This is a fantasy. This is my first story i am posting. This not a true story. If you do not like stories of young ones then please do not read this one. If you like the story please let me know. I have more to cum if you do. ;)
Daddy - Kevin
Mommy - Cindy
Daughter - Sally

After a long day at the pool all three of us were tired. SInce Sally played in the sand box I had to give her a bath even though all she wanted to do was go to sleep.

Kevin went straight to the shower in our room. I finally got all the sand out of her hair and I got her out of the tub. I dried Sally off. Kevin was watching baseball on tv in bed in his boxers. So I Put her next to him on the bed. "Here is daddy, you stay here while I get your PJ's."

"Hi Baby Girl" he says as he snuggles her. "You smell so nice and clean. Did you have a nice warm bath before bed?" "Yes daddy" I hear her say as she giggled. I could tell Kevin started tickling her.

When I came back in the room I see the towel had dropped off partly and our daughter lying on her daddy's bare chest. Sally was swirming a little trying to get comfortable. I try to get her off him and tell her "lets get dressed and get to bed". she barely response whining "noooo mommmy i can just sleep here." I glace down and see his cock is getting hard the more she moves on him. I smile at him and say, "ok, but just for a little while". I sit on the bed beside him as he pretends to be concentrating on the tv. Kevin starts rubbing his Baby Girls bare back slowly. I watch for a short time then put my hand on his hardening cock lightly. He jumps slightly but not wanting to wake her now that she is about to sleep. He is beet red having me seen he had been turned on by the interaction. I start pull out his cock from his boxers and begin rubbing it slowly. He instantly moans and closes his eyes before he can stop himself. He slowly forces them open to look at me. I see pure need for sex a is his eyes. "Babe, nooo we can't.....we shouldn't." as he moans again. "Its fine," I say in a low voice, "She won't wake up." I put my mouth on it. His one hand on our daughter to keep her still and the other grabs my arm in desperation to keep control. Sally's legs spread out and is straddling his chest. She is sound asleep. I slowly fuck him with my mouth, tirling my tongue around is rock hard cock. His hands Start rubbing our little girls back slowly. His hands slowly go farther down her naked body each time. I see them start caressing her tiny bottom and I moan and I see her check spread as his hands spread her checks slightly. I take his large cock all the way in my throat. he moans louder and rsises against my face. He is breathing is becoming so fast. I feel my pussy dripping my juice down my leg, at this point. Not leaving go of his cock from my lips, I slip my pajama shorts off. I release him with my mouth and rub him up and down with my hand as I position myself over his cock. He looks up and I see a look of shock and not believing that I was going to fuck him while our little girl lay naked on his chest.

Our daughter squirms a little on his chest which he holds her a little tighter with both hands so she doesn't wake up. He closes his eyes as I slide on. letting out a long moan I know he can't stop himself now if he tried. I slide up and down slowly adding to the struggle for him to stay in control of his hips moving. I start to feel him slowly moving with me. His hands holding our our baby girl at her waist and moving her in a slow rocking movement ever so slightly up and down his chest. I was about to cum just watching him, but i held back. Her little ass is almost touching pussy by now. It looks like he is fucking his sweet baby girl. I clinched his cock even tighter with my pussy. Both of us moaning trying to keep from going to fast. All at once he starts to push hard into me. I push onto him as far as his cock can go inside me and rock back and forth he explodes inside me so I release my orgasm, both of us jerking and groaning. I look at my daughters little ass and see his hands grabbing it and and his fingers glidding over her little hole as he is caughting his breathe. I am felling her warm botttom against my pussy hair. This sets me in another round of orgasm i grind on his cock a little more and i see him push her down against my pussy and pushes his hips up against me. I reach over and steady myself with my hands on his shoulders as I flood his cock with my juices. Both of us weak and panting looking in each others eyes not able to put into words what we felt.

I get off him and his limp cock falls against our babies crack. I stare and his cock filled with our juices lying against her tiny pussy. I look up at kevin and see his face looking stunned at what he feels. His eyes close and I see him struggling with his feeling. I get a little bold and take a hold of his cock and rub it against her little slit. He moans but does not stop me. I do this for about 30 seconds and then stop letting his cock rest onto her now wet slit with our juices smeared on her little slit. He finally opens his eyes and takes a breathe. I lean over and give him a kiss. He grabs the back of my head and thrusts his tongue into my mouth. I moan as we hungrily kiss each other. We don't say a word to each other. We don't know what to say.

I go into the bathroom to get myself cleaned off. When I came back out he had our daughter next to him in a spooning position. I giggle slightly and come over to him. I lean over and kiss him softly and tenderly. "that was fun." Is all I could think of saying. He smiled and pulling her closer to him in a daddy hug and says "Maybe we should get her dressed and back to her bed"

I slowly lift her warm body up against my still naked body and carry her off to bed. I lay her down in her bed naked. I look over her body and see our juices in her pussy area. I lean over and take a whiff of the juices. A moans slips out of my mouth. I can't believe I am smelling our juices on our daughters pussy. I am so tempted to lick her and feel her slit. I stand up and look around. Then look at her sleeping soundly. S I lean forward again and as I sell her I feel my juices dripping down my leg again. I moan and my tongue goes out and licks her little slit. OMG. I just licked my daughters pussy. I reach into my cunt and slip one finger inside of me and then slide it against her slit . I rub my finger a couple times to get her nice and wet. Then I lick her again. I let my tongue roam over her little slit and cleaning up my juices. I then cover her naked body up and give her a kiss on her lips. I whisper, "Goodnight my sweet tasting little princess".

I come back and slide back into bed where she was positioned. He moans and nuzzles my neck. He slides his hand down to my pussy and starts to play with it. I spread my legs and let him toy around with it like he was exploring it for the first time. He slowly slides his finger in. With each motion going in a little farther. I start to moan and rock my hips with him. He kisses my neck and starts to move to slightly on top of me. Kissing me on my check and forehead as he fingers move in and out of me. I am dripping down my ass crack which makes me start to fuck his hand more. He kisses me slowly and moans " oh Baby Girl....I am going to fuck you". I moan uncontrollably fully realizing what he is pretending to do. I open my eyes and he is starring at me with a look of "is this ok"? I smile and wrap my arms around his head and pull him down for a sweet wanting kiss as my answer. He climbs up on top and rubs his cock around on my pussy using my already wet cunt to fully soak the tip of his cock. He places the head of his cock at the beginning of my hole. He looks at me with a serious look of concern "This is only going to hurt a little Baby GIrl" He comes down for a soft reassuring kiss. I am starting to feel like this is my first time and loving it. He slowly enters me. I moan as it is so slow and I want it so bad. He pulls out and kisses me a little harder as he goes farther into my cunt then again pulling slightly out and kissing me on my neck and lips as if he is relaxing me and preparing me for his full cock. He continues this for a few more pumps and I am breathing so heavy wanting him to put it all in. I put my legs around his waist and start to dig my fingers into his back. "Put it all the way in Daaaaadddddyyyy, Please Daddy" I moan without even realizing I was saying daddy. He puts it all in and holds it there. I feel his cock throbbing. My cunt is tightening against him. He cant stand it anymore and starts to really push his cock into me harder each time and finally he cums full force. I can't control myself and cum with him. He lays his head on my chests catching his breath. Kevin takes each of my nipple into his mouth gently and sucks each of them moaning. "God, Baby Girl, you taste soooo good." then lowers himself down beside me.

Not wanting to talk and ruin to mood we both just fall asleep next to each other smiling.

The next morning he woke up first and went to get his shower. I lay there thinking of the night before as my smile automatically goes back to my face thinking how strange erotic it was. Then I hear a soft moan from the shower and I giggled. He was thinking of last night also.

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