Something about me and my family/relationship
Since the age of 16, I started to like the feel of mans hands on me, I started watching gay porn, I loved how exciting it was. I started to pleasure my self with my dildo which i bought in a sex shop, I fingered my self, wanked and put that dildo in my tight ass everyday, I live with my dad, my mum and him got divorced. My dad was a wiered person at that moment, he stopped watching hot girls when they walked passed him and when he went to the gym he went to the open showers for a longer period of time, I always joined him but I noticed that he started to look at mens ass and there cocks he usually got half an erection. I started to wonder if my dad was gay. I started to think if he actually is gay. It turned me on, on the thoughts of him fucking another guy, he is muscley average height, and with a strong manly grip, he had a 20 cm cock, shaved and cut. I loved looking at his cock, aspecially under the gym showers. I fantasised on how it would be like, if he fucked me with his big dick. It turned me on loads on the thought of him big cock, sliding in and out of my ass, destroying my tight hole, licking his dick and the great finish, his cock exploading with creame all in my ass and lips. I started to think that I am some kind of wieredo, fantasizing over my own dad and watching him with all the time in showers all wet, does views always got me horny. At the age of 18, I logged onto this website where you hook up for gay sex, I was only looking for a man who would look just like my dad, I met about 14 guys in 3 months. All of them where great, one of them had the best cock I ever tasted, he fucked me so passionatly, my cock was rock solid, I met up with that guy nearly every weekend, however I always had the thoughts of my dad in my mind, one day I told a guy on that webside that I can accomodate tonight because my dad was at work, so yeah he was around 185cm tall and I am 200cm, I was a bit muscly and I have around ass, my cock 15 cm and I have black hair, I have no body hair. So the time has come, I was in a vest with some thingt shorts on so that the guy could see the outlines of my ass, he was hot, 40 years old, bold, some body hair and a 18 cm dick, he seemed perfect with his a bit chubby body, he kissed me for a long time, i was rubbing my cock with my ass as I sat on his knee, i could feel the great erection wanting to come out of his pants. He oiled my body and i started to kiss down his body until I got to his cock, I licked his tip and slowly shoved the dick, all in my mouth, it tasted great, it felt so good when his raw cock slid into my tight, tanned oil ass, I never fell so good we tried any poition we could, then the moment came my dad, he came back early from work he heard us moaning he ran upstairs, I thought that he would be angry but no! He slowly moved his eyes across my oilly body and grabbed my ass slid his finger inside me, the other man started to undress him, They started kissing, my 42 year old dad, was all horny, they stopped kissing, I could feel that, my dads cock was rubbing in between my ass, the other guy slid his cock in side my mouth, but i didnt want his cock inside my mouth, I wanted my dads dick, I wanted it deep down my throat i turned around and slowly put my lips around his tip, started to suck his shaved balls and deep throat his 20 cm cock, the other guy fucked me slowly, he was nearly ready to expload his cream inside my ass but I wanted to taste him, my dad let me ride his cock whilst, i sucked the other guy off, he exploded all over face and on my lips he tasted so great, some of his cream slowly gliding across my oilly chest felt so horny and hot, he kissed my kneck, I could slowly feel my dad breiving harder on my back, he started to cum like a fountain, all of his cream was leaking out of my ass like crazy, they both went down to lick my hole to get the cream out it was an exepsional feeling of hot cream going down my ass, I shoved my cock in my dads mouth and i cummed all over his chest, slowly going down to his muscle stomach down to his belly button and the other guy cleaned him with his tounge my hot cream was shared when they kissed we all went to bed and fell a sleep together the next morning we talked what to do and, from that day on I am with my dad and the other guy, we live together and have sex whenever we can, he invite other people sometimes to join us but it feels great to have my dad all to my self and the other guy as well, I love my gay life, women still excite me but not as much as men, I have a normal job and a great open relationship. This is my true life story :) I will continue looking for more gay adventure until I die, the feeling of a hot cock going inside me is just too good, I want more cream dripping out of my hole. I love raw cock its the best feeling you could ever have, I never understood how you could be gay when I was young, but now when i felt it on my lips and ass I can see that it was worth it turning gay, every guy that fucks me always is remembered by me and they are all part of my life!!

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2013-07-28 08:44:33
Paragraphs would be good. A bit hard to follow.

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