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This story is a vivid deion of my first time. Since it was my first time I remember clearly.
It was the winter of 2011 and I was visiting family. My sister was getting ready to go to a party at some rich kids countryside house. I had never been to a party before, (at least not one with alcohol) so I too got ready. I went for the soft grunge look, white button shirt with rolled up sleeves, black vest, black boot cuts, and black chucks.

When I got to the party my sister first thing picked up a bottle of whiskey and joined the crowd. There was plenty of alcohol and a wide variety, Jack Daniels, Jaegermeister, Weller Bourbon, Hennessy Cognac, et cetera. And like the alcohol, everybody was present but I didn't know any of them. Hot, ugly, skinny, fat, gay, straight, you name it, the host invited all. Some people were already getting crazy by the time we arrived. But I had my eyes on this one particular girl, she was a cute little red-head. Super cute face, decent chest and a very nice ass. She was wearing jeans, half zipped-hoodie, and a shirt that flashed some hot cleavage. Already started filling up my head with dirty thoughts. She noticed me staring at her and she flashed a smile. I didn't know how to react and so I just smiled back. I wanted her to come closer but at the same time I didn't. I took a shot of daiquiri and mustered all my courage. Just as I'm about to walk over to her, another cute blonde sits down next to me and asks, "She's a real cutie, yeah?" I answered "Yeah, well I..." She stopped me half way and whispered in my ear, "Her names Kimberly and I would go for it before she's taken." She walked away and started to make out with another guy. I guess we're about to have a good time. I walked up to Kimberly and her group of friends, "Hey, Kimberly right?" She looked surprised but smiled "Yeah, and you?"
"Brian" I replied.
"Nice to meet you Brian."
"You look great," I complimented
"Thank you." She took her last sip of vodka and said goodbye to her friends. She gave me that coy look and took my hand. "What do you say we find a place a little more private." She said, and we wondered up the stairs and into one of the many empty rooms in this ginormous house. I closed the door behind me and she pushed me up against the door while we kissed. I had french'd a girl before but nothing as good as this. Heat, lust, and alcohol took over. Our hands without thinking started exploring each others warm bodies. One hand held her hips and the other cupped her breast. She began to strip down and when she took off her bra, her breasts were exposed and I was mesmerized by the size. They were so big for a perfectly in shape girl like her. Her body was perfect, big tits, hips, ass, and nice legs. We kissed some more, and then I kissed her neck. She moaned "Oh fuck, yes..." She started to breathe harder. With one hand I squeezed and played with her breasts and with the other I rubbed her pussy. She was already wet and she moved her hips with my fingers.
She took off the rest of her clothes 'til she was completely naked and she moaned "Come here and give me that cock." I took off everything and laid down on my back. By now my cock was hard and throbbing. She grasped my cock and had her way. "Oh my god, it's so big." She said before blowing. Her lips wrapped around my cock and she began to suck. It felt really good, "I want your cock, I want it inside of me." She said as she guided my cock in between her legs. She gasped and moaned as I slowly pushed my cock into her. I could feel her finger nails dig in to my back.She wrapped her arms around me and pulled, forcing the last inch into her pussy. "Oh fuck yes!" She tilted her head back and moaned some more. There I started to fuck her slowly and I gradually went faster and harder. With each thrust she let out a cry of pleasure. "Oh my- Keep going baby. I'm going to- I'm going to-" she was climbing to her orgasm. Then forced one deep thrust and she screamed in orgasm. Her whole body was quivering, the insides of her pussy were contracting, and a jet of vaginal juice leaked.
Without warning I resumed fucking her. She began to cry for more, to fuck harder. "Harder!" I could feel my orgasm coming "Kim, I'm going to cum." She replied "It's okay, I'm on the pill." I was relieved to hear and I began to thrust harder and faster. She moaned louder and higher with every thrust. "Fill me up with your cum!" she cried. Finally, with one final deep thrust, I let it out. Bursts of hot cum began to fill up her cunt.
I collapsed onto Kim's body, dropping my weight on her as I gasped raggedly for air. I pulled out my cock which was still hard and leaking cum. Cum was leaking out of the lips of her pussy and dripped onto the carpet. "Fuck Brian, it's still hard." She said. We switched positions and so this time I was on bottom and on my back. She was on top and she wedged my cock back into her cum filled pussy. "Fuck me one more time." She cried as she bounced. She held her tits but they still shook. It didn't take long before I came again but I didn't cum as much this time.
After that night, we met up and fucked a few more times. Before I had to leave, we came to the decision that we would never speak of this except between us. Ever since then, every winter break we see each other. We don't have sex as often but we're pretty much dating now. And that's the day I fucked for the first time.

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2013-07-26 03:26:25
That 'you look great' line gets guys laid with no problem. Right. Please change your moniker to 'WetDreamProdigy'.


2013-07-23 03:23:02
Very well, I'll continue. I'll try my best to make it an aesthetic experience.


2013-07-23 03:22:37
Very well, I'll continue. I'll try my best to make it an aesthetic experience.

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2013-07-22 23:09:33
intriguing story line. As noted before, could have had more details. Flesh out the story more.


2013-07-22 12:59:43
YOU STOPPED DEAD !! Your not getting away with that, we need more great details of the rest of your yummy adventures with this sexy chick. PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!! Good luck too you ! (countrycadillac)

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