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This is my first story, so let me know what you think.
My heart was beating with excitement as I looked upon my new slave, Acacia. She was very special. I met her online through a lesbian chat site and after talking to her for hours, I knew she was the one for me. She was very shy and had no experience in sex at all. She was a complete virgin. She had just discovered that she was lesbian and was looking for that special someone and I knew it would be me.
Though I tried to get her to meet me willingly, she refused. She said she just wasn’t ready. But I didn’t care. I had a friend that was very good at hacking people so I asked him to get all of her information so that I could find her. Within a day he had it all for me and within a month I found her. I stalked her for a week, getting to know her routine, before making my move. I drugged her water while she was in the shower and before she knew it, she was out.
Now here she is, tied up with her ass in the air and a ball gag in her mouth. Oh the things I was going to do to her ass. My pussy was getting wet just thinking of it! I could tell she was starting to wake up, so I walked over to my dog, Rocky’s, cage and let him out. I wanted him to take her cherry before she was fully awake. As soon as he was free, he ran over to her and started smelling her pussy. Slowly, he started licking her, getting his tongue deep inside her. I could hear her moaning softly, not really knowing what was happening. Rocky was really getting into it, slipping his tongue in her pussy like he was drinking her juices. I could see his cock sticking out all hard and proud.
Without warning he mounted her and started humping her. I could see his cock was missing her hole which wasn’t surprising as she was fidgeting around as she continued to wake up. His cock kept getting closer to her ass and I didn’t want him fucking her there so I walked over and lined his cock up with her pussy and with one thrust, he had all seven inches stuffed inside her.
She let out a scream like a banshee and started thrusting all over the place, trying to get him off of her. My pussy started creaming so I grabbed my dildo and thrust it inside me. Rocky was fucking her pussy like it was his last and Acacia was screaming her throat raw. Her screams were so hot and I pounded the dildo in and out of my pussy, making it hit my cervix on every thrust. Suddenly, Acacia screamed louder than I thought possible and I noticed that blood was dripping down her leg along with some white cream. I looked closer and saw that Rocky was twitching and he held still and I realized that he had knotted with her as he filled her with his cum. I exploded in orgasm screaming with Acacia, wishing it was my cum filling her newly deflowered pussy.
Once Rocky had emptied his balls into her pussy, he went to go pull out but couldn’t because he had knotted her. He stood there looking at me, asking me to help him, so I walked over and pulled his cock out of her pussy, causing them both to yelp. Rocky walked over to his bed and laid down, licking his cock and looking very pleased with himself. I looked at Acacias pussy. It was torn up and blood had mixed with Rockys cum, turning it pink. I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of her. Seeing her tears and her torn pussy, got me turned on in no time.
I walked over to my toys and grabbed my double ended dildo. Slowly I slipped it inside me, shuddering as it scrapped against the walls of my pussy. This toy was very special, as it strapped around me so I could use it like a strap on. I walked over to her and slipped the toy into her pussy. I could hear her crying and it only made me wetter. I pulled the toy out and it was covered with bloody cum. I lined it against her asshole and Acacia started shaking her head frantically and begging me to stop through the gag. I pulled back, making her think I was stopping and then I slammed the cock into her ass, only getting the head of it in. She started screaming again and I forced the cock into her causing her as to tear and bleed. Once I had it in, I started fucking her ass hard. She kept screaming louder and louder and it got Rockys attention. I could see his cock sticking out as he walked towards me. I felt him mount my ass, his nails scrapping my sides. I screamed for him to get off of me but before I knew it, he had his cock deep in my ass. I screamed along with Acacia and I could feel my ass bleeding. Rocky started fucking my ass and I was loving it. Pain turned me on just as much as pleasure did and I started fucking Acacia in union with Rocky. I was really slamming the cock into her ass and slowly I felt my ass tear even more and I realized Rocky was knotting me. I was getting close to cumming when Rocky slammed into me one more time and released a gallon of cum in my ass. I screamed out with pleasure as I slammed the cock into Acacia one last time.
As I came down from my orgasm, I realized Acacia was passed out. Rocky pulled out of me as I pulled out of Acacia. I untied her and gently carried her to my bed. I handcuffed her to the bed and pulled the covers up and over her. I slid in next to her and snuggled next to her battered body and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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2014-08-18 08:29:40
It was actually about 5 paragraphs. Even longer if you split the big para there. Anyways little horny boys, stop bitching over a story. Go masturbate on another story or something and stop crying. Sheesh!

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2013-08-11 04:42:46
I enjoyed the story, for this being your first time hope to read more. I know you will improve with each new story...good luck

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2013-07-28 03:13:44
Stupid tablet spell checking my curse words. *bitching *sex *grammar

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2013-07-28 03:11:04
Hey douch bag hitching about the block of text. . . It was like 2 paragraphs get over it. I didn't know sec stories needed perfect franker. Get a life.

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2013-07-28 02:17:58
fucking hot. a bit longer please? maybe a bit more sexual deions like "my clit was pulsating" or "my nipples along her back sent shocks down to my pussy."

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