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Curious teenager finds a peculiar sized hole in the bathroom stall
Another boring uneventful day at work had just begun, I thought to myself as I walked into the office. I kept my head down making sure to not make eye contact with anyone or I'd be forced to make small talk.

I made my way to my personal booth in hell and sat down and logged in. 8am. Another 8 hours before I could get out of here and relax.
I rejoiced as I realised I needed to pee but just as I Motioned to get up I saw my boss leave his office, coffee in hand, about to make his way to his ritualistic post coffee toilet visit. I shuddered at the thought of being in the toilet with him, I was half an hour late and hadn't handed in the report he had requested yesterday so that was a conversation I'd rather avoid all together.

The companies office was in a giant multistory building, several levels with a different company on each level. I thought I'd try my luck in the level belows toilet. I waited for my boss to leave then made my way downstairs, walked into the toilet and got into the only available cubicle.

I unzipped my suit paints and took my cock out, struggling as I was rock hard (lonely times as I've been busy at work and other commitments made my sex life hard, no pun intended.. as well as non existent) I managed to pee without making a complete mess and started to shake, the shaking became stroking, the stroking became full blown mastrubation, I heard footsteps behind me as the cubicle door opened after a flush, someone had left. Was I now alone?

Getting caught up in the moment and thinking I was now alone I let out a moan, not loud but still audible, I stopped abruptly and listened to my surroundings, nothing. I sat down and went to town, furiously stroking my engorged cock, edging myself closer to exstacy. I took notice of a hole positioned about waist high to my left, I thought nothing of it as I closed my eyes to continue jerking off. I opened my eyes again seconds later and was shocked at what was now protruding through the hole.

A gigantic cock, at least 9 inches and THICK was standing proud through the hole, balls dangling under it looking swollen and large as I've ever seen (including porn) I stopped jerking my average sized cock and fell silent. I got up and stepped around the giant cock trying to avoid contact with it to get to the cubicle door.

"Don't wanna play?" I heard the cocks owner say, I froze again, dead silent. My mouth was watering, my cock was rock hard just looking at this studs horse cock and balls. "Uh-ummm I'm straight?" I said. The uncertainty in my voice must've given me away as the reply i got was "there's a first time for everything, right?"
I walked a step forward to this rock hard behemoth of a cock that stood before me, I knelt down and closely inspected it. The smell was intoxicating, it smelt so manly and good. The veins that scattered throughout the cock were pulsing, the balls of this man must've been bigger than peaches, the way they drooped there casually, asking to be sucked licked and played with.

I swallowed my drool and slowly reached out to touch it, I wrapped my hand around the base, barely able to touch my fingers together. "Yeah that's what I thought" the man barked "stroke that cock, you're gonna suck it like a good bitch"

His commands excited me even more, I jerked him off as instructed. I planned my attack on this python looking cock, I continued jerking him as I licked his balls, made my way up his shaft then took his cock head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. It pulsed as I did so, he was enjoying this and so was I. I continued jerking him with my right hand as my left hand fondled his monstrous balls and my mouth worked as much of his cock head and shaft. I did exactly as I had seen pornstars do and what previous girlfriends had done to me that I enjoyed.

"That's a good little cock sucker, bet when you woke up this morning you didn't think you'd be servicing a giant meaty cock like mine did you?"

I didn't bother answering as my mouth was full with his cock. I picked up my pace, his balls tightened as I continued fondling them, my mouth was now slipping up and down his cock head and took half the shaft too whilst my hand followed my mouth in a continuos motion. I knew he was close, he knew he was close. He didn't warn me but I was glad he didn't. He groaned as I felt him moving on the other end of the cubicle wall. I kept going, thoroughly enjoying the effect I had on this man.

"You're gonna swallow your first load boy, better enjoy every drop of my cum." he said, I was looking forward to see how much he could cum. My curiosity was answered a mere minute later when I felt a HUGE jet of cum hit the back of my throat, wad after wad of hot, salty, deliciously perfect cum entered my mouth as I struggled to keep up with swallowing it all. He was cumming such a huge amount I thought I'd drown, eventually it stopped thoughtas I kept going, making sure to get every bit of it.

His cock slipped back through the hole as he said "thanks"out of breath, I heard him zip up and walk out th toilet leaving me dazed on my knees, unsure what had just happened, but very VERY horny. I thought I was straight but sucking an anonymous cock had me rock hard and questioning my sexuality. He was right, there's s first time for everything but there was one thing that I was sure of, this wasn't going to be my last visit to this toilet, and that wasn't going to be the only cock I will suck. I was craving cock like a pack a day cigarette smoker needed a smoke, what have I become?

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2016-08-21 21:33:05
Well done I have never sucked one in the glory hole but have stuck my cock thru many times for service. I like to suck cock with both doing 69 on a bed or floo rand the taste of cum is greatest that way, especially whweneboth cum at the same time.

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2014-06-27 17:34:27
Great job on this just make sure the next one is just as good!!!!

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2013-07-25 08:49:56
I want more. Just like that cocksucker. Keep writing. Turn him into the building hole or a party favor for the black man and his buddies.

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2013-07-25 01:55:21
I want more. Just like that cocksucker. Keep writing. Turn him into the building hole or a party favor for the black man and his buddies.

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2013-07-25 01:55:14
I want more. Just like that cocksucker. Keep writing. Turn him into the building hole or a party favor for the black man and his buddies.

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