Involving irony, this is a story escalating to my first time.
I am a conventional teenage boy.
Masturbate? Occasionally. I would fuck anything with a pulse.

As of two months ago, I were passably happy with my lifestyle; Get up, go to School, get the day over with,
and get home. Spending the rest of the day lugging it or watching television.

I hung out with my friends, just not within week days.
As a young teenager I had more friends than I could account for.
Everyday I somehow managed to get some action. As there were quite a few females that, I were not familiar with, so I took advantage. Not forgetting it takes two to tango! It never went any further than a kiss or Blowjob.

Later on in my teenage life I found myself, drifting away from my friends.
The party's were getting old, I must have had my lips around every girl in my group, and I were bored.

So about eleven months ago, I stopped hanging around. I sure have missed them, but now I wanted something legitimate.

It were two months ago I had gotten talking to my ex-girlfriend. The feelings were still there.
The chemistry was still there. I hit it off with her quite well, just like the first time.
Within a few weeks, I had all ready been love struck. Just like the first time.
Our first relationship did not work out. So now we were giving another go.

She's a brunette, Hazel eyes, sexy figure, an ass better than Beyonce.
There were no doubt, I wanted to make love to her.

We spoke constantly over Facebook and Skype.
Sometimes she wasn't very active over the internet, so I would normally make up for the wait by masturbating.
Fantasizing about her gagging on my cock.
I would tilt my head back onto my pillow on my bed, and grip harder, stroking faster. This was a repetitive action that I were constantly undergoing.

We were both virgins. We both wanted each other badly. We were sure it was what we wanted.

So late Saturday night, she called me up. "Sam?" she said,
"Yeah beautiful" I replied. "I am tired of waiting, I have a deserted house, do you see where this is going?"
She laughs. I froze for a moment. "Give me twenty minutes or so, I will be over soon"

I were almost dripping from my underarm, already dripping from my forehead.
Not believing what was about to happen.
Swiping my head with my jacket, removing the sweat.
My hand was shaking as I reached for the door bell.
The door quickly opened, before I had a chance t..

"Carly! you nearly gave me a heart attack!"
She giggles and takes my arm, pulling me into her house.
"Where are your parents, I asked" I was not really bothered. I thought it was the polite thing to ask.
I were alone with Carly, and just the thought of being alone with her, was making my cock stand in my pants.

"They are with my Aunt and Uncle" she were biting at her nails, she was clearly nervous.
"Oh okay, should we go to your room then?" I ask not hesitating. I were just as nervous, sweating profusely.

We got to her room, I asked her If I could freshen up.
"Next room on the right"
I step into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. Splashing water on to my face a few times.

Having several dozen things running through my mind at one time, it were making me panicky.
Would my cock fit? Was it big enough? What if she changes her mind?
Everything bouncing around in my head. I try calming myself down.

"Shit!" I yell from the bathroom, echoing off the walls.
"Sam, are you okay?" she ask's.
I had just realized I had no Condoms.
"Yes, I am fine Carl's" I finish washing up. I walked back to her bedroom.
I thought she would have told me to go home.

As I walk into her bedroom, I lift my head up.
I find her lay on her bed. Nothing fancy, but pink and white underwear with a black bra.
"Baby?" I say in a breaking voice. "Yeah?" she responds.
"I forgot to bring a Condom"
She rolls over to the other side of her bed, throwing things aside.
She turns back over and throwing me a Condom.

"Lucky" she says, smirking at me.
My cheeks raise in happiness, nothing was stopping me from fucking her tight pink pussy.
Smiling, I dress myself down, now naked hopping into her bed.

I lift her legs up, taking her panties from underneath her.
Her pubic covered pussy, just lay there leaking her nice sweet juice.
Without permission I shove my head under the covers, and stab my tong straight through the lips of her pussy.

Already tensing her body, she lets out a moan.
Stopping to ask her in a cheeky voice "Oh, you like that?"
Going back down on her sticking my face back in-between her thighs. I again begin licking, sucking, and running my fingers in an out of her.

"Sam..I' cum!" I pick up the pace and go faster!
"ah!, fuck! yeah!" Carly screams in pleasure.
"I am cumming! Ah fuck!" she starts cumming. I drink her cum as it spews out of her.
"Oh fuck!"

I let her go, as she breaths heavily, she looks at me and smiles again.
I smile back and say to her "Your turn!"

Turning on my back, I jerk myself a little before she takes over. "Relax"
I smile.

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2013-07-27 02:32:56
To short, a low achiever in literacy such as myself could write this

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2013-07-26 02:48:55
I couldn't get past all the 'were's, couldn't get past the first few paragraphs. You initially said you did nothing after school, and then you had lots of friends and dated a lot. Did you even read this back to yourself? Apparently not.

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2013-07-25 18:16:47
Would have been better with a spell check. Not a bad story, just needs revising. Has good potential.

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