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17 year old having discovered pussy
June my first real affair

At the age of 17 I was quite a regular masturbator.
My first masturbation when I was 13 it happened one night after visiting some relations that I didn’t know very well. Their daughter had quite large breasts and they really got my attention. After going to bed at about 10pm I felt my penis was quite stiff and eventually after rubbing it with my hand I came for the first time by masturbation. Previously it had always been a wet dream but after that night I was a confirmed masturbator.
Over the next two years there were some masturbation sessions with some of my friends but no actual sex. The masturbation was usually with a friend who had a penis about the same size as mine. We used to measure our cocks using a ruler and my cock is six and half inches long at full erection. We would masturbate and cum and compare the size of our cum splashes and how far we could shoot our sperm. I am not circumcised and have quite large balls. We often talked about fucking some girl that we had seen but this was just talk. I did have some magazines that I would use when masturbating but I really wanted to fuck a girl.
My first actual fuck happened one morning as I was getting ready to go for a job interview. We lived in Norwood and I needed to get to the city centre by 11am. After my parents had left for work at about 7.30 I had a bath and then heard Elizabeth, our maid in the kitchen. She used to make the beds and clean up generally in the house. She must have seen the sperm stains on my sheets, I was masturbating nearly every night and sometimes in the early morning. I had never really thought of her as a sex object but she was actually quite attractive.
She was dark skinned and about 5ft 6 tall. She had largish breasts and wide hips. She used to wear a house coat while cleaning the house. She was about 25 years old and had worked for my parents for a few years.
As I came out of my bedroom at about 8.30 and being dressed I saw Elizabeth in the passage where she was cleaning the picture on the wall. As I passed her she asked me if I would like to see something nice ?.
I said yes and she lifted her house coat up to her waist. She had no panties on and her vagina was fully exposed to my view. I had never seen anything like this before and my eyes were drawn to the lips of her vagina. The soft skin was glistening with a little moisture. She was completely shaven so I could see her vagina in all its glory.
After a few seconds I said to Elizabeth that I would fuck her if she kept her house coat up. I had never fucked anyone so this was more bravado than anything else.
She told me to come into the lounge and when we got here she sat on one of the arm chairs with her vagina on the edge and told me to take out my cock. I dropped my trousers and my cock, which was rapidly stiffening stuck out in front of me. Elizabeth put her had on my cock and guided me towards her vagina’s lips. She said to me ‘is this your first fuck Marin?’ and I claimed that I had fucked Shirley the girl next door. I hadn’t and never did fuck Shirley. But I didn’t want to appear a novice.
Elizabeth then opened the top of her house coat and her breasts were exposed. I put my hand onto her left breast and fondled the nipple, this was the very first time I had felt a woman’s breast. My cock jerked up and Elizabeth took hold of it again and pulled me down so that my cock head was just touching her vagina lips. She then thrust her pelvis up against my erect cock and I slipped right into a vagina for the very first time. It was warm and smooth and I pushed my cock in as far as I could. My balls were against her vulva and I felt Elizabeth’s vagina tighten against my cock. I pulled back and thrust forward but I couldn’t control myself. I felt all my sperm rising up and on the third push into her vagina my sperm shot out into her. My sperm load was huge and I felt my cock jerk up 4 or 5 times as my thick sperm flooded Elizabeth’s vagina.
Elizabeth was very good and she smiled at me and she held me in her for a while before I felt my cock going soft. She told me that that always happened on the first fuck, the man was so keen to shoot his load that he couldn’t wait cum.
I got up and went and washed my cock and went into town for the interview.
Although this was a true fuck, and I did fuck Elizabeth a few more times she eventually left us as we moved to a different area.
My experience with June was very much more sexual and longer lasting.
June was the step daughter of my step father’s first marriage, so not a very close relation. She was married to John and they had one daughter of three years of age. June was 28, quite tall and was a red head. She had 34c breasts and was a housewife. She had worked as at a chemist in town before she got married. She fell pregnant about 6 months after the marriage and gave up work so as to look after the baby.
At the time of my sexual adventure with her she was trying to have another baby but had not been successful so far. We used to visit June and John quite regularly and after a few months I began to realize that June was sexually attracted to me. This was about three weeks after I had first fucked Elizabeth so I was a bit more aware of the sexual innuendos that June was sending in my direction.
On one occasion she told me about her breast feeding her daughter and how much mike she had had. I was sorry that I had not been around then as I have always been attracted to breasts and the thought of watching a woman breast feed a bay was a huge cock stiffener for me. I think June must have seen my erection when she told me that story but I was afraid to pursue the lead she had given me. On another occasion when we were alone she told me that John was so desperate for a son that they had asked the doctor what they could do to try to ensure that she fell pregnant. She told me that the doctor had offered to wait in the lounge while John fucked June and then as soon as John was finished that he would bind her vagina up to keep the sperm in her. I had never heard of this before and secretly thought that the doctor probably wanted to slip his cock into June’s wet and cum filled pussy but that was just my thought.
I had at this point fucked Elizabeth again and had a better and longer exploration of her breasts and vagina. She had played with my cock a little but I was still so sexually aroused by her that I came very very quickly. Elizabeth only had to stroke my cock a few times and my sperm would shoot out and cover her hands and once her breasts.
One day I was asked to stay with June as John had to go to his father’s small holding and would only be back late that evening. We had supper and then June put her daughter to bed. I had to leave shortly after that and as I was kissing June good bye I felt her vagina pushing against my cock. I was suddenly prompted to put my hand on her breast and to start to massage her nipple. June continued kissing me and I felt her tongue pushing between my lips. My cock started to stiffen and June definitely felt my erection. Before anything else could happen we heard John’s car in the drive way and we had to stop our sex play.
I was back at June’s two days later and after lunch June put her daughter down for an afternoon nap and took me into the spare bedroom.
We lay on the bed and I put my hand on June’s 34C breast. June sat up and removed her blouse and bra, slipped her skirt down and stripped off her panties. She was now naked next to me and she said to me that if I wanted a first time to get my clothes off.
I took off my shirt slipped out of my shorts and took off my underpants. My cock was erecting and as I lay down next to June she put her hand on my cock shaft. I started to get up and June opened her legs, lifted her hips and bent her legs wide open so that her vagina was open and ready for my cock.
As I started to lower my cock towards her cunt lips June pushed my foreskin back so that my cock head was open and uncovered. My cock was fully erect and the head was swollen and ready to enter her cunt.
Her cunt was slightly open and was wet with her pre cum. My cock head pushed between her cunt lips and I pushed my full length in as deep as I could.
I could now compare June’s cunt with Elizabeth’s. June was tighter and it seemed smoother and warmer to me. As my cock slid up and down June’s vaginal passage I was aware of my sperm getting ready to cum as it did with Elizabeth. I asked June if I could cum in her cunt and she gasped out Yes Yes Yes Fuck me Martin. I pulled back and thrust as deep as I could, I felt June’s legs go even higher and we came together. June dug her fingers into my back and shouted out I’m cumming .
I pumped my semen into her vagina. It was the largest load of semen I had ever shot out of my cock. At least twice the amount that I had pumped into Elizabeth’s cunt a few days before
I started to withdraw my cock but June’s legs tightened around me and she said for me to stay in her cunt. She said she wanted my baby and I would have to fuck her until she was pregnant with my child..
My cock was now quite soft but June kept me against her vagina area until about 15 minutes later my cock started to erect again. It had slipped out of her cunt but as soon as June felt my cock start to stiffen she opened her legs and turned over so that her vagina was up as she knelt on the bed. She said to me I want you to fuck me doggy style, have you ever done that Martin?
I had heard about it but had never believed that a woman would allow me to fuck her this way. My cock was now erect again and June guided mu cock into her cunt from the back between the cheeks of her bum. As I pulled my cock back I could see her anus and I slipped my finger into her anus as I fucked her cunt with long slow strokes June was gasping as my cock and finger penetrated her body.
After a few more strokes I took my finger out of her anus and started fingering her clitoris. I also massaged her breasts and pulled her nipples.
Suddenly June said Martin I’m going to cum again very soon, please spread my bum cheeks and get into my cunt as deep as you can and cum in me again.
I pulled my cock back until just the tip was inside her cunt lips and played with her anus. I was nearly cumming and when June shouted out I’m cumming I pushed as hard as I could into her vagina and unloaded my sperm at the mouth of her womb. We both had a staggering orgasm and after it was over fell onto the bed exhausted.
I asked June how she felt about me fucking her and she said that she was very happy with my cock. She also said that John was not a very active fuck partner and she needed lots of sex very often.
She also said that she would make sure that John fucked her at least three times a month so that he would not be suspicious if she fell pregnant.
After this little chat she said she wanted to give me a big present and she then rolled over and sucked my cock until I came for the third time that afternoon. I had never had my cock in a mouth before and June was a very good sucker. I came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.
To be continued……………………….


2013-07-23 13:52:21
Good start , please use paragraphs

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2013-07-23 13:25:14
OK, I can see that your new so this writing was a reasonable start. You need to NOT group everything into one pile but to seperate all of it to make it easier to read. You might read a few of the stories with a 97% record to get a better idea of how to lay things out. You have a good start so keep trying. (countrycadillac)

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