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A young virgin waitress has caught the attention of the wrong man....
You've seen me a bunch of times. When you and your family eat at my parent's restaurant, you always sit in my section. So when my car won't start one night after I close the restaurant, I am relieved when you show up. Normally I'd call my parents but they're out of town. That's why I'm closing the restaurant this week and you know it. You pull up and get out.

"Oh Mr Carlton, I'm SO glad to see you! My car won't start!". I'm distressed. My cell isn't working right and every time I've tried to call someone for help, the signal hasn't gone through. Of course these things aren't a surprise to you....this is all part of your plan....

You get out of your car. If I knew anything about men, I'd see the big bulge in your pants already. In your head, you are planning all of the nasty things you're going to do to me once you have me at your mercy.

"Let me have a look Tasha. I'm sure I can help you...." You reach in my window and release the hood. As you retract your hand, it brushes up against the outside of my thigh. My face turns red as I feel a surge of heat shoot from where you touched me to between my legs. As a virgin, the feeling just confuses me.

"It doesn't look let me try starting it". After looking under the hood and touching a few wires, you come back to my door and open it. You offer your strong, tanned hand to help me out of the car. Secretly I marvel at how big your hand is compared to mine.

You try a bunch of times to get the engine to turn over, but there's no response. You swear and I start to cry.

"Oh no no darling, don't cry! It's not that bad!" You leap from the car and put a reassuring arm around me. I lean into your hard, wide chest, resting my head on it. Your penis surges in your pants as you pull me into you. You gently rest your hand on the back of my head.

"I'll take care of the car for you Tasha.... I'll have it towed to my shop and it will be fixed by morning...." You lead me to your car and open the passenger side door. I continue to sob hysterically.

"Everything goes wrong when there's no one to help me....Mr Carlton you're a life saver..... I'll be sure you are paid back when my parents get home I promise...." You hand me a bottle of water that you'd had waiting in the passenger side cup holder.... I don't notice the slightly odd medicinal taste as I take a couple of long pulls from it. I continue to sip it as you whip out your phone and masterfully arrange for a tow truck from your shop to come and pick up my car.

The world starts to turn on it's side and I shake my head to try and clear the woozy feeling. You see that the drugs in the water are starting to kick in. You end your phone call and catch me as I try to stand up. I stumble from your arms and catch myself on the hood of your car. The dark, empty parking lot offers no other help. I start sweating profusely, overheating from the inside, feeling like my whole body is on fire. Almost incoherent, I pull off my jacket. Feeling the cool night breeze raise goose flesh on my arms, I pull my shirt off over my head. I'm now desperate to cool myself. You grab my wrists as I remove my bra and pin me down on my back over the hood of your car. I feel your mouth latch onto my right nipple and scream in pain as I feel your teeth bite into the tender flesh. My last memory is you piling me into the trunk of your car, then everything goes dark.


I wake up naked in a dark room. I try to move around but find that my legs and one of my arms are bound. My legs are as wide apart as they can hip flexors actually hurt they are forced so far apart. My legs are bent with rope binding my knees as far apart as they'll go as well. The lips of my vagina are spread wide as well. I can feel the cool air on my unprotected clitoris. I start to cry....

A door swings open and suddenly there is light in my face. I hear a bunch of clicks that turn lights on all around me, seemingly pointed at me. Above my head a see a bunch of screens....I'm being recorded from every angle. My naked breasts, my wide spread vagina....I can see it all. I hear footsteps and a shadow darkens the area between my legs.....

"Mr Carlton? What have you done to me? What's happening? I don't understand!" I start to cry louder but am silenced by a ball shoved in my mouth and strapped behind my head. It's all I can do to breath around it.

You straddle my hips and lean down, grabbing my face roughly by my chin.

"All of those times you teased never wore a bra when you served my family, you'd put your hard nipples so close to my face...." I watch as your face hovers over my nipples. You blow on them and against my will, they get hard. You laugh, then suck the right one into your mouth. It aches from the last time you bit it, I felt it as your teeth penetrated my flesh when you pinned me to the hood of your car. I feel you suck as the blood starts to flow from it once again. You reach for my left nipple with your strong fingers, pulling it, twisting it so hard I can feel the skin starting to tear. I whimper from behind the ball gag.

"If you think this hurts, wait til you feel what I'm going to do to your little virgin cunt". Your smile scares me. Blood from my nipple is smeared on your lips as you switch your mouth from the right to my now torn left nipple. Your saliva stings the tears in the tender skin.

As you suck blood from my left nipple your right hand searches out my still bleeding right nipple and milks it, forcing more blood out the holes your teeth have torn in my soft pink skin. You gather some on your fingers and bring it to my mouth.

"If I undo the gag, will you taste your own blood?" I turn my head away, disgusted by the smell of my own blood. I feel both of your hands close around my damaged nipples and squeeze so hard blood from both sprays everywhere. I can't help but try to scream in intense pain.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! STOP!! STOOOOOOOOOP!" My words muffled by the gag, I writhe in agony and you cease the pressure on my nipples. Blood flows freely from both, running down my torso and between my legs. I feel your tongue follow the path of the blood until it contacts the rubbery nub there. Gently, you lick the blood off of it, sending pangs of pleasure through my body. I'm disgusted as I feel my clitoris harden and a new wetness run from my wide spread hole. You groan.

""Oh you're a dirty cunt Tasha. How can you be turned on by such terrible things. I'm hurting you and you like it. You really DO like it don't you.... You want me to hurt you more don't you Tasha?" You murmur the words in between licks of my ever hardening clit. I feel your tongue lap the wetness running from my hole, pushing inside me, in as far as it will go. Your fingers gently rub then pinch my clit and the combination is too much. I feel a strange tightening throughout my whole lower body and start to moan quietly at first, then louder as the feeling intensifies.

"Ohhh.....uuuuuuunngh....UUUUUNGH! UUUUUUUUUNNNGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!" My body is no longer my own, waves of pleasure rush over me as I wriggle and writhe, trying to escape your fingers as they continue to roughly pinch my now oversensitive throbbing nubbin. Blood continues to flow from my mangled nipples. I feel your hot breath again except this time, it's on my clit. I feel your teeth pierce the thin skin and scream as I feel it rip open from the tip of my nub to the base, leaving the cartilage exposed, bare and now bleeding like my nipples.

It hurts so bad but for some reason....I want more.


2014-01-17 03:37:38
Nope I only post here. This story was a request of someone in chat forum. I'm glad you liked it :)

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2013-07-27 10:39:15
10 to 16? Wtf is the matter with you

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