A teen girls is victimised - but she has Google, and friends
This sex story was first posted in July 2013, then I tend to keep editing. It's quite a long story, over 20,000 words, and as usual I would recommend reading slowly. There are 5 chapters if you want to put it down and pick it up again.

Before anyone gets tooooo much into the teachers as the protagonists, I’ll warn you that their fate is not enviable! Not unhappy necessarily, but guys - seriously - you’ll be better off waiting for the last chapter for the male characters to identify with…


Chapter 1 – Ravished

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Mark Clifton and James Farrier, pals and fellow teachers, waited until almost six. James was on locking-up duty and everyone else had gone home.

Everyone that was except for Millie Stanford, who liked to have the gym to herself to practice her rhythmic gymnastics. Tumbling across the floor, throwing her hoop and trailing and throwing her ribbon all needed lots of space and perfect concentration.

Millie was in the running for the national junior team and she practiced more than the others. Only Millie practiced late on a Friday evening, right up to the six o’clock closing time. And Millie was seriously pretty with a pert little nose, full lips, great cheekbones and large hazel eyes, all framed by her wavy light-brown hair.

It had started in the pub: Mark happened to mention the gym, James mentioned the gymnastics, Mark the rhythmic gymnastics, and James the way the scoring always seemed biased towards the most slender and pretty girls…

As the pints went down the two friends discussed their shared lust for the rhythmic gymnasts’ nubile, super-fit young bodies. The lithe, supple forms were so feminine, so perfect, so deliciously on the cusp of womanhood. Their tits were pert, shoulders wide and straight, tummies toned, asses delectable, thighs taut…

By the end of the evening the lustful teachers had talked themselves into doing something about it. The girls were after all flaunting themselves in their thin, high-cut skin-tight leotards, wearing makeup, advertising their flexibility and fitness, their athletic, girlie perfection…basically saying ‘mate with ME’.

Unfortunately, being in their forties and not exactly George Clooneys, the two teachers knew that getting anywhere with a hot, popular teenager was going to need more than seduction. But Mark, who taught psychology, thought he had a way they could enjoy one of the tempting girls and get away with it…


Millie saw the two teachers come into the gym and start watching her. She told herself that was OK – she was learning to perform in front of an audience, after all. She smiled at them, they smiled back, and she carried on tossing her hoop, rolling then catching it again. Practice, practice, practice.

After a while she was starting to wish she’d worn her leggings though, and underwear. Mr Clifton and Mr Farrier were looking at her a bit intently, and the leotard was quite thin and a bit revealing on its own like this. She hadn’t really been expecting anyone to come in and see her, so she’d been trying to get used to wearing her leotard with nothing underneath – you got points deductions if the judges could see bits of bra or panties. She hadn’t bothered with butt glue or her smoothgroove either, so her suit kept riding up and her cameltoe must be pretty obvious, though she didn’t dare look now.

The horny teachers grew hornier and hornier as they watched the slender five feet five beauty cavort in front of them; arching, stretching, flipping and dancing on the balls of her feet. Surely she knew that she was displaying her cameltoe to them, and almost her entire pert, gorgeous asscheeks? Not to mention the rest of her athletic young body with its little waist and firm, high tits barely flattened by the thin, stretchy leotard…

Millie finished her practice early, starting to feel uncomfortable under the stares of the men. They were friendly, her teachers after all, and they’d always been kind to her, but it was getting a bit freaky.

But as she made for the doors they stepped across into her path.

“You were looking very good there Millie,” said Mr Clifton, smiling at her.

“Thank you,” said Millie, returning the smile but wondering why they were blocking the door.

“You certainly look ready,” said Mr Farrier. It almost sounded like some kind of in joke.

“I am nearly, I think,” Millie was still smiling but trying to ease between her teachers to get to the door.

It was totally sudden. Her teachers grabbed her by her arms, one each, and pulled her back onto the big mat in the middle of the gym. She screeched and Mr Clifton smothered her mouth with his hand.

“Now Millie,” he said, sounding reasonable, “we’re not going to hurt you, we really like you and we’d never hurt you, but we’re going to go with instinct. You understand don’t you? Lots of species have mating instincts that don’t involve love or permanent relationships, and so do we.”

Millie’s eyes were like saucers. What was he saying? ‘Mating’?

“It’s quite natural,” Mr Farrier picked it up, “for males to take females, and mate with them. The big male and the smaller female. The male makes his choice, selecting the most fit females for his progeny, and breeds with them. He chases them perhaps, if he has to, then the female submits to him, then afterwards they’re both fine and go their separate ways, or not.”

“They’ve simply fulfilled their genetic destiny Millie,” continued Mt Clifton, “you understand don’t you?”

Millie stopped struggling, trying to work out what they were saying. Mr Clifton took his hand away from her mouth, gauging that the moment for screaming was over. They all knew there was nobody to hear.

“Only we’re not talking about pregnancy of course Millie, we’d never do that to you, at your age, we’ve got a morning-after pill for you.” Mr Farrier patted his pocket.

Millie saw the awful truth. “You mustn’t!” she gasped. “You mustn’t! You mustn’t do it to me! Force me!”

“It’s a bit selfish we admit,” Mr Clifton sounded both kind and regretful, “but you’ll get into it you’ll see. We’ll be very gentle won’t we James?”

“Oh yes we won’t hurt you, it’s just instinct Millie. A man and a woman. It’s natural. A girl flaunts her developing body, and the males of the species respond.”

“I’m not flaunting myself!” Millie objected. “It’s a sport…”

“It’s a sport for the most fit girls to advertise themselves,” Mr Clifton explained, ”proving that they’re the most suitable one for the men to mate with. All sport is like that really, that’s why motorsport has grid girls and everything. The winner gets the prize of being top mate. We’re just being a bit naughty pre-empting things that’s all. ‘Why wait?’ is our motto,” he finished with a snigger.

Before she could think of a retort the teachers were running their hands all over her scantily clad young body; up her thighs, her asscheeks, over her pert tits covered only by the thin lycra, and finally over her labia while she squirmed between them.

The men pulled the leotard’s wide neck off each shoulder. Then they pulled down and in two awful seconds the leotard peeled off her body and Millie was naked. She couldn’t believe it had been so fast and easy to completely strip her against her will.

“It’s rape!” she spluttered, standing there in the nude, “you mustn’t!”

But the men were too absorbed in feasting their eyes on her delicious young body to respond. Her fine, perfect young skin drew their hands like a magnet and they resumed stroking all over her. She wriggled but they held her fast. There was no chance of escape for the slightly built girl.

“You’ll be caught!” she argued desperately, “you’re not allowed to rape girls! You’ll go to prison for ever!”

“You’ll get into it Millie,” said Mr Farrier, forcing a finger down over her light pubes then between her tightly clenched thighs, over her clit, “it’s just the getting started that’s the bit you’re nervous about. But it’s natural. You’ll get into it. That’s why you’ve got a clitoris with all these nerve-endings and your vulva and G-spot.”

“I won’t!” Millie wriggled in vain as the invading finger rubbed to and fro along her slit, “I’m supposed to choose! And I don’t!”

“But it’s natural Millie,” Mark Clifton continued the line the men had agreed, “why do you think females have evolved to be smaller? You just have to accept that it’s natural that males can choose to mate with you.”

The two men pulled her down and backwards onto the mat. She toppled backwards onto her back and the men each grabbed a knee and forced her legs apart. Mr Clifton took over rubbing a finger over her now totally exposed clit and labia.

“And why do you think you have a hole and men have a rod that can be forced into it?” he continued. “It would have been easy for things to evolve in some other way wouldn’t it? The other way round, say, or some other system so that women couldn’t be forced? But we have evolved that way, haven’t we. So it’s natural. We’re designed to do this Millie, there’s nothing bad about it. We’ll be gentle. You’ll see.”

The young girl couldn’t think of the arguments she needed. It had to be wrong, but she couldn’t find the words to prove it.

Meanwhile his finger was getting into her pussy. However hard she tried she couldn’t stop it.

“So don’t feel bad Millie,” Mr Farrier was caressing her left breast now, the firm B-cup that was quite jutting even on her back, “it’s not anything that you ought to feel ashamed or humiliated about. It’s not anything bad that you’re doing, you’re just being a girl, in the way girls are designed to be – smaller and weaker and designed to be penetrated and mated with.”

To her dismay Millie was starting to feel a bit of sensation in her pussy. And in her nipple, which was quite big and sensitive. Mr Farrier was rolling it between his fingers, tugging it a little, and stroking all over her tit with his fingertips. Her nipple was getting big, sticking up, and so was the other one!

“We do like you Millie,” Mr Clifton carried on, working his finger inside her tight young pussy. There’d been no hymen, thank goodness.

“But you mustn’t!” yelped Millie, starting to feel a shameful arousal in her pussy and tit. The finger was feeling a bit like her hairbrush handle. She struggled again but it was hopeless. Mr Clifton had two fingers in now, she thought, jerking her up and down and his thumb rubbing over her clit. That was all swollen and sensitive as well, and she was wet, so his fingers could slide in and out really easily.

“Oh but we must!” grinned Mr Farrier, “it’s instinct. It’s just natural, evolution, it’ll be great once we get started, you’ll see. And you are aroused aren’t you Millie? It’s sex, it’s supposed to happen.”

Millie didn’t reply. She didn’t want to but she was responding! Her pelvis gave a jerky little thrust and she groaned. But she didn’t want to! But her body was tingling and her head was going fuzzy!

James Farrier stood up and started undressing. He’d won the coin-toss for who was going to go first. He finished by carefully extracting his rock-hard seven-incher from his briefs, before lowering the briefs to the floor and stepping out of them. The stunning young girl was staring up, aghast, but she’d get over that once he started. God, she was going to feel delicious!

Mr Farrier held her while Mr Clifton got undressed, then Millie knew she really was for it. Two naked men with colossal erections were obviously going to fuck her, whatever she did. They’d overpowered her easily and got her wet, and there was no-one to save her.

Still, she wasn’t going to help them! When Mr Farrier got between her legs she tried to poke him in the eye with her free hand. He moved his head out of the way just in time and Mr Clifton moved round and held both her hands. Then her legs were free so she kept moving her pelvis around, dodging the big cock that Mr Farrier was trying to line up to violate her with…

Millie was light, but quite strong and very agile. James Farrier battled on for several minutes, but each time he thought he’d got his cockhead started she flipped her pelvis up or sideways and it came out again. He leaned on her but nothing could stop her pelvis moving around by the crucial couple of inches. Eventually Mark Clifton suggested tying her up a bit.

James grinned through his frustration. They’d come prepared, after all. He fished in his jacket pocket and pulled out the thick ribbons he’d brought, then moved to one side of Millie while Mark went to the other side. In a moment she was gripped by her wrists and ankles and lifted off the floor. She struggled furiously but the men just let her, allowing her limbs to thrash around without letting go. They carried her to the parallel bars.

It went just as they’d fantasised.

Millie soon found herself strapped to the parallel bars, facing up, her forearms and shins taped to the bars while her body dangled in between. She was helpless, suspended with her legs open and her pussy defenceless. This was it.

The men had found the struggle exciting. Now they were both free to concentrate on holding the gorgeous pelvis still long enough to get James’ cock started, and he pushed in as soon as he felt the hole. Millie was impaled.

She gasped as the big cock filled her, surprised that it hadn’t hurt. As Mr Farrier pressed in she felt the dreaded arousal start again. Her pussy tingled and got even wetter.

“You see?” Mr Clifton was STILL sounding all friendly, as though they weren’t really raping her but doing something nice with her, “it feels alright doesn’t it? And it’s going to feel better and better.”

“No it’s horrid!” Millie gasped at him. If only hadn’t come out as a gasp like that! “It’s rape. It’s all wrong! You mustn’t! You’re teachers, you’re supposed to look after me not violate me!”

“Your pussy doesn’t seem to think it’s horrid,” Mr Farrier was smiling down, with his face starting to look a bit tense already. His cock was sliding in and out really easily, hardly rocking her until he started banging in a bit harder…

James was savouring the amazing sensation of the teen athlete’s elastic, creamy young pussy. It seemed to be toned just like the rest of her, and starting to pulsate involuntarily as he fucked. His cock had never had such a treat!

And he could tell delectable young Millie was clearly on the way to an orgasm; her breathing and movements made that obvious, with the little upward jerks of her pelvis as he pistoned his big cock in each time. He made himself slow down and wait for her, pumping slowly to build her unwilling arousal to tipping point.

It took a few minutes of gentle fucking, Millie looking this way and that trying to avoid looking at him and giving away her impending cataclysm. But it wasn’t to be avoided. She was too tactile, too sensual, and he was too skilled a cocksman. He toyed with different angles, different depths and speeds, different rhythms. Sometimes he stopped altogether, his cock almost out, then slid the whole thick seven inches back in to the hilt. He’d do a few shallow strokes rapidly, then slow down, or plunge suddenly in to the max.

Millie fought and fought to stave off the orgasm that she could tell her rapist wanted to force out of her. She thought about different things, unsexy things, but her mind kept coming back to her pussy and her brain kept getting fuzzier and fuzzier!

She groaned, then groaned again, and again…she was groaning in time with the fucking. Shit! He was going to win. She felt him speed up and start thumping into her each time, holding her thighs to stop her swinging…AAAAHHHH she was cumming, as hard as she’d ever cum on her own, the blood roaring in her head and her body spasming frantically…

James finally felt the release burst through his rampant, straining cock and pressed in hard, slowing down to time his deep penetrations with his manic spurts, grunting with the immense pleasure of his orgasm. It went on for quite a few seconds.

Millie’s head sagged back as the mammoth cum faded and she faced up to her defeat. Perhaps her teachers were right and she was meant to be fucked whether she wanted to or not? They were teachers after all, who knew things that she didn’t.

Mark Clifton watched her lithe, gorgeous young body wind down, still twitching. She’d had a fantastic orgasm, that he’d caught on his phone without her even noticing. What a sexy girl.

He made himself give her a couple of minutes for her sensitivity to drop, then took over from James. Millie made another effort to evade his probing cock but James helped to hold her still and it went in easily enough.

Millie tried again not to be aroused by being tied up and raped, but almost immediately the signs were wrong. Mr Clifton’s cock was as big as his friend’s, and it was making her pussy tingle, especially when he started with the same tricks.

“You’re so pretty Millie, and so sexy,” he smiled down at her as he worked her pussy over, moving slowly, rubbing against her vulva and gloating over her helpless arousal.

Millie knew perfectly well she was pretty: guys had been chasing her for a couple of years. A couple of girls too, even. It wasn’t flattering. She glared back up at her ravisher. “Just because you can make me have an orgasm doesn’t mean I want it!” she spat at him.

“Give it time,” Mr Clifton smiled, unaffected by her hostility, “we have a couple of hours don’t we?”

Millie realised they knew her schedule: training till school closed then going swimming and to the weights room at the leisure centre to work on her legs, getting home about nine. Shit. They must have been talking to her coach Mrs Watkins. Were they going to abuse her for two whole hours? Could her body even stand that?

Mr Clifton fucked her for a few minutes, then ran out of patience and started fucking hard. Millie’s pussy betrayed her again and she climaxed with him, groaning and bucking just as though she liked it.

After a couple of minutes the naked Mr Farrier came round to her dangling upside-down head, waving his semi-stiff cock at her face. He put a hand behind her head and pushed his cock onto her lips.

Millie spoke through clenched teeth: “I’ll bite,” she snarled, “I will. I promise if your cock gets in my mouth I’ll bite it as hard as I can.”

The teachers looked at each other and shrugged. It was too dangerous then. Millie knew they wouldn’t hit her and was making the most of it. Fair play, they weren’t here to hurt her after all, just to enjoy her. They undid her bonds and put her on her hands and knees on the mat. Mr Farrier immediately entered her from behind and started to fuck her doggy.

This fuck lasted longer, perhaps twenty minutes or more, and was followed by Mr Clifton. Both long, lazy fucks resulted in an orgasm for the hapless girl, whose morale was dropping. How was she cumming so much if she didn’t secretly like it? She hadn’t even known she could cum four times in less than an hour.

When that was over the men lay her between them and fondled her for a few minutes.

After their cocks had recovered they set up the next action. They took sections off the horse until it was about three feet high, laid her face-up across it and tied her ankles and wrists to the hand-holds on the bottom section on either side – Millie’s slender, flexible young body was arched into a crab over the horse, with her legs splayed.

The teachers stroked over her tits and thighs with their fingertips for a couple of minutes, making Millie realise she still had some sex in her. She was tingling again!

Mr Clifton went first this time, fucking her at an angle that scraped his bone across her clit with every stroke. Millie strained at her bonds as the sensation tore through her, forcing an orgasm in only a few minutes – too quickly for her teacher who hadn’t finished, so after letting her recover he resumed his fucking. Quite some time later she felt him speed up and cum in her, and yet again she couldn’t not climax as his sperm spurted into her traitorous pussy.

Inevitably Mr Farrier delivered a repeat performance, complete with another two unwanted orgasms for the helpless teen. That was eight!! Millie was appalled, and exhausted. By now she’d noticed they were filming her but there was nothing she could do about it.

They untied her and lay her on her back on the mat. This time she couldn’t summon the energy to resist and Mr Clifton was able to slide his big cock into her quite easily, then fuck her for ages in the classic missionary position, lifting her knees and driving down deep into her. Eventually he pumped still more sperm into her as yet another orgasm gripped her. It was only after it was over that she realised she hadn’t tried to poke him in the eye. Was she just tired, or was she getting used to it?

Mr Farrier wanted to tie her again up next, and after some discussion they tied her wrists to the horse, face up, and put a big exercise ball under her ass, Her pussy felt a bit tender as he spread her legs and entered her, but the stinging soon faded as the dreaded arousal built once again. He was grinding her clit again, and again she came before he did and then again with him when he finally finished.

As they untied her she saw the wall clock said 8:25 pm. God!

The teachers took Millie into the showers, getting in with her and washing her, feeling her up and discussing her body, how firm it was and how much she’d cum and how hard.

Mr Farrier ending up frigging her, rubbing his fingers over her labia and clit with the hair conditioner, and unbelievably she reacted and he took her all the way while they gloated over it…sniggering about what a find she was and how fit and how she had great stamina and such a tight, reactive pussy that never quit. They had to hold her up while she came though, and for a minute after, or she’d have collapsed.

The next day Millie was severely depressed. Her mind lurched around from one view to another. She was a skanky slut who got off on being raped over and over. She was a victim who needed help. She must have led them on. She was designed to be raped as they said. She was sex-mad. She was flaunting herself with her rhythmic gymnastics. Men would always just fuck her when they felt like it. She should drop out of school and be a porn star or a prostitute.

And the teachers had told her to be in the gym same time next week. Mr Clifton had showed her the video and photos he’d taken of her being fucked and obviously cumming. Some more of her nude in the shower afterwards; she couldn’t stop him filming her. Some of her in bra and panties. He’d said he could release them in stages if she didn’t cooperate. Millie was terrified: everyone would think she’d liked it, got off on it. The whole school would be looking at her naked body being used and loving it. She’d never survive.

She couldn’t tell her parents either, they’d go insane. Nor tell anyone else. God, if word ever got out! She carefully counted and it came to twelve orgasms! In two and a half hours of almost continuous fucking. Being stripped, tied up, fucked with huge cocks over and over. Filled to overflowing with sperm. Which reminded her the morning-after pill she’d taken wasn’t helping either, since it was basically an overdose of something and was making her feel quite weird.

Millie stayed in her room, fending off her parents who’d been curious about her appearance when she’d got in last night.

Millie never cried, but she nearly did then. She was so alone suddenly. Alone and in the power of these men who seemed friendly but just wanted to use her. One of them had even admitted it was selfish…well it was way more than selfish. The bastards.

The anger gave her a bit of strength; enough to start looking up on Google about unwanted arousal during molestation. It turned out it was quite well-known. It was quite common, and it didn’t mean you liked it; it was different from desire, just a physical reaction. Some abusers were adept at inducing orgasms in their victims…

Some girls had fantasies about their abuse, even years later, as though it had been sexy when it hadn’t been at all. That didn’t mean you’d enjoyed it either it was some kind of coping…

Everyone reacted differently, there was no right and wrong way, and whatever way you reacted it didn’t make it your fault, it was theirs completely.

It made her feel a bit better. She carried on searching: feelings of isolation were normal, and a weapon that abusers used to bind their victims to them…so much of it was about the secrecy. It ended up that your abusers were the only ones you weren’t keeping secrets from. The secrets alienated you from your family and friends, and bound you to your abusers.

She read some victims’ stories. Many girls had had it a lot worse than her: had been hit, been abused for years even, and by their parents so they really did have no-one to turn to…

Childline…the advice they always seemed to give was to talk to someone you trust. Who though? Millie thought about that.

And about the video and photos on Mr Clifton’s phone. Would he really publish them? Couldn’t they always be traced somehow?

And then there was them saying it was natural that they could force themselves on her, and how girls had evolved so that men could rape them. Was that right? Girls are smaller and weaker, obviously, and it was true that cocks could be forced into vaginas…

By Monday Millie had decided to tell her best friend Ann. Ann would believe her and be on her side whatever, and she wouldn’t tell anyone. Unlike her mum and dad Ann wouldn’t go berserk and call the police so that she’d be having to try and prove she hadn’t wanted it; perhaps have a load of policemen leering over the video. Her parents would instantly ban her from her rhythmic gym.

She went round after school and sat on Ann’s bed. They chatted for few minutes then Millie went quiet for a few seconds.

“You know Mr Clifton and Mr Farrier?” she started. It was obviously the start of something big.

“Yes?” Ann’s eyes had popped wide open.

“On Friday, you know I stay and practice…”


“They came in, and…” Millie stopped. She couldn’t go on.

“They perved you,” said Ann flatly.

Millie didn’t say anything, looking down at the floor.

“They touched you?” Ann could hardly breathe. “Oh Millie!”

Ann came and sat right next to Millie, touching her.

“What did they do?”

Millie made herself carry on: “They stared at me all the time, so I felt like going, then when I tried to get to the door they wouldn’t let me and carried me back in.”


“So they did me. Both of them, over and over.”

“YOU MEAN RAPED YOU?” Ann shrieked.

Millie could only look at the floor with her hair hiding her face.

After a few moments Ann went out. Too late Millie realised why.

In twenty seconds there were feet running up the stairs and Ann's mother was in the bedroom, with Ann. She didn't say anything for a minute, just sat next to Millie while Ann sat on her other side.

Ann’s mum was a bit of a hippie. She wore big red gypsy skirts and no makeup, and had lots of opinions about things. She’d always been welcoming to Millie, and Millie liked her. Now Ann's mum put her arm round her, and Millie leaned against her and finally had a cry. Ann’s mum was on her side just like Ann herself. Then Millie answered all the questions.

Twenty minutes later Millie had confided everything, including the dozen orgasms, the filming and the demand to go again on Friday. She added what the teachers had said about instincts and evolving and it being natural, and what she’d found out about abuse and having orgasms and the secrecy.

Ann’s mum didn’t go ballistic. Didn’t make out it was the crime of the century and that Millie ought to feel destroyed. Millie didn’t want to feel destroyed, she wanted to feel she was normal and respectable like she used to be.

“I’m so glad you came and told us Millie,” Ann’s mum said, “that’s so important. You’ve got us on your side now so you’ll be safe. We just need a plan…alright we need to get the videos and photos, don’t we?” Ann’s mum was amazingly practical. “Then the boot’ll be on the other foot and those selfish bullies will be the ones in the shit. The unedited ones will be bound to have parts that show it’s them and rape.”

Millie had to smile at the profanity. Ann’s mum wasn’t like other mums.

“Don’t bother about the evolution bullshit,” Ann’s mum carried on, “that’s just an excuse. Mankind has also evolved to be selfish and violent – don’t even get me started on that - but we make crimes crimes because they’re bad for us as a society. A society could never be successful if it allowed rape, that’s why it’s a crime just like murder and theft that we also evolved to be capable of. Most people have evolved to be kind to each other but a few people are criminals and that’s what those teachers are.”

THAT was what Millie had wanted to say to Mr Farrier! She felt a bit better again.

“I bet the videos are still on his phone,” said Ann who’d been thinking about it, “so they can perv at them all the time, during the day.”

“Alright!” said her mum, “phones can be stolen, can’t they?”


So the next day Millie and Ann were knocking on Mr Clifton’s office door. They had dressed to distract him, and also for speed. Ann was five foot three and very cute, with dark hair short enough to show off her long, slender neck. She had a tempting pair of firm c-cup tits, which today jiggled alluringly under nothing but a thin v-neck sleeveless pullover. Millie was wearing a tank, also without a bra, and both were in short skirts and trainers.

Mr Clifton goggled at them, sitting at his desk. “What can I do for you?” he managed to ask.

Ann’s mum had said he’d believe anything as long as he wanted to believe it.

“I can’t stop thinking about sex,” murmured Millie, coming up to his right side while Ann went to his left. Millie concentrated on what they were here for. It was different from the gym: Ann’s mum had said they were going to take the power - Millie and Ann and herself together, and Millie wanted that. Ann’s mum had said it was like a competition, and Millie had to think about winning it.

His jacket was on the back of his chair. They really needed his phone to be in a jacket pocket. It wasn’t on his desk anyway.

“And Ann feels the same,” Millie continued, “so we were wondering if she could come on Friday? I mean cum on Friday!” she giggled, leaning forwards over the desk so her tank top fell forwards revealing quite a lot of pert teen tit.

She sensed Ann feeling the jacket pockets on her side…nothing.

“I always wanted to start with an older man,” Ann drew his attention to his left, dragging her pullover down to reveal some cleavage, and Millie quickly checked the jacket pockets on her side…they were empty apart from his wallet. Shit. It must be in his trousers. Plan B then.

“I hope you don’t mind Mr Clifton,” Millie continued, “Annie’s my best friend, I tell her everything. I told her how big your thingy is, and she wants to see it.”

Mark hesitated. Did Millie really not mind about last Friday? Well…she had cum a lot, and at the end she’d been exhausted rather than hateful. It was scary that she had actually told someone, that wasn’t supposed to happen. But it did fit. And Ann Whittle was a very sexy young girl…

“And touch it,” added Ann.

The temptation was too much for him: “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

“I’ll show you my tits.”

The girls and Ann’s mum had discussed the negotiations if they needed Plan B. With two of them and surrounded by other teachers’ offices they were quite safe, and nothing was more important than getting the phone. Showing your body could be bad or good, it was all about power.

“To touch my cock either I touch your tits or you strip naked, it’s up to you,” he bargained, manipulating the innocent girl. His cock was twitching at the prospect.

“Like for like,” said Ann, “if I strip naked you have to.”

Mark could hardly believe how this was going. The girl was going to talk herself right onto his cock at this rate. “OK. If you touch me then I touch you, though, OK?”

“Alright,” Ann made herself sound reluctant, “I suppose. Are you going to go first?”

That wasn’t a problem. Before she could start losing her nerve he stood up, flicked the catch on the door and quickly shed his tie and shirt.

Ann slowly lifted her pullover by the neck and drew it up over her head. Her flat tummy and pert, jutting teen tits were revealed in all their glory. She could see Mr Clifton was riveted, gulping even.

Mr Clifton removed his shoes and socks.

Ann didn’t want to take her trainers off, she’d need them to run in, so next she undid her miniskirt and pulled it down, but left it round her feet.

Would he realise?

No. The thin boy-cut panties that they’d chosen for her took all his attention. In an emergency they could do as shorts but they clung to her, showing her cameltoe as well as her gorgeous lean shape. She swivelled this way and that, showing her ass.

Mr Clifton, without taking his eyes off the nearly-naked teen, slid his trousers off and draped them over the chair.

“And those,” said Ann, looking at his bulging briefs. She needed him to lose the plot a little. She hooked her thumbs into her panties and pushed the waistband down an inch. “You’re supposed to be in the nude first, we said didn’t we?”

His attention was glued to Ann’s hot little teen body, with a bit of bush peeking over the top of her panties, while behind him Millie was sliding her hand into the trouser pocket that had the weight and the shape of a phone in it. Her deft little fingers eased the phone out and into her skirt pocket that she’d left empty on purpose. Ann had seen, out of the corner of her eye.

Now the girls needed to hold their nerve and be quick. As Mr Clifton’s briefs reached his knees Millie went to the door and flipped the catch off. Ann reached down and pulled her skirt up while Millie got the door open. Mr Clifton could only gape as Ann grabbed her pullover with one hand and held her skirt up with the other, and ran for the door. She paused in the doorway, zipped her skirt leaving the button for later, pulled her pullover over her head and stepped into the corridor.

The girls heard an indignant “Hey!” from Mr Clifton as they ran gleefully down the corridor.


Chapter 2: Overwriting

Millie and Ann rushed back to Ann’s house, skiving off school. Ann’s mum had taken the day off work as well, and was waiting for them in the kitchen.

“Looks like you got it,” she smiled to see their triumphant young faces.

“He so fell for it,” Ann told her happily.

“I’m not surprised,” her mum grinned at them, looking up and down their hot young bodies dressed in miniskirts and little tops, “any pervert would be putty in your hands.”

Millie put Mr Clifton’s stolen phone on the kitchen table and as she did so her mood changed. She quickly pulled her hand away.

Ann’s mum noticed. “So somebody has to look and see what’s on there,” she said gently, “to make sure that there’s some incriminating stuff to nail them. Well…there’s also the question of you getting over what they did to you Millie. If the videos and photos are on there you’ll find it hard to look at them, but it might help…”

As she spoke the stolen phone rang. Ann’s mum hesitated for a moment, then picked it up. The screen said ‘James’.

“Hello Mr Farrier.” She held the phone open so the girls could hear.

“Who’s this please?”

“Shelley Whittle, Ann’s mother,” Ann’s mum was sounding severe, not like her normal cheery self at all. “Not a vulnerable young girl, but an adult with resources. We have met, though in VERY different circumstances.”

There was a pause.

“Hello Mrs Whittle. I’m calling the stolen phone you’re holding, to give two miscreant girls the chance to return it before they find themselves in serious trouble.”

“Just don’t bother Mister Farrier.” Neither Ann nor Millie had ever heard her mum like this. “It’s you and Mr Clifton who are in serious trouble, as well you know.”

There was a longer pause while Mr Farrier was clearly trying to work out what Ann’s mum knew. It sounded like he was talking to someone – Mr Clifton it had to be.

He came back on, in a different tone. “Alright well she was fine wasn’t she? A bit of roleplay and nobody hurt. That’s obvious. It’s over now anyway, all in the past, though I should mention that there are copies so if you want it to stay in the past we’d better just leave it there. You delete what’s on there and we’ll do the same. She can keep the phone, as a gesture, put her own sim in it. It’s a good one.”

It was clear that all the videos and photos of Millie must indeed still be on the phone. Which was a good one as he said. Millie was thinking the pervy teachers just would have big new phones to watch their pervert videos on.

“We’ll get back to you,” said Ann’s mum grimly. “Bear in mind that two teachers repeatedly gang-raping a defenceless pupil on school premises, in an ordeal lasting two and half hours, are going to be looking at many, many years in prison. Many years. Position of trust. Virgin. Underage. Look it up. I think you’ll find the sentence will be over sixteen years. Twenty, perhaps. You’ll be beaten and ass-raped in prison, because they don’t like child rapists there, then when you come out no-one will touch you. You’ll be convicts on the Sex Offenders Register and unemployable. So take a look down the road at your lives: you’ll be in prison being ass-raped for ten years, then when you come out you’ll be in your late fifties and you’ll have the rest of your lives on state benefits. Your wives, if you have them, will have gone and so will your homes. You’re staring down the barrel of the end of your lives as anything worth living.

“So get on your knees and start praying that I come up with some alternative to just calling the police, to be the best thing for Millie, and for all the other girls you’re supposed to be caring for. Don’t bother with the threats you’ll only piss me off. You can’t post any photos or video online now, because however you edit them we can prove they came from you, so you’ll only dig yourself in deeper with child pornography charges, and also if you do anything vindictive towards your victim the judge will ladle on even more years of ass-raping.”

“I’m sorry,” Mr Farrier could barely talk, “we’re both very sorry; we didn’t hurt her…look…”

Ann’s mum hung up on him, while the girls gaped at her in awe. Millie was thinking she might look like a hippie but she could jolly well dish it out! It had been way way awesome to hear Mr Farrier smashed and grovelling like that.

The phone rang again, but Ann’s mum ignored it and after six rings it stopped.

“Right!” Ann’s mum made a visible effort and went back to being her usual friendly self. “Don’t worry about that description I was giving them Millie, that was to scare the shit out of them, we can work out how it was for you in another way. You might see it as one thing or another, I don’t want you to think it was worse than it was, or better, you can work that out for yourself, how bad it was, and we’ll help you. The main thing is YOU have the power now, OK? So…well…”

“It wasn’t as bad as that, you know…” Millie said, processing what she’d just heard, “…like ‘repeatedly gang raped’. They didn’t hurt me, they just…well…did me a lot. And I kept having orgasms. They were bullies and it was awful but they weren’t nasty or anything, and they washed me afterwards and everything…”

Ann’s mother thought it was typical that the victim herself saw it as less serious than the people who cared about her. Well that was alright, she would rather have Millie think it was less evil and scarring than more. She didn’t want Millie living down to expectations that she must be badly damaged, feeling she ought to be traumatised. Well…

“Well perhaps we should watch a bit of the video, together?” she suggested. “Would you be up to that? We can stop it at any time. If you can I think it will help you get over it. It’s a help if you can face these things and understand them, rather than letting your mind bury them.”

Millie nodded. She was scared about it, but she trusted Ann’s mum, and what she said sounded right.

Ann’s mum took the memory card out of the phone and put it into a little adaptor then into the TV, and they sat on the sofa to watch it, Millie in the middle. She selected the first clip and hit Play.

The first scene was Millie taped to the parallel bars being fucked by Mr Farrier. They all gasped, watching the video of Millie looking this way and that, avoiding looking at her teachers. She seemed highly aroused already, panting and jerking and twitching.

Even Millie had to admit she looked lithe and sexy, if desperately unhappy. The clip followed her though to her orgasm, which was very obvious. At one point Mr Farrier’s face appeared briefly in shot as Mr Clifton had let his phone wave around while he was trying to get a clear shot of the big cock pistoning in and out between her thighs.

“Got them,” said Ann’s mum.

“They’re toast,” Ann agreed.

Millie was confused. She hated seeing herself helpless. She’d been totally bullied and used. At the same time it was hard not to see she looked sexy, cumming like that. She’d had no idea she writhed around quite so much, and with all that jerky thrusting of her pelvis, and made that deep sort of gasping noise. And although he wasn’t in great shape Mr Farrier had looked a bit expert…

Millie checked anxiously to see what the others were thinking, but they were smiling encouragingly and still with her.

She felt safe to play the other clips: a short one of her on her hands and knees, then a longer one of her tied over the horse – there was some of her having her first orgasm on it with Mr Clifton and her second one with Mr Farrier. You could really see how big his cock looked in relation to her. There was one of her being done missionary by Mr Clifton and one with the ball under her – that looked quite sexy too she had to admit. At odd times the faces of both teachers came into shot, and once they had then even quite small parts of their bodies quickly became recognisable.

At the end of the footage they all sat there on the sofa, not saying anything for a moment. Millie was scared, guilty, in a rage and turned on all at once. Ann’s mum seemed to know somehow.

“Well I can see how they made you orgasm,” she said, “that was very calculated; I think any healthy girl would have found the same thing.”

“Any slut you mean,” Millie had plunged into guilt.

“No no,” Ann was quick to reassure her. “It was awful, but it was sexy too, in some ways, I mean obviously it was terrible to do that to you, but it’s natural to be turned on, don’t you think?” She was looking at her mum.

“Completely natural,” her mum affirmed.

“I mean,” Ann carried on, her hand taking Millie’s, “I reckon I’d have got off for sure. Anything in you like that, especially that big, and deep, you’d be bound to get off, wouldn’t you? I know I would anyway. I always…” she broke off, realising that in her haste to reassure her friend she’d revealed a bit more than she’d meant to.

“Don’t worry darling,” her mother smiled at her, “I know you’ve been borrowing my vibrator, it’s quite alright. I left it in the bathroom cabinet for you to find when you were ready. The silicone holds a bit of aroma even after you wash it,” she grinned. “I always wanted you to be healthy and enjoy sex when the time came. Our bodies are made for it, aren’t they, so we might as well make the most of it!”

Millie soaked up this liberal attitude to sex. She couldn’t imagine her own mum and dad even doing it the once to create her, never mind having a vibrator and actually letting her borrow it! Though Ann’s mum was still totally in shape, and even good-looking in her don’t-care way. When she came swimming with them Millie could see she was pretty perfect in fact! Her tits and like the underside of her ass were as firm as Ann’s. She wasn’t that old either, only in her early thirties or something.

“Anyway Millie,” Ann’s mum was sounding serious again. “this is something that nobody else would say to you, with you being underage legally, but I think after that bad experience it would be good to ‘overwrite’ it with a good experience - if you know what I mean by that?” Ann’s mum worked in computers.

Millie thought she knew, but to be on the safe side she just looked expectantly at Ann’s mum. There was something a bit magnetic about Ann’s mum’s face now anyway…

“Overwrite the bad experience with a good experience,” Ann’s mum explained, “so that your brain doesn’t embed ‘sex’ as being used. You see what I mean? You need some good sex so that you don’t learn that ‘sex’ is what they did to you last Friday. Sex is a sharing thing, about people being caring or even just having fun but it has to be equal, you see? You mustn’t learn that it’s about bullying and being selfish. Bullying and selfishness have to be kept as just bullying and selfishness and not become linked with sex. You see? So ideally you’d, you know, have a nice boyfriend or something?”

Millie had lots of boys who wanted to be her boyfriend, but none that she’d gone out with. She’d danced with boys and fended off boys, but otherwise she just had boys who were friends. There were a couple that she fantasised about, but they were in Year 13 and didn’t even know she existed. She explained all this to Ann’s mum.

“Hmm, alright it was just a thought,” Ann’s mum seemed to abandon the idea.

“I don’t know about Brian Davis and Matthew Haynes not knowing you exist Mills,” Ann said with a smile, I’ve seen them perving you when you’re not looking, even if they’re too Mr Big to be seen talking to you. You are freaking hot you know. In fact…I don’t think I know anybody who doesn’t fancy you.”

As she said that she was getting up. “Anyway is it lunch Mum?”

“Yes darling, do you want to get it started? I’ll just go up and change, it’s warming up now isn’t it?”

The girls went into the kitchen, laid the table and cut bread. Then Ann’s mum reappeared - in a miniskirt and little strappy top! She laughed at their surprise.

“I thought you look so nice in your minis I had to join you,” she grinned. “I haven’t worn this since…about 2000 probably! It quite takes me back. What do you think?” She did a twirl and laughed, and the girls grinned back.

Over lunch Millie kept noticing that Ann’s mum wasn’t wearing a bra. It was as obvious as herself and Annie, and they hadn’t changed since dressing to zap Mr Clifton by totally flaunting their tits! Ann’s mum didn’t need a bra either: her tits didn’t sag at all. Her arms were perfect as well, even the back of her upper arms, and even her neck that only had a few pretty light creases…

Ooops! Ann’s mum had caught her looking! Shit, it must’ve looked almost as if Millie was checking her out! She hastily looked down to take some more salad. Then she replayed in her mind the glint that had been in Ann’s mum’s eyes. Millie looked sideways at Ann, and saw her grinning too!

Millie realised what Ann had said: ‘she didn’t know ANYONE who didn’t fancy her’!

Millie blushed furiously. What was that? Did it mean Ann’s mum fancied her? That was crazy, but perhaps it did; Ann’s mum wasn’t like other people’s mums was she? Millie had watched lesbian videos, like everyone. Got off to them. Some of them were mature women with girls…

And did it mean Ann herself? Her best friend, who it turned out was doing herself with her mum’s vibrator? God! Now Millie was thinking about Ann saying she always got off with it…what did Ann look like when she was cumming?

Millie peeked through her eyelashes. Which yes were stupid long she knew. Shit they were both staring at her. Double shit she couldn’t stop blushing!

“So you see Millie,” Ann’s mum started talking seriously again, anyway, “the thing is that it wasn’t about YOU. Yes you are very pretty but it could just as easily have been Annie or some other girl. The reason it happened was all about those men, being so selfish, not having proper empathy and ignoring other people’s feelings. It was them and their extreme selfishness. Not you. You were quite entitled to do your rhythmic gymnastics and practice on your own and be stunning and be sexual and healthy and get aroused when your genitalia are stimulated. OK?

“So it’s about them and them abusing the power they had over you of being physically bigger and stronger. Not about you, about them. But now you have the power over them because you can destroy the rest of their lives, if you want. Which is pretty much how this society and the justice system is supposed to work”

Millie’s attention flitted between Ann’s mum calling her ‘stunning’ and ‘sexual’ and the idea of destroying the lives of Mr Clifton and Mr Farrier. Though after watching all those cums nobody could say she wasn’t sexual…and had Ann’s mum actually said ‘when your genitals ARE stimulated’?

“Do you think we should destroy their lives?” she could ask the question and then look Ann’s mum in the face at the same time - her eyes were a bit amazing. She could look at Ann too which was complicated suddenly because Millie wasn’t sure if Ann was just her best friend now or something possibly more, like someone trying to get in her panties. And Brian Davis and Matthew Haynes had been watching her?? Honestly it seemed like the whole world wanted to have sex with her…

“Well one thing to think about is we ought to make sure they never do it to another girl,” Ann’s mum replied. “Sex offenders so often repeat. Then the other thing is just for you to end up feeling safe and positive about yourself, at the end of it all. There’s no great rush though, you can think about it, and we can talk about it, later on or tomorrow or whenever. Now, are you two going to help me wash up? There’s not enough for the machine. Do you want to wash Millie and we’ll dry?”

It was only three or four minutes before Millie thought she knew why she’d been given the job of washing – she had to stand leaning slightly over the sink, with her ass sticking out a bit. The gymnastics did make her ass quite sticky-out anyway. She’d heard comments about it, boys perving…

The first time Ann’s mum brushed past it, it could have been nothing; but then it kept happening. The third time felt like a hand somehow, and then Ann did it. The fifth time Ann gave a little giggle that she couldn’t quite stifle.

So they were in it together, Ann and her mum!! Letching her ass and touching her up. Millie grinned and stuck her ass out, and Ann came and blatantly leaned into it while picking up a plate to dry. Millie tingled madly at the contact. She turned round.

Ann and her mum were right there, very close, looking into her eyes with an expression…Millie hadn’t seen quite this expression before but she knew what it meant.

“I ought to leave you two to it,” Ann’s mum was saying, “but I really would like to join in, if I wouldn’t be in the way. I hope I’m reading the signs right Millie…”

Millie could only nod rapidly.

“We wouldn’t know what we’re doing would we?” she was looking at Ann, sliding a hand round her waist. Ann’s mons pressed onto the top of Millie’s thigh. Ann’s face was RIGHT there! Ann. Annie… Millie leaned forwards by a millimetre and they were kissing. Okay they DID know what they were doing, it was just automatic. Christ she was into it, getting wet feeling Ann…

But Millie wanted Ann’s mum too. Ann’s mum was so lovely, so protecting and respectful; caring, strong, clever…and sooo sexy. Millie reached for Ann’s mum with her other hand.

How Ann and her mum were going to get on having sex with her together Millie didn’t know, but they didn’t seem to be worried about it.

Ann’s mum started kissing her neck… oooohhh that was amazing…oh she’d better start thinking of her as ‘Shelley’ now she was having SEX with her...Millie had to stop kissing Ann so she could giggle. “Hello Shelley,” she said. In bare feet – bare feet? She’d only just noticed - Shelley was a bit shorter than her, an inch perhaps, so now it seemed quite natural to use her first name already.

“Hello sexy,” said Shelley, and started kissing Millie on the lips. In a second it was tongues, and a snog. Millie felt Ann’s hand sneaking up inside her top.

Five minutes later they were all in the big main bedroom, naked, in a huddle with their arms round each other, hands stroking lightly over backs and asses. Shelley had said she had a proposal.

“Now it’s completely up to you Millie but I have an instinct to replicate the gym scenario as much as we can, to take each element and overwrite it with good sex, if you see what I mean? Just the bits we can.”

“Mum!” Ann giggled, “you just want to tie Millie up and film her while you make her cum!”

“Shit!” breathed Millie, “Oh God!” The tingle in her body went mental.

“You see?” Shelley pointed out, grinning but serious, “already being tied up has associations for you? And being filmed? Well, possibly you had them already but it could well be that that one intense experience has linked sex and orgasms with being tied up and filmed, in your mind? It’ll be with being used as well - this is why we have to overwrite everything as much as we can.”

“Over and over again?” asked Ann with fake innocence.

“They made me cum twelve times,” smirked Millie, feeling electrified squirming against Ann and Shelley’s skin, “fucking me with big cocks in all different positions.”

“How many times does overwriting need?” asked Ann.

“Well it depends,” Shelley pretended to think deeply about it. She disappeared and came back from the bathroom holding a big pink vibrator. Millie could see it was all bobbly on the surface and was filled with silver balls it looked like.

“There isn’t really a fixed limit,” Shelley carried on, “because each new experience is just added on top of the original one, like layers, so it’s not once and it’s over, sort of thing, but each fresh experience helps some more.”

“Wow,” sniggered Ann, “so we might have to fuck you to completely to pieces babe.”

“Shit!” Millie sort of croaked, “completely to pieces!” It was the first time Ann – or anyone – had called Millie ‘babe’. She liked it.

“Not just today either,” grinned Shelley, “it’ll need a good long course of treatment I expect! And then we have to do other kinds of sex so your mind has the full spectrum of experience to choose from and form associations, not just what you had that one evening.”

Millie’s mind boggled as Shelley patted the big bed. Millie got onto it and lay down on her back, her mind in a complete whirl of unbelievable excitement. Shelley rummaged in the wardrobe and came back with a fistful of men’s ties. “He never wears half of these, “ she said cheerfully, “and I can’t stand these two.”

Shelley did one side and Ann did the other, so in a couple of minutes Millie was tied to the headboard and bed legs, spreadeagle and completely exposed, in an X.

“Now if you start to feel nervous or bad just say and we’ll stop at once, obviously, and untie you,” Shelley smiled down at the stunning young girl. Shelley could not believe she was doing this, but it felt right. Millie just looked eager and amazed.

Shelley stroked her fingertips lightly up the inside of Millie’s lithe, beautifully muscled thigh, and the athletic teen instantly arched up, her pussy instinctively seeking the fingers. It was so natural, utterly erotic. Shelley climbed onto the bed and let her fingers drift up to Millie’s labia. Shelley stroked lightly over them, then up and over her clit. Millie’s whole vulva was swollen, jerking as her pelvis started to jump spasmically. Christ, the hot girl was close already!

Ann lay down on Millie’s other side, struggling to leave her own pussy alone because she knew if she just touched it once she’d have to finish. Millie was sounding incredible already. The video on the phone didn’t do the sound justice…Oh! “Video mum!” she said.

“Oh yes - go and borrow John’s helmet cam,” Shelley told her, referring to her brother, “he won’t mind. He has a little tripod clamp thing for it too.”

Ann went off and came back with a small video camera that looked mostly lens, and fixed it to the end of the headboard pointing down across and along Millie’s increasingly frantic body. It didn’t show her face very well but… “that’ll pick up the sound well,” Ann smirked.

“You’ll take the card out after, won’t you?” Millie could just find enough awareness to worry about John getting hold of this! God, all his friends at school, Brian Davis and Matthew Haynes even.

“Oh yes don’t worry,” Shelley reassured her, “I’ll get him a new card. I don’t think he uses the camera that much anyway, after all that asking for it for his birthday. But we won’t give it back with the card in, I promise. You can keep the card, or clear it or burn it or whatever.” She smiled down at the writhing teen, then moved to start licking and sucking her right tit that was sticking up so tantalisingly.

Millie flopped back, lying tied between her best friend and her best friend’s mum, who now seemed to be more like her lezzie lovers! They worked over her tits and pussy, first with their fingertips and then with their tongues and lips and even their teeth a bit. Millie could only lie there and gasp and feel and watch them, soaking up the incredible sensations and looking at Ann’s dark, straight hair and Shelley’s dirty blonde curly mop that she hardly even seemed to comb but always looked gorgeous.

Ann was watching her mum, seeing what she did, although as far as she knew her mum hadn’t done anything with anyone but her dad before and was as new to it as she was herself. But she seemed confident. Perhaps she’d just watched more videos. Anyway it was pretty obvious that Millie just loved the same things that Ann did to herself, so Ann played with the tit on her side and competed with her mum for Millie’s pussy which was insanely sensitive.

Shelley slid a finger into Millie’s soaking, pulsating pussy and could feel the girl was on the brink already. Ann’s finger joined hers and Millie’s head came up as the two fingers bent and started to thrust to and fro.

“Aaaarrrrgggghhh” Millie groaned loudly and started to thrash in her bonds. The orgasm built to bursting point and then exploded, her pelvis thrusting manically against the hands that Ann and Shelley somehow knew to keep pumping for a few seconds, and then slow the action down, ending with a soothing rub over Millie’s wet, hypersensitive labia while the aftershocks shuddered through.

Finally Millie subsided with a big grin all over her face.

“Wow,” she gasped, “that was awesome. Way more than awesome.”

“I can’t believe we waited so long babe,” Ann was smiling at her in a special way, still stroking her pussy but very gently now.

“No, I know,” said Millie, “untie me now babe I want to do you back.”

It felt nice calling Ann ‘babe’.

Ann and Shelley untied her and then Millie rolled into Ann and started to kiss and caress her, pressing their naked bodies together. Shelley watched fondly, starting to slide a finger over her own soaking labia.

Millie couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt having Ann’s naked body against her own. She listened to her moan and felt her writhe about in ecstasy as Millie worked her hand over her clit and labia. Ann was totally sexed-up, and ready to cum in a few short seconds.

“Don’t make me wait,” she whispered in Millie’s ear.

Millie rubbed her four fingers rapidly over Ann’s wet pussy, and Ann started. She bucked and writhed and gasped in Millie’s embrace as the orgasm gripped her, took her over, and then after some seconds eased away leaving her soft and spent in Millie’s arms. Millie kissed her everywhere she could reach; she’d never been so happy.

“You’re so beautiful Ann,” she said.

“I want to be tied up,” said Shelley after half a minute of smiling across at their affectionate intimacy.

“Oooh OK,” giggled Millie.

Shelley slid into the middle of the bed and her daughter and Millie tied her to the corners.

Millie started kissing and stroking her, while Ann just looked, a doubtful expression on her face.

“Can I just watch Mum?” she asked, “I…I dunno…you are gorgeous, but you’re my mum.

“Of course you can darling,” Shelley smiled at her, “I’ll just do this with Millie. And let’s face it Millie is sexy enough to share a bit isn’t she?”

“She is,” smirked Ann.

Millie had just slid a finger into Shelley’s eager wet pussy when there was a noise from downstairs.

“What’s that?” said Ann.

“Oh it’s nothing,” gasped Shelley, “don’t stop.”

Millie did stop, but they couldn’t hear anything. What was it? Ann went to the door and stood on the landing, but after a few seconds she came back in.

“It’s all quiet,” she said, “it must’ve been something outside.”

Millie went back to playing with Shelley’s pussy and kissing her lovely firm un-mum-like body. Ann came and sat on the edge of the bed, watching.

Millie was just bringing Shelley up to start her cum when the door burst open. Mr Clifton and Mr Farrier were in the bedroom!

“Where…?” Mr Clifton started, then stopped. The two pervy teachers gawped at the scene that met their eyes: two naked teens and the gorgeous Mrs Whittle tied naked on the bed, with the little stunner Millie Stanford’s fingers in her. Ann Whittle nude…

For a few seconds, nobody said anything. Millie and Ann stood up, on either side of the bed.

Millie was scared. They were going to rape her again, she supposed. Ann was naked. Shelley was naked and helpless. The men were much stronger than any of them. Not that they were especially big, but she and Ann and Shelley weren’t either.

“Where’s the card?” Mr Clifton was waving a phone at them. His phone, from downstairs.

“You’ll never find it,” Shelley knew the slot on the TV was hard to spot even when you knew it was there. How lucky they’d left the card in it.

“Just give us the card, OK?” Mr Farrier took a step into the room, “you’re not exactly in a position to argue.”

“Or what?” Shelley didn’t seem scared even though she had to be Millie was sure, “you’ll rape us?” Shelley sounded scornful more than anything.

Ann moved, deciding her teachers weren’t actually going to attack her. She started undoing her mum’s wrist tie.

“No we’re not going to rape you,” said Mr Clifton, “that was just…I don’t know…we got carried away. We’re sorry about that. Now we just want the card. Alright? Give us the card, and we’ll go.”

“Yes or what?” spat Shelley. Millie started untying her as well.

“Or we’ll just have to ransack the place,” said Mr Farrier. “We know it’s here somewhere.”

Suddenly he seemed to make a realisation and pulled out his phone. In a second he was taking photos of Shelley tied naked to the bed, with the two naked teens working on the knots.

After a few shots Millie could see he was focussing in on her, lining up shots, then on Ann and on Shelley. These were porno photos now.

“Stop!” she cried, grabbing for the phone, but Mr Farrier fended her off easily. As he did so, pushing her on her chest, between her tits but a bit on her right tit, his manner changed subtly. Millie looked, seeing his trousers bulging. The contact had set him off. Mr Clifton was looking at them all a bit intently as well.

“You’re just perverts,” said Ann.

“I know,” Mr Clifton tried to make a joke of it, “but we’re harmless really. Just give us the phone card…or…I’ll tell you what: the only other copy of Millie on Friday is on James’ phone here.” He pointed. “Get my phone card and we’ll delete all of them together, right here, so there are no videos or photos left, OK? None of last Friday, and none of a respectable mother having lesbian bondage sex with her own daughter and her underage friend…”


Chapter 3: Ann's Tactic

Millie couldn’t believe her pervert abusing teachers were going to be able to cancel out the stolen phone with these new photos.

Now they were going to get away with having fucked her over and over, just because they’d broken in and crashed her lovely sweet sex session with Ann and Shelley. Shelley couldn’t do anything, being tied naked to the bed, and it didn’t exactly help that Millie and Ann were naked as well.

Anyway just for the sake of it she challenged Mr Clifton: “That’s my phone, isn’t it? You gave it to me.”

Mr Clifton, his trousers still bulging as he ogled the young beauty, was amused. “You have spirit Millie, I have to say. Things have changed though, and this is over four hundred quid’s worth.”

“Maybe she could earn it?” smirked Mr Farrier, whose eyes were also roving up and down all three naked lovelies.

“Four hundred quid? What for?”

“It’s insured isn’t it? How about a blowjob?”

“Ewe, I don’t think so!” Millie sneered.

“I’ll give you a blowjob,” Ann stunned them all, “for the phone. Millie deserves it.“ Millie and Shelley started to protest until they saw Ann looking at them intently. She was up to something.

“Both of us,” said Mr Clifton. Teen girls and phones, it was ridiculous.

“For both phones,” said Ann.

“You’re quite the negotiator aren’t you?”

“I’m only young, and my mouth is virgin,” Ann smiled, revealing her perfect small teeth. She sank slowly to her knees by the end of the bed. “And this is my Mum…”

The two pervert teachers gazed at the super-cute teen looking up them, kneeling naked with her pert c-cup tits sticking out, her lean little body… right by her gorgeous naked mother - her sexy mother with her legs tied splayed exposing her clearly wet pussy right to them…

“Darling you mustn’t” Shelley said weakly. The girls knew though that wasn’t how she’d really try to stop it.

“Alright,” Mark Clifton couldn’t resist. “It is insured after all. Are you on with your phone James? D’you mind if I go first, as you went first last time?”

“Yeah OK. No that’s fine, she’ll have had some practice,” James grinned.

Millie watched aghast as her best friend, the same age as herself and so innocent, knelt submissively while the pervy teacher dropped his trousers and briefs and presented his hard, thick, seven-inch cock to her sweet face. It was only because Millie was now protectively right next to her that she heard Ann whisper to Mr Clifton:

“I want it rough, that’s my fantasy. Grab my hair and really face-fuck me. Make me choke a bit, like in the videos.”

Millie could hardly believe it. Nor could Mark Clifton. “Are you sure?” he asked. He even sounded a bit concerned.

Ann nodded. “Then I can act a bit, you know, struggle, if that’s OK? I like that.”

“Of course it’s OK,” he sniggered, “I’m a pervert remember!” The girl was full of surprises. Was there any way he and James could keep something going with her, perhaps?

“Shit!” breathed James Farrier, who had come over to watch.

Millie was trying to work out what Ann was up to. Why the struggle thing? Anyway on instinct Millie dropped to her knees in front of Mr Farrier; it wasn’t fair for Ann to do both of them. “I’ll do you if you want,” she whispered, figuring whispering must be important for some reason.

For an answer James Farrier undid his belt, pushed his trousers and briefs down, and worked his fingers into her thick, wavy hair. Millie duly opened her lovely mouth and he pulled.

It was only the look her daughter had given her that kept Shelley sane as she watched Ann and Millie being brutally faced-fucked at the end of the bed, struggling while their hair was gripped and used to thrust their pretty young faces to and fro on the big adult cocks, choking them.

The men were grinning down as they gave the girls what they’d asked for, and savoured the incredible sensations on their cocks. The backs of the teens’ throats felt especially wonderful on their swollen cockheads, pushing onto them, even partly into them, though the girls became a bit too desperate before they could properly deep-throat them. It was fantastic anyway, the greatest game ever. It was too great to last long, but that didn’t matter. These were the hottest bowjobs in history, surely.

Millie thought she was going to die, from not being able to breathe and from fury at being manhandled like this, used yet again; but it had to be worth it, somehow, or Ann wouldn’t have set it up. She carried on struggling, and got a breath each time she could.

Ann was gasping for air too, but she wasn’t angry like Millie. she was waiting for it to be over so her victory could be enjoyed. Mr Clifton and Mr Farrier had never noticed John’s little video camera, designed to fit onto his helmet while he was riding his motorbike, that was currently mounted on the end of the headboard still recording and covering everything.

Luckily in a very few minutes the men were there, pressing the girls’ faces in one last time while their cocks erupted in unison, Mark’s climax setting James off. They pressed and spurted, looking down at the tangled hair that was entwined in their fists, the firm young shoulders and tits and kneeling thighs. Then they let go, to finish with a couple of spurts onto those stunning young faces.

James Farrier grinned at Mrs Whittle’s appalled expression, scanning her naked body down over her tits to her exposed pussy, then back up. Why couldn’t his own wife stay in shape like this? Mrs Whittle was really lovely…out of the corner of his eye he noticed a little back cylinder standing out against the wood of the headboard.

“Fuck,” he said to his partner in crime, and pointed. “A video camera!”

“Hence the blowjob,” gasped Mr Clifton, “and the ‘be rough with me’ bullshit. Jesus. Thank God you spotted it.”

Ann, spluttering on the floor, groaned. Busted! It had all gone wrong. Anyway she’d finish her plan off, and just hope. It must be nearly four o’clock, for one thing. She had to keep them occupied, that was all she could do now.

“Get the vibrator,” she whispered to Millie.

Both men had gone round to look at the camera as the girls stood up. Ann wiped the worst of the cum off her face with her hand, and slid onto the bed between her mother’s legs. She suddenly scooped the cum to the end of two fingers and pushed them into her mother’s pussy, making her jump and shriek. In a second Ann had taken the vibrator from Millie and pushed that into her mother’s pussy, which was what the men really saw. They sensed they’d missed something, but didn’t know what. Her mother writhed, but in a couple of thrusts it was in.

“Very hot,” smirked Mr Clifton, “but this isn’t a webcam is it?” He waved the helmet cam at them teasingly. “It’s all just on a memory card isn’t it…this memory card!” He popped the card out.

“So, thanks for the great blowjobs girls,” Mr Farrier sniggered, “it was the best. Sorry Ann you always were a clever one, but this time it hasn’t worked out.”

The teachers, still grinning, watched Ann carefully wipe some blobs of cum off Millie’s beautiful young face, slide them to the ends of two fingers, then quickly push the fingers into her own pussy.

As the penny started to drop Ann was already inserting the vibrator. With a few determined thrusts, and helped by her mother’s juice, she quickly had several inches in. She had experience, after all.

“Noooo,” yelped Mark, realising what was happening more quickly than his friend.

Ann just looked at him, her sticky face defiant.

“Looks like a DNA test will show you raped me and my mum,” she said. “Our pussies will look like they’ve just been fucked…”

“You little bitch!” Mr Clifton, losing it, took a step and grabbed her by the arm.

“LEAVE HER ALONE!” shouted Shelley.

“LET HER GO!” shouted Millie, lunging to help Ann but being grabbed by Mr Farrier.

There was a knock on the door. Everyone froze. Two more quite hard knocks.

“Mum?” they all heard from outside. A male voice.

“JOHN!” yelled Shelley.

Joy and relief swept through Ann as Mr Clifton's grip wavered. It was four o’clock and her big brother was back from school!

The door opened.

In the doorway stood quite a large untidy young man in a leather jacket. “Mum? What…THE FUCK?”.

Millie wasn’t too keen on Ann’s badboy older brother, even though she fantasised about his badboy friends. In Millie’s opinion John had never given his little sister the attention and respect she deserved. He almost ignored Millie as well. Just because he was older...

Now though, the sudden appearance of the broad-shouldered lad, who was at least five foot eleven and had been in several fights, was the most wonderful thing ever. Except for her being completely in the NUDE of course!! Why had they left all their clothes in the kitchen??

The teachers had let them go and Millie and Ann hastily put a hand over their crotches and an arm across their tits. Shelley didn’t have that option but she had her eyes on the prize.

“John! Get that memory card from Mr Clifton, and your helmet camera and their phones! Don’t let them go! Stop staring at me and get them. Now! And stop staring at the girls too.”

John was struggling to cope with the chaos, but his teachers meekly surrendered the items so he didn’t have to search them or even understand...

“Have they been…you know…to you?” he asked dangerously as his overloaded senses started to assemble the incredible scene before him.

The teachers were smaller and softer than John Whittle. They knew he’d been suspended twice for fighting and they could see his protective instincts were about to kick off in the worst way. They shuffled nervously away from the bed.

Millie could also see John boiling up: “No no it was us John, Ann and me tied her to the bed.”

John gawped at her. “Millie? You? Why?” Her hair was all over the place and what was that on her face?

“It’s complicated, but it wasn’t them. Not this time anyway. And we took our own clothes off. Don’t hit them, we’ve got them, with the phones and the videos.”

John forced himself to look at his mother again, hoping for some explanation and trying to blank out her box.

“Yes darling,” she reassured him, ”you can let them go now, they know what they have to do.” She addressed the quaking teachers: “ You’re going to phone here tomorrow evening for instructions aren’t you? And during the day if you see either of the girls you’re going to turn and go the other way.”

“Yes, yes…” Mr Clifton and Mr Farrier crept past John and fled down the stairs.

“Alright John thank you darling,” Shelley could see his discretion starting to fade as he surveyed her tits and his naked hot little sister and her naked hot best friend. “Go down to the kitchen please and bring our clothes up. Just leave them outside the door. Oh and some scissors please, these knots have pulled rather tight. We’ll explain later.”

John dragged himself out of the bedroom and went down. He hadn’t been keeping up with Annie growing up had he? And Millie. Jesus Christ he needed a wank now. And as for his mum…what the fuck had they been doing? God if Brian and Matt ever found out quite what a weird mother he had…


Chapter 4: The Reckoning

At the end of Friday a month later Mr Farrier and Mr Clifton were walking slowly over to the gym. They weren’t looking forward to meeting Mrs Whittle and the girls, but they had no choice. Shelley Whittle had laid out the array of evidence against them and it was terrifying: not only the real ravishment of Millie, all on video, but also the set-up ‘violent oral rape’ of the two young teens in front of one of their mothers. Mrs Whittle hadn’t bothered with a DNA tests, because the faked rapes of the mother and her teenage daughter weren’t needed – that was how bad things were.

They knew the videos had all been stored online and were beyond reach, on top of which the eighteen-year-old biker John Whittle had been told about the Millie episode - to explain how his mother had been having lesbian bondage sex with his sister and Millie - and was spoiling to smash their faces in and various other parts too. He’d been sworn to secrecy, presumably, but if Mrs Whittle or either of the girls ever said the word the teachers could kiss goodbye to many teeth, apparently. At least.

Mrs Whittle had repeated her vision of prison and the rest of their lives if the police were called in. With such ruination beckoning, the teachers had agreed to do whatever was demanded; whatever.

So for the last four weeks the forty-something teachers had been eating little and exercising lots. They’d lost seven kilos and put on muscle, and done some tanning, as per the detailed instructions. They were seriously tired of being bossed about by Millie Stanford and Ann Whittle with their diet and gym work and running and swimming. Still, they’d done it, and here they were still out of prison.

And in the gym. Ominously Mrs Whittle was standing holding the video camera, while Millie and Ann were holding phones (which Mark and James could see used to be theirs), and a bottle of something.

“Right, clothes off please,” said Shelley Whittle.

Millie was trembling with amazement at what they were about to do. So was Ann, who after a month of incredible lezzie sex with her amazing mum and her stunning, gorgeous girlfriend, was about to get fucked by a man for the first time.

“So; you’re going to teach Ann about fucking,” Shelley informed the men. “That’s what she wants.”

The teachers gaped. This was punishment?

Ann was stripping off, revealing her lithe, five foot three body with her jutting tits, perfect skin and flowing, young-but-feminine shape. Like themselves she was tanned all over, though her tan was a bit uneven evoking real outdoor nudity. Her light-brown bush was neatly trimmed and her dark-green eyes shone in her sexy face.

“Yes,” continued Shelley, “you will each fuck her, however she wants, giving her a lot of orgasms like you did Millie, or whatever she decides she feels like. A lot of arousal. We want a running commentary so she can pass on the lessons to her boyfriends in due course. You are teachers, aren’t you?”

Mark Clifton gulped, while James Farrier tried not to look too thrilled. They didn’t want to look as though they were enjoying serving their penance, even though obviously any man would be in heaven fucking this delectable teen. They would do their very best, anyway, and hope to gain favour.

Ann lay down on the lowered horse, on her back with her ass on the end. She didn’t want too much intimacy, just the fuck basically. Or fucks rather.

Mr Clifton knelt down and started licking and sucking her pussy. Ann thought it was pretty good, though not as good as Millie and Shelley did it. It was what was needed anyway and she was wet and tingling straight away.

The teacher stood up and offered his throbbing seven inches up to her slippery, swollen slit. It slid in easily, surprising him for a second before he remembered about the big pink vibrator…

“Alright so, err…” he started the commentary while savouring the amazing feel of this tight, creamy pussy. Well if that bedroom scene had been anything to go by, and the vibrator, this was a well-exercised, fit young vagina. Her virginity was entirely nominal.

“So…I press right in,” he started commentating, “to stimulate the vulva with my pubic bone, you see…” he fucked slowly in and pressed, then started to fuck.

“Now I’m leaning over a little, and lowering her knees to adjust the angle of her pelvis, to make sure I engage her clitoris..” he was sounding a bit formal wasn’t he? Well the teaching was coming quite naturally…

“Now I’m just at the entrance, so the vagina is contracting inside, while I wait, and NOW when I push in there’s a lot of sensation, you see…” The joyful groan from the teen proved his point as he carried on fucking and lecturing.

Ann enjoyed the fuck, feeling the sex course through her body, thrilling her senses just how it was supposed to. Sex was such a great way to have a good time! She loved it. And Mr Clifton was doing her really skilfully; there was more to it than you’d have thought wasn’t there? And now she was ready for a cum…

“OK finish me,” she instructed, and less than half a minute later she was shuddering with a huge, gorgeous orgasm, feeling a man’s sperm being jetted into her for the first time. Just as well she was safe! Oooh that was lovely.

A short while later, after a cuddle with Millie, she felt like some more cock, so James Farrier found himself lying down on the mat while the sexy teen lowered her wet pussy over his throbbing erection. She started going up and down on him, then after a couple of minutes she told him to fuck upwards, using his new-found fitness to drive his cock in and out of her. A phone appeared, held by Mrs Whittle, and he started doing the commentary into it. He took Ann to a climax, let her recover, and then started her off towards her third.

Millie was starting to feel sexy, watching her girlfriend being fucked by these big cocks and loving it. Millie felt sexy a lot of the time these days.

She took off her clothes, watched by Mr Clifton. She still didn’t hate him and Mr Farrier for having ravished her, though sometimes she felt angry still. They had no right to do that to girls, even if they basically liked them. It was bullying and taking and being selfish.

It was down to her mood really, how she felt. Bossing them about made her feel better anyway.

Sometimes she just thought about how they’d worked her pussy over with their big cocks and made her cum till she couldn’t stand up. And although it was stupid she was in some ways grateful to them for having made everything get started between her and Ann and Shelley.

She went over to the parallel bars, scene of her first rape. She’d been in the gym most days since, but had been avoiding this particular area; now it was time to face that feeling of helplessness. She draped herself over, facing up, between the bars, hanging by her knees and elbows. She caught Mr Clifton’s eye and with a flick of her head gestured him over.

“Four minutes,” she bossed him, deliberately.

Mark ran his finger up the delectable gymnast’s slit and found it wet. He hoped she, and the Whittles, would eventually forgive him and James and they could relax; they just had to play along. He eased his cock in and started. Four minutes wasn’t very long, but Millie Stanford wasn’t just any girl. As she had a month before she reacted strongly, straight away, and he started fucking her in earnest, with long strokes landing quite firmly. Mrs Whittle appeared with the camera and he made himself start explaining what he was doing.

Millie told herself to enjoy the sex and get into being well fucked, and she found she could. Shelley had been urging her to look forwards rather than back, and to think about sex in the future rather than being attacked in the past. It wasn’t going to happen again: she wasn’t going to give up her gym sessions but now Mr Farrier had given her a key so she locked the door and left the key in. She had her phone, and these days quite apart from the police Ann’s brother never seemed to be far away and was on speed dial.

OOOHHH she was there already!

Mark pumped hard, holding the lean teen pelvis with his hands to brace it against his thrusting. She was starting, the little sexpot. “I can…feel her starting…” he gasped to the microphone, “so I’m bumping…into her now…to really…excite her vulva…”

He moved in a bit closer to hold her as she started to thrash around, in danger of flipping herself off his cock. He was beyond talking as he started too, the familiar bliss of orgasm sweeping through him. He was relishing the sensation of pussy doing it with him – a sensation all too rare these days.

The delectable teen gymnast and her pervert teacher orgasmed hard together for quarter of a minute; ecstasy that was part shared, and part not. Then they wound down and Mr Clifton slid gently out of her. Millie lowered herself to the floor and clung to Shelley while her legs stopped shaking.

“Thank you,” she said to Mr Clifton.

“You’re welcome,” he replied, smiling.

Now Mrs Whittle was taking her clothes off, heading with Millie for the mats, where Ann and James also seemed to have finished.

Millie lay down with Ann on one side and Shelley on the other. The three caressed each other while the teachers watched. Soon the super-fit nubile Millie was audibly aroused again, and so to a lesser extent were her lovers. So were the horny teachers: the girls made an incredibly erotic sight.

James and Mark saw Mrs Whittle look over at their erections, that they’d absently started playing with.

“OK,” she sat up and looked at them seriously, “decision time. You’re not really evil are you, just perverts. I think we can see our way clear to not destroying the rest of your lives, if you do a couple of things for us.”

She paused, and there was a hush. The teachers held their breath. The girls too - they had no idea what was coming even though Shelley was saying ‘we’.

“We need some ammunition, well a safeguard really, that’s independent of Millie, you can see that can’t you?” Shelley stated it as a fact, and the teachers nodded apprehensively.

“We’ve got you into better shape for Ann’s first time, but it is for your own benefit too, because one of you is going to assfuck the other, while we film it.”

“Noooo,” Mr Clifton and Mr Farrier cried in unison. and the girls gasped in shock.

“You like assfucking with girls, I bet,” said Shelley, “I bet you’ve had a LOT of wanks to videos of women taking it up the ass? Fucked women up the ass yourselves?” The men couldn’t deny it.

“So it’s the same isn’t it, physically? Your assholes are made the same as female ones aren’t they? So it’s quite survivable. It won’t hurt that much, with plenty of the lube I’ve brought and your skill with using your cocks. You just have to prepare the ass thoroughly of course and then be sensitive about doing it, which I’m sure you can be.

“So you can toss for who does what, or decide however you like, or do it to each other to make it completely fair, OR…of course you can refuse and I’ll decide you can’t be controlled to a safe level and do what I probably ought to have done in the first place and call the police in.”

There was an implacable quality to how she’d said it that belied the sexy naked woman, who wasn’t that big and not that old either.

“So basically,” she finished, “it’s…lemme see…one assfuck or a few thousand, whichever you prefer.”

James and Mark looked at each other, horror-struck. Then Mark’s face set. “No,” he shook his head, “sorry. We’re not doing that.” He was pretty sure that after a month Mrs Whittle must have decided not to put Millie through the ordeal of a court trial, with the cross-examination making her recount all the detail, the defence barrister calling her a liar and fantasist, and a jury being shown the videos.

“OK,” said Shelley, “call it in Millie.”

Millie nearly started to argue – she didn’t want to destroy her teachers’ lives now – then she realised Shelley hadn’t consulted her. She would have, wouldn’t she, if she meant it? It had to be a bluff. And Millie did quite want to see them one of them assfuck the other, that would be amazing to watch.

She walked over to her clothes and picked up her phone, trying to think about any bits of emergency calls she’d heard. She dialled three zeros, turned the volume down to hide the error tone, put it to her ear, waited a few seconds and then said “Police please.”

A few seconds later she said: “Hello, I’ve been…raped by two teachers at my school… Millie Stanford…. Twenty-four, Meadow Green, Netherton…yes this is my phone…Kings’ School…”

“Alright,” Mark was rushing over, “hang up, we’ll do it, we’ll do it, hang up!” Christ what a nightmare. Whatever had possessed them to rape a girl? It was insane. And they did LIKE Millie, what on earth had they been thinking? He had to recognise that in some ways he and James were bad for each other.

Millie pressed an imaginary button on her screen and switched to Home before he could see there was no call.

“I think Mr Farrier should be the one to take it,” she said. Her first violator. It was hard not to smirk.

The teachers were too strung out to argue. In a couple of minutes Mr Farrier was on his knees on the mat working a lubed finger into his own tight, virgin back passage. There was some desperation in how he was trying to open it out.

Shelley was setting up two phones on chairs to capture the action from two angles in fixed-camera webcam style, and pointing out to the girls the area they had to stay clear of. They went and stood some way in front of the teachers, fondling each other to help Mr Clifton keep his erection while he offered it up to Mr Farrier’s hairy ass. They couldn’t help Mr Farrier with any arousal though, because he was too humiliated to look at them.

“Lots of lube mate,” he was pleading, “and take it slow for Christ’s sake. Really, really slow!”

“Yeah don’t worry,” Mr Clifton was working a finger into his friend’s asshole, squirting some lube, working the fingers around, then adding a second finger, more lube, and eventually a third finger and more lube.

After quite a few minutes it seemed the asshole was as ready as it could be. The girls watched in amazement as Mr Clifton lubed his cock and pressed his big cockhead onto Mr Farrier’s asshole! And after a minute it popped in!! Mr Farrier gasped in pain and Mr Clifton stopped.

“I have to wait a bit,” he explained to the girls.

Millie stood stroking Ann’s lovely lower back and asscheeks, thinking this assfucking was pretty weird.

After a few minutes Mr Clifton started moving, fucking his cock in a bit more. Then he stopped and waited again. Pumped a bit more, then waited again. To Millie it seemed pretty obvious that assholes weren’t really meant to have cocks stuck into them.

Anyway the men carried on, both looking about as hapless as Millie had felt that Friday evening a month before. Their humiliation was balm to her soul, and so was Ann whose warm, lovely body was leaning affectionately against her.

They smiled encouragingly at Mr Clifton as he checked them out to keep his hard-on going.

Eventually the cock was fully in, and Mr Clifton slowly pulled it out a bit, then pushed it back in. He did that again, waited a moment, then again. Gradually he built up to a slow fuck.

Millie had had enough though, suddenly. It was too ugly. Maybe it would be alright if two gay guys did it, she wasn’t sure, but the men looked so sad. She and Ann went over to Shelley, Ann coming with her. “Have we got enough?” she asked.

Shelley saw the expression on her face, and Ann’s. She gathered up the phones.

“Alright you can stop,” she told the teachers, “let’s go to my house now and review where we are.”

Mark and James weren’t sure what that might mean but they showered and drove round, hoping that the assfucking might be the end of the whole ghastly business.

When they got there Mrs Whittle showed them upstairs, and into what was clearly Ann’s bedroom. It was girlie pink with posters of popstars on the walls, a makeup kit on a dresser, a small TV and a laptop. There was a battered fluffy pink toy rabbit on a chair.

Mrs Whittle stood on the far side of the bed, the girls on either side of her. She was holding a remote.

“Watch this then we’ll talk,” she said. She started a video, which the teachers saw immediately was an edited version of the blowjobs the girls had given them. They watched themselves with their cocks in the pretty girls’ faces, thrusting in and out and pulling the girls’ heads to and fro by their hair. It was hot. Then at the end their cum landing on the girls’ sexy young faces was even hotter.

Mrs Whittle stopped it at a frame showing both girls’ cum-streaked faces.

“Hot eh?” she grinned at them. The teachers nodded, grinning too.

“What’s hot about it?” she challenged them. Her smile had vanished.

“Well…” James was wrong-footed, “blowjobs, facials, they’re sexy aren’t they?”

“Sexy for who?” Mrs Whittle was spitting, out of the blue. Before the men could reply she carried on, evidently set for a long speech of some kind.

“This is Ann’s room, look around. It’s a girl’s room. The room of a sweet girl who should be able to choose what happens to her. Millie’s will be pretty much the same.

“This is where Millie told us about what you did to her. Fortunately Millie had the sense to tell Ann and Ann had the sense to tell me, otherwise Millie might still be trying to cope on her own. Which is what you gambled on! Suppose I hadn’t found out? You’d be having her in the gym every Friday wouldn’t you?

“You say you’re sorry but look at the face-fucking you think is so sodding hot. Look how violent and one-sided it is. What’s with the cumming on their faces? What’s that about? It’s dominance isn’t it? The joy of dominating two young girls, controlling and humiliating them. Using their head to wank in, using their hair like handles. And this was AFTER you said you were sorry for raping Millie. And now you still think it was great AFTER you were intimate with them just an hour ago.”

The teachers stood mouths agape, stunned by the hostility and how events were being linked...

“Now you’ve just this very evening had a taste of humiliation yourselves, awful humiliation, but still you didn’t empathise with the girls did you? You came in and watched yourselves abusing these young girls and still thought it was hot. You had their permission but it was still your idea of sex and having a good time with a girl wasn’t it? But it wasn’t actually pleasant for them was it? Being hauled around and choked and loomed over. Dominated. And don’t tell me a young girl really wanted to live that out as a fantasy.

“So you may have some regrets about raping Millie, but you’re perverts. You easily lose sight of the fact that girls are people, with feelings that you should respect and empathise with. You refer to each other for what’s right and wrong, and not to the girls.”

“But,” Mark struggled to fend off this unexpected and quite savage attack on who he was, ”we LIKE girls. It was a mistake with Millie, we’re sorry…”

“Yes I know, you said: you ‘got carried away’ “ Mrs Whittle was scathing, “so it went further than you intended or whatever, but the basic tendency is there, isn’t it? This is your view of girls, that they’re there for you and not for themselves. But you’re surrounded by girls, and some of them are vulnerable, either physically like Millie was in the gym on her own at night, or emotionally so you could groom them. You might have been doing it for years for all I know. Or this could be the first time, but the first of many times. Who knows? But it can’t go on. I can’t leave things in that position. I can stop you doing it to Ann and Millie but what about all the others? You can say all you like that you won’t do it again but the tendency IS there isn’t it?”

“We won’t do it again, honestly!” James said earnestly.

“I don’t dare to believe that, sorry. It would be wrong of me, when the evidence says you might.”

Mark and James were getting a sinking feeling as Mrs Whittle produced two envelopes.

“So here’s the deal. It’s the only deal in town so don’t fight it or we WILL call the police. Not to say leak the assfucking video…” She handed them an envelope each.

They opened their envelopes together. Each one contained a letter detailing an appointment with a consultant at a different private hospital. Each was headed:

Orchiectomy Consultation

James read on: “Dear Mr Farrier,

Further to your enquiry about a bilateral orchiectomy, we are pleased to offer an appointment with our Consultant Surgeon Mr Shah. He will be happy to discuss your concerns about testicular cancer and offer appropriate advice and/or medical procedures. In the event that you decide to proceed with the operation, it can be performed in our modern scrupulously hygienic facilities, and will normally require an overnight stay. Prosthetic testes are available.

We look forward to seeing you on 6th May at 10:30 am.

Yours faithfully…”

“Oh no!,” Mark’s letter was basically the same, “you are NOT cutting our balls off, don’t even think about it!”

“You’re kidding!” gasped James, “No WAY.”

“It’s not such a big deal,” Mrs Whittle was unmoved, “any rescue dog is neutered and they can have a great life can’t they? We love them and neuter them, it’s normal. It’ll be no different for you. You can have a great life, be free, teach, do sports, drink, have a laugh, it’ll all be the same. The only thing you won’t be able to do is fuck, and when did you last fuck your wives?”

There was silence.


“Okay it was some years ago but that’s not the point,” said Mark.

“They’re not exactly in shape these days,” explained James.

“So who are you planning to fuck?” Mrs Whittle was inexorable. “You weren’t in shape either were you, and without being forced into diet and exercise you’ll go back to your normal forty-something flabbiness and then who exactly are you planning to cheat with? Women who’ll fancy you? Who’s that exactly? Or young girls you can persuade or cajole or groom or coerce?

“You who are surrounded by girls all day and are proven self-confessed perverts and rapists? WHO are you going to fuck?”

“I don’t care,” Mark tried not to shout, “they’re my balls, for Christ’s sake, and I’m keeping them!”

“Alright you can keep them in prison then.” Mrs Whittle resumed her assault: “You have three weeks to turn up with a receipt for a bilateral orchiectomy and your two balls in a jar, or it’s that phone call that Millie started. And I will check with the hospitals too.

“Go home and play that scenario out: the police cars outside your house, the police station, the media, paps, the interrogations, the court case, the prosecuting barrister, the police van, and the prison. The ten YEARS or so in the little cell with the grey block walls and one or two scary cellmates. The showers. The assraping. The punches and perhaps stabbing, being hit and pushed around. The constant fear. Then you’ll come out, in perhaps 2025 or something, and be pariahs. No job. On benefits. No wives fat or otherwise; no home – a seedy little flat perhaps. For thirty years or whatever until you die…do you want me to go on? Oh and have I mentioned the assfucking video going viral?”

The teachers had never imagined that this great-looking hippie-style woman could be such a despot; so vicious and vindictive and merciless. She was just about young enough to be their daughter, technically! They could only shake their heads. She was a mother though, and she was seeing Millie as her own; and the other girls too.

Anyway ‘nightmare’ didn’t even start to describe the abyss they were staring into.

They saw that Mrs Whittle had finished, flicking her head towards the door.

As they got to it she spoke again, her tone friendly all of a sudden.

“It’ll be alright,” she smiled at them. “You’re not bad men really but you have these urges and you do lack empathy. It’s a solution. Without balls you simply won’t have the urges and so you won’t miss them. You can have a good life and so can everyone else around you. Do it. You won’t miss them, not really. And we won’t tell anyone, I promise. Receipts and jars please…”

With no cards to play, the teachers nodded a goodbye, turned and went out.


Chapter 5: Bad boys, bad girls

“That’s Cal Crutchlow,” John was saying to Millie four weeks later; sitting right up against her with four of them jammed onto the sofa; in his tight black T-shirt that so showed he’d been working out. He was pointing at the bike race on TV that they were all watching.

“Tech Trois Yamaha,” grinned Ann, sitting between Millie and Brian, looking at Matt in the armchair. “Last year’s winning bike. Satellite team.”

She had SUCH a crush on Matt. Small and wiry with all that energy and those eyes…

“Yeah right,” said Matt, sounding surprised and impressed, “and that’s Valentino Rossi just behind, on this year’s machine.”

“I like Marquez,” said Millie, “he’s the baddest. I reckon he’ll toast Pedrosa over the season. It’s the lean angles he gets, and those badass block passing moves.”

The girls smirked at the boys, enjoying teasing them with what they were just this second looking up on their nice big phones.

John looked over at the web page on Millie’s phone and laughed. “I never knew you were so into bikes Millie.”

“You’d be surprised what I’m into John.”

She was getting a bit flirty these days. It was all different now she was having sex just about every day with Ann and Shelley, and thinking about some more ‘overwriting’ but with boys now.

In fact Shelley had been a little flirty with the lads too, Millie thought. It was just as well Mr Whittle was away on his conference tours all the time! Shelley said he was having a great time in the States telling everyone what to think; she’d said something like that before and Millie wasn’t sure they got on all that well, really. It seemed a long time since he’d been home, too.

As if on cue Shelley came in from outside, having caught the end of the exchange: “I’ve always rather liked bikes…”

“Well any time you feel like a ride,” offered Brian, “I’ve got a spare helmet…” Brian was blond and, as far as Millie was concerned, rather like Brad Pitt.

“For all your girlfriends?” Ann laughed, “that’s clever.”

“Well we’ve all got spare helmets,” said Matt, not to be outdone.

“Oh great,” Ann quickly closed her trap, ”so you could take me?”

“Oh well…” Matt looked at her mum, and her big brother.

“You’ll be careful, won’t you?” answered Shelley, pre-empting her son and grinning as she understood her daughter’s cunning plan. “No showing off how fast you can go...”

“Oh yes. No.” Matt agreed, amazed once again at John’s sub zero cool mother. He and Brian had shared more than one MILF fantasy about her. As for her daughter…

Millie looked hopefully at John.

“You too?” he asked.

So a few minutes later they were all in the drive with the bikes, Millie having totally faked a call getting permission from her parents - who would have gone APE if she had actually called asking if she could go on a huge old motorbike.

“So hold onto me, okay, and lean with me, not too much just let it come naturally,” John was saying.

“She’s an ace gymnast John,” Shelley told her son with a smile, “she could probably stand up on the seat never mind just sit there and hold on.”

Millie blushed at the flattery, but she loved how keen Shelley was on her. She felt like she owed Shelley everything, and it thrilled her that she could say that with sex. Sex that she might never have learned to enjoy without her gorgeous mature woman lover.

“Yes alright Mum,” John acknowledged, rolling his eyes to himself. His mum and Millie. Christ on a Bike. Not to even mention Ann. He still hadn’t got used to coming down to breakfast some days finding the three of them in robes in the kitchen having obviously spent the night together…

They set off for a ride, in a loud, throbbing convoy. Millie loved sitting high enough to look over John’s shoulder, on the raised pillion. She was thrilled by the acceleration and noise and speed, gripping John with her thighs and squeezing him with her arms. Every time he speeded up she tried to send him encouraging signals, and perhaps Ann and Shelley were doing the same to their bikers because gradually they were all going faster and faster, turning onto a winding country road, leaning over more and more, really feeling the corners, braking, accelerating, zipping past cars, getting looks from people…

And all the time feeling up John and his hardcore, muscley body. He was quite a lot bigger than anyone she’d felt so far, and much stronger; a bit like some kind of animal. A big, protective animal. And after what had happened Millie had to admit it felt good to be with him, and even in his gang at this moment with Matt and Brian, and Ann and Shelley. Between them they could handle anything.

All too soon the ride was over, but Millie was buzzing happily as she got off the bike. She took off the helmet and shook out her thick, wavy light-brown hair. John was looking at her, and so were the others. The boys switched their gaze to Shelley and then Ann as they took off their helmets; Shelley’s lovely unruly, curly blonde mop reappeared, and so did Ann’s short dark hair that fell easily into place. The girls were grinning huge grins, their faces aglow.

Millie put her arm round John’s waist. It was what she’d just been doing, but not on the bike now, that was all.

“Millie,” he eased away, “look…”

He didn’t want it.

“They think we’re too young,” Ann had just suffered a similar rejection by Matt.

“Or too old,” added Shelley, who had just freaked out Brian by stroking his ass, stretching his fantasies some way beyond breaking point. Right in front of John!

The lads all started denying it together but Millie interrupted: “Alight, well let’s go in,” she said crossly.

Everyone obeyed her unusually forceful tone. She wasn’t used to being rejected and she didn’t like it. Didn’t plan on getting used to it either! She ran upstairs and came back down to the living room with a memory stick, which she put into the TV.

It was time to make use of that video editing she and Ann had been doing.

“We’ve been in a video, me and Ann,” she told the lads, “would you like to see it?” Shelley gasped, and her mouth fell open, but she said nothing.

“Video? What kind of video?” asked John.

“It’s a sex ed one.”

The three bikers gaped.

“Sex ed?”

“It’s basically tips on fucking,” grinned Ann.


Ann was relishing her brother’s very mixed reaction.

“Annie, what do you know about that?” John was sceptical, then suspicious, his handsome face darkening. “Has someone been doing things to you too? Cos if they have I swear…” He glanced at Millie, and his mother, looking for a clue.

“It was us in control, don’t worry,” Millie smiled at him, “us and your mum. You have the most amazing mum ever. You’ll see…”

“What do you mean, Ann TOO?” Matt asked John.

Shit. Millie realised the cat was out of the bag. Well it was time really, to get rid of the secret. She’d readied herself, never to apologise for it. It had NOT been her fault, at all.

“Mr Clifton and Mr Farrier raped me,” she told them steadily, seeing them shocked, “in the gym one night. So I told Ann and Shelley and then we stole Mr Clifton’s phone that he filmed it on and so we turned the tables on them, well Shelley did you should have heard her it was awesome, and Ann decided she wanted to try fucking so that’s what’s on here. Cos they were good at it, technically if you see what I mean, so we made them do like an instruction video. And I had a go too, doing it again but with us in control not them, so it helped. Cos it was all about power, not me, that’s what Shelley was showing me. And then Shelley made them go and get themselves neutered, so that was their last fuck and all the other girls are safe now.”

“Neutered?” gulped Brian.

“Yes, like dogs,” Shelley confirmed, “it was the best way.”

There was a pause.

“Quite right,” said John grimly, having known already, “it was soft to let them have it done in hospital if you ask me. I’d have done it for nothing, with a Stanley knife.”

Millie knew now that John had secretly felt protective about her for years.

“Yeah…” Matt was scowling ferociously now, “or Mole Grips.”

“Yeah, OK I can get that.” Brian was up for some rough justice too: “The cunts! Shit. We could still give them a smack …” Millie knew it wouldn’t be his first fight either.

“Thanks, it’s alright though, I’m over it, thanks to Shelley, and Ann.” She smiled at them. “It’s all over, the bad part, so you can watch and see if it’s sexy or what!”

She pressed Play.

The video opened with the title she and Ann had chosen : ”Somebody’s First Fuck”

It scrolled, to: “And Somebody’s Last.”

The scene faded in and the boys all leaned forwards. Ann’s lithe young body was there: naked, tanned, with her jutting tits and neat dark bush, lying back on the lowered horse, as their naked Chemistry teacher Mr Clifton came into view and started licking her pussy! Her labia and everything were wet and displayed in larger-than-life-size on the big TV.

John sat back. He couldn’t watch. But he couldn’t not watch either.

Now the big cock was being lined up, and drilled fascinatingly into Ann, in many small strokes. The gorgeous teen, who was John’s little sister, was being fucked. The cock glistened with her juices as it re-emerged, before being buried again, finally to the hilt. A satisfied gasp in the familiar girlie voice seemed to echo round the room.

“Now I’m leaning over a little,” Mr Clifton was going, “and lowering her knees to adjust the angle of her pelvis, to make sure I engage her clitoris…”

He built it up into a steady fuck, and the lads watched agog for several minutes, soaking up the scene and the clearly expert commentary.

“OK finish me,”, they heard Ann instruct their teacher, and the boys goggled at the screen on which Ann was soon gasping and jerking while she obviously came, for quite a few riveting seconds.

The bikers watched Ann get up with a grin and go to lie next to Millie, who was also naked...

“Yes Ann and I are lovers,” Millie told them, “we have sex all the time.” She put her arm round Ann, who snuggled in to her. It made her feel deliciously bad to be taking the lads by surprise.

“Christ,” breathed Brian.

“Fuck,” breathed Matt.

John said nothing. He was waiting for his MOTHER to be outed as the lesbian lover of both young girls.

The bikers’ amazement continued as the ‘sex ed’ video dissolved into Ann riding their psychology teacher Mr Farrier to not one but two more orgasms, her pert C-cups bouncing until her gorgeous face froze in ecstasy, before the scene changed again to young Millie hanging on the parallel bars being fucked by Mr Clifton. He was fucking her hard and fast, and Millie was loving it! So much so that it only went on for a minute or two before the pretty gymnast was writhing in rapture with a big climax. Then Millie got down and walked smiling towards the camera as the video faded to black.

“So you see,” Millie addressed the boys, “Ann and I aren’t too young for sex are we? In fact I bet we’ve had more than you guys recently. We’re safe too.”

“And I’m not too old either…” Shelley grinned. She went up to Millie and snogged her, running her fingers through Millie’s hair, pressing their bodies together and leaving both herself and the young girl obviously aroused.

The boys stared in hushed silence. John held his breath, his face burning.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” Brian’s tone was awed, not disgusted.

“Fuck me! Mate you have one hot family!” Matt was wowed as well, evidently. Ann could see his attitude had changed completely.

“Mum and I’ve done a bit too,” Ann grinned at the stunned lads. Seeing a bulge she went and sat on Matt’s lap, squirming on the hard-on. Matt reflexively put his arm round her and Ann kissed his neck.

“I’m sorry, I was…a bit surprised,” gasped Brian, looking at Shelley, “outside, you know. And with you being John’s mum. I certainly don’t think you’re too old…I think you’re stunning!”

“That’s alright then,” Shelley went over to him, “I’m sure my badass son won’t mind if we fool around a bit, and I know my naughty daughter won’t, or my sex-mad teen lover…” She grinned challengingly at John, then pulled the unresisting Brian off the sofa and down onto the floor with her.

“So John,” Millie went over to him, seeing his eyes fixed on her in THAT way now, “it’s not like I’m looking for a ‘boyfriend’ boyfriend - you wouldn’t have to go round with me or anything, I’d just like to…you know…and I’d like some of Matt and Brian too…”

So saying she lowered herself onto the sofa next to him, and to her relief she felt his strong arm go round her.

“I haven’t kept up with how you’ve been growing up, Millie,” he said in his gorgeous gravelly voice, “and what a person you’ve been growing into.”

John was thinking Millie might look like a girlie supercute teen gymnast but she had to have serious bottle to have dealt with being raped like that - be so over it and going and making the guy fuck her on her own terms. Amazing. And then casually announcing the rapists had been castrated for it.

By his own weird mother. And Annie too…they made a right trio!! Well Matt and Brian thought it was all cool…

Millie rolled her lithe body onto him and pressed her super-toned thigh onto his bulging crotch. Got hold of his T-shirt and tugged on it, then undid his jeans so she could pull it out. Pulled it over his head and started kissing and stroking his chest with its muscles and hair. Moved so that John could do the same to her…

A couple of minutes later the living room was alive with fucking. Six hot naked bodies humped on the floor and sofa and chair.

Millie was savouring the feel of John as he cradled and fucked her. She could feel him trying to copy the ‘sex ed’ video and give her a good time, and she was trying to give him a good time back with lots of sexy gasps and groans and strokes and writhings, squeezing his cock with her creamy, superfit pussy. She loved feeling all the muscles in his back as they tightened and relaxed each time.

She would never in a million years say so but his cock was a bit smaller than the pervert teachers’. On the whole she preferred it though. It was more comfortable, and gave her just as much sexy stimulation. She could imaging fucking for hours with it. Plus this was miles better of course because John cared about her and she admired him.

Millie could hear and see Ann and Shelley and the other boys enjoying their fucking too; it was sexy, doing it all together.

She and John built up and up, then she started cumming, so naturally, and he came with her and she knew his sperm was spurting into her. It was a special feeling; so beautiful. He was smiling at her and cuddling her.

After that her mind drifted, while John slowly worked them up towards the next orgasm. In a while she nudged him to roll over and he did, so she was on top. She carried on with the slow, luxurious fuck and her daydreaming.

Would John fuck his sister and his mum? Not today, she didn’t think, but sometime she reckoned he’d quite possibly get into it. Maybe like Ann and Shelley: do it a few times or occasionally, but not all the time like with her – there was a taboo about it wasn’t there, that was a tiny bit there all the time, and it wasn’t as if incest was their only choice…

She wondered what Matt and Brian would feel like to fuck. Matt being smaller, sort of quick and lively, and Brian quite slender but with shoulders, five-ten maybe…

Perhaps she was getting a bit old for the rhythmic gym? It was completely girlie after all. Now she’d need leathers for biking, hopefully. How much were those black leather catsuits? She had an idea one would suit her figure; with nothing underneath…or just thin panties, and a camisole for her nipples…

The gang would ride out somewhere and then… some days all together…or some days Ann and Shelley wouldn’t be able to make it and she’d be alone in the middle of nowhere with three bikers. They’d strip her catsuit off, leaving her naked...

Or it’d be her birthday or something and all five of them would gang up on her. Tie her over a bike. She had an idea being tied up would always be sexy now, even if the reasons were a bit freaky. She wouldn’t mind trying for twelve orgasms in a session again; or who knew what her limit might be…

She could feel John getting close again, and she was too, so she speeded up and in a minute was enjoying another lovely cum with Ann’s big badboy brother. Who with Ann and Shelley had saved her from the pervert, wimpy, selfish teachers. God how they’d changed when John had appeared! Not that Millie approved of violence, but the way her rapists had gone from being all tough to so scared and timid was funny.

Anyway, she’d never feel contempt like that about John. He was so different. Sex with him was so poles apart, obviously, and so was the whole feel about him. And Brian and Matt too. They were like opposites - looking badder than they were, while the teachers looked so respectable but were bad underneath. Not any more though. They didn’t look at the girls how they used to, and they were super respectful to her.

As the orgasm finally melted away Millie eased John’s cock out, kissed him, got up and went into the kitchen for a drink. A minute later Ann and then Shelley followed.

“What was yours like?” joked Ann, coming up and stroking her girlfriend’s perter-than-pert ass.

“Hmmm, hot babe, how was yours?” Millie giggled. It was a reflex to start touching Ann back, and Shelley.

“Hunky,” grinned Ann.

“Mine was hot too,” Shelley was smirking like a girl half her age as she stroked Millie’s ass with one hand and Ann’s with the other, “I haven’t had a fucking like that in I don’t know how long.”

“Ooh, perhaps I should try Brian next then?” grinned Millie, starting to feel aroused again already with the sexy touching; the girls so soft and sensual, “…or Matt?”

“Yes please,” said Matt coming into the kitchen, ogling the three naked beauties and stroking his rising hard-on.

Millie leaned onto the table and waved her ass at him, and he came straight up behind and slid into her. It felt fantastic. His hands stroked over her back and then over her tits with their big, sensitive nipples.

“Oh are we operating in here now?” grinned Brian as he came in too.

“Operate in here Brian,” giggled Ann, pointing at her pussy and laying back on the table, her face under Millie’s so they could kiss.

Brian rubbed his cock up and down the delectable teen’s slippery slit a few times to finish off his revival, then eased into her. They both groaned in delight.

“I think I’ll go and get a shower,” said John from the doorway, looking a bit uncertain.

“Good idea darling,” said Shelley with a wicked grin, “in fact I’ll come with you.” She winked at the girls as she followed him. Millie thought John was moving rather quickly. Though now Shelley was too…was she actually chasing him?

--- The End ---

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