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Our hero gets his sweet revenge on his boss
I got home at 2am that night, I collapsed into my bed. I couldn't walk, I was in too much pain. My asshole was completely violated and my body exhausted. The taste of cock and cum still on my mouth, my cock stayed hard while I plotted my revenge on my boss.

I was going to use Dom to extract my revenge, we were both the ones with the most to lose with those photos in the event they are leaked so it would be easy to convince him.

The weekend was just me laying in bed, I didn't eat, I couldn't. Whenever I went to the toilet all that came out of my ass was cum. I was still in shock that there was still so much in there.

My anger grew, but the revenge plan was all in motion. I arrived to work on Monday and spoke to my boss like nothing was wrong. Monday and Tuesday whenever he would speak to me alone he would tell him how much he's going to love ripping my ass apart again on the weekend. Finally step one of my plan came around, Wednesday during my lunch break I went to the downstairs toilets, I sucked a cock and swallowed, I had to get rid of him. Finally Dom came in, he stuck his cock through like usual and I sucked him for a bit until he knocked on my cubicle door.

I let him in and sat down " We have a problem and I have the solution"
Dom listened to my story, I told him everything, the pictures, the blackmailing, my boss whoring me out. He looked at me and said "so what are we going to do?"

"We're going to fuck his wife so hard and record it all then use it to break him"

Dom laughed and clapped "I love this plan already"

That night we got into my car, my boss finished work and went to dinner with colleagues on Wednesdays so today was the perfect day to get our revenge.

We drove to my bosses house, I knocked on his door.

"Who is it?" His wife asked through the door sweetly.

"We work with your husband" I said, not knowing how else to get invited into the house.

"Oh, ummmmm come in" she said, as she unlocked the door and opened it.

My cock snapped hard when I saw her in person, what in the world did my boss have to deserve such a beautiful woman. She looked in her mid 30s, DD tits, slim waist and a ass that you just wanted to bite into, it was that round.

She wore some short shorts and a tank top and led us into the living room, I flashed back to my rape that took place here only 5 days earlier when she wasn't home.

I made sure me and Dom looked as good as possible, we both wore tailored suits with nice shoes and expensive watches. We had to look like her husbands colleagues , not workers.
She insisted we take a seat and asked us what was up.

"Look Mrs Johnson, there really is no easy way to say this... Your husband is having an affair."

Mrs Johnson, in all her beauty, was taken back. "My husband? Are you sure? How do you know?" She said, she was almost in tears but stayed strong.

"Every Wednesday night after dinner he will have sex with Anita from the office." I said, believing my own lie.

She said, her sadness had completely became anger, this was good. This is what I had anticipated.

"Yes ma'am , I'm so sorry to be the ones who told you this but we felt an amazing woman such as yourself deserved to know so you can move on to someone more deserving"
Dom said, this worked perfectly. She was swooning.

"A beautiful woman like yourself definitely deserves someone better, not a limp dick sorry excuse for a man like your husband" I followed up.

She was blushing, she was angry and sad. She was the embodiment of a woman who would fuck the next man (or men) who complimented her for revenge, this was going to be us.

We got up, adjusted our suits and pretended we were about to leave "hey wait! P-please don't go, I really don't wanna be alone right now" our backs were turned to her, me and Dom looked at each other and smiled. It was about to go down.

We sat next to her on the sofa to console her, I put my arm around her and held her while Dom held her hand and caressed it.

"You smell so nice, you both do." She said while resting her head on my shoulder.
"You young boys are so nice, looking after little old me." She continued.

"Oh it's nothing, you don't worry yourself we will be right here for you." Dom said as he put his arm around her waist.

She turned to face him, almost face to face at this stage.
"You boys are so fit, I wish Harold would work out... I guess Anita doesn't even care, fat bitch" she said, I couldn't help but laugh.

"Mrs Johnson?" I said innocently

"Call me kate, im no longer mrs Johnson" She said perkily, she was about to explode any minute, she hadn't been given a proper fuck in years her husband had confessed, she was an emotional wreck and had two fit men sandwiching her, a tall handsome black man and myself, a handsome white male.

"Kate it is then" I said with a big smile, our eyes locked on to each other, Doms around was still around her waist caressing her lower back now, her left hand was on my thigh, she began to creep up to my cock. Se began rubbing it slightly, still looking into my eyes. She did the same for Dom.

Eventually she undid both our suit flys and stroked our cocks while making out with us one at a time, the one who wasn't being kissed would kiss her neck and eventually rub her thigh , slowly up to her pussy until she stopped us.

I stood up and dropped my pants, my cock was right in front of her face as she stared at it in awe, Dom followed suit. She was drooling now. I pretended to fold my suit up and put it on the table but I wrapped my pants around my phone which was recording, Dom did the same for another angle. This was going to be an amateur porno to remember.

She stroked our cocks while remaining seated, she slowly pulled down our boxers and gave each of our cocks a quick run over with her tongue.
She moaned "yumm, I've missed sucking cock so much, you boys are about to get a hell of a blow job, I've got an idea though!"

We both watched as she pulled her phone out and called her husband.

She put my cock in her mouth while it rang and sucked me, I was going crazy at this stage already. She put it on loud speaker."Hello Kate, what's wrong?"

"mmmmmm" she said while slurping and sucking my cock "nothing Hun just eating, you?" She went back to Doms cock now "about to have dinner too, what are you eating?" The slurping noises grew louder now
"Oh just some white meat and some dark meat, getting my protein fix *slurp slurp slurp*" "that's nice dear, I'll be home as soon as I can! " Harold said to his cheating whore of a wife while she sucked our cocks clean.

"Is Anita with you?" She said, coming back to sucking my cock, I moaned quietly but audibly, I wanted to ruin the whole thing and ask her how my cock tastes so her husband could hear but I kept my mouth shut.

"What was that? What are you doing dear?" Harold said worriedly.

*sluuuuuuurp* "I told you honey I'm just eating some meat! I'll let you go now, I got my mouth full and its rude to talk with my mouth full, and this tastes too damn good to stop now" she clicked off and went to town on our cocks raking turns and sucking our members, she was mind blowingly good at this, my knees were buckling and Dom had his eyes closed tensing up every time she would take him into her mouth, I got sick of just fucking her mouth so I got her to suck Doms cock while I pulled down her short shorts and began to eat her pussy and rim her ass (I intended on filling her pussy and ass today) she was in ecstasy and so was Dom, her pussy tasted so good I was lapping up all her juices eagerly, I placed my cock into her pussy while she was still workin Doms big black cock, I started to thrust into her hard. She gasped and pushed her pussy back up into me, making me go balls deep inside her. I turned to look at the camera and mouthed "fuck Kate your pussy is so warm and tight, how could Harold not want to come home every night and fuck you silly"

Dom smiled and said "I bet his small ass dick is nothin compared to Mine and Jeffs, tell us how much you like our cocks Kate"

Kate moaned and said "your cocks taste amazing, Harold's cock is so small compared to your cocks, I can't wait to have both of you inside me" I began fucking faster as she instructed, I pulled out and let Dom take his place in her pussy.
I began to prepare her asshole for my cock, rimming her and slowly inserting my index finger, a little resistance and it slipped inside. I slowly inserted my cock into her ass, she moaned in pain but was also too focused on Doms raging hard cock fucking her pussy that it didn't concern her. We stood her up and fucked her standing up, me pumping her asshole, Dom pumping her pussy.

We made sure the cameras were enjoying these scenes, she was shouting our names and begging us to fuck harder, we sat down on the sofa, interlocked out legs so she could bounce on our cocks that were in both her holes at the same time, we fondled her perfect tits and we slapped her big round bubble butt as she rode our cocks like a porn star. Dom came first into her pussy, she was begging for his cum at this stage and she got it, a whole lot of it. He slipped his cock out of her cunt and I took my cock out of her ass and into her pussy and let her ride my cock solo.

"Fuck me jeff, I'm gonna ask Harold to eat my pussy when he gets home so he can taste your cocks and cum, give me a huge load like Dom did, yeaaaah!" Her dirty talking sent me over the edge, I thrust deeply into her pussy and finally blew a load I had backed up since the day I first sucked a cock at the glory hole, it was glorious, the room was spinning, my entire body was tingling as my cock twitched and blew gush after gush of my baby batter deeper into Kate's warm tight cunt. Finally done we took our cameras and got dressed, she lay on the sofa satisfied and more then content with her actions. We heard the door unlock and we knew it was Harold, we jumped over the sofa and into the backyard while Kate got dressed, we knew what she was gonna ask so we listened carefully.
"Hey Hun who's car is that outside our house?" Harold could be heard asking , "I don't know baby, I'm feeing so frisky though, come here and eat my pussy and we can fuck like rabbits tonight!" She said, luring her husband to her pussy filled with mine and Doms cum.

"Really? I've been waiting for this day for the last year and a half!" Harold said, we heard them moving around the sofa and then "you taste different now, it tastes good though!" Harold said, not knowing he had just slurped up our combined cum.

We both jumped the fence and burst into laughter at his stupidity, they say revenge is best served cold but I'd say revenge is best served warm and in his wife's pussy.

Kate divorced Harold and got half his assets, including the company. He can't fire me without her explicit consent, Dom and I still fuck her regularly. We still have the video but haven't showed him as it isn't necessary as yet, I reduced my visits to the glory hole as me and Dom and Kate were regular fuck buddies but I still enjoy a once off visit to suck an anonymous cock.


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