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What if
What if you had a friend?
Who died without knowing Jesus as their personal savior?
What if he or she went to hell?

What if one day you received a letter in the mail from beyond?
A letter from hell
A letter from your friend in the flames of eternal torment

The following is a dramatic presentation
It was written by a fictious High school student named Josh, to a friend named Zack
Although Zack had every opportunity to tell Josh about Jesus…
He didn't.
They were best friends
They played soccer together
They went to classes together
They partied together
They shared their lives with each other.
But there is one thing Zack held back from Josh...
...his personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
The rest of the story is simple and sad...
A few too many beers...
A tragic drive home...
A crash
A death
A funeral
A letter.
Here is that letter.
A letter from hell

Dear Zack.
I died today
It’s a lot different than I expected.
You see.
I always thought that dying would bring
Me to a world that is foggy and hazy.
But this place is crystal clear...
It's even more real than my life on earth.
I can think
I can talk
I can even feel.
Right after the wreck. I could feel my spirit leaving my body
It was the weirdest thing Zack
I thought I heard you screaming out to me man
I must just been imagining things
At first I was just standing in line
Getting registered I guess
They asked me for my name and they began to look it up in the BOOK OF LIFE.
I guess they could find it though because a huge angel standing next to me grabbed me by the arm and started dragging me away
I was terrified, I had no idea what’s going on.
I asked the angel where he was taking me.
He did not answer
So I asked him again.
Finally he told me that only those, whose names were written in the book of life, could enter into heaven...
..The rest would be condemned to hell forever
The angel threw me into some kind of holding cell
Where I have been sitting and thinking for a long long time.
You want to know what I have been thinking about.
I have been thinking about you
Zack you are a Christian. You told me so yourself
We talked about it three different times today. Teacher brought it up and you laughed it off. Coach Adams brought it up and you changed the subject
I mean it came up right before the wreck...
Well the question that I can't get out of my head is this Zack

Why haven't you ever told me about how to be a Christian?
You say you are my friend. But if you really were you would have told me about... Jesus.
Told me how to escape this terrible place that I am headed for.
I can fell my heart pounding in my chest
The angels who have been chosen to cast me into hell are coming. I can hear their footsteps.
I have heard of this hell Zack...
They call it the lake of fire. I can stand it Zack I am terrified.
Now the angels are at the door. Oh no No NO.
They are coming in and they are pointing at me. They are grabbing me and caring me out of the room.
I can already smell the burning sculpture and brimstone.
I can see the edge of the cliff where hell burns.
This is it. I am without hope. We are getting closer CLOSER CLOSER. My heart is pounding with fear.
They are holding me over the flames. I will burn forever and ever this is it?
Fire, fear, pain. Hell
Why Zack. Why Zack did you not tell me about JESUS.


P.S wish you were here.

He died for me, I do not know about you but I want to meet the man that saved me.
Change your ways. Accept salvation (if you haven’t already.) I have read a lot of stories in this site. In fact I have also written a few. I am not proud of any of that. These stories are filled with immoral thoughts some about rape, necrophilia, incest, and other heinous acts, I am a changed person now, and since I met Jesus I feel less anxious and less depressed. I know someone really cares about me. I know someone will keep me safe at night. That someone is JESUS.

Jesus is not your enemy and he loves us all equally. Even if you do not love him, he loves you. Do not push your self farther from the Lord by reading filth. Do not listen to that music from musicians like jay-z whose lyrics insult God. Open your mind and free yourself. Read the bible, listen to gospel music, and help the poor and the needy. Do something that will make the Lord your God proud. Do not fornicate, do not commit adultery, and do not commit incest. If you already have, seek forgiveness from God and he will forgive you if you are sincere and your name may be written in the book of life. Think about this.

Do not let that 5-10 maybe 20 minutes of sex make you spend eternity in the lake of fire. This is real, make a choice, and make the right now. You can ignore this and continue living a life filled with sin. Or you can accept Jesus as your personal savior and live life according to God’s will and have eternal life in heaven. Change your ways.
The time is now. May the Lord God be with you.

Rate this positively so that many people may have a chance to read this and maybe shun off their wayward ways.
Repent. The end is near.
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