Here is another one I wrote a while back but never published.
Anyway there is more to come, check back later. I also haven't
spell checked, or re-read the story, so there might be some
small mess ups. Thanks for reading though!

Scat Family

"Okay me first!" Bill said, squatting over his brother's horrified face.
Bill listened to his brother's pleas, but they went ignored, nothing
would stop him from dumping a thick load onto his younger sibling.
Something between a moan, and a grunt escaped his lips as he pushed
out a long brown rope of awful smelling shit, that fell perfectly across
his brother's crying face.

A loud wet fart followed the last chunk of shit
as it popped out and struck Dave's cheek. Dave was Bill's younger
brother, he had recently turned 18 and since then his whole family
had turned against him. Even now as Bill pulled away from his
brother, his mother and father watched on, playing with themselves.
"Oooh, you smell like shit Davy!" His mother said laughing.

Bill joined her in a laugh, before giving her a strong kiss, and a quick
pussy rub. Bill's father had now stepped up to the plate, rubbing
his older fat cock in front of his wimpy son who remained tied up
on the floor. He had a harder time squatting down, but the father
managed it after a moment. "Did you take your ex-lax dear?" The
mother asked in a loving voice, ignoring her young son's failed
attempts to escape. "I sure did, open wide boy!" Dave knew if he
didn't open his mouth, he would be punished like last time.
[Letting the family dog fuck his mouth again didn't seem any better.]

He opened up wide, and felt the hot squirts of diarrhea begin to fill
his mouth completely. "Yummy, huh little brother?" Bill said, now
fingering his mother while she stroked him. Dave wanted to scream
at them, and to spit out the runny shit that overflowed his mouth,
but his father had now reached down and was pinching his nose.
Panic, followed by disgust hit Dave as he forcefully swallowed his
entire mouthful of waste in order to breath again. His father laughed
at him, and re-joined his wife and favorite son. "I guess I'm next!"
His mother said, leaving her husband alone with Bill, who had now
dropped to his knees and started licking his father's ass clean.

Dave coughed and fresh tears rolled down his cheeks as he looked up at
his mother. "Trust me baby, you'll learn to love it, and when you do
we wont have to tie you up anymore!" She said, lowering herself
over his face. Despite what was about to happen, he took a second
to enjoy the sight of his mother's shaved pussy, and clean looking
asshole. Her pussy was smooth and wet, her clit poking through
slightly. "You like mommy's pussy?" She asked, he wondered if
she had somehow read his mind. "If you learn to enjoy this, you'll
get to play with it." Bill's fat turd still blocked most of Dave's vision,
but he could see his mother's pretty asshole stretching open to release
a new fresh log. He opened his mouth, and allowed the end to fall
into his mouth before the rest plopped out across his face. His mother
moaned with relief, and rubbed her pussy above his face. He stared as
it dripped onto his face, he wanted to taste it, and to feel it.

She smiled down at him after standing as he sucked the end of her fat log,
trying to focus on her pussy. She placed her hand on her stomach,
frowned then squatted down once more. "Just a little more." She said
before farting loudly into her son's face, and squeezing out a small pile
that coiled up over his previously clear eye. Dave was now blind, his
vision covered by his family's waste. "Okay Davy, you enjoy what
we gave you while your brother and daddy double stuff me."

His mother said. Dave's cock had become rock hard, and was now standing
up for everyone to see. He wanted to fuck her, his own mother, he
felt jealous that his brother should get her pussy, while he got his
brother's turds. He at least wanted to watch, even though he knew
it would make him jealous. "Mom?" He said with difficulty, quickly
swallowing the piece in his mouth. "Yes dear?" She said, he could
hear in her voice that someone's cock had just pushed into her.

"I wanna watch, I'll eat it all, please?" Laughter followed, then he felt
the shit on his face being scooped into his mouth, he opened wide,
and when his eye's were clear he looked up to his brother's cock pushing
into her from behind. Dave chewed and tried to enjoy the taste,
watching his brother enjoy their mother's pussy however left a worst
taste in his mouth then his father's diarrhea. "Ugh, be sure to eat all
mine bro!" Bill said, thrusting hard into his mother. Another flash of
jealousy hit him, and he chewed faster in anger. His father had now
pulled her face down level with his cock and was face fucking her.
Sloppy wet gagging sounds came from her, along with moans from
the men.

Dave's cock struggled and ached for a touch, but he
remained tied up. It only took a moment to finished his mouthful of
shit, and was now simply watching his mother enjoying her son's
cock. His father however was becoming bored with his wife's
mouth, and had pushed Bill out of the way. "You wanna taste mom's
pussy, Davy?" Bill asked his younger brother, who seemed skeptical
but nodded. Bill stepped over to him, then straddled his throat.
Grabbing Dave by the hair, he forced his cock into his mouth and
smiled when Dave happily sucked hard in an attempt to taste his
mother's pussy on his brother's cock. "Dang! We got an expert cock
sucker over here!" Bill said. Dave didn't care, he just kept sucking
and licking every inch he could reach of his brother's hard cock.

"Easy there champ, if you don't slow down.." But it was too late, Dave
didn't slow down, and didn't resist as his brother shot cum into his
mouth. "Ooh, shit!" Bill said, staring with shock on his face as his
little brother swallowed his wad, and started giving his cock head
little pecking kisses. "Can I join now?" He asked, smiling up at his
brother. "Maybe.." He said slowly. Leaning his face in close to his
brother's, he pushed his lips together and prepared to spit. Dave
noticed before it was to late, and opened his mouth catching his
brother's spit on his tongue before swallowing it. Bill looked shocked
again, but leaned in closer. Dave's heart fluttered, he knew it was
coming but almost couldn't believe it. Closing his eyes, his brother
pushed his lips to his, and kissed him slowly, and softly. Dave moaned,
and felt his brother's tongue wrapping around his, he didn't want to
fight it.

As they kissed his brother's hand wrapped around his cock,
and it only took a moment for Dave's cock to erupt and shower himself
with ribbons of white cum. Bill pulled away and stood up, turning to
his parents who continued fucking, oblivious to their son's kiss, Bill
smiled and told them Davy was ready.


That's all I got for now, I hope you enjoyed it.

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