James sipped his wine slowly, savouring its' taste while he looked at the majestic ocean crashing on the rocks. The moon accented this beautiful image and he couldn't help but smile on his beach house deck. Life had been good to him. His business had boomed in his early twenties and was steadily growing.

He had met his wife, Viola when they were in business school together. They got married early in their twenties and soon had twin sons. Both were now in college.
James and Viola were now in their early forties but regularly went to the gym and hence were extremely fit and in perfect shape. James boasted a strong physiche while his wife, Viola could easily turn heads when they occasionally went out for dinner.

Viola as mentioned above was extremely attractive and had an amazing pair of C cup tits which sometimes looked like Ds in the right outfits. She was slim and fit with dirty blonde hair.

Looking for a source to ease out some tension and pass some time, he decided to watch some porn. He walked into the living room sat on the couch and booted up his smart TV, browsed a few porn sites before settling on a peculiar video he found.

James was surprised to realise that the mild bondage he saw about turned him on and he couldn't help but wonder what his wife would say. Soon he got pretty involved when the petite blonde was being fucked from behind while tied to a bedpost. She was getting her ass stretched simultaneously by a butt plug. James knew his wife stashed her 'toys' at the bottom of her cupboard and had seen a butt plug in there.

Watching this, his cock oozed out some pre cum which his now rapid hand had soon spread over his iron dick. He stifled a moan as his hand brushed past the most sensitive area of his cock head .Just was ready to cum his incredible load of fuck juice, he heard his wife enter the behind him.

“Looks like you're having a better time than me, babe" she said as she strolled over, dropping her briefcase, and plopping herself right next to him. He eased his grip on his cock and turned towards Viola, who said, “I never knew you watched porn when I was away!!” she exclaimed.

“I couldn't help myself, I started about a year ago when our declining sex life almost ceased!” James exclaimed, still stroking his cock.

Viola eyed James' cock and licked her lips before saying, “I know! We haven't had sex in a month! " she said this while kneeling in front of him and taking hold of his erect member, " Now do you mind relaxing, watching and describing the porn while I suck your dick?" it wasn't a question.

" The ripped guy has now untied .......her and thrown her.......uhhhh......onto the bed......she.....crawled on all fours and.......aaghhh.........sucking his the looks of I bet he's going to cum! "

In the meantime Viola had lowered her head onto James' impressive eight incher. She loved to cuck his big dick and loved the salty taste of his presume. She took him slowly into her mouth and swirled her tongue over his sensitive head. She sucked him further inside and sucked in her lips to create a vacuum effect. Soon she decided to deep throat him and took all him in. She fought her gag reflex and bobbed her head at a furious pace.

“Don’t stop vi, take my cock into your hungry throat “Viola didn't intend to.

"Uh huh" was all she was able to say. James couldn't help himself when he sat up and grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her head deeper into her velvet mouth.

“He’s going give her a fucking......FACIAL!!!!!!!!”

Hearing this Viola stopped and removed his entire length in one smooth motion. “I would love to see a facial!” James groaned because he was left hanging, but didn't complain as Viola kept jacking him off with her hand. The greasy coating of her mucus only increased his sensations.

Viola turned towards the TV at the right time. She saw the entire facial which was more of a cum bath. Seeing the huge quantity of cum, turned on Viola even more. Still Looking at the screen, she increased her pace on his dick and brushed several times across his head.

"You better.......stop unless.....I will surely cum"

"Good, I deserve some cum after the day I've had" is all she said looking back at him.

"In it COMES!!!!!!!!" James started to cum and rope after rope of cum splashed against her beautiful face, her entire face was covered in cum and some even went in her hair! He still didn't stop and made a mess of her office shirt. Viola was able to catch a few strings in her mouth and she savoured them as she had tasted cum after a month. He was soon done and collapsed back on the couch.

“That’s what a week’s worth of cum feels like “James muttered.

Viola stood up and cleared the cum from her eyelids before scooping the excess cum from her face. She made a show of this and deliberately left a thin coat on her entire face. She sucked her fingers dry and smacked her lips. She made sure James was looking.

She unbuttoned her soiled shirt and bra and chucked it off to the side. Her tits bounced freely as she unbuttoned her skirt and let it pool at her feet. James could see the wet patch on her panties. She discarded her panties and was soon standing only in her heals with her hands on her waist, like a seductive vixen.

“Like what you see?” she purred in a low voice.

James merely stood up walked towards her, raised her chin and gazed into her eyes and said," I love you “he then planted a passionate kiss on her mouth. She deepened the kiss and their hands roamed each other's body. His cock was sandwiched between them and her diamond nipples dug into his flesh.

Viola soon broke the kiss and leaned in and whispered into his ears, “Eat my pussy James, please fucking eat it”

James was more than ready as eating pussy was one of his favourite things to do. He picked up his sexy wife and tossed her onto the couch and spread her legs. He marvelled at her bare pussy before diving in and giving her cunt a good lick. Viola shuddered and James knew she had had an orgasm right then. He stuck two of his fingers into her tight cunt to prolong her orgasm. He was surprised by her tightness and he wiggled his fingers until she had ridden off her orgasm. He kept on moving his fingers and said, “Wow that was quick! What has you so bothered?"

"Only by the fact that I come home to find my husband pleasuring his long, hard cock without me and then he ends up blowing a huge load of sticky cum on my face. Coupled with the fact that I haven't had an orgasm for the past two weeks has me all bothered." she said this so coolly that James' mouth dropped open and he just looked into her eyes. All he could see was lust.

“Yes that's the right posture your mouth should be in" Viola said, before pushing his head to her cunt.

James removed his finger and started to lick and nibble on his wife's labia as his other hand moved up to a tit and he tweaked a nipple while kneading her breast.
His teeth grazed her swollen clit and a shudder passed through her. "Oh my god! Don't fucking stop James! Don't stop!"

"Uhghhhhh" was all James managed to say before both of Viola's hands pushed his head further into her wanton pussy. His oxygen supply was cut off and he used his nose to stimulate her clit while he used his tongue to eat her pussy. He made his tongue into a cylinder and started to probe into her pussy with it. He liked the taste of her juices and the occasional ripples felt good against his face. She was soon wriggling and he increased his efforts on her clit. He retracted his hand from her breast and used both his hands to firmly grip her ass cheeks. He sucked her clit into his mouth and nibbled on it, tongued it and occasionally bit it. Viola was in heaven and she could feel the pressure building up. Her hands freely roamed her body, until they found her nipples. She crushed them and mauled them until she felt her orgasmic wave crash.

James knew she was coming and doubled his efforts on her clit effectively make her cum multiple times. He caught all of her sweet nectar in his mouth and he gladly swallowed it.

James stood up and cleaned his face with a towel lying nearby. He then looked at his wife and realised that he truly loved this sexy vixen. He drank in her post orgasmic form. She was lying back on the couch, with her legs spread eagle and her cum oozing out of her pussy, her right tit had a tinge of red, due to the kneading he had given it. He looked at her beautiful face, which was covered in perspiration. He saw that her face was flushed red and her eyes were rolled back in her sockets. His dried cum was gleaming in the low light of the still switched on TV.

He sat next to her and stroked her hair while she recovered. She opened her eyes to look into his. She held the gaze while she simply said, "You can get me SOO on even after all these years!"

James leaned in and kissed her hotly on her lip. She sat back up and she eased her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues duelled for a while before changing positions and James ended up leaned back in the couch with her straddling his waist and leaning down on his lips. James' cock was painfully sandwiched between them and he winced in pleasure-pain. Viola realised that he was still hard and was barely able to wrap her hand around his girth. This made James groan into their kiss.
Viola broke off the kiss and James let out a slight whimper. She smirked a bit before saying, “Looks like James' Jr isn't satisfied yet, let me take care of it babe, that's the least I can do after the gift you gave me!"

She got up and positioned James cock at her already moist entrance and a single drop of her arousal dropped on his cock. James merely enjoyed the feeling before she eased herself onto his member.

“OH MY GOD! I've not....had there for.......ages! “She screamed between her bouncing.

James realised that she was still wet by her own juices and she was sliding up and down his cock quite comfortably and taking some more of him with every bounce. Her fuck fluids leaked down her pussy to coat James' lower dick and balls. She increased her tempo and started to slam down on James' cock. James' couldn't help to involuntarily slam up whenever she would come down and they soon set up steady rhythm. A furious pace followed, and Viola was grunting with every thrust. James grabbed hold of Viola's large tits as they swung freely. He tweaked each nipple and tried to crush them between his fingers. He flicked them, kneaded them and tried to tear them out until they were a fiery red. He then pulled them into his mouth and massaged each nipple, one at a time. Viola was in heaven.

"SOO FUCKING GOOD!!!!!!!" Viola shouted as she came around James' cock. The rippling effect of her pussy followed by the vine like grip had James thrust harder up until he buried his dick up to her cervix and let out a huge amount of cum. They both kept on cumming and James realised that he had never cum so hard before. The mixture of their juices slowly leaked out of Viola's pussy and puddled around James' aching groin.

Viola collapsed onto James's chest as he wrapped his arms around her, his softening dick still buried inside her. They slipped into deep sleep, cuddling like the lovers they were.

James and Viola woke up at around 10 in the morning which didn't bother them much as it was a Sunday. James woke up first and his stirring woke up his sleeping wife who was sleeping on top of him.

"Morning sweety" James yawned. Viola sat up, only to find James' morning wood buried firmly inside her pussy. James' too realised this and made an effort not to move as his wife was still straddling him.

“Morning stud!” Viola greeted as she slowly started to gyrate her hip in slow circles.

Both of them were lost in the primal passion until Viola cut in,
“We need to talk, but first we need a bath" was all Viola said before jumping down, grabbing his hand and leading him to the master bathroom. James soaped Viola up and spent a lot of time savouring his plaything. He soaped her up real well paying attention to her curves and rubbing his hand over her tits while he tweaked her nipples and was rewarded with a moan. He then faced her away from him, holding her close, and dipped his other hand to her pussy. He thoroughly cleaned her outer labia while his dick was snuggled in her ass crack. He then snaked his hand into her pussy while continuing his assault on her nipples. His hand put up a quick pace of fucking her pussy while his thumb stimulated her swollen clit. She was soon shuddering violently against him and he had to ease his hand from her nipple and catch her waist in order to catch her from falling. Her head was nuzzling his neck and he nibbled on her ear while her orgasm hit her.

After she came down from her high, she started to soap her loving husband. Her special efforts below his belt had him hard and ready to go for the second time in the day. This soon had his cock pistoning out of his wife's irrestible catch. Her hands were firmly planted against the wall as James was taking her from behind.

“James honey, I know you love me but right now I need a hard, deep fuck" this made James redouble his efforts as he gripped her waist for further support. She stuck her ass out further more and this allowed him to ram into her with amazing force. She was groaning loudly with every thrust and he couldn't help himself when he repeatedly started to spank her perfect onion ass, he still made sure not to spank her too hard. This made her buck violently and her pussy grabbed onto his dick, milking it rhythmically. Viola's pussy grabbed him like a glove, but it still didn't stop him from ramming into her. Orgasm after orgasm kept hitting her and just when she thought she could have collapsed, he roughly pulled her hair upwards. This changed the entire position and angle, instead of ramming into her he was ramming up. He was able to over stimulate her entire pussy and she was thrown into another series of orgasms.

"Fill me James, fill my cum loving pussy up right FUCKING NOW!!!!!"

This was all that James needed to hear and his balls grew tight. He grunted a brief warning before spasming out and releasing thick greasy loads of cum into Viola's tight pussy. He held her tightly against him with his dick spasming out in her pussy.

He flipped her around and kissed her passionately, and when he broke the kiss, she scooped up a handful of their fuck juices from her trembling snatch and surprised him by swallowing it.

"Mmm not half as bad as I would have expected it”

When they were done they cleaned up and headed for the kitchen. On the way, James realised she was walking funny and spanked her on her ass while walking and Viola groaned, “What has you all sore, babe?” James asked innocently?

“Ooh it's all my animal of a husbands fault. He can't seem to lay his hands of me and his monster dick keeps making my pussy sore." Viola said this with a slight sway of her hips before looking backing at him and smacking her lips seductively. Luckily James was spent......for the moment.

They hungrily ate their breakfast and when they were done, they slumped onto a nearby couch, merely in their bath robes.

"The last day has been a hell of a ride, James"

"I totally agree vi; I don't know what has gotten into us!"

“Cum " Viola said with a wink.

“Well I don't know how to tell you this, but I've been thinking about it for quite some time now." Viola looked up at James, and he only nodded, "I think we have fallen into a routine when our private lives are concerned, we rarely have sex, once or twice a week and I feel we have become too caught up in our work life. I mean to say we no more fuck like we used to before the twins were born, and we certainly don't try anymore."

“I completely agree vi, we really have lost ourselves. Agreed that the twins inhibited us from having intimacy, but now that they are gone we should try to have more alone time." James replied.

" Yes we should, and since we own our company we should work less and let our VP's do some more work!” she said laughingly. They had started the business together when they had graduated from school.

"I couldn't agree more, so as CEO of our company I allow my COO (Viola) and myself to cut down on our hours so that we may spend some quality time together" James said smilingly.

For the next couple of hours they just sat there enjoying the others company, aimlessly talking and watching TV. They ended up making out with each other and James softly said to her, “I don't want you to think of me as a sexual predator but I really got aroused seeing that bondage video last night and I certainly enjoyed the rough sex we had today." He looked away in shame and Viola had to pull his chin towards her.

Viola simply smiled and said," I was too ashamed to admit it but I really liked that video too! And I got off when you spanked me like a little slut. I remember that we used to have rough sex before I got pregnant but then we just stopped!"

“So what do you say that we try some mild BDSM for a change? And what's with all the dirty talk?" James asked.

“I don't mind but we will need a way to incorporate it into our now new and hopefully increased sex life and I really like it when you talk dirty" Viola said with a grin and wink.

“I don't mind talking dirty when we are alone, slut. But started thinking and stop talking or I'll put that mouth to better use"

They both thought about this for a while before James said," why doesn't one of us take control of a sex for a night. We can decide on our own scenario, story and role play. In this way I'm sure we can include some light bondage and also spice things up!" James said excitedly," I just hope I don't creep you out...."

Viola simply pressed her chest on his arm, and he realised her nipples were as hard as rock! “Now all we need to do is figure out a way by which we decide who's in control!”

James thought for a while and said, “We get into a 69 position and whoever can make the other person cum first gets to be in control!"

Viola thought about it for a second. ((I know I can beat him, but I am too aroused now and he knows it so he may be able to win, but he too is hard, mmmm, I can see his dick poking out from his robe. I think I'll go with it because he always has cum before me whenever we've done 69))

“Ok stud, get ready to call me mistress!"

“Ooh yea, get ready to be my cum slut!"

They got into the customary position with James below and Viola on top. They soon started. James grabbed Violas ass cheek and used them as a grip as he dove his face straight for gold. He bit on Violas clit and felt her moan on his cock which only aroused him more. He Started to lick he labia and brought one hand to her clit. His tongue started to probe her vagina and he could taste her arousal, while his fingers worked on her clit. James continuously changed his patterns on her clit so that she wouldn't get used to it. A shudder from Viola warned him she was close and he couldn't help but smile. His joy was soon short lived when he felt Viola gag on his prick.

As soon as the competition started Viola took James cock into her mouth and worked on his cock head. She swirled her tongue over it as if it was an ice cream cone. She took more of him in and hummed on his head. She continued to pleasure his shaft with her twirling tongue and her sucking action. Just then, she felt herself involuntarily shudder as James had started to stimulate her clit in ways she couldn't imagine. She knew she was extremely close and in a sense of despair decided to use a trick one of her girlfriends had told her off. She increased her pace and took him to the beginning of her throat. She kept pressure on his shaft with mouth and cheeks and pleasured his underside with her swirling tongue and then suddenly she gagged. She knew that no man could overcome the feeling of a women gagging on his long, thick prick. She had played her card well as she felt his balls go tight.

James knew what she had done and cursed her; she had timed it so perfectly as he knew she would cum in less than five seconds after he had. So, in a final last ditch effort, James stuck his hand in her shit hole. His instincts had played out well as Viola was unable to take sensations from her pussy, clit and shitter all at once. She came.

James drank all the tangy cum she gave him happily, and then pushed her off. James hadn't cum yet as Viola couldn't suck his cock while she came. James stood her up with a huge grin plastered across his face.

He sat down on the couch and admired his reward his eyes went from her beautiful face to her amazing boobs. They stood firm and tall, despite her age, and they only sagged due to their weight, a little. He admired her sweat covered size zero waist and stomach and appreciated that she kept herself fit after even all these years. His eyes soon fell upon her now puffy labia and her angry red swollen clit. He finally tore his eyes off them and followed the trail down her never ending legs.

She blushed and tried to hide herself by trying to cross her legs, but it just accented her beauty.

" Since it's already late in the evening, and we skipped lunch, how about we go out to the mall for dinner and some shopping in the adult store, for the future" he told her with a quick wink.

“I’m just your little slave, I’ll do whatever you want me to" she made that point amply clear by grabbing his still erect cock. James groaned loudly and told her to take a quick shower in the master bathroom and dress casually while he took a shower in the guest bathroom.

She walked past the couch and he admired the way he perfect onion ass swayed while she walked. He quickly changed his mind.

“WAIT!” he shouted. She stopped in her tracks, while James strolled over and picked her up and hoisted her over his shoulder and carried her towards their bedroom. She struggled and hit her hands against his back in a mock display of resistance.

He dumped her onto the bed and she couldn't hide the grin, before he dragged her by her ankles to the edge of the bed.

“My aim is to cum twice. Once, all over your body and the second time......" James took a deliberative, dramatic pause and said, “ your ass"

She gasped at this as it had been over ten years since they had done anal. “Babe..., I'll be too tight!" she bellowed.

“Since I am too sensitive right now, because of your failed effort to make me cum, I will simply jack myself off while I watch you masturbate" James said casually.

Viola loved the authoritative tone he was using on her and thought it was a theme they could explore together....

He came closer to the edge and Viola spread her legs and inserted her finger into her well used pussy. She started to add one more until finally three of her fingers were knuckle deep.

James started to slowly jack his cock to the sight of his wife pleasure herself. James took in the sight in front of him. His wife's head was tilted back, a dreamy look in her half closed eyes. Her tits bouncing freely due to her writhing and her nipples hard as diamonds. James increased his pace and he felt his balls go heavy. He warned Viola before walking close to the bed. Viola had sat up straight with her hands behind her on the bed for support. She had closed her eyes waited for the hot liquid she SOO desired. She had already cum twice.

James aimed his cock at her tits and his first shot hit her dead centre in her boob valley the next two coated her breasts completely the next few shots covered her stomach. He then aimed higher and coated her entire face before sticking his still hard dick in her mouth for cleaning.

James hadn't even gone soft and he beckoned her to stand he turned her around and asked (ordered) her to prop herself up on the edge using her hands.

".....and be careful not to touch your cum covered chest to anything"

Saying that he slipped his dick in her well lubed pussy, due to the day’s activities. He rammed his dick for a few seconds before pulling out his lubed dick and positioning himself at her rose bud.

“Please be gentle “she whimpered.

“Always baby" he replied before pushing his head in. The lube helped a lot and his head was in her pussy. He gave her time to adjust to his girth before using only his head to fuck her.

“STOP.....STOPPP...uhhh...uhhh....deeper,....FUCK....DEEPEER" growled Viola.

James increased his thrusts until he was pulling out till his head and pushing back in. He carried this on before starting to piston in and out of her ass. He loved the way her tight anas gripped him like a vice and the heat radiating from there only drove his lust higher.

“You like that don't you; I bet you're getting off on this. You're such a filthy HOR"

“Yes, yes I am a hor........ for your....... cum, now.......fill me up till..........I leak!!!!!!”

The dirty talk combined with the huge dick in her ass made Viola cum. Her cum sprayed all over James' ball as it had just slapped itself against her crouch, when he was pistoning inwards. He grunted at the new sensation.

The sensation to feel an orgasm through his wife's ass drove James over the edge. He sprayed his cum into her contracted ass. It gripped him so hard that it was impossible to move. The force of his own orgasm pushed him out and a little cum oozed out with it.

Jack asked her not to move, and she happily obliged after the first class fucking he had given her! Jack returned quickly and pushed something up her ass. This effectively trapped his cum in her ass but she didn't mind as the dirty thought of it only aroused her more!

"We better hurry to the mall before the stores close!”

They both had a chaste shower together, before they went their separate ways to get dressed. James was waiting for her near the car when she walked in wearing an extremely tight jeans that flaunted all her curves. Her jeans was matched by an equally tight tank top which did little to cover her stomach. James would have blown his cum instantly, if he had had any left.

On the way to the mall, Viola eexplicitly expressed how she loved the rough fuck and enjoyed being used for her love’s pleasure. She also told him that she had never cum that hard before. James merely nodded his head as he let his erect dick do the talking.

Just before they entered the mall, Viola leaned in and whispered seductively into his ear, “I’m still wearing the butt plug you put inside me”

James’ cock instantly grew rock hard and he got some aukward stares as he walked to the adult store. They decide they would split up as they both wanted to buy separate things and that the store had three stories. They would occasionly bump into each other and Viola couldn’t resist stroking his erect cock and making him ellict aukward groan. When they again bumped into each other, james discreetly went behind her and spanked her while tweeking a rock hard nipple. Viola bucked violently and James had to catch her so that she would not fall.

James eventually realises that he had pushed her plug a little more inside her ass, and the feeling combined with the nipple squeeze had pushed her over the edge.

When Viola could stand by herself, she kissed james hotly on the lips. No one noticed this as it was a Sunday and they were in a corner. “thankyou for making me have my first public orgasm” viola said to him, before she walked away to the cashier.

James followed suit and paid for their purchases by card. Viola's purchases ran to nearly 5 digits but he couldn't complain as half of what he owned belonged to her, literally. She had helped to set up the company, she worked in it and put an equal effort towards the company's goals. She didn't have a separate bank account and deposited her money into James' account and he issued her a card.

They quickly drove back and fell asleep just as fast they had come in. They needed all the rest they could get for the long work day ahead.

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