Really it is a sweet heart scam
The paragraphs below are an E-mail I had sent to woman who claimed to love and who got wet when she thought of me. I knew it was a lie because I'd never sent her a picture or any other personal information.

The Fantasy:
Anna called me and asked me to come to the Memphis Airport. We had been corresponding via e-mail for months and I finally sent her enough money to come to me.

So I got in the Chrysler Sebring GT convertible to drive to the Memphis airport. She had called from the airplane so I was waiting for her as she came out of the security area of the airport.

She was as lovely and sexy as the pictures she had e-mailed me as I saw her long bleached blond hair hanging down past her shoulders as she approached me. She came straight up to me and said,"Hi Charles. I'm Anna" Then she kissed me. This was an opened mouth kiss during which our tongues were wrestling for position in each other's mouths. She had put down her carry-on bag and put her arms around me and pulled me into her body. Her breasts pressed into my chest. Her pelvis was pressing into my crotch and rubbing up and down slowly. She was making me hard right here in the airport!

I did not want to put on a public show so I broke the kiss and stepped back. I asked her,"Did you check any bags?" She said, "Two." So I put my arm around her shoulders and led her down to the baggage claim area. She handed me two claim tickets and I went to the turnstile and waited. I checked the tags as the bags went by and found the first one right away. The second one did not come down the chute until 10 minutes had passed.

I grabbed the two checked bags and we walked next to each other to the short term parking area. I put two bags in the trunk and she added her carry on bag. I closed the trunk and she went to the passenger side of the car.

I went to the driver's side and turned the lock twice to unlock both doors and we both got in. I turned to her and said, "Welcome to America" and reached over to pull her in for another kiss. We kissed again with the tongue but the bucket seats and center console prevented her from pulling me into a close hug.

After we broke the kiss I started the engine and backed out of my parking place and I started to drive to the rural place outside Holly Springs, Mississippi where I lived.

As I drove she turned to me a smiled. I had noticed she was wearing an opened neck sweater and a skirt that stopped six inches above her knees. It appeared like it was designed to seduce me. I did not want to take anything for granted. But she removed all doubt when she took my right hand and put it on her left knee.

I looked at her very briefly and she still had a bright a clear smile on her lovely face. I started to slowly move my hand up toward her pleasure centers. When I reached the skirt she gently lifted it encouraging me to continue my exploration of her lower body. Her legs were spread enough for me to reach to her honey spot. So I slowly moved up her thighs and as I got to where her legs came together I did not find panty but smooth bare pussy! In shock, I looked at her and she said,"I put my panties in my carry-on in the bathroom in the security area of the airport." I asked her the logical question,"Why?" She had an answer,"So you could do whatever you wanted to do."

If we had not been on Interstate 22/US 78 I would have pulled over and parked so I could make love to this wonderful woman right then. But stopping on this road would attract too much attention so I knew I'd have to wait a while.

So I played my right hand on her pussy rubbing her slit and her clit. When she hit her orgasm she gushed lubricant from her pussy. As I pulled out my drenched hand and she came out of the climax she smiled that wide lovely smile of hers that I had seen in so many photographs that had been attached to her E-mails. I noticed the milemarker said fourteen so I knew I had to take the exit onto MS309. I turned off going up the ramp and turning right towards my home. She leaned over and kissed me on the right cheek.

After turning at the Watson turnoff and continuing down 309 I finally came to Millwright Rd. I turned in there. I went to the end of the road where two houses were visible. One had a wrap around porch and a dozen cats on the front porch. The other one had only a small porch and we pulled up in front of that one. I got out and went around the car to let my beautiful lover out of the car. I popped the trunk and carried in the two bags she had checked on the flight over. She grabbed the carryon bag and we headed to the one and half story house with the small porch.

I unlocked the door and went in followed by my Russian import. As soon as we inside I heard the door shut and her carryon bag hit the floor. She went around me and grabbed me around the waist. She pulled me into a hug and I dropped the two suitcases. She kissed me and again our tongues wrestled for position. Once again her C cup breasts were pressing into my chest and her body was pressed to mine and it was responding. When she backed out she grabbed my zipper and pulled it down. She said,"You made me cum, I want you to feel good too." She started to jack my cock.

I did not want to cum yet. I wanted to make love to her the right way. Then she knelt before me, looked up and smiled then took my organ into her mouth. She pressed into me until she had the head of it back in her throat then she pulled back so only the head of my cock was inside her lips. She ran her tongue around it once then pressed back into me. I felt the tip of my cock hit the back of throat as her lips ran into the rest of my body. She repeated the exercise three times and then came off it.

Then she looked around and asked me,"Where do you sleep?" I told her, "Upstairs." She asked me,"Where are the stairs?" I told her,"Right here." as I reached up and pulled down on the string hanging down from the ceiling. The stairway hatch opened and the ladder like steps unfolded from the hatchway. With my prick still sticking out of my pants she took me by the hand and led me up the ladder. When we were upstairs I locked us in by retracting the stairs back into their hidden position in the ceiling.

As I was locking us in she was taking off her clothes. When I turned I saw then entire length of her shapely body. She was 30 but the body could have belonged to an 18 year old. I put my organ away and proceeded to match her nudity. My organ was still stiff but not at full hardness. She walked over to the full sized bed and rolled into it lying on her back. I climbed over the footboard and climbed over her kissing her lips and lightly touching her breasts. After a few minutes of necking I started to kiss her chin and her throat and worked my way down to her breasts which I sucked on briefly before continuing down her body to tongue her navel. I proceeded on down to her pussy which, as promised, was shaved, and kissed her there. Then I began to lick up her slit starting at her vagina. I licked up to her clitoris and circling that I went back down to her hole.

I kept this up for a about two minutes when we erupted into another orgasm. She was bouncing around the mattress in her throws of pleasure.

I put two fingers into her hole and licked up and down her slit circling her clit on each up stroke. My fingers inside found the small bump that was her G-spot and then I concentrated on rubbing that. My other hand was outside her abdomen pressing in on the G-spot from outside. This time her orgasm took her hips straight up and she again sprayed her pleasure at me.

As she came down she said to me,"Fuck me Please right now!" So I lined the head of my cock up with her hole and pushed myself into a tight pussy. Oh did that ever feel good. I kissed her and said,"I want to rearrange us a bit." I then lifted my right leg and put it outside her left leg. Once it was grounded to the mattress I lifted my left leg and put it outside her right leg. Then I started to rock my pelvis. She said,"Nobody has ever fucked me this way." I said,"This position will help you cum more." As I finished saying this she came yet again and lifted both of us off the mattress as she sprayed her cum over my loins.

I kept this up through two more of her climaxes before I released my control and shot jet and jet of hot sticky cum into her body. That caused her to cum again. I stayed in her and on top of her until I got so soft that I fell out of her.

Then I rolled off to the right and said,"I love you, good night." I went to sleep with this sexy thing in my arms.

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2013-07-29 11:47:05
-This is for countrycadallac who did not like the last paragraph.. This is written as a caution to lonely men who receive E-mails from beautiful women asking them to send money to come to them. It is called a relationship scam and I can't count how many girls have tried it with me.


2013-07-28 15:24:13
IF you had left off the last line of your story you would have showed that you were a very wise writer. You would have left all of your readers with a warm place in thier heart and a smile on thier face and a desire to read your next writing, maybe a book. ? By adding that one last line your readers don't have that warm, happy thought and now don't want to read anything you write. THATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A GOOD WRITER AND A SO-SO WRITER. countrycadillac

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