Al and his daughter explore sexuality

Chapter one

As his ten-year-old daughter scrambled from the front seat to the back, Al Jarrod caught a glimpse of her white panties as they flashed underneath her loose fitting short skirt. They clung to her butt cheeks and drifted into the crevice between. She tumbled into the back seat and poked her head between the front seats. “It’s not here, Daddy,” she said. “I thought it was, but it’s not.”
“Do you want to go back inside to find it?”
“I don’t know where else to look. Maybe it won’t rain, anyway.” She careened over the front seats again, landing in a pile in the passenger seat. She patted her hair into place and fluffed out her skirt, giving Al another brief view of her panties, this time from the front. He gulped as he eyed the tiny triangle with its spaghetti-thin straps going around her hips.
“Are you okay, Daddy?” she asked, and leaned over to kiss him on the cheek and touch his face with her small delicate hands. “Your face is all red.”
“Just thinking what a beautiful daughter I’ve got,” he said, grinning.
“Do you really think so?” She patted her cheeks and ran her fingers through her long brown hair and smiled glowingly at him.
“Definitely,” he said and put the car into gear as Gerri fastened her seat belt across her lap. Al looked at the way it fit across her body, nestling into the space between her small, still growing breasts. He knew she was wearing a training bra and he could see the outline of it beneath her snug top as the seat belt pressed against her chest.
They arrived at the bowling alley just as the rain began, and they sat in the car calculating how wet they would get with the umbrella somewhere back at home. Al had turned off the ignition and the windows were steaming up as the wet drops plopped onto the windshield. They both loosened their seat belts and Gerri sat up on her knees on the seat, drawing patterns on the side window. She drew a heart and put her initials in it GJ, a plus sign, and then AJ.
“Is that your boyfriend?” Al asked.
“It’s you, silly,” she said. “Just you and me since Mom’s been gone.”
“I know honey. I miss her too, but there’s nothing we can do to get her back.”
“I wish no one had ever invented that lymph thing.”
“Hodgkin didn’t invent it, sweetheart. It’s just named after him because he discovered the details about how it develops. He couldn’t find a way to stop it, though, or cure it.”
“Still, it’s just not fair.” A tear trickled down her cheek and Al opened his arms to gather her against him.
She snuggled against his chest and he ran his fingers through her hair and across her trembling back. He could feel the outline of her bra under her smooth top and could feel the tips of her breasts pressing against him as she sobbed quietly. He pulled her away from him and she threw her arms around his neck, smothering his face with kisses. He kissed her back, wiping away her gentle tears. Her lips quivered and he kissed them. She held her lips against his and a thrill shot through him as he felt her tongue brushing against his lips. They were both breathless when the kiss ended.
“It’s really steamed up in here now,” he said. “Do you feel a little better now, sweetheart?”
“I like it when you hold me and kiss me,” she said.
The rain had let up a little and they dashed from the car into the coolness of the rain-drenched air. Gerri ran ahead, her hair flying and her skirt flapping up behind her, giving Al an occasional view of her white panties and smooth legs. Gerri was waiting for him just inside the double front doors. Her smooth top clung to her even more with the wetness, and Al could clearly see her bra and even the dark spots that were her nipples, enlarged from the cold rain.
Bending over, he put an arm around her waist, and she pressed her breast against him and kissed his neck. They walked hand-in-hand to the counter and rented a lane and found shoes to fit. As she sat lacing up hers, she put one leg up on the bench, exposing her panties once more to Al’s eyes. She looked at him as she shifted to the other shoe, and this time he got an even better view of her panties. She smiled as she saw him watching her.
He watched her as she lined up her shot and watched her as she took the three short steps to the line, and watched her skirt as it flared up when she released the ball. With almost every ball she threw, Al was getting a shot at her little white panties, either from the rear as she released, or from the front as she turned around and brushed her hands against her short skirt, and sometimes even when she sat down, splaying her legs apart casually.
They ate a pizza and drank sodas at the bowling alley and it was dark when they got back into the car. Gerri was flushed, but tired. As Al pulled onto the highway, she started nodding off in her seat. Annoyed at the seat belt, she undid it and leaned her head toward her father, stretching out her legs in the seat and putting her head in his lap. Her skirt rode up on her thighs and as she snuggled against him it rode up even more.
Al reached a hand out to pat her and his fingers wandered idly over her waist, her butt and her legs. She made a contented sighing sound as he caressed her, and her fingers dug into his thigh. He could feel the beginnings of a hard-on in his pants as his daughter’s head lay right on top of it, and Al struggled with what to do. It was getting uncomfortable in its constricted location, yet he didn’t want to move her head so he could rearrange it, and didn’t really want her to feel it bulging against her cheek.
As it grew larger, she rubbed her cheek against it, and her hand crept up between his thighs. She touched his cock through his pants and Al’s eyes bulged in his head. He looked down at his young daughter, half asleep in his lap, then back at the road ahead. He felt her fingers probing at him, and then he felt his cock being freed. She had touched it enough that the head was now facing upward instead of downward, and he could feel the blood pulsing in it. She ground her cheek against his throbbing hard-on, but her eyes remained closed, but a smile played across her lips. He gently moved her skirt up so he could see her panties as he drove home with his daughter’s head resting in his lap rubbing against his hard cock.
When they got home, Gerri sat up, yawned and stretched, and Al watched her nipples as they pressed against her little bra. “Carry me inside, Daddy,” she said.
Al got out of the car, went to the passenger door, opened it, and took his daughter into his arms, cradling one arm under her slender legs and the other under her shoulders. She put one arm around his neck and the other on his shoulder and leaned against his chest. He set her down at the door and she stood close to him, her legs spread apart. She straddled his leg and leaned against him as he opened the door. He could feet her thighs pressing against him and he picked her up once more.
This time she spread her legs and then clamped them around his waist from the side, holding on tight to him as he walked in and shut the door. “My little darling’s tired,” he said, “and clingy.”
“Especially clingy,” she said, throwing herself down on the sofa and kicking off her shoes. “Sit beside me Daddy and hold me.” Her thin legs were stretched out on the couch, her skirt riding high on her thighs, and she spread her hair behind her and opened her arms to him.
Al sat down in the space where her knees made a wide spot and looked at his little daughter splayed out beside him. Her soft brown hair was spread behind her head and draped down the front of the couch, a few strands drifting over her shoulders, her cheeks were rosy with the blush of youth, her lips full and sensuous, her breasts just poking through her taut smooth bra and stretchy top, her short skirt riding almost up to her hips, and her firm shapely legs exposed as they curled to give her father a sitting space.
“You look so beautiful honey,” he said, his voice nearly choking with lust-clad emotion.
She held her arms open and he bent toward her, gathering her close to him, and feeling her tiny breasts boring into his chest. She clung to him tightly and kissed the hollow of his neck, his cheek and as he pulled back a little, her lips were parted and her eyes half lidded. He kissed her deeply and felt her tongue winding around his as she kissed him back, grinding her lips against his and drawing him deeper into her mouth. His cock was at full attention and he felt her fingers exploring it as they kissed. She rubbed the length of it through his pants and traced patterns down his back with her other hand.
One of Al’s hands roamed over his daughter’s thighs and cupped her ass cheeks as she cuddled against him on the sofa. His other supported her head as he probed his tongue deep into her mouth. He felt her parting her legs and his right hand slid between her thighs, touching her silky, already wet panties. She groaned as he rubbed his hand between her legs and shivered as his fingers toyed with her pussy lips through the wet fabric.
“Yes, Daddy,” she sighed. “That feels good.”
He laid her back on the couch and undid the fastener on her mini skirt, pulling it down over her hips and tossing it on the floor. She sat up, took her top in both hands and pulled it over her head, turning it inside-out in the process. Now she had on just her smooth seamed training bra and her wet panties. She worked her fingers at the buttons of his shirt until she had them all undone, and then she ran her fingers over the hard muscles of his chest and around his side until she pushed his shirt off.
Al stood up, scooping his daughter once more into his arms. He carried her into his bedroom, depositing her on his bed before stripping off his pants. He looked down at her, his eyes devouring her tiny breasts, flat stomach and panty-covered pussy. She slipped the stretchy bra over her head and started to shimmy out of her panties. “Wait, baby,” he said. “I love looking at you in your cute little panties.” She wriggled her hips and smiled at him. He straddled her and ran his hands over her succulent young body. His fingers toyed with her small breasts and he bent his head to kiss them.
She put her hands behind her father’s head as he began sucking one of her firm young titties. His lips sucked hard, his tongue lashed over the soft tissue, and his teeth nipped at her erect nipple. She caressed his neck and the back of his head while he sucked first one, then the other nipple into his mouth. “Ummmm,” she sighed. “I like that, Daddy.”
Al kissed his way to his daughter’s stomach, swirling his tongue into her little belly button and kneading her tender flesh. His hands gripped her hips and she spread her legs apart as he kneeled between them. His fingers were working up and down her crotch, rubbing the wet, silky material against her inflamed cunt lips and teasing a finger into her pussy through the soaked fabric. He put his face against her panties and took a mouthful of her pussy along with her wet panties. His tongue danced around the leg openings and up and down her succulent inner thighs.
Finally, he hooked his fingers in the waist straps and pulled his daughter’s panties down over her hips and off her legs. He stared at her naked, hairless pussy and licked his lips. He grasped her butt cheeks in his hands and lifted her ass off the bed, bringing his nose into her pussy and inhaling the sweet scent of her. He licked the sopping slit thoroughly, his tongue darting inside her pussy and exploring her enlarged clit.
She was thrashing around on the bed as her father’s tongue was exploring her on-fire pussy, her fingers locking in his hair and pulling his tongue deeper inside her. She moaned in ecstasy as he found her little clit and concentrated his oral attentions on it. He suckled on it and swirled his tongue around and around it and then plunged a stiff finger into her well lubricated pussy. There was no resistance to his finger, and he guessed it had broken during her gymnastics or other athletic activity. His hands went over his head and cupped her tiny breasts, tweaking the swelling nipples as he continued eating her little pussy.
Gerri was moving her hips back and forth on the bed as her father ate her tender little hairless pussy, his lips and tongue dancing up and down her slit, inside her pussy, and grasping feverishly at her swollen adolescent clit. She let out long sighs and groaned in delight as he wallowed in her tight pussy, often lifting her ass completely off the bed in his frenzied attack. Her fingers played in his hair, behind his head, and down his neck and shoulders until finally her squirming reached a crescendo and she came in his mouth with feverish intensity.
Al held his lips against his young daughter’s pussy as her orgasm crested. He released her clit and concentrated on licking the sweet juices that cascaded from her hot tight pussy. He grazed his tongue over her pussy lips and inside her steaming cunt, and even licked up the crack of her ass and into her puckered little asshole as he inhaled the essence of his sweet young daughter.
Gradually she calmed back down, running her fingers through her father’s sweat-streaked hair. “God, Daddy,” she said, “you made me cum great big. Oh, it was sooooo good.” She collapsed back onto the bed, her chest heaving her erect nipples up and down.
Al grinned and licked the pussy taste from his lips. He watched her breathing return to normal and then slid a finger inside her pussy. She grunted and let him spread her apart as he inserted a second finger alongside the first. Her hips started moving rhythmically to his gentle finger thrusts and her head rolled back and forth on the bed as her father finger fucked her after just eating her pussy until she came in his mouth.
He moved up onto his knees, spreading her legs apart and keeping his fingers buried in her gyrating pussy. She opened her eyes and looked at him smiling down at her. He took his fingers out of her pussy, keeping his eyes locked on hers, and rubbed the slick liquid over his hard-on. He oozed his pussy-lubricated cock up between her open pussy lips and her eyes rolled part way back into her head as the head of his cock probed at the opening to her delicate young pussy.
He slid the head inside and held it there, waiting for her tight pussy to adapt to his huge cock. Little by little he pushed it inside, each thrust taking him deeper inside. He could feel her pussy gripping the shaft of his cock as inch after inch bored inside her. As most of it disappeared, he started moving his hips more insistently, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her thighs and her hips as he held her in position under him. Sweat was streaming off his body now and dripping onto her, and his cock was sliding all the way into her tight little pussy.
Al knew he wasn’t going to last long fucking into his cute little daughter’s pussy. Just looking at her sweet face and seeing her overcome by her lust to fuck him was enough to make him cum, and her pussy was so tight around his swollen cock that every push sent a thrill up his spine. His cock started to swell up even larger and his balls tightened. Gerri opened her eyes and again looked deep into her father’s eyes looking at her as he fucked deep into her pussy.
“Yes Daddy,” she said. “yes, yes, yes. Do it to me. Give it all to me. Fuck me. Cum inside me.”
Her words sent Al over the edge and buckets of cum erupted from his engorged shaft and pumped all the way into his sweet young daughter’s willing pussy. He groaned and gritted his teeth as he fucked her as hard as he could, and each fucking shove drove more cum deep into her hot little pussy. She looked into his eyes with love as he came inside her time after time.
He slowed his thrusts as his balls were depleted of cum, but held his cock inside her, feeling her pussy muscles gripping him and draining every bit of his hot cum inside her. He held still with his cock fully enclosed by her tight pussy and leaned forward to kiss her. She put her hands behind his head and swirled her tongue into his mouth as his cock nestled inside her pussy. He was gasping for breath when the kiss ended and she was smiling radiantly at him.
“I’m glad you finally fucked me, Daddy. I’ve been waiting for it for a long time.”
“You have?”
“Yes. I’ve been flashing my panties for you and leaving the shower door open and all sorts of stuff.”
“Well, I do love seeing you in your little panties, and I thought I’d been seeing a lot more of them recently.”
“And they’ve been getting smaller too. I’ve been wearing little bitty ones, just for you.”
“Uh-huh. But, I’m not sure how I feel about it, now that it’s over.”
“Oh, don’t say it’s over, Daddy. I don’t want it to end. I want you to fuck me again and again. I love you so much. I don’t want to have any other boyfriends but you.”
“We’ll have to think about it, I mean, geez, if anybody ever found out, I’d go to jail and you’d go to foster care, and we’d never even see each other again most likely.”
“Nobody’ll know. I can be your girlfriend, and when I get a little older, I can be like your wife. No one will know any different. We already have the same last name.”
“You’ve thought it all out.”
Al was stunned by how far his daughter had gone in masterminding this sexual encounter and on how deeply she felt, even to the point of posing as his wife. He tumbled those ideas around in his mind, but he was too exhausted and too much caught up in the afterglow of sex to focus fully. He drifted off to sleep with his lovely little daughter naked in his arms.

Chapter two

The next morning Al woke up alone in the bed. He felt the space where Gerri had been and wondered, groggily, if it had been a dream. He put a hand on his cock and felt the dried cum there and knew it hadn’t been. He put his feet over the side of the bed, located his briefs, pulled them on and headed to the bathroom. He heard the water on as he opened the door and a steamy mist filled his nostrils.
Gerri poked her head out of the shower curtain and smiled. “Come on in, Daddy. I’ll wash your back for you.” She left the curtain partially opened and he glimpsed her naked body inside, hot water streaming down it. Intoxicated with lust for his daughter, Al stepped inside and pulled the curtain closed.
Her hair was wet and stuck to her body, and the water and the warmth made her pubescent body look even more desirable. He stared at he tiny breasts and erect pink nipples, her slender waist and trim legs and the way the water cascaded between her thighs and dripped off the slit of her hairless pussy. She held a bar of soap in her hands and bubbles foamed between her fingers as he stepped in and felt the hot brush of water on his face and chest.
His young daughter stood close behind him, pressing her hot wet body against his back and reached her arms around his waist. Soap bubbles dripped down his crotch as she rubbed his belly with the soap bar and he felt her pussy sliding across his ass cheeks. She wrapped the fingers of one soapy hand around his cock and squeezed his shaft, stroking it up and down until it started to rise. She moved her fingers to gently massage his balls and then slid the bar of soap, held in her other hand, up the crack of his ass.
“Now let me do your back,” she said, moving both hands to scrub his muscular back, his neck, and his ass cheeks. She knelt down and soaped and cleaned his legs and he turned around, water pouring all around him as his daughter knelt before him. She looked up adoringly into his eyes. His cock was on the level of her face, and she once again turned her attention there, cleaning his cock and balls with her delicate little fingers massaging him and bringing his cock to erection.
She stood up and put her arms around his neck, drawing his face down to hers and kissing him deeply as the warm water cascaded around them both. He gripped her ass in his hands and she raised one leg and wrapped it around him, grinding her naked pussy against his thigh. He lifted her off the tile floor and she wrapped her other leg around him, and as he pulled her up her wet pussy slid against his growing cock. He couldn’t hold her long, though, without falling over, and he released her and turned her around.
“Your turn,” he said and took the soap from her and washed her back and caressed her beautiful little butt cheeks and slender thighs, and ran his soapy hand up between them and massaged her delicate pussy lips and smooth belly. He set the soap down and cupped both of her small breasts in his hand, tweaking the nipples and squeezing the tender flesh that would soon grow into full sized breasts, his cock tracing patterns against her ass as he bent down to embrace her.
The water started to turn cool, and Al turned it off and reached for the towels, handing one to his daughter and stepping out to dry himself. She stepped out behind him with her towel tied around her and took another smaller one and wrapped it in her wet hair. She padded off to the other bathroom where she kept her things to dry and prep herself, while Al did the same. He dressed in shorts and a T-shirt and went to the kitchen to make coffee. Gerri met him there a few minutes later, poured herself a glass of juice and put some jam in the bowl of yogurt he had set out for her.
“That was fun last night, Daddy,” she said.
She was dressed in a one-piece outfit that had shoulder straps, a cinched waist, and a flared skirt. Al could see she had not worn a bra underneath, and he wondered about her panties. She swung her legs idly under the table and he looked into her sparkling gray eyes, her long brown hair trailing softly across her shoulders.
“Yes, it was,” he said, “and so was this morning, but I don’t know if we should continue it. I mean, you are my daughter, and I’m supposed to protect you from men who want to have sex with you, especially since you’re only ten.”
“Old enough to know what I want,” she said. “And I know how much I love you, Daddy, and I want to have sex with you. Like I said, I’ve wanted it for a long time. I want us to be more like husband and wife. Well, maybe part daughter and part wife.”
He looked at her and saw the sincerity in her eyes and she reached a hand across the table and he took it in hers. “I know, darling, and I love you too, more than I’ve ever loved anyone, maybe including your mother.”
“Then treat me like you did her, and we can be happy together, happy in love.”
“And lust.”
She stood up and walked around the table, putting her arms around him and leaning her head close to kiss his neck and massage his shoulders. “It’s all right, Daddy. I’ll love you forever.”
“I’ll love you forever, too, baby,” he said, and swiveled around and kissed her on the lips, thrilling to the feel of her tongue probing inside his mouth as she climbed onto his lap and snaked her hands around his neck.
“I love you to fuck me, Daddy,” she said, her voice sinking to a hoarse whisper.
He fondled her breasts through her top as she squirmed in his lap, and he slid the straps off her shoulders and kissed her budding breasts. He knew he was helpless in his lust for his young daughter and her carnal desires, and he surrendered himself to the inevitable as he burrowed his face between her breasts and suckled on them like a child. Tears streamed down his face with the intensity of his emotion, and she soothed him, whispering comforting sounds and smoothing his hair as he nestled his head into her chest.
“It’s all right, Daddy. I’ll be a good wife for you, and a good daughter. You can love me, and lust me, and we’ll do everything together.” She kissed his forehead and smiled contentedly and gradually his tears dried as he held her close and sighed deeply.

* * * * *

Gerri came home from school with a friend in tow. Gerri was a latchkey kid, and let herself in and took care of herself for the two hours until her Dad arrived from work. She had proven dependable and capable, and never got into any trouble or caused any damage, so Al let the arrangement continue, though he was a little uncomfortable with it. He had said that at the first sign of any problem it would cease, and Gerri had always kept up her end of the bargain. It didn’t mean she precluded having some fun while home alone, though, and today she had decided on a surprise for her Dad when he got home, one she knew he’d like.
They had been having sex together for a couple of months, and she had confided part of it to her best friend at school, just hints to test the waters, and Shelley had responded by sharing some of her own experiences, but hers had been with her Mom, not her Dad. Her parents were divorced and she lived with her Mom and only saw her Dad one weekend a month.
The two girls kicked off their shoes, tossed their books on the kitchen table, got out sodas and threw themselves on the sofa, giggling and talking about what had happened at school. Eventually the talk moved to sex.
“So, when did you start doing it with your Mom?” Gerri asked.
“Um, I don’t know. It was kind of gradual. First she would just spend time with me in my bedroom, talking about stuff.”
“Sex stuff?”
“Yeah, mostly. Dating, and touching, and all like that. And then she told me about how some people like the same gender, how two men or two women sometimes make love to each other, and I wanted to know more about it, and she got this kind of far away look in her eye, like she was trying to decide something.”
“And that’s when it started?”
“No, not exactly. She told me all about how they kiss each other and touch each other, and use their mouths to give each other pleasure, and she started touching herself. I don’t even know if she knew she was doing it.”
“Did she touch you too?”
“Not then. She kissed me, though, and hugged me, and her breasts pressed against my face when I put my arms around her, and I kissed them.”
“She still had her blouse on?”
“Uh-huh, and her bra, but a soft one, so I could feel her nipples underneath, and they started to get hard. Then she kissed me on the lips, and her tongue kind of brushed against mine, and I liked that. It was lots better than when some boys try to do it.”
“Yeah. I kiss my Dad like that, and it really feels good.”
“Well, anyway, it kinda started like that, a little at a time.”
“And what’s it like now?”
“Now we sleep together on weekends, and we kiss each other all over, and she uses her mouth and makes me cum.”
“Do you make her cum, too?”
“Sometimes, but I’m not so good at it yet. I try to do like she does, but I think it takes some practice. How about you? What do you do with your Dad?”
Both girls were starting to get hot, and Gerri had unbuttoned her top and slid a hand inside to manipulate her little breasts. Shelley watched her and unbuttoned her own blouse. She had on a more regular bra, one that had individual cups. It was translucent so her nipples showed through it and her breasts were a little more developed. Gerri licked her lips as she watched her friend tease her nipples.
“Wow, yours are bigger than mine,” she said, “and your bra looks so cute.” She undid the rest of her buttons and tossed off her top. Shelley slid her blouse down her arms and took her arms out of the sleeves. She proudly squeezed her breasts through the filmy material.
“My Mom really likes them,” she said. “But tell me about your Dad. Have you fucked him yet?”
“You have to promise not to tell.”
“Come on, I told you about my Mom. We both know it has to be a secret between best friends.”
“Okay. Yes, I fucked him. We play around a lot together. He really loves seeing me in my panties, and he loves eating my pussy after he takes them off.”
“Ooooh, yeah. That’s what my Mom does to me, too. She doesn’t care that much about panties, though, but she eats my pussy until I cum.”
“Do you eat hers?”
“I try, but I don’t think I’m doing it quite right.”
“Could you show me?”
“You mean, eat your pussy?”
“Uh-huh. I’d really like it, and I could compare it to like my Dad does maybe.”
Shelley looked at her friend and smiled. She stripped off her skirt and panties and turned sideways. She put her hands on Gerri’s hips, found the skirt fastener, undid it, and slid her skirt and panties down as well. Now the two girls had on only their bras. Gerri spread her legs and Shelley lowered her head between her friend’s thighs, kissing them and kneading them in her hands.
Her kisses were different from Gerri’s father’s, softer and more clingy, and she watched as Shelley’s dark curly hair bobbed between her legs. She kissed Gerri’s smooth stomach and grazed her nose up her hairless slit. “You’re nice and smooth,” she said and kissed her pussy lips softly. Her tongue slid up and down Gerri’s wet slit and into her moist pussy. She slithered it up and down and finally located the swollen little clit. Grasping it between her lips, she lashed her tongue against it, and Gerri cried out and gripped her hands into Shelley’s dark hair.
“Oooh,” she said. “That’s too much. Easier.”
Shelley released the captive clit and rolled her tongue against it and Gerri relaxed in her hands. Shelley put a hand under Gerri’s ass and pulled her against her face, her tongue slithering everywhere.
“Put your finger in my pussy,” Gerri said.
Gerri sluiced her finger inside the taut pussy and slathered kisses on her clit. She worked the finger in and out and licked at the swollen love button as Gerri writhed around on the sofa. She was moaning and letting out little grunts as he friend brought her close to orgasm.
“Fuck me,” Gerri said. “Fuck me and eat me. Ummmmm, feels so good.” She luxuriated in the feeling of the finger in her pussy and the tongue on her clit and she licked her lips and tweaked her own nipples as sweat started to pop out on her forehead. She felt the rumblings of her orgasm starting and she clamped her thighs against her friend’s face and dug her fingers into her curly hair.
Shelley kept her lips locked onto Gerri’s hot clit and jammed her finger in as far as it would go, shaking her head from side to side as she felt Gerri’s thighs rubbing against her cheeks and heard the moans that Gerri was emitting.
“Oh, yes, that’s it,” Gerri shouted. “That’s it. God, I’m cumming. Oh, yes, eat me just like that. Oh, oh, oh.” Her voice trailed off into nonsense syllables as her orgasm took over and her young body shook with the release as her friend ate her pussy and lapped up the sweet pussy juices that flowed freely from her hot young snatch.
Shelley came up for air and was gasping and panting as Gerri’s body shook with the aftermath of her orgasm. Shelley’s lips were dripping pussy juices and she licked her lips. “You taste good,” she said. “Your pussy is sweet, sweet and juicy.”
“Oh, God, you made me cum big time,” Gerri said. “You started out a little rough, but it was really great. Really, really great. You’re a good little cunt licker.”
Shelley smiled. “You should see how good my Mom does it.”
“I’d love to.”
“Really? That would be hot. Both of us and my Mom. Girls night out.”
“To eat out,” Gerri said.
“Yeah, that’s what I meant. It’d be super. Ummm.”
“Uh-huh. Let’s go over there some time soon and give it a try, but, you know, my Dad’s gonna be home soon now, and I thought we could have a little surprise for him. You know, both of us.”
“Oh yeah? You’ve got great ideas, Gerri. Fuck your Dad? Yeah, geez, that sounds great too. And then maybe your Dad and my Mom, and . . .”
“I was thinking the same thing, but for now, let’s put our clothes back on, and when my Dad gets home, be sure to flash your panties at him. He loves that, and it’ll get him horny and we’ll take it from there.”
“So, he really likes panties?”
“Likes to see them under a short skirt, likes to get a little look at them peeping out. I don’t know why exactly, but I let him see mine all the time, and sometimes when we’re out shopping or something I help him do panty watching.”
“How’s that?”
“Like on an escalator or something. I hold his hand and stuff and scope out chicks with short skirts and then we get on just a few steps later. It works perfect. And sometimes in a shoe shop or in a restaurant.”
“Wow, sounds like you’ve really figured him out.”
“It turns him on, and I like that, so I don’t get jealous.”
“Jealous? Like he’s your boyfriend or something.”
“Yeah, like that.”

* * * * *

Al walked in and Gerri emerged from the kitchen to hug him and kiss him on the lips. She clung to him and wrapped herself around him, standing on one leg. He kissed her back, darting his tongue briefly into her mouth, put his hands on her hips and stepped out of her embrace, kicking off his shoes and heading to his bedroom to change.
When he came back out, she had a glass of iced tea waiting for him and was sitting on the sofa with Shelley. Al sat in the matching easy chair and Gerri introduced her friend. Both girls had one leg tucked under them and the other dangling off the edge of the couch.
“She’s my best friend at school,” Gerri was saying. “Her parents are divorced and she lives with her Mom, and they’re, um, very close.” She winked at her Dad.
He looked at the two young girls sitting together, their near, folded-under legs touching, their short skirts riding high on their thighs, and their hands often playing across each other’s legs. His daughter Gerri was a little shorter and thinner than her friend Shelley, and her hair was lighter—a golden chestnut-brown—and longer and straighter than Shelley’s dark curls, but both girls had softly tanned skin, with Shelley’s just a little darker, and her brown eyes were also a few shades deeper than Gerri’s gray ones. He knew how much Gerri loved sex, and he had a suspicion as to what she meant about Shelley and her Mom being “very close.”
The girls giggled and leaned close to each other and threw their arms around each other, and in their movements their skirts rode up higher on their legs. Al watched with interest, and when Gerri laid her head in her friend’s lap he got a glimpse of her cream-colored panties clinging to her pussy lips. Shelley patted her on her bare butt and Gerri turned over to lay face-up, her skirt still riding up enough that Al could see the tantalizing edge of her panty line.
Shelley patted her friend’s soft brown hair and ran a hand down her side and rested it on her stomach. Gerri put her hand on top of Shelley’s and moved it downward until it rested on the top part of her short skirt. This moved her skirt up even more and Al could plainly see the “vee” where her thighs joined, covered only by the silky panties. He licked his lips, his eyes intently following the action on the sofa. Shelley crossed her legs and shifted her position slightly, scooting forward on the couch, and Al could see almost all of her smooth thigh. She looked at him and smiled as he stared at her exposed leg and brushed one hand against her skirt, raising it enough that now he could see the side of her panties as well.
She uncrossed her legs and spread them apart as Gerri’s head sunk into the depression of her lap, and then Gerri turned her head so it was facing her father. She put her hand on Shelley’s thigh and pushed the skirt up higher as Shelley crossed her legs to the other side. This time Al got a good long look at her light colored panties that clung to her tightly underneath her skirt. Gerri kissed Shelley’s bare thigh and then raised her head, twisting it toward Shelley. “Kiss me,” she said.
Shelley smiled broadly and lifted Gerri’s head in her hands, dragging it up across her small breasts. She looked at Al, whose attention was wholly focused on the girls, before touching Gerri’s lips lightly with her own. Gerri parted her lips and Shelley kissed her more deeply, this time sending her tongue partway into her friend’s mouth as Al watched.
As the two young girls kissed, he felt his hard-on rising, and he reached to straighten it in his pants. When they released the kiss, Gerri lay back and opened her legs as Shelley followed her movement so that she was on her knees between Gerri’s thighs and bent over her, her dark hair trailing onto Gerri’s chest. She kissed her again, this time sending her tongue deep inside the other girl’s mouth and running her hands over her nubile young body, pushing her skirt up to her waist as they clung to each other passionately.
They were removing their clothes as they embraced each other, and as their tops came off and then their skirts, Al slid his pants down to the floor and pulled out his cock and began stroking it. Both girls still had on their bras and panties and Shelley was kissing Gerri’s smooth stomach and cupping her ass cheeks through the skimpy material barely covering them. She kissed the wet triangle where Gerri’s pussy was and nudged a finger under the leg hole.
Gerri turned her head toward her father. “Look at Daddy,” she said, and Shelley saw that Al was jacking off as he watched the girls stripping and kissing each other.
“You two are so hot,” he said. “Is this what you meant by Shelley and her Mom being close?”
“Uh-huh. Actually just a little closer than this,” Shelley said.
“Come on Daddy. Come on over and join us. Shelley wants you to, don’t your Shel?”
“Yeah, come on. We both want you.”
Al stood up, peeling his T-shirt off as he rose. He knelt beside the two passionate girls and kissed his daughter as she lay in the other girl’s embrace, sending his tongue deep inside her and holding it there for a long time as their tongues danced together. Shelley was waiting as he turned his head, and he found her naked breast right in front of his mouth. It was a little bigger than Gerri’s, but still small, upright, and perfectly formed, though in miniature. He sucked it into his mouth, feeling all of it disappear inside him and sucking voraciously at it, guzzling the nipple against his tongue and putting his arms around her bare back.
She offered the other one to him as he released the first and he sucked the nipple, biting it gently to bring it to full attention before drawing it deep into his mouth and raking his teeth across the soft, succulent flesh as his mind whirled into lust-filled oblivion. The girls tumbled onto the floor and Gerri spread her legs and crawled under him. Her panties were dripping wet and he reached to snatch them away, nearly tearing them to pieces in the process.
Shelley kneeled and leaned back just behind Gerri’s head and Al fondled her body and touched her panties as she spread her legs for him. He cupped his hand and put it between her thighs, feeling her throbbing pussy lips beneath the thin wet fabric. “Umm,” she said. “Ummm, yes, take them off for me.” He hooked his hand into the top elastic of her tiny panties and pulled them down as she stretched her legs to let him get them all the way off.
Gerri had a hold on Al’s cock and was moving it up and down her tight slit, lubricating it with her pussy juice and suddenly she slipped it inside her pussy, just the massive head going in. She let out a deep sigh and put her hands on his sides as he pushed his cock into her. “God, honey, that feels so good,” he said, just as Shelley lay down and opened her thighs for him.
“Eat me,” she said. “Eat my pussy.”
Al shoved his cock inside his daughter’s tight gripping pussy and put his hands on Shelley’s slender thighs, spreading them apart and kissing up the insides of them, taking little love bites as he worked his way to her prized honey pot. She put her hands on either side of her pink little pussy and spread her lips apart. Al grinned and kissed her open pussy, sending his tongue deep inside on the first thrust. At the same time, his cock was penetrating deeper into his young daughter’s hot tight pussy.
He swirled his tongue around Shelley’s little clit and licked up and down her wet slit, smearing his face with her pussy juice as she stretched her legs around his head and lay them down his back as she lifted her butt completely off the floor to get her pussy closer to his face. Al slurped on her delicious pussy and trailed kisses up and down her inner thighs, with his hard cock buried deep inside his little daughter’s pussy just underneath him. He bucked his hips, moving his cock in time to his tongue thrusts, trying to satisfy both girls at the same time.
Shelley’s butt was now over Gerri’s face and Al was having some difficulty keeping it in the air while maintaining his pelvic thrusts into Gerri. He lifted Shelley, holding one sweet butt cheek in each hand, and pushed her back until her legs slid off his back. She curled them under her and put her knees on either side of her young friend’s head. Gerri reached up and gently pulled Shelley down toward her, her tongue already swirling around as she eyed the tight hairless pussy descending toward her eager face.
Al grinned as he watched his daughter start eating Shelley’s pussy. He put his arms around her back and she tilted her head and opened her mouth to kiss him while Gerri drilled her tongue into her pussy and wrapped it around her throbbing clit. Al’s hands caressed the young girl’s budding breasts and he pinched her nipples tenderly. His cock was already rock hard and as his breath became more ragged from his growing lust, he picked up the pace of his daughter fucking, drilling his big cock deep inside her until his balls were slapping against her butt on every in stroke.
She dug her nails into his back and ass, urging him even deeper, and his sweat was dripping onto her writhing body. She wrenched her mouth free of Shelley’s hot pussy and moaned, “Oh, yes, fuck me Daddy. Fuck my pussy.”
Al slammed into her young body with all his might, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her thighs, hips and ass as he fucked her as hard as he could. He could feel his cum starting to boil up and his temples were pounding at a furious tempo. Gerri rammed two fingers into Shelley’s pussy as she concentrated on swooshing her tongue against her inflamed clit, and Shelley started trembling as well.
As Shelley closed her eyes and rocked back and forth on Gerri’s slurping face, she started crying out, wrapping her arms around her chest and sobbing with the intensity of the feeling that was racing through her young body. Hot fingers ran up from Al’s balls and sped to his brain, where they ignited the core of his lust and his cum came barreling out of his aching cock and flew into his daughter’s tight grasping pussy. She clung to him as he filled her with his white hot cum and she buried her face in Shelley’s pussy and made little groaning sounds.
Shelley slid onto the floor and shivered. She rose to a kneeling position and put her arms around Al’s neck. He was gritting his teeth and his face was squeezed tight as he struggled to force every drop of his heavy load deep into his sweet young daughter’s pussy. As his motions slowed, Shelley caressed his neck and back, and he kissed her, feeling her probing tongue searching for his. Gerri groaned softly and he looked down at her flushed face. She opened her arms and he hugged her tightly, kissing her passionately as his cock remained buried completely inside her gripping pussy.
“Oh Daddy,” she cried. “that was the best. I loved the way you fucked me.”
“Super great,” Shelley said. “I came buckets. Did you cum?” She looked into Gerri’s eyes, smoothing her sweat-streaked hair from her forehead.
“Yes. It was sooo good. I just felt like I was floating when you came in my mouth, and then Daddy came in my pussy and then when I came I thought I was dreaming.”
“The sweetest dream I could imagine,” Al said.

Chapter three

“I want you to meet my Mom,” Shelley said after they had recovered and put their clothes back on. “I think I can fix you two up on a hot date.”
“With you girls along for the ride?”
“No, not at first,” she said. “Maybe later, after you two have gotten to know each other a little better.”
“You like fucking your mother, don’t you?” Al asked.
“Yeah, it’s really great. And I know Gerri likes doing it with you.”
“You bet,” Gerri said. “I love my Daddy. And I love fucking him.”
“Fucking family is great,” Shelley said.
“Fucking great,” Gerri added.

* * * * *

It didn’t take long to arrange the first date for Al and Michelle, based on the enthusiastic recommendations of their daughters. Al picked her up and they went for dinner at an Italian restaurant. The music and lighting were subdued and they clinked their glasses of red wine together before ordering.
Michelle also had dark hair, though hers was straighter than her daughter’s, and cropped close to her head with short bangs on her forehead. Her brown eyes glistened in the restaurant’s dim lighting and the swelling of her breasts was evident under her low-cut, thin-strapped black dress. Al leaned forward. “You look even prettier than your daughter,” he said, “and she’s cute as a button.”
“Yours is pretty cute too,” Michelle said, her eyes twinkling, and Al wondered if she had had Gerri. It gave his cock a little rise as he thought about it.
“Uh-huh. She’s a little darling. I really love her.”
“You’re quite close with her, aren’t you? I mean, since her mother died and all.”
“Yes, we’ve gotten a lot closer since then. A lot.” He looked Michelle directly in the eyes, wondering if she caught his real meaning.
“Well, I’ve certainly become closer to Shelley since her father split,” she said. “Her name’s Michelle, too, did you know that?”
“I guess I never thought about it, but Shelley is usually short for Michelle.”
“Women don’t get to have juniors. So instead, we’ve got different middle names, and we go by different versions of the first name. Sometimes it’s confusing for business people calling though.”
“My wife’s name was, er, is, Rebecca, and she always hated it. Her father’s name was Gerald, so Gerri was named Geraldine.”
She reached across the table and took his hand in hers and looked into his eyes. “We both have things to forget and things to remember,” she said. “Let’s just start on an equal basis, just start from scratch. We both love our daughters, and they’ve fixed us up together thinking we’d like each other, and I’m starting to like you already.”
“I like you too,” he said, and meant it.
They talked small talk most of the rest of the evening and when he drove her home he kissed her good night. She stopped him as he turned to go home. “Come on,” she said, “you can come in for a few minutes. We’ll have another glass of wine.”
He smiled at her and followed her into the house. It was only about nine o’clock and Shelley had gone to stay with Gerri while the two adults went out on their virgin date. Michelle went to get them wine, and returned with two glasses, which she set down on the glass-topped coffee table, bending low and giving Al a look down her top. Her straps slid off her shoulders and she didn’t bother pulling them back up. “Sit beside me,” she said, and Al moved from the end of the sofa to the spot next to her.
They raised their glasses and clinked them together. Michelle withdrew her arms from her fallen down straps and her dress barely stayed in place over her small breasts. She crossed her legs and pulled her skirt halfway up her smooth thigh. “You know, Shelley’s quite a hot young girl,” she said. “You know what I mean.” She looked him directly in the eye and Al felt a lump in his throat.
“Yes, I think so.”
“And so is Gerri. As a matter of fact, I suspect they’ve been sort of playing around with each other.”
“You mean in a sexual kind of way?”
“Exactly, but I think it’s a normal part of growing up, and as a matter of fact it doesn’t bother me. To tell you the truth it kind of excites me.”
“To think of two young girls together?”
“Uh-huh. What about you?” Her skirt was now even higher on her leg and her dress even lower on her chest. Al put his arm around her and she snuggled against him and put a hand on his thigh.
“Well, to tell you the truth, I’m pretty sure they have, and it doesn’t really bother me either.”
“Has she come on to you—Gerri, I mean?”
“Yes, as a matter of fact, she has.”
“And has anything happened? I mean, you know? Anything hot?” Her eyes were smoldering now and her fingers were digging into his thigh.
“Well, I’m not quite sure how to put it, but yeah I think so, if I get your drift.”
“Oh, I’m sure you do. Let me put it bluntly. Have you fucked her?”
She was studying his face intently now and her hand had crept up almost to his crotch. He could see the beginning of her panty line and her dress had slipped to where he could see not only her small bra, but also the swelling of her breasts inside, almost to the nipples.
“How about you? You’re putting me pretty much on the spot here. I mean, I don’t want to ruin something that’s just getting started.”
“I love to fuck my daughter,” she said, licking her lips. “I love to eat her sweet little pussy, and I’m betting she and Gerri have been doing the same, and I think you’ve been fucking your hot little daughter as well. God, it turns me on.”
She twisted to put her arms around his neck and clamped her lips on him, sending her tongue soaring into his mouth and pressing her little breasts tight against his chest. When she pulled away she was panting for breath, and her dress was so high on her thigh that Al gasped as he saw her tiny, lace-covered panties exposed. She reached her hands behind her and unzipped her dress, letting if tall off her chest to her waist. Her breasts were covered in a matching lace-covered material that had translucent patches so he could see her nipples erect and the swell of her soft breasts.
“You’re pretty hot yourself,” he said, putting a hand on one of her heaving breasts.
“I’d love to fuck both of them,” she said. “And I’d love to see you fucking your daughter, or mine, or both. But right now I want you all to myself.” She unsnapped her bra and let it fall off and put her hand in his crotch to feel his hard cock. “Do you wanna fuck me here, or in the bedroom?”
“I wanna fuck you in the pussy,” he said, “and in the mouth, and . . .”
“And in the asshole, I bet. Come on, I’ve got some toys in the bedroom we can play with.” She stood up and strode ahead of him, still wearing her sexy panties as he followed her, rubbing his cock through his pants. He paused just inside the bedroom and shucked off his pants and shirt. She was getting out a box from a bedside table and he came up behind her, nestling into her ass and reaching around in front of her to cup her breasts.
She leaned back against him, rubbing her ass into his groin and putting her head over her shoulders and around his neck. “Oh yeah, that feels good,” she said. “I can’t wait to fuck you.” She turned around and leaned into him, forcing him down onto the bed beneath her. She climbed up on top of him, straddling him with her legs as she played her hands over his chest and stomach. His cock was plowing into her pussy channel, separated by his briefs and her panties.
“Oh God, yes, I want to fuck you so bad,” she said and leaned forward to kiss him, drilling her tongue into his mouth and wrestling with his tongue. His hands gripped her breasts and he squeezed them and pinched the nipples. She groaned and said, “harder,” and he squeezed harder and she moaned louder. “More,” she said and he put some real pressure on them, mashing the soft tissue in his strong hands. “Ooooooh,” she groaned, biting her lower lip. “Fuck me,” she said and rolled off him to strip off her panties. He watched her handling the gleaming silky bikini-style panties and she saw him and held them in her hand.
“You like that, don’t you? You like wet panties?” She held them up to her nose and sniffed. “Ummm, smells good. Here, take a whiff.” She held them under his nose and he inhaled the sweet pussy fragrance from them. “Yes,” she said. “You like that a lot.” She left the panties in his hands as he continued to rub them in his face, and peeled his briefs down over his hips. She tossed him back on the bed and he smeared her pussy scented panties into his face as she mounted him, taking hold of his cock and rubbing it against her pussy lips.
She lowered herself onto him and grinned as she took the panties from his hand. Slowly, she sunk deeper and deeper onto his cock until soon it was buried all the way up her gripping pussy. She undulated her hips, swaying back and forth and bouncing up and down, riding him like a stallion. Her breasts swayed above him and he held onto her hips and thighs as she fucked up and down on him. He could feel the pressure in his balls growing and knew soon he’d be cumming inside her.
“Oh,” he said. “I’m about ready to cum. You’re so fucking hot.”
“Not yet,” she said, slowing her pace until she was nearly motionless above him, holding his cock deep within her and just moving her pussy muscles to grip his swollen shaft. “I love the taste of pussy,” she said and slid off his cock and slithered down between his legs. Her fingers were all around his cock and her mouth clamped on the head of it. She sucked hard and licked her tongue up and down the shaft. “Tastes good,” she said, “even if it is my own.”
She jammed her face onto his cock, taking nearly the whole length of it in one huge gulp. He thought it had gone into her throat, she took it so deep. She sucked it hard and fast and deep and once again Al felt the cum rising from his balls. “Now,” he said. “now I’m gonna cum,” and this time he did, blowing his load like a series of small explosions that rippled through his body and each one drained part of him, but filled his with lustful pleasure in the draining.
Michelle held onto his cock with one hand, jacking his cock and squeezing it. Her other hand massaged his tender balls and toyed up and down his ass, coaxing more and more cum from deep within him. She closed her eyes and moaned deep inside her as she swallowed every drop of his cum and continued sucking his cock until he cried out from the intensity of it.
She let his wet cock plop from her mouth and smiled at him, her lips and cheeks flushed red from her wild sucking action. “God, you taste good,” she said. “First the taste of pussy, and then the taste of cum. Umm, sweet.”
“You are pretty wild, you know that? A wild fucking woman.”
“We’re not done yet,” she said, grinning. “Don’t you remember, I said I want to fuck you?” She reached to the bedside table and held up a strap-on dildo and started buckling it around her waist. The cock stood up from between her legs and she put a hand around it, adding lubrication from a bottle. Al watched as she jacked off her artificial cock.
“You’re going to, uh, to fuck me with that?”
“You bet, honey. Right up your sweet fucking ass. Turn over.” She patted his ass cheeks and flipped him onto his stomach, crawling up behind him with her dick in her hand. She spread his cheeks apart and probed him with a well lubricated finger, then with two. She watched as his asshole enlarged, grinned and pressed the head of her lifelike cock into the tight opening.
Al closed his eyes and tried to relax as Michelle pushed her cock into him. He felt the head go in, felt her pause, felt her push again, pause, and then push harder. The cock almost popped inside him and suddenly it was all the way inside. He felt like he had been bulldozed and a giant had invaded him. “Owww,” he complained, and she paused again.
Michelle started fucking Al’s ass in a slow, easy rhythm, each stroke going almost all the way inside him. At first it hurt so much he thought he’d burst, but gradually his ass grew to accommodate it and it began to feel good. He found himself thrusting his hips back at her as she fucked him in the asshole.
“That’s it, baby,” she cooed. “Take that cock up your ass. Oh, you love it now, don’t you, you little cock sucking slut.” She dug her fingers into his ass cheeks and fucked him hard and deep. He took hold of his own cock and found it was half hard again. He began jacking himself off as she fucked him. “Good boy,” she said. “Good fucking boy. Take it all you little whore.” She fucked him harder and harder, slamming into him and rocking the bed.
“Okay,” she said after she’d fucked him for awhile. “Now, let’s put this butt plug up there while you eat my pussy.” She took out an immense torpedo-shaped butt plug, slathered it with lube and to Al’s surprise, it slid easily up his asshole. It even felt good up there. She patted him on the ass, opened her legs and grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling him into her dripping wet pussy.
“Now,” she said, “make me cum.” She had a slender black shaft in her hand, and at the end of it were several small extensions, like spider’s legs. She snapped it against his ass as he drilled his tongue inside her pussy, and it stung. She played with his hair as he found her clit and began sucking softly on it, making slurping sounds as he ate her with abandon.
She popped her whip against his ass cheeks and his back as he licked and sucked on her clit and pussy. He shoved a finger inside her pussy while he lavished her clit with his tongue and she snapped a red mark across his butt. He was starting to almost like the sharp accents of the whip too as he dedicated himself to making her cum. His fingers were all wet with her pussy juice and he shoved one, two, or sometimes three fingers into her gaping cunt. Once, he put his thumb inside and as he wriggled that around, his finger touched her asshole and since it was covered in pussy, it slid in easily. She groaned at that and popped his ass extra hard.
She started to writhe her hips in earnest now as he plied her pussy with his thumb, her asshole with his finger, and her clit with his tongue, while the huge dildo moved inside his asshole with his movements and she cracked the whip across his meaty loins. She began to groan even more and her fingers dug into his hair, almost pulling out a handful. But, Al dug into her pussy, smacking his lips as he gobbled on her engorged clit. Suddenly she cried out, “I’m cumming, oh God damn, I’m cumming. Oh, you fucking slut. Eat me you whore, eat my cum.”
He continued to lick at her pussy lips, releasing her now oversensitive clit, and jammed his thumb and finger as deep inside her as they would go. He lapped at her flowing pussy juices until she pulled his head away and told him to stop. She looked into his eyes. “That was good. You ate my pussy good.” She pressed him back down on the bed and straddled him once again. This time she pressed her breasts into his chest and kissed him, a longer, slower, deeper kiss than before, and Al knew she could taste her pussy in his mouth.

Chapter four

“So, how’d it go, Daddy?” Gerri asked when Al got home. “You look kind of worn out.”
“He fucked her. He fucked my Mom. Didn’t you, uh Al?”
“Well, yes, I guess I did,” he admitted.
“But . . .”
“Well, she also fucked me.”
“Oh, she got out one of her dildos. She fucked you in the ass, didn’t she?” Shelley said, clapping her hands. “God, this is great. We’re really gonna have a good time now.”
“When are we all going to get together?” Gerri asked.
“I have to rest now,” Al said.
“Soon,” Shelley said. “Very soon.”
Al still had to drive Shelley home, but he was so worn out he was hardly aware, even when he saw her panties peeking out from under her short skirt. “Sorry I’m not more attentive,” he said, “but your mother wore me out, honey. She’s really a whirlwind.”
“Yeah, she really likes to fuck.”
“Does she fuck you, baby?”
“Uh-huh. Mostly she eats my pussy, though. She’s a little too rough on me when she fucks me.”
“Does she ever fuck you in the ass?”
“Not much. It hurts too much, and she likes me to eat her pussy almost as much, but I’m still not so good at it.”
“Does she cum when you eat her?”
“Most of the time, but not always.”
“Then you must be doing something right.”
“I bet you could teach me how to eat pussy. Gerri says she cums every time you eat her.”
“I’ll try, honey, and it’ll be one of the most fun lessons I’ll ever teach. I really love eating pussy, and between your pussy and Gerri’s, I’m in heaven.”
“And my Mom’s.”
“Yes, certainly.”
Shelley had pulled her skirt up high and now she put her hand under it and started rubbing her pussy. Al looked over at her and she grinned at him and raised her skirt higher, high enough so he could see her hand moving against her smooth panties. “Mmmm,” he said. “Looks good.”
“Put your hand on it,” she said, taking his right hand in hers and rubbing it between her slender thighs.
Al watched his fingers as they moved over the smooth silky material. He could feel the wetness oozing out and she scooted her hips forward to meet his hand, coaxing it between her legs and up into the crevice of her pussy lips. He had to remove his hand to negotiate the traffic, but kept glancing at her exposed naked thighs as she rubbed herself through her clingy panties.
As he pulled up outside her house, Shelley undid her seat belt and turned toward Al. She put one hand on his hard cock, pressing her fingers against its outline through his pants. Her other hand went behind his neck and she pulled his mouth down onto hers, licking her tongue into his mouth passionately as she fondled his cock. Al cupped her tiny breast and rubbed his thumb over her nipple, bringing a sigh from Shelley as she melted into his arms.
She squirmed to a position where she could unfasten Al’s pants, and soon had his cock out and wrapped in her small fingers. She squeezed it, bringing it to full erection and looked down at it. A drop of precum gathered on the tip and she smiled. “Can you cum right here?” she said. “If I suck on it will you cum in my mouth?”
“I don’t know, baby. I’m pretty worn out, and we’re sitting right on the street.”
“Can you jack off and get it ready to cum really quick, and then shoot it into my mouth?”
“God, you’re a hot little bitch, aren’t you?” He grinned wickedly at the young girl.
“I love the taste of cum,” she said. “I want you to cum in my mouth, and then I can go in and kiss my Mom and tell her how good I sucked you off.”
Al was already pounding on his hard cock as he listened to the cute little preteen talking about eating his cum and sharing it with her Mom, who had just fucked him up the ass a couple of hours earlier. Despite his having been fully satiated, he soon began to feel cum boiling up in his balls again as Shelley leaned close, licking her lips as she watched his hand rapidly moving up and down.
“Okay,” he said, clenching his teeth. “It’s almost here. Oh God, I’m gonna cum. Umm, oh yeah. Here it is, just for you baby.”
Shelley pulled her hair back from her face and plunged the head of Al’s cock into her mouth, slurping her tongue around it as the first shot of cum flew into her. She swallowed it down, then pressed deeper onto his cock, finally taking most of the shaft inside her and moving Al’s hand away as she tried to take the whole thing into her mouth. His hips bucked up and he gripped his fingers into her dark curly hair as he came again and again. She worked the fingers of one hand under his balls and squeezed lightly, coaxing even more cum from them as he emptied his complete load deep into the young girl’s voracious mouth.
Sweat was streaming down his face as she rose from his lap. She opened her mouth and showed him the white liquid pooled just inside. Looking right into his eyes, she raised her tongue, compressed her throat, and swallowed his cum. She licked her lips, smiled broadly, and said, “Yum. You taste good.”
“Your Mom will taste it too,” he said.
“That’s the idea. It’ll get her horny and I bet she’ll eat my pussy.”
“I wonder if she’d like the taste of cum in your pussy.”
“Oooh, yeah. Next time let’s do that. As a matter of fact, next time why don’t we all do it together. You and my Mom and you and Gerri. Ummm, now that sounds yummy.”
“Yes, it does sweetie.” He kissed her lightly on the lips, getting a whiff of his own cum lingering on her lips and she scooted out of the car, flashing her panties at him and looking back at him over her shoulder before brushing her skirt into place.

Chapter five

Michelle called early the next morning and Gerri handed him the phone as he sat on the side of the bed brushing the sleep from his eyes and stretching. After a few pleasantries, she suddenly said, “You know Shelley came home last night with the taste of cum in her mouth, and she said it came from you. Is that true?”
“Well, I guess it is. She was hot and horny on the way home and before I knew it she had my cock in her mouth and . . .”
“And you blew your load right in my daughter’s little mouth. Didn’t get enough from me earlier, huh?”
“I told both the girls I was worn out, but Shelley really wanted it.”
“Did she blow you while you were driving?”
“In front of your house.”
“Oh, I think you’re gonna need some punishment for that little blow job.”
“She shared it with you, didn’t she?”
“Beside the point. I expect you and that little tart Gerri to show up here tonight, and your ass is going to be raw before it’s over.”
Al could almost hear her grinning as she relished her role as dominatrix. He wasn’t sure how he felt about being on the receiving end, but she was certainly hot, and her young daughter was an added extra horny bonus. He told Gerri as he wandered into the kitchen and she put breakfast on the table.
He had promised her she could buy some new sexy lingerie and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Gerri held his hand as they walked into the shopping mall. They rode up the escalator together, with her standing a step above him and leaning back against him, pressing her butt into his belly and putting her hands on top of his on her waist. She leaned her head onto his shoulder, her long hair wafting a delicate scent and her face glowing with love for him. She kissed him lightly on the cheek and then briefly on the lips.
Al looked up and saw a couple of teenaged girls above them, ready to step off at the second floor. Their short skirts swished and he almost got a glimpse of their panties. Gerri saw him looking and prodded him in the ribs, bringing an “ouch” from him, but she smiled as she did it and he patted her on the butt as they stepped off the moving belt.
“Oh, Daddy,” she said. “You just like to look at all girl’s panties, don’t you?”
“All cute ones,” he said, grinning.
“I’ll help you,” she said, and took his hand once more as they headed for the lingerie store.
They went straight to the adult stores, because they knew the kid versions would be too cute and not nearly sexy enough. The problem was going to be finding small enough sizes. The panties might come small enough, perhaps XS, but bras or other items just didn’t come sexy in sizes for girls with just emerging breasts. They looked around several stores and finally gave up on tops, deciding to investigate swimwear where there were lots of bikinis for little girls.
Gerri picked out several sheer and patterned panties and they asked the sales lady if they came in a size that would fit her. She looked at Al, but he pretended to not be paying much attention, just letting his daughter pick out what she wanted. There were only a couple of pairs that looked like they might work, small stretchy ones, and of course they couldn’t be returned once they were tried on.
At the department stores kid sections they had a little more luck. There were several sexy bikinis and some young kids active wear was nearly sheer, and by getting elastic ones that were just a little too small, they managed to come home with enough outfits to satisfy Gerri.
Al took a nap while Gerri tried on all her new clothes. She woke him up about five and they ate a light meal. Al had a glass of wine and Gerri changed clothes several more times before Al finally announced it was time to go and whatever she had on was what she would be wearing.
They arrived holding hands, and Shelley ushered them in. Al sat on the sofa next to Michelle while the girls bustled around in the kitchen. “So, what did you do today?” she asked.
“Went shopping with Gerri. For underwear.”
“Your favorite.”
“Yes, but it’s tiring shopping. Much more fun looking.”
“Gotta have some work to go with the play.”
Michelle had one leg crossed over the other and was showing most of her thigh. She uncrossed and then recrossed her legs, giving Al a brief glimpse of black lace. She smiled at him and tucked one leg under the other on the sofa, leaning against the arm. Her skirt puffed up and he got another quick look.
Just then the girls appeared from the kitchen with a tray of drinks—glasses of wine for the adults, sodas for the girls. “They are hot together, aren’t they?” Michelle said, looking at the two young girls now sprawled out on the floor.
Al looked at his daughter and then at Michelle’s. It was hard to say which one was sexier. Shelley was a little taller, had more breast development, brown eyes, and short curly dark hair that fitted around her face, while Gerri had longer, almost blond hair that fell across her shoulders and sparkling gray eyes. Both were slender and wore short skirts and both were eleven and delicious looking.
“Very,” he said, licking his lips.
“But you were very bad sending my daughter home with cum breath last night.”
“And I’ve got just the thing to make it right.”
“Your strap-on dildo?”
“Partly. Come on, let’s go into the bedroom. Shelley’s got it all laid out for us, don’t you dear?”
“Yes, Mom. All your things just like you said.”
“Let’s all go then,” Michelle said, leading the small group. Al watched her hips sway as she walked in front of him, her short skirt clinging to her lovely ass cheeks and her tight top clinging to her midriff.
“Take your clothes off,” Michelle said to Al, but the girls stripped off theirs as well and climbed onto the bed, putting their arms around each other. Michelle fingered her assortment of toys, picking out slim vibrators for the girls and a big black strap-on and a fringed black whip for herself. She smeared a creamy lotion on her strap-on and stood beside the bed. Al was stroking his hard cock as she approached. She tossed the mini-vibrators to the girls and put her hands on Al’s shoulders, standing between his outstretched legs.
“Suck me,” she said. “Suck my big black cock.” The rubberized dong quivered in front of his face and Al put a hand on it to steady it. She wove her fingers into his hair and pushed her hips forward. Lotion dripped from the shiny black dildo and Al raised his eyes to hers as she forced the head between his lips.
He tasted the lubricant and the faint plastic smell, but the nearness of her soft flesh and the cock pressing against him made him open his mouth to her invasion. He rolled his tongue around the head and she began fucking into his mouth, each stroke going deeper inside him as she locked her fingers into his hair and pulled his head as she pushed her hips.
His throat muscles felt the big cock demanding entry and he willed them to relax. Still, when she entered him, he gagged and came up for air spluttering. “Take it, you little whore,” she demanded. “Take it down your fucking throat.” She jammed the rubber cock back into his mouth and tears leaked out of his eyes as she once again started fucking him. This time he managed to control the gag reflex and was amazed as her cock slid easily down his throat.
“That’s it, that’s a good boy. Suck my cock down your throat.”
The girls were fascinated by the mouth fucking Michelle was giving Al. They had both turned on their small vibes and were rolling them over each other’s pussies as they sprawled on the bed behind Al and craned their necks to keep an eye on the adult action. Michelle smiled as Al began taking her cock all the way down his throat. She massaged his neck as she fucked him, and then pulled back out, pouring more lube over her constantly erect cock.
“Lay back and grab your ankles,” she said as she ran her hand up and down her slick shaft. Al tilted back and Michelle cupped his ass cheeks in her hands, curling him up more and exposing his asshole to her stiff prick. She guided it into his crack and positioned it at his entryway. He groaned as she shoved it inside him and his asshole closed around her strap-on cock. She pushed it steadily in until it was knocking on the ring of muscle that would allow her full entrance.
Grinning, she said, “Open up for me baby. Take it up the ass for Momma.” She pushed it in and out until it slipped past his sphincter and Al gasped as he struggled to accommodate her. She shoved hard until her pelvis rested against his ass and her cock was completely inside his asshole. “That’s it, now eat some pussy,” she said, motioning to her daughter.
Shelley spread her legs over Al’s face, and with her knees trembling, lowered her pussy toward him. He put his hands on her hips and kneaded her butt cheeks as she touched her pussy to his lips. His tongue shot out and licked her slit and went into her hot hole. He sluiced it in and out as she settled onto him, and then he grasped her clit between his lips and lashed it with his tongue. She moaned as he began eating her hairless little pussy, and Gerri came up behind her and put her hands on Shelley’s tits, tweaking the nipples. She bent her head and the two girls kissed, sending their tongues deep into each other’s mouths.
“Turn over, Shel,” Michelle said. “Let him eat you from behind so you can eat Gerri.” She pulled her cock out of Al’s ass and flipped him onto his stomach and immediately rammed her cock back up his asshole.
Shelley repositioned herself, and Gerri lay down on her back with her legs spread wide as she watched her young girlfriend ease her pussy against her father’s face. She sighed as Shelley grabbed her thighs and pulled her toward her, licking her lips just before she started eating pussy.
Gerri ran her fingers through Shelley’s dark curly hair and fed her pussy to her friend as she watched her father eating pussy and getting fucked in the asshole. “God, Daddy, it’s hot,” she said. “Do you like it up the ass like that? Umm, oh that feels good, Shel. Lick my clit just like that.”
Al tore his mouth away from Shelley’s pussy and grunted as Michelle fucked him. “It feels good, honey,” he said, “and Shelley’s pussy is so sweet.” He locked his lips back around her clit and Michelle slapped his ass as she picked up the pace of her ass fucking.
“Jack yourself off, whore,” Michelle said, grabbing a handful of Al’s hair, “but don’t cum. I want you to cum in my mouth, just like you did in my daughter’s.”
Al grabbed his cock in one hand and slowly stroked it up and down, almost immediately feeling the cum start to stir in his balls. There was so much stimulation he knew he couldn’t hold on long with a dildo up his ass, his hand on his cock, and a young girl’s pussy in his mouth, and that young girl eating his daughter’s pussy.
He slowed his jack off pace, but Michelle was fucking him so hard in the ass he could hardly keep his lips on Shelley’s clit. Just then he felt a sharp snap on his ass cheek, followed by another. She had popped her whip against his white flesh, raising twin red welts. “That’s good,” she said, cracking her whip twice more and smiling at the pattern she was beginning on Al’s ass. She danced the tip across his back and switched it lovingly back and forth before snapping it against his ass cheeks again.
Shelley started cumming first as Al’s tongue swirled around her tender young clit. She squirmed from side to side, tearing his mouth from her and screaming as she released her mouth from Gerri’s cunt. She squirreled two fingers into Gerri’s sopping pussy as her body shook with her orgasm, and Gerri soon was shaking as well as she went over the top.
Michelle pulled her cock out of Al’s ass, flipped him over and knelt between his sweaty legs. “You can cum now,” she said, her eyes rising to meet his. “Cum in my mouth.” Al started jacking his cock off furiously now, and soon brought himself to the brink. He looked straight into Michelle’s eyes and aimed his cock head at her lips. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. His first blast plopped on her chin, but the next one splattered on her tongue. She kept her mouth open as his cum flew into her mouth and on her cheeks and chin.
He was groaning as he coaxed the last of his cum up from his tightened balls. The girls were gathered behind him, their hands on his shoulders and their lips kissing his neck as he milked his cum into Michelle’s mouth. She stood up between his legs, her cock still sticking out at attention, and sat down beside him. Cum was dripping off her face and in her mouth as she leaned to kiss first her daughter, then Al’s daughter, and then Al.
The two girls and Al kissed her again and again, and licked all the cum from her face and tasted it in her mouth. “Good,” she said. “Now, who wants to fuck me?”

Chapter six

Gerri raised her hand, like she was in class. “Me,” she said meekly. standing up. Michelle grinned and undid the strap-on from around her waist and began adjusting it to Gerri’s smaller frame. When she had it in place she wiped it off and applied a fresh coating of lube. Laying down on her back, she lifted her legs and Gerri crawled between them, holding the stiff rubber cock in her hand.
“It looks weird coming from me,” she said.
“It looks cute on you,” Michelle said, “and it’s gonna feel sooo good inside me. Come on, fuck me with your big black cock.”
“Oooh, that looks good, doesn’t it,” Shelley said as she sidled up under Al’s arm, guiding his hand to her heaving breast. She reached one of her hands down and began fondling his cock as they watched his daughter begin to fuck her mother.
Shelley looked up at Al and pulled a little harder on his cock. It started to stir back to life and she moved her head toward it. She nuzzled it with her nose. “It smells like pussy,” she said. “Like my Mom’s pussy.” She took the head gently into her mouth and sucked on it like a popsicle. “Tastes like it too.”
“You just love sucking cock, don’t you baby?” Al said.
“Uh-huh. I want you to fuck me in the mouth, and you know what else I like?”
“What’s that honey?”
“I like it when you eat my pussy. It felt so good when I came in your mouth. I wanna do that again.”
She slid on top of him, spreading her legs apart as her tiny lithe body scrambled upside down on him. She took hold of his cock in her hand and began massaging it, watching as it expanded under her ministrations. She kissed it and lapped her tongue up and down the underside and onto his tightening balls. Al groaned as she took the head of his cock into his mouth and began sucking on it. His hands were on her ass cheeks, and he spread them to reveal her pink hairless pussy. She swiveled her slender hips at him and he squirreled a finger into her pussy, wriggling it around and shoving it in as far as it would go.
He bent his head and guzzled his lips into the hot wet opening and began licking her pussy with long slow strokes until her found her tender little clit. He swooshed his lips around it and she cried out, removing her mouth from his pulsating cock. “Ooooh,” she moaned. “Oh, that feels good.”
Al kissed and sucked on her clit and alternated by licking her trembling slit. He spread her apart wider and her puckered asshole was gaping at him. He slid a finger deep into her pussy and it emerged dripping wet. He teased it against her nether hole and felt it go inside. He held it there so she could get used to it, tasting the sweetness of her pussy as his finger pushed into her tight asshole. Gradually it went in deeper. He moved it in and out slowly as he continued eating her sweet pussy. As his finger plunged deep inside her ass, he found that he could get his thumb into her pussy and slurp on her clit all at the same time.
Shelley was moaning and sucking harder and harder on Al’s cock. Her mouth was going down toward the base, which she held gripped in her fist. Her lips touched her delicate hand on each downstroke, and Al started bucking his hips upward as she dove downward. His cock was demanding release and Shelley was squirming in ecstasy as he tortured her pussy and ass with his tongue and fingers.
Al’s hips were moving furiously now as he felt his cum building up in his balls. He shoved harder and harder, and both their bodies were pounding up and down on the bed. He exploded into her mouth in spurts. It felt like red hot lava being suddenly released as he fired blast after blast into her willing young mouth and she gobbled it down hungrily, slurping on his pumping cock as it filled her, each spurt spurring her hot lust on to even deeper desire.
His cum was overflowing her mouth and the sheer depravity of it spurred her on and as she gulped down his load she began to cum in sync with him, and he lapped up her pussy juice as she squirmed around on his tongue and fingers. She tore her mouth from his cock as her own orgasm shook her already trembling body. A last jet of white hot cum spurted from Al’s cock and splattered across Shelley’s chin and dribbled onto her heaving breasts as she cried out from the intensity.
Gerri still had the black cock buried in Michelle’s pussy and both of them turned their heads as Shelley and Al’s combined moans filled the air. Michelle smiled at her daughter’s outburst, and Gerri’s eyes lit up as she saw her father’s cum flying through the air and oozing down her friend’s chest. She licked her lips. “Ummm, that looks good, Shelley,” she said, her voice a hoarse whisper.
“Fuck my ass,” Michelle said, looking right at her daughter. “I wanna eat his cum while you fuck my ass.”
Gerri withdrew her dildo and Michelle edged closer to Al and Shelley, kissing her daughter and swirling her tongue into her mouth. She started licking her way down her chest, gathering up the glistening cum as she waved her ass at Gerri, who took the pussy-slick black dildo in her hand and guided it into Michelle’s open asshole. As it went in, Michelle was swallowing her daughter’s tit and cleaning the cum from it.
Gerri pushed in further until the cock was buried in Michelle’s ass, and Michelle took the head of Al’s cock into her mouth and washed it clean, sucking every remnant of his cum from it like it was a soda straw. Al felt his balls drain into her mouth and he collapsed back onto the bed.
As she fucked Michelle’s ass, Gerri reached a hand to her pussy, but it was an awkward position and she couldn’t maintain it. Shelley moved off of Al’s face and put her hand on her mother’s pussy, finding the enlarged clit and slithering it between her fingers as her friend fucked her from the rear.
“Oh baby,” Michelle said. “Oh yes, do it to me.”
As her daughter fingered her clit she began to climax. The combination of stimulation on her clit and in her asshole sent her into a swirling dance of passion as she wriggled her ass and her whole body shook with the release. Sweat was streaming off her body and her cries echoed off the walls as she came until she was practically crying. She fell onto her side panting for breath and her daughter snuggled against her side, laying her head on her soft breast.
Gerri kneeled over her father, kissing him on the lips and tasting the cum of her young friend. “You taste sweet,” she said and nestled into his arms.

* * * * *
Al woke up some time later. He felt fingers exploring his cock and balls and opened his eyes to see the two young girls kneeling between his legs. Their hands were all over him, caressing his balls, squeezing his cock, sliding up between his ass cheeks, rubbing his muscled stomach, kneading his thighs, and their efforts had brought him to a raging erection.
“He’s awake,” Gerri said, looking at her father. “You suck him first.” She held his cock tightly in her fist and Shelley opened her mouth and moved her lips down until they touched the taut fingers. She closed her mouth, exerted pressure on the shaft and withdrew slowly, sucking his cock into her mouth as she moved toward the head of his cock. She swirled her tongue around the tip and closed her eyes as she sucked the swollen knob in and out.
“God, what a way to wake up,” Al said.
“You like it, don’t you Daddy?” Gerri asked.
“Oh yes, baby. I love waking up with my cock in a sweet little sucking mouth. Or two.” He grinned, and Gerri grinned back at him, moving her head to near Shelley’s. She jacked off her father’s cock slowly, watching it disappear into her young friend’s mouth. She could smell the musky aroma of it and she licked her lips and moved his cock toward her own mouth. She opened her eyes wide and took his cock into her mouth.
Al groaned as his ten year old daughter began sucking his cock. Her school friend began licking under his balls as Gerri went deeper and deeper onto his swollen cock meat. He felt a finger sliding into his asshole and he recalled getting fucked by Michelle’s big strap-on dildo. He looked around the room, but she wasn’t there.
The two girls started sharing his cock between them, one sucking it all the way to the root while the other held it, and then they switched their mouths. As one came up off his hard cock, she would turn to the other and kiss her, sending her tongue deep into the other’s mouth. It was so incredibly sexy watching the two ten year olds taking turns sucking his cock and then sharing its taste between them, and Al was still a bit groggy from sleep and he didn’t think he’d fully recovered from the wild sex scene that had just transpired.
His balls began to tingle under their combined ministrations and he wrapped his fingers in their hair as his ass tightened and beads of sweat started on his forehead. “I’m gonna cum,” he said between gritted teeth.
The girls stepped up the intensity of their sucking, making loud wet sounds as they strove to gobble him down completely and get him off using just their mouths and hands. It worked and in what seemed like no time, Al’s cock was pumping hot cum into his daughter and Shelley’s mouths. They fought to contain it all, but continued swapping his cock between them, so that some cum flew out of his cock head and splattered on their chins, lips, cheeks and chests.
They started licking it off each other’s bodies, wiping up the cum trails and swirling the white hot liquid on their tongues, which they then joined together in hot lesbian kisses filled with Al’s heavy cum. Finally they both lay beside him, one under each arm as they played with his chest, ran fingers over his face and kissed him lightly, their hands idly petting his cock and balls.
“Oh you two are gonna wear this old man out,” he said, his words coming out as a long sigh as he released his breath.
“Mom’s not finished with you yet,” Shelley said, pointing to the doorway where Michelle stood.
She was dressed in a tiny push-up half bra that left her nipples exposed and sheer white panties that clung to her and rode up high on her waist. In her hand she had a double-ended clear jelly dildo that quivered in the light. She slapped it softly against her thigh with a slight plopping sound.
“Looks like the girls got your front,” she said, “and I want your butt. It’s all mine now. She took slow steps toward the bed, her hips swaying deliberately as she held the shimmering dildo in the middle. Al watched the ends bobbing up and down as she walked. The ends had penis shaped heads on them and a series of raised vein-like ridges. He stared at her crotch, covered only by her panties and his cock gave an involuntary jerk. A thin trickle of cum leaked out. The girls’ eyes were bright as they hugged each other and kneeled to get a close look at what Michelle was going to do.
She held out the dildo and picked up a bottle of lube, slathering each end until the gooey liquid dripped onto the bedsheets. She spread Al’s legs wide and lifted them into the air as she guided the rubber shaft between his cheeks. He felt the coolness invading him and gave in to the sensation. She pushed it into his asshole and he stiffened momentarily. She pushed it in more and he willed himself to relax. One more push and it sailed past his sphincter and red hot embers exploded in his brain.
“That’s it, baby,” she said, patting his ass cheeks. “Take it like a man. Right up the asshole.”
She was kneeling between his legs and she sat down, extending her legs in front of her, under his. She raised her hips and slid the other end of the dildo between her own ass cheeks and guided it expertly into her own asshole. She writhed her hips forward until it was firmly seated and then began to rock back and forth, fucking Al and fucking herself at the same time.
“Work with me,” she said. “Fuck yourself and fuck me.” She pushed her hips forward and he pushed against her, driving the dildo deeper into both their asses. “Umm-hmm, like that,” she moaned, licking her lips with pleasure.
The two girls crawled closer so they could watch the dildo pistoning in and out of the impaled assholes. Shelley reached a hand between them and held it tightly so they could both fuck even harder. Gerri played with her father’s balls and then with Michelle’s clit, rubbing it between her small fingers.
Shelley removed her hand as the two adults began fucking each other harder and harder, their assholes expanding as the slippery dildo drilled faster and faster into their innermost regions. She curled her fingers into Gerri’s dark hair and the two tumbled together next to the fucking couple, their hands on each other’s backs and their tongues searching inside each other’s mouths.
“Fuck me,” Michelle said. “Fuck me in the ass.”
“Unnhh, yes, fuck me,” Al groaned. “Fuck my ass.”
“Turn over,” Michelle said, slowing her movements and holding onto the center of the dildo.
Al got up onto his hands and knees and Michelle did the same. “Help us out here girls,” Michelle said.
Shelley took one end of the slick penis shaped shaft and slid it into her mother’s wide open asshole, and Gerri did the same with the other end, inserting it easily into her father’s gaping hole. Now the two had their butts together, separated by the semi stiff jelly shaft. They could move more freely this way, but the dildo was a little more unsteady, sometimes working its way loose. The girls took turns holding it in place, or reinserting it in whichever asshole it became dislodged from. They also massaged the upturned asses and even slapped them playfully.
“Eat my pussy,” Michelle said, and the girls looked at each other, deciding which one would crawl under. Shelley looked at Al’s cock flopping under him and moved that way as Gerri licked her lips and slid on her back under Michelle.
It was hard for either girl to get a firm purchase because Al and Michelle were moving so violently together, but Shelley managed to take hold of Al’s cock and she began jacking it off and would slurp it into her mouth as much as possible. Gerri shoved a finger into Michelle’s pussy and kissed her clit and licked at it with her tongue and sometimes rubbed her thumb over the sensitive organ.
Michelle started shaking under the combined assault on her asshole, her pussy and her clit, and having the little ten year old girl underneath her sucking on her pussy while she was ass fucked by the sweet dildo sent her to the edge of breaking. Al had been drained of pretty much all the cum he had, but his cock was getting hard again as Shelley coaxed it to tumescence. His ass had never been assaulted so much in his entire life and he was just getting used to the sensation of having a cock drilling in and out of him while he was getting his cock sucked, when Michelle exploded.
She cried out and tore at the sheets as she came violently, dislodging the dildo from her ass and nearly collapsing onto the young girl under her. Her chest heaved and she gasped for breath as her hips jerked uncontrollably and sweat poured off her. She groaned and sobbed as she fell onto her side and took deep breaths. Al still had the dildo up his ass, but nothing on the other end of it, and Gerri was hanging onto Michelle’s trembling pussy as the orgasm raced through her.
Shelley slid under Al a little more and put her hands behind him. She felt the dildo sticking out and shoved it in, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. He looked down at the lovely little girl and put his hands on either side of her head and began fucking her face as she fucked his ass. He didn’t think he could cum again, but she was so intent on her sucking, and she jammed the cock so deep into his ass that he started to feel his balls tingling and his cum flew out of him and blasted completely down her throat because of her position underneath him.
He fucked her face until every drop of his cum was drained and lodged warmly in the pit of Shelley’s young stomach. He fell off to the side, panting for breath, his sides heaving and his body trembling in the aftermath.
“Now that’s what I call a fuck session,” Michelle said as she recovered from her quaking orgasm.
“I’ve never fucked so much in one day in my life,” Al said.
“Or gotten fucked so good. You like it in the ass, don’t you?”
Al moved to beside her and kissed her. “Yes,” he said. “I guess I do.”
“Good,” she said, smiling, “because now that ass belongs to me.”


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Once home we made our way to my bedroom where I slowly undressed her. I licked her sweet cunt and slid a finger into her. She came in no time. She mouthed my cock and I quickly shot a load down her throat. We rested ad then I worked my cock into the tightest and most delightful cunt. We moved together and came at the same moment. Every moment since has been filled with our sweet loving. I love you, Pammy!

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