White boi gets turned out


This actually IS a true story. It is centered around a white boy (my little brother/sister) who is fucked and feminized by black men. If you feel that this is no your kinda story... you are probably right. So please stop reading it. To those of you who I AM SURE... WILL read this story, and post angry hate comments, I hope you will realize that I am right, and EVERYTHING I SAY IS TRUE. And, THAT truth scares you. You angry and/or contradictory comments only further prove my thesis.

What "Thesis" you ask, that... well, actually there are three distinct, yet related parts to it, and here it is... "There is NO SUCH THING AS A WHITE MAN!" "ALL MEN ARE BLACK!" and, "ALL white boys are GIRLS for BLACK COCK!"

My Thesis may anger, upset, and/or enrage you! If it did, its probably because your a white boy, and you've not yet been turned-out by a black man/men. So, it this applies to you... shove that tiny pink clit between your milky white legs, and either go away... or, learn the truth.

Who the fuck am I??? ... I'm the barbie boy.

I'm just another white boy, who found womanhood at the base of a black man's cock. There are more of us than you'd like to believe. And, for the sake of all cromosomal xy paired girls of my race... I truly hope ALL of us will one day accept the truth I have learned.

This story is about what happened this past Saturday, I will post truths about racial-gender roles another time. I trust you get the idea... hopefully, one day you will discover the truth for yourself, and I hope this story will lead you to it.

If you'd like to learn more visit me at

Make yourself an imagefap profile, and join in on the revolution.

The truth will only hurt you in denial, acceptance and appropriate action is how you profit from the truth!


I myself was first converted... officially, almost two years ago. I'm almost 17 now, so I was about my brother's age when I got turned-out. Which was the reason I think I pushed so hard to get him turned-out too, I think its important to experience it young. I really believe getting turned-out young saves a person a LOT of confusion and frustration down the road.

Honestly, pretty much right after my first time with a black man... I was looking to have my brother turned-out. He was only 12 though, and was pretty resistant to the idea. The only thing I had going for me was the fact that he looked up to me... especially when we were younger, and because of that I had a strong persuasive influence on him... to an extent.

I love my little brother... and I was doing it, because I knew it was the best thing for him, but initially he didn't see it that way.

After I first got turned out, I kinda went a lil' crazy, and became a bit of a whore. I was trying to jump on any black cock I could, and I was getting a LOT! Which caught me a really awful reputation. Within weeks, I became the "faggot black-cock whore" of the school, and my little brother caught a hard time because of my indescretions, and I became a source of shame for him. Which made converting him problematic.

From the beginning, I confessed my experiences with him, like little girls we talked, OMG'd, and giggled... sparring no details! And, I could tell it turned him on in a powerful way... I mean, really, how couldn't it?!?!? My escapades sexually excited him so much, it scarred him! He was seriously afraid of how much it turned him on, so much so he refused to listen to them afterwards. He was terrified about being labeled as a faggot, and what that would mean for him socially.

But, with time... little by little I wore him down, rationalizing gender roles based on race, and about what "normal" really is, and about nature, and what natural is. And, he KNEW I was right, even if he wasn't ready to accept it. And, there were other pychological factors playing on his psyche. Like, watching me regularly bringing black men into my room, knowing I'm having sex with them, and hearing me moan like a whore for them, while they fuck the shit outta his big brother! And, afterwards when I would tell him how much I loved it, lamentling about their sexual prowess, how big their dicks were, and went on about the sheer dominace and power of the black man. It all takes a psychological toll...

After a while... I was able to really make progress with him, the same way it first happened with me... I got him hooked on interracial porn!

Because it was black men with white women it didn't seem intrisically "gay" to him, and because of me he was more than a little curious. And, from there... the power of black cock consumed his thoughts! I showed him a few sites I knew he would like, and I encouraged him to really indulge his addiction. I humoured his state of denial, in which he believed he was straight, and let him go porn crazy to sow the seeds for his own deflowering.

He became addicted to interracial porn, and once I was sure he was beyond the point of no return I dropped a bomb on him, by letting him know that watching interracial porn made him gay. Confused... he tried arguing, but I won. You should have seen the look on his face... when I asked him and said, " You don't have to answer, but be honest with yourself... when you're watching some big strong, huged dicked black man... fucking some pretty white girl... which one are you? Which do you associate with? Which one do you REALLY wish you were???" The answer was obvious... and its the SAME for ANY white boy who watches interracial porn!!!

And... the seed was sown...

Afterwards, I tried to encourage him to flirt with some of the black guys at our school, but too shy, and still too deep into denial he wouldn't. So in an attempt to help him out I tried introducing to some black men I knew would love to tear his lilly white ass up, but he would always fuck it up by running away, ducking their phone calls, and insisting he liked girls and saying that he was straight.

I even brought black men to the house... knowing that... all it would take, is a few minutes alone with one or two of them in his room, and he'd be on all fours with a black dick in each end, but when I tried it... he locked himself in his room, and threatenend to call mom, if I didn't ask them to leave.

After that incident he srceamed at me calling me a faggot, and how he wasn't "like" me, how he likes girls, and how he's straight. I retalliated with a question, I asked him, "how is it 'if' you like girls... that you're 14, and you've NEVER even had a girlfreind! And, that at 14... you've never even kissed a girl!" Like I thought, he didn't have an answer for that. Then, I aked him, "How is it 'IF' you don't want to get fucked by a black man that you still watch interracial porn on your computer every night, even after I pointed out to you... that its the girl you associate with, and why is it that when I introduce you to black men... within seconds you're sporting a hard-on."

He didn't have answers for my questions, and he ended up crying that night. On some level, even though I had never been so resistant, I knew what he was going through. He was terribly frustrated, he KNEW what he wanted, but was ashamed of wating it. And, the ONLY way to get him past it was to take drastic action. So... I did what had to be done...

One of the guys I'm sleeping with is an older guy named Trey. Trey is like some kind of black African sex god. Tall, muscular, very dark skinned, with a MASSIVE black cock. Trey is very 'hood,' Trey's a thug nigga, and I fell hard for Trey months back, and would DO anything for him! Knowing this, he's tricked my ass out, to his friends and stragers... sometimes for money, or just as a way to hook up his nigga's. Esentially, he's my pimp... and, since I don't ever get paid, or ask for money I'm a good lil trick.

Trey has a younger cousin named Shamar, who's been staying with him recently, and is from Detroit. Shamar is very similar to Trey, only about 7 years younger... a few inches taller, darker skined, more tattoo's, and has dreadlocks. And, Shamar's never 'nelled' a white boy, but liked the idea of turining one out. So I asked Trey for a favor... and he REALLY came through!!!

We live in Southern California, and like a lot of white boys here, my brother likes to surf. Since he's not that good what he does, is something called 'skin boarding.' Which only requires a VERY small board, and basically all he does is ride on the very tiny amount of water that ebbs up on the shore... But, this past Saturday, I got him something MUCH bigger and better to ride!!!

Nearly every Saturday, my brother catches the city bus to the beach, and plays "surfer-boy" all day. I've gone with him a few times, and I know where he likes to set up. ONLY, last Staurday... Trey, Shamar, and two other ghetto ass big dicked niggers knew exactly where to find him... and did!

They found him skin boarding on the shore, and also found his bag of clothes, with his phone, wallet, and shoes inside. And, they walked right up, in plain sight, and grabbed his bag, and began going through it. Which caught baby brother's attention, so he walked up to them, and timidly explained that... that was his bag, and if they could please give it back to him.

Instead, they rummaged through it, and threw it back and fourth among each other. Which caused him to plead with them... esentially, crying like a bitch for them to give him back his stuff.

Which was when Trey asked him if he REALLY wanted his bag back, when my brother said yes... Trey let him know, that you can't get something for nothing. And, continued explaining that he'd been telling his cousin Shamar about how pretty the white bitches in California are, and how he had caught Shamar's eye!

So... if he wants his bag back, with his clothes, phone, money, shoes, and wallet. All he asks is that he sits on Shamar's lap, and pulls his swiming trunks down, so he can appreciate quality Cali ass! They told me my bother was pertrofied when they said that. Then, they surrounded him, and walked him over to the edge of the beach where there were some wooden steps. Shamar sat down on one of them, and tapped his lap indicating for my brother to take a seat. While the other black guys heckled saying "C'mon white boy show a nigga some Cali love!"

The area of the beach they'd walked him over too was a little out of sight, so when my brother freaked out and refused to comply, Trey pulled his swim trucks completely off, and in a commanding voice told my now totally nude, quiveriing naked brother to sit on Shamar's lap. And, of course now... he complied.

Shamar's hands were all over my little brother's timid... naked white flesh, and the other brotha's were getting a bit of a show. Shamar grabbed, smacked, and caressed my brother's bright white bubble bottom, and he began kissing his neck, rubbing his perky pink nipples, and giving him his first hickey... as the other men laughed at his tiny little pink penis... telling him the same thing I had told him, that a white boy's dick is a clit...

After a few minutes of that, they told my brother that if he wanted his precious bag and clothes back now... he's going to accompany Shamar, as his date... as they walk down the strip. Not having any clothes, shoes or money... he conceeded. They handed my brother back his towel, provided he fold it in half, making it shorter... and allowed him to wrap it around his waist, as they walked the strip.

They walked the strip until they got to one of those beach stores, that sell sunscreen, swim suites, beach towels, and all that jazz. This one was pretty big, and was indoors. They took my brother inside, and explained to the pretty blonde girl working there, that my brother was looking for a sexy pink bikini... and asked if she would help him out. Playful and despicably naughty the blonde girl played along... and began showing him the smallest... sluttiest bikini's in the store. Once they found a REALLY tiny pink one... with a slutty cut, they had him go in the back and try it on... When he came out of the dressing room, he had a pretty pink biki top that barely covered his nipples, and a slutty pink bikini bottom that accentuated his wide female shaped hips, and perky bubble butt!

Then, they took him over to the female sandal selection, and put him in a cute pair of lifted five inch open-toe beach sandals. Throughly satisfied with my pretty little blonde beach bimbo brother, and his sexy bikini make-over... they grabbed money out of my brother's wallett, and paid the pretty sales girl.... As the walked out she said to my brother, "now you be a good girl, for your nice boyfirend and his buddies."

They took back the towel that they'd entered the store with, Trey put my brother's wallet in his pockett, and they threw the bag with the rest of my brothers belongings in the nearest trash can. When my brother protested... they told him, he had NO PLACE wearing male clothing, and that it was an imsult to black men everywhere, for him to have it. They told him how pretty he looked in his bikini, and open toe sandal pumps.

With my brother barely clothed in a pink bikini, they continued walking the strip showing off their cute little beach blonde bimbo, as they took turns gropping him up, and rubbing on his nearly bare bikini bottom. They took turns having him hold their arm, as they walked, and passed him around among each other as they walked to the parking lot.

Once they got to the parking lot, they forced my baby brother's bikini covered ass, into the back of Trey's Range Rover... on Shamar's lap, next two the other two black guys they went with. Trey pulled out of the parking lot, making his way to one of his stash houses.

Before they made it out of the driveway, my brother's bikini had been removed, and three big black men, began exploring the mysteries of my brothers naked white pinkish flesh. They smacked his ass, and began tasting his exposed flesh... then, began fingering his ass in the backseat. All six sets of massive black hands coveted his bare bottom, and long... thick black fingers slid up into and out of his ass... They took turns finger fucking his bright white ass, and ass smacking it around, as he moaned like a whore!

They finger fucked him hard and deep, pulling his hair, and devouring his naked flesh with their saliva, while his pinkish white nipples, legs, and ass cheeks trembled in their mouths. And, as it escalated they made it expressedly clear what kind of interracial adventure he'd be on the recieving end of!

Then, they pulled into Tray's stash house, deep inside an all black LA neiborhood. They haulled my brother's naked white ass into the house, and decended upon him like wolves!!! Then, they positioned my brother against the wall, with the plams of his hands on the wall, and his back arched... with his ass sticking out... As Shamar pulled his massive midnight black monster cock, and began rubbing it up and down my brother's virgin ass crack. While Trey, Shamar, and the other two told my brother in explicit detail how they were gunna make a woman outta him, and how they're gunna fuck his lilly white brains out!!!

Shortly after, they put my brother on his milky white knee's, and had him sucking hard black nigger dicks so big, he could just barley wrap his pouty pink lips around them... He alternated sucking four proud African cocks situated in a semi-circle in front of his face, kissing the tips of their dicks, licking and sucking massive black balls, and choking as the shove their veiny nigger dicks down his throat.

Then, they put him on all fours, so as he sucked one cock, the other men, could oil his virgin ass, finger fuck it, and prepare him for penetration. Then, Shamar picked up my naked brother, in his powerful black arms, and carried him over to the bed, he patted my brother's bare bottom, indicating for him to assume the position. My brother got on all fours... arched his back, and presented his naked white ass to his black conqueror ... and, looked back waiting to be penetrated...

When the tips of Shamar's raw dick edged its way to his asshole, my brother asked Shamar if he was going to put on a condom first... All the men laughed, and Shamar mocked him, asking, "What... you're afraid I'll get you pregnant?" Then, Shamar explained that white boys get fucked RAW, so that niggers can inseminate them!!! He explained to my brother he was going to be inseminated by four black men, and afterwards... he can never pretend to be a man again, as he'll be a woman... who holds black men's seed deep inside her bowels as a constant reminder of who she REALLY IS!!!

They took turns fucking him senseless, they ran several sets of trains on his lily white ass, in every concievable position, for hours and hours... My brother came over and over again as they pounded his white ass like an African war drum. They fucked him like savages, with a cock in his mouth at one end, and one up his ass at the other end. And, as they'd promised they inseminated him, two in the ass, two in his mouth... and, he swallowed every drop he could! They beat his cute white face with their cum drenched dicks, and fucked him again, and again.

They finally, brought him home... a little after 11:00pm, and told him... it was me who had set this up. When he walked through the front door... he was positively radiant! He seemed to glow, and despite obvious fatigue and soreness... he looked like a happy woman! I hugged him like a sister, and told him how happy I was for him. He wrapped his arms around me too, and thanked me.

I asked him if he was mad with me, he cried and said, no. We ate ice cream and stayed up all night talking as sisters do... It was fun girl talk!!!

Later in the week Shamar and some other guys have been enjoying time with my new little sister!!!

He's got my brother is wearing eyeliner, and lip gloss whenever he leaves the house. Shamar's also got my brother wearing panties 24/7 as he says its disrespectfull for a white boy, to wear a man's underwear...

To show Trey my appreciation I've been turning tricks for him, and as I write this story... I can feel sperm from two black men... leaking down my rectum, and dripping from my ass.... and, semen from the other black man swiming in my belly...

There is NO SUCH thing as a white man!!!


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