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It was early spring in London, England. The sky was clear and sunny but there was a cool breeze coming off of the river Thames that caressed Mica’s bare long, slender legs as she stepped out of her sports sedan.
“Oh bugger, why in the world did I wear such a short dress today!” she said, cursing the unseasonable cold day while at the same time trying to hold the hem of her skirt from rising up her legs further then it already had.
Mica Doren started working for Thames Incorporated as a professional administration specialist right after she graduated from a local university, but back then she was known for a different name, a more masculine name, but that was a long time ago.
Throughout her early life, Mica didn’t feel right about her physical appearance and while at university she began to change herself. First it was with clothes, then make-up. Mica began to shave her body, of what little hair she had, and grew her blond hair long and styled it according to the female fashions of the day. Eventually she had small cosmetic surgeries to give her more of a lady like appearance.
Now, at 49, Mica was truly a stunning woman. She had small but pert breasts. Legs that any model would kill for, hips the swayed while she walked, with a slim waist and a sexy smile that would stop men in their tracks. The only thing she didn’t change was what was between her legs.
Although she felt more female than male, the idea of removing her penis felt wrong for Mica. She enjoyed having it there. Mica loved how it felt in silky panties and how it felt as it ejaculated when she was with someone, be it a strong man or a sexy woman.
As for Mica’s career, it changed more and more as she transformed into the woman she was today. She went from a lonely professional administration specialist to the executive specialist of Thames Incorporated, where she became the “right hand man” for the C.E.O., Mr. Thompson.
She loved working for Mr. Thompson, An older gentleman that knew about her past. To be honest, everyone knew about Mica’s past and no one seemed to care. As for Mr. Thompson and everyone else, Mica was a competent professional and a good person, so, for them, what was between her legs was irrelevant.
For Mica, she knew that today was going to be a long day. Mr. Thompson was meeting a gentleman from the United States about expanding the business into America and he was going to need Mica to provide all of the numbers and plans to the “yank”.
Mica had gone through these meetings before, and they were always tedious. Normally it was either some old fat man that blathered on about why they should use their organization, or it would be a big breasted tart that tried to use her overt sexuality to convince Mr. Thompson to sign on with them. But this time it was different than before.
After Mica unlocked her office and turned on her computer, she went over to her coffee station and poured herself a strong black coffee. Before she could return to her desk her cell phone rang.
Looking at the display screen on her phone she saw it was Mr. Thompson’s number. She pressed the answer button and said, “Yes Mr. Thompson.”
“Mica, are you in yet?” he asked.
“Yes Mr. Thompson, I’m at my desk and about to pull up the data you requested for your meeting with the yank.” Mica could her that something was a mist in his voice then asked, “Is everything okay?”
There was a bit of a pause in his response but, in a ‘stiff upper lip’ tone he replied. “No Mica, it’s not.”
“What’s the matter?” Mica inquired.
She heard a slight quiver in Mr. Thompson’s voice. “My mother passed last night.”
Mica felt a wave of sadness wash over her. “Oh Mr. Thompson, is there anything I can do for you?”
“Yes,” Mr. Thompson replied. “I need you to work with Mr. MacDuff and give him what he needs.”
Mica stammered, “Me? But I’m just your secretary! I wouldn’t know…”
Mr. Thompson interrupted and said, “Mica, you’re more than my secretary! You know more about this bl**dy business than I do, hell,” Mr. Thompson paused then said, “You run this company more than I do.”
“Well if you think it would be best,” Mica said.
“I do,” Mr. Thompson replied. “Mica, I have the upmost faith in you otherwise I would haven’t asked you to do this for me.” Mica went over a few notes with Mr. Thompson then hung her phone up.
Later in the day, Mica’s desk clocked chimed, letting her know that it was 1 P.M. and her meeting with Mr. MacDuff was in about an hour. She gathered up her note pad and computer and went to the large conference room that was located in the building she worked in.
When she got to the conference room, Mica immediately set up her computer so she could show the company’s figures onto the large digital screen that was hung neatly against the wall.
So busy with the task at hand, Mica didn’t hear Mr. MacDuff enter the room. “Excuse me,” he said with a deep and powerful voice, which had a slight western twang to it. “Is this the place I’m to meet with Mr. Thompson?”
Mica looked up from her laptop and felt her heart skip a beat. There before her was a large, powerful looking man. To Mica he stood much taller than her 5’9” frame. She had to guess that he was 6’3” to 6’4” tall. He was broad in the chest and even through the tailored suit he had on, she could tell his arms were large and muscular. His waist was narrow, his legs were long and his hair had just a hint of gray in his otherwise brown hair. Mr. MacDuff looked like he was in his early thirties, later she found out he was actually a year younger than her at 48. But what really caught Mica by surprise were his eyes. They were steel gray in color and had an intense look to them, as if they could see inside of her. That look both scared and excited her.
“Ma’am?” the strange man asked. “Is this the right place?”
Mica shook her head to snap herself back to the present. “Yes this is the place but Mr. Thompson wouldn’t be able to attend this meeting.” She said. “He had a death in the f****y but he sent me to handle the transactions at hand. So I am to assume that you’re Mr. MacDuff then?”
“Please, call me William.” He said. “Mr. Macduff is my farther.”
Mica smiled and replied; “Okay William, I’m Ms. Mica Doren, and I’m here to assist you for the next few weeks.”
“Ms. You say?” William asked.
Mica nodded to confirm.
“Well I think this trip became a whole lot more interesting.”
Normally Mica would have taken a little offense by that kind of comment but this time it was different. This time she found the idea of William being interested in her marital status arousing.
For the next couple of weeks, Mica and William worked on spreadsheets, numbers and several legal issues so the two companies could work together. During that time Mica learned that William was a former Seal team member and specialized in intelligence. Mica also learned that William was also single and he was far more intelligent that he already appeared to be. She also learned that she liked the smell of William’s cologne, the way his tailored shirt fit around his chest and how it tapered down to his narrow waist. Even, when she thought when William wasn’t looking and she could take a glance, the way the bulge in the front of his pants looked.
During those first couple of weeks Mica would get home and try to sl**p but found she couldn’t unless she masturbated while thinking of him. She even found herself wearing more evocative dresses and sensual underwear; even though she knew that nothing would happen between them; but that all changed one late night.
It was a Saturday and the two were alone in the office. Both had been there since 9 A.M. and now it was close to 9 P.M. Mica was sitting at her desk rubbing her eyes with her thumb and index finger, trying to ease the strain.
“Are you okay?” William asked.
Mica looked across the desk to see William looking at her. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just a bit of a headache that’s all.”
“Here, let me help you with that.” William said as he moved from his chair and over to where Mica was sitting.
“No, that isn’t necessary,” Mica said.
Secretly Mica did want William to touch her, caress her. Hell what Mica really wanted is to have William pick her up, lay her on top of the desk and shove his cock deep inside of her. But if she allowed him to touch her she knew that her and her body would give her desire for William away and not knowing how William would react to her hard penis made it very uncomfortable for Mica.
“I insist,” William said as he moved behind the chair Mica was sitting in.
As soon as William’s strong hands touched Mica’s tense shoulders, she forgot all about her concerns and let out a soft moan of delight. She could even feel her cock twitch inside of her silky panties which excited her.
William rubbed Mica’s shoulders for a moment, silently, before he finally spoke. “So, how long have you been living as a woman?”
Mica tensed up from the question. ‘Was William spying on me?’ she thought. ‘Was he going to harm me?’ was the next question that ran through her mind.
“How… How did you know?” Mica asked thinking that after years of work and training that no one could see through her ruse.
William chuckled a little and replied, “What part of Military Intel did you forget about?”
“And it doesn’t bother you?” Mica could feel William’s slowly moved off of her neck and begin to rub her upper chest.
“If it did, I wouldn’t be trying to seduce you.” William replied.
Goosebumps erupted all over Mica’s body. Her midnight masturbation fantasy was becoming a reality. Her breathing became a little shallower and she could feel her cock begin to grow and press itself against the silky material of her panties.
“So… you’re trying… to seduce me?” Mica asked between her breaths. “What makes… you… think… that I… want to be seduced… by you?”
Mica felt William’s hands move further down her chest, stopping when he reached her now hard nipples. She let out a soft moan as William teased her body through the satin blouse and bra she wore, causing more chills to race through her body and making her cock even harder.
“I could tell since the first day we met you wanted me.” William said confidently. “And each day you came in looking a little more tired but not the kind of tired one gets from going out, but the kind of happy tired one gets from some sexual experience, and since you aren’t seeing anyone I deduced you were staying up late fantasizing.”
‘God he’s good’ Mica thought to herself while she began to rub her stocking covered legs against each other, causing her cock to brush harder against her panties.
William continued to speak, “Besides, if you didn’t want me to seduce you; you wouldn’t be unbuttoning your blouse right now.”
Mica looked down her body and realized that William was right. Unknowingly Mica had moved her hands to the buttons of her top and began to open her blouse to expose her floral printed bra to him, allowing William’s fingers better access to her breasts.
“Oh damn,” Mica let out of her mouth in a raspy tone.
Mica didn’t care anymore if William had been spying on her or if was as good at intelligence gathering as he claimed to be. All she wanted at that time was William and his cock inside of her.
So Mica broke free of William’s sensual probing of her chest and turned herself around in the swivel chair she was in until her face was near William’s groin.
Without a word she looked up at William and with both hands she unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his trousers, while William unbuttoned his shirt. With a quick pull of his zipper, William’s pants fell off his muscular body.
Once William’s slacks hit the ground, Mica looked back down to William’s groin and was shocked at what she saw. Before her, even though William’s cock was still covered in his cotton briefs, was the biggest cock she had ever seen.
‘Oh my god!’ she thought to herself while she stroked William’s cock through his underwear. ‘It’s bigger than I had imagined!’ Slowly Mica reached up with her delicate fingers and grabbed the elastic waist band of William’s shorts and pulled them off of his hips.
As soon as the waist band passed below Williams cock, it sprung out almost hitting her in the face. Mica inhaled deeply, taking in the musky smell from William’s groin, then leaned forward, while opening her mouth, and began to let his cock slip past her full lips.
Never before that night, had Mica had a cock that was bigger than William’s. She could feel every vein, every artery pulsate while stretching her lips wider and wider. She could feel the heat radiate from it against the soft skin of her inner cheeks and as for the taste, for Mica, it was divine.
While William’s cock pressed deeper into Mica’s mouth, she could feel his strong hands gently grab onto the side of her head. Then she felt the tip of his cock touch the back of her throat and begin its travel down her neck.
William’s cock being thicker than any other one else’s that Mica had before, stretched the opening to her throat. As William’s cock pushed deeper a strange mixture of pain and delight came over Mica. The first time in many years Mica had to resist the urge of gagging by relaxing the muscles in her neck.
Inch by inch, William’s cock slipped into Mica’s stretched out throat until her nose touched the soft mound of pubic hair of William’s groin.
Mica heard William moan softly and couldn’t help herself become turned on further. So she reached down between her own legs and freed her throbbing cock from their satin prison.
While she let William’s cock slide in and out of her throat, she stroked her own cock, making it harder. Mica could feel her pre-cum ooze out of her and paint her delicate fingers, which she used like a lube so she could enjoy more sensation of her flesh rubbing the tip.
“Oh god….” William moaned. “Your throat feels so fucking good!”
Knowing that William was enjoying her cock sucking, Mica sucked even deeper and harder than she was already doing. Thick gooey spit dribbled off of her chin, which she scooped up with her hand and used it to paint her hard cock with it, and the sounds of her throat making hard, guttural noises began to fill the office they were in.
Within minutes of Mica sucking William’s cock, she could taste the sticky fluid of William’s pre-cum ooze onto her tongue. To her, it was thick and sweet and she tried to suck more of it out of William as hard as she could.
Just as Mica was getting into her cock sucking; letting William’s cock go deep into her throat then pulling it out just enough to feel the bulbous head of it stretch her mouth into an “O” shape, William gasped and pulled it out quickly from her mouth, leaving Mica feeling empty.
“Oh shit!” William moaned out. I don’t want to cum yet!”
“But I want….” Mica began to say but was interrupted by William’s warm, wet tongue entering her mouth.
Mica love kissing and William was fantastic at it. He gently grabbed the side of Mica’s face and pressed his lips against hers. Mica let her tongue slither out of her mouth in to William’s while he softly pulled her up from off the seat she was on.
Now Mica was standing in front of William, still kissing. Her hard cock stood straight out and pushed against the satin fabric that lined the inside of her skirt. The sensation of William’s body mashing into hers and the silky material rubbing against her swollen cock made Mica groan loudly.
“I want you inside of me!” Mica said in a primal tone.
Without any words from William, Mica could feel William’s strong hands slide down her smooth legs and grabbed onto the hem of her skirt. Then she could feel the cool air in the office against her burning hot flesh as William pulled her skirt up to her waist. Then Mica could feel William grab her satin panties and rip them off of her in primal lust.
Normally Mica would have been furious having her expensive panties torn apart, but this time it just made her more excited and she groaned, “Oh fuck yes…”
Before Mica could say or do anything else, William had pushed some paperwork that was resting on the table off onto the floor then he had picked her off the ground and, in an instance, had her on her back against the oak desk.
While William was removing his shoes and slacks, Mica had just enough sense to remember that she kept a small bottle of lube in her purse that was laying next to her head, for those ‘just in case’ moments. So she quickly opened her purse, throwing almost everything that was inside all over the place until she found the small bottle.
By the time she had found the lube, William had already had his hands on Mica’s milky white flesh, just behind and below her knees, and had opened them so he could slip his throbbing cock into her body.
Mica squeezed the bottle and let a large amount of the slippery goo spill onto her hand. Then she rubbed the slick stuff onto her anus and then William’s throbbing cock. Once Mica had felt there was plenty of lube, so she could easily accept William’s large cock, she pulled him towards her quivering anus.
She could feel the heat coming off of William’s cock as it began to push past the soft skin of her bottom. Then Mica could feel the tip touch her anus. Mica looked down her body so she could see William’s monster cock disappear into her. She also saw a steady stream of clear, gooey pre-cum ooze out of her own aching cock.
“God! You’re so tight…” William moaned as he continued to press himself into Mica.
Slowly Mica could feel her anus being stretched open and the pressure was becoming almost too much for her to handle. But just as the pain of being stretched wider than she had ever been opened before, Mica felt the tip of William’s cock ‘pop’ inside of her, and the pain was quickly replaced with the most euphoric sensation she had ever felt.
Deeper and deeper Mica felt William’s cock push into until she could feel his balls against the crack of her bottom.
“Oh fuck….” Mica moaned. “Fill me with your cock… fuck me like a whore…”
Mica felt her body being pulled close to the edge of the desk and her legs being moved so they rested on William’s massive shoulders. The whole time enjoying William’s cock, that was hot and hard inside of her.
Within minutes, Mica went to feeling William’s cock slipping in and out of her slowly, to fast and deep thrusts. With each push of William’s hips, Mica’s bottom was being slapped by his hard body and the sound of each slap sounded like cracks of thunder to her.
Again Mica looked down her body and saw little squirts of clear pre-cum eject from her cock each time William slammed against her.
While William fucked Mica savagely, she freed her small breast from the bra she wore and began to pull at her nipples, making them harder.
Several minutes had past and Mica was now covered in a light sheen of dewy sweat. Her body was alive with lustful desire. Her nipples burned with exquisite pain; her cock had turned a deep purple from being engorged with bl**d and her anus had completely open.
For the first time in Mica’s life something strange had happened. She felt the tip of her cock begin to tingle and she was about to cum without anyone ever touching it.
“Oh… my… fucking… god…” Mica whimpered in gasping breaths.
Within seconds, Mica could feel her cock begin to rhythmically convulse, which caused her anus to contract around William’s cock, almost as if it had a mind of its own and was trying to milk the cum out of William’s cock as well. Then, with one good deep thrust from William, Mica’s cock erupted, shooting hot wave after wave of sticky cum all over her chest and belly. Covering her bra and skirt she still had on.
As Mica thrashed about on the desk, she could feel William’s cock expand inside of her. “Oh fuck…” William screamed.
Then Mica’s anus was being stretched even more as she felt his hot cum erupt inside of her. So much so that some of his gooey load spilt out of her as he kept thrusting and oozed down the crack of her bottom and landed onto her desk.
For several minutes Mica kept coming, digging her nails deep into William’s chest. Than with one last push from William’s body, Mica had moved her legs from his shoulders and wrapped them around his waist, drawing him closer to her.
William lowered his body onto Mica and she could feel his heart pounding against her chest. For minutes Mica basked in all the glory of their combined sex; the smells; the texture of his skin and feeling of his chest expanding and contracting against her.
“So do you want to continue with the numbers?” Mica asked.
“I think it can wait until tomorrow.” William said. Then Mica could see William look into her eyes and then feel him press his lips against hers.
For the rest of the time William was there, Mica would always find a reason why William and her had to work late. Sometimes they would be in the office and other times they would go to her place to work. Regardless of where they went that last thing they did was work.
When William left, Mica was a little sad. Until her boss, Mr. Thompson, had come into her office and instructed her to pack a bag.
“Where am I going? Mica asked.
“To the United States,” He replied. “William said he needs some more help with something and he requested that I send you to assist. Apparently he was impressed with your skills and only wants you.”
Mica did her best not to show how excited she really was about going off to America to see William again. “Yes Mr. Thompson, I will do my best to please him,” Mica realized what she just said a quickly said; “I mean to represent our company in the best possible manner.”
Mr. Thompson smiled and replied, “I know you will,” Than he chuckled to himself and left Mica alone in her office.
Once Mr. Thompson left, Mica smiled to herself because she knew in a few short days she would be riding William’s hot cock again and would have orgasms after wonderful orgasms.
The End

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