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This is a story about me and my friend Gavin
Part 2 – Bathtub Talk

The story started off kind of slow, but I think you need some character development. If you haven’t read the first chapter “Me and Gavin” you should go back and read it first. Hope you like it.

After I finish probing your little belly button and your little abs, I’m going to work my way up to your chest licking every inch of your lean little body. Then I want to run my tongue around your little pink nipples, in circles, over and over while gently sucking them every so often. Once your little nipples get nice and stiff I’ll suck them into my mouth and nibble on them gently with my teeth. Gavin’s head was laying back on the tub, his eyes closed at this point and I could see his hand moving slowly under the water while he massaged his beautiful little ball sack and occasionally grasp his head and tugged on his penis.
Then I’ll move on to your neck and your little ear lobes with gentle licks, kisses and sucks as I move from one side to the other. “Would you like that I said” and Gavin nodded in approval and softly replied “yes…I want that”. Now thoroughly encouraged by his comments I began to tell him all of the other things that I wanted to do…

I want to take your little hands and suck every one of your little fingers, like they were ten little penis’s while licking your palms, then I’ll place your hands above your head so that I can lick your beautiful, little bald armpits, letting my tongue glide up and down each smooth pit tasting your every essence. When I finish I want to cover your mouth with mine kissing your thin little red lips, putting my tongue inside of your mouth as you put your tongue inside of my mouth…licking and sucking each other’s tongues like a little private dance inside our mouths. Gavin began to take deeper breaths and he was now pulling on his visibly stiff penis below the water. I heard a little gasp from the side which quickly reminded me that Janice was still there watching us and listening to me. As I looked over for approval to continue I saw that she already had her hand inside her shorts and she was cupping her pussy with a slight massaging action. I would say that was more than enough approval to continue.

After we finish kissing I want to work my way back down your chest and your gorgeous abs with my tongue until I get just past your little belly button to that bald area above your penis which will soon be covered with pubic hair. Licking back and forth, up and down, side to side until I reach the base of your stiff little dick. I had seen him naked and knew that he was 3 ½” soft, but I didn’t know how long or thick his dick was when he was stiff and the water and his hand currently obscured my view. I continued… I’ll reach down and take your little ball sack in my hand and massage them gently, each one at a time as I lower my face to your crouch and take your entire bald sack in my mouth, sucking both balls at once, licking them with my tongue while letting those jewels move all around in my mouth. I’ll continue sucking them while pulling down with my mouth in an effort to help them drop lower. Then I’ll take your little pink head in mouth and suck it, swirling my tongue around it like a little lolly-pop, pressing my tongue against that slit in the front of your little penis head while moving my tongue up and down your little slit. Then I want to devour your stiff shaft in my mouth until my nose is pressed firmly against your bare abdomen. From the side I heard a deep moan and when I looked over it was clear that Janice was now working at least one finger in and out of her pussy and her shorts had now become a slightly darker tint in the center so I knew that she was wet. I couldn’t believe it, here I was telling them both my most intimate secrets and all of the sexual things that I wanted to do to this young boy and she was masturbating, he was masturbating and he was masturbating me with his soft slender foot. I was so happy she had opened that door and caught me…now I was going to finish and tell him everything I wanted to do.

I’m going to suck that dick for a while, moving up and down on your shaft, over and over while I lick and such the head. Moving back and forth from your balls to your penis until you give me your little boy juice in my mouth. My god his breathing had intensified, he hadn’t opened his eyes since I started and now his little hand was moving faster and faster as well as his foot on my rock hard cock. I had never been this hard, it was so engorged by his touch and my thoughts.

After you give me your little boy juice in my mouth I want to gently roll you over onto your stomach. Another moan from the side as I’m sure Janice now had two fingers working in and out of her wet pussy. I’ll rub and lick your calves to relieve the soreness from all of the exercise today, while working my way up to the back of your thighs which will receive the same treatment. “Gavin” I said, “I know I’ve never told you this but I love your little butt, it is so tight and perfectly shaped that I just can’t help but stare at it”. I want to run my tongue all over your little cheeks, licking every inch of your little butt cheeks and then run my tongue up and down your little crack pushing deeper and deeper into your crack until my tongue reaches your little butt hole. And with that Janice moaned deeply, as I looked over she fell to her knees while holding onto the doorknob to brace herself, staring at the floor. It was like she just had an orgasmic explosion. This was the most ‘turned on’ I had ever seen any women…to the point they fell to the floor.

I looked back at Gavin and continued….I want to swirl my tongue in little circles around your tight little hole. Then put my thumbs at the base of your crack so that I can spread those beautiful little cheeks, stiffen my tongue and push it all the way inside your tight little love tunnel. I want to drive my tongue in and out, over and over while I lick your insides. Just then Gavin groaned loudly and thrust up leaking his semi clear boy juice in the water…the sight drove me wild and I couldn’t stand it any longer, his soft foot stroking my shaft, I grabbed his foot and held it tight against my rock hard dick as I thrust upward and released my own thick white cum into the bathwater. We were all breathing so heavy, Gavin and I just laid there enjoying the feeling paying no attention to Janice.

I said “that’s it little dude, that’s want I want to do”. Janice was still rubbing herself on the floor when she came to another powerful orgasm and exclaimed, “Fuck him in the Butt”!!! Both of Gavin’s hands grabbed the side of the tub and he lunged forward with his eyes as wide as I had ever seen them. “In the BUTT” he said!!! I quickly replied “only if you want me to champ”. Then I slowly raised his foot, took it in my mouth and began sucking those little toes. He quickly laid back and closed his eyes with a delightful little smile.

To be continued…if anyone is interested in the story.

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2016-12-17 15:56:34
Omg this is amazing please continue maybe with them in Gavin's room having all those sexy things done to him

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2016-05-06 15:34:53
Great and wonderful story. Now if you could continue it that would be great. :)

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2014-02-24 09:50:58
Please more stories!!!

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2013-07-26 10:38:18
Ooh, fantastic! More, please! Now, if I could just find such a willing boy and mum....

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2013-07-23 09:07:05
The boy is 12 and the man is early twenties

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