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It was two weeks before Aden was to ride again, in the meantime a young guy named Brian that I knew, was setting in a vacant parking lot at the traffic light, he was riding a bicycle and I was off duty just out on the town you could say so I pulled in to the parking lot and ask him what he was doing. Brian is about 5.9” around 140lbs with dirty blond curly but stringy hair and freckles. He said he was just messing around and had nothing really to do, after a few minutes he decided he wanted to ride around with me and just see what was going on around town. When you live in a small town there really isn’t much to do on the weekend unless you travel 40 or 50 miles. Brian and I rode all over town we talked to the other police officer in town that was on duty and let him know I was out and about, we left him and Brian saw a girl he thought he knew walking down the sidewalk so we stopped to check on her, she was having a fight with her boyfriend and was walking to calm down. I drove away and Brian said he would love to fuck that sometime I laughed and said yea like you got something to satisfy her with, he grabbed his crotch and said he had enough to satisfy her and me, I laughed really hard at that.

It had been a couple hours and we had not found anything to do other than ride around, I ask Brian if he knew of any girls around that was willing to at least suck our dicks he just looked at me with a dumb look and said if I did would I be riding around with you? I could see he point. I found a place to park where we could see the traffic light but wasn’t right at it and pulled out my magazine from the weekend before and started to look thru it again, Brian quickly realized what I had and grabbed it from me, I told him it was for adults and not for him, he laughed and just kept looking at the women in there getting fucked by this big dick guy. Brian looked at me and said this book may cause me to have to go behind the building and relieve myself, my response jokingly was why go behind the building just pull it out and go to it. The next thing I see is he has his pants down to his knees and he is sporting a nice hard on and he began stroking it slowly. Brains’’ dick was about 7” maybe a little longer and about as big around as the cap of a gator aid bottle but with his small frame it looked huge and his balls looked like two eggs laying in his lap and he had freckles that far down his body too. He was a cute guy and apparently willing to share he dick with me.

Brian smiled when he saw me with my mouth open and staring at his dick, he said so do you like what you see with a laugh, I just smiled and looked him in the eyes then he said why don’t you do this for me and I can turn the pages of the magazine. I reached over and took his hard but soft feeling dick in my hand and began to stroke it. His dick was so warm and his balls was so soft I just wanted to lean over and start sucking, then I realized where we were and decided real fast I needed to move. He laughs at me and I crank the car and we drive off Brian never pulled up his pants he just went to stroking his dick until I got to a good hiding spot outside of town. Brian looked around and asked how I knew where this place was I just laughed and said its not hard to find somewhere to hide. He was still stroking his dick and I reached over and took over for him and laid across the seat to get closer and then I asked him if I could suck it he looked down at me and said if you swallow you can suck all you want, with that I began sucking his dick, it was a nice hard one and had big veins that ran almost in a circle around it. I sucked on him for what felt like maybe ten minutes when he put his hand on the back of my head and said he was about to cum, boy did he those egg sized nuts let loose a load of thick cum, the first shot hit the back of my throat and then the next three were just huge loads I tried to not loose any but some dripped out and I licked it up cleaned his dick and set up, he had his head laid back and eyes closed and was trying to recover from what he called a damn great head job.

Brian had been with other guys before but didn’t know that I knew. All I knew was he had gotten head from other guys and he was real discrete about it not wanting any one to know and he wasn’t telling me either. I decided we would ride around for awhile and then I would go home, Brian ask if he could stay at my house for the night since it was so late and he didn’t want to wake anyone at his house, we grabbed his bike and put it in the trunk of the car and headed to my house. We entered the front door and I closed and locked it behind us. He fell out on the couch and I told him I was going to get a shower, as I’m getting in the shower I hear the TV come on so I figured Brian would be asleep before I got out, water in my face my eyes closed I hear the shower door open and close then I feel a hand slide across my back I jumped at first then realized it was Brian, I said so you decide you need a shower he laughs and grabs my dick and starts playing with it, the harder my dick gets the harder I feel his poking me in the ass, his dick is slowly sliding in between the cheeks of my ass and I reach back and begin stroking it, Brian is stroking my dick so hard and fast at this point I can’t hold back any longer and I tell him I’m about to come he lets go of me and kneels down in front of me and takes the head of my dick in his mouth and sucks hard and that puts me over the edge I blow my load all in his mouth he milks my dick with his hand to get every last drop and then stands up and kisses me feeding me some of my own cum. This is not the first time I have ever tasted my own cum, every guy has tasted his own at least one time in his life weather he admits it or not, but it was the first time I have had it fed to me on a tongue it was different I will say that. We finished up our shower and headed to the bed I knew I was in for a long night as Brian climbed up in the bed behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

We started off just spooning and Brian couldn’t handle it any longer he pushed me on to my stomach and dove in to my ass with his tongue, licking and pushing his tongue into my hole, it was the best feeling I had ever had in my life, I just can’t put it into words how it felt, he just kept licking and probing until I felt a finger tip at my opening then he slid it in slowly to the first joint I moaned in pleasure and he went a little bit more, he was still licking me with his tongue but the finger felt so good then he ask me if I could handle it I just told him I can’t wait any longer and to do it. Brian spit on he dick and rubbed it all over the head of his dick and stuck it to my hole all I heard was here it comes, his head popped in and slowly he slid the rest of he dick in till I felt his balls touch my ass, he told me it was all in and I just nod my head he began moving slow back and forth at first but started gaining speed it was feeling so good and my dick was standing at attention. I told Brian to let me roll on my back I wanted to see his face while he fucked me. I was in heaven as he rolled me over he never pulled out that was a task in itself but as he began fucking me picking up his speed and thrust I started jacking my dick and making loud noises of pleasure and telling him to fuck me harder, I could feel my limits being stretched and I knew it wouldn’t be long I was about to shoot the biggest load of my life all over both of us, as I came and my ass was squeezing Brian’s dick he went over the edge and busted his load in my ass it was so warm up in me and he just keeps pumping, his dick never went soft and he just kept going and with the extra lube now he was pounding my ass as hard as he could and I was enjoying every second of it and then I saw this look on his face and I could feel he dick get bigger inside me and then he let out a yell and pulled out just in time to shoot all over me, cum hit my for head my chin down my chest to my stomach and all over my dick and balls. He fell over on me and we laid their for at least thirty minutes before moving at all. Brian said I need a shower to which I laughed and said I did to but that’s what started this so I would wait for him to finish first. With a laugh he went off to the shower and I watched him thru the door to the bathroom, wondering if this was a one time thing or would he be coming around a lot.
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