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My first story so it might nit be good if you like this post a comment and I will make part 2!

Like all the people I had friends. Unlike all the people I was short dumb but I was on the handsome side. My name is James and I am 5 foot 4 age of 16. I had a crush a couple of times but I never got to nail a sweet pussy in my whole life. I had a sister and a milf but I never tried to screw with them or never expected to because they were rely awkward.
I dont really like watch porn because I thought It was weird watching people having sex but occasionall I would prefer lesbian. I thought maybe girls would love gay or is it just me and my stupid thoughts? I had crush on people sometimes, but I have this weird feeling with my sister. She is like out of any guys reach. Absolutely the hottest girl in the world.
I would always go into her room find her paints and started ejaculating cum everywhere but I now know better than doing shit like that. I would jerk off every now and than but I didn't do it as often now cuz the stakes were high with her having a boyfriend.

2 years later.

I was past my puberty and being legal to drive I would be a drive for my sister ;). I spent my time with her more and more and I thought maybe maybe I might have a chance screwing with her. Later that night I went into her room and jerked off thinking about her pussy and licking it. I was masturbating when j heard a phone call a later when I went downstairs I saw my sister crying. She was yelling at the phone and saying, " I fuckig hate you you son of a bitch." I was afraid she was talking to me but she continued " why did you cheat on me you man hor she was crying and finally the call hung up and it felt lik the phone call had lasted an hour.
I heard her trudge back up to her room. I went into mine thinking about what had happened and thinking about what would happen next when I hear a soft knock on my door. I said, " yes? Come in!" and my sister who had rings on her eye from crying said to me, " did you ejaculate in my room?" I Was startled but I gave her a weak nod. I stood up ready to apologize when she slide my pants down and sucked my penis. The warmth of the mouth was amazing and I was yelling, I'm gonna cum STOP I'm going to Cum when she muffled something that sounded like wait so I strained so much to explode but my balls were having the weirdest sensation in the world.
She changed her position so I could see a clear view of her pussy. I started liking the core and she was tensing when I suddenly went deep with my tongue and she was having a huge orgasm and shoving her pussy deeper into my face. I started rubbing her clitoris and she went bzerk. She was having orgasm after orgasm.
She jumped up and slide my semi hard cock into her pussy and it was so wet that it fit perfectly. She was doing doggy style and everytime she came down, my dick would hit her wall and it felt incredibly good. We were both pantin by the time we had 5 orgasm each. She went into the showers and I followed like a helpless dog.
The showers led to more fun and she sucked my penis clean and we shared and passionate kiss and i felt like I was in heaven. We were both moaning now and I was shoving my to gue and rubbing her cltoris and when my tongue started getting over flowed by her juice we heard a door open near my sisters bedroom.
It's been days since we had sex and our parents were still not back from there trip. I was wondering when they would be coming back. I was starting to worry because I doubt people who were in mid 40's would have sex.
I was having my peaceful afternoon nap on my bed when I felt something desperately trying to take my sweat pants off. I let my pants slide off and felt my penis getting consumed into a mouth that was so watery and hot. I shot my load right there and I know it went down to her stomach. She swallowed most of it and my dick was throbbing and she went on top of me and we did doggy style. It felt wonderful and she was cumming all over my penis and that got me more hot and shot ropes of cum into her tight pussy. It all happened so fast I couldn't register if she was my sister or a random house raper which might be stupid to think. Somehow I knew she was a girl because of her long hair.
Before I had Time to register who she was, she put her tits in my mouth and it felt soft and smooth and I kept on sucking to and she kept on moaning. I was desperately trying to lick her pussy and when I lifted her up I caught a glance and I was so relieved it was my sister who was screwing with me. I licked all over her tight pussy and it tasted amazing! Her juice was to much for me to handle and I had her juice a over my face.
She knelt down in a sexy way and licked my face. I was getting so hot I pushed her down and ram my cock deep inside her. We were both having a orgasm at the same time. We were tired and exhausted when we were done.
One hour later I woke up feeling dizzy and my sisters pussy and my dick was still connected and I suddenly heard a car honk.

Our parents were back....

Thank you for reading my first ever story and please comment and if you like it than suggest me for more or I've me suggestions for next story!

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2013-07-24 02:57:12
It's a good first try. As others have said, spelling, grammar, and format are important, but you have an interesting storyline going that you can continue to work with. Perhaps next time tell us how old the sister is?

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-24 00:08:45
How in the fuck can you spell the word "trudge" correctly but not whore ("hor" as you spelled it)? Do everyone a favor, quit posting ignorant shit like this and leave writing to those who have at least a basic understanding of the English language. This was just absolute shit, if you consider writing another story take my advice... cut your fucking fingers off that way you are unable to do so even if you're tempted to do so in the future. Honestly this ranks in the top five if the worst stories I have ever seen posted on the web anywhere!!! You've given me a headache with your utter stupidity you ridiculous cretin!!!

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-23 14:35:15
Ok a comment. It was a cute story. Very fast. But you should let someone else write the final draft for you. This was difficult to read. A whole lot of information was left out to make it easier to understand what the heck was going on. Thanks or sharing the story. But as a writer, I'd say it wasn't your bag.

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-23 14:18:26
You need to learn the definition of "best" as your name is completely wrong.

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-23 14:16:02
I couldn't get very far with the horindous destruction of the english language that was going on. PLEASE either learn english or wait till you finish middle school before you even attempt writing again. Between the constant use of wrong words everywhere and the absolutely screwed up structering of phrases. I can't tell if your foreign or a little kid?

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