure a lifetime; a gift of remarkable value.

For the next several cycles, I was subjected to a continual flow of beautifully sensual partners; experiencing their sensations with the special ability to satisfy their individual needs as if they were my own. By the end of the second cycle, the continual line of partners dwindled and ultimately ceased. The Princess approached me where I lay somewhat remorsefully and showed me a vision of a dark underground cavern that dwelt near the great void. Somehow it survived despite the volcanic activity that constantly placed the lives of the inhabitants in peril. I silently concurred that my presence was surely required there despite my affinity with the euphoria I experienced in the cave of jewels. I held the Princess in my arms as our mutual respect flowed freely between us with sadness and understanding. Two Tyto birds were dispatched who gently grasped my arms and, with their three meter wingspan, effortlessly carried me through a myriad of tunnels into the warm blue sky towards the end of this world.

An endless wall of thick foul smelling smoke, occasionally punctuated by bursts of blue green flames entered our view as we neared our destination. The barren geological formations and lack of vegetation made the surreal scenario prohibitive. I had a gnawing sense of foreboding as my two escorts slowly circled their landing site and gently dropped me within a meter above the warm volcanic stones. Magnificently, they rose into the air, circling once before disappearing from whence we came. Almost immediately, I was surrounded by naked, dark skinned natives wielding primitive brass weapons. They escorted me through a dusty maze of dimly lit volcanic tubes to a large underground vault lit with primitive oil lamps and fanned with a constant breeze. Although the heat was oppressive, the breeze generated by several huge rustic fans powered by the hot rising air coming from several small vertical vents made life bearable.

I stood in the middle of a silent circle of glaring captors pondering if it would more merciful to let them perish, rather than bear offspring in this unforgiving environment. Finally, a well developed captor slowly approached me and I extended my hands with tenuous resignation. She timidly patted my pale chest and patted the bulge in my loincloth and quickly withdrew. I removed my loincloth and a collective gasp escaped the group. Their weapons slowly lowered as they stared at my nakedness and another stepped forward and grasped my hand with surprising gentleness. She led me into and adjoining chamber and gestured to a bubbling stone caldron filled with liquid brass and several rustic stone molds nearby. I nodded and smiled; a discovery well worth notoriety despite the hell it was developed within.

Pointing towards the tube for the exit, I grabbed my loincloth and covered my nose and mouth before wandering into the maze; easily finding the escape route by following the outward rushing airflow. As I broke into the smoke filled exterior, my paranoia slipped away and I climbed to the nearest high point to survey the surroundings. All around me was smoking desolation yet in the distance, perhaps a two day journey on foot, was a thin line of scattered trees. Followed curiously by the cave dwellers, I set course for the trees, ever wary of potential hazards and fresh water. As the second sun hovered over the horizon, I sat down and gestured with my hands for something to drink. Two of my escorts immediately tumbled across the rocks and disappeared over a ridge. The others moved closer to me, obviously eager to get a closer look at my genitals.

Half baked, these tough skinned women were alive with curiosity and desire, and I leaned back and let them explore my package at will; chastening only when my gonads were roughly handled. The two girls suddenly appeared behind us, and we quickly followed them to a nearby spring of warm (yet potable) water bubbling from an underground spring. I let them all drink their fill before diving face first into the small pool and quenching my thirst. After I was sufficiently refreshed, I withdrew from the miniature oasis to the expectant gazes of my companions and slowly rolled onto my back with an unspoken invitation. Immediate one of the larger members dropped heavily on my thighs and manually manipulated my cock to fullness. Her tight pink pussy, a beautiful contrast to the dark folds of her vulva, swiftly slid over my glans and firmly encased my cock within her tight dehydrated pussy.

In a land where water is scarce, the human body accommodates dehydration by redistributing its resources. Since reproduction was never required, their natural vaginal lubricant had dried up, leaving behind their own personal briar patch pussy. After several painful downward strokes, I had to roll out from beneath her to save my remaining skin. I was able to roll over to the spring to bathe my throbbing member before easing my saturated cock back into her depths. It went much easier this time, when our silent observers suddenly envisioned an alternate solution. Soon several other women climbed between us, tongue bathing anything that moved with their raspy moist tongues until we both went over the top and my thick cream splashed against her parched womb. She was quickly pulled free and another took her place. This small chested beauty had already per-moistened her vagina and surrounding tissues, and slid on board smoothly.

The effects of the jewel the Princess had used when my libido waned were still thankfully active and would remain so indefinitely. Between the irresistible combination of oral and vaginal stimulation, I was able to propel my baby making batter abundantly into all takers. The continual cascade of orgasms was sweet music to my soul and lasted well into the night as sleep finally overcame my last orgasmic upthrust. Sometime during the night, the gaggle of dark skinned companions faded into memory; undoubtedly returning to their hellish lair and the lives few desired. Upon my awakening, I donned my loincloth and drank as much water as I could without drowning, before heading towards the thin tree line and the unfilled wombs beyond.


Many more adventures awaited before the call of the sea and the the song of the mermaids drew me back to the small village and the waiting arms of a special Doctor. I had penetrated far more pussies than one could ever dream of, somehow won the respect of the multitudes and earned a well deserved retirement. One night as the Doctor and I watched our young offspring playing with the other children along the water's edge, a blinding white light enveloped me and I was suddenly transported to an unremarkable white room with a small round table and two spoon type chairs. A figure clad in a translucent white gown seated herself nonchalantly as two long stem crystal glasses appeared filled with ruby colored liquid.

“Join me, won't you,” she offered gesturing to the empty chair. Her piercing kaleidoscope eyes captured my my attention and stirred my memory. “You have done well, Terran; the species you inseminated will thrive. Our gratitude is eternally yours. There is, however, a distant technologically advanced world with a decimated male. . .”

“When shall we arrive,” I interrupted taking a sip of the delightful stimulant.”

“Upon completion of your sexual viability examination,” she replied caressing my hand.

“Let's not keep a dying world waiting,” I suggested as I drained the ruby colored liquid and watched her gown slide from her flawless body.

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