Hey guys I'm back with a story I wrote a while back.
It's offensive but I know someone will enjoy it.
I have more stories on the way, stay tuned pervs.

Evil Women

From a young age, I've always loved being mean to boys. Once when I was 9 years old, I tricked a boy into letting me play with his balls, and then stepped on them, I got into trouble with dad, but mom winked at me and never punished me. Since then I've been crushing balls, and abusing men stupid enough to let me. Then I found my husband, he was sweet, handsome, and had a nice pair of balls on him, even if his cock was rather small. I dominated him at once, and let him know that I was in charge. He complained some at first, but once I had his nuts in my vice-like grip, he understood pretty quickly.

My testicle crushing fetish subsided for a while, being able to abuse my own husband gave me my fill for a while. The real problem then was his cock size, I couldn't get off when I allowed him to fuck me, so I turned him into a cuckold and cheated on him constantly. He loved me enough to accept it, he really was a great husband. He hated blacks though, niggers he called them constantly. So I made sure to bring them home every chance I could, and ride their big fat cunt stretching cocks right in front of him. Watching him cry really made me cum the best, that and when he would eat their cum out of me. It only took one black cock to know i wanted to serve them the rest of my life, and let them breed me like a white whore.

My husband really loved me, sticking with me while I moaned about how great black cock was, and letting those black men cum inside me over and over again. It was only a matter of time until they knocked me up, I couldn't have been happier, mainly because my husband was so devastated. But when we were alone, I sat down with him, played with his balls while he nervously watched, and told him how great it would be: he would take care of the kid, while I got fucked more. I even told him how I could pop his balls so he would never be able to breed me or anyone else with his weak white genes. Despite his vocal protests, his cock seemed to want it, standing straight up, dripping precum, I gave his balls a slow and steady squeeze and he moaned. I laughed at him, and told him how worthless his balls and cock were, how no women alive would want them.

He felt hurt, since every women alive included me, and I confirmed his heartache by telling him how I would rather crush his balls to pulp and chop off his tiny dick rather then have it inside me. Again he cried in protest, but his cock was still hard. I guess I should have listened to his screams against it, rather then watching his cock spurt cum as I crushed his nuts into something forever unusable. He kept begging no, but I had one of the black guys he hated hold him down, while I tied off his cock, then cut it off. Jamal laughed at him the whole time, just like I did. But my hubby didn't like it as much, and went to the police and caused a big problem, and then divorced me.

Luckily I told the black judge how I thought he wanted it, and he only gave me 1 year in prison, which was fun since all the other girls I met loved what I had done. I was free to find another husband to abuse, my ex-husband's life was ruined however, no cock, no balls, no friends. Without a cock to play with, he just gave up and hung himself, no big loss for me, I had just popped out a healthy black boy, and sent him off to an orphanage. With my ex-husband dead, and no baby I set off to find another white loser. I met a few, crushed their balls, let them eat me out, and left them.

After a couple months I found another boyfriend, one who enjoyed the abuse I gave him. We dated for a few weeks, I abused him, and he loved it. Once I told him about how I ruined my ex-husbands life and how he killed himself, my new boyfriend loved me even more and wanted to get married. We kissed, then I punched him in the balls.

He fully understood what kind of person I am, and had no problem with me cheating on him. He watched watch with glee as three big black men destroyed me only feet away, he would play with his dick, and thank the black men for hitting him, or spitting on him, or in one case, farting in his face then kicking his small balls. I locked his cock in a cage some time later, and still he didn't complain, although I knew he wanted too when he couldn't jerk off watching me cheat.

I made the mistake however, of letting him fuck me on his birthday, I was going to de-nut him, but he begged for me to at least wait, and let him feel my pussy just once. I agreed, and laughed at him while he fucked me, he came so fast and so little I didn't know he was done until he pulled out. Sadly of all the sex I had been having, of all the sperm to make it too my womb was his. I was pregnant, and with a white loser's baby, I was so upset I decided to de-nut him the same week I found out. He didn't complain, he just kept telling me how sorry he was.

While riding the fat cock of one of my favorite nig- I mean black boyfriends, he suggested that I do the right thing, and abort the white loser's kid. It was such a naughty idea that I came as soon as id heard it. I enjoyed breaking the news to my nut less husband, finally I had found something he didn't want to happen.He told me about how he could never have kids now that his nuts were in the trash, and how he was the last member of his family that could have kids and carry on his name. I fingered his asshole, and told him how i didn't care, and how he would probably die alone like my last husband. I could feel him cum, even if nothing came out, I laughed and spit in his face before leaving for the abortion clinic.

His mood changed after I had his only hope for a family flushed down the toilet, he was starting to see how deep he was. He was now beaten daily by my black boyfriends, who insulted him constantly and told him how the white race would be fucked out of existence by big blacks like them. He finally broke down and cried, and we loved it. We loved it even more when one of the black guys started choking him, we didn't know he had no intention of letting go though. My husband looked into my eyes with a pleading look, but I turned away and went back to sucking the nigger's balls. After we found out he was dead, they decided to dump him in the woods somewhere, I wasn't with them though, his already married sister had come looking for him and I told her i didn't know where he went. I wanted to tell her that he died like every white boy should and that she should let black men breed her, but I thought better of it.

So here I am now, getting fucked every single day, and loving
it. Are there any little white boys who want to marry me?

The End.


Thanks for reading guys, I've had this one finished for a while
but I never posted it. Hope it wasn't too offensive! Then again
I hope it was, it's a fake story after all. Fuck you. :P

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2014-07-24 18:09:05
Just so everyone is clear a dude wrote this because this particular dude likes being humiliated by racist rhetoric however I'm sure he doesn't really hate white people so let's all be chill

Anonymous readerReport

2014-01-03 02:02:08
u niger loving whore bitches like u need to die white men are the best not nigger beating asshoes u die bitch I will find u fuck and cut ur pussy off so u can hang urself bitch

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2013-08-12 03:39:00
In response to your salutation of "fuck you" at the end of your story I just want to say "fuck you you silly cunt" any white woman who would fuck higgers has no self respect and you've shown you hve no respect for husbands so why don't you just marry a nigger and have tons of jig-a-boo babies and I hope you die of a horrible sexual disease

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2013-08-03 05:12:37
I love reading for the enjoyment, but this shit was just plain shit.

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2013-08-01 00:59:24
i think jason and his knife in friday the 13 would get off on this

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