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This is one of my fantasy's. Again if you find anything wrong I apologize. Please give me feedback, I'll try to take it into consideration.
My name is Gray, I’m 14 years old and I like guys. My eyes are golden green and I have brown hair. I’m athletic, almost 6 feet tall and slim.

As I step into the art room at my school my nose is assaulted by the foul smell of sulfur,
“Oh, what the hell is that?” One of the more annoying kids in my class says pinching his nose.
The art teacher, Mr. Hart walks up to the front of the classroom,
“Sorry about the smell the janitors can’t figure out what it is, anybody who wants to can go somewhere else as long as you don’t disrupt any classes.” Most of the class, the ones who only took it because they thought it would be an easy A, get up and walks out of the room. I stay along with a few others who like art as much as me. The art class I’m in is a Junior level class but I got bumped into it because it was the only way I could fit art into my schedule.
“Can all you great artists please do a still life of anything in the classroom. You will all get bonus points for this.” We all pull out sketchbooks and move to different spots around the room, I have just finished sketching an easel when Mr. Hart whispers in my ear, “Gray, can I talk to you in the other room?”
“Uh yeah sure.” I get up and follow him into the adjoining empty classroom. I look at Mr. Hart’s face taking in his sexy stubble and the way he never buttons the top button of his shirts revealing his collar bone. He leans down and kisses my lips sending a bolt of energy through me.
“Woah,” I say pulling away, even though he’s sexy as hell I don’t want to be caught kissing him. “Mr. Hart,are you sure we should be doing this here?”
“Gray it’s ok, I know you want it to, I’ve seen the way you look at me,” He pulls me back towards him and another bolt of energy goes through me only this time it feels like it’s leaving my body. My knees start to buckle, and I try to pull away but he holds me even tighter, I get another whiff of sulfur.
“GET AWAY FROM HIM!” Mr. Hart Spins around dropping me to the floor. I look towards the door and see Jason, a sophomore who I have always found very attractive. Glancing back at Mr. Hart I see he is changing, his fingers are getting longer and growing sharp claws, the back of his shirt tears in a few places where thin spines are growing, his teeth are now long and sharp. He looks like a monster from some alien movie. Jason lunges towards him pushing him with his hand for an instant I see some kind of Tattoo on his palm, as soon as Jason touches him Mr.Hart goes flying he lands on a desk, but stands like nothing happened.
I crawl farther into the corner and hear the sound of ripping fabric, a shadow falls over me and I look up into Mr. Harts face. No long teeth or claws, and for a second I think I just imagined it all, and that I’m in shock because my favorite teach kissed me. Then I glance behind him and see Jason lying on his back, A large gash across his stomach is bleeding into a pool underneath him.
“Mr. Hart, we have to help him, he’s bleeding.”
“Gray, he doesn’t want us to be together, I had to deal with him.” He moves in to kiss me and I push him away, and run over to Jason. I see his lips moving trying to tell me something. Mr. Hart’s Hands rip me away he starts kissing me but this time it feels like he’s trying to hurt me. I feel one of his hands reaching into my jeans and he starts to rub my stiffening cock, again I start to feel light headed and my legs feel like jello, I start to fall over but Mr. Hart keeps a strong hold on my, my struggling gets weaker and weaker until my vision starts to fade.
In the distance I hear someone yelling and I slip to the floor, a window breaks and in the back of my mind I think that I should get up and check that everyone's alright but I just lay on the floor staring at the ceiling. Someone is kneeling over me yelling something but I can’t understand the words.
Suddenly it all comes into focus and I sit up smacking my head against someone elses. I take in the scene around me, broken tables, Jason lying in a pool of blood, the hot guy with blonde hair and blue eyes saying something to me.
“What did you say?” I ask trying to clear my head of the fuzz that I just experienced.
“You need to kiss him it’s the only way to keep him alive long enough, to help him.”
“Just do it, please.”
“You need to do it NOW.” He drags me to my feet and over to Jason, “Kiss him.”
I bend down and press my lips to his a feeling like the one when Mr. Hart kissed me but less violent. Jason’s body shudders and I pull out of the kiss.
“Thank you,” He says in a hoarse whisper.
“We need to leave now, where there’s one there will be at least two more.” Jason stands up shakily and the blonde boy helps him walk towards the door. “Are you coming, or do you want to be abused by demons.”
I follow them out the door, we walk through the school, and out into the parking lot where we get into a green Subaru. The blonde boy puts Jason in the back and I slide into the passenger seat.
“By the way my name is Nathan, I’ll explain everything to you when we get to my house,” For the first time actually look at him, he’s probably in his early 20’s, his shirt is black with a print of some female musician with a guitar, his jeans have blood on the knees and he is the overal sexyest person I’ve ever met.
“I’m Gray,” I say in a soft voice, “What just happened?”
“I can’t explain right now, I will soon but not yet.”
I look out the window until we arrive at Nathan’s house. When we get inside he lays Jason on the couch and gestures for me to sit at the table, he sits down across from me.
“Have you ever read on of those books where the main characters kill demons and all that shit,” I nod “Well some of that is true, not the books, most everything in them is bull. But demons and some stuff like that exist. Your teacher was a demon, a nasty one too, demons feed off of the sexual energy from anyone they kiss or do stuff with, the more intimate they get the faster they feed. Jason is the same kind of demon as him but Jason is much nicer. I’m, well, I’m not like them. I think that you teacher was targeting you because you have one of the most powerful auras I have ever encountered.”
I sit there silently, I probably should be freaking out but I feel calm as if I’ve known this forever.
“You look tired, I can help with that if you want me to.” Nathan says sheepishly and I realize that I am exhausted.
“Yes please.” He walks over to me and places his hand on my crotch.
“May I?”
“Of course.” He unzips my jeans and pulls them, and my boxers to my ankles. He starts to rub my balls between two fingers and instantly my cock begins to harden, then he lowers his mouth over the head of my 6 inch cock. Sliding the tip of his tongue on the slit at the tip of my cock he makes me tremble. Suddenly he slides the whole thing down his throat bobbing up and down on it I moan. I think I can feel the energy returning to my body.
“Nate, I’ll be up in a minute, save some for me. I was the one who found him.” Jason rasps from the couch.

To be continued

Please tell me what you think!

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2015-03-04 12:46:13
pls, continue

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2013-10-11 06:26:27
I'm 15 and really horny. Please CALL me and let's have phone sex. 780-308-8030

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2013-07-27 22:23:38
PHENOMENAL STORY it's one of my fantasy and its crazy how u wrote it out lol but ELABORATE MOREEEE the details are crucial but great story!!!!

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2013-07-25 03:21:18
Decent, if a bit rushed. But... holy shit am I confused... Yeeeaaahhh. Just try to slow down and explain what's going on a bit more clearly!

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2013-07-24 19:47:42
best fantsay i ever read. you have some spellig mistakes but i read through it n its wonderful plz keep writing

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