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The gribbles collection of stories from the sex on rainy street saga . Folows the Gribble household as their new life begins . chapters 1-3
A new life for the Gribbles


1. The Gribbles new Life begins

2. A new life for the Gribbles takes shape

3. The gribbles real life begins


Chapter one: The Gribbles new Life begins


It was a bright sunny Friday afternoon in mid June when Bobby, and his best friend Joseph turned their bikes into the driveway of the Hill house.

Both the boys as Joseph said

" guess ill see you later dude "

and rode back to the Gribbles house as he pulled his bike into the drive way he saw John Redcorn exiting through his parents bed room.

For year's know he had known that his very seductively beautiful mother Nancy had been cheating on his so called Father Dale. He parked his bike in the open garage as he headed towards the kitchen as he opened the refrigerator door and grabbed a gator aid.

His mother walked in wearing a blue pants suit that she usually wore when she was going to be doing a field report for channel 86 news a job which although she did enjoy she secretly wished for a larger role in news casting world but sadly after the ordeal in Houston where she had gotten drunk during a parade and been fired their after she would be stuck hosting a failing news program for the rest of her life. It was this fact of her life combined with her little interest in her husband Dale that had driven her back into the arms of her long time off and on again lover John Redcorn.

As she fixed her earring she told her son that she was going to be covering a special report at the Arlene university tonight and that him and Dale should just order a pizza for dinner. She said good bye and jumped in the back of John Redcorn's jeep and speed off towards the freeway before Joseph had even been able to say good bye.

Joseph looked out the door at the smoke from the burnout and said goodbye. He stood their looking at the place where his mother had yet again decided to run off with her lover to her job yet again leaving him home alone, it was fine though because it wouldn't be to long before his beloved father Dale arrived home. Even though he had his ideas that John Redcorn might have had something to do with his conception he would never be able to see him as anything more then the man who threatened his parents marriage and refused to leave them alone.

Joseph walked towards his bedroom to play some video games when he noticed that his parents bedroom door was slightly ajar he approached it very slowly some how afraid of finding the aftermath of his mothers adultery. As he swung the door open his eyes beheld a sight that was sadly a to familiar to the boy, in the hurried that his mother and her lover had been in the had barley thrown the room back together. Joseph looked at it with an expression that showed both the horrible sadness that he felt for himself and his father, and a since of mundane boredom that yet again he would be cleaning up after his mothers adulterous activities.

Joseph reached behind his parents dresser where he had stashed a roll of trash bags he had hidden. He began cleaning the room throwing away the used condoms, liquor bottles, and off brand imitation Mexican cigarette packages that only the cheapskate John Redcorn smoked. He began making the bed as he looked into the bath room and noticed that his mother had left her complete outfit just lying on the floor. He muttered to himself

" she can't even try to clean up"

as he picked up the blue jeans and pink shirt he then grabbed her bra and panties as he threw the clothes into the hamper his mothers panties had failed to make it into the basket he walked over and grabbed them and as he picked them up he noticed that they were obviously still wet with his mothers sex juices

The young 14 year old held them mortified that he was feeling the result of the his mother infidelity.

The youths eyes began to fill with tears as he threw the disgusting worn and used underwear into the hamper and ran off to his bedroom and began openly crying and screaming

" why does she hate me so much why isn't my daddy an of for her "

he laid their screaming and crying for about fifteen minutes before he knocked the remote controls off of his bed and the TV turned on.

As he sobbed he began to notice the television it was on TBS and they were airing a rerun of ' miss. doubt fire ' and that's when it hit him if his mother wouldn't be the women in his fathers life then he would be the women in his father life.


Chapter two : A new life for the Gribbles takes shape

Joseph sat up on his bed watching the TV he stared at a man being made to look like a women. This was the first time the boy had ever considered anything like this sure he knew about about gays and lesbians but the boy had never given anything like this as much as a seconded thought, But none the less here he was staring at the man being made into a women and he decided in that moment that the neglect and emotional abuse that his mother had shoved down his and his fathers mouth, Would no longer be tolerated.

He instantly got up off his bed wiped his eyes clear, blew his nose, and headed to his parents bedroom. He looked on the dresser and saw three of his mothers four wigs. He grabbed a fairly long brunette wig and ran start over to Lucky's house to talk to Luanne.

Joseph frantically knocked at the door and got no response it stuck him to check at the Hills house he quickly ran across the street and saw Lucky, Luanne, and Peggy sitting in the living room.

" Luanne can you give this wig a haircut for me " he quickly handed the wig to Luanne.

" hmmmm what did you have in mind for it " she said with a somewhat pondered look on her face.

" what ever you think would look good on a 14 year old girl thanks " he quickly ran out of the living room and jumped on his bike.

As Joseph peddled towards town his thoughts raced this was a major step in his life he didn't know every details yet he but he knew that from know on be water to be a girl.

He continued towards town and chained his bike to the Arlene mall bike lot, As he enters through the large glass entry way he beheld for the first time the bedazzling array of women's apparel: shoes, dresses, skirts, blouses, pantyhose, and all the accessories. For amount he was overwhelmed with the amazing amount of product that up to this point his little boy brain had ignored in favor of the outdoors and video game stores.

He quickly composed himself and headed towards a large department store that he had often seen many mothers take their daughters to, As he walked through the security sensors he embraced this multi phased change in the tone behinds him laid his boyish past and I front of him his newly found and much loved future as a lovely little girl.

He turned towards a area the had several dresses and other outfits on racks parked together. As he thumbed through the various outfits he began to feel slightly overwhelmed when he went to buy his
T-shirts and shorts he just got mediums but here their were so many more sizes and styles. From petite junior to xxxL misses he didn't know where to start. Holding a dress up to the light a hand touched his shoulder

" can I help you with something young man " a friendly voice from behind said

He turned around to see a very nicely dressed 'female' whom obviously worked for the store. Joseph looked at her outfit a simple burgundy skirt and top with a lady's suit jacket to match, She had on gold earrings and wore bright red lipstick her fingernails were painted a bright shade of red matching her lipstick.

" can I help you young man " the lady politely asked a seconded time. The voice was friendly but was slightly of from what you would expect from they way she looked.

Joseph stood their holding a light pink floral print dress it was ankle length with ruffled sleeves that would just reach past the elbows.

" a ah yes maim my um girlfriend was thinking about this dress " he said with a slight panic in voice.

" we'll young man your girl friend is a lucky gal is she here with you will get her size " she said smiling crow he'd to match the boy size she could see that he was obviously shaking and had slight tears in his eyes. She reached over and touched his shoulder to try and comfort him.

" ah no maim I was going to surprise her with it but she's exactly my size and height " a obvious lie but the boy was panicking terraced that somebody would discover that he intended to buy the dress for himself. Small Texas towns weren't rely known for their love of cross dressers or gays. The boy knew anof to know it was a good idea to try and hide that fact.

" well then why don't we get you measured up and will see which size we should buy today " she smiled and held the boys hand as they walked towards a dressing room.

Joseph stood their holding the dress with both and a looking at the floor as she grabbed several items and lead him into a changing room.

" ok young man please strip down to your underwear and hold your arms out "

Joseph did as she said taking his shirt off his body hadn't quite started to developed into that of a mans he was still hairless and his chest was non-toned still had a tiny bit of chub to his stomach that added a slight glare of childish tone to his body. He continued and removed his khaki shorts revealing his hairless thin legs his calls were somewhat more defined as be ride his bike everywhere and was slightly darker do to largely wearing shorts I the hot Texas summers. He stood their arms stretched of from his sides in nothing but his shoes and jockeys. He looked at the lady standing before home and noticed that the name on her name tag read carillon.

" ok sweetie now just hold still this will only take a second " she exclaimed as she held the measuring tape a this rest and stretched it to his under arm. And continued to take measurements a cross his body.

Joseph stood their letting her take his measurements. She took all the readings she needed. Joseph stood their staring at her body it was a stark contrast to his mothers she had a larger frame that help strangely smallish breast her hair was very well maintained and she wore a somewhat large amount of make up.

" we'll honey it seems that will need a petite girls medium " she smiled and blushed a little as the by stared at her body it was then she saw that he was begging to sob uncontrollably.

Joseph was overtaken with a feeling of intense sadness as he behaved a basic women his mother was always dolled up like a crack whore getting ready for her turn on the cat walk. This was obviously an attempt at getting John Redcorn's glares it disgusted the youth how she took such little care at how she made her husband and son look as she ooeed and ahhhed over Her love toy. Carolin was a more subtle women not flashy or overly dramatic simple and beautiful in small ways the way she slightly smiled and filled you with calm, or the way her slightly styled hair wasn't obnoxiously tall but Rather hovers over her head in a most feminine way.

Joseph started sobbing and collapsed onto the floor carillon instantly embraced the youth rubbing his head and gently rocking him in her embrace they sat their for several moments before Joseph began to calm down.

" know would you like to tell me about this" she whipped a tear away from his eye as she looked down at him holding him against we chest.

Joseph proceeded to tell her about the terrible way his mother had treated him and his father leaving the two for weeks at a time to go on " headache seminaries " and when she was around she would barley fix dinner or spend any time with them the little time she did spend was spent waiting on her hand and foot for her supposed migraines. He explained to her how John Redcorn was most likely his father but how dale had always been the one their for him staying up with him at night when he was sick or helping him with school projects. Joseph then explained to Caroline how he used hide the adulterous acts from his father to maintain his naive state and keep him as happy as possible and how today something had shaped in him.

" and that's when I decided that if mommy didn't want to be with his beloved daddy he would be his daddy girl "

Carillon looked at the youth with a comforting smile on her face she comprehend for a moment all the things the boy had told her.

" we'll baby that certainly is a tragedy I'm mortified that a women is allowed to live the way she has treated you and your father. He is a very lucky man to have such a loving son " she stood the boy up and dusted him off she whiled his eyes with a tissue and pulled a brush out of her purse and continued to brush his hair. He Lean against her and closed his eyes embracing a women's touch he had never been touched like this by his mother intact she barley touched him unless he she was drunk she tended to drink more when she was around John Redcorn another reason for his hatred of the man. When she drank we tended to get violent for the most part his father Dale had been able to keep him shielded from this by raising it himself but it was inevitable that she would hit Joseph also.

Carolin stood the boy up

" now we need to finish the shopping so that we can get you home to your daddy " she smiled and told him to stay in the dressing room for a moment while she gathers a few items from the racks.

She returned with several pairs of panties a few skirts a garter belt stocking a few different pairs of pumps and many many shirts.

Joseph looked at all the frilly things that had been laid out before him.

" don't worry about paying baby this is all on me " she smiled at the boy he looked at her with a expression of total excitement and joy. Moments ago his was terrified at the overwhelming choices laid before him. He couldn't believe that he had met a women who was so loving and caring towards him.

Carillon instructed him on how to wear panties and how to connect the garter belt to his stockings she put him in the dress he picked out early and handed him a hat but he told her about he had a wig at home. She bagged the remaining items and stepped him into the shoes. The two of them walked out of the dressing room.

" oh my god is that the time ! " Joseph exclaimed as he saw they clock his father would be home in 10 minutes.

" ill give you a ride honey " Caroline reassured the bit as they placed the bags into her car and they headed towards Joseph's house.

They pulled in front of the Gribbles house and as the two of them carried the bags into his house and into his room she turned to the boy and handed him her card as they walked back towards the car she turned to him kissed his forehead and in a starkly different deeply man voice said to call her she smiled and winked at him before pulling away as dale pulled into the driveway.

Joseph quickly turned to head towards his parents bedroom he noticed that Luanne had finished the wig and left it on the coffee table with a note

" I hope this is what you were thinking of :) "

The wig had been cut and styled into a simple Mary Jane style cut. Joseph quickly fashioned the wig on his head before running into the kitchen and grabbing a pack of cigarette and a Alamo beer he poured the beer into the frosted mug he set aside to greet his father with every day. But today was different today Joseph would no longer great him as his son today Joseph was greeting him as his daughter and his wife. He understood this and approached the door as the knob turned and Dale appeared in the doorway saying

" Daddy's home "

In a kind and loving tone he turned and locked the door and as he turned towards his house his eyes beheld a sight he had never considered. All he heard was a beautiful girl saying

" welcome home daddy I missed you would you like you cigarette and beer ".


chapter 3: The gribbles real life begins

Joseph stood their waiting for a response he wasn't exactly sure how his father would take this but the boy was determined to stick out his commitment. Dale stood in the door way shocked into silence his jaw Jared as his cigarette fell from his mouth and down to the floor, the keys in his hand fell as he stumbled and grabbed the nearby table for support. Joseph looked at his father worried that this had been a mistake that his father would be mad an that this would only damage an already strained situation with his mother.

Dale stood their with his sunglasses flipped up revealing his rarely seen eyes he struggled to catch his breath but slowly managed to say .

" My god son what happened your your " he muttered as Joseph began to tear suddenly Dale blurted out

" BEAUTIFUL ! " He cried loudly as his son dropped the beer and cigarette and ran to his father and threw his arms around his waist.

" Oh daddy thank you I love you so much " he cried and sobbed as he tried to make a girly voice .

" its ok son daddy's here " dale also sobbed as he held his son close to him Joseph's head buried in dales shoulder as the two embraced in a passionate loving hug, emphasizing their bond they were all each other had.

Nancy had given them up years ago emotionally and physically she blamed it on the news station but Dale knew better he wasn't some ditshead that couldn't figure out that his wife was cheating, He simply didn't care it helped him rely Dale for a long time had known that he wasn't attracted to women like his father he had always known that he was gay or at least bi-sexual. Dale had spent the better part of his life going to various gay clubs and dances in a attempt to pick up on guys but it was on one fateful night that ended his party days .

Dale was at a disco one night in lower west Arlene or the purple side as it was known for its many gay bars and clubs . Dale was around twenty years old when he went to a disco that he had wanted to try for a long time but had all ways been to busy with hank and the guys to get any kinda free time , alas he did and wandered into the disco club he entered wearing a typical outfit wight bell bottoms and a open blue silk shirt he wandered the club acwardly trying to find a dance partner for several hours before getting tired of acward stares and rejections he wandered to the bar where he was told of a smaller more private disco down the ally . Well sadly Dale thanked the man and left the club walked down several streets before getting to a ally he idiotically wandered into it and was attacked by several men, as they attacked him they threw off derogative saying things like " Faggot , Queer get out of here HOMO ".

It was this night that dale learned how hard a place like Texas was for a gay man. Dale lost a part of him that night he didn't want to get hurt again so he decided to hide this part of himself it wasn't that long after that he meet Nancy and soon after they were married. He worked hard keeping his homosexual side hidden from everyone in the public he would even drive to durndale just to buy a catalogue of men under the name ' Rusty Shackleford ' of course .

But know things were different his son Joseph was here in his arms crying dressed as a girl Dale knew no one would truly understand him in the world especially Nancy not the same way Dale could understand him he loved his son and didn't want him to have to be ashamed or hide himself from the world.

Dale vowed in that moment that his son wouldn't have to endure the same hatred he had that even if it meant that dale would be his father and his husband. Dale sniffled as he held Joseph back so he could look him in the eye as he said .

" Son I love you, " he smiled " how long have you felt this way " he asked as he wiped away Joseph tears .

" a while now daddy I see the way Momma treats you and I hate it I just hate it " his voice started to break again . dale looked at him

" I know mommy treats us both bad baby but that's going to change from now on its just going to be you and daddy" he smiled at his son as they embraced once again as dale stood up and walked over to the beer and cigarette and picked them up as he held Joseph's hand and the two walked into the kitchen they smiled and laughed as he two cleaned the mess they talked for hours and Joseph told his father about the nice lady in the store and how she had helped him prepare for the night .

Dale was over joyed that Joseph had a good experience instead of a hurtful one like he had had when he first tried to find experience gay culture. Several hours passed as the two layed on the couch together and watched a movie Joseph was embraced by his father he had changed into a simple silk night gown and removed his wig they layed their and eventually fell asleep, as Dale held Joseph he stopped being his son and became his daughter .

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