I become an adult woman in our country family.
The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16. Enjoy.

Yes we are a big family that lives out in the country in northern Arkansas but that does not mean that we are not as good as any other family anywhere else, even in the big cities like Mountain Home. You might think poorly of us when you read my story but for us it is perfectly normal and the way it has been for generations.

We always have a big party for every child's (16th) birthday and a large turnout of family and friends comes. After a big BBQ and the cake and ice cream and the birthday presents, the kids are sent out to play. When it gets dark many of us gather in the living room for the coming of age ceremony. If the birthday is for a boy, his mother gives him his first blowjob while all cheer them on. If the party is for a girl, she gets her first fuck from an older brother. If she does not have an older brother, an older cousin will do. It is hard to guess for how many of them this really is their first time but officially it is.

I'm Judy and when I had my (16th) party. I had to pretend that it hurt when my 17 year old brother shoved his cock in me in front of all the guests. I had not been a virgin for a long time. He knew that it didn't hurt as he has had his cock in me a lot of times. It started with Dad standing in front of everyone and announcing that I was now of age and another woman in the family and that it was time for me to be treated like a woman. Then in front of everyone, he undressed me. I stood there showing my A-cup boobies and half a dozen pubic hairs proudly to everyone that was watching. My nipples were hard while I thought about what was soon to happen. At the same time my older brother, Jake was undressing.

Mom had taught me what was going to happen and I had also been to other kids' (16th) parties starting from when I was just old enough to walk, so I knew what to do. When we were both nude, my brother stood in front of me with his erection almost touching my belly. I took it in my hand and dropped to my knees in front of him. I could hear many of the people standing around calling to me, "Suck it. Suck your brother's cock. It's time to be a woman." I leaned forward and put my lips around it. With a smile in my mind I thought to myself, 'It tastes the same as it did last night and all the times before.' But no-one was supposed to know that.

Jake put his hands behind my head and held me as he face fucked me in front of everyone. I was able to take all of his six inches till my nose was in his pubic hair. After a minute of deepthroating my brother, he pulled out and I got down on the floor on my back spread my legs and pulled my knees up. Jake got down between my legs, took his pole in his hand and lined it up with my fuck hole. With one hard fast shove, he buried his prick all the way in my twat. I let out a painful sounding scream so people might think that he had just he had just broken my cherry. A big cheer came from the gathering. I hoped that no-one noticed that there was not any blood.

It didn't take long for Jake to fill me with his cum as he fucked me fast and hard like one of our dogs fucking bitch in heat. We both groaned in pleasure as he filled me with a big load. He got up and stepped back and Mom came over to him and sucked his stick clean. I lay on the floor and pushed till his cream started coming out of my pussy. When everyone saw that, Dad made a toast to me and all the adults (16 and older) raised a glass of Dad's moonshine and drank to me becoming a woman.

Then I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up and out. Next I went and laid on my bed and waited. The next person to enter my room was my father as I thought it would be. As he crossed the floor he was shedding his clothes. As he stood next to my bed I looked at him. "Oh Daddy, you're so big. I don't know if I can take you in me." It was the biggest cock I had ever seen up close but I already knew how big he was as I had seen him fucking and getting blown by Mom and several of my older girl relatives and their friends for years.

He climbed between my legs, kissed me on the lips and told me that he loved me and how glad he was that I was of age now. He rubbed his cock head up and down my wet slit and then found my hole. It took a minute for him to work himself fully into me because he was pretty big, but he got it all in. "Oh Daddy, go easy. You're so big. I feel so full." His first couple of strokes were slow and gentle but soon he could not resist and he was slamming into me as hard and as deep as he could. I was amazed that my little hole had stretched so much to let his thick man meat in, and that I could take his full length in me. He must have been 8 inches or more, and as thick as my wrist. He pounded me so hard that he drove me up to the top of the bed and my head was hitting against the headboard which was then hitting against the wall of my bedroom making a loud thumping noise.

My father lasted a long time. His dick beat me till I had my first orgasm other than by my own hand. It was intense. I grabbed the sheets, my head rolled back and forth and I humped my pussy up to match his thrusts while I screamed for him to fuck me and then collapsed. Even the he was not done and had not yet filled me with his seed. He kept fucking his hard prick into me and brought me to a second equally intense orgasm before he final stiffened up, held himself deep in me and filled me with blast after blast of the same seed that had made me inside my mother. He pulled out and brought his cock to my face where I sucked it clean.

Before he was even fully out of the room, two of my boy cousins that were about a year older than me, came literally running into the room. They used their boy sized cocks to fuck me at the same time. They switched positions several times, one in my pussy and one in my mouth and then the other way around before they both added their loads of cum in my fuck hole that was already very full with my daddies stuff. When they finished, they both ran out of the room with their wieners in their hands. It was a funny sight.

I went down the hall, naked, to go to the bathroom to clean myself. I saw two couples going into one of the bedrooms. My aunt June already had her huge drooping tits out. They smiled as we passed. When I got back to my room there was already a guy naked on my bed waiting for me. I didn’t know him. He looked to be maybe around 20. I looked between his legs and he was almost as big as my dad. "Get on top and ride me like a cowgirl."

I had never done it other than with the guy on top but I was happy to try it. I swung my leg over him and took his hard cock in my hand. I lowered my pussy till he was touching my opening and then quickly sat all the way down on it. Again I felt stretched and completely full of cock. I bounced up and down on his shaft like a little kid bouncing on a bouncy bed. He reached up and pinched my nipples. I rode him till I brought myself to an orgasm on his cock. I could feel my fluids running out of me and down his cock to his nuts.

He rolled me over and put me on my hands and knees, got behind me and pushed into my stretched cunt doggie style. That was another first for me and I liked it. He held my hips and fucked me that way for a couple minutes and then pulled out. "Suck me. Suck the cum out of my cock." I had never had anyone cum in my mouth although I had tasted it the times when I had put cocks in my mouth after they had filled my pussy. I thought that cum didn’t taste great but not awful either and I had been told that I would learn to love the taste and crave it.

I turned around and brought my face to his crotch. He was in a hurry. He grabbed my head and pulled me to him. "Get it in your mouth. Suck it now. Swallow my load." I found out why he was in such a hurry. Just seconds after I had given him a couple of deep sucks, he moaned and exploded in my mouth. His prick swelled up and started jerking as rope after rope of his cum filled my mouth. Some leaked out and dripped down my chin. He held my head till I had swallowed all of his stuff. Then he put me on my back and sucked my nipples for a little bit and then put his pants on and left. I never found out who he was.

I was worn out and tired but I waited to see who would be next to come into my room and use my body. It was several minutes and then my mother came in. She had a plastic bag with her and she told me that it was an herb that would keep me from getting pregnant till I wanted to. I had known a couple of girls who had gotten pregnant during their (16th) birthday parties. Mom told me that I should take a gob about the size of a walnut and put it up inside me after sex and leave it there for at least two hours after. She showed me how to do it the first time. She took a big pinch of the herb and pushed it up in my well used pussy. Then she leaned down and gave me a light kiss on my mound and left. I fell asleep in minutes.

That was the start of my adult sex life with family and friends which was often and fun. I was ready when I was fifteen and I stopped using the herb and got pregnant with the first of my four children. I have a husband but I think each of my kids has a different father. One of them, I think is from my father. It won't be long before my oldest has her 12th birthday and I am already starting to think about her party and all the family and friends to invite.


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2015-04-03 13:21:37
I'm 30 now. My brother and I started having sex when we were younger than this site says you have to be to tell your story. When our families get together, my brother and I still sneak off to share a good fuck.

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2014-04-30 14:43:47
I'm goin to Missouri in a week to see my sister and her kids. My sister already knows of my love and 1 of her daughters is hinting that she might know and wants me to "spend some time at her place".

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2013-12-03 16:22:01
I want to make a 12y old girl pregnant.

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2013-09-10 15:11:14
con't from previous post below... My brother an I love to fuck like bunnies. I so enjoy havin' him in my pussy. Just like it is right now. This story had plenty of room to expand on this story line. I wonder why you didn't continue it. I mean all thru high school and college my brother and I fuck ourselves silly. When I was horny, he fuck me in a heart beat. And when he was randy he knew I'd take care of him. We're still together to this day. Happy as two people can be. I have to say that my only regret, was that I didn't catch him jackin' off a lot sooner. I would have gladly started suckin' his dick when I was 5 or 6 yrs. old, had I known that was what he liked for me to do. You really should come back and write a couple of more chapters of this story line.

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2013-09-10 15:03:22
You briefly said that her older brother punched her cherry before her 12th birthday party. But you didn't say how old she was when brother actually fucked her the first time. Sounds like this family could be a lot of fun to be a part of or be the family to get away from as soon as you can. Cute story thou. There was another story about large family fun fest called Incest Roulette. Very good story too. As much as this story is a work of fiction, you have to know that in reality there are families like this all over the South that really do act like this. And they show the real out come to repetive inbreeding. It's a sad story. The English Blue bloods were the same way. Their continued inbreeding finally destroyed their whole line. But man it's fun to have a sibling you can trust enought to fuck your brains out when you need that itch fixed. You don't have to worry about the fellow blabbin' it all over the world that he's fuckin' you. I had my tubes snipped so I can not have a child. TBC

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