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A pregnancy test. i couldnt belive what i was seeing. The memory of Izzy telling me that they were all on the pill ran though my head. Then i remembered that all three girls had lied to me. they all used me so why should i be suprised on this? i didnt have the time to think about which sister could be pregnant since i heard the door to the house open. i tossed the box back into the wastebasket and went to see who it was. It was only Gene. i wasnt happy to see her much since seeing her and Riley kissing. I think Gene sensed that cause she looked me in the eyes for a moment and then let a held breath out. "Max" she started. "Im sorry" i looked up into her eyes with shock "i should have told you about me and Riley". In all honesty i really couldnt be to mad. Riley was free to date whoever but Riley made it seem like she loved me so much. i looked into Genes eyes and seen that she was sincere with her apology.

"Its ok gene i forgive you". She smiled and tears began to swell in her eyes. "thank you" she said as she threw her arms around me. I could smell the vanilla lotion on her skin and the strawberry shampoo in her hair. Blood began to fill my cock as she held me closer to her body. "Max" she said as she fought to hold back tears. "Max i-i-i want you." i couldnt belive what i heard. "w-w-what?" she lifted her head and looked into my eyes "i just want to suck on you. thats all" I had no time to respond as Gene went down on her knees and opened my pants. My dick was already growing, and wasn’t as small as she expected. She started sucking me. She had never given head to any other guy before, She started licking the shaft and then took my whole dick in her mouth. She started going up and down on it, twisting her tongue around the head of my cock.
i started moaning and breathing deep after only a minute or two, and Gene took my cock out of her mouth. She started sucking on myballs, while going under her own dress as she was becoming wet by the fact she was sitting here on the floor sucking dick like the slut she was today. Gene continued sucking furiously as she massaged my balls. She felt my balls tighten and knew i was about to cum. She took my cock out and said "yeah cum for me baby, jerk yourself in my mouth". She stuck out her tongue, as i started spraying my cum like a maniac. The first two sprays of cum where so hard, that they missed their target but ended up on Gene’s face and eye. It hurt Gene in her eye, but she kept her mouth open for the cum, as she restarted fingering her pussy. i blasted five more thick load of creamy white cum right in her mouth, and even though the first sprays had missed her mouth was pretty much filled. Gene took the tip of my dick, cleaning the last drops of sperm. She swallow what she had in her mouth, and almost gagged by the thickness of it. She had swallowed cum before, but this was a thick and big load! Gene took a well needed breath and stood up licking her lips "thank you max" she said as she walked away slowely leaving me well spent and drained.
my rest was short lived as i heard the sound of car doors being slammed closed and the sounds of woman approaching. the voices i knew all to well. it was my mother and my Sisters. Izzy was the first to enter followed by Ashley, Riley and mom. Ashley was upset because Izzy beat her at some game. Riley and mom were just setting back and watching the action unfold. once they noticed i was present the fighting stopped. mom yawned and stretched and said she was tired and going to bed. this left me alone with my Sisters. Izzy walked up to me and kissed me right infront of Riley and Ashley and looked to them both with the look as if she dared them to move. neither did. "you are to met me at the normal time in the normal place" she said as she looked to Ashley who just looked me in the eyes. i couldnt really say anything since Izzy had her hand on my tented jeans as she walked away. Riley walked up nto me after her and kissed my cheek "after your done with her then come see me" she then kissed me again and went to the bathroom. This left me alone with Ashley who walked up to me and kissed me lovingly and whispered "i love you" in my ear.
i layed in my bed confused as to who could be pregnant. neither sister showed any signs of pregnancy. i looked to the clock and it showed it was 11:55 pm. I took a deep breath as i prepared for what was coming. i went up to Izzys room at exactly midnight. i didnt bother knocking and just went inside. Izzy was waiting and told me to make sure im naked before i approached her bed. i did as i was told and wrapped a blanket around me as i sat on the bed. She stepped up beside the bed and with a single motion ripped the blanket away from me, leaving my exposed and rigid manhood sticking straight up. Izzy looked at me and chuckled. "Yeah, you like this. You lovedbeing dominated by your big Sister." i looked up to her . At this point I was in such shock that all I could do was make strangled noises in the back of my throat and gaze at her helplessly. My raging hard on said it all, however.
Izzy slowly swung her leg over the side of the bed and squatted directly over my face, her dripping pussy inches from my mouth. "Be a good brother and lick my pussy and ass clean, Max, suck my cunt and make me cum all over your face. Lick me!" She shoved her pussy against my open mouth, grinding down on me, smearing a mixture of cum and sweet pussy juice all over my face. Part of me knew that this was wrong, that this was pushing the line but by this point I was so crazed with lust that I would do anything. Reaching up, I grasped Izzy's hips and pulled her down even farther until she was almost smothering me with her beautiful pussy. I licked and sucked every inch of her hole, tasting her, exploring the folds of her cunt lips with the tip of my tongue, tongue fucking her, sticking my tongue as deeply inside her as I could, tasting the sweet tang of her own juices.
"Oh yeah, max, just like that, clean my pussy real good. I knew you wanted this." She ground her crotch against my face hard as I continued to lap, sucking all of her juices into my mouth, tasting the core of her as I flicked my tongue against her swollen clit as hard as I could. "Oh shit, oh fuck yeah bro! That's it, make your big sister cum!!" Izzy squealed and smashed her crotch against my face as she came, squirting hot sticky pussy juices all over my face and open mouth.

"Oh yeah, Max, that was really nice. Clean up my asshole now and you'll get your reward." I obeyed eagerly, tonguing her beautiful tight butthole, lapping all around it, plunging the tip of my tongue deep inside, "Mmmmm, that feels so good max, you nasty little boy, sucking cum out of your big sister's asshole," i moaned. "That's it, stick your tongue in real deep, make sure you get it all. " After awhile Izzy stood up and smiled at me. "You did a real good job, max. You've earned your reward. Ok, go ahead and spread your legs wide apart." I did so and Izzy crawled between my legs. I gasped with pleasure as I felt Izzys's warm hand close around my dick and begin slowly pumping up and down. "Mmmmh, doesn't that feel good max? You like the feeling of your big sister's hand stroking your hard cock? Do you?" "Yes, yes!" I stammered. "Yeah, I thought so. Then you're gonna love this." Izzy ran the tip of her tongue all around the head of my cock, licking at the piss slit and tasting the pre-cum that was flowing out of me as she continued to slowly pump up and down with her hand.

I moaned deeply and arched my back. "Ohhh, God, Izzy that feels so good!!" Izzy glanced up at me again with that arrogant smirk on her face. "What do you want little brother? Do you want to cum? Do you want to feel my lips around your cock as you shoot your load into my mouth?" Weakly I gasped out, "Yes." She smirked at me again, her hand wrapped tightly around my now pulsing dick, her mouth inches from my engorged cockhead. "Beg for it, max. I wanna hear you beg your big sister to suck your cock."I couldn't help myself. "Please Izzy, please, I'm begging for it, please suck my dick, make me cum."

She chuckled. "Good boy." I gasped as I felt the warm wetness of her lips engulfing the head of my cock, moving down my shaft, massaging it with her tongue, slowly taking more and more until my cock was buried in the wet heat of her throat and my sister's nose was mashed against my pubes. She slowly and gently squeezed my balls with one hand as she slurped on my cock, deepthroating it and then releasing, sucking only the head, moving down slowly and teasingly. It felt so incredible, and I knew I couldn't last much longer. Looking down at my sister's head bobbing up and down on my hard shaft I felt my ball sack tighten and my toes begin to curl. "Oh, shit, yeah, oh god, Izzy, I'm gonna cum!!!" Izzy took my cock deep into her throat, swallowing reflexively as I shot blast after blast of hot cum into her mouth. Finally I lay back, panting for breath, my eyes half closed in delirious oblivion. My sister crawled slowly up my prone body, dragging her hardened nipples against my chest, sliding her beautiful tits against me. Our lips met in a long, delicious kiss, and as Izzy's tongue slid into my mouth I tasted the salty bitter flavor of my own cum.

"Did that feel good, max?"

"Oh, shit, Izzy, that was the best orgasm I've ever had!" She just giggled and waggled her eyebrows at me.
((ok everyone this is short since everyone said my grammer and spelling was bad in the last chapter. as i improve they will get longer so please tell me how im doing))

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