A cute couple have fun when the power goes out.
Hey guys I'm back with a short story. I have been
writing, I have about 10 stories almost ready to
go, I just need some more time to finish them up.
I hope you enjoy this quick story, let me know in
the comments.

James & Jenny

A cute couple have fun when the power goes out.


Thunder rumbled deeply in the distance, the rain
was slowing down. With the power out, four small
candles were the only light sources in the house.
It made the home seem romantic, and really put
Jenny in the mood for some action. James, her 24
year old boyfriend had no complaints when she
suggested fooling around.

It started simple: a hand job while sitting in his
favorite chair. Jenny made herself comfortable on
her knees, then took his soft member into her warm
hands. Tugging with one hand, and softly squeezing
his sack with the other, she only needed a moment
before he had stiffened up.

James never had much attention from women, so when
it came to sexual activity, he was quite easy to
please. The slow moving hand job had already raised
his heart rate, and caused him to start leaking
pre-cum. Another minute of slow stroking and her
hand was sticky with his slime. She smiled at him
and licked her palm, the taste wasn't bad at all.

Next up was a blowjob, after a few teasing licks
she pushed her wet mouth down over him. He shut his
eyes tightly, and gripped the chair in an attempt
to ignore the pleasure and last longer. However it
wasn't much help, her tongue swirled and flicked,
she sucked hard and bobbed up and down, while one
hand jerked him, and the other continued to squeeze
his balls.

After lasting a full two minutes, she was slightly
impressed that he hadn't blown his load yet. She
knew how to finish him though, taking her hand off
his balls, she placed it under his ass and started
rubbing her finger over his hole. His legs shook,
he gasped and tried to escape but it was no use.
Pushing her index finger half an inch inside him
sent him over the edge, and he erupted into her

What he lacked in stamina, he made up for in sperm.
Since they hadn't fooled around in about a week, he
had built up a full load that he now emptied into
her mouth. Five shots she felt hit her tongue, before
it slowed to a slight gush. Still sucking gently and
milking him for every drop, his sperm had been the
tastiest so far out of all her previous boyfriends.

Just like the other times, he sat and watched this
beautiful women finally pull away from his crotch.
She opened her mouth to him, and showed him just
how much cum he had given her, before swallowing it
with one gulp. The act always had the same exact
effect, it made him hard again.


The night wore on, the candles had burned low and
were close to going out. The previous storm had
moved on, and now all was silent outside. Inside
the bedroom of the house, things had started up
again. After the blowjob, they had decided to take
a short break while James recovered.

Now they were rested, had moved into the bedroom
and were getting close. Kissing and feeling each
other, James squeezed and enjoyed groping her soft
round breasts while she laid back and let him. She
flicked at her clit, getting wet for him as he
started to position himself, missionary style.

Sure it was boring to Jenny, her ex-boyfriends were
much bolder, but that's why she liked James he was
simple and sweet. James lined up with her, and with
a slow push entered. He started slow, giving her
long thrusts before speeding up. Once again he did
his best not to cum right away.

He set himself a good pace and kept with it, smiling
as she moaned and closed her eyes. Her breast bounced
and jiggled with each thrust, adding to his excitement.
He held onto her, pinching one of her nipples, trying
to make the best of the event. Soon he felt her pussy
tighten, and knew she had came. She gripped the sheets,
and moaned louder, bucking her hips into James like
a bitch in heat.

It was all he needed to finish, he increased his speed
and held nothing back. Within a minute he had pulled
out of her, and shot across her stomach. She wiped
some away with her finger to taste, and smiled at him.

They ended up kissing more, before cuddling together
and falling asleep. The day was done, but more was
in store for tomorrow. Secretly, while Jenny slept,
James squeezed and played with her body more, quietly
rubbing himself off one more time before drifting
off to sleep.


The next morning after a shower and breakfast, they
planned their day together. Hiking in the woods,
followed by some shopping, maybe even catch a movie.
James and Jenny were happy together.

Jenny had planned on getting James to loosen up some,
later after all the excitement of the day, she would
insist on some slightly less vanilla sex. Nothing so
much to overwhelm him though, she knew how easy he
was to cum quickly.


Thanks for reading guys, let me know what you thought
of it! I have around 5 more stories I can just about
post. Check my profile for updates, I'll try to keep
it up to date.

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Looking forward to more of your stories Nebic :)

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I like your dirty storied a lot better but I'm glad you are still writing

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Need more get up and go about it, it's a bit soft it give the impression that theres a grand fannaly at the end.

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