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One mans search for a meal turns into quite the experience...
Going for it

I’m fucking hungry. All I’ve had to eat in the past 48 hours is some sugary bullshit from a packy convenience store. The place I lived at got busted, cops are swarming the place and I’m probably wanted by now, considering I had nearly a pound of Mary Jay in my dresser drawer. I told that dumbass Jared not to run hoes out of an apartment complex, but what do I know?
All I’ve got now is my car, my empty wallet, a growling stomach and this switchblade. I flip the blade in and out and I consider my options. Shit, what options? Option 1: Starve. Not happening. Option 2: Go back home and try to get money/product, too risky, probably still crawling with cops. Option 3: Hold up a store, again risky considering I only have a blade and most night cashiers pack nowadays. Option 4: Steal. This thought occurs to me as my blade flips out one last time. Seems like the best option yet, the one with less chance of getting caught, in person or on video, and highest chance of success with minimal charges, sure sounds good to me.
I drive around, looking for a house to hit, its broad daylight so I go on the outskirts of town and try to find a relatively secluded fancy-looking empty home. Luck seems to be in my favor, soon enough I’m driving down a dirt road when a big 2-story ranch comes out of nowhere, there doesn’t even seem to be a paved road for miles, yet there it is. Complete with tacky lawn gnomes, hideously neon shutters and a huge “WELCOME” sign on the front door, oh yeah; it’s begging to be hit.
I park behind some trees on the pull-off out of sight of the house and walk non-chalantly over to the sidewalk in front of the driveway, pretending to tie my show I look in the windows to see if anyone’s there. Some of the shades are drawn but most are not and empty at that. Perfect, I think, mentally readying myself for an easy heist. I take one look in the garage, no car, but there is a bike, maybe not as easy as I thought.
I go to the back door, blade out and in my hand, and of course it’s unlocked, everything else has screamed “rob me blind.” I step lightly as the door closes almost silently, sneakers trying not to make a sound. The place is cluttered with shit, but looks good otherwise. I don’t dare go up the stairs yet, I wanna know what’s down here first. I tell myself I’m just here for food and money, that’s it.
I start rummaging (quietly) through the nearby pantry and grabbing any packaged snacks I can put into my pockets when I hear something, I stop, and hear it again, and again, and again. It sounds kinda mousy. I put my ear against the wall and there’s a faint muffled sounds coming from the room behind it. I put my jacket down on the counter, now in nothing but a wife beater and plain white T-shirt and jeans; I creep around the corner, knife drawn and in-hand. As I turn the corner the first thing I notice is the 90” flat panel TV, this house has fuckin’ everything. I duck low and let my head peer around the corner to what I assume to be a bedroom, and there she is. She’s lying on her back facing away from me with a laptop on and playing porn, and it looks like she’s having some fun in the process, but I can’t see her other hand. Her headphones are in, so she hasn’t heard me.
‘Damn, stay focused’ I tell myself. I head towards the upper floor, confident is she’s leaving the door open no ones else is home and I don’t have to be so silent. I stride up to the top floor; grab some jewelry out of the master bathroom, and some cash from the master bedroom, and head downstairs, just as I’m about to put my snack-filled jean-jacket back on I hear the noises getting louder, she’s mewing, and then small moans of “yes, Yes, yes, yes, yes.” I peer around the corner one last time to see her slamming her pussy with a dildo and violently cumming, beginning to thrash her hips up and her head back: “YES! Oh Yes! Oh fuck yes! Oh, FUCK! ahhhh…” Her voice trails off as she rides the finality of her orgasm. My cock is rock hard by now. As she moves some more I decide to head out, no need getting caught now, even if I am hard as a rock, I grab my jacket and head for the door, when I hear her gasp.
She came out, still naked, hand and thighs still covered in her own juices, and she was completely still, Staring at me, slack jawed and wide eyed. I put my jacket down on the nearby island. She didn’t move. I took a couple steps forward. She didn’t move. I took one more step forward, and put my finger to my lips “Sssshhhhhh” I mouthed. I saw her eyes dart to my other hand as it slowly drew out the knife, she took a step back stared at the blade as it sprang out of its sheath, the metal gleaming in her eyes.
Then I pounced, she tried to turn around and run but I tripped her back foot and she fell on her chest, I quickly flipped her over and covered her mouth just as she started to scream for help. I brought the blade to her cheeks and put the point to one. I kept it sharp, always. I looked into her eyes as I talked to her.
“Don’t try to run, don’t try to scream, everything and anything you do at this point should be by my will, if not…..” I looked at the knife and then back at her face. Her eyes widened with fear and her pupils dilated, her squirming stopped, and her breathing increased.
“If I let go of your mouth, will you scream?” I asked.
She slowly shook her head no, as much as she could under my grip.
“If you utter so much as one word without my say….” I grabbed the bottom of her jaw and made a jerking motion, tears started to form in the corners of her eyes, she understood.
“Good, now; you are going to get up when I tell you, and go back into that room and open up whatever porn you were watching again. Do you understand?” I know she understood me, I saw the realization in her eyes when she heard ‘porn’, I had seen her, and for her this just got more humiliating. She nodded anyway.
“Good.” I said as I slowly got off of her and let her up, watching her every move.
She slowly got up and walked to the room, trying to cover herself now. Too late for that. I had gotten a very nice view of just about everything already. She had jet black hair that fell to her slender little shoulders, small, yet toned arms with delicate hands with green nail polish. Her boobs looked to be either a 34B or a small C, just perfect, a tiny little midsection with all the right curves as her hips came up wider than average and lead to her thighs, which were just as toned as her arms were, with skinny calves leading daintily to her small feet.
She was in the bed, and had the computer booting, so I took the time to close the back door, then lock it and double check that the front door had been locked, I want my fun now that she’s ruined my first escape plan.
“So this is what you were doing?” I ask as I pick up the small pink dildo, she doesn’t face me but the goose bumps on her skin show that she’s listening.
“Why don’t you show me what you were watching?” I say in a low voice, right into her ear, she is slumped down and looks defeated already, I haven’t even begun yet.
“I…..I..I..-“ She started, but the stammering was driving me crazy so I backhanded her.
“I did not give you permission to speak!” I yelled down as I pulled her up by her wrist as she tried to rebound from the surprising blow. Tears fell down her face.
“Look at me.” I said in the most reassuring of tones, she did, expecting another slap. “What is your name girl?” She stopped sobbing long enough to tell me.
“Ciarra” She choked out. This was not going to be any fun if she was defeated so easily.
“Well Ciarra, I asked you a question, and this time, I do give you permission to speak.” She looked uncertainly at me and began to speak.
“I….I was watching something on my laptop…”
“I could see that, was it something naughty you were watching?” I asked, not at all curious, I just like this girl’s reaction to my questions. She nodded. I latched onto her chin, and her eyes widened as she looked at me. “That’s better, now, look at me and answer the question.” I said sternly as I let go of her face.
“Yes”, she said as she looked into my eyes, “it was…….” She looked toward the now on computer screen. “….that.”
I grabbed the computer, and was shocked, it was a black guy ramming a petite blonde up the ass, and she was getting off on it! Amazing! I might be able to have some real fun after all! She looked down, ashamed. I lifted her chin up with one finger, and looked into her eyes, “What is wrong? There is nothing to be ashamed about; here, I’ll watch it with you.” I picked her up in my arms in a fireman’s carry and dropped her on the far side of the bed and scooted in with her. The porno started over. The black guy took off his shirt, so did I.
Now I’m no body builder, but I have a nice upper body, nearly hairless definitive pecs; prominent bicep and triceps along with forearms almost as large, standing at 5’ 8”, it’s a rather attractive picture. Her eyes lit up when she saw my torso, but quickly looked away when she realized she had been caught, every now and then she tried to sneak a glance (at my chest or my tent, I’m not sure) when she thought I wasn’t looking, as I sat beside her watching the erotic scene unfold on the screen.
At some point during the foreplay of the movie, her breathing sped up, and her body started to deny her situation. I moved her hair back behind her ear and reached down, only to find closed legs; I grabbed her plump mounds instead and whispered into her ear: “this will be so much more enjoyable if you just let it happen. Just think about it, don’t you want to be that blonde on the screen? Why else would you watch something like this?”
She lifted her head to speak, “I-I……I don……..I have……..” She looked up at me with her big green puppy-dog eyes and just stared at me. I took the opportunity to reach for her pussy, she tried to grab my hand, but I was expecting it and quickly grabbed her neck and slammed her back into the bed. Again I spoke directly into her ear, soft, but firm, I was going to have what I wanted, “Come on, don’t be like that, just relax…” I said as I put pressure on the veins in her neck, cutting off blood to her brain, she began to kick claw at my arm, green fingernails trying to penetrate the flesh of my forearm. Just as she started to fade I took my hand off, and she took in a deep breath. While she was still coming to her senses, I went for it. I got down and spread her legs and stuck a finger in her pussy, her addled mind told her mouth to moan and I knew she was enjoying it. I fingered her quickly then licked her pussy, tasting her flowing juices, she was so sweet. I continued licking, she finally came to and looked down, but her breathing was heavy, and her once pale cheeks turned red. Her eyes looked half open and she let out tiny moans as I licked around and in her opening. I fingered her as I began licking her clit, she was starting to moan harder, to bite her lip, to look at me with raised eyebrows, I knew I had her. I slowly used one finger in her pussy, and then two, but I couldn’t fit three in yet, it was too tight, I used one finger, and began moving it around her asshole. She sighed at the tickling sensation around her puckered hole, and then she sat up abruptly and let out a shrill cry as my finger began penetrating her ass. Her eyes quickly rolled back into her head and laid back down as I continued my assault on her clit. She started to breathe heavier and her legs started to kick, so I dove as deep as I could with both fingers in both holes and furiously licked her clit. She came all over my face, legs kicking around me, back arching off the bed, and her free hand grabbed a fistful of sheets. Juices came out at me, I just continued to lap away at her cunt.
When she looked down at me she took her hand out of her mouth, she had bitten it to keep from screaming, and it already looked bruised. Her breathing was heavy and her hair was a mess. I admired her beauty for a second, then got off the bed and stood next to it.
“Now it only seems fair that I get a turn too.” I said as I looked into her frenzied eyes, I don’t know what it was, but her entire demeanor changed when she looked at me then. I took off my pants and my boxer-briefs and came closer to her, she gawked at my cock, at this point I’m not sure if from surprise at my size, or because it was the only one she’d seen. She seemed timid, but grabbed me by the base and slowly jerked me back and forth. I was hard before she even touched it. “Do you know what to do?” I asked her.
She took one look up at me, one look at the cock in her hand, and looked back into my eyes as she leaned forward and flicked the tip with her tongue. Oh yes, she knew what to do. Her big green eyes looked up at me as she began sucking the head of my cock, flicking her tongue in every now and then, it was amateur, but it felt amazing. I began pressing on the back of her head so she’d go down, but she could only fit half of it before I heard her gag. “Come on baby, take a deep breath, and go down real deep for me.” I said, I heard her take in a deep breath, and I pushed her head down, she got another fourth of my cock into her throat before stopping and gagging. Damn did that tight mouth feel great!
I let her do her own thing and looked down at her and realized she was fingering herself! That was it; I had to have her now. “Someone’s being naughty.” I commented grabbing her fingering hand, she stopped and looked at me, still sucking my cock, blinked once, took a deep breath, and impaled her mouth on my member, taking nearly the whole cock into her throat, licking the bottom and she did, and fingering herself the whole time. I couldn’t help it; I blew it right there, straight into her throat, I put one hand on the back of her head to keep my cock in position and the other on her neck to feel my cock explode into her throat from outside. She continued to suck and lick while trying not to choke on the copious amounts of sperm I sent flying into her stomach. Her throat tightened around my cock and milked every drop out of it, just as I stopped cumming, she started to spasm and grabbed my leg for support, she was cumming too! She must have been doing more than fingering down there while I fucked her mouth. I just stayed put and didn’t realize I was cutting off her air til’ her sucking started to become faint. I pulled out and she gasped for breath and fell back onto the bed. I was still hard, so I decided I would go for it…..again.

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2015-07-04 12:25:38
Nice story


2013-07-29 04:45:59
Nice story. However, if you put a gap between paragraphs, it would be an easier read.


2013-07-29 04:45:56
Nice story. However, if you put a gap between paragraphs, it would be an easier read.

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