Finally the marriage is consummated
My watch alarm went off, as usual, at 6 in the morning. I awoke immediately and squelched the alarm so as not to wake up my two granddaughters who were spooning me. I untangled myself carefully and got up and put on my robe. Then I went to the bathroom and urinated. As I left the bathroom and headed to the kitchen I went past my daughter's bedroom and her door was shut.

This was unusual because she left it opened so I or the girls could come and go as we pleased. I thought maybe Jeff had closed it but I did not know if he had left last night or earlier this morning. So I just went into the kitchen to start breakfast.

I decided to make Western Omelets with shaved steak meat and onions and peppers for filling. I started on in the teflin skillet and was folding it over the filling when my older granddaughter came in with a pill bottle and said,"This is the erectile dysfunction drug Mom has been putting in your morning coffee. Would you take it please?" I take the pill from her and leave it on the counter as I pulled out the coffee maker from under the counter and started the coffee.

She then went to the dining room table and sat her pretty ass down. She had a robe on but it was short and she had no panties on to hide her still virgin pussy. The top was loosely fitted and her budding breasts were showing their cleavage. I took a plate and slid the first omelet onto it and took it out to Beatrice. As I returned to the kitchen I heard the toilet flush and I started second omelet as Charlene came into the dining room and sat across from her sister. I filled her omelet just as I had the first one and finished it off and slid it onto a plate for Charlene. As I delivered the plate she thanked me for last night and kissed me with tongue.

I started a third omelet and hoped to hear my daughter flush the toilet before it got done. But it was filled and folded and finished before I heard anything other than my two granddaughters comparing their experiences in anal sex. So I slid it onto a plate and joined my granddaughters at the table. We discussed what was going to happen today. Beatrice's friend Courtney was arriving about 2 today and I was unsure who would go to get her but Beatrice told me she was going to go with whoever went to pick her up at the bus station so Courtney would know she had a friend to depend on.

I finished the meal and so did the girls so I put the dishes in the dishwasher and went to my daughter's bedroom door. It was not locked. Still courtesy demanded I knock. So I did. I then heard her stirring inside the room and then I heard weeping. Finally she said,"Come in." and I entered. She was alone.

I asked her, "When did Jeff leave?" She said,"Right after you left with the girls, I think it was while you were in the shower." She was sitting on the bed in a short housecoat and like her daughter the top separated to show her cleavage. She had a Kleenex in her hand, wiping her eyes as she wept.

I sat next to her on the bed and asked her, "Why the tears, honey?" She said,"I think I'm ruined for making love to you since he opened me up so much!" I asked her, "Do you want to find out before breakfast if that is so?" She said,"Before I decide that, I have to pee!" So I rose from my seated position and extended my hands to help her up and she took both of them and stood up and embraced me. She pretty much melted into me just like she did when she was a kid. I kissed her and she gave me tongue and when she broke the kiss she headed for the bathroom and I went to the kitchen to make her omelet.

It was ready to fold when she came out and sat at the table. I poured her a mug of coffee and gave her the omelet on a plate. We sat and talked while she ate. I still had coffee in my 22 ounce thermal mug I'd bought in prison. I discussed the options of who would go to pick up Courtney and she said she would go and get her with Beatrice.

After I put all the dishes and skillet in the dishwasher I got dressed and went to my office. My secretary and gate keeper was already there and said. "Your daughter has asked for your first appointment today and I said it was okay. Was it?" I tell her, "Yes, I want to have a pretty much opened door policy to any girl or woman or man who wants to see me. She said,"Karl was opened for the women but seldom accepted calls from the men because they wanted to pick their female co-stars and Karl always let the girls choose." I said,"I will still let the women choose, but if a man asks me to ask a girl I will ask her if she wants to. She will always have the final say."

I look at the appointment schedule for the day and I am clear until lunch and I pull out the company checkbook to pay the contractors for the work being done on sets, my new appartment and the pool and its dome. I also have the electric and gas bills to pay and these are thousands of dollars each. I must research ways to make the business more efficient and putting in solar heat and electric and maybe some wind generators will help. I will do some work on that later as I hear a buzz from my secretary and she tells me through the intercom that my first appointment is there. I tell her to send Sabrina in and she does.

Sabrina comes in and immediately opens the door to the office bed chanber and I follow her in. She repeats the lament over her extended vagina and asks me if I want to do her ass or mouth instead since she is so distended from sex with overendowed Jeff.

She starts to strip and I strip also and we are both naked. I sit her on the edge of the bed and start to eat her pussy. I lick her from her vagina to her clitoris and the circle the clit before locking down to the vagana to restart the cycle. After about a dozen trips up and down her slit she lays back on the bed and raises her hips as she climaxes. I climb up on the bed and reverse my direction so my penis is over her mouth and my mouth is over her pussy. We start to eat each other. When I get hard she takes me out of her mouth pushing me off and says "Fuck me Daddy."

I climb off the bed and she spreads her legs with her ass still on the edge of the bed and move in between her legs and my erect cock slides easily into her vagina. I grab her left leg and raise it up and place it on my left shoulder so it runs across my body. I then grab her right leg and cross it over my body to the right shoulder. Now she feels tight. So I start to slide in and out of her and she is heating up again toward climax.

She says,"I guess it is not as bad as I feared" She tried to sit up but with her ankles on my shoulders she had no leverage. I had crossed her legs so she would feel tight even though she was distended and we were both getting closer and closer to climax. As she pushed with ther legs as the orgasm overtook her my semen started to pump into her vagina.

As we both came back to the real world I lowered her legs and as soon as she was on her feet holding me tightly to her, kissing me and telling me "Thank you daddy for showing me how I could still be good for you."

She went into the bathroom and douched then she got dressed as I did the same and we left my office together. She says,"At one I'll leave to get Courtney at the bus station if you don't have anything in that time frame you can come along to meet her or meat her as the case may be.

With a kiss she goes off as I start to put the checks and the bills together for mailing. Before she can get out the door I tell her, "If you think it's a good idea you might want to see the doctor to see what he recommends." She turned and said, "I will. Bye Dad."

I finish putting the bills and thier checks together and hand them to my secretray to stamp and mail. I return to the office and begin working on scrips for the re-emactment of Sabrina's abuse I also send an E-mail to all the employees to put an end to the moratorium starting next Monday.

I send instructions to the set crews to build the mockup of our mobile home including the Living Room, Kitchen and Master Bedroom. The Hall will have the doors but the rooms behind them will be raw and unfinished.

I also write scripts for the cherry popping videos of the three girls who are due to be deflowered.

I send an E-mail to the doctor inquiring as to when girls with the vaginal expanders will be ready to be deflowered. I am somewhat worried about the effects of penetrating such young girls and pushing into their uteruses after I hit the cervix. The doctor answered me almost immediately saying he'll get back to me after finishing with my daughter whose cervix was penetrated last night by Jeff's giant cock!

I send an E-mail to Carey telling her to hold off on her plan to take on Jeff until we get the report back on Sabrina's damage.

I get an E-mail in middle of writting the script of Sabrina's first sexual abuse from the doctor He is directing Sabrina to drink a Coke Zero every hour on the hour for sixteen hours each of the next three days. When she urinates she is to stop and restart the stream Every five seconds the idea is flex the abdominal muscles to tighten up her vagina. He advises her not to have vaginal intercourse for a week. That still gives me her ass and her mouth if she wants to do it with me.

After reading it I continue to write scripts of my daughter's abuse and I eEmail these to her for correction if she remembers anything different than what I recall.

As I finish the last the of the scripts of Sabrina's abuse I realize time has flown by and it is now nearly noon. So it is time to go to lunch. As I go out of my office into my sectratay's office she stands and says she has talked it over with her husband and he says she can do anything she wants to with me as long as I do not get her pregnant. She then tells me she is not due to ovulate for at least another ten days. I give her a kiss with tongue and lightly squeeze one of her lovely tits before leaving to go to lunch.

I meet my daughter in the cafeteria and She has reworked the script slightly for the first time she asked me to rub her down there so I go through two of my Why Nots before I ask her Why. I must admit she is probably right about that since she is getting her information from the psychologist's tapes while she was regressed in time under hypnosis.

Today's choices include Ham and Sweet Potatoes with Green Beans on the side. I fill my plate up with that and grab a roll and we set and eat. Sabrina has the keys to a panel van with four captain's chairs and a couch that can become a bed. She tells me Courtney and I can sit back there to get acquinted if I want to.. It can seat three and Charlene will be our third.

When we leave the hall we go out the garage doors and get in a Ford panel van. It is an older Econoline but has a fuel injected 302 instead of the original carburation.

We drive across the river into Memphis and go downtown to the bus terminal. We are a few minutes ahead of the buss carrying Courtney and we wait. I have my daughter on my right hand and my granddaughter on my left hand. As we stand and wait we see a Trailways bus approach and pull into the terminal. A flood of people get off and go off with other waiting people and we haven't seen Courtney yet.

We see the driver get up out of his seat and he reaches back and comes off the buss with Courtney holding his right hand. He carefully lifts her off he last step and lifts her mouth to his for a kiss. I see her mouth is slightly opened as she slips her tongue into his mouth. His eyes open in shock that a girl so young would French him. Then he responds in kind and a bulge begins to appear in the front of his pants. As he puts her down he takes off his cap and covers his swelling erection.

He walks up to me and says,"She says you are to take charge of her from here on." I tell him,"Yes, that is the plan." He says,"Be careful, she a bit precoscious!" I reply,"Yes I know all about that." beatrice takes Courney's hand and we walk back to the van. I open the side door and Beatrice, Courtney and sit on the back sofa while Sabrina takes the wheel to drive us back to our compound.

As soon as we are belted. Courtney lifts her legs and pulls her panties off and tosses them on the floor. She looks up at me and says,"I don't want to discourage you from exploring if you want!" I bend slightly and kiss her and she gives me tongue just like she did the bus driver. I unbotton her silk blouse and while kissing her start to tease her nipples which are about an inch off her rib cage. They harden at my touch. So then I slip my hand down to her knees and up and skirt. I run my finger up and down her slit and soon she is breathing hard. As I tickle her clit on each up stroke she starts to gasp for breath then she stetches the seat belt as her body is racked by the spasm of orgasm.

As she cums I slip a finger into her. Beatrice excuses herself. Releases her seat belt and moves to the shotgun Captain's Chair next to her mother. Sabrina asks her,"Is Courtney getting along with your Grandfather?" Beatrice answered her,"Yeah, she is going to fit in well with this harem."

By this time I have two fingers in Courtney's vagina and her second climax is mounting and she screams into this one yelling,"Yes, Yes, Yes, Don't Stop" So I follow her instructions.

She reaches over and unzips my slacks and reaches in and pulls our my expanding penis. Then she bends over and sucks it. Her tongue is running up and down it and I'm as hard as a stone. She asks me,"Do you want to fuck me?" I say,"Only if you really want me to." She says,"You have me so hot I want your prick in my pussy right now!" I release my seat belt and release the lock to make the sofa into a bed.

She gets off of and takes off her blouse and her skirt. She also kicked off her shoes and socks. I strip to match her nudity and get naked as she lays on the bed and spreads her legs wide. I kneel at the opposite end of the bed and put my mouth on her pussy and run my tongue over the same path my finger had been on earlier. When she came she again screamed out,"Yes, Yes, Don't Stop and fuck me right now."

Before she settle back to the bed I slipped myself into her very tight but not virgin pussy. I started pumping her and she was moving with me to maximize the stroke. This little girl was a great fuck! She kept it up until she lost control for the fourth time with a climax that had her lifting me off the bed. "Yes, Yes, Fuck me good." As she subsided she said,"If you want to you can pull out and I'll suck you to climax. I want to know what you taste like?" But I was not there yet. As the wheels of the van ran up onto the Mississippi River Bridge I felt my balls tighten so I told Courtney,"I'm gonna cum soon." She says,"In my mouth please." So I pull out and she kneels in front of the bed and takes me in her mouth. As she strokes my cock in and out I start to shoot rope after rope of jism into her. She swallowed rapidly to get it all down. As my climax subsided she pulled off my cock. Licked her lips and said,"Nice taste too." She grabbed my cock at its base and jacked up to the head. A white drop appeared at the head. She stuck out her tongue and licked it off then looked at me with a smile.

I kissed her on the lips with tongue and tasted the saltiness of my own cum!
The two of us got dressed and she said,"I like doing it with you. Your granddaughter told me you were very good in bed. I may want to spend tonight with you if it's okay" I tell her,"I can't really say right now I think my wife may want me with her tonight." She says,"It's okay I'll take a rain check just don't forget that I'm available to you.

I tell her she may want to go to someone else tonight who could appreciate her readiness and skill at sex. She says, "I'll consider it."

I turn tbe bed back into a sofa and Courtney and I sit down. I have an arm around her shoulders. She seems quite content to stay here with me but Sabrina turns into the compound and we pass through to the road around the building and into the garage.

Courtney goes to the clinic to be checked out. As I walk past I see Charlene coming out after another refilling of her vaginal expander. I ask her how she feels and she says,"I feel full right now but I'll be ready for anything by tonight. I walk her back to the center of the building and go into my office using the bedroom door and re-enter from the back of my office. I call my secretay to tell her I'm back. She says,"Thanks" and nothing else.

I sit down to continue writing scripts when I get a call that my wife wants to see me. She has seen the scripts for the three chetty poppings and says,"If we overdose me with the erectile dysfuntion drugs we can induce a four hour erection that will hold even after I cum. She proposes we do that and I take all three girls in one big gang bang!

I call the doctor about the safety of such a plan and he says it may be painful but not permanantly harmful in any way as long as my heart is strong and he says from all he has seen it is strong enough.

So I rewrite the scipts to conform to my wife's plan. As I complete this I get a knock on my door and courtney and my secretay come in and we sign a set of private adaption papers and fax them back to the attorney.

Courtney gives me a note from the doctor to call him immediately. So I put Courtney in my office bedroom and call the doctor. He says the usual "hello" then asks me if I fucked Courtney on the home from the buss station. I tell him "Yes" and ask him why he wanted to know. He tells me she is clean and free of any STD's but has a ruptured cervix and will need corrective surgury if she is ever to bare children. She can get pregnant but won't be able to carry the baby to term. I ask him how this happened. She says it looks like she was broken in at a very young age and whoever did it did not push straight but pushed sideways misaligning the vagina and cervix. I ask him if this would not also occur in the youngsters that have vaginal expanders in them and he says it might. We will just have to see. He says if Courtney ever wants to have kids she should get the cervix rupture fixed. I ask him what it will cost and he says about $7.000 and I say okay and I'll see of Courtney wants it or not.

I go into the bedroom and find her naked on the bed. I sit with all my clothes on and tell her about the ruptured cervix and that if she ever wants kids the company will pay to correct it. She says she does not care if she ever has kids but if I want her to breed she will have the operation. I tell her to get dressed and assign her be with Josh tonight. I call Josh on the internal phone system and ask him to ask Carey to come to my office. I explain to him that Courtney is his tonight and cannot bear children. He wanted to see what she looked like so I gave him her full name as we had it in the employee database so he could look it up. He did it while still on the phone and said "Okay."

Since my daughter was not supposed to have vaginal sex and my grand daughters were still virgins I had elected to spend the night in my office bedroom. So I went to my daughter's room and packed up a few thing but then remembered the bedroom had been prestocked with male clothing my size. So I left my daughter's apartment and went to the office. I was there for two minutes when there was knock on the outer office door. I went to the door and Carey was there. I invited her in and she came in wearing the simple dresses the company provided for female employees.

I ask her if she wants to spend the night with me. She says she would not mind but thought maybe I should consummate my marriage to Rita. We discuss Josh's plans to clone his neice Arianna and she says she is willing to do it if needed. I tell her since she is Josh's mistress the one she bares would be the clone he would get. She says that is okay with her. I ask her where she will sleep tonight if Josh takes on Courtney. She says she would sleep in her own bedroom. Then she left and went back to the apartment she shared with Josh.

I called my wife and told her she was to come to the office apartment so we could comsummate our marriage. She countered that she'd rather have me in her apartment. So I left the office and went to my wife and her brood's apartment.
When I got there I found Amy, Brittany. Courtney, Deardra, and little Samantha each holding a video camera.

Rita came in wearing a long flowing nightgown and said,"You know I told you I wanted to do it on camera." I said,"I understand why Amy, Brittany Courtney and Deardra are doing it but why little Sam?" "She gets the bed height shot of the penetration better than any other camera operator." I walk up to my wife and kiss her with tongue and hold her to my body. She takes my hand and walks me to her bedroom which is at the end of the short hall. I notice a new door at the end of the hall that had not been there before. I ask my wife about it. She tells me it is the connecting door to the apartment being set up for me and my group. Then we turn into her room.

She stands before me and starts to take off my belt. Then she unsnaps my slacks and unties my shoes and removes my socks. I take off my own shirt for her then she stands in front of me with hands raised. I bend over and grab her nighty by the bottom hem and lift it up gathering the material in my hands as I raise it up. As I go past her pussy I realize he is naked under it. As i go past her breasts I realize they are firm without a supporting bra. I lift it over her head and she pulls her arms and hands down to get them out of it. Now we are both naked.

She kneels before me and starts to jack me off. As my prick starts to get hard she puts it in her mouth. Just the head of it at first and she runs her tongue around the head of it before diving into me taking my full length into her mouth and throat. This wife of mine really knows how to suck cock. She pulls back and again runs her tongue around the head of my cock. Then dives into me until I feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat. She keeps this up for a couple minutes that seem to last hours as I resist the erge to cum in her throat. Then she comes off it and lays on the king sized bed, diagonally.

I go around the bed followed by two camera operators, adapted daughters all of them. Amy and Deardra keep their cameras on their mother. I climb up over my wife's head, kissing her on the mouth as I pass. I suck her erect nipples as I go past them. I slip my tongue into her navel as I pass it. Then I go to her pussy and circling her clitoris with my tongue I then go down her slit to her vagina and tongue fuck her. She moans and I continue to run up her slit and nibble at her clit.

The daughters are shooting at various angles working to keep themselves out of the frames of the other camera people. I look up and see little Samantha in the corner, naked, her clothes in a heap with her fingers working her pussy frantically. The four young women around the bed have camera's on my face and my wife's face as we eat each other.

My wife is settling into just going up and down my cock without any of the earlier flourishes. Then she stops, stiffens, and her hips go up off the bed as she climaxes. While she cums I keep up the stimulation hanging on for dear life. Brittany and Courtney are at their mother's hips. Both of them are shooting from the same side. One is on my face licking their mother's clit and the other is showing her hips coming off the bed getting a low shot. I roll off my wife and rearrange myself betwen my lovely readheaded wife's spread legs. I slip two fingers into her vagina and find the little raised area that is her G-spot. As I rub her G-spot from inside my other hand is pressing on it from outside and my tongue is laping at her clitoris. This goes on for a minutes before she again stiffens and her hips lift me off the bed again as she cums and sprays my face in a squirting orgasm.

I reverse myself on the bed and line myself up with her vagina. I look down to see Sam, still naked, camera in her hand at the ready as I slide into my wife's vagina. The other girls are still filming too. I lift myself up with my arms and my wife and both look down where my organ is entering her. As it slides home she says,"Fuck me good my husband!" I rotate my hips to stimulate her G-spot and then start to take long strokes so only the head of my cock is in her her when I pull out but my balls are on her butt as I push myself into her. After about three minutes of this she stiffens and lifts me off the bed again. I stuggle to maintain stroke trying to keep my feet on the sleeping surface.

When her hips settle back on the bed and she is still hazy with the aftermath of climax I lift my right leg and push her left leg in and she asks me,"What are you doing?" I replay,"I love to make you cum." After I settle my right leg on the bed outside her left leg. I raise up my left leg and push in her right leg. I then settle the left leg on the bed outside her right leg. Sam is now standing up shooting the sexual activity of her parents from the foot of the bed and the others are shooting from the side, not seeing much but showing her clit being touched by the top of my penis as I fuck their mother.

She cums agains lifting me up and keeping my from rocking my pelvis which is how I can go in and out of her from this position. She screams,"God, Charlie you are such a good fuck!" Deardra gets up on the bed and legs spread she shoots straight down at my butt as I rock my pelvis to fuck thier mother.

I keep this up and I am determined to hold off cumming as long as possible but knowing it is a battle I must lose. I rotate my pelvis to stimulate her G-spot agains and resume rocking it. I have a regular rythum going here. Three rocks and then rotate. Finally Rita cums again and this one is harder than the others. She squirtes my genitals and hangs in mid air for nearly thirty seconds before she settles down and feel the release as I pump rope after rope of sticky, salty, greasy semen into her well fucked pussy.

I stay in place still rocking my pelvis fucking my lovely red headed middle aged wife until my hardon fades and I fall out. Samantha got that shot too. Then I rolled off her and as she turned toward me and we kissed she said,"You did very well Charles. Okay girls that is a wrap." The girls all put their cameras down and Samantha comes up to me and rolls me on my back. Amy has come up on her mother's side and rolled her over on her back too. As Samantha sucks my cock cleaning her mother's fuck juice off of it, Amy is licking my cum out of her mother's vagina. I slip a finger down to Samantha's slit and finger her clit as thanks for her actions.

Once both girls have completed their cleaning their parents erotic zones. They leave taking their cameras as they go. I take my wife into my arms and fall asleep.

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