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I had the outline in my head not sure if it came out right
Aunt Meg pt 5

Return of the Prune

I awoke to my bed bouncing and a hand grasping Wee Willie. Before I could move, a nipple was jammed into my mouth. Oh well who was I to complain. I felt something warm and delightful moving down my cock it was grasping and releasing and moving downward to do it again. Then it hit bottom and began to grind. The delicious nipple was yanked from my mouth only to be replaced with a pussy.

Everything happened so fast I had never opened my eyes. It felt so good why should I. Perfect relaxation I licked what was before me and enjoyed what was riding me I suckled on a fair sized Clitoris which even with my eyes closed I could identify as Lori' s. Keri' s was smaller and I think more sensitive.

I inserted my tongue in to my cousins velvet glove and stroked the inner folds of her pussy. My stroking was accomplishing two things it was helping Lori to reach her climax and helping to delay mine. Lori had already climaxed once already and the second was fast approaching.

My attention was rapidly drawn back to Keri sitting upon Wee Willie, her speed had increased and her side to side movement as she was rising and falling was also faster. But what really got my attention was the panting and moans that were emanating from her. I sure hope no one else is at home.

Now the moans were coming from both of them. The shrieking was getting louder and I was not even close. They screamed and Lori fell off my face and lay there and shook. Keri would have fell over as well if I had not taken hold of her hips and continued to slam into her. I only lasted another three minutes but I got to release into Keri's pussy instead of on my bed.

I released her and she rolled over onto her back. A few minutes later I felt the bed moving and opened my eyes and saw Lori eating my cum out of her sisters pussy. Not being one to waste a good pussy I mounted Lori from behind. Every time I rammed into Lori I heard Keri grunt as Lori's face was rammed into her pussy.

We kept it up for close to twenty minutes then we Orgasmed in series. First Keri. Then Lori and finally me. We lay there entangled and napped for an hour then we headed to the shower together which led to more fun.

Saturday arrived and I was on my way to my tutoring session Ms Josephson met me at the door wearing a robe. As the door closed behind me I discovered that was all she was wearing. She spun me around and gathered me into the folds of her robe. My face was smashed into her wondrous boobs.

She was dragging me to the sofa, I was trying to undress but wasn't having much luck she was eating me alive. Finally I had to push her away and raise my voice, “MARY What the hell is going on?” She backed off and said she was sorry.

She only had time for a quickie and had to drive to the Airport ( 60 miles away) to pick up Ms Barnes.... She leaned over the arm of the sofa and I entered her from behind. She began to chant ,faster, faster, faster and I went faster. She started breathing faster then and pushing back. I was no where near ready when she pulled off and said she had to get ready to go.

I went into the bathroom as she was getting in the shower and washed off my pecker then left for home. My week was sure falling apart. this morning their was a note for the girls from my mother. They were to go back home. Grandma had been cleared by her doctor and Aunt Meg was on the way home.

Monday morning at school it was announced that Ms Josephson would be out for a few days due to a Family emergency. I wondered what the hell was going on.

It had been 7 weeks since the first time in Frontier Land. It had been a hectic 7 weeks but was slowing down and was almost back to normal. Then Keri and Lori told me aunt Meg wanted to see me at work. Soon as school was out I headed to Frontier Land I found her at her usual place. Today she was canning tomatoes.

“Hi Aunt Meg, you wanted to see me?”
“John three of the girls at the slumber party are pregnant.”
“Which three?”
“Keri, Lori, and Ellen.”
“Well I'm clear on one of them. I never got off in Ellen.”
“ Who did ?”
“ Tony did all three. Are you pregnant?”
“No.? I will call you sometime tomorrow, get in touch with Tony and give him the bad news and to stand by I am going to get both of you set up for Paternity tests.”

After school the next day I was able to reach Tony and gave him the news... all he had to say was “Really”

Aunt Meg called me at home later and gave me the appointment times for the following Wednesday. That was the longest 6 days. Tony and I arrived early hoping to get things over and cleared as soon as possible. We were disappointed when we were told it could be up to six weeks before the results would be back.

I was scared to have sex with anybody, Keri and Lori tried to convince me that it was alright they couldn't get any more pregnant than they were. I was still too afraid. Afraid of being a 13 year old father and afraid my parents were going to find out. Aunt Meg was handling everything and had not told them anything.

Tony was happy and sad. When he was born there was complications and his mother had to have surgery and was unable to have anymore children. She was often sad, they had wanted a big family. Maybe his Mother could help raise them.. He was sad that maybe she won't have that chance.

One thing about it, Tony' s Family was one of the wealthiest in our town. We were comfortable but no where near the Bonaventure' s in wealth. He had already told his parents that he may be a Father... three times, they were thrilled.

Tony' s Father had met with Ellen's parents & aunt Meg. No one is talking about that meeting but it looked like I was getting shuffled out no matter what the results showed.

Four weeks later the test results were back Tony and I went to the Doctors office alone. The Doctor spoke to us separately … Tony first while I waited, Tony came out and gave me a thumbs up and said “ All Three.”

The nurse escorted me to the Doctors private office. He stood and held out his hand I shook with him. “Well John, How old are you ... he looked at my chart almost 13... I guess Tony already told you the good news. You are not an expectant father.

But now the bad news... One of the tests we ran was a sperm count, this shows how likely you are to get a girl pregnant... The results shows you have a low sperm count.... Now this doesn't mean that it is impossible for you to get a girl pregnant but that it is a hit and miss thing.

Aunt Meg was waiting for me down stairs, I told her what the doctor had said... she smiled and said I could still come visit her. I told her maybe later I still had some thinking to do.

All day Friday the rumor mills were working overtime. Three girls getting pregnant by the same person at the same time … Well I guess that was something to talk about. Just before final bell I was called to the office. Mrs Barnes was back and ready for my tutoring session Saturday at 10am.

Saturday morning I rode my bike to Ms Barnes house, I knocked on her door and a strange beautiful lady answered. She was about Mrs Barnes height with creamy soft skin and silky blond hair. Her beautiful formed breasts were caressed by a thin white cotton blouse and obviously no Bra, Her sleek hips were accented by the very short light blue Mini skirt. The visible legs below the skirt called out … come rub me.

She closed the front door, held out her arms and said, “ Where' s my kiss?” … Wait a darn minute that is Mrs Barnes... Tracy' s voice. “Well how do I look?” I heard giggling and looked around.

There stood Mary “Well John what do you think of my Mother.”
All I could think of was, “W O W!”

I stepped closer and slid my arms around her and planted a good old slobbery kiss on her and let my hands find their way under her skirt to cup her bare panty less ass cheeks. No Panties I've been there before. That is how this all started.

Tracy pulls back looks at Mary and says, “I think he likes the new me.” She dives in for another kiss. Our arms seems to get entangled as I am trying to undress her she is doing the same to me.

I pushed back and said “Lets go to the bedroom. We have never made it out of the living room before.”
Mary said. “I will be up later You can enjoy each other for awhile.”

I let Tracy lead the way. The view was fantastic as we were climbing the stairs. The hip action had me enraptured which almost ended everything. I was so engrossed with her pussy winking at me, I was not watching where I was going. I didn't lift my foot high enough.

I stubbed my toe, fell forward, lost my balance and tumbled back down the stairs. It stunned me for a few seconds. I opened my eyes to find Tracy standing over me. Her pussy looked like it was smiling at me.

My experimenting finger thrust forward and right in to her pussy. She laughed and said, “You are alright.” She helped me up and we made it to the top of the stairs without further incident. We completed our interrupted disrobing.

I backed her to the bed and she sat down then lay back and placed her feet alongside her hips spreading her knees. I lowered my lips and made contact with her lavender smelling pussy lips. My knees settled on the floor her legs lifted and settled on my back.

I decided to give such a beautiful pouting lipped pussy the reverence it deserved I leaned down and gave it a light kiss just brushing her opening with my lips. I felt her hips raising, seeking more contact. I darted my tongue in and out rapidly. Her hips raised and held... I plunged my tongue as deep as it would go.

Swirled it around inside then quickly moved to her Clitoris and licked around it and tried to hang on as her hips began to rotate and bounce. After a good tongue lashing I ran my tongue all over the outer lips of her delicate flower then sucked it inside.

It was time … I inserted my tongue and lavished the inner petals with a rapid stroke of my tongue. Tracy was beginning to howl as she drenched my mouth with her sweet nectar. She had tightened her legs around my head and it was sure I wasn't going anywhere … there was only one thing to do, I kept licking.

Tracy came down off her high and relaxed her legs allowing me to lick up her body. I reached her navel and found a new addition she had her belly button pierced while she was gone. I licked around it and headed north to her Grand Tetons.

I rolled them around and played with her nipples the I sucked them into my mouth. And bit down lightly and twisted the other one. I felt a hand on Wee Willie. Then he was the at door to pleasure and I shoved him home.

Tracy was still so worked up that as soon as I was all the way in she spasamed and it seemed like every other stroke brought on another. Each time her pussy tighten around my dick and milked me. I knew I was not going to last long. It felt like the thousand tiny needles up and down and around my love muscle.

I continued stroking trying to vary my speed I rammed it all the way in and held it there then pulled almost all the way out and again held. I could feel her pussy trying to draw me back inside. It felt like her pussy was nibbling and with each nibble it would draw me a little further inside her.

I could hold it no more and would ease my way deeper. We battled back and forth until we were both exhausted. I rammed as deep as I could and she screamed or was it me... maybe both I could feel her drenching me as I dumped rope after rope of cum inside her.

I crawled off her and headed to the bathroom, I peed and washed up. I was met with a glorious sight. Mary was laying next to Tracy and asked me as she pointed to both of their pussies , “What do you think?”

Except for the cum oozing out of Tracy it looked liked twin pussies and I told her so. As much as I would like to mount you as well but we need to talk. Mary came up with a solution, that I have to admit I liked very much. We adjourned to the living room.

I sat down on the recliner and Mary sat down on me sinking her pussy on Wee Willie. While Mary worked on me I told them the entire story including the tests that were run and my low sperm count and the likely hood that I would never father a child.

Tracy laughed, “ John you will father at least two.”
“Mary and I both are pregnant and we have not been with anyone but you.”

Mary began to thrash about and fell back on me she lay that way for a few seconds then she sat back up. Her hips began gyrating and bouncing I held on and let her ride a few minutes I was able to give her what she wanted. I exploded and filled her cavity full.

When I came down it finally sunk in... they were pregnant and … By Me! I looked at Tracy and asked what are you going to do. ''We are going to have them of course. But don't worry we are not going to tell who is the father. I am going to finish this year then retire and raise babies.''

''I am also going to give up Teaching and go to work in the Family business,'' Mary stated. I looked at her puzzled and Tracy explained.

Well that is the story of my 7th grade year. Ellen and the Twins all had girls. They all live with the Bonaventure' s , Tony is ecstatic.
Aunt Meg still works at Frontier Land and we get together on occasion.

The day that Mrs Barnes returned to school was the most exciting day of the school year although there was not much English learned in her class. All they wanted to know was what happened to her wrinkles. With her new wardrobe there was not a limp dick in the class. The male teachers were also following her around like whipped pups.

Mary Quietly finished out the year. By the end of the school year neither was showing very much and they went on an extended vacation to have their babies . Tracy had a boy and Mary had twins a boy and a girl.

As for me I dated the cheerleaders, Linda, Marie and Joy and just to be on the safe side I always use a rubber. I am the only baby sitter that Mary and Tracy use. I also have a summer job lined up and a college scholarship when I graduate,

Sure a lot to look forward too.


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"Aunt Meg - Part 5 (Return Of The Prune) - Thirteen Year Old Nephew, Cousin and Student, John; and His Teachers, Mother and Daughter, Forty-four Year Old Ms Tracy (Prune) Barnes and Twenty-six Year Old Daughter, Miss Mary (Peach) Johnson.

Well, finally at long last, pregnancies being to be announced and confirmed John's twin fourteen year old counsins, Keri and Lori, and cheerleader Ellen are pregnant by--bummer--his friend, Tony.

Both of John's teacher's are confirmed pregnant; forty-four year old Ms Tracy "Prune" Barnes (with a boy and her twenty-six year old daughter Miss Mary "Peach" Johnson (with a boy and girl twins) are both confirmed pregnant by him. Not one fucking incestual pregnancy--a letdown to this reader and incestual-pregnancy fetish afficiendo! And, worse he's not in his three children's lives as their father--but as their babysitter!! But, much ado about nothing. A pregnancy is better than an incestual no-pregnancy.

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Really good make more of this series! I waited so long for this one make the aunt Meg series more often

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