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Hey guys. This is my first story so I would appreciate any feed back or thoughts about it. Please comment. Thank you!

I am sick and tired of this, I can't take it anymore. I'm going damn near insane. How could this have happened? And to me of all people. Well it's not like I am super special or that I'm better than everyone else. But shit! This is just pathetic and something has to be done. What sickens me the most is that I have actually become complacent with the situation. Where have my standards, motivation and drive gone? Maybe it was the move, yea... that's it! Makes perfect sense. That's around the time it happened anyway. Or maybe I've become an insecure little a bitch. Whatever the problem is I need to rectify it right now! No more waiting. I have not got laid in a year and 2 months. Ever since I moved to Orange County from my home town of Compton Ca. It's not the best place under the sun, but hey! at least I got laid. A little over a year ago I packed up my bags, moved from the CPT to the OC and I haven't smelled a piece of pussy since. So what have I been doing one might ask? Just lounging around, going through family size bottles of lotion because I'm oh so “Ashy” and need to apply moisturizer every other hour. 95% of it directly on to my dick- doctors orders. But tomorrow I am getting some, no doubt. No more spending countless hours whacking off. I am getting some, oh I'm getting some.

The Next Day

I woke up anxious for the day and ready to complete my mission. I headed to the bathroom, shed my clothes and hopped in the shower. I turned on the shower and let the warm water hit my body and I fantasized about all the pussy I was going get shortly. In my visualization of future sexcapades, my hand inched closer to my bulging cock. “No!” I told myself aloud. “No cock touching, pussy fucking.”
I finished cleaning myself off, rinsed the soap off and hopped out of the shower. I then looked into the mirror and checked myself out. I scanned over at my 6'1 185 lb frame. I am actually in pretty good shape, good thing I didn't let that go. I looked my reflection right into it's light brown eyes and then I glance at it's cock. I wrapped my fingers around my dick and squeezed.

“Ima use this. I'm fuckin' tonight.”

I gave my cock one last squeeze then I got dressed and wolfed down my breakfast and jetted out the door. I walked up to my 2000 black 2 door Honda civic and entered. Then as soon as I started up the engine. It dawned on me, I didn't have school that day. Overzealous and anxious that didn't even cross my mind.


Now where am I suppose to go to talk to girls I thought. I sat in my car in shock and slight depression for 5 minutes. Eager for a solution I put myself into deep thought and it hits me, The Mall. That's where I'll go. The mall is not going to get anybody until at least 10:00 o'clock so I'll have to wait it out for an hour and 15 mins. So I got out of my car and headed back inside. I thought what should I do. I could go for a pre-pussy whack. No, no whacking, strictly pussy, I said in my head. I decided to go ahead a play video games for an hour so I played halo campaign mode for 30 mins , then I switched to Call of Duty and play that live for and hour. Then I realized it's time to bounce, I literally bounced up out of my chair, zipped to the car, started it up and zoomed to the mall. Once I arrive, I departed my car with confidence and knowing fully that I would snatch up a chick at this mall. I strolled through the automatic doors and felt the air conditioning breeze brush over my body. I opened my eager eyes wide to peep out the scene to gain a quick analysis of the situation. There was not that many people in this part of the mall, but there was enough. I sat at the first bench I saw located in the middle of the main aisle. There I waited and it didn't take long before I spotted tits and ass trot by. Now first I was confident, determined and focused on the task at hand. But as more women walked by, the insecurities and slight intimidation crept back into my mind. “No” I said as I shook my head violently and tried to regain focus on the purpose I was here. An hour went by and I actually worked up the nerve and found enough off my balls to greet some women. I actually had a full and engaging conversation with a fairly attractive Hispanic woman. She was about 28-29 years old. She had a nice curvy ass that her tight black shirt held on to ever so tightly. She also carried a nice set of C cup breast that were allowed a little air by the cleavage she provided. But I lost track of the objective while I was caught up in the chat and didn't even get her number. Maybe next time. I sat on the same bench that I started off at in the beginning of my excursion. Pondering like the great thinkers did, you know the philosophers. But I knew I needed to stop thinking and get the fuck out and apply trail and error.

I sat looking at more chicks passing by and the thought that masturbation was going to wind up filling my sexless void again tonight popped in my head. Then I got a text for this dude named John. He invited me to come hangout at his house later. John is this white guy from school that's in one of my class. He's chill, we do homework and kick it at school sometimes but, never outside of school. I'm not doing shit else so what the fuck. I text him back letting him know I'll be at his house around 4.

Later around 4

It's 4:08 as I ring John's door bell.

“Hey what's up Mike?”

“What up John?” I said as he let's me in.
And then we both sat down in his living room and began to talk about school first then about girls. What do you know we both have the same problems. Looks like I'm not alone when it comes to sexing chicks. Then in the middle of our conversing, a woman walked in the room. She had blonde hair with big size E cup breast, squeezed in a tight pink top that shows a little cleavage. “Hello.” she said in a sweet voice.

“Hello” I said.

“Hey, mom this is Mike.” John introduced us.

“Nice to meet you Mike.” she said looking me directly in the eyes.

“Nice to meet you as well.” I said

“Would you care for something to drink?” She said

“No thank you.”

“We're all good mom, thanks.”

“Well, just let me know if you guys need anything.” she smiled then walked out of the room.

I watched as she walked out the room in her tight black shirt the hugged her huge round curvy ass. I know that this was John's mom but I couldn't help but stare. I'm pretty sure he knew that his mom was a hottie.

We went on about chicks for a little while longer then we started to talk Call of Duty, seeing that he has an Xbox and Call of Duty as well. After our short chit chat we began to play call of duty live. Well at least I have another buddy to play call of duty with I thought to myself not better than coochie but better than nothing. While playing, my mind began to drift to thoughts of John's mom. I wanted her to enter the room once again so I could examine her curvy physique. She had it going on for real. I could feel blood rushing to my dick as more vivid thoughts developed. I then started to smell a delicious smell come from the kitchen.

“You boys hungry?”

“Yea a little.” John Replied

“Sure.” I said.

“Come and eat dinner's ready.”

We got up and headed to the kitchen and took our seat around the kitchen table.
She handed us our plates and I thanked her for the food. She looked into my eyes and held her gaze while telling me that I'm welcome. The look she had in her eyes really intrigued me. I felt like it meant something and I wanted to know what that something was.

She had prepared mashed potatoes, pork chops and corn one of my favor dishes by chance and just as I was about to dig in it happened, my phone rang. I looked down at my phone and noticed it was my mom

“Sorry Ms. Johnson. I have to take this.”

“It's ok sweetie the food will still be here.”

I excused myself from the table and walked into the living room. My mom was leaving town for the weekend to go visit my aunt. It was Friday and she was not going to be back until Monday and she had an abundant list of rules and request she wanted me follow pertaining to the upkeep of the house. We talked for about 10 mins then I returned to the kitchen table.

“Sorry.” I said then I sat back down.
“It's ok I can warm up your food.” she took my plate then put it in the microwave.

Then John's phone rang and he answered it. When he got off the phone he told us it was his dad and he needed some extra help moving furniture in for a friend and that he would have to leave in a minute.

“Would you like help Mike? I'll wait for you.”

“Umm..Sure no problem.” I said. I was thinking damn no more Ms. Johnson.

“Alright cool man lets got.”

Shit I said to myself. I wanted to stare at her breast a little longer. I know it was his mom and all but shit I was horny and she was sexy.

“Wait, Mike has not even touched his food, let him eat first honey don't be rude.” She interjected. Then gave me a look that said “I saved you, not just yet, you’re not going anywhere yet”. Maybe I was reading to much into it but the way she said it, the look she gave almost seemed as if she didn't want me to go.

She took my food out the microwave and handed to me.

“Here you go sweetie.” she said and gave me a look with those beautiful blue eyes.

“Ok.” John said.

I began to eat and the food was very flavorful. Just as I was really getting into the meal John's phone rang again and he answered.

“Ok... ok...ok.” he said then hung up

“He needs me now.” he exclaimed. “Mike finish your food man. The house is about 15 minutes from here. I'll text the directions when I get there and you could just meet me. Is that cool?”


“Ok bye mom, later mike.” He says as he jets out the door.

I sit in silence for 10 seconds then it dawns on me. This nigga just left his sexy as vixen of a mother all alone with me. This guys has to know his mom is a fox. Still young to have a 22 year son, almost looks like his older sister. I sit there and continue to eat my food.

“Seems like they really need a lot of help down there huh.?” she said.

“Yea it does.” I replied.

“I can't believe he dragged you into that as well.”

“It's ok. It's not like I have anything better to do with my time.”

“I'm sure you have some chickadees you could be “hanging out” with.” she said.

I laughed. If only she knew the truth.

“Things aren’t always what they seem Ms. Johnson.”

I thought about what I had just said and how it may have came off but then I said fuck it, let's see where it goes, probably nowhere.

“How could a handsome young man such as yourself not have the girls tugging on you left and right?.” she said then gave me that gaze she gave me earlier.

A little nervous, I stalled and also began to feel a small amount of guilt. Then I thought about my cock and his primal needs. I thought about my balls and their toil of containing an overload of my stored up cock juice. I restored my stride and continued the conversation with John's mom

“Long story, well I don't know really. But how could Mr. Johnson not have to fight off men daily and why isn't he here now?” I said. Then realized how far I was taking this talk. I waited for her response and just hoped it was positive and she didn't retreat from the nature of where this conversation was headed.

She looked away then looked down. Oh no how stupid am I, trying to flirt with this dude's mom and I say something so stupid. I became nervous again, unsure of her upcoming response.

“Well.. um.. actually he doesn't seem to notice me that much.. well at least not in that way.” she said.

Once she said that I was happy that she did not shut down our conversation.

“What do you mean?” I questioned and perked up a bit.

“Well he seems to be more interested in work, helping others and not helping me our her out.” she said the looks me in the eyes again.

“Well I haven’t had a girl in a longtime so I'm sure the little attention you do get exceeds mine.” I say without shame.

“Well you don't deserve that, you seem like a nice guy and if you aren't you look very handsome so that a lone should get you plenty of girlies to play with.” she says seductively then strokes her blond her as she leans on the table.

When she leaned on the table her breast got pushed together and her cleavage began to bulge out a bit in her pink top. My eye drifted uncontrollably toward her breast then back up to her blue eyes that meet mine when I looked back up. She saw me front and center check out her busty breast and didn't seem to mind one bit. I reached my left hand under the table and grabbed at my growing cock. She leaned down even closer on the table and more of her tits' flesh was exposed. I honed in on her boobs and breast crack and I wanted to put something in it.

“Oh really.” I say delayed while pinching and rubbing at my constrained rod.

“Yes.” she said and she gets up

“Let me take your plate.” she walks around the table and leans over to grab my plate giving me a show of her round bosoms. Shit how I wanted to titty bang. I just wanted to pull my black cock out and jam it right between her mounds and squeeze my dick by pushing both lumps against my cock, suffocating it between her to warm melons. She took my plate and walked slowly toward the sink. I was memorized watching her thick ass cheeks go up and down as she marched seductively toward the sink.
She turned around.

“Don't you want dessert?” she said in a sexy voice.

“Umm.. yes uhh no thank.”

Fuck this shit no more bitch shit I got to man up I told myself. I stood up and the bulge in my pants was highly visible. I saw her glance at it quickly and look back at me.

“Thanks for the food Mrs. Johnson it was really good.” I said knowing I wanted to fuck her now but not know what to do next.

“I'm glad you enjoyed it.” she smiled and walked toward me.

My meat started to stiffen more with each step she took.

“Anytime.” she hugged me and that was it.

We hugged and she felt my rock hard bulge as I felt her breast mashed against me. I embraced her more tightly. I started to loose up and some how my hand found her hips and we locked eyes.

I thought about what I was about to do. I'm I going to do this? Am I about to fuck John's mom? I kind of couldn't believe it. That my first conquest would be with a stunning cougar such as John's mom. Looking into her eyes I could see her sexual arousal, holding her I could feel the tension and lust she held within her yearning to be released and I, standing before her was the man to do it. I was her black night with the key to unlock her pent up sexuality and set her free from it's entrapment. I was the chosen one, the one to fuck her. So I answered my question, yes I was going to do it and love it.

We stared at each other then I went in for a kiss. Our lips met and my tongue slipped past her full lips in search of hers. My tongue found hers and they began to dance in our mouths. I pulled her close again and kissed her deeper. Then I pulled away.

“Damn you’re a good kisser.” I said.

“Shhh!!!” she said then put her finger to my lips, then slipped it in. I sucked on her finger then went back to her lips and moved my hands slowly toward her bubbly butt and rubbed her cheeks while we made out. I spread her cheeks a bit and we kissed . Damn her ass felt good, nice plump and rounded her booty was. I slowly waddled her over to the counter while we were still embraced, my brown hands still on her bubble butt. I pushed her against the counter and brought my hands to her waist and looking into her eyes, that were sparklingly with lust, then down at her humongous melons. I had to feel them. My cock started to get larger and tighter in the confines of my underwear.

“Go ahead, Mike.”

I rose my hand up and cupped one breast. The sheer weight alone turned me on. Just to be holding a breast of such massive size. I gave her other breast a squeeze as well then kissed her neck. Mrs. Johnson let out a soft moan and placed her hand my back and her other on my thigh. My cock was getting impatience and I had to speed things up. I kiss the crack of her breast and darted my tongue inside of her cleavage.

“Here let me help you.” she said before she slowly took her pink top of and tossed it to the floor. Her breast were there mashed in a black bra. I fondled her breast some more, then she stopped me to remove her bra and released her massive breast. They were round and perky with light brown areolas and a nice sized nipple. I couldn't contain myself. My lips went straight for a nipple and started to suck. She began to moan some more as I sucked on her button of a nipple and massaged her other breast.

“Awww... yes suck that nipple... mmm” she said,

I looked up with her nipple in my mouth and saw her bite her lip. I released her nipple and began suckling the other as if I was drawing for milk. Moans and sounds of congratulation came out her mouth. I stopped sucking and then walked her back to the table. I leaned her over the table and roughly pulled up her skirt to find her in a black pink-polka dotted thong. Her ass was magnificent that’s all I could say. I could smell the potent scent coming from her dripping pussy. She wanted this dick and she wanted it now. I licked her left cheek and then touched her pussy through her thong and she let out a moan. Her knickers were fucking soaked in coochie juice. I started to rub her swollen pussy lips through her thong and began sucking her ass cheek.

“Aawww.. yes Mike, suck my ass.”

Motivated by her encouragement, I sucked harder and the slipped two fingers in to her ready and moist slit. She gasped in pleasure as I slowly finger fucked her juicy twat and while licking and sucking her ass. My cock started to throb and become hard as stone, my ball sack began to tighten as I was getting excited by the experience. The smell of her pussy was alluring I wanted more. I withdrew my finger and tasted her juices. I stuck my hand back into her honey pot and keep stirring the juices in her pussy. She arched her back in the middle of her pleasure, which looked so sexy to me. In the heat of the moment I stuck my nose in her asshole and gave it a sniff and a dart of my tongue. She twitched a bit and then I pulled my drenched finger out of her coochie. She turned around with a flushed face.

“Fuck. Your going to get it. Sit down.”

I sat in a kitchen chair and she pulled of my shirt and planted kiss on my lips. Then she quickly went to my nipple and sucked it.

“ooh .. yea.” I said then laughed.

“You like that?” she said then looked up in to my eyes.

“Yes, I do.” I said. `

“That’s nothing.”

she got down and knelt between my legs and started licking up and down my abs and then unbuckled my belt. I stood up to take off my pants and there it was, the sight of me looking down, standing over Mrs. Johnson with nothing on but my briefs that held my big bulge. I sat back down and she pull of my underwear and my Johnson slung out like nobody’s business.

'Damn you've got a big cock, shit.”

“You got big big boobs.”

“You’re cock is thick and meaty and also looks scrumptious. Too bad I don't suck dick.”

“Wait … wha... aw.”

and before I could express my shock to her statement she popped my cock right into her wet mouth.

“Awww... shit.”

She started with slow bobs then started sucking my mushroom head. It was amazing.

“Awww suck it. “

she pulled it out and replied. “Ok. You asked for it.”

She then engulfed half of my 8 ½ inch cock then gave it a hard suck and slow drew back up to the head increasing the pressure of suction as she neared the head. She then began to bob up and down in a fast motion and I could hear is slurp slurp slurp slop. I leaned my head back and felt her tug lightly at my balls. Her lips detached from my dick and latched on to one of my nuts and sucked it in.

“aww.. that feels good.”

I was in a trance by this point. Nothing else mattered but her sucking and blowing on my cock and nutsack. She then vacuumed both nuts into her warm mouth and started to jerk my hard cock. I reached down and grabbed her tits and played with then. Seeing that I was interested in her tits she then, let my nuts go and scooted and sat up a bit and placed my cock between two melons and started to jack me with her breast. I felt like I was going to blow. She kept shaking her big bountiful breast up and down on my wet, slippery cock then slipped her lips over my head and started to suck as she titty fucked my cock. The pleasure was intense. She sucked so good and I could tell she loved sucking my dick. Her enthusiasm and the slurping noises showed her enjoyment. She released my cock from the grip of her breast but continued to suck and bob more vigorously on my hard dick. I couldn't contain myself as my cock throbbed harder and harder. I palmed the back of her head and dribbled her head on my cock like a basket ball down the court.

“aww.. fuck suck my cock. Suck this dick girl ... suck it.” I tilted my head back in ecstasy and she continued to bob her head as she sucker deeper and faster as the slurping and gagging noises continued.

Then my phone rang.

I took it of the table and saw that it was John calling. I didn't know what to do I just answered it.


“Hey man did you get my text?”

“uuhh.. no I was waiting for it.”

“Check your phone, I sent you the directions so you can head down here are you still at my house?”

I stalled and reflected on the question he just asked. Yes I was still at your house and to top if of your mom is on her knees in the kitchen sucking me up, I thought.

“Umm... yea.. aww.. Im still here.” I looked down at his mom as she was sucking hard it seemed like she was thrilled by the fact that I was talking to her son why she had her head in my lap giving me a blowjob. She stopped and smiled at me the went right back at it sucking harder and fast up and down the length of my thick pulsating shaft, with her drawn in cheeks and puckered full lips.

“What? Get down here man. Hey whats that noise?” he asked as slurping and sucking noises were being made from his bobble-head of a mother.

“What noise?” I repiled

“Just get down here.”

“Alight.” I hung up the phone.

“Damn you’re good and a nasty woman. Sucking me with your son on the phone...aaww.” I let out a grunt as my cock was about to explode nearing orgasm.

She stood up as I watched the drool drip from her lips and spill on to her breast. “You're not cumming yet.” she said.

I sucked on one of her nipples then I turned her around and leaned her over her kitchen table.

“I know.” I replied.

I grabbed my cock and could not wait any longer. I held it by it's base and admired her huge ass, beautiful hips and then her dripping pussy lips. I got closer to her and rubbed my cock head against her swollen lips then grabbed hold of her left cheek with my other hand as I pushed my head through her damp and moist cove.

“Aww... Mike .. it's so big”

“Shut up and feel this!” I said loudly.

Suddenly shoved my black pipe in her pussy and heard her scream like none other.

“AAHHH ..fuck..” She exclaimed

I placed both hands on the sides of her ass and began to fuck her twat. It was nice a tight, probably from her wack ass husband not being present in it for so long. I gripped her cheeks tight and plunged my dick in and out of her soaking vagina. Her wet walls were milking my cock call the cum to come out from my balls. I couldn't believe that I was actually fucking again I felt so power having sex with this nigga's mom. I no longer gave a shit, I just wanted to give her my nut and that's it. I pounded that pussy and rocked the table with each thrust. She let out a loud yelps as I stabbed at her hot vagina. It was sexy hearing her scream like that.

“Yea give me that wet filthy pussy, give me that shit.” I yelled to her

She then started to back up on my cock as I fucked her. My cock was getting solid and start to pulsate more. I was nearing my climax and judging from her screams she was too. I held back because I wanted to make sure she got hers first as she sucked me up well and had a very good pussy to match that head. I poked her pussy faster with each thrust she gave out moans and yelps. I was hitting her and hitting her hard, balls banging against the table and all that.

“Aww.. fuck me harder... I going to... Im goinn...”

I Speed up my pounding and the loud sounds of ass, pussy, dick and pelvis smacking filled the room. Along with the odor of sweat and pussy.

“Aww harder Mike...awwww... fuck.”

As her vagina secreted more juices, the smell fueled me to comply more with her wishes. I increased my ramming speed and focus and listened to her moans intently to make sure this woman squirted all over me.
I pierced my prick in her at lightspeed and felt her pussy clench on and tighten around my dick, I knew she was about to squirt away.

“aawwww....” she let at a long moan and a pounded until I felt her juices spray my cock.

“Awwww...Mike that was too good.” She just collapsed on the table. But my cock was not done. I put my dick back into her folds and kept pumping, my hard cock was throbbing and big balls tightening. Pleasure filled my dick as I knew it was time. I pumped away and then pushed my dick all the way up her pussy and climaxed deeply inside of her. I held it there and leaned my head back in ecstasy as I shot out loads into her vagina and listened to her moans. I left my cock in her for a minute while playing with her ass cheeks then pulled my vagina juice and sperm drenched cock out. The mixture of sex juice dripped of my of dick and leaked on to the kitchen floor. I just sat back on a chair buck naked and slowly stroke my limping dick while starring at her ass and glistening pussy as she laid used and slumped over the table. My senses started to come back and I realized that I should have been at the house to help john by now. She got up and walked toward me and planted a kiss on my lips.

“That was great.” she said looking at me with those seductive eyes.

“Yes it was. It was extremely great.” I replied back as I stood up and put on my underwear. She found her black wet panties and set them on the table, then slipped on her shirt and but on her bra. Watching her dress was almost as sexy as watching her undress as I put on my pants and tee shirt.

“Here take these and keep them until next time.” she said handing me her panties.

Wow she wants to fuck again shit how lucky am I.

“Thanks.” I said

“Here put your number in.” she said. she handed me her phone and I did as she said.

“Ok. Then till next time.” She said.

“Ok.” I smiled I turned to walk out the kitchen as she was putting her shirt on thinking shit . I cant believe I got a way with this until I heard the front door open from the other room and my heart dropped. If the suspicion of me being alone with Mrs. Johnson wasn't enough to make whoever our guest was question what went down, the smell would definitely let them know about our little episode. The kitchen smelled like straight up sex there was no denying it, I mean the smell was potent. I stood there nervous with her soaked knickers clinched in my hand and look at Mrs. Johnson who threw her shirt over her head and stared back at me with just as much nervousness in her eyes. Then I looked at the kitchen entry way to the living room as I heard the door close. Who could it have been? Did the dad take a break and head back home? Was it John coming back for me? Did they suspect me of this type of behavior and both came back with shotguns in hand? Or was this a big set up? Fuck this shit I'm done. My thoughts were racing were I started started to hear footsteps walk into the living room and near the kitchen. And I thought who could it be?

To be continued … Very soon!

Let me know what you guys think.

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2013-07-28 00:17:11
OK need to things in better perspective - I grew up in Compton Ca and I also reside in Orange County Ca, from Compton to Anaheim (home of Disneyland) is a whopping 20 miles!!! OMG !!! SO FAR AWAY!!! and to the center of Orange County is Santa Ana is a Whopping 30 miles OMG!!! A HUGE DISTANCE !!!!! this is pure crap you guys are reading - if this dude wanted to get laid there is so much going on here that even the most undesirable dude gets more than they want cause there are many gays so that leaves so much more women for us straight guys - and if he could not get any here - well just drive a huge 30 miles (most) and get some from where you were getting it originally - this story is pure SHIT! - I'm telling you there is so much available you have to push it away either female or if you are gay then males - - - what a crap story

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2013-07-27 08:32:05
It ain't gonna be John or his Dad, is it? It's Mom's younger sis come to pick her up for some shopping, only she finds a dude sitting in the kitchen, absentmindedly stroking on his big fat cock...

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2013-07-27 04:52:43
i want to watch this movie

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Oh i played tru this whole story w/ myself😋😫😏

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This is really good! Please continue.

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