So I am Master, and i have given my slave girl Ashley a brither and a sister as pets to look after. This is day 1 of their rehoming
“Today was the day” she thought as her eyes began to roll into the back of her head.. Her master's cock pounding deep into her tight pussy. In her mind the perfect beginning to the day. Oh how she hoped that she would be allowed to spend the day with his cum sloshing inside of her. Maybe if she was really lucky, that cum would impregnate her, making the beginnings of the family they had spoke of so often.

But today was the day. Today her new pets arrived. Master had allowed her to have two animals, a boy and a girl. He had told her she may have them but it was her responsibility to keep them in line.

Now the boy, he was nothing special, just a typical worm that hoped to stick his cock in anything with a pulse. Nothing special to look at but the girl. Wow! She has met the girl at a party. They had shared a moment of passion.. passion that had made her cunt wet and she had wished Master had been there to fuck her right there on the spot. Damn that girl could kiss!

Master had allowed her to ask the new girl out on a date, there had been a couple of them where she had turned on those charms and made this new pet girl fall in love with her. It was because of that that the new pet girl was coming.. She wanted to be where her love was.

As master continued to pound her tight wet slit she looked up to him, the fire in his eyes as he used her and the feeling of utter contentment that after weeks of talking she was finally his, in his arms and even though she knew how cruel he could be she also knew that he loved her. Her entire body filled with warmth at that thought. “He loves me. He's promised to marry me” She knew he always kept his promises.. never once had he promised something to her and broken it. If he didn’t KNOW he could deliver he would never promise it. But making her his wife he had promised and had done so many times during the time before she arrived at his home to begin her service to him. Never before has she felt so happy, so free, so much the girl she always knew she was, knew she wanted to be but never was able to when she was still up north.

He had allowed her her pets. She had big plans for them, and of course she had sought his approval on them all. One or two he had said no to, but the rest he had agreed to, sometimes even offering something to add to them to make them even more twisted. She loved that about him. His mind and her mind were like 2 halves of the same idea. They were both as bad (or as good) as one another. She wanted the girl badly. She knew he wanted her too, that he would have lots of fun with her, and with both of them. The boy? She didn’t really care. A necessary evil to get her. But today was the day they arrived.

God she was turned on! Master's surprise fucking of her was a welcome addition to that.. she hadn’t felt so turned on since her first night with master, when he had used her in all of her holes and had blessed her with cum in all of them. She has felt so proud that day to be wearing his cum. Finally his.

Her cunt was on fire.. she was so horny “Master” she said breathlessly due to the pounding he was giving her “Please master, I beg you... May I be allowed to cum today?”

He looked her square in the eyes. A look that she knew was probing deep into her. Almost reading her mind.

“Yes. Cum for me girl”

She guessed he must have seen the need within her and she wasn't sure if he had said no that she would have been able to hold back anyway, but as soon as she had heard him growl the words “cum for me” her body took over and her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. Little warning, sudden and strong. Her body shuddered and shook as it convulsed in the grips of a powerful orgasm. She could feel her cunt squeezing on his cock, the world around her becoming filled with brightly coloured spots of light. She thought she might well pass out form the intensity.

“Oh fuck!! ooooooh Fuck!! she screamed. “Thank you my master thank you thank you your cock feels so fucking good and I love cumming on it!”

She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him down to her hugging him tightly and kissing him passionately. She truly loved this man. She could feel herself every day loving him more and falling deeply in love with him.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and whispered into his ear “may I have your cum master? I want my pet to taste you inside of me later”

He chuckled and then began pounding her hard and fast she knew he was now using her as little more than meat. He wanted his own orgasm and cared not for her comfort or pleasure. She loved it when he did this to her. Not only did she feel used, but she felt pride that she could make him happy in this way and his cum was going to be hers.

“Fuck me with that cock! Pound my little pussy Master.. use this slut!” she said to him in a pleading but seductive voice. “

His thrusts became deliberate hard and long.. she knew he was close and that any moment her cunt would be blessed with a coating of his cum

“Ungh!... Ungh!! fuck!! FUCK!! “ she grunted as he pounded his last stroked into her and then she felt it.. that last thrust where he buried his cock in to her to the hilt then she felt it... the most amazing thing .. she felt a huge wad of cum splashing her insides, filling her pussy, hopefully impregnating her but she now knew she was his... he was going to be inside of her all day as a reminder.. dripping down her legs from time to time. She felt like such a slut when it leaked from her like that.

He rolled off of her holding her in his arms and looking deeply into her eyes, his cock still buried deep in her.

“Have you thought of names for your new pets yet?” he asked.

“I think I will wait until they are both here.. then we will decide” she said. A smile on her face.. A good fucking, a good orgasm and a promise of a remarkable day to come. There was no better way to begin the morning in her mind.

Then she remembered. He had fucked her and given his cum, but she had forgotten to clean him. She loved this part too. She slid herself off of him,, her pussy screaming at her at the sudden emptiness as she went lower on him and began to lick and suck their combined juices from him. Damn they tasted good together. Like Rum & Coke, or strawberries & cream... their flavours were simply meant to be together.

She cleaned him thoroughly before crawling back up the bed and back into his arms, kissing him softly she whispered “Thank you master” she smiled at him happily before she took a risk and spoke uninvited.

“I love you my Master” she whispered. She had half expected to be pushed from the bed and to the floor for speaking out of turn but instead he simply squeezed her to him a little more and replied “And I love you to my beautiful girl”. He smiled at her again and said “Now.. today is a big day.. I want you to pick three outfits to wear to the station later, I will choose the one you will be wearing and then it is time to get on with your chores girl”

“Yes my master” she replied before begrudgingly leaving his arms and going about her daily routine.

The chores themselves were nothing too unusual, as she got on with them Master was on the computer talking with the pets.. He had them both on Skype, he had bought premium specially for this so that he could get them both on their own cameras. They were making final arrangements. He set the commands in place and set the boy off to make his preparations, but told the girl to remain.

“Girl, leave what you are doing and come over here a minute”

She stopped the dusting she was doing, put down the cloth and walked toward him slowly and seductively, putting on a show for both him and for her.

“Lap” he said curtly.

She took her position upon his lap. She was completely naked as was expected at all times when she was in the home. She could see on the screen the girls face, mouth open looking at her in awe, her eyes drifting up and down her body.

“Girl..” master said to the pet. “You will soon be here and I will allow you to get to know my girl once you do. You'll like that won't you?” he asked her.

She just about managed to stammer out the words “Y-y-yes M-master” as she looked her over

“She is looking forward to that too girl”, Master said as he dipped his fingers into her cunt causing her to gasp slightly. “She is soaking wet just from thinking about it!” He licked one of the two fingers he dipped into her cleaning it and then offered the second to her to clean herself which she did in the most seductive way she knew how. She was sure her pet's cunt must have been dripping by now.

“This sluts pussy is soaking wet and waiting for you girl. Now, you aren't going to let her down by not showing up are you?”

“N-n-no Master. I'll definitely be there! She almost spat out.. her eagerness overwhelming her ability to speak

“good girl. Then we will see you at 2-30 as we had planned”

Master turned to the slut on his lap and asked “Any special requests as to what she wears Mine?

She thought about this for a moment and then spoke. “ A short dress, figure hugging, no underwear at all”

“Yes mistress” she replied on the screen

“Good call my girl” Master smiled to her, a twinkle in his eye now girls.. time to get ready.. I will see you at 2-30 Monica”

“Yes master... and thank you master for allowing me this chance”

“You're welcome girl.. don't fuck it up otherwise you'll have this little slut here to deal with and I don't think you want that” Master chuckled before saying goodbye and hanging up the call.

“Damn she wants your pussy slut. Which is a good thing. Means she's sure to turn up. And I can't say I blame her.. your pussy is amazing!”

She blushed a little at the compliment and replied “And I wanna taste her cunt too.. maybe even with your cum dripping out of it my master”

Her cunt began to twitch at the thought of that, as she rose from the chair and continued with her chores.

The time flew by til 2pm, and then the last half hour seemed an eternity. She had put on the red figure hugging dress and the black heels Master had chosen for her. She looked HOT but then Master always did have a way of making her look amazing in his clothing choices for her.

The ride to the station was uneventful, they arrived about 20 minutes early. Master took a seat on the bench and ordered her to his lap, as they sat he absent mindedly ran his finger up and down her naked cunt lips eventually adding a second and a third finger to the rubbing. God she was getting REALLY wet now his fingers were working magic on her.. he parted her lips and plunged his middle finger into her deeply.

“Mmmm good little slut.. you are all nice and wet. Waiting for pussy aren’t you?

“Yes master she gasped as they waited... it was only a matter of moments before the train pulled in to the station.. they rose to their feet. Her with nipples clearly showing as erect thru the top of her dress and a patch on the back where her cunt juice had dripped on to it.

They waited and then he pointed down the platform to her.. the girl wearing the green dress as instructed and her red headed brother carrying one suitcase each approached.

“My god she's beautiful” she whispered just loud enough to be heard

“And she will be all yours my girl” he said. I will claim her for US and then she will be handed over to you.”

she simply nodded and stood proudly beside her owner

As they approached they stopped and put down their bags.

“Girl... Boy” Master addressed them. He then took the one step to the girl, placed his hand at the back of her head, grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled her in for a rough kiss which left her breathless. Before placing his hand between her legs

“Good girl.. nice and wet I see.” he smiled

She too smiled at the obvious awkwardness of her girl pet at being fingered on the platform in plain sight.

“Boy” master barked. “Get the bags and follow to the car.”

The pet Boy did as instructed. Seeming to be annoyed that his goods had not been tested on the platform too.

Master and the girls walked, one either side of him to the car pressing the fob and opening the boot to allow the boy to put the cases in before assigning the two pets the back seat while he and his wife to be took the front.

“How far from here do you....”

“Silence boy! Master growled ” You do not speak unless you are spoken TO! Is that understood?”

“Yes Master” he replied with obvious annoyance.

“Keep it up boy... that attitude problem you have will get beaten out of you in no time, and I@ll enjoy doing it.. Or I can hand you over to my wife for punishment... get her to train her pets properly.

The drive home was in silence but she could not help but have a big shit eating grin on her face, finally the plan was coming to fruition.. Life was about to get a whole lot more interesting!

Chapter 2

The door closed behind them, and master stood before the 3 of them and simply ordered “Strip”

Obediently she shed her clothing. She much preferred being naked anyway. Not only did she know how much pleasure he took from her body and her nakedness she also had a new incentive today. She wanted to show herself off to Monica. She knew that after the dates they had had that Monica was gagging for it... to touch her to caress her and she had to admit too, she so wanted to taste her cunt too. She knew that Master wanted a piece of her also. She could only hope that maybe she would be lucky and he would request she be present when he marked her internally, that she might get to taste the combination of both of their cum. That she might get to lick Monica's cunt whilst he fucked her face, or perhaps even fucked HER while she feasted on her new pet. That would come later though.. She knew that this was the formal part of things.

The pets slowly stripped. Looking somewhat hesitant to do so after all they WERE brother and sister. Monica looked rather shy, but still continued the removal of her shoes and dress. The boy had his eyes firmly locked on his sisters chest they flitted back and forth between his sisters tits and her own. She stifled a chuckle. “Poor horny little boy” she thoughts” anyone would think that he had never seen titties before”

This thought made her smile no end and Master picked up on that and acted.

“Boy... you will keep your eyes firmly on the floor” he barked and the boys gaze promptly looked to his feet and his face went red as he had been busted ogling the slaves

“I can see I am going to have problems with this one my Girl” He said to her. “You'll need to make sure this one knows his place and that the flesh of the female is not a right, it is a privilege to be earned”

“Yes Master” she replied, still grinning and chuckling inwardly at the boys embarrassment and humiliation

As they finished stripping master spoke again.

“Look my girl. The boy's tiny little pecker is all hard!” he grinned to her

“Yes Master.” she replied “It IS tiny and it does look hard. It is difficult to see it though. I will get you the magnifying glass” It was with all of her strength and resolve that she managed not to burst into a fit of laughter while replying to him.

“No need girl” he replied. “I have no interest in his nether regions.”

“Knees! Both of you” He barked and both of the pets sunk to their knees before him. The boy sill looking downward his face a blazing red with humiliation, the girl looking to master with a slightly worried expression, and then to her looking for some kind of comfort in her eyes.

Master went to a drawer and he pulled out a chastity cage which he unlocked and opened and handed it to her.

“Girl, put this on your pet.” he commanded before looking to the boy. “You will wear this at ALL times. I will posses the only key to it. The only time it comes off is at MY discretion. And don’t get any ideas.. My girl will be touching your cock to place it on you, but that will likely be the only time your cock ever feels the pleasure of her.

“Yes Master” he grunted. Obviously disappointed.
She took the cage which she couldn’t help but think was similar to putting a goldfish into a swimming pool and locked it on his crotch. Taking care to make as little contact as possible with him.

Master went back into the drawer and pulled out a pair of black shorts and threw them to the boy, they landed at his knees.

“You will also wear those at all times. I have no wish nor desire to see your ass nor that pathetic little thing you call your cock. Now GET THEM ON!”

“Yes Master” he frowned.

She couldn't help but think he must have had a high opinion of what he was packing. Truth be told he wasn't packing much, but then his use was not going to be in his cock but in his ass hole.

Masters attention then turned to Monica. He looked her over from top to bottom before turning to his wife to be and saying “I am now turning the boy over to you my girl.. he is now your responsibility.. if he steps out of line you will BOTH be punished for it. There is to be no sexual contact from him to you in ANY way. He is not worthy of your ownership let alone your touch. Is that understood my girl”

“Yes Master... Thank you Master” she said, the grin still on her face. She then turned to the boy and spoke.

“Pricilla will be your name you little faggot. You will do as I tell you WHEN I tell you with no questions asked. Now, behind you is a closet door.. open it, go inside and close it behind you, you are to remain there out of my sight and cease ruining my Masters view and you will remain there until you are instructed to come out.”

He huffed as he rose to his feet and made his way to the closet, grumbling something along the way

“What did you just say Pricilla?” she barked at him, making sure there was plenty of annoyance in her voice

“I said nothing mistress” he lied

“Bull shit!” she screamed at him. “You have just earned yourself your first punishment! I will deal with you later! We have something much more important to deal with first.”

An evil grin of satisfaction spread across her lips as she watched him close the door behind him. A look of almost terror on his face at her sternness.

She turned again focusing back on her master

“Very good girl!” he praised her. “I would love to know what your intended punishment is going to be. That one needs something extreme and drastic to put him into his place I think” he said to her, smiling to her kindly.

His attention turned to Monica.

“Stand girl” he ordered.

She rose to her feet not quite knowing where to put her eyes

“Stand with your hands behind your head and your feet apart. This position will be known as 'Inspection' from here on out” he said to her in a soft voice. Easing her with his tone.

She did as she was told and he walked around her, examining her with his eyes before extending a hand and squeezing one of her breasts “Mmmmm nice and firm” he commented before tweaking her nipple which stoop out proudly.

His hand ran down her belly and he cupped her pussy inserting 2 fingers into her..

“She is soaked my girl. Seems this is all quite exciting for her!”

Monica's face turned beet red. It was true, the thought of having Ashley coupled by the power this man had over her meant she wanted to fuck them both badly. Her pussy had betrayed her.

“Very good girl” he said to Monica as he stood behind her drawing his lips to her ears and speaking to her soft and seductively. “I am going to enjoy you greatly. You would like that wouldn’t you girl? To be taken by your Master and know you belong to him?”

“Oh yes!” she said breathlessly. His voice in her ear making her knees feel weak, the gaze of both him and Ashley upon her sending her into a frenzy of horniness..God she wanted them and she wanted them NOW. It was taking all of her resolve not to say “Fuck me now my master.. Make this cunt yours!”
She was frightened to though, not sure if she would be punished for an outburst as her brother had been,. She gathered her bravery though and spoke anyway “M-master. May I ask a question?” she pleaded.

“Ask girl” he prompted.

She drew her breath, not sure of what to expect in return for her question

“Do you dislike my brother?”

He smiled “No girl. I do not dislike him.. if I did he would not even be here. But I have no patience for male slaves at all. They are the lowest of the low and do not deserve any kindness or consideration. You only get better treatment due to having a cunt. Females are supposed to be subservient to men, you are only doing as nature intended.”

She felt relief at that. Her lust still burning within she felt a sense of being wanted, desired a feeling in her that she knew she would be looked after and cared for here. All that served to make her want them even more. To give them all of herself.

“Ashley. Take her through to the living room.” he told her.

She walked up to Monica and gave her a light an passionate kiss pressing their naked bodies together. Making sure that their tits both were in contact with one another and that her cunt touched hers before taking her by the hand, grinning to her letting her know that her desire was going to be filled on this day with simply a smile and the twinkle in her eyes and leading her through the door way

Master followed them into the living room, they had had a few seconds head start and when he arrived he found both girls on their knees their knees spread proudly displaying their pussies backs straight and their eyes both blazing with a fire.

He stood before them. Observing his girls

“Ashley. You will fill Monica in on what is expected of her. In a moment I will hand her care over to you. Same rules apply, you will be responsible for her conduct and any indiscretions you will BOTH be punished by me for. As always I may overrule anything I see fit. Monica, you will follow all of Ashley's instructions without question and you will Both follow my instructions at all times. Is that understood girls?”

“Yes Master” they both said brightly

He took a step closer to them both. “Suck me my girls” he ordered and both girls began to hurridly work on the front of his trousers. Almost a competition to see who could get his cock first.

Eventually his cock was free of it's confines and had two mouths and tongues busily working on it, bringing it to full mast. Their tongues lapped at his cock, often tangling with one another’s as they French kissed around his shaft, taking it in turns to take him into their mouths.

Ashley wanted more though. So much more. Absent mindedly her hand went down to her cunt and she began massaging her clit while she helped Monica service Master's cock. She has wanted to get Monica naked and fuck her on their first date. She had not been allowed though. Master had told her that she had to leave something to entice Monica to come join the house. To take a collar, she had been as horny as hell but now... now they were both naked with a cock to take care of.. Ashley adored Masters cock. There was nothing she liked more than to be touching it in some way, whether she was just stroking him gently, sucking him, or best of all riding him like a demon possessed.

She could not wait to feel it in her again for the second time today but also she couldn’t wait to see him plunge it into Monica's sweet little cunny claiming her completely. She hoped he would stick it in her ass too so she could lick the girls cunt while masters cock pounded away above her.

Although Master was very much enjoying the girls attention with their mouths, there was something he wanted more.

“Lie down girls” he said in a low stern voice

Ashley did as instructed but pulled Monica down on top of her.. Kissing her deeply as she did, and Monica swung her leg over and straddled Ashley, their chests mashed together, both feeling the hardness of the others nipples drilling into their flesh.

From where master was standing he could see their pussies, stacked atop one another both open both soaked with juices. He squatted down and watched as the girls made out, grinding their cunts against one another, Ashley's hands digging into Monica's ass trying to pull her in closer than they already were.
The sight of the two girls both so involved in each other had him raging hard. He took his cock into his hand and knelt between Ashley's parted legs and then in one hard thrust, he ploughed his length deep into Monica's sopping wet snatch.

Monica gasped at the feeling of him in her and moaned loudly into Ashley's mouth her eyes wide and burning with horniness she pushed back on to his cock, her cunt squeezing it, milking it, trying to pull every last part of it into her cunt. Out of the blue the sensations took over and her body shook violently as she came. Monica couldn't remember having such a powerful orgasm in her life.

She clamped her mouth around Ashley's and kissed her hard. So hard Ashley wondered if her lips would be bruised when she had finished, Monica's tongue probing around all inside of Ashley’s mouth.

Her cunt on the other hand had clamped around master's cock like a vice. Squeezing him, the muscles rippled inside of her wanking his cock from within. She broke the kiss with Ashley to scream out “OH my god!! thank you Master! Thank you!! oh fuck fuck... FUCK! Dammit! Fuck my cunt more!!”
Ashley looked up at Monica. Her face was now covered in sweat as her cunt got pounded by her Master's cock, here eyes still rolling back in her head. Ashley smiled. She knew now that they had her. The girl who wasn't even a sub was now THEIRS to do with as they pleased.

At that moment she didn’t believe she could possibly love her Master any more.. her heart was bursting with love for the man who had collared her, who shared in her twisted desires as she did in his. Who had walked side by side with her as they enslaved this pair of siblings

Master grabbed Monica by her tits and picked her up so that her back was against his chest... still drilling her cunt. Ashley looked up at the sweat covered girl in her masters hands and her pussy twitched violently. It was then she had an idea and she spun around 180 degrees so that her head was positioned just below where her Master and her pet were joined. She looked up at the amazing sight of his magnificent cock piercing her pretty little cunt, filling her with himself. She watched hypnotised for a moment as his shaft pounded in and out of her.

“Ashley has been waiting for you girl. Eat her pussy” he said to her as he drove himself into her.

As Monica lowered herself to the beautiful sight of Ashley's cunt he pulled his cock from her pussy and told Ashley to return the favour. The two girls dove in to one another’s pussies like they were starved animals and this was their first meal in a month,, just the feel of Ashley’s mouth clamping on to her lower lips and her tongue piercing her wet hole sent Monica into another orgasm. Ashley too shuddered in pleasure as Monica's tongue made contact with her clit.

Ashley sucked and licked hard. Wanting every drop of juice from her pet. As she did so she saw her masters cock and balls appear over her face. She had thought for a moment he had wanted to get it back into Monica's cunt, or maybe throat fuck Ashley, but no... master was still rock solid and coated in pussy juice and in one slow swift movement he plunged his cock deep into Monica's ass hole burying himself to the hilt in her.

Monica screamed into Ashley's cunt. Never once breaking the seal of her lips around her pussy. The vibrations of the screaming on her clit drove Ashley to the very edge.

“Oh fuck!! Master! May I cum pleeeeeease Master!! I don't think I can hold back!” she pleaded.

“Cum girl... let your pet feed from you.. show her what she can look forward to if she is a good girl. Drown her in cum and she better not spill one single drop!”

Monica on hearing this and the presence of a cock in her ass once again began to shudder, her pussy gushed, coating Ashley's face in her cum as she moaned deeply into Ashley's cunt

“Monica... suck that pussy good girl.. there is still my cum in there from this morning and you need to make sure it is all out” he said as he began pounding her ass hole

The girls both lapped and sucked on one another’s cunts. Each and every drop pure nectar for them. Monica and Ashley had both wanted to fuck each other from the moment they had met at that party and shared a drunken kiss with one another. Finally their mouths were on their respective prizes. Finally they both were feeding from one another’s juices.

“Fuck her ass harder Master.. Make her cum again! I am still hungry” Ashley demanded, forgetting herself for a moment”

“Watch your manners girl” he warned sternly” or you'll find yourself sucking her shit from her,.

“Yes Master!” she said quickly before clamping her mouth on Monica's cunt again. Master's words though had just given her an idea and she concentrated her efforts on that idea, she removed her mouth form Monica's sweet cunt and ordered the girl. “Keep your mouth on my cunt. Do not move it no matter what happens!”

Monica have a “M-hm” sort of noise her mouth remaining firmly in position.

Ashley then began to push forcing her bladder to empty. As the stream begins she heard Monica choke a little on the sudden burst of warm liquid into her mouth, but she soon gained her composure and begins swallowing mouthful after mouthful of Ashley’s piss and to her credit not one single drop was wasted.

“Drink that piss you little slut!” Ashley growled at her “you disgusting little bitch, drinking a girls piss!” she mocked

As he heard those words, his balls welled up, tightening, his cock swelled. He was gonna blow and soon! He pounded in a frenzy into Monica's ass hole. Ashley knew this mode.. she had felt it earlier today. All he was interested in now was cumming, and he was going to drop that load in Monica's little ass hole.

“That's it my Master.. Fuck that ass and mark your new girl. Fill that ass full of your cum.” Ashley growled.

That was all he needed, he thrust into her HARD one last time and came like a volcano. He dreaded to think just how much he had dumped in there but as he did, Monica once again shuddered. The feeling of an ass full of cum setting of yet another orgasm which Ashley dutifully sucked dry from her quivering pussy.

He pulled his softening cock from her tight little ass with a pop and it fell onto Ashley's forehead.

“Shall I clean you my Master?” Ashley asked.

“No girl.” he responded. “Monica will clean me. I want YOU to suck my cum from her ass. Make sure it is nice and clean girl”

Normally the idea of putting her tongue in a freshly fucked girls ass would have turned her stomach, but Ashley was way beyond horny and she set to work, obeying her Master, her love and wedged her tongue into Monica's gaping cum filled ass hole.

Master moved around to Monica's head and presented his cock to her which she opened up her mouth and dutifully too in to it. Licking and sucking him clean with passion. This was not her at all! But something about Ashley and her new Master was bringing out a side in her that she had never experienced before, and if she was truthful with herself was LOVING.

Cocks and ass holes clean the three lay on the floor. A girl each side of master, their heads on his chest snuggled up to him, gazing into one another’s eyes. Both Monica and Ashley knew that they now had the beginnings of a bond. Something very special, and it was Master who had made it all possible. Ashley already loved him very much and was looking forward to their wedding day in a few months time. Monica however was confused. Love was beginning within her for both Ashley AND her new master. Surely this shouldn’t be? It was too early! But she figured that she was now in a place in herself she never thought possible, so she decided then and there to let herself go. To surrender completely physically and emotionally yo them both.. to become theirs for ever.

She no longer cared about her life up north. That was her past. She had found a place where she felt like she fit and she felt like she would to anything either of her new owners asked of her.

Ashley was in heaven.. the man she loved and the girl she adored. She had resisted a poly relationship for so long, insisting on being the only one, but she guessed Master had been right.. all it took was one very special someone to turn that view on it's head..

She was in her own personal heaven. AND she had the boy to torture too.

“OH SHIT!!” she thought! “He's still in the closet!

Her mind went to an image of him. His tiny cock in it's cage and having to listen to his own sister being used by them. Listening to her cum over and over again.

That thought brought a smile to her face, and in that very instant his punishment was formulated in her mind.

“Master...” she said softly. “ Pricilla is still in the closet.

“Then perhaps it is time he cam OUT of the closet” he chuckled.

All three of them laughed at the idea of Pricilla's emergence as a homosexual. Master and Ashley knew just how close tot he truth that actually was.

“Have you decided his punishment yet girl?” He asked Ashley.

“Yes Master.” she replied and then set about outlining it to him for approval.

“I like it girl. The things you need are in the tool cupboard,” he smiled as he went to the sofa and sat on it.

He called Monica over to him and motioned that she sit next to him. As they both sat naked on the sofa Ashley returned with the objects she would need and set them up in the middle of the room.

“Monica. Let this be a warning to you. If you step out of line your punishment is going to be very severe, understood?”

“Yes Master” she replied. A little bit apprehensive about what she was about to see.

Ashley left the room and emerged a few moments later with Pricilla walking eyes down in front of her.

“On your knees faggot” She parked at him. Pushing the back of his knee with her foot and forcing him to crash tot he ground

“Remove your shorts! She commanded and he quickly did. Master chuckled. “Guess the boy thinks he's getting something” he said to Monica as she placed her hand on his cock and softly commanded her to stroke it. She did so slowly as they both watched.

He knelt there before her, his tiny cock standing up straight and a stupid grin on his face like he thought he was going to be allowed use of the gorgeous Ashley.

She knelt before him her arm on her knee purposely to block his view of all of her good bits and she glared him in the eye.

“How DARE you answer me back when I tell you to do something!” it is not your place to make comment on my orders.. it is only your place to DO! To follow them and do it without the back chat. You think you have the balls to take me on don't you?”

“N-no Mistress” he stammered. The stupid grin gone from his face.

Ashley took a large thick plank and slid it towards him. “Sit on this like you are riding it like a horse. I want to see that tiny cock and those pathetic shrivelled little balls of yours resting on top of it.

He did what was ordered of him

“Now I'm going to show you what happens to little worms who think they have the balls to answer me back!” she snarled and produced 2 nails and a hammer from behind a cushion and placed one of them on the skin of his scrotum
“Mistress please!! No!!” he begged her

“Shut the fuck up you piece of shit! She snapped back and raised the hammer and brought it down, driving the first nail partially into the block of wood below.. Piercing his ball sack as she did. He tried not to scream as the nail went through. Instead giving a stifled muffled cry. She placed the second nail on the other side of his ball sack and raised the hammer and brought it downward again... this time she missed, smashing the hammer off of his tiny cock. He winced in agony. Tears formed in his eyes. Even Master cringed at that one. She raised the hammer again and brought it down again this time striking the nail squarely and driving it through his ball sack into the wood.

Ashley put the hammer down and ordered him to squat. His balls pulled taut unable to stand without ripping his scrotum and not allowed to kneel to ease the intense pain.

“So you think you still got the balls to stand up to me?” she asked

“No Mistress” he said tears in his eyes

Master pulled Monica on to his lap. Impaling her cunt on his now hard cock in full view of Pricilla, he could have the pleasure of watching his sister being fucked and cumming on their new owner.

“Stand up straighter you little FUCK” Ashley spat at him

He did as ordered, the b;lock of wood now suspended about an inch off of the ground Ashley raised her foot and stomped on the block hard. Pulling it downward and yanking his balls with it

“You fucking bitch!! that hurt!!” he spat.

“You.... fucking.... WHAT!!!” Ashley glared at him

“I'm sorry Mistress, I'm sorry.. I did not mean to say that” he begged..

“oh you will be VERY sorry BOY” she growled “Wait there and do NOT move” she said “I will be right back.”

He remained in place unable to do anything other than watch his sister wildly riding on her Master's cock. She had long since stopped watching him and was more interested in the fullness of her cunt, she was moaning freely and as much pain as he was in, he couldn’t help but get a hard on from watching it.

“Look Monica..Your brothers teeny weeny is all hard again.

Monica laughed. “I am glad you are a real man master with a real cock, not that tiny thing. No wonder he's never had a girlfriend. Only a mistress who liked to pluck at it with her tweezers!

Master laughed and Pricillas face went red with both embarrassment and rage.

Ashley returned from the other room walking directly behind Pricilla she showed Master an object and he nodded his approval. Ashley licked her lips seductively at the sight of her Owner and her pet fucking again. God they looked so fucking hot. She wishes she was on the sofa with them, but there was something of greater importance that needed to be done.

“So you little fuck! You think you have the balls to not only back chat me and LIE to me about it, but the balls to SWEAR at me too?”

“Yes I mean no Mistress...”

“Shut the fuck yo you piece of shit!! Ashley barked “I don't like my pets to have balls. The RSPCA says you should have them neutered. That is a good idea, so that is what is going to happen to YOU right now.. then you will KNOW what your place is, you will understand your place, and never again will you get ideas above your station. Is that understood?”

“W-w-what are you going to do M-mistress?” he stammered.

“I SAID IS THAT UNDERSTOOD!!” she yelled at him. Her face red with her anger.

In the background she could hear Monica cumming. “Masters cock must be doing the same magic for her as it does for me” she thought for a moment before turning her attention back to the pleb nailed to the board in front of her.
“You will have no further need for these” she said flicking his balls with her finger “And certainly this tiny thing will be of no use at all it is too small even to pick my teeth with!” she said grabbing a hold of his cock in her hand and pulling it outward.

With her other hand she produced the big kitchen knife.. she slid the blade behind his balls and in one swift motion, severed both his balls and his cock from his body.

He fell to the floor in agony.. blood pouring from the wound.. she threw him a towel

“Stop bleeding on my fucking floor you shit!” she screamed before producing a needle and thread pinning him down by sitting on his chest facing his legs she began to sew.. stitching the place where his tiny pecker was closed, with nothing bit a tiny hole for him to pee through remaining.

She looked back over to the plank on which remained the only part of him which had laughingly made him a “man”
“Much better!” she proclaimed. “Never let it be said that I am not a responsible pet owner!” she chuckled.

“Bandage yourself up Pricilla and then go fetch whatever drinks your sister and your Master want. I will have a beer! Ashley ordered

“Yes mistress” he sobbed as he hobbled off toward the kitchen to find the bandages and the drinks

Ashley joined her pet and her Master on the sofa, kissing Monica passionately and then kissing her master even more passionately, holding his face in her hand gazing into his eyes.

“Thank you so much my Master. I am so very proud and happy to be yours.” Ashley smiled, a tear running from her eye as she said the words.

“My girl,” He replied “I am blessed to have two beautiful girls like you two, and now a eunuch to do our bidding.” he paused a moment “But DAMN girl.. where did you learn to cut a cock off? That looked like you have done it before!!” he chuckled and Ashley looked a little stunned butt hen realised he was joking and also began to laugh.

This family, she thought, was going to be a lot of fun. She couldn’t wait for the future and what it held. All she knew was she wanted desperately to be Master's wife, and Monica would be theirs together, as well as the children they both produces.

Yep. They were going to be very happy indeed.

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2013-08-23 03:32:32
are you a fucking retard or just stupid? Cut off testicles without anesthetic, no sterilization and simply "sew" the wound up and he'll be walking around? You really must be the dumbest sack of shit on the planet to not figure out that he would die from blood loss.

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2013-07-28 22:18:12
Absolutely fucking disgusting. Was ok with it up till the end.

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2013-07-25 14:35:44
Male slaves are weird creatures. but then if he's gonna behave like he's got no balls, might as well make him REALLY have no balls.

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2013-07-25 00:29:56
Wel that's mean
Why the fuck would a guy sign up to do this if he wasn't going to get anything pleasurable

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