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This is my first story, apologies for misspellings and all that. All the characters are real but I've changed the names. I wish this would actually happen.
My name is Eric, I’m 13 years old, 5’ 7’’, I’m slim but am quite fit. I dye my hair blue a few times a year and I’m relatively popular. My eyes are greenish gold and I’m in the closet. I have a big crush on a guy in the grade above me his name is is Percy and he is sexy as hell. He is a few inches taller than me and very athletic, his eyes are green and he has dark curly brown hair. He’s bi and very open about it, we’re in an anti-bullying group together. He knows who I am and I think he enjoys my company but we’re not close friends.
So one day I was reading in the small park that our town has, I knew that he lived nearby but I don’t usually see him there.
“Hey Zac, Emily here says that you’re the fastest person on the track team,” I turn to see who is talking to me. It’s Percy and his friend Emily who was on the track team with me when I beat the oldest school record. “I was wondering if you wanted to race sometime? I think I might be able to beat you.”
“Uh, I’ll race you but Emily is right I am the fastest on the team.” I reply.
Emily laughs, “If I was betting on who is gonna win I’d bet on you Eric.”
“Thanks, so where do you want to race?” I ask Percy
“I was thinking we could walk over to the school to race on the track, because then we would be on even ground.” He says giving me a heart melting smile.
“Ok,” I get up and we start walking towards the school. Percys cellphone rings and he walks a little way away to answer it.
“You know that he likes you right?”
“What?” I almost yell, then lowering my voice,”Really?”
“Yeah, he won’t stop talking about you and how good you look or something like that. He’s just too scared that you’ll turn him down if he asks you out. Do you like him?... Don’t worry I won’t tell him if you don’t want me to.”
“Uh, yeah I guess I like him, but don’t tell him that I want him to be brave enough to ask me out himself.”
“Ok. I won’t.” Then Percy comes back.
When we get to the track Percy suggests that we race one lap,
“You know that the 400 (one lap) is my best race right?”
“I don’t really care, I think I can beat you.”
“Good luck with that.”
Emily stands a little in front of us and counts down, “On your mark, get set, GO!” I spring out and finish about 50 yards ahead of Percy.
“There was no way you could beat him.” Emily says to Percy, laughing because he’s laying on the grass panting, I’m standing straight barely breathing hard.
“Wow you are faster than anyone I’ve ever raced.” Percy says smiling at me, I smile back.
“Oh, look at the time I’ve got to get home. See you two around.” Emily says. Then she winks at me and mouths ‘Flirt with him’. Then she jogs towards her house.
“Do you, Uh, want to come over for dinner,” Percy asks, he looks a lot shyer when it’s just us.
“Yeah sure, my parents won’t be home until late, I’ll just leave a message. Can Iborrow your phone?”
“Yeah, sure.” he hands me the phone and pulls it up to the phone part, but not before I see that he has a picture of me as his screen saver. I call home and leave a quick message saying where I’m going to be.
We walk back to Percy's house and talk about little things like people in our classes. I tell him that I’m taking a drawing class that is his grade level instead of mine.
“Wait really, I’m taking that class too, it’s gonna be really fun, the teacher is awesome.”
At Percy’s house his mom says that I’m welcome to stay for dinner but that they (Percy’s mom and dad) are going to see a movie together right after dinner and that if I stay here until after the movie she’ll drive me home. I agree to this plan, because it leaves me and Percy alone in the house.
We have delicious baked chicken for dinner and I get to know Percys parents a little better, they are really nice. After dinner they tell us there is ice cream in the freezer and they leave.
“So what do you want to do?” Percy asks.
“Uh, I don’t care, what do you want to do?”
“Lets go play Xbox.”
“Ok,” we go down into the carpeted basement and Percy hands me a controller then we sit down on the couch and play a first person shooter for about five minutes. We’re about to start another round when Percy ‘accidentally’ drops his controller he reaches over to grab it and his hand brushes against me leg, sending a tingle of energy through my body. We play a little bit longer then he pauses it and mumbled something unintelligible.
“What?” I ask.
“Do you want me to give you a blowjob?”
“Percy I-”
“I know, you’re going to say ‘get away from me faggot’ or something like that and it’s going to ruin our friendship.”
“Actually I was going to say that I’ve been hoping you’ll ask me something like that all day. Emily told me that you liked me and I told her that I liked you which I do.” As soon as I finish talking he leans over and kisses me. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve felt, our tongues are wrestling in our mouths. He starts unbuttoning my shirt and runs his hands over my smooth stomach. He breaks from our kiss to pull his shirt over his head and then he unzipped his jeans and pulls them off revealing his boxers theres a very obvious tent in them. He does the same to me, then I reach over and slide my hand under the waistband of his boxers and grab his rock hard cock.
“Can I suck off you, please.” he asks me, I nod and he pulls my boxers down to my ankles releasing my throbbing near 7 inch cock. Starting with the head of my cock he slowly licks up and down the shaft making me moan, occasionally his teeth will graze the edges sending spasms of pleasure through me. I grab his head and force my cock down his throat he takes it all and starts to pump up and down, I jerk my pelvis up and down on an opposite rhythm.
“I’m gonna cum,” I whisper to him through my moans of pleasure, and sure enough I send what feels like a few tons of cum down his throat.
“Will you do it to me now?” He asks looking sexyer than ever with a little of my cum at the edge of his lips.
“Of course, I’ll do anything for you Percy.” I pull his boxers down and his beautiful 6 inch cock looks like it might explode on its own if i just stared at it long enough. I lick the tip of his uncircumcised cock and then set to work licking and sucking on his balls, I can feel them tightening in my mouth so I move back to his cock and give it a few more licks. Then I take it all the way down my throat and start moving up and down on it.
“Oh Eric you are the best thing in my life, I can’t believe I was afraid to ask you out. I’m cuming.” and he shoots his load and I swallow every drop. Then I pull Percy to his feet and makeout with him, I kiss him like the world is ending around us.

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